Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Buckle Up For What May Possibly Be A 2022 Social And Economic Shit Show

My free advice, which is worth what it costs, is that you buckle up.  The world is going to get a lot more interesting in 2022. Literally every major projected outcome on here for more than a decade and a half is either in play, has already come to pass or would have come to pass if it weren’t for extraordinary efforts by the system to stop these events from happening.  The misallocation of capital by corporate capitalism is extraordinary and without historical precedence.  For the last decade, I have projected 2022 to be a shit show.  More on that in a future post.  I never got to where I promised on here in 2021 because of events outside of my control.  Assuming I am still alive in 2022, I want to accomplish three major statements in 2022. They are-

1) Capitalism as we know it is in collapse as I’ve noted countless times over the last 17 years on here. I’ll lay out what I planned to lay out in 2021, which is the mathematical certainty of the statement.  Let me state right now that I will present ample evidence that corporate capitalism is the perfected manifestation of evil that has taken all of history to actually perfect. And, here we are. 

2) The world is controlled by unprecedented evil as I’ve also noted countless times on here.  And, I will lay out what evil is and how I define that statement.  And, why each of us plays a vital role in the perpetuation of evil. As I’ve noted on here, the human condition is a major focus of my own journey of discovery and truth. And, I can tell you unequivocally how evil is perpetuated by each of us every single day. Finally, how to spot evil in yourself, in others and in this world.  No one is innocent. The key now is will enough of us wake up to shake off our oppressors; private capital, to create a new world.  I’m not optimistic for the US, China or other capitalist nations.  I’ve called for the possible shattering of all large nations over the years. Regardless, creating a new world means the old world must disappear or be disappeared. There is absolutely no way out of this without unprecedented crises.  As I’ve noted on here in the past, this is the most profound moment in human history in over two thousand years, if not in all of human civilization. 

3)What is actually going on from my perspective. I hear so much bullshit regurgitated from the left and right narratives that I immediately roll my eyes when I hear things like Marxism, socialists, leftists and all of the other conjured bullshit to keep us all divided and stupid.  The United States is the driving force in what is happening in the world and I’ll help you understand how. Not the Democrats or the Republicans. The United States.  And, mind you, we live in the idiocracy.  We are all stupid.  There are qualitative events that happen everyday that are normalized in our society where I look at them and think, this is what historical civilizations look like in its final days before collapse.  These are primarily cult-of-self worshipping that Ayn Rand and those like her made popular for generations.  A major theme on here has been that the United States is the most willfully ignorant society in history.  I’ll be delving into our stupidity in detail. That includes the absolute destruction of truth, spirituality and science by a culture that eschews all three in favor of personal stupidity and amusement that an cult-of-self civilization encourages. 

Finally, as we open into 2022, let me state that no one should believe anyone in positions of authority has your back or anyone knows what they are doing in the halls of Wall Street, corporate America or our government.  We are ruled by some of the dumbest people in our society.  I mean that literally. More on that in the three topic discussions above. Pathology, that always rises to positions of power in institutionalized society(institutionalization is created by evil to organize the masses), is very, very clever.  In other words, they know how to manipulate, control and deceive you, but they literally have little, if any, other redeeming characteristics of emotional, spiritual or even rational intelligence.  And, that we keep voting to perpetuate our own slavery to this evil isn’t a good sign for our fate.  That said, I’m bullish on humanity after this world ends and a new one begins. Especially, if we can get enough people to dismantle all institutions of power and restore that power to the people. I’ve noted many times, we’ll never see a recovery in our society post 2008 until we essentially reject our constitutional federalism and return to a world similar to the short-lived Articles of Confederation or a society that pushes democracy back to local decisions, local investment and direct democracy that would result.  I’m very bearish on the system of control, private capital, that has devoured our democracy, our inalienable rights and our innate intelligence. 

2022 is the year in all of my forward analysis. It’s not the end of the world but I expect 2022 to shock beyond any imagination.  If I have projected this correctly, I’ll literally be the only person on earth to predict with some accuracy, this fate more than a decade in advance.  If not, I’ll just be another quack on the internet.  How did I arrive at 2022?  Maybe more on that as a final post, if I get there.  But, I can assure you, while it is substantially driven by a very strong understanding of complex systems, how capitalism really works(wealth transfer, power transfer and wage slavery), a deep understanding of truth and what I believe is my greatest gift, a Divine-given intuition of the human condition that I guard very privately, you’d probably never believe me if I actually told you how 2022 was projected, because much of it is based on Divine providence; I take little credit for much of what I have written on here to-date. I didn’t read those outcomes in a book. They came from That which guides me.


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