Thursday, February 18, 2021

What Really Happened With Texas Energy Grid?

We’ve learned a lot over the last year. That includes almost all American politicians are scumbags, liars and manipulators.  Gavin Newsome, Kristi Noem, Brian Kemp, Ron DeSantis, Gretchen Whitmer and Mario Cuomo top the list at the state level.  Catching up quickly from behind is Greg Abbott from Texas.  The level of stupidity of our politicians is palpable. Some time in the next few months I’m going to do a little introduction to compare how the ancient Athenians ran their society.  They didn’t have politicians. They essentially purged those who lorded over them and instituted direct democracy.

I’ve talked endlessly on here that we don’t need politicians to run our society. That they are a leftover from an era whose time has passed.  And, that those that seek dominion and power over others are exactly those who shouldn’t be given it, whether it’s politicians, corporate executives, academia, the military, religion and so forth.  We are ruled by pathology.  There can be nothing more clearly understood from 2020.  There is no such thing as a public servant that serves at the consent of the governed and there never has been in our nation’s history. Our leaders are chosen by powerful corporations and economic elites.  We have no more participation in our self-rule than the CCP or the USSR.  We vote for who the party selects and we are told to go away while they lord over us and tell us what to do, how to live our lives, what work is acceptable and on and on.  If anyone happens to slip through the cracks and do the will of the American people, they are quickly terrorized, demonized and their policies attacked and if needed, eventually overturned.

Greg Abbott is a scumbag blaming everyone else for the Texas energy debacle.  And, trying to blame it on windmills and solar panels. For God’s sake. This guy has no remedial understanding of energy grids, energy distribution, resiliency planning, business continuity planning or anything else.  That’s why he’s a politician rather than a scientist or an engineer. Or, for that matter, any discipline or craft that requires some modicum of intelligence. 

You know when people really don’t know what they are talking about when they seek to politicize anything and everything.  That’s all the media and politicians do. That’s the basis of the entire false left versus right meme that I’ve written about ad nauseam is heading for collapse.  What would most politicians do if they weren’t in politics, fundraising, lobbying or whatnot?  Most would probably be traveling evangelists looting unsuspecting marks. 

Let me just say this about the Athenians. Every citizen was invited to the Assembly. Every citizen was encouraged to participate and speak their piece.  And, every citizen voted.  But, when issues were debated, you had better know more than a soundbite or what you found in a Google search.  Because, if you didn’t know what you were talking about, you were told to shut the fukc up.  That would preclude nearly every politician and media talking head in the US today from ever talking. And, it would preclude those who blindly listen to them. Greg Abbott would be told to shut the fukc up at the Athenian Assembly. 

How different would our society be without half wits and morons seeking power and fame while lording over the rest of us?  If we participated daily in what our government, community and society would look like because we were the government? If a mom who is an expert in autism or a backyard farmer who is an expert in sustainable food practices or a citizen who is an expert in any of life’s issues could tell the people who today lord over us yet have no greater knowledge, if any at all, to STFU because I’m here to talk authoritatively as an expert due to my experiences.

Below are links to two engineers who explain what really happened in Texas.  These issues have existed for years and again point to the profit motive being the failure to so many of our social ills and lack of social resilience. 

Let me close by repeating something else I’ve written ad nauseam on here.  Not having enough money to do this or that or offer healthcare or provide shelter or access to society’s resources as is so often done is a pathological lie.  As long as their is labor, materials and intellectual ability (science/engineering), money is an artificial limiter imposed on us by pathology.  The US has a hundred million people who are underemployed or unemployed.  And, we have the science to solve enough of society’s issues that are only limited to the labor of those one hundred million people.  That includes making our energy grid more resilient, creating massive research programs for alternative energy, healthcare, social resilience, food resilience, shelter for all Americans, new forms of transportation, rebuilding localism and communities, empowering all citizens to greater levels of actualization, abolishing poverty, etc.  What our world is capable of being is far different than what corporate capitalism, communism, fascism or any other ism (control system) tells us is possible.

Link to engineer number 1.

Link to engineer number 2.

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