Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Update On The Crisis Of Capitalism That The System Doesn’t Want You To See

Every mainstream narrative is contrived. It doesn’t matter if it comes from the left or the right. The system can’t tell the truth. It never could. The system being corporate capitalism, which I’ve noted time and again is a control system like any other form of state authoritarianism. The US is the most conformist, propagandized, brainwashed society in history. But, the world, with the expansion of US Empire is also the most propagandized and brainwashed world in history. I’ve noted repeatedly we put the Nazi propaganda machine to shame. It’s not even close. 

No one really wants to hear the truth as it requires everyone to look in the mirror and admit how much we’ve been controlled, manipulated and bamboozled. And to recognize that those who seek power outside of themselves and dominion over others are not good people.  So, instead, we rely on fairy tales we tell ourselves that this person or that person is the problem. Or, if you are really brainwashed that gay people, poor people, people who want the inalienable right of abortion, immigrants or the Chinese are the problem.  I don’t care if that is Fox News or MSNBC, the people they hire to fill your brain with 24 hour propaganda are too stupid or corrupt to tell the truth. There’s a reason Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow got to where they are. They are a little bit of Machiavellian and a lot about lining their pockets to tell you a narrative that’ll keep you coming back to line their pockets tomorrow. They worry more about their careers than they do about seeking any form of truth, which by the way, would jeopardize their careers.

This isn’t the post that I promised but it requires no effort as it’s just a stream of consciousness core dump about some recent issues that have been discussed on here for ages. I am absolutely going to show you why this is the moment of capitalism’s greatest crisis ever, and likely leading to its failure on some or all levels but first a few comments on many of the idiotic narratives in our society.

Below are a few truth serum bullets-

-China is part of the US domestic economy.  There is no competition between the US and China. China’s per capita GDP before the US normalized trade relations was a few hundred dollars a year.  It’s now $16,000 a year.  What reforms did China make? It’s still as corrupt as ever.  The reforms were for the communist party to get into bed with US private capital.  The US created China. When they are finished looting China, they’ll get rid of it like a bad habit. Humanity will have to deal with the consequences. By the way, that divorce has already started as I’ve been writing it will.  Lot’s of “Not reported” data on this front. But not for this post.

-The Federal Reserve is waging currency war on China as I type this. They are trying to crush the yuan and with it, China, as they did with the Soviet Union and Japan in the 1980s. And, Russia again in the late 1990s ruble crisis and Russia again today with the ongoing economic and resource war.

-Capitalism is a currency war and a form of economic warfare. The good old days don’t exist.  The half wits who say the US can no longer be trusted because it froze Russian currency reserves are literally idiots. The US decides who gets currency reserves and who doesn’t.  That’s how a reserve currency works. The US decided China would get trillions of currency reserves.  When the time comes, they’ll decide China no longer gets reserves. It’ll be blamed on China’s belligerence but that’s theater for you. 

-The talking heads who say the US can’t be trusted because they stole Russian currency reserves are the same half-wits who’ve been calling for a dollar crash when I’ve written many times in the last seventeen years on here that the dollar will roar when this cycle ends. 

-The US massively increased its global position with the war with Russia.  Massively.  It reinvigorated and expanded NATO that had no reason to exist, created Russia as the enemy in Europe, made Europe reliant on US security and energy, destabilized the euro currency as a competitor to the dollar, blew up Germany (the creator of the euro currency) for getting too uppity in its cozy relationships with China and Russia and created a massive demand for credit, profits and employment for the US economy in the form of throwing a huge supply of weapons to Ukraine.

-People who think Russia is winning and going to take down the US dollar are wishful thinkers.  They cite the strength of its currency, which essentially is now manipulated by Russia. They are clueless.  First, Russia is now collecting reserves it can’t spend.  It’s government relies heavily on oil, and its currency strength is killing its oil and natural gas profits.  Russia is in a corner.  Now, with major losses in Ukraine, and massive emigration out of the country by technical professionals, it’s in serious trouble. Trading with China and pricing Russian oil in yuan is a comedy.  The yuan is eventually either going to collapse or be devalued. Russia needs an outlet to devalue its rubles and buying yuan allows a temporary relief valve but will create other issues.

-People really have no idea what a reserve currency is or how it works.  Anywhere that accepts dollars as trade settlement in the world is part of the US domestic economy.  All currencies are subservient to the dollar. There is no sovereign monetary system in the world but US empire. All pay fealty to Rome. How do you think the entire world makes an endless supply of junk for brainwashed Americans to fill millions of storage facilities consuming it? This has never happened anywhere in the history of the world. It’s not because we are exceptional. It’s because we are an empire that uses brute force to impose our will on the world. Does anyone think the US is going to spend another 20 years building another few million storage facilities to fill up to keep profits and capitalism going?

-Nations don’t buy US Treasuries because they love us or the dollar is a store of value or safe haven. They buy them because the US forces them to buy them as a payment for making goods or services at a price we will consume. They can’t buy much of anything within the US with their dollars other than financial investments because the US precludes them from spending their dollars to actually buy corporations unless we approve it, which with places like China, they are never going to allow.

-The US had made the world in its image through the use of force to pave the way for capitalism to loot the world. We do this via numerous methods including propping up the vast majority of the world’ dictatorships who are easily controlled, to overthrowing democratic movements with sinister CIA and unsavory operations.

-The Europeans, Japanese, Koreans, Australians, Canadians and the like all play the game with the US as the ring leader because they too, as capitalist nations, are granted access to pillage the world’s resources and energy due to the US paving the way. 

-Joe Biden, while clearly a retard on the order of Trump or Bush, doesn’t have shit to do with inflation today.  The United States has moved to a low productivity service economy as capitalism, starting with Reagan, de-industrialized the US (on PURPOSE). More on that later.  The input costs to inflation are corporations with monopoly pricing power created by an unprecedented mergers and acquisitions boom kicked off by Reagan, energy intensive supply chains that any half wit could have told you would eventually blow up(as this half-wit has repeatedly), services jobs that are very low productivity hence pay raises go directly to the price of goods and services, massive and endless corporate welfare in the form of outright and covert bailouts and loose money championed by Obama and Trump. Trump literally browbeat the Federal Reserve into keeping money loose to goose stocks and profits, and a 700% increase in high powered money created post the 2008 crisis (that was really the end of this system).

-Your fellow man is not the source of your problems. The system is. Those who think getting rid of a large group of people are doing God’s work are doing the work of the devil as Thoreau noted.  I’ve noted both parties are likely to fail, and in some regards, they both already have.  But, there is a particularly vile evil in the form of cult-of-personality Trump supporters who attend Nazi-esque rallies where their fearless leader rants a repetitious message of hate and rage that then entrances his loyal stooges.  I sympathize with the grievances of people of all ilk but conservatives are at greater risk of creating a Golden Calf to worship. (Trump and his merry band of idiots.)

-I don’t want to get into mathematics today but let me end by asking a few questions.  When did investor demands ever align with democracy or human needs? Investors create all credit in the US, they create all of the debt money that our government needs to survive, and that you need to survive, they demand endless cuts in democratic programs that don’t create a profit, tax hikes to support social programs that don’t create a profit, demands to find the cheapest labor, demands to cut your benefits, demands you work at the lowest wage possible, demands that corporations produce cheap, low nutrient food that creates endless metabolic, hormonal and gut issues, demand that your doctor see you for exactly 12 minutes to make a profit, kills entrepreneurship and small businesses as they are threats to corporate profits, devours government spending and turns much of democratic spending into a profit scheme, treat citizens as slaves, enslave us to debt, propagandize endless moronic consumption, push us into resource and expansion wars capitalism needs to keep going, sends 100 millions science and technology jobs out of the US, thus turning Americans into uneducated idiots who rely on hunches, conspiracy theories and Biblical prophecy rather than any form of lost intelligence, etc etc etc.

-The United States is a death cult created by corporate capitalism.  Feeding us toxic food, forcing us to work for shit wages, stealing our homes, stealing our economic determinism, enslaving us to debt, brainwashing us to consume even more, fighting wars of profits, destroying our communities, killing the Enlightenment social contract and on and on and on.

The systems conjures endless bullshit narratives to control and divide people. That includes this bullshit that the WEF is the world’s boogeyman. By the way, Klaus is a buddy with Trump and a protege of another Republican who helped create much of this world and its messes, Kissinger. Klaus is the pool boy for US empire and its European lackeys. This WEF narrative is almost certainly perpetuated by the CIA or some other equally unsavory element.  As I’ve noted endlessly, the people who want to kill you are capitalists. And, they are American. And in Europe, they are Europeans. Make no mistake, there are many elements that would like to get rid of most of the useless eaters.  That was what the British Empire looked like in 1776. They were killing people by the millions then.  In their own country.  Capitalist elites have a long history of eugenics to get rid of those people who don’t fill their factories or don’t have enough money to consume their goods to line the pockets of investors aka elites.  Useless eaters. It’s not Marxists. They’d be fighting for the average person. Not trying to kill them.

As I’ve noted repeatedly, we fought the Revolutionary War against the King’s banks, corporations and investors. (Parasites)  That we now view these institutions as part of democracy is the greatest scam in the history of the world.

Remember, I’ve uniquely noted the US wealth peaked around 1980. I’ll really scare the shit out of you by talking about that next.

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