Saturday, August 31, 2013

The National Security State’s Highly Secretive Black Budget And Other Weekend Ramblings

The National Security State’s highly secretive black budget courtesy of Edward Snowden.   If we add this to the 2013 defense budget of $867.7 billion, the total spending on national defense is well over $900 billion.   If we add in the militarized budget of state and local police, that’s another $124.6 billion.  If we add in interest payments to private banking criminals that are used to fund the national security state’s massive overspending on empire, (The government should NEVER borrow money from banking criminals to fund democratic services or programs.  They should print it like the banking criminals do that loan our government money.) that’s another $336.5 billion.   If we add in the State Department and Nuclear Regulatory Commission whose budges include our nuclear weapons and other machinations meant to service empire, the total spending for the national security state is somewhere around $1.4 trillion.   A year!!!

Now there are about 115 million households in the U.S.    That’s about $12,000 per household per year.  And given we don’t actually pay most servicemen and women much of a living wage, we know where most of that’s going.  Corporate welfare.  Since Obama has taken office, that’s about $60,000 per household.  Before he leaves office, that number will be nearly $100,000 per household.  Not that I’m picking on Obama.  Clinton, Reagan, Bush…..  Only the faces are different. 

This year, the federal government will spend $98.0 billion on education and  $82.6 billion on unemployment benefits.   And I would argue that education is going to hell in a hand basket with politicians, including governors, trying to tell teachers how to teach.  It isn’t the teacher’s union that is the major problem.  Although they certainly aren’t part of the solution either.  At least as currently constructed.  Instead, they are a shill for the Democratic Party’s pandering and demagogy.

Is it any wonder why we live in a dumbed-down society run by political and corporate idiots?  All guns and no butter.    

A few other noteworthy links ……….

JP Morgan Asian bribe probe expands.  I think other than Monsanto, JP Morgan may be the most evil corporation in the world.  Jamie Dimon uses people he has control over, as a corporate bureaucrat, to do his will.  This endless corruption that just keeps oozing out is a reflection of the culture created by its leader.   Jamie Dimon is a predator.  A Harvard predator.  And, I think they pump out a lot of them.  What the hell is a taxpayer-funded corporation that is responsible for the safety of our democracy’s savings doing in other countries?  Who gave them that right?  Did you or vote on this?  Aren’t corporations supposed to serve our democracy? 

India’s currency collapse sparks political assurances.  Haha.  Yeah right.  Currencies across the globe are collapsing against the dollar.  Or, put another way, the dollar is rising violently.  Those words have been written on here for years of what was coming.  The truth is now revealing itself.  Globalization was one massive Ponzi scheme.  And it made ridiculous political idiots in emerging markets look like geniuses while it lasted.  None of these countries were willing to step up and and stop the madness because it wasn’t in their self-interest.  Now they will pay the piper.  Just as I have said they would for the last eight years.

Citigroup sees gold at $3,500.  The kiss of death.    This by a company that was trading at 99 cents and did a reverse split after being bailed out for their massive corruption and incompetence.  I don’t see any signs of gold putting in a serious bottom.

The truth about stomach acid and the misinformation and propaganda perpetuated by the medical bureaucracy and the rent-seeking drug companies.

The ketogenic diet.  Another look at a topic discussed on here before.  At the misinformation and propaganda fed to us by dumbed-down medical bureaucrats and the bought-and-paid-for FDA about what we should eat.  Although a ketogenic diet based on industrial meat and veggies drenched in Roundup ain’t exactly what I want on my dinner table.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Beginning Of The End Of American Empire - The Battle Ground For Neoliberal Supremacy In Syria And The Middle East

Let me first say that there is a very, very compelling argument to be made that the global display of state-based violence that is so prevalent today has one known factor in common. (Although I believe there are also esoteric factors involved as well.)  That is, the global deregulation of private capital.  ie, Corporate capitalism.  This is the same dynamic that led to both World Wars to varying degrees.  Especially World War I.  As private capital and its investment spreads around the globe, the corporate state’s vested interests go along with it.  Soon to follow is the military-industrial complex that is used to protect those interests. 

It should be no surprise that European powers, the original creators of class-based, private capital, are heavily aligned behind the U.S.   By the way, in the Middle East, the biggest thugs are not Syria and Iran but those backed by the U.S.; Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, etc.   Um, no Israel is not in that list.  The neocon Israel lobby may be aligned with the U.S. but Israel is the only democratic society in the Middle East.  Let’s get real.  Anti-Semitism, especially driven by big “L” liberal elites (political party establishment hacks), is rampant in this world.  Blaming Jews based on deeply ingrained prejudice and propaganda has become a favorite pastime once again.  

In many ways, I view the Middle East, for the U.S., as the equivalent to the Soviet Bloc nations.  (Without petroleum denominated in dollars that allows the U.S. to print money ad infinitum and force it down the throats of the world, U.S. empire would collapse.)  The Soviet Union used investment, trade and military power to prop up puppet Bloc governments.  As the Soviet Union’s ability to buy the Soviet Bloc excess production waned, as Soviet investment in propping up their political thugs in the Bloc nations waned as empire stretched too far, up popped Lech Walesa.  Walesa was one of if not the most powerful voices of the later 20th century. (Reagan did not bring down the Soviet Union as noted on here many times.  The Soviet Union caved from within due to communism’s systemic contradictions.  Communism like capitalism is built on a foundation of sand.)  

From there it was all down hill for the Soviet Union.   Again, already discussed on detail on here.  In today’s world, there is no Lech Walesa or Martin Luther King.  I struggle with trying to understand if we will have that type of leader.  But, in the end, I’m not sure we will.  Because today technology has given us an ability to empower everyone who wants a voice in their own future.  And just like in the movie V for Vendetta, in the end it was a faceless movement by everyone who suffered at the hands of the state that rebelled against the American puppet government in Egypt and elsewhere.  We have facilitators –basically anyone who seeks to mobilize and empower people – but movements are faceless everywhere.  Whether that is against Monsanto or against Mubarak or any other issue.   The fact that movements are faceless makes it impossible for the state to use violence to stop them.  Are they going to kill or jail all of us?  Not hardly.  One million Americans on a terror watch list?  Hahaha.  It might as well be 50 million.  It probably would be if they could recruit enough people to spy on all of us.  We have the ability to tell our corporate state masters to go play in traffic.

I believe Egypt is the United State’s Poland.   And their Lech Walesa is the nameless, faceless mass of humanity that is resisting the attempts of outside forces to suppress their freedom and dignity.  That goes well beyond the U.S. as noted in a link below, Saudi Arabia is involved in funneling billions into the nation’s tyrannical thugs.   Egypt is the first nation in the Middle Eastern American Bloc to fail as it became unable to feed its own citizens due to massive commodity and food inflation.  This is very similar to what happened in the Soviet Bloc.   And as I have noted on here since well before the 2008 collapse, I believe puppet governments in the Middle East will eventually fall like dominos.  The House of Saud only maintains its grip on the people it suppresses because it has the biggest military and political power the world has ever seen aligned behind it.  For now.   Just like the political thugs in the Soviet Bloc

By the way, an unintended consequence of allowing Wall Street to manipulate commodity prices could ultimately be the collapse of American empire.   How ironic that empire always collapses from within.  From its own arrogance, evil and hubris.   By the way, as noted on here ad nauseam, all of this is wildly bullish for the U.S. and our democracy.  Or bullish for whatever we call the nation or nations that comes out the other end.

What is going on in Syria and the Middle East is all about geopolitics, corporate state control of natural resources, economic domination, corporate state power, geopolitical positioning for neoliberal advantage, empire and a real democratic movement by the people to get out from under all of this morass and crazymaking by the world’s corporate state establishment political players.   Every insecure prick-waving politician, as George Carlin referred to them, in the game of global geopolitics has his vested interest and is pushing his own power-mad agenda in Syria and other Middle East nations through the projection of power; money, force, weapons, etc.  Syria has become the front battle line for statist global power thugs and their endless use of violence to maintain and spread economic and corporate state control. 

I find it ironic that Obama tells us UN inspectors can’t be trusted to investigate chemical weapons charges he lays at the feet of Syrian President al-Assad without any evidence.  This after al-Assad denies using any chemical weapons and has invited UN inspectors to do an investigation based on Obama and European leader’s claims.  Isn’t it ironic that Obama tells us to trust the UN when it comes to anthropogenic global warming voodoo but not when it comes to his claims of Syrian government use of chemical weapons?  

As our fearless corporate state, military-industrial complex leader and self-appointed king readies to launch an unconstitutional attack on Syria, obviously in the name of Jesus the pacifist, upwards of 90% of Americans want the U.S. to stay out.  Yet, of no surprise, only about 15% of congresspersons could muster the courage and morality to sign a petition “asking” our fearless leader to get the rule-of-law-mandated constitutional approval before blowing up Syria.

Politicians are little more than circus clowns and con men. 

The American people are tiring of the endless psychotic wars and bombings pushed by the lunatic fringe in our aristocracy.  I want to put up a reminder that I wrote years ago before this Middle East mess started that we could eventually see U.S. soldiers mutiny as untold thousands of French soldiers did en masse in WWI, a war fought for the economic and colonial interests of European capitalist elites.  You know, like all of our mischief today.  The American people are tired of this.  And so are our soldiers that are being maimed, killed, exposed to depleted uranium, pumped full of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics to keep them fighting tour after tour, and committing suicide in ever-increasing numbers.   What a glorious day it would be if our armed forces said no more without a constitutional declaration of war in a defensive need to protect democracy.

Given both the British and the U.S. are in the process of making  a “legal” case (what a fcuking joke) to go to war in Syria,  I thought I would pull together some links, almost all from outside of the U.S., and all from outside of the corrupted corporate mainstream paparazzi U.S. media, on the state of Syria and some signs of what is really going on.   There is no simple black and white answer because there are many global players and political objectives now involved in Syria.   So, it’s trite to blame everything on the U.S.  But there is ample evidence that nothing out of the U.S. corporate state media or out of the mouths of  U.S. politicians is anywhere near true.  The possibility exits that they are outright  lying when considering the evidence below.  For what reasons?  Well, who knows.  But, probably because they can.

U.S. political theater becomes more comically-disgusting by the day.

Washington Times – UN Official states that Syrian rebels, not the Syrian government, using sarin gas.  The U.S. is backing these rebels so directly or indirectly, if this is so, the U.S. political establishment is complicit if this is true.

Washington’s worries over radical Wahhabi Saudi ties and their involvement in Egypt.  The U.S. political establishment is substantially responsible for creating a global terror network by backing the House of Saud and its hyper-radical fundamentalist, distorted message of Islam that the Saudi royal family spends billions perpetuating around the world.  All because supporting Saudi Arabia props up the petrodollar. 

Syrian President al-Assad will never become puppet of western powers.  Blames radical Wahhabi Saudi influence and money on terrorism in his country.  (The same radical Wahhabi Saudi terrorism that was behind 9/11 attacks)  al-Assad asks for UN to come to Syria to investigate claims of chemical weapon use by government forces.

U.S. general tells Democracy Now! about plans to invade Syria were hatched in 2001.  I believe Wesley Clark before I believe a politician.  Most who serve our nation’s armed forces are honorable people with a virtuous intent.

Leaked dialogue between Putin and Egypt on the subject of Syria and Iran and the Saudis attempt to bribe Russia.  Brutal and well worth the read.

Russia Today – American CIA operatives are engaged with Syrian Rebels according to his American father

U.S. neocon hawks take flight over Syria

Saudis offer Putin secret deal to control world’s energy to back out of Syria.  More smarmy corruption by the illegitimate American puppet fiefdom that is the House of Saud.

Hacked British defense company reveals British government had plans to destabilize Syria

Dennis Kucinich – Striking Syria will make U.S. al Qaeda’s air force.  In one country we fight al Qauda.  In another we arm them.  The U.S political establishment’s policies are psychotic.  It’s like crazymaking or gaslighting applied to a political establishment. controlled by lunatics.

When you ask a politician to solve a problem, you will always get a political solution.  Politics is an institution of the ego and the ego’s only intent of control.  Obviously political solutions are never the best solution.   And I do mean never.  Oftentimes, they are the worst imaginable and have incredible unintended consequences. 

Let’s be frank.  Politicians are generally idiots, megalomaniacs, control freaks, takers, users, narcissists, liars and psychopaths.  Are there more than a handful of politicians in Washington anyone would trust their life with?  Politics serves no purpose to democracy, citizen government and public service.  Politics and political parties need to go the way of the Dodo bird.  And as I have noted on here many times, game theory presents us with a compelling reason to believe both parties will collapse soon enough.    

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Amusement Industry’s Pedantic, Inane And Vacuous Role In Perpetuating The Dystopian Corporate State

I thought I would throw this up before the second part in my post on the coming wage collapse of the mythical service economy.  It actually dovetails in nicely with this topic because the corporatized amusement (entertainment and sports) industries are part of that mythical service economy.  And it going to see a massive wage collapse on the back end of this economic crisis as I have noted on here for many years. 

Let me first say that expression of human authenticity through the arts and through the crafts of acting, comedy, etc are obviously something we all enjoy.  But there is little of authenticity as a result of the human experience that flows out of the corporatized amusement industry.  Most of the amusement industry garbage is completely contrived.  That includes the vast majority of mainstream music.   The amusement industry is driven by the desire for profit, ratings, sensationalism and the ego’s pedantic, inane and vacuous need for attention.  Because it is corporatized it is almost always sanitized to also be politically-correct; which contributes to the dumbing-down of the corporate state.  Obviously others with skills and crafts in the arts, acting, etc have often tried to venture outside of the corporatized dystopian amusement industry into new ventures where human authenticity is valued.  Mostly through independent works.  But because of shoestring budgets and lack of access to capital, that has been locked up by corporations, those are very infrequent endeavors. 

Hollywood and the amusement industry are the mouthpieces for the creation of the corporate state’s social values system and its propagandized corporate and political objectives.  In other words, the three-headed Cerberus guarding the gates to the underworld (whose intent is to keep the rest of us from escaping their dystopian reality)  are the amusement industry, corporate capitalism’s bureaucrats and the corporate state political bureaucracy.  They each play a key role in the creation and perpetuation of a dumbed-down, Godless (ego-centric, ignorant, spiritually & emotionally-unaware, lacking human values) society. 

All aspirants embracing corporate state values and propaganda want to be a shining star.  They want to be part of the corporatized amusement and to be awash in endless adoration and fame from those who idolize it.  So, endless corporate money flows into the amusement industry to create and perpetuate the propagandized corporate state values and its hyper-consumeristic images of success.   I want to wear, buy, eat or do what my amusement industry idol is doing.  What are our idols wearing or buying or eating or telling us?   What multi-million dollar dress is Kate wearing in their royal wedding while countless of their subjugated serfs don’t have a pot to piss in.  Please do tell.  I can’t wait to find out.  It’s manifestly obvious to me that because Beyoncé drinks Pepsi swill and the never-proven-to-be-safe chemicals contained therein, and does so for a $50 million spokesperson role, I should too. 

This endless flow of corporate ad and marketing money creates a propagandized illusion of “success” and the American Dream we are all told to strive for.  An illusion created by the corporate state’s  amusement industry “golden calf” idolatry and the corporate ad industry that pulls the levers to creating its dystopian propagandized illusions of what we should eat, drink, buy and do.  

We wait anxiously for the next Tweet from the attention-seeking Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian or any one of our many idols.  Or await the next issue or broadcast of our favorite paparazzi media detailing the mindless drivel of the pedantic, inane and vacuous behavior of the attention-minded, image sycophants.  We hook our society on the propaganda of endless consumerism and vacuous behavior at a very young age in the corporate state.  And korporate kapitalist society hooks them through the worship of our wildly vane, self-centered and vacuous self-appointed aristocracy and the hyper-consumerism it needs and promotes to survive. 

The corporate money flowing into the amusement, sports and entertainment industry very often glorifies violence, thuggery,  deceit, lack of responsibility to ourselves, others and the world around us, and ignorance on so many levels it’s not even definable by words.  It has created a propagandized ego-maniacal social value system that has no idea what its authenticity or true identity actually is beyond whatever money and corporate & political propaganda can buy or create.  

The amusement industry endlessly prostitutes their values out for corporate advertising, corporate marketing, corporate movies and corporate television shows that mock human virtue, discovery and truth and, maybe even more importantly, mock those who have strong human values involving virtue, discovery and truth.   This mocking of human decency has turned our society, as defined by these corporate state values, into one that is spiritually and morally bankrupt.  Accepting payments for advertising and sponsorship for usurious  banks, credit card enslavement, alcohol consumption, toxic industrial food & drink, chemically-laden tobacco, dumbed-down political correctness, faux science for ignoramuses, glorifying ignorant youth and gang culture and youth sexual promiscuity and generally embracing a lifestyle of extreme, vacuous hyper-consumerism, audacious displays of extreme materialism and vanity.  

These dystopian social values are really nothing more than the destabilized human mind’s manifestations of acting out.  They are clearly prescient signs of modern capitalist society and the corporate state’s end of days.  (By the way, it’s no coincidence Obama’s team is trying to line up the amusement industry sponsors to “sell”, obviously with the help of The People’s money, us on the virtues of the mandated, dystopian corporate usury tax of Obamacare.   In some dystopian propagandized hope that Americans will believe the act is actually affordable and beneficial to society if our “idols” tell us it is.   The “affordable” health care act?  Affordable to whom?  Those who propagandize it?)

Selling ones values in return for fame and fortune fuels the ego’s pedantic, inane and vacuous need for attention.  And no part of our society is more pedantic, inane and vacuous than the amusement industry.   Of course, given the corporate state defines social values through insanely ego-driven (dumbed-down, ignorant and control driven) behavior, those who are exalted by our feudal masters to define success in our society are pedantic, inane and vacuous.   Which is the fundamental reason why corporate capitalism and the corporate state have almost certainly reached a terminal status -  It is incompatible with human values and destabilizes the human condition.  It is truly Godless.  

Today our society is enslaved to the halls of the European aristocratic power in 1776 and their endless self-absorbed ignorance and garish excesses of self-indulgence while the rest of us are left to rot.  At least if it is left up to those our propagandized society are told to idolize and worship courtesy of our political saviors, the boot-licking corporate lackeys or any one of our corporatized amusement industry bobble heads.   But we know how this always turns out.  Never as our masters intended.  Funny thing but as Marie Antoinette or King Georgie boy could tell us, karma is a bitch.

Title link here.  On Youtube this has over a million views with a 95% thumbs up rating. Our social values system may be pedantic, inane and vacuous, because it serves the ego-mania of our feudal masters, but most people aren’t stupid and the ratings on this video are just one proof point of that.  And most people in modern corporate states don’t want to be defined by the values created by the dumbing-down of our society by ignorant bureaucrats.  Yet this is the system we are conscripted to by our corporate masters.  For now.

By the way, if this is really part of a North Korean documentary, and it appears so, there’s more than a little irony in North Korea, a completely propagandize, brainwashed society, producing a documentary about a completely propagandized, brainwashed society.   We do that here as well.  Our propagandized, brainwashed society makes a mockery of other societies for being propagandized and brainwashed.  For not being free or being backward or ignorant.  Hypocrisy defines the ego and its endless deceptions. 

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Julian Assange - Google’s Inextricable Agenda With The Securitocracy And Who’s Holding The Sh*t-bag

No explanations needed.  Julian’s original article here.

If his original article is slow to come up, here are two others articles citing the original.  But I would encourage you to keep trying to reach the original.  It uncovers the depth of corporate state corruption and how it loots the world through force and violence.  It is certainly receiving a lot of traffic and rightly so.



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Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Few Remarks About The State Of Financial Markets With The Nasdaq Crash


Is that enough of a remark? 

I have reduced my exposure to any type of financial market over the last few years.   Why?  Because what I see frankly concerns me to say the least.  I don’t trust the markets.  Dodd-Frank?  Are you shitting me?  I’ve beat that like a rented mule.  Why don’t you ask Obama to explain the thousands of pages of horse shit he signed into law?  As if I even need to waste any energy saying this, he has no idea what he is doing and neither do Dodd of Frank or the Republican dunces who simply wanted to do nothing.

I see what 99.99% of people don’t through my involvement in markets.  The vast majority of idiots who end up on financial TV talking about now being a great time to buy any financial asset, because they make money off of your money and want your money so anytime is a good time to take your money,  or politicians who blow chunks on the TV yet have never actually participated in financial markets at a very technical and detailed level of understanding and knowledge.  

Does the Nasdaq crash surprise me?  Hardly.  I have written on more than one occasion we could wake up some morning when the back end of this crisis hits and see the equity market down thousands of Dow points or that the markets could be halted for days or longer as happened in Russia some years ago when the bleeding was literally unstoppable.  Actually, I have written many times I believe that all financial markets as we know them are likely to disappear.  If capitalism disappears, their funding mechanisms and capital markets that define them are going with it.   

There are huge gaps in liquidity in many financial markets.  Huge.  And that’s not new but it’s worsening.  Without the Frankenstein algorithmic machines that literally run markets today, if you want to call it them, and provide what is nothing more than faux, rent-seeking liquidity, I don’t have any idea how markets would even operate.   Things are that f*cked up.  Derivatives in general concern me even more because so much of that market is opaque, illiquid and manipulated and there is no guarantee of anything.  That includes no guarantee of settlement because a derivative is by definition of no intrinsic value.  

Financial markets and anything in the economy touched by finance and large corporations are a complete and utter mess.  Frankly, I’m not sure markets can be fixed.  It seems more likely that this unstable system will continue to devolve until it experiences terminal failure and then society will be forced to cobble together a system that serves some useful purpose to democracy and society rather than fixing this one.  This system serves zero purpose to society as I have remarked before.  It has become completely corrupted.  And the government is the main reason that is so. 

Rather than simply banning the vast majority of bullshit that goes on in financial markets, the government itself created the bullshit by rigging markets for legalized political bribes.  And they continue to allow this nonsense because they want to regulate this dysfunctional behavior in markets.  Why?  So they can tax it.   The state exists only through violence.  And that means the corporate state, just like the corporations it creates, seeks rent. 

This is no different than the cigarette companies.   Does anyone think the government wanted Philip Morris to go out of business when it filed a suit against the industry?  Was the government trying to stop cigarette companies from putting dozens of toxic chemicals into tobacco and selling this to Americans?  Ahem.  All bureaucracies first seek to sustain and perpetuate their power and existence whether that is a corporation, the SEC, the state or the Vatican.  The government wanted to tax cigarette makers with impunity not stop poisoning Americans.  Why?  Because it can.   Monsanto wants to sell you GMO food.  Why?  Because it can.  Coke now is running propaganda ads to tell you the chemicals it uses in its soft drinks are safe so you’ll buy of their elixir. Why?  Because they can. 

Fundamentally, this is a far, far larger issue than the endless destabilizing activity that the government condones in financial markets.   The government, or let me rephrase that, the state, allows all types of destructive and dysfunctional activity in our economy and economic markets.  Why?  Because they can.  Because it serves their purpose of collecting greater and greater taxes to wield more and more control.  The same reason corporations seek rent by selling you more and more products and services that make you sick or harm you or enslave you or steal from you.  To extract greater and greater rent or profit or taxes and thus are able to sustain themselves.   We have over 100 million useless corporate jobs in our economy.  Why do they exist?  Because the state can regulate them to collect tax on them.   The state doesn’t give a shit whether these companies serve democracy or are poisoning us.  Get real.  Where is there any evidence of their concern other than the endless political blowhards lying to us over and over again year after year, decade after decade, and doing nothing about it?   Rhetoric.  They are concerned with extending the power of the bureaucracies that megalomania creates and then presides over like our aristocratic lords. 

That’s about enough.  I think I’ve made my views clear on the Nasdaq crash.  

By the way, the crude oil market looks like it might be setting up for a crash soon enough.  A price crash.  The same algorithmic rent-seeking liquidity that defines financial markets is in commodity markets as well.  The level of speculative exuberance is unprecedented in the crude futures markets.  And forward contracts are not confirming this exuberance.  Just like gold was.  Of course, there are legitimate, albeit temporary, reasons this could be happening or maybe it’s just another part of our economy manipulated by financial and political predators.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An Update On The Mythology Of The Post-Industrial Service Economy And Its Coming Wage Reset - Part One

The global economy is in serious trouble.   Bonds rates around the globe are not rising because the global economy is recovering.  That is a preposterous notion put forth by financial and monetary bureaucrats that control our dumbed-down existence.  They are rising because liquidity is flowing out of the global economy at a faster rate than leading up to the 2008 collapse; something I have been writing for the last 15 months.  Frankly, most global equity markets peaked in early 2011 when I first wrote that I was bearish again on the financial sector because they started manipulating their earnings. 

Gold, bonds in all nations and of all types, emerging market currencies, commodities and emerging market equities are all tanking.   When emerging markets, gold and commodities seemed invincible and the U.S. seemed a hapless, bumbling giant, I wrote all of these things would happen on the back end of this crisis.   That the vast majority of this crisis would reside outside of the U.S.   The gold bulls, the dollar bears, the BRIC bulls, the hyperinflation dunces were all wrong just as I wrote they would be.   This isn’t rocket science but you have to be able to appreciate how this system works.  These are all signs of a coming liquidity crisis.  But unlike 2008, this one is global and far, far larger.  That means the unprecedented and essentially unlimited multi-trillion dollar global central banker’s monetary reflation has failed and a global economic crisis, bond crisis, currency crisis and debt repudiation are now germinating.   Quantitative easing didn’t do anything except bail out the one percent who own all of the paper-traded assets and ever-increasingly useless currency underpinning them.   

Central banks can’t push enough debt-based money into the global economy to support the unprecedented usury of the massive corporate & government bond/debt bubble,  the enslavement of citizens to debt serfdom, the corporate rent extraction schemes, the financial industry usury and extortion and endless statist mandates, taxes, red tape and voracious overspending of the people’s money.   We are enslaved to a system of corporate state taxes and control that are unprecedented.

Given those factors, the only choice for survival of the status quo is for this system of violence, predation and exploitation to start eating its own.  To start turning against itself.  The successful debt, usury and exploitation so necessary to maintain this system must be repudiated by the status quo participants in this system itself if they are ever to attempt to survive.  And that is exactly what I wrote would happen some years ago when I said that the status quo would eventually turn against itself.   This is the circular violence necessary to support a Darwinian economic model.  When the lions devour all of the lambs, the only option left is for predator to become prey.   This is one of the primary drivers of capitalism’s war cycles that I have written of over the years.  Arguably, all major war is driven by the inherent violence of  class-based economic systems such as capitalism, fascism, mercantilism, colonialism and every other ideological ism of state violence.   (By the way, I believe Edward Snowden’s revelations are so profound that the odds of political dunces will ever be able to start another world war have ratcheted down substantially.  We shall see.)

Violence begets violence and ultimately will lead to this system’s own death.   It will die at the hand of the sword.  Once critical mass is reached in the destabilization of this complex system, there is nothing anyone can do to stop the chain reaction from going critical.   There is a general belief by many out there that humanity is somehow without hope because the status quo has achieved nearly universal and total control.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  The reality is there is nothing anyone need do to push back against this system or to stop it, unless it is a matter of one’s survival.   Otherwise, all we need to do is  sit back and watch the internal contradictions of corporate capitalism and the corporate state fail from within.  Fail at its own hand.   Just as the Soviet Union collapsed inward on its own internal contradictions.

Central banks have little control over anything as noted on here ad nauseam.   And they definitely cannot solve a problem created by too much taxation, too much lying, too much usury, too much theft, too much economic slavery, too much corporate control, too much state tyranny, too much exploitation, too much power granted to politicians, too much rigging the rule of law to steal economic and political determinism, too much corporate & political corruption and too much political arrogant ignorance.

People who talk about China transitioning to more of a service economy, as has become a popular mantra with political, economic and financial dunces in our dumbed-down society, have no idea what they are talking about.  As noted on here ad nauseam, a service economy cannot grow and that means monetary reflation necessary to maintain a debt-based monetary system is impossible.   This same concept applies to taxes.  There is no way to reflated a service economy out of more and more taxes and government mandates.  (Which is why Obamacare is failing before our eyes as component after component of the legislation are pushed into the future using various excuses.) 

It’s important you understand that service economies cannot grow because this is where the global economy is.  It’s a topic I have remarked of on here time and again.  Without reflation, this system of greater and greater debt, taxes and political mandates is finished.  China’s attempt to transition its economy to one more reliant on service, as we are told, is nothing more than doing each other’s laundry.   It is the service economy and the attempted transition to domestic consumption that has created the debt crisis we now see in China.  (Government too is a service.  Bigger and bigger government with greater and greater taxes and mandates, the make-work of political idiots,  cannot survive in a debt-based monetary system.)

With the post 2008 crash economy creating negative production employment globally, the U.S. and, for that matter Europe, is in the same situation as China with their attempted monetary reflations.   What we have witnessed globally since 2008 is not a successful reflation but instead a global concerted policy that is hiding the fact that all currencies are collapsing.  It is not reflation we see but collapse.  We know this because there is no way to reflate a debt-based service economy.  This is what is revealing itself in 2013 with the movement in bonds-debt, gold, currencies, equities, BRIC economies, emerging markets, etc.   We may very well see all money around the world becomes useless or worthless.   While this may not be the cycle, eventually all money will die forever.  It is an institution of the ego (a system of control -violence) that serves no purpose to a free mind.  To be free we must first free our minds from the bondage of institutions of the ego.  No money…means no taxes….means no slave wages….means no hunger… means no homelessness….means no method of funding war….means no economic usury and theft…...means no covert methods of political-statist control that deny economic and political freedoms through the violent statist institution of money.  It is possible we are in the midst of such a cycle.  As I have noted before, many aspects of money are already dying.  

The only way to maintain a service-based economy is to print money forever.   To effectively torch the currency.  It requires quantitative easing to infinite.  The only way to maintain a debt-based monetary system in a service economy is to print money forever and place that money in the hands of consumers.  ie, Load everyone up with ever-increasing debt.  That dynamic has hit the wall globally.  There is no way out of the current system.  Failure is imminent be that debt monetization, debt default, debt repudiation, debt forgiveness or a new financial, monetary and economic system or all of the above or some of the above.

We know a new system isn’t coming because politicians have done everything in their power to stop any type of change that disempowers corporations, class and the state and empowers democracy and individual liberty.   We are now at the proverbial rock and a hard place.  Something’s gotta give.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

China’s College Graduates Join Other Corporate Capitalist Societies With Dim Employment Prospects

In Beijing, an estimated 98,000 jobs are available for the 229,000 new graduates, a city education committee study found…………

Many years ago I wrote that China’s coming economic crisis would be exaggerated because it had not yet created social safety nets as its central planner’s policies pushed tens of millions of people out of generally self-sufficient rural existences to state-reliant existences in cities.  This push by the communist party was needed to feed global demand for cheap corporate labor.  That many of these urban dwellers are now highly educated and motivated yet without economic opportunity presents a serious social problem.  Most certainly not the only social problem in China. 

Rural communities and people are generally much more self-sufficient and rely to a greater extent on agrarian, skilled trade and craftsman economies needed to support a system of self-sufficiency.  Thus, China’s rural population will likely be more able to weather any coming economic shocks created by corporate capitalism.  With no effective social safety nets for those who have given up an agrarian or rural existence to fill China’s factories and corporate positions, China is essentially looking much like the U.S. was entering the Great Depression; a rapid industrialization that drove populations into cities without any forethought of what happens if the system experiences terminal failure. 

The rest of the world is in little better condition now that their social safety nets and social uplift programs are being butchered by  corporate states.  How will China deal with the lack of economic opportunity or unemployment that develops within cities that have been built to serve the endless growth of corporate state employment?  As I have noted before, China’s central planners very well could have embraced corporate capitalism just as it was in a cyclical and systemic mode of global failure.   That would be par for the course for the endless ignorant arrogance of central planners.

As I have noted before I grew up in a rural area.  It has obviously been many years since I used some of those skills but I learned how to grow and hunt my own food, metal fabrication, construction, engine and mechanical repair, plumbing, electrical work, agriculture, butchering, laying block and on and on.    You learn to be everything you need.   Often because of cost and often because of necessity.  It’s amazing what I was exposed to when I think about my reality today.  If given the resources or necessity, I could brush off those skills and return to that lifestyle.  And before I take a dirt nap, if the opportunity presents itself, I might actually do that.   

Many people who grow up in cities rely to varying degrees on someone else for everything being that they have lost those skills over generations.  Working in the office cubicle pushing around paper makes one completely ignorant to the realities of life.   Believing that we are all going to college for an endless number of paper-pushing jobs under the dull hum of florescent lights of korporate nirvana is not going to materialize in China, the U.S. or elsewhere.   Period.  As I have noted on here ad nauseam, most jobs today are already make-work and create zero wealth.  With well over 100 million make-work jobs in our economy, we aren’t going to restart our economy with an Obama jobs program or corporate tax breaks as our fearless king wishes us to believe.  Well, and ignorantly believes himself.  We are in the midst of systemic failure of this economic system.

Every once in a while I see some article citing some variation of a theme around this being the last generation to know what it’s like to be human.  That our corporate-inspired society has become so sterilized and insulated from reality that we have lost that humanity.    That certainly is true to some extent that we have disconnected from what it is to be human.  That, in many ways, our existence in modern corporate capitalist society has lost all meaning.  Hyper-consumerism, shopping as a hobby and pushing meaningless paper around in an office cubicle is destabilizing to the human condition.  But I believe just the opposite is probably going to define this moment in time.  That is, this will be the last generation to not know what it’s like to be human.  That this experiment of corporate capitalism as we know it has failed.  And more of an agrarian existence or one closer to nature, even in cities, and a craftsman and skilled trades economy will define a very substantial part of our future.   We all share some innate connection and need to be part of the natural world around us.  Even if it is suppressed by an unstable or delusional ego, which clearly is the case with many in the very ego-driven modern corporate capitalist society.

Some years ago I was in Japan and while talking with fellow earth citizens I found out the most popular vacation for city dwellers in Tokyo was for young people to leave their sanitized, corporate existence to head to rural areas to relearn the crafts and skills of generations gone by.    That included how to grow food, make sake, plant rice, etc.  Sound familiar?  It should.  Because years later the local food movement and craft alcohol movement in the U.S. are booming.  There is something spiritual about sticking your hands in a mound of dirt or being close to nature.  And we fill that void in our Godless existence by shopping and working longer hours than people did thousands of years ago.  We literally live to work and to consume.

In many ways corporate capitalist societies are really defined by two economies.  One is the rural economy that is generally representative of  Thomas Jefferson’s view of democracy and freedom and the other is the urban economy more heavily influenced by Alexander Hamilton’s view of transplanted European corporate capitalism.   Obviously, I have been writing that the latter is almost certainly in the process of terminal failure.  We obviously aren’t going to see a mass exodus of humanity from cities to the countryside….. or are we?  Haha.  If contract law in this nation fails as I have noted it may with a possible debt repudiation, we could see a squatter’s movement where land possession essentially becomes who’s claimed what by rights of sitting on what’s available.   Who really knows?  Seriously?

As I have noted quite a few times on here, there was an unspoken covenant that took place in our history that has been broken.  When people gave up much of my democratic freedom of an agrarian existence a century or so ago to come work in the corporate capitalist’s factories, there became an entwined bond of shared success that was necessary.  We gave up some of our freedoms so that we both may prosper through shared success of industrialization.   You can call it noblesse oblige or something else but it is both the government and private capital’s responsibility to ensure that social structures and economic opportunity exists to  guarantee our freedoms are maintained as we moved from an agrarian to a capitalist economy.   That includes a guaranteed living wages for people willing to be responsible and participate in our democracy and our economy. 

This bond or shared prosperity has always been strained but it has failed systemically and globally for quite a few decades.   The beliefs that this system would grow forever and offer college graduates an abundance of corporate jobs are based on happy thoughts and fantasies.    Welcome China’s new college graduates to a global reality.  That is, university was never created to provide guaranteed corporate work until corporate capitalism hijacked universities and turned them into factory farms for obedient workers rather than the hotbeds of exchange for small “l” liberal ideas about human and social progress, freedom of expression, discovery and sharing of knowledge that they once were. 

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Government Spying? You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet

For years I have been writing that coming revelations about our government would horrify the American people.   How did I know this would happen?   I didn’t derive it from a mathematical equation.   It was the same reason I have been writing for the last eight years that we are in a cycle of volatility.   In other words, esoteric factors that most people would probably laugh at.  Laugh because they are afraid of what they don’t understand.   This is the tipping point in human social history.   The tipping point.   The tipping point that all past tipping points were leading to.  The tipping point that makes all human history look like afternoon tea and crumpets with the queen mutha.  And she is certainly a mutha.  I must say my ego will certainly derive some level of satisfaction seeing the queen work the checkout line at Sainsbury because I suspect she’s gonna be sacked before this cycle ends.  And that means she’s going to have to participate as an equal in society.  That is as it should be because statism and its class and class-based privilege is an affront to human dignity and freedom.

I don’t know what those revelations about our government will be but then that is as I have written.   I doubt this spying is really “it”.  Even if this spying revelation is only the tip of the iceberg as Senator Ron Wyden notes in the link below.  By the way as a reminder, I also wrote that because of these revelations that we could see extra-judicial Nuremberg-type trials in the U.S.  at some point.   When I first wrote that it must have seemed laughable to anyone reading it.  Not so much anymore.  Eh?   Remember, the Nazis reigned terror on the world for well more than a decade and even longer in Germany itself.   It was only decades later they faced prosecution.   That U.S. politicians are pardoning all of their crony friends doesn’t really mean anything.  Do you think Adolph Hitler pardoned any of his crony buddies?  And then rewrote the laws to ensure what they were doing was legal?

The U.S. government has been hiding secrets from the American people for a long, long time.  At least six decades or when the National Security Act of 1947 was passed that turned our nation into a permanent war state and, in the process, effectively suspended democracy.   At least since corporate personhood was created through an activist Supreme Court that unconstitutionally legislated that decision from the bench in the late 1800s.  (Laws are to be written by Congress not legislated from the bench by an unconstitutionally-activist Supreme Court.  Granting corporations the rights of people places private capital above the rights of man in the food chain of power.  It’s why corporations and private capital are encouraging the state to spy on you.  Corporate personhood is an enabler for fascism by granting them rights to lobby government and contribute to political campaigns.  The Democratic and Republican Parties are registered corporations that financially-benefit from the recognition of corporate persons.  Without corporate personhood both registered corporation political parties would collapse.)  At least since the time when political bribery was legal, which was for the first one hundred years of our nation’s history.  At least since the time when Alexander Hamilton’s Report On Manufactures in 1791 adopted the tyrannical injustices of the British Empire and its corporate capitalism that we had just fought a war to rid ourselves of.  And millions of  people had fled Europe to create this nation because they were repressed in this class-based economic system of endless poverty, violence and exploitation.  A system that had enslaved the masses in Europe to endless war, economic exploitation and poverty for the benefit of the ruling aristocracy. 

Title link here.

And, a Rolling Stone Q&A with Senator Wyden

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Dell Misses, IBM Furloughs And Cisco Cuts

Dell Misses

IBM Furloughs

Cisco Cuts

All consistent with my remarks over the last year including my  remarks in the first quarter of last year and then a follow on post in June of last year that IBM stock is putting in a major top that could be its final top.  Forever.   In other words, that IBM may never again see $200 a share.  Ever.  Since those initial remarks IBM has produced no upward stock appreciation over the following two calendar years.  This when Warren Buffett made a big investment in IBM. 

As I have noted numerous times over the last eight years, I abhor technology stocks.   Technology is an incredibly unpredictable and unstable business by its very nature.  99.999% of all technology inventions happen outside of the walls of any particular technology firm.   That means beyond the early adoption cycle, technology firms have little chance of long term stability unless they are able to devise a business model that successful extracts rent.  These three companies are all big, bloated, dead wood.  All three of these companies have only managed to maintain their relevance since the mid 1990s by buying up, ie eliminating, literally over ten thousand more innovative competitors that would have eventually led to their demise, and by selling mythical value propositions that don’t exist, and by selling solutions that are so complex that customers must buy greater and greater amounts of wildly bloated consulting & services to implement them and by benefiting from the need for IT resources to support the financialization and increased national security state control of the global economy.   In other words, these three firms have survived by becoming adept at extracting rent.

As I noted on here seven years ago and then again last year, the vast majority of IBM’s profits, well more than 50%, come from the global financial industry alone.  From companies whose business models include greater and greater debt serfdom and greater and greater rent extraction through various legalized extortion rackets.  The expenditures of the national security state and military-industrial complex aren’t far behind in driving IT-related profits.  Without these two client bases spending inordinate amount of money for IT and consulting services to extract more rent and increase the tyranny of the corporate state, what else is left?   This is the case with most IT providers and management consulting firms.  IT’s high-profit future is completely dependent on the fate of global financial predators, the need for greater and greater technology by the national security state, pushing around paper as a business model,  greater and greater successful financial and corporate state rent extraction and increased debt serfdom.  The above companies along with SAP, Oracle, HP, Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, Tata, CapGemini, Microsoft and others could very well be in a fight for their survival over the next ten years.   Or, at a minimum, come out of this cycle fractionally the size of what they are today.  This is consistent with a long term thesis on here that we will see corporations and/or large business units within corporations fall like dominos in the back end unwinding of this cycle.   

Permanent corporations must device schemes of greater and greater rent extraction to survive regardless of the industry.  That is, unless they are granted regulated monopoly status by society like Ma Bell.  It’s not just financial firms that are adept at extracting rent.   This country was not founded on free market corporate capitalism.   It was founded on people leaving Europe in droves to get away from the feudalism of free market corporate capitalism and the class-based looting by the predators who controlled it.  That would be the political-economic aristocracy.   The same dynamic is driving the world into modern day feudalism.   

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

101 Dalmations Have Nothing On Us

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Useful Idiots Are Necessary To Perpetuate Economic Feudalism: Banks Will Rally 100% From Here

Sentiment is a very useful tool.  Especially when one understands human behavior.   Beyond what are generally some very discrete patterns we experience in our perceptions of reality, none of us really knows much of  anything about anything.  That is what makes being a contrarian so useful.  That is why positive sentiment or social mood works.  It plays on arrogance and the endless faulty beliefs of social value systems.  And as I’ve noted here many times, social values are never any source of truth.   In fact, it is the social value system that creates useful idiots so common in a dumbed-down corporate capitalist society.   Useful idiots play an important role in the perpetuation this system of class-based feudalism. 

Useful idiots crow about how much earnings power Wall Street has.  The mindful and consciously aware sentient being recognizes that Wall Street makes every single nickel of its profit through rent-seeking activity.  That banking as an industry creates absolutely zero wealth for society.  And if a bank cannot and does not create wealth, then it somehow must find ways to extract wealth for its profit.  How does it do that?  Through rent-seeking activity that is enforced by the state.  Umm, we need a public banking system.  One where profits are not the intent.  But where development of our people and our democracy is the intent.  One cannot serve two masters.  One cannot serve both control and truth.    

Yesterday a well-know banking  analyst was on financial TV crowing about the earnings potential of Wall Street banks.  What this person doesn’t seem to be mindful of is if these banks are successful in increasing earnings, this can only be accomplished by increasing democracy’s serfdom to their rent-extracting schemes or state-backed, legalized stealing.  Ancient societies and even many religions outlawed usury for a reason.  Because it is an affront to human dignity, it is evil, it is morally-bankrupt, it is economic slavery, etc. 

A public banking system in our nation would never have to charge a single penny of interest or ever collect a single fee.  Never.  Ever.  Today, more than half of all corporate profits in this nation are financial rent from both financial and nonfinancial firms.   Think about that.   You can’t pay wages with revenue.   Wages are paid from profit.  The vast majority of profits and, thus jobs, in this nation are driven by usury and state-enforced rent or  legalized stealing.  Imagine if all of that wealth were instead distributed to those enslaved by this same corporate debtor’s prison.   That would be you.  That would be me.  The enabler for this would be public banking.  

This analyst has quite an illustrious history.  He wrote back in March of 2008 that Citigroup was the trade of a lifetime.  In coming months Citigroup would fall 99% to 99 cents a share.  And about the same time he wrote that the financial crisis was over.   Of course, reality was that the crisis hadn’t even started.   Without a bailout by American citizens this entire financial and monetary system would have completely collapsed.  Forever.  And something different that would have been driven by human necessity would have been born in the place of its death.

Contrarily, back in 2007 as Wall Street stocks were hitting all-time highs I wrote that I had moved all of my family’s savings out of Wall Street banks because of coming crisis.  And that they were going to experience a massive unwinding as liquidity shocks hit the economy.  Then when Citigroup hit 99 cents I wrote that I was no longer bearish on Wall Street banks because exogenous factors would that determined their fate.  Indeed that was very true as TARP was the biggest single day fleecing of Americans in our nation’s history.  A fleecing that continues to this day.  Even though banks have repaid TARP, as noted on here before, they did so through rent extraction from the American people.

That investors, the financial media, financial monkeys and society have developed enough amnesia to have this same person back on TV telling us again that Citigroup is essentially again a trade of a life time should tell us something.  Maybe something about sentiment.  Or maybe something else.

What it tells me is that useful idiots are necessary for this dumbed-down system of corporate state violence and injustice to perpetuate itself. 

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Four REAL Questions For Federal Reserve Chair Candidates

Senators Warren and Sanders pose four questions.  But, I believe they are framed incorrectly.  In other words, while I respect both, their questions essentially serve no purpose towards the monetary transformation that democratic self-rule and the world needs. 

Here are four real questions that any candidate for Federal Reserve Chair should be asked.  There are obviously many more valid questions but off the top of my head…

1) Do you believe a democratic nation should be borrowing money from private banks to pay for democratic programs or social uplift programs or should that nation exert its sovereignty over private capital and coin or print its own money?

2) Do you believe the Federal Reserve should be a public-private partnership (fascism) between a private banking cartel and government as it is today or that it should be folded into the United States Treasury as a public institution and thus be accountable to democracy and voters rather than private capital?

3) Do you believe we should have a privately-owned, debt-based banking & monetary system that serves the profit motives of a very few private capitalists?  Or do you believe that these institutions should be owned by citizens, our communities, our states and our nation with charters of empowering democratic human development and issuing credit on behalf of democracy to increase the general welfare and empowerment of our nation and every citizen willing to responsibly participate?

4) Can you give me five concise and easily implemented  monetary policy initiatives you would commit to as Federal Reserve chairman that would directly (in other words not indirect initiatives like Reagan’s trickle down voodoo economics or Federal Reserve enabled Wall Street & corporate welfare)   increase democratic economic determinism and empowerment for the bottom 75% of the population and thus serve the needs of reinvigorating our communities and local employment?

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Friday, August 09, 2013

Viral Egyptian Video - Obama The “Dirty Man” Is A Traitor And Terrorist Meddler

A few opening comments before the links to the Egyptian video,  Russia’s response to Obama’s snub of Putin and Germany’s substantial complicity in NSA spying.

I have been writing consistently for the last eight years that the world is experiencing a grand awakening that is exactly that the awakening that happened during the Age of Enlightenment.  The Age of Enlightenment marked the peak in bureaucratic state, corporate and religious control by recognizing the God-given or natural power of people’s freedom and the people’s power over the state.  This time will be written in history books.  This is a much more profound moment that a time than that which created our country and sacked power throughout Europe in the late 1700s.

When I first started writing of this dynamic, I remember a specific comment because it was left by a friend.  He said that what I was stating had no reflection of reality.  At the time, it certainly didn’t appear so if you think with your eyes.  The world was in what Hank Paulson noted was unprecedented global prosperity.  Of course, that was nonsense.  How the world has since revealed a greater truth to those who think with their eyes.  Now look at the world.  It is on fire.  We are in a very deep global depression and it is going to get worse.  I’m not just talking about political unrest when I say the world is on fire.  I’m talking about volatile human behavior, volatile actions of our planet, and volatile actions and events happening in the natural world.   The world is living up to the billing of a cycle of volatility as I have described it countless times over the years.  As noted many times, that volatility encompasses all of these dynamics.  The ego’s perceptions of separateness are just that.  Perceptions.   It’s all connected.  The volatility is all the same.

We are at a massive tipping point in the future of our existence.  Possibly unprecedented.  Definitely greater than any time since the founding of our nation.  In fact, who knows.  Maybe this is the demise of our nation.  All states as institutions of the ego eventually fail.  All of them.  Every single one.  Russia is now just a fraction of its size 20 years ago.  Now 15 countries comprise that former Soviet Union.  The U.S. is in many regards, both socially and economically, very comparable to the Soviet Union.  In some ways the repression and propaganda is far, far worse.  Europe and China are no different.  They will experience the same forces.  China is arguably more ethnically-diverse than the U.S. or Europe and one could thus argue more likely to splinter into smaller pieces.  Remember, a long-time thesis on here is this environment could be coined as the end of big.  Big government, big corporations, big political parties, big money, big lies, big states, big military, big mouths, big banks, big alliances, big propaganda………

The links below are provided not to mock Obama, although he certainly opens himself up to criticism with his arrogant ignorance and narcissistic petulance.  The links are to highlight unprecedented pent-up human expression and awakening human mindfulness cross the globe.  There is no historical parallel to today on the scale of what we are witnessing.  There will certainly be no parallel to changes are about to experience in coming years and maybe even decades. 

The United States generally doesn’t spy on the world because we are afraid of Germany or France or Italy or Brazil or countless other nations.  We spy for what I believe are two basic reasons.  One, because we can.  And that’s just how megalomania is.  And two, because we want to know what foreign leaders are saying behind closed doors as we try to pry open more and more business for our corporate capitalist empire.  ie, Control.  That evidence of the comingling of government power with corporate objectives in other countries has been exposed by Wikileaks.  Our government spends much of its time pressing corporate objectives with other nations.  Our corporate empire loots through the enablement provided by political and military power and control.

It’s coming.  End of empire.  It will likely end quickly.  Possibly with nothing more than a whimper like the Soviet Union.  How will it end?  It could be domestic crisis in the U.S. or it could be a collapse of global finance and capital, it could be U.S. soldiers involved in a large scale mutiny, it could be a U.S. debt crisis, it could be that money loses all meaning; all discussed on here.  Or it could be something else.  But it’s coming.   I would guesstimate by 2020 is what I have written.  Maybe 2022 at the latest.  As noted on here before, 2013, 2016 and 2022 are three big turn dates for me.

This is economics.  The mass human awakening will drive the future of the global economy more than any demand equation taught in economics curriculum.   Life cannot be defined or controlled through an equation or logic or rational theories.  It is defined by fear or a lack thereof.  ie, Fear (and its manifestation, control) or discovery and truth.  And the world is discovering a greater truth; that this economic system of control is violent, evil, unjust, exploitative, predatory and inhumane for the benefit of a chosen few. 

They can’t put the genie back in the bottle.  There are six billion of us and just a few of them.  Once the confidence and trust is lost in the system, it’s not going to come back.  Ever.  Without transformative reform.

I wanted to link to the original article where the Egyptian video is embedded but you may want to click through to watch it on Youtube to see the captioning.    For Youtube novices,  the direct link is here.   By the way, its not obvious when you start watching the video but when she talks about Obama’s father and mother, she is talking about Turkey and Israel, who she is inferring are essentially telling Obama what to do in Egypt.  That comes so late in the video that it makes it more meaningful to understand in advance.  Interestingly, many in the democratic movement in Egypt have called for the country to stop accepting aid from the U.S.  They recognize that it’s nothing more than a form of repression that gives power to thugs and dictators that destroys their economic and social rights and determinism.  And it allows the U.S. to tell them what to do.  In other words, the aid from the U.S. isn’t to help Egypt but to control Egypt.   If there is no aid, there is no legitimate right of the U.S. to meddle in Egypt.  This certainly is true of U.S. aid across the board that comes in the form of money or corporate aid with strings attached.  It seldom is virtuous and most often is sinister.   The mafia doesn’t give you money for free.  And neither does the corporate state extortion racket.

From Der Spiegel Mass Data Transfers from Germany Aid U.S. Intelligence.  Germany’s leader, Angela Merkel, is a conniving political thug who is responsible for unprecedented misery in modern Europe.  Of course she lied and acted outraged when she first supposedly found out Americans were spying on Germans.  What she was hiding was that she and the German government were also spying in cahoots with the NSA.

And an additional article here about Obama cancelling his summit with Russia.  Obama Snubs, Russia Laughs, Putin Wins.  I thought two highly-rated comments from this article show how the world has awoken the endless lies and deceptions by megalomaniac American politicians pushing an agenda of empire and control.  And how the global mindful consciousness has been raised exponentially in recent years.  People get it.  Everywhere.  It’s coming.  This system if finished.

“There is another reason why Obama wants to go to the G-20 in Russia rather than - say - sending Jack Lew to represent the U.S. at a lower level. This is the same reason for Obama's appearance on the Jay Leno Comedy Hour last night: The man fancies himself a "celebrity at the center of the Universe" and thus cannot stay away from cameras and G-20's media. I am betting that America's hapless president is breathing a real sigh of relief.”

“Vlad the Lad Putin has bested Bumbling Barry at every turn. Middle East? Putin comes across as the voice of reason. Barry, not so much. Egypt is especially ripe as *both* the Muslim extremists and the average non-extremist Egyptian despise the bumbler...illustrated by demonstrations and even anti-Barry songs on YouTube. Look at South Africa and no one wants the bumbler to show. “

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Crimes Against Humanity - JP Morgan, Glencore, Goldman Sachs And The London Metals Exchange Sued For Aluminum Hoarding And Manipulation

When does the suit come for manipulating foodstuffs traded on the futures exchanges that created death and misery for the world’s most impoverished?  Or the manipulation of natural gas, petroleum, gold, etc. 

Isn’t it ironic that the British and American governments are silent while civil suits are brought by industrial corporations and individuals who were harmed by the actions of our governments that succumbed to bribery and corruption to allow this to happen in the first place.  These should be criminal suits.  Banks?  Hoarding commodities to create artificial shortages?  Then their trading desks using massive derivatives leverage to run the prices to the moon so that not only do they create financial windfalls but they extort industrial consumers, countries and citizens of the world with higher purchase prices.   This is Enron.  Period.  Actually it’s magnitudes worse.  It involves trillions upon trillions of dollars and crimes against the human race.   

These are crimes against humanity and should be tried at The Hague.  And the plaintiff is the human race.  The defendants should be politicians and bankers from the U.S., Britain and Switzerland.  (Moochers, looters and parasites)  The crimes?  How about murder, starvation, poverty, bribery, racketeering, homelessness, mental anguish and torture, misery, loss of wages, loss of jobs, loss of economic opportunity, loss of human dignity…..  That’s a start.   Remember, I said one day someone might figure out how to prosecute Wall Street through racketeering laws.  That may not happen but that’s what these lawsuits are really about.  Criminal rackets in collusion to illegally extort mafioso rent.   La Cosa Nostra would blush at Wall Street’s rip off schemes.  Truly. 

Are you ready for public banking that is out of the reach of politicians?  Whose primary intent would be serving human development and democracy?

JP Morgan and Glencore sued  (The firm Marc Rich started.  You know, the top ten FBI most wanted criminal that Bill Clinton pardoned.  What did good ole Billy get in return?  He’s made $250 million since by leveraging his crony rolodex.  A life-long politician with no business experience or skills.  Coincidence?)

Goldman Sachs and London Metals Exchange suit.

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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Republicans And Democrats Agree With Our Corporate State King To Shut Democracy Out Of The Housing Market

It’s a ruse when you hear politicians state that they can’t get anything done because they don’t agree on anything.  They agree on plenty.  Unconstitutional war, spying, torture, corporatism, lower taxes for corporations, killing democracy, stifling dissent, etc, etc, etc.   Now they agree that the government, or the voice of democracy, should abandon home ownership and turn it back over to private interests. 

As noted on here many times, George Bush was right.  The ownership society is exactly what Thomas Jefferson envisioned.  Each person would be given their own land by the government.  Free.  Given.  Wake up people!  In a democracy, everyone has access to society’s capital if they show a willing intent to be personally-responsible and participate in our economic future.   It should not be predicated on some arbitrary ability to find a living wage job in an economy with a real unemployment rate of 25% and an underemployment rate of more than 50%. 

Every person should be guaranteed a living wage job if they want one.  Every person can then participate in a democratic ownership society.  And you give according to your ability.  If you don’t want to participate, go live under a bridge if that’s more appealing.   Actually, I say that tongue in cheek.  There are nonviolent methods of dealing with people as worthy human beings that are in an emotional state unable to participate, be that temporary or permanent.   As a democratic society, we need to provide the services to help people get their emotional act together so they can contribute and define their own lives as worthy.  Today we generally define that as Social Security disability or a few other similar mechanisms.  These need reformed too.  They often don’t  empower people but instead institutionalize people and become sponges for gaming the system when people give up or can’t find a living wage job. 

We are marginalizing too many people that have too much to share with the world.  Instead, in a disposable corporate capitalist society, we do just the opposite.  The disposable and violent nature of our economic system convinces people they have nothing to share.  If we had an economy with guaranteed living wage jobs, any disability should be temporary for all but the most extreme cases.  Everyone has something to give.  Everyone.  Get the help you need, get your act together and get back out and be responsible in creating a life that defines your own worthiness.  Emotional unwellness, physical illness, emotionally-handicapped, physically-handicapped, we all have something to give that is worthy of a living wage in a society based on compassion, community, human dignity and empowerment.  

The problem in today’s world is that there is no mechanism to create an ownership society.  And Obama is now making that even more difficult by pulling democracy out of the mortgage business.   We aren’t a democracy but instead a capitalism.  Giving Wall Street or private capital the keys to the castle and asking them to administer an ownership society is a fool’s game.   The misconception continues to be perpetuated by liars and thieves that Fannie and Freddie caused this crisis.  Actually, Fannie and Freddie were the dumping grounds for Wall Street’s toxic trash.  And that happened because of government corruption created by Wall Street bribery.  The same bribery that is now taking democracy out of the home ownership business under Obama’s plans. 

As noted on here many times, we should have mortgages funded by a public banking system.  That could be state-based, locally-based or national.  I could really care less.  No mortgage interest and never kick anyone out of their home because they can’t find a living wage job or because of medical bankruptcy or countless other life tragedies that are so common.   Robert Shiller has been one of the few voices in the economics community who has asked many of the questions why we don’t already have these mechanisms in place.  He’s right.  Where the hell is everyone else in the economics and public service community?  Bought and paid for is where they are.  We had something akin to a national public mortgage bank with HOLC, a Roosevelt invention I supported on here as a method for dealing with this crisis back in  2008.   But Obama chose to deny Americans any real relief or to re-administer this very successful Roosevelt program.  Why?  Because he is our corporate state king. 

If the government aka democracy owned our mortgages, they could easily re-assess mortgage values and bail homeowners out of this private capital-created bubble.  The solution would be simple.  All that needs to happen is to re-assess any new lower value of a home and make the adjustment to the mortgage down.  Umm, the government can print money or take losses at will via moving decimal places on a computer screen.  The Federal Reserve does it every single day.  The government can do the same thing with mortgages.  And it would not clog up our banking system with toxic loans that cause bank runs and higher lending standards that defeat the purpose of democratic banking and an ownership society.   There is no such thing as a loss in a properly designed public bank.  It’s an accounting entry on a computer screen!!!  It’s funny money.  There is ZERO taxpayer liability.   Does anyone not get this after witnessing the last five years?

Now, Obama has obliterated democracy’s involvement in home ownership and given it back to private interests on behalf of our corporate masters.   We are going the wrong direction.  Where is democracy?  The impoverished are getting screwed again.  If you are an average American with a marginal wage, you just got screwed again by Obama and he didn’t even kiss you.  Kiss your chances of buying a home good bye.  They are dropping as I type this.

By the way, I find it interesting that Obama made this speech in Phoenix whose home market has been literally gobbled up by hedge funds and private investors to the tune of tens and tens of thousands of units.    I also find it interesting that he has made this speech during the same period that two massive IPOs came public where banks and financial firms are now renting out homes to those they kicked out over the last few years.  And during a time when mortgage originations are dropping to two year lows. 

With housing on the mend Obama proposes we ditch democracy’s involvement in the mortgage business and turn it all over to private interests.   More free market bullshit courtesy of our corporate state king.

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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Market Update - Russell 2000 Index Is Now Discounting 50 Years Of Earnings & Is Sovereign Debt Entering A New Phase?

I just have to giggle at the level of insanity that defines Wall Street and the investor class.  Everything, it seems, is being manipulated or is so distorted by the corporate state.   What truly is real?  Apple was trading at a value more than all of the stock in Italy, by one measure Boeing is trading at 8-10x what the average stock was trading at in 1929 before the collapse, Amazon is running a Boston Chicken payables float scheme to generate working capital (This scheme has become very common in almost all corporations.  Olstein is being generous.  Amazon is likely to fall well more than 50% and may be fighting for its life when this global crisis hits critical mass again.), Google’s revenue is wildly distorted by the largest ad bubble in history, well more than half of corporate cash flow in the U.S. is at the hands of usury and debt serfdom including very substantially in nonfinancial firms, and IBM, not Boeing, is the most expensive company in the Dow.  Those are just a few examples of a financial system so distorted from any kind of reality that there is no historical precedence.   As I have noted on here many times, the only thing we can glean from financial assets is if the status quo believes it is in control.  In other words are assets rising or falling.  The intrinsic value of any tradable assets we see today has no reflection of reality.   As of this past week, the Russell 2000 equity index is sporting a price to earnings ratio of 50.  That’s right dog breath.  50 years worth of earnings at today’s level are now discounted into the average value of two thousand stocks comprising this index.  That doesn’t even speak to the sustainability or quality of those earnings.  At least 80% of those companies are almost certainly not even going to exist in 50 years.  In fact, I would just about bet that the stock market as we know it won’t be here in a dozen years or even less let alone in 50 years. 

Mind you, if we back out financialized earnings in both financial and nonfinancial companies, aka usury and debt enslavement, sustainable earnings on the S&P sport an astronomical price to earnings ratio as well.  And if you back out corporate rent-seeking and capitalist overproduction/overconsumption in nonfinancial industries, the ratio is even more insanely astronomical.  ie, It’s not just the Russell 2000 that is in the stratosphere.  It’s all tradable assets that have been manipulated by private capital with the assistance of political dunces around the world.

ECRI has come out this past week and said they believe the U.S. has been in recession since the middle of last year.  That is consistent with my remarks on here last year and many more since that the global economy is experiencing a slowdown at a much broader and deeper pace than what led to the 2008 collapse.  And while no one person or organization can certainly appreciate all of the dynamics we see unfolding in the world today, ECRI’s track record is far better than Wall Street or the economics community or the White House propaganda.  In other words, that they have corroborated my work is more validation of the slowdown I have been writing about.

Additionally, this past week we had data out of China that showed its manufacturing sector had surprising strength in official government statistics yet the same day another privately collected statistic showed its manufacturing hit an eleven month low.  The same Orwellian dynamic essentially happened with manufacturing data in the U.S. this week which showed diametrically-opposite readings from two different sources.  The trend over the last year has been one towards lower earnings, lower commodity input prices due to falling economic demand and lower production output so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see which way the true trend is headed without some artificial or external factor changing that trend.    

I noted early this year when many were calling a top in the stock market that it was well too early.  That we wouldn’t likely see a top until the second half of this year.  All new U.S. equity indices have hit new highs in recent months and days.   But as noted some weeks ago with my post on Blackstone’s residential real estate IPO, this is indicative of topping behavior by the investor class.   This week we have seen another similar IPO come to market similar to the Blackstone real estate IPO.   This one by American Homes 4 Rent.   

We are now living in what is  the most repressive corporate capitalist environment in American history.   This is far worse than the Robber Barons.  Because during that time, we were still essentially an agrarian economy and many Americans were still self-sufficient to varying degrees.  In today’s world, we are all reliant on corporate rent that provides individual wages and corporate-provide economic opportunity or lack thereof.   Today we are all corporate serfs.  Even those who are self-employed.  That we have had two massive IPOs in the last few weeks that are based on financial predators having bought huge amounts of residential real estate, enabled through Wall Street and Washington, is very disconcerting.   Americans were kicked out of their homes by private capital and now they are being forced back into those homes under rent-seeking corporate ownership as debt serfs.  So, not only are we now denied a living wage in this nation, but corporate capitalism has enslaved us to buy our food at the company store (corporate-produced toxic industrial food) and now live in the company-provided housing.  This truly is  unprecedented in scope and scale of usury and enslavement to capitalism with the U.S.  This is unprecedented.

As noted in that prior post regarding Blackstone’s IPO, it is typical of irrational exuberance by the predatory, rent-seeking investor class that they are willing to step up and buy these real estate IPOs just a handful of years after we saw a real estate crash.   The fundamentals have not changed but their appetite for rent certainly has.  There is a level of substantial confidence that must exist for investors to lap up these IPOs.  A confidence that this crisis in 2008 was simply a point in time issue rather than a systemic and permanent collapse.  

It’s very hard to predict price projections at peaks and turn dates for financially-trade assets, be it stocks, real estate, bonds, commodities or whatever.   Different mechanisms are used to predict both and both are very esoteric being driven by factors not well understood.  ie, When it comes to turn dates, it’s just that time and there is nothing anyone can do to change that time.  But, if I were to guesstimate a top in equities, it would be in late August or September.  Later this year we will hit what I believe may be the most substantial turn date in human social history.   If that is indeed the case, from that point forward we could very well see unstoppable change for years to come as the world as we know it ceases to exist.  This is new for all of us so we shall just have to watch what happens. 

Before I close, let me make a few remarks about bonds now that Detroit has declared bankruptcy.  For some years now I have been stating that 2013 was my predicted date for the U.S. to either default on some portion of their debt (likely select foreign holdings) or to monetize much of its debt and expose the fraud of this debt serfdom monetary and banking system.  I wrote an update on the topic in May of this year.   Generally since May, but in some debt/bond markets it started a few months earlier, we have had a mini crash in bonds of all types.  It has been worse in some segments or some markets than others but it has been all inclusive and global.   2013 is now the largest negative global bond-debt move since the 2008 collapse.   Something has definitely changed in 2013 with respect to debt.  It is temporary?   Well, I’ve been writing that 2013 is a key date for some years now,  while only time will tell,  I suspect this is the beginning of something much more fun.  You know, like cotton candy and Ferris wheels.  Like a carnival.  Except we are the carnival and the laugh is on us.

Over the years I have consistently stated on here that as long as the Federal Reserve was standing on the Treasury market, that bond rates would stay low.   While change in the Treasury market may or may not be imminent in coming months, I am now retracting that statement.  2013 has seen many bond market crashes in heretofore stable markets.   Sovereign bond market debt has started turning toxic on a global scale in 2013.  There is ample evidence that we are near a sustained change in trend and I’m changing my position on Treasuries.  I see enough evidence today that central banks, corporations and politicians around the world are in the early phases of losing nearly complete control and that all sovereign debt around the world is now becoming high risk.   Politicians in the U.S., China and Europe are now willfully allowing bonds-debt in localities and states fail. (all acts of state violence against the people living in these nations.)

The U.S. economy is far, far larger than GDP as I have noted on here many times.  Far, far larger.  Its global impact is massive and beyond the comprehension of any single person.  If a sovereign debt-bond crisis develops here, (as noted many times, it would be either malicious or based on incompetence/ignorance) depending on its scope and actions taken, it could shake every corner of every nation on earth.  The potential for a global chain reaction is very real and quite plausible.   It could be especially compounded since globalization itself is now in crisis. 

Remember, long term, any failure in the status quo’s predatory control, especially private banking and private money creation and its debt/corporate slavery, will be a very good thing for the U.S. from a true democracy, true quality of life and true wealth perspective.  But it will suck to be you if you have been any of the nations or corporations or class-based predators who have mooched off the backs of the American people for decades or longer.  The end of empire and corporate capitalism will create massive dislocations, crises and even the possibility of widespread death around the world but progress has never come without cost.    Life is uncertain - Death is not. 

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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Musings From The Empire - Fascist U.S. Military Tracks Anti-GMO Campaigners And Independent Scientists For Their Corporate Masters.

U.S. military tracks GMO dissenters and independent scientists.

I wanted to put this up while it was still relatively “fresh” even though it is not time-sensitive material.  I doubt most people have seen this because it was kept out of  U.S. mainstream news.  Obviously, it was not kept out of mainstream German news.

We don’t really know what is true or not true anymore without transparency.  But we see glimpses of what is true and it’s most often very ugly examples of class-based violence.  Once again, we are a class-based corporate empire.  Our oversized military exists not to protect democracy but to provide cover for American corporations to loot the world.  And to pry open new markets for corporate capitalism.  Empire exists so that the world can pay homage to its king.   The world’s king today is the United Corporations of Amerika or the corporatocracy.   Well, and to a lesser extent, the European and Japanese corporatocracy that is aligned with the U.S. (essentially the G8 countries)   And the homage the world pays is through their dollar debt servitude, their slave labor, their confiscated resources, their manipulated government institutions and their exploited economies.   Part of that exploitation is the overconsumption of GMO foods from U.S. corporate industrial farmers and military weapons from the U.S. corporate military-industrial complex.  In other words, the system is constructed to feed massively-inflated corporate capitalist profits achieved through a system of force and violence.

Our politicians do the will of their corporate masters and in return are rewarded with artificially granted power, endless legal bribes, executive level positions in corporate America, partner positions in corporate law firms that work on behalf of corporations, and prime lobbyist positions that work for corporations and, of course, corporate-funded think tank leadership positions.  Davos, the Bilderberger Group, the Council of Foreign Relations and other private venues that conspiracy theorists talk about are nothing more than crony club gatherings where political & corporate bureaucrats sit around and talk about what corporatocracy bureaucrats talk about.  That is, more power, more profits and more control.   It’s not a secret.   There is no proof of any sinister agenda.   The agenda is economic opportunities for new markets or legislation that will help corporations be more profitable or sell more overproduction.   It’s no different than the king of England and his war ministers sitting around discussing opportunities to loot North America, Africa or India with his trading corporations such as the Hudson Bay Corporation, the South Africa Corporation of the East Indian Corporation.   Pillage and plunder shared between the aristocracy that ran the king’s corporations and the king’s court and the king himself.  

And who protected the king’s corporations?  The British military.  Today, it is the U.S. military and to a lesser extent NATO and other military partnerships like ANZUS.  Well, and often the king’s corporations had their own security services or private armies paid out of their profits.  Today that might be Blackwater or even the private security services that every large corporation has.  That includes lobbyists, lawyers, former military personnel, private security contractors, Internet security teams, etc.    They all are used to protect the interests of the corporation just like any private army.  And in the case of lawyers, lobbyists and security contractors it goes beyond protecting the interests of the corporation to actually projecting violence.  And just like 300 years ago, genocide, misery and impoverishment was and is part of the cost of free market corporate capitalism. 

I have linked on here before how the British corporate empire created its own holocaust driven by corporate control.  A holocaust far larger than created by Nazi Germany.  British class-based corporate capitalism was ruthlessly efficient.   You know, like modern management theory taught at Harvard.   Bureaucrats love efficiency.  Wasting time or resources or effort costs our masters money.   Wasting time or effort on people not in the aristocracy is definitely verboten. Remember, it was British merchants that brought 3 million Africans to the New World for the same slavery that it employed in India and other colonies.  Likely there were millions murdered by the British corporate empire.  How many people have suffered under the repression of corporate capitalism?   How many wars have resulted from corporate power?  Every major war in the 2oth century?  Arguably.   And given the British empire used opium to enslave people and nations to their control it makes me wonder who is actually running the drug trade in the U.S.  Who benefits the most when Americans are too stoned or too ignorant or too incarcerated to demand living wages and a share of the aristocracy’s pie?   Is it too sinister to question in this nontransparent world if the U.S. aristocracy may have brought drugs into this country to addict the masses and then used the national security state to start a war on drugs to then incarcerate the addicts they created?   It certainly keeps the focus off of living wages, economic determinism and economic democracy.  Why doesn’t the government have a treatment program for addictions that is larger than its incarceration program?  Incarceration is far, far more expensive to society in terms of economic loss, financial loss and human loss than treatment for nonviolent crimes, addictions and emotional trauma.   There are ample reasons to raise this question. 

The British aristocracy not only addicted the Chinese but as noted on here many times, in 1776 British society suffered from the same addictions, impoverishment and homelessness we see in America today.  All while the aristocracy lavished themselves with their own arrogance and plunder.  There is a reason why Ireland and Scotland have been trying to gain their own freedom for centuries.  And why we fought a war to rid ourselves of these class-based crimes.  It’s not because England’s class-based, capitalist society is noble and virtuous.  It’s still a cesspool of rot.  Pigs gleefully squeal about the royal family’s latest vacuous and inane activities while their own citizens rot.

Today much of our products are too made by slave labor that lives in the same type of repressive, subhuman squalor as the Indian slaves who grew poppy seeds for the British empire’s Opium trade or the Indian cotton or tea trade or the African slaves in the southern U.S. plantation trade.    Today, you are a slave owner while also being a slave.  You hire slave labor to make your goods that you are forced into buying to keep this economy from collapsing.  You are both the slave and the slave owner.   It doesn’t matter if it is a U.S. factory positions that now substantially pays McDonald’s wages or some factory in China or Vietnam or elsewhere.

In closing, if you don’t believe that anthropogenic global warming’s dissenting scientists are targeted by the same political forces that control the GMO meme,  then you surely are kidding yourself.  The science behind anthropogenic global warming is horrible and their models are more laughable than those used to blow up Wall Street.  Yet every form of aggression and attack is used against scientists who pose alternative questions or dissenting science not considered by the AGW fanatics.  Why aren’t politicians more worried about the issues we actually know with certainty that exist when it comes to the environment?  Why aren’t they stopping GMOs, pollution, industrial farming, raping of ecosystems, etc?    Because AGW is about extending corporate and political control around the world.   The same corporate and political control that is polluting, using GMOs, pouring chemicals into every orifice of our existence and raping ecosystems. 

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