Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Simultaneous To COVID Vaccine Approval By FDA, Researchers In Japan Publish Report That Mutations May Make COVID Vaccine-Resistant Or Worse

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The politicization of COVID is a staggering thing to watch. I’ve noted on here just like every other topic, the left versus right framing of narratives around the virus are literally living in something far more dystopian than anything I could ever have imagined. If anyone in the establishment, be it media, politicians or whatever, be it Fox News, ONN, CNN or MSNBC ever told the truth about any topic, not just COVID, the system would collapse. Everything is a lie or a spin or a trick by the corporate state and that has been a major theme on here for a dozen years.  If I turn on Laura Ingraham, as just an example, it’s easy to note how she’s framing an issue to politicize it. While missing the actual root cause or ignoring it to feed red meat to her ideological(conformist) base.  Ditto with Rachel Maddow. These people make a living dividing people. We are a nation suffering from endless identity disturbances.  No longer are we humans. We are Republicans, Democrats, gay, straight, bisexual, consumers, workers, capitalists, bankers, politicians and on and on.  This division is why America uniquely has almost no concept of class consciousness. These labels keep us fighting each other rather than recognizing our slavery to private capital.  And, recognition that the issue isn’t your neighbor, its the propaganda machine that brainwashes both you and your neighbor.  There are certainly millions of Americans that never bought this. Hippies, artists, poor people, seekers of truth, those whose lives were shattered, those who awaken from the propaganda and generally those who either chose not to or were chosen not to benefit from this system. 

The COVID topic is really quite simple. Nature is the perfect psychopath. Trifling with nature is a fool’s game.

There are certainly many reasons why people are rebelling against the establishment. Little of it has to do with COVID.  A lot of it is something along this line. First I was told I lost my job to some shit hole overseas that will sell its citizens into US corporate wage slavery for a cheaper price. Then, I was told I would have to retrain into some useless f*cking job, most of which are consumption related. Then, I was told I’d have to take out a loan to retrain.  Then, I was told I would have to sell my house because I don’t make enough money even if I found a job I retrained for.(Which may not have happened.)  Then I was told my kids would have to take out loans that are never repayable for most from private institutions to go to college. Then, I was told I had to pay trillions of dollars to bailout Wall Street criminal fraud while they paid record bonuses. Then, I was told I was a racist.  Then I was told I needed to be reprogrammed for my racism. Then I lost my business during COVID while big corporations were bailed out again at my expense. And, now I’m being told all of this means I am privileged.  Your neighbor isn’t making this stuff up. They’re just like you. Buying the ideological Kool-Aid that supports your ignorant belief systems.  Belief systems that are generally a result of propaganda.  Propaganda created by the capitalist class to exploit, manipulate, steal and destroy you and your neighbor.

The world isn’t on fire because of COVID. It’s on fire because of the global rebellion against evil, tyrannical and psychotic capitalism I’ve said is coming for the last decade.  This isn’t corporatism or the government destruction of the purity of free market horse shit.  This is capitalism. Investor-owned corporations and banks has absolutely nothing in common with a local community where spontaneous commerce pops up to serve the needs of a community. They are creatures of the state created to control and exploit humanity.

So, let’s look beyond people in the US beating each other’s brains in on this topic and every other while the ruling class maintains and even tightens its grips on our freedoms. (Mind you, if the system attempts to usher in a new form of authoritarianism, it will be done by capitalism. Not communism. More Pavlovian responses of propaganda.) 

I don’t know and can’t prove or disprove any of the COVID events are a conspiracy. And, no one else does either. Conjecture and hypothesis serves a place but without data, we need to assume the most simple explanation. 

What do we know?

  1. COVID is real. 
  2. I know people who have died from it. 
  3. Masks serve a purpose using science’s precautionary principle indoors. Obviously a diaper on your face has limited effect. The better the mask, the better the protection. This literally idiotic view that virus particles can get through the mask is wearing thin. Virus particles are contained in larger saliva and moisture particles that are stopped to some degree by a mask. Until science can prove how many virus particles are needed to make someone sick and how many virus particles are shed by individuals and on and on, masks serve a precautionary purpose. Hanky masks? Probably not.
  4. The vaccines have substantial side effects for some unknown number of people. And, I know people who have been severely harmed and died from the COVID vaccines.
  5. Vaccine efficacy lasts only a few months to half a year. There are some scientists who have done efficacy tests that show antibodies after vaccines are gone within two months.

Here’s what many hypothesize based on sound science

  1. Vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic gives the virus an opportunity to mutate against the vaccine
  2. The viruses are mutating substantially because of the vaccines. There’s some substantial data showing how mutations exploded only after vaccinations started. That doesn’t mean the vaccines are the cause but it fits with predicted hypotheses.
  3. Prior animal tests(forgone in these vaccine trials but shown in independent 2021 studies) show mammals can essentially see their immune system turn against them and make any reinfection worse.  Thus, possibly even causing more severe outcomes and more deaths.
  4. Some initial data over the last few months seems to be pointing to this as starting to develop.
  5. There are known and unknown side effects to getting COVID and the vaccine. Some are very serious.  The longer term implications are also unknown.

Here’s what we don’t know.

  1. Realistically everything.

This is the point that is very important for all of us to understand.  COVID is a continuum where data and events are forever changing. Declarative statements today, be it by the CDC, pharma, or any news source, are being rejected by science and data tomorrow. In two years we could have ten million or one hundred million vaccinated people dead due to ADE, new strains or mutations that essentially cause our immune systems to turn on us.  Or, higher infectiousness we are seeing in newer strains could cause spread to burn out and the virus becomes a low-level threat.  My point is that people who are making declarative statements are ignorant. And, they aren’t following any type of scientific process.  I don’t care if that is the CDC, some half-wit on conservative media or some equally half-witted monster on liberal media threatening people to get a vaccine that carries with it substantial unknowns. (The US is like the final days of Rome where the entitled patricians squabble over petty grievances because they don’t see the system is collapsing. And, because it was a class-based society, the plebes, being reliant on the patricians for their economic livelihood, were drawn into the lunacy. All while real dynamics within the social and economic system crumbled but since patrician privilege was provided by others who made the gears turn, they didn’t have the knowledge to see their arrogance and hubris was their blind spots. Cult of self America is exactly the same.)

Risk and lack of understanding isn't appreciated by the corporate and political science apparatchiks who are using diktats rather than data and science to make decisions. 

There’s a concept in this world called ‘maximum pain’. It’s often seen applied to financial markets but in my experience, there appears to be something to it in every aspect of our lives. That includes, as an example, the lies we tell ourselves or our belief systems or America’s belief systems or social brainwashing that keeps people from experiencing reality.  This concept of no one lying to us more than we lie to ourselves allows contradictions and failures to compound themselves to the point where maximum pain is the outcome. In other words, we’ll deny, deny and deny truth until the pain is overwhelming at at its maximum effect.  It’s karmic. 

Nature is the perfect sociopath, even more so than corporate and banking executives who have dehumanized and destroyed humanity and the natural world for centuries.  I am concerned COVID may be marching down this path of maximum pain inevitability as well.  It is acting as a truth serum. And, every lie, every lack of data-driven science and every mistake that corporate science and the political class makes regarding COVID are giving it greater and greater strength and ability to inflict its truth until we wake up and question why are we vaccinating people with so many side effects? Why are we not talking about mutations and the interplay of vaccines? Why are we not taking masks seriously?  And, that the virus may continue down its path with greater and greater lethality or maximum pain to society, the world and humanity. 

Don’t believe the bullshit pushed as a narrative by many politicizing this that each new strain is going to be less lethal.  The first HIV transmission was half a century before it became an epidemic.  The fact is we don’t know.  And, don’t believe the lies that hospitals and nurses aren’t experiencing substantial crises.  I know someone who needed a hospital bed recently and within a few counties, all hospital beds were filled with COVID patients. 

The hubris, arrogance and ego-centric thumbing our finger at nature is palpable.  And, nature punishes ego without discretion.  Karma.

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