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A Karmic Proxy For The Coming Wholesale Collapse Of Hierarchical Institutions Of The Ego (Control)? Editor-In-Chief Of World’s Best Known Medical Journal - Lancet - States That Half Of All The Published Scientific Literature Is Bullshit

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“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all his laws.” – John Adams
I suspect its far more than half of published papers being false or junk science or worse.   I noted the exponential growth of scientific research retractions some years ago and there are actually countless obscene stories out there of people submitting absolutely ludicrous scientific papers to see if they can get past editors in many journals.  And they are.   Its just not science that is pushing a delusional viewpoint.  And let’s be real.   That’s what this is.   Delusion.   When the majority of scientific research is a lie or false in some major way, then the scientific community is suffering from mass delusions.  It’s useless to point out that is was predictable but it certainly was.  And so is what comes next.

By the way, it’s not just science that is delusional.   Now the institutionalized, political bureaucrats in California, obviously with the help of their institutionalized, industrial food backers, and pliant stooge academics in institutionalized, corporate-funded education, want to tax organic food to decrease demand for healthy food in order to solve the institutionalization-driven drought crisis.   Modern society has reached the point where institutionalization is universally complete.  And that means the massive consequences of institutionalizing power now creates magnitudes more unintended consequences than its intended actions.   What comes next is the self-created crisis as a result of the ignorance created by institutionalization.   One thing the world isn’t short of is bullshit (Or delusions, deceits, lies, ignorance, etc if you prefer).   Institutionalization creates endless streams of it with their self-appointed, incompetent experts using plenty of charts, rationalizations and junk science to back it up.   Literally just about everything in this world is institutionalized and that means any social meme, social value, news story or political talking point that reaches the mainstream should be viewed dubiously or with outright skepticism as to its accuracy because, as Lancet points out, odds are it may be well-spoken bullshit. If you can't trust science any more, do you actually believe you can trust an ignorant politician or corporate bureaucrat trying to institutionalize it for their own self-interested intent of control?

A major theme that is very unique to this blog is that we are going to witness the collapse of large swaths of scientific rationalism or the basis of much of modern science.   (And a wholesale failure of institutions of the ego or hierarchical, class-based institutions of all types around the world.)   A key component to that failure has been the every-increasing institutionalization of science.  The ego and/or evil seeks to organize through hierarchical, institutionalized constructs that serve its intent of control while at the same time subverting discovery and truth.  (The will and intent of the universe.)   Institutionalization and resultant institutionalized violence (violence is the necessary and intentional offspring of institutionalization) are THE major contributors to all of the crises we see around the world.   Every example of institutionalization today is a form of violence and all of those institutions are at war with humanity.   That includes science.   Additionally, every military war has been the result of institutionalization.   Even if institutions as we have come to see them weren’t recognizable in those wars, per se.   I’ll share more on this soon enough.   But the American Revolutionary War was a war against the institutionalized violence of the British state. (The monarchy and its various state institutions of control, British corporations, British standing armies, British private banks, British state-controlled money, etc.)   The American Civil War was a war between the institutionalization of the American south, primarily outright slavery and its various supporting class-based social and political institutions, versus the institutionalization of the American north, wage slavery or class-based, corporate capitalist institutionalization and the political institutions that propped them up.

In many regards institutionalized science has already collapsed.   That is exactly what this Lancet link above is exposing.   We just haven’t witnessed the outcome of this collapse as of yet for the very reason that science has become so institutionalized.   What I mean by that is the reality of that collapse has not yet trickled through these systems of control.  That’s because the regular feedback loop of personal behavior, responsibility and self-correcting actions & behavior is subverted through institutionalization and, is instead replaced by institutional violence which is used to subvert what would normally be self-correcting, natural course corrections.   Many other forms of institutionalization have also already collapsed but they too have yet to experience the consequences of those failures yet.    That is because violence is being used to prop up those failures and those failed institutions.   We live in a world of unprecedented institutionalized violence but you have to understand what violence is to recognize it.   It’s not someone beating you over the head with a hammer.   It’s someone beating you over the head with beliefs, propaganda, lies, self-deceit and other forms of the ego’s intent of emotional and spiritual control.

Money is another institution that has already failed on a mass scale.  Corporate capitalism has already failed on a mass scale.   Political parties have already failed on a mass scale.  The welfare state has already failed on a mass scale.   The war state has already failed on a mass scale.   Industrial food monopolies have already failed on a mass scale.   State-controlled academia has already failed on a mass scale.  Science has already failed on a mass scale.   State empire has already failed on a mass scale.   All of which are being propped up by state violence.   An overarching and very unique theme on here is that we are likely to witness wholesale failures of institutions of the ego or hierarchical, class-based institutions of control – corporations, academics, politics, the military-industrial complex, science, capitalism, communism, the state itself and on and on.  Democracy, republicanism, natural rights, spirituality, individual empowerment and the like, can only survive through a world of human equality.  All of these institutions of the ego subvert equality, discovery, Truth of our own Divinity and the intents of the universe on a massive, unprecedented scale.   
Interestingly re the last paragraph, I just read that someone by the name of Ian Bremmer, who is part of the institutionalized establishment bureaucracy and a supposed foreign policy expert, literally just released a book titled Superpower where he surmises that the U.S. empire is in for a long and glorious reign.   At least that's my understanding since I would never read institutionalized, ignorant drivel.   And there are ample numbers of institutionalized bureaucrats, who are subconsciously looking for confirmation bias of their own ignorance, who are lapping this book up.   I consider this a sign of the times and an ignorance-driven contrary indicator to reality.  That is, the corporate empire has already failed and its institutionalization simply has not yet felt the repercussions and experienced the outcomes to that failure because it is so violenty trying to maintain itself.     
The Roman Empire or Soviet Union didn’t collapse at their peak.   No, they collapsed at their  peak grabs for power and control by institutionalization but not at their peak of wealth and prosperity.  They were both in substantial decline through many institutionalized failures well before their collapse.  We see countless examples of these institutionalized failures in existence today.   Not just in the U.S. either.   It has been a topic of discussion many times on here that in the United States modern corporate capitalist society and many of its institutions have been crumbling for decades.   But the “apparent” power of the state, corporations, higher education, banks, science and whatnot and their grip on humanity seems all-powerful at this very moment.  But the underlying control structures are already experiencing massive failure.   It is this current state of failure that has caused institutions to grab for even more authority to maintain the endless contradictions necessary to maintain their power.    The bureaucrats who maintain these control systems generally have no idea what is going on.   That is, the status quo is finished and we are watching institutionalized systems of control in crisis and terminal failure all across the world.

The number of scientific research retractions and outright published junk science is palpable.   But those doing and publishing this research delude themselves into actually believing the massive junk they perpetuate for their own self-interested reasons. (ego)  It’s the same ignorance that would write a book titled Superpower right before a change in trend.   Or ignorance that would write a book titled The World is Flat exactly at the apex of corporate power and at the exact time humanity was awakening to the fact that the world is not flat.  Or ignorance that would state that the world is experiencing unprecedented peace.   Statements of institutionalized ignorance all highlighted on here. 

The drive behind this is the institutionalization of science that has resulted in a need to publish more and more bullshit to maintain "scientist's" own positions of relevance (class, hierarchy and self-interest).   The institutionalized profit motive of corporate capitalism, the military-industrial complex and the corporate state are the mechanisms through which this publishing and attempts at maintaining relevance and status are most easily accomplished.  In other words, I maintain my own artificial place at the table of class and privilege by publishing more and more dubious nonsense to maintain my own self-interested position and the mechanism through which I do this is the personal profit motive often aligned with the profit motive of corporations and the state.  ie,  Dubious and often outright unethical corporate, military and state-funded grants and research projects.   There’s a pony in there somewhere and if you understand institutionalization and its evil and pathological intents, then you understand how this ego-driven behavior applies not just to science but all institutionalization.

In this nation, (but clearly at play globally) the Democrats cling to the institutionalization of state power.   The Republicans cling to the institutionalization of corporate power.   The corporate executives cling to the institutionalization of their own power.   Academics cling to the institutionalized power of higher learning.   Science clings to its institutionalized power of science.   The media clings to institutionalized journalism and news.   The military-industrial complex clings to the institutionalized power of standing armies.   And they all cling to the institutionalization to the power of money.  All for their own self-interested intent of control.    What I’m saying is they all cling to their own form of institutionalized, hierarchical religion that is enforced through the state.   I could go on and on and on.   But the point is they all cling to the illusory power of class and hierarchy created to benefit the self or the ego and that act of clinging to these institutions is keeping humanity enslaved to institutionalized violence.    They are all headed for massive crisis as that state-enforced, institutionalized control unwinds as this unwinding is the only way humanity and all life can reconnect with the universe, each other and all life.  

On a final note, when the state or institutionalization of any kind becomes entangled in creating society and social values as has really codified in the last 100 or so years, and has intensified in the last three or four decades, we end up with an incredibly dystopian society.    Society and the state's drive towards institutionalization for its own self-interest are at opposite ends of the spectrum.   When they converge, invariably we get the mass institutionalized violence that is so glaringly obvious around the world today.   As humanity continues its awakening, what is coming next will reveal a completely new reality well beyond existing institutionalized mass delusions.  

It’s good to be the king.  Not much longer though.
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Monday, May 25, 2015

A Memorial Day Post On The Dytopia Of Standing Armies, Corporate Power And The State

There certainly is a reality that as long as pathology, especially organized pathology in the form of the state, exists in this world, defensive force is necessary.  And we should honor those who would only be deployed as a last desperate act of violence to protect humanity and freedom from that evil.   But this dynamic and how it is maintained and deployed clearly needs to be rethought.   The paradox of the existence of the state and its endless violence requiring permanent standing armies, which too are clearly anti-democratic control systems of violence, is a rather preposterous form of circular reasoning.   Free people do not wage war against each other.   Free people implies a free mind.   And a free mind is beyond the brainwashing, control and hatred for their brothers and sisters that is required to wage war.   The average “foot solder” has more in common with freedom fighters around the world, or those he is charge with killing, than he does with his authoritarian, anti-democratic leadership.

Make no mistake, standing armies are not a democratic institution and this was clearly in the forefront of the minds of our nation’s founders who dealt with decades of abuse of power and trampling on their natural rights by the British standing armies.   Standing armies are an authoritarian control structure where the rank and file are brainwashed into being told what to think rather than enjoying the freedom of how to think that is so necessary to democracy and a balanced mind capable of protecting democracy.   The first act an armed forces recruit goes through is propaganda and brainwashing to break them down and rebuild them into nonthinking automatons whose primary purpose is to murder, threaten, intimidate and control those that their authoritarian chain of command tells them to.  Are those people on the end of that violence actually their enemy?   Well, if a total stranger walked up to you and told you to kill another person because they were your enemy, would you do it?   Then why would anyone listen to a chain of command that is comprised of total strangers when they tell them to do it?     The answer is quite simple.   Brainwashing.  This is the same form of control that a psychopath uses.  That should be of no surprise because the state, and its invention of standing armies, is comprised of psychopaths in positions of power.   Almost without exception, when anyone of sound mind wakes up from this brainwashing, they deal with the lasting consequences.    The authoritarian chain of command, total strangers to those doing the killing, tell the foot soldier to murder another total stranger because authority told you he or she was your enemy.   And when those people wake up from that brainwashing, they deal with the lasting consequences of PTSD, depression, suicide, addiction, homelessness, inability to assimilate back into society or whatnot because of the evil placed inside of them by pathology.   In this nation, along with all of the other disposable classes of people, they are thrown to the curb to suffer a life not of their making.

Certainly there have been what some may argue are “just” wars.   I suspect the last just war was World War II.   Although World War II was clearly a war created by corporations, corporate capitalism and private bankers from Europe and the United States participating in the building of the Nazi German state.  So, in some regards, it was a war created by the pathology of the state that had to be cleaned up by humanity and the loss of 50 million lives.   There is ample evidence Vietnam, World War I, the Gulf Wars or whatnot were not just wars.   After World War II, the corporations, the military leadership and politicians (state actors) jointly decided that a state of permanent war with the world was to their self-interested benefit.   And so we have the National Security Act of 1947 and other later acts that places us at permanent war with the world.   In many regards, this was a major tipping point for corporate and state pathology in this nation.   Interestingly, while I am not an expert on religious prophecy, the book of Daniel talks about the last great empire or “beast” waging war against all of world.   Was what was written of in Biblical prophecy the Roman Empire as preterism postulates?   Or was it some future reality or just plain gibberish?    Well, what is the National Security Act of 1947 other than exactly committing the United States corporate capitalist empire into permanent war with the world?   The United States empire is at war with all of humanity including its own citizens.   Remember, these cycles of prophecy, violence and humanity rebelling against pathological, class-based evil have happened quite often throughout history.   That includes during the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth under the brutal, repressive, violent Roman Empire that was very, very similar to the mass state violence of today’s world.   Who knows.   Prophecy, violence and rebellion may be a cyclical karmic event unleashed by the universe.  

The United States is losing its ability to wage outright war very rapidly.  Sure it can man drones and reasonably small strike forces around the world.   But I seriously doubt it has an ability to wage a large scale, protracted campaign.   This is something I have written of for years could very well come to pass.  That is, the United States military machine could see mass desertions.   In many regards we are seeing this unfold before our very eyes.   The LA Times just penned an article that military-industrial complex is increasingly at odds with democracy.  Not only through the mood of the masses no longer falling prey to state war propaganda but the armed forces are having a hard time filling their quotas of willing stooges to fight their endless wars of aggression against the world.    Additionally, I have noted time and again that the American people are certainly not as “stupid” as politicians and our masters believe us to be.   That the average American can clearly articulate that crooks and liars in Washington that have destroyed our nation are THE problem facing our nation.   But the one area where we are brainwashed as a society is the military.    But the shine is coming off that dime.  We see a mass awakening to the state propaganda that our military is somehow an extension of our freedoms or our democracy.   It is anything but.   It is the oppressor of our own freedoms, economic determinism and liberties.   That brainwashing is now wearing off--   Military propaganda and brainwashing is being exposed throughout our society and Veterans waking up to the lies of the state.

This awakening is obviously a major driver behind the recent import of massive human labor into this nation.   Don’t kid yourself that our nation is not that dystopian.   There certainly are discussions being had in circles of political-corporate-military power that our corporate masters can’t find enough people who want to work for slave wages and that the military is concerned about being able to wage a war because quotas aren’t being filled and kids are too fat or don’t care to fight endless wars of corporate state aggression.  Corporate capitalism has always relied on cheap, often imported labor or even outright slavery be it to fill factories or their standing armies.  In 1776 the British armed forces were conscripted, paid mercenaries or had no other economic opportunity so they joined the armed forces.    How could the state afford to pay for those who were herded like cattle into anti-democratic, authoritarian standing armies?   Plunder.   Plunder of its citizens and plunder around the world by British corporations.  

George Bush famously remarked that we need immigrants to do the jobs Americans won’t.  That’s because so many jobs in this nation are subhuman, corporate-dominated forms of economic slavery.   And Joe Biden said we need these immigrants for our economy to grow.   One of those jobs Americans are less willing to do is fight the corporate state’s wars.   This massive immigration push most certainly has a military-industrial complex element.   Yes, the world is that dystopian.   In fact, something came across the headlines a few weeks ago that caught my eye.   A general remarked that American kids are too fat to fight.  When following the link to the organization he was fronting, it is called Mission Readiness:  Military Leaders for Kids.   How dystopian is that?   Military leaders for kids?   WTF?   Is our society so Orwellian that we now have outright propaganda by standing armies and the military-industrial complex to whip those fat little bastards into shape  so they can be exploited in the state’s favorite pastime; murder and mayhem? 

I have a better idea.  Let’s send the pathological class of state actors into battle to fight each other.   That way humanity can let these pathological elements dispose of each other rather than using us to do their dirty work to perpetuate their own egomaniacal delusions of power and control.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gabriel’s Horn Heard Round The World

I thought I would make some comments regarding the eerie noises heard round the world in the last decade as the Daily Mail posted a story on said topic a few days ago.   And a link to a recent Youtube video capturing it very clearly here.   I decided to put up this post mainly because of past posts on the topic of institutionalized science and their theories of the universe.   There are quite a few proffered explanations for these sounds.   Temperature inversions in the atmosphere and electromagnetic discharging caused by solar system anomalies are two I have seen.   Neither really are proven.  But the latter has some appeal to me personally as it implies the possibility of an entirely new physical model of the universe.   To me it seems rather obvious that the institutionalized, mainstream physics view of the universe is utter bullshit; something I have noted on here quite a few times.   Mainstream science can’t account for 97% of the universe but they use a fudge factor.   Hahaha.  Or put another way, mainstream science can only get about 3% of their theory right and they fudge it, curve fit it or create rationalizations (ego which subverts the purity of science) for another 3,000% or so.   You want to talk about the ingrained hypocrisy of all people?  Well, here it is.   Those who chose science as their god mock religion for believing things that science cannot prove.   But, in actuality science itself can’t often prove its ass from a hole in the ground.   Now, that is pure hypocrisy.   But what is really disturbing about this great hypocrisy is that physicists spend upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars to be indoctrinated into learning what isn’t even true.  And it makes their egos and their perceptions of who they are comparative to others swell substantially.   Now, what do you do with that?  I guess you put it in your pipe and smoke it.   Because we all are capable of being pretty much ridiculous with such glaring ignorance.       

Hey, I have a theory of the universe as well.   It’s made of marshmallow crème and I’m going to fudge that a few thousand percent as well to make my theory presentable.   Seriously, there are so many flaws that are used to ramrod new theories into existing institutionalized dogma that astrophysics and theories of the universe have become a f*cking joke.  And the only people who don’t know the joke is on them is the physics community itself that clings to these jokes as religious ideology.    This is extremely typical of hierarchical, class-based control systems or bureaucracies as written ad nauseam on here.  

While I certainly have no inside track on what reality truly is, I can see through bullshit, dogma and ego quite clearly.   Mostly because being human, I’m so good at creating all of them myself.   I’ve noted on here that I suspect all of these existing theories of the universe could collapse in the next few decades.  Scientific discovery after discovery is being made that challenges, if not completely refutes, institutionalized views of the universe.    So, in many regards the science has already failed.   But because it is institutionalized, it has not yet experienced the coming collapse in its junk theories.    This is just like institutionalized money, institutionalized political structures, institutionalized corporate power, etc. that too has already failed but has yet to experience the outcome of said institutionalization.  

What I find most interesting about all of this, is that astrophysicists are often revered as gods by society.  Well, just as all hierarchical, class-based systems are.   Or, more pointedly, made gods by people who outsource their thinking to society’s supposed, and might I add, self-appointed experts.  Now, nothing wrong with being an expert in something.   Something like making beer or building a bridge.   But these experts rely on hard science and proven, repeatable processes.    When I turn a light switch on, the power comes on every time.   When I follow a proven, repeatable process I can make beer.   What science has become across a wide modicum of subjects in today’s world is literally a joke.   True science is about discovery and truth.   It is not about institutionalization and protecting existing ideologies and the keepers of the faith who rabidly protect such institutionalization for their own self-interest aka ego.   In fact, institutionalization is a major, overarching theme on here that is a necessary precursor to coming collapse of institutions of the ego or institutions of control and the illusory power they have over humanity.   Much of institutionalized science fits this dynamic to a tee.  

Anyway, back to these unexplained or not well explained noises.   Many will appreciate the ancient prophecy of Gabriel’s horn ushering in the end of the world.   Is what we hear Gabriel’s horn or the 7 trumpets of Revelation?   Well, I tend to doubt it.  But life is cyclical and it certainly is very plausible that humans heard these types of sounds in the past and associated them with natural disasters or coming apocalyptic events.  And as a result they became prophecy.   If this is so, these would be events that obviously humanity would have had to survive to pass along such prophecy.   So, I’m not so certain we are all headed for extinction.   But, regardless this is some type of energy disturbance and that could mean the universe is telling us something about a change in trend.   Who knows.   Possibly something about that very energy being the basis for the destruction of institutionalized power that is being used to dominate, exploit and destroy the human experience.   Maybe the universe has had enough of class and hierarchy’s ego and we have reached a cyclical cleansing event needed for humanity to progress past the suppression and misery that these control constructs have created.  

Or maybe it’s just the universe whipping up a new batch of marshmallow crème.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Eating McDonald’s Rapidly Destroys The Natural Fauna Of The Human Gut

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This story is highly disturbing.   And we can be completely certain this is not just a McDonald’s phenomenon.   This is representative of the chemically-laden, overly processed, artificial ingredients-driven, GMO tainted swill that defines the U.S. corporate food supply chain.    Just about everything in that corporate food chain is harmful to our health and the planet in one way or another.   And those artificially-created illnesses then feed the corporate-controlled medical industrial complex with a recurring stream of sick patients.   The more humanity reacquaints itself with the ancient knowledge of fermented and natural foods that are necessary to our health, the more we recognize that the wholesale corporate war on bacteria and getting dirty is a massive failure and must be reversed.  Because not only is that affecting our health, but that chemical war is destroying the massive beneficial microbe population in the soil and thus entire ecosystems.   Planting GMO foods and then dousing the soil and ecosystem will billions of pounds of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals is not a technological advancement.   It is a dystopian devolution of life. 

Over the last decade I have written many times about how the mythical service or servant economy has exploded in this nation since the 1970s.   And that the amount of retail square footage per capita has swelled over 500%.  That if we see a return to trend we can expect to see retail space collapse 80+%.  That  number is even larger now given the post 2008 collapse economy has kept building retail space at a frenetic pace.   Nearly a decade ago I noted that Wal-mart was headed for the dung heap and I’ll show you why that is almost a certainty at some point.  The big box retailer is in serious trouble but they just don’t know it yet.  And so are places like McDonald’s.   I am very dubious many, if any of the massive fast-food chains will survive.

Everyone is now aware of the corporatization of our food supply.   And what that means.   When I was a kid, there were dozens of local individual butchers in the small towns dotting the landscape around my home.    There was a reason for that.   Farmers grew and locally-sold their own food without the involvement of corporate capitalism.   Now we have four or five massive, industrial butcher operations in this nation that control upwards of 90% of the meat processing.   The corporate efficiency business model of extreme Taylorism aka Scientific Corporate Management, has turned the Untied States into the Soviet Union or the British Empire with massive, centrally-planned, Humpty-Dumpty corporations propped up by state violence.   We are told this is necessary because of the size of our population.   This is a myth reminiscent of the central planners in the centrally-planned Soviet food production system that ultimately led to the Soviet Union’s collapse.   That is, it could not feed its people after years of poor harvests and a currency that was not convertible.  As noted on here many years ago, the Soviet Union did not collapse because of Ronald Reagan and trickle down economics.   It collapsed under its own contradictions.   There were 230 million Americans in 1980.   Yet local food production was still very much part of our economy.  The reality is we can achieve massive productive gains in food production on a local or regional, decentralized level.

McDonald’s and other massive chains are very much behind the industrialization of our food supply.   They need consistency and large suppliers who are able to achieve that consistency.   In effect, they are centralized bureaucracies who demand massive corporate food suppliers. Then we are fed the lies about why this is necessary because of our population.      This brings up another point.   The franchise business model is a very, very sinister business model that should be banned by democracy.    It simply extends the reach of bureaucracy and bureaucrats.   Franchises are renter capitalist business models owned by bureaucrats where making money from money is the strategy.   In order to own a McDonald’s one must have some large amount of wealth in cash.   The targeted franchise owner has no skill, love or talent at creating a food culture.   If they did, they wouldn’t be opening a McDonald’s relying on cheap labor, cheap, unhealthy food and large sums of capital to exploit humanity.   McDonald’s is looking for bureaucrats to own their restaurants.   Bureaucrats who will enforce their “sick” business model for the intent of making money.   Contrarily, many locally-owned or family restaurants rely on locally-grown food, or used to before that culture was obliterated.   And they rely on the higher power’s concept of craft or their love of food which they wish to share with others.   Peasant food or food created by local traditions, cultures and locally-available foods is a labor of love versus renter capitalist exploitation whose primary intent is profit that is the franchise business model.    Plus local food cultures reinvest their profits in the local communities.  McDonald’s and franchisees don’t live in these communities.   They suck up all of that local profit and put it in the pockets of corporate bureaucrats.

As I have noted in the past, if we back out all of the unsustainable, undemocratic and unhealthy or exploitative, predatory and victimizing businesses that don’t serve democracy but rather exploit humanity in one form or another, the S&P’s PE ratio of 21 all of a sudden becomes what?  31?  61?  101?  I’ll be talking more about this in the future including some very, very disturbing looks at what the true market valuations really are.   They are far, far higher than any time in capitalism’s history.    On that note, without those exploitative and unsustainable businesses, what exactly then becomes of the true unemployment rate that is already 25%?  30%? 50%?  Higher?   And what exactly then happens to future energy demands without all of these make-work jobs?   Does energy demand fall 10%?  30%?   More?   A substantial amount of the perceived growth of the U.S. economy over the last four decades is going to become extinct.  That is, the service or servant economy which is a class-based system that permanently turns those who work in that sector into the Walking Dead or endlessly working poor to serve the aristocratic class of the state.    And that means the power of the state, that is achieved through enslaving the population to artificial, mundane and unproductive corporate work, is in serious jeopardy.   The issue facing the state is not debt but employment, which is the method through which the state enslaves humanity to its power.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monarch and Merchant Despots Agree - Fast Track The TPP And All Of Its Anti-Democratic, Unconstitutional, Economic Slavery Dealings

Obama’s smarmy extreme secrecy for the criminal TPP trade agreement. (Evil cannot survive in the light.)

Only two Republican Congresspersons have read the TPP and they don’t support it.

TPP’s international tribunals controlled by corporate lawyers would subvert the Constitution and the United States’ rule of law.

TPP faces Senate vote this week

Republicans push to save Obama trade deal

With a vote on Obama’s smarmy, anti-democratic, tyrannical TPP coming to vote in Congress this week, the glaring evil of the state has become so bald-faced and glaringly obvious that no one can deny reality.  When Congress isn’t even allowed to read the text of the agreement and it is only allowed to be read in secret boiler rooms, and yet congressional leadership from both parties (corporations) want to ram this down all congressperson’s throats, one cannot deny the pathological ego’s primary intent of control that pervades Washington’s tyrannical, despotic, anti-democratic culture.

“I do not believe that in the four administrations which have taken place, there has been a single instance of departure from good faith towards other nations. We may sometimes have mistaken our rights, or made an erroneous estimate of the actions of others, but no voluntary wrong can be imputed to us. In this respect England exhibits the most remarkable phenomenon in the universe in the contrast between the profligacy of its government and the probity of its citizens. And accordingly it is now exhibiting an example of the truth of the maxim that virtue & interest are inseparable. It ends, as might have been expected, in the ruin of its people, but this ruin will fall heaviest, as it ought to fall on that hereditary aristocracy which has for generations been preparing the catastrophe.   I hope we shall take warning from the example and crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country. Present me respectfully to Mrs. Logan and accept yourself my friendly and respectful salutations."  --Thomas Jefferson letter from November 1816.

The founding concepts of our nation have been completely obliterated by the state.    The state now glorifies that which many of our founders recognized as great evils and tyranny.   From the endless entangling alliances Jefferson spoke to eloquently of above to the rise of the aristocracy of monied corporations that bid defiance to our freedoms and laws to the criminal political parties that themselves are, in fact, monied corporations that only maintain their grip through the comingling of dirty money in authoritarian politics to the corrupt meme of free trade enforced upon humanity by a class of despotic economic masters.   The lying lies of endless liars (politicians and state actors) has eroded our freedoms over hundreds of years to where we have literally little true freedom left.   That erosion and the propaganda surrounding it has been so consistent and so pervasive that we have literally accepted our own enslavement without even a fight.   We embrace our own slavery through our own ignorance.   But the new Age of Enlightenment continues to expand human awareness.

Montesquieu was the most cited man in pre-Revolutionary War America for two reasons.   One, because of his work on the separation of powers that not only defines the executive, judicial and legislative branches of states, localities and the federal government, but also the separation of powers between states, localities and the federal government.  That matrix meant to throttle power has been completely obliterated.  And all of that obliteration started in a centralized, all-powerful, authoritarian bureaucracy in Washington DC.   The other reason was because Montesquieu is so famously quoted as stating that “governments should be set up so that no man should be afraid of another”.   The founders of this nation knew Montesquieu and his treatise The Spirit of the Laws very well.  Montesquieu believed that there were two forms of despotism for humanity to be aware of.   One was the state or as he noted monarchs, and the other was private economic interests or as he noted merchants.   Monarchs and merchants were the known basis of despotism and tyranny in 1776.  And they still are today in the corporate state.

It is important to understand the mindset of Revolutionary War times.   The colonists had been pushing back against the king’s greater and greater repression for decades.  That includes the monied aristocracy of British corporations and its private, for-profit banks.   This has been written out of history by corporate capitalism and the state.   Jefferson was very active in many of these rebellious efforts against the king’s tyrannies well before The Declaration of Independence.  Certainly no man is perfect, and we embrace their ideals rather than many of their contradictory behaviors.  Which, frankly, is the reason why there should be no authority in this world other than laws based on natural rights.   

There is ample evidence that Thomas Jefferson is one of only a few founders who really were interested in a radical new form of government.    His views were a major threat to many of the other founders.  As it pertains to fearing the despotism of Monarchs and Merchants, Jefferson resigned from George Washington’s presidential administration after numerous major disagreements with both Washington and Hamilton over many issues.   The most noted were Jefferson’s vehement rejection of economic and monetary policies of Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of Treasury, that were supported by Washington.   Jefferson accused the Washington administration of trampling  all over the Constitution and giving the federal government the power of European monarchies.  In fact, it is noted that Hamilton remarked in so many words that that the Constitution was a worthless piece of paper.    Jefferson’s exact words were that Hamilton and Washington, in support of their economic and monetary policies, were “creating a monarchy”.   Now, one must appreciate how raw this was in a time when Montesquieu’s words on the despotism of monarchies was the basis of revolution sweeping Europe and the Americas.  And those revolutions were against the tyranny of both corporations and other forms of private economic interests propped up by the state and the state itself.   Just like todday.   Jefferson’s major disagreements with Washington and Hamilton were because both were supporting economic policies that concentrated power in Washington and in the class-based monied corporations or merchants who benefited from that concentration of political power.   Jefferson lost the war to Hamilton’s ideas of embracing the king’s monied corporations and private banks and we have finally reached the level of tyranny and oppression of monied corporations that Jefferson warned us of.   His prescient words ring more true than ever to lovers of liberty and democracy.    In many regards, we are living through a very similar time to 1776 and that is why these words ring so true today.

Let’s be honest with ourselves.   There is no doubt that in this nation we have a king.   There is really no true public service.   Any semblance of that has been obliterated over 200 years of ever-increasing power grabs by the state or monarchs and merchants.  We elect a monarch who arrogantly grants powers to merchants who then both use the force of the state to dictate to us the fate of our lives.   Again, all for the privileged few state actors or moochers and parasites.   As long as we serve the king and the state’s aristocracy of monied corporations, or monarchs and merchants, we may actually partake in the looting of the state and thus experience some of the wealth-stealing and plundering activities that it enforces.   This certainly didn’t start with Obama.   Nor Bush.   It has been this way for most of our nation’s history.   The only difference with history has been the state’s limited ability to project its authoritarian violence.   Today, that projection of violence and despotism of monarchs and merchants has reached the most dystopian levels imaginable.   

The life of a president in this nation is held with incredibly special status and rights.   Our king spends tens of millions of dollars vacationing on the public dime every year and is afforded massive deference, privilege and luxury that the masses he supposedly serves will never experience.   Most importantly, our king operates in secrecy and extends his power well beyond that of even King George in 1776.   Well beyond.   And, just like in a monarchy, Congress has abdicated its  duties on behalf of citizens to the king.    Our king wages war without any checks or balances, negotiates secret, smarmy and even criminal deals with merchants across a wide range of issues including health care “reform”, trade agreements, financial “reform”, waging war for merchant benefit and on and on.   Sure, if there is an outrage by the masses, our king sometimes backs off of the level of violence and control he uses to subjugate his slaves.   You know, just as King George did when the fear of retaliation by his subjects became just a little too worrisome to his own power.  But make no mistake, we have a king.  

Our egos like to tell ourselves stories about the good ole days but let’s be real with ourselves and dispose of the ego’s endless bullshit and self-deceit.   Outright human slavery and indentured servitude, corporate thugs hiring Pinkerton guards to murder workers demanding a living wage and a safe work environment, robber barons who bought up massive amounts of wealth while the people who worked for them literally slaved away to stay alive, company stores and company housing that stole back every ounce of the pittance wages stolen by robber barons and corporations in the first place,  two world wars and endless other wars of corporate capitalism and now permanent war against all of humanity.   It has always been that way since early losses of citizen power soon after the Revolutionary War.  It’s just now becoming so obvious because a control system of massive contradictions must use greater and greater violence in order for it to survive.   And that squeeze is now palpable.   It is going to continue to be ratcheted up until something breaks.   And, it certainly will break.   Whether it is a financial market or underlying economic market that starts the back end of this crisis is irrelevant.   It’s coming and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Joe Biden and the Republican Party have already told us the reason why we are importing massive numbers of immigrants.   They already said the economy needs these immigrants.   Yes, they are being imported.   It’s for cheap labor and a new swell of soldiers needed by empire.   It has nothing to do with virtue or compassion.   The intent is exploitation and profit.  It’s the same reason every empire had porous borders and massive immigration.   Because that immigration served the state and the aristocracy as servants and warriors.  If the intent was virtue, then why doesn’t the United States spend a small pittance of the $4 trillion and counting wasted on Iraq trying to assist impoverished nations to build a democratic, self-sustaining infrastructure so that immigrants don’t need to abandon their families and communities to migrate to the United States?  The reason why $4 trillion was spent in Iraq, yet all of the U.S. money spend in places like South America are spent destabilizing nations, was for the benefit of our corporate masters.   The same migration is happening globally.   None of this is just a U.S. phenomena.   Humanity is  at war with the state.

All of the beliefs our masters have about themselves, that our masters have placed in our own minds and that we have victimized ourselves and others with are  collapsing.   Beliefs, which are really nothing more than control constructs of the mind created by the ego (Some may characterize the ego as evil, or the negative energy that resists the positive energy of our higher power or even Satan.  That’s for you to decide.) to keep us from seeing reality unfolding right before our very eyes are no longer working.   The ego is the great deceiver.  And corporate capitalism and the state, monarchs and merchants, rely exclusively on ego-created constructs for its deceptive control. (Money, profit, greed, vanity, power, class & hierarchy, propaganda, doublespeak, lies, etc)   The only difference today from other times in history is that the state has literally cornered every power imaginable.   With a finite amount of power in this world, it has become obtusely obvious that there is no power left for humanity.  That is, except our Divine power.   And that will be the downfall of this system.   That’s  because all of the ego’s control constructs and resultant perceptions of power are nothing more than an illusion.  Humanity is waking up from that illusion as all true power comes from within.

One reason why corporate rights are so sinisterly powerful and dystopian in this nation is probably paradoxically because of the Constitution.   When it is operating somewhat functionally, the Constitution grants unprecedented rights to people that really has few, if any true equals in our world.   So, with corporations having the rights of humans under our system, or the criminal concept of Corporate Personhood granted by the state, the Constitution creates a much more powerfully dystopian reality than is possible under a system of statutory corporate rights in a nation like, say Germany. 

What was a concern of the times in 1776 and during the early years of our Republic, by Jefferson in particular, has become a reality across all aspects of our society today.   Even simple things like equality and education being necessary for a republic to actually work.   Yet, corporate capitalism is a system of class that relies on keeping the masses in a state of fear or ignorance or both to survive.   Or constitutional review being a power that could be wielded by the states against federal tyranny or by Congress against judicial tyranny has become lost to an active Supreme Court legislating from the bench that has usurped the people’s power.   How many examples can we use to count the ways of  Montesquieu’s remarks that “governments should be set up so that no man should be afraid of another”?

No man afraid of another man?   Do we live in that type of society?  Does our government protect us from violence and fear?   Or does it perpetuate both?   We live in a very fear-driven society.   Everything socioeconomically operates on fear. (Violence)  We fear not being able to pay for basic necessities for our families most often controlled by corporations, we fear corporate power across so many aspects of our lives it is almost unfathomable including the violence used to force us into wage slavery, we fear the state in its endless desire to entrap us in any of its control schemes and on and on and on.   I bet if everyone actually stopped to think about every intent they had during a single week, that the number of times we do something out of subconscious fear-based conditioning  would be counted in the thousands of times.   And that is the key to how pathology creates a control system to dominate humanity.   It must keep humanity in a constant state of fear.  

Free trade and, in this case the TPP, more fear-driven propaganda memes created by monarchs and merchants, is pure bullshit.   Jefferson clearly and unequivocably noted that taxes should be raised through import tariffs.   This because most imports would be consumed by the rich.   And they could afford to pay the taxes.   How the worm has turned.   Now the monied aristocracy overconsumes endlessly anything and everything they can with nary a thought of paying an import tax.  Even Alexander Hamilton, for all of his failings of an aristocratic elite, wrote about the need for import taxes.    Yet Obama, Democrats and Republicans seek to extend the power of monarchs and merchants with more trade bills that are truly despotic when applied to Montesquieu’s enlightened treatise The Spirit of the Law and his concepts of government and fear.

I want to close with a few important remarks as it pertains to the Washington despots trying to ram another thuggery form of control down our throats in the form of free trade agreements.   It is important to appreciate that we live under a control system enforced by state violence.   And this economic control system will continue to apply greater and greater force necessary to deal with its many instabilities and contradictions that would otherwise send this system spiraling out of control.   In other words, monarchs and merchants using the force of the state is only going to become more and more tyrannical and despotic until something breaks.   Once you appreciate this, and the decades, if not the entire 20th century of greater and greater state force, one can gain a clearer perspective that all of these bullshit control constructs (laws, money, debt, authority, etc) that despotic monarchs and merchants are granting to themselves are going to unwind.   In other words, most recently Obamacare, financial reform, trade agreements, useless laws protecting politicians and corporations through spying and intrusion, etc are going to unwind.    And its unwinding is likely to be more powerful than anything any single person could ever imagine.   Nothing the state is doing today is going to last.   If the TPP passes Congress and goes into law, it will eventually be unwound or will collapse in some form or another.   It’s all an illusion created by their own intent to control.   Nothing is going to stand long-term.   But, this type of control and violence is what the system needs to maintain itself so until something breaks, monarchs and merchants will continue to apply greater and greater tyranny and force to the people of this world.  

And so it is with both Republicans and Democrats trying to pass one of the most criminal, odious, repressive and illegal bills in our nation’s history; the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  How do we know it’s criminal?   Because they won’t let us see it.   And that is behind this monarchy’s unprecedented secrecy.   Evil cannot survive in the light.

The cycle of volatility continues.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sharyl Attkisson Interview: Is Every Mainstream Meme, Belief And Socially-Derived Value A Contrivance, A Manipulation, A Deceit Or Even An Outright Lie? And Timely Remarks About Baltimore Riots And The True Thug Culture Of The State.

If you wish to skip this intro on the events in Baltimore, then the paragraph starting with Sharyl is the start of that part of the post.   But I want to first make a few comments about the riots in Baltimore.   What is happening in Baltimore is a major reason why I do not support violent dissent.   At least in a nation where there is some modicum of law and democratic rights.   Even if they have been stolen as is the case here.   We have the ability to change our world completely nonviolently.   In fact, it is the only true way to change the world for the better.   The status quo is well-equipped to deal with violence.   They are the masters of it themselves.   And they control the mainstream memes around rioting, violent dissent, etc.   So, they have nearly universally and successfully labeled the rioters in Baltimore and Ferguson as thugs, looters, criminals and such.    What the status quo has no answer to is peaceful dissent.   When people see the status quo beating nonviolent protesters who use their power for a loving intent, the status quo has lost all of their power.   But, we live in a very primitive, ego-driven reality created primarily by two primitive control constructs, the state and corporate capitalism.   So, what is happening in Baltimore is simply a reflection back upon the violence of the state.   People are violent because they experience endless violence - we are a sum of our own experiences. 

This social violence has been an endless theme on here.   Some years ago I put up a post on the different personality types and how the aggressive personality type is glorified in our nation.   Whether that is corporate competition, gladiator sports, the glorification of war and the military and on and on.   This aggression allows pathology to shine.   The very personality traits of a psychopath, as an example, just so happen to be the same personality traits which corporations find most attractive in their employees.   And that social aggression glorified by the state is most often turned against humanity itself in its outcomes.   Whether that is the predation, victimization and exploitation of the state or the predation, victimization and exploitation of corporations.   Any hierarchical construct is by nature violent.   That includes hierarchical religious constructs, educational constructs, medical industry constructs or whatnot.   Most social constructs and social values are violent.   Whether one is the exploiter or the exploited, both involve emotional self-abandonment or worse, possibly outright evil.   So, in actuality we live in a thug culture and the biggest thugs are corporate barons, politicians, political parties, standing armies, religious hierarchy and other forms of systemic hierarchical violence -  

thug – noun.   A cruel or vicious ruffian (lawless person or bully), robber or murderer.

I find it interesting that Obama called the rioters in Baltimore thugs and criminals.  And so did most mainstream characterizations of what is happening to our nation.    Because who took their economic freedom, stole their self-determinism, stole their power of their natural rights and violently made them wards of state power?   Well, that would be politicians.   So, who are really the thugs and criminals?    The rioters are simply reflecting back onto society that which society created.   In actuality, the state wants to maintain its monopoly on being thugs.   So, the rioters in Baltimore are muscling in on the state’s power so they become the object of the state’s ire.

There were two noted remarks in the media that I thought were worth mentioning.   One was the comment made by the Baltimore Oriole’s baseball team owner’s son, John Angelos.    And the other was the comment by Michael Eric Dyson.   Angelos’ remarks were quite profound for someone who is a benefactor of state violence.   He makes a compassionate plea on behalf of the people of Baltimore.    But, in actuality what Angelos probably isn’t mindful of is that he only is in his position of social power, above the fray of the riots, because of being a benefactor of state violence.   Professional sports teams and owners have ripped off society endlessly by extorting tax breaks, tax exemptions and the allocation of endless sums of subsidized money and massive inflows of capital that prop up their unsustainable bubble.   There is absolutely no way that any single person could ever accumulate the money necessary to own a professional sports team without the force of the state behind them.   No man, through his own wit or physical labor has any ability to make anywhere near that much money or garner that much power over others.   They are only able to do so off of the surplus value of other people’s wit and labor.   That is only possible through the force of the state.   The state IS BY DEFINITION a redistribution scheme from the masses to the privileged few.   In this case, private for-profit capital that is enforced by the state.   And much of that monetary power and wealth comes from corporate sponsorship.   Which, by the way, those massive sums of retained earnings that make professional sports team owners so rich through advertising dollars are only possible by exploiting labor.   The very labor that is rioting because of lack of economic opportunity and state repression in Baltimore.   So, what does this point out?   How we are all hypocrites and how everyone and everything is connected.  We are all reliant on each other.   Or, if you will, the Butterfly Effect.   How our actions beyond our line of sight create violence, suffering and misery for others.   Even if we try to lead a virtuous life, as I’m sure John Angelos does.   There is simply no way to extract yourself from the violence of this system as much as you may delude yourself into thinking you can.   Self-reliance is a farcical delusion of the ego.   We are all slaves to and perpetuators of state violence.  

Dyson sees the world more clearly and delivers that in a very poignant set of remarks.  Yet, Dyson sees the world through race which is a faux mainstream meme used simply as a control mechanism by class to divide humanity around superficial, meaningless differences.    There are clearly well-more white people in this nation who are exploited than black people.   ie, The issue facing our nation is not race.   As I have noted ad nauseam, racism is a faux and generally meaningless mainstream meme used to manipulate us.    Perpetuating that meme benefits class and those who enrich themselves off of dividing society like Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton.    Both of whom have achieved class rank and privilege by manipulating society and taking their extorted cut of wealth off of the backs of other’s misery.    It’s not racism but class that is the issue.   It is class that denies us our natural rights.   It is class that controls the allocation of capital.   It is class that determines the massive profit of professional sports advertising and viewership is more important than granting access to capital to poor, underprivileged people.   It is class that exploits that poverty for its own personal gain.    The fundamental problem in this nation has nothing to do with racism.   It has to do with denial of access to capital that is so fundamental to private, for-profit capital controlling society and enriching itself at the expense of humanity.   The fundamental issue in the world today is the state and its many control constructs such as corporate capitalism, private banking and private money creation, all of which have a primary intent of profit (control) for the benefit of state actors that subverts democracy, natural rights and human capital investment & development.   We need a new economic model, a new monetary model and we need local public banking owned by democracy and not politicians; an overarching theme on here.  It’s our f$cking money, our labor and our wit that created this nation.   Not the predatory classes of the state. We The People own the money supply in this nation and we don’t need any pathological bureaucrat dictating to us how it should be used.  That should be determined by individuals and their communities through direct democracy.    The people of Baltimore and their access to money and democracy’s capital comes before the private interests of a baseball team that throws about balls for a living.  Especially when the people of  Baltimore don’t have a pot to piss in and said baseball team has so much of society’s surplus value, it is coming out of their ears. 

What is happening in Ferguson, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Baltimore, Japan and every other place on earth is a warm-up act for the karmic fate of the status quo.   It’s coming and there is nothing they can do to control it as much as they may try.

As an extension of this dynamic of control, Sharyl Attkisson, a journalist that has been making waves for some time, is in this Youtube clip being interviewed by Dr. Mercola.   It’s about 20 minutes in length and worth a watch.   (Later in this same article, Mercola highlights the attack on Dr. Oz by doctors (really thugs) united in support of GMOs as well.)   Attkisson essentially indicts just about everything in the mainstream as a lie or deceitful and driven by the gods of power, profit and money.   She also talks about how the Internet is becoming destroyed by companies and special interests who use money to bribe bloggers, hire legions of “astroturfers”, etc.   Anyone who accepts advertising or in some way is economically-tied to a particular point of view is subject to being corrupted.    And she points out that this is all accomplished through obstruction, intimidation and harassment.    In other words, covert emotional and spiritual state violence.  

I wanted to put this post up because this is something that is very underappreciated.   It is my experience that we tend to believe what confirms our own ignorance and reject that which doesn’t.    Neither serves our higher power’s primary intent of discovery and truth.   Anthropogenic global warming is another example of this.   The science is settled.   And it is that CO2 has always lagged temperature rises by thousands of years as noted on here time and again.  So, CO2 cannot be the cause of global warming.   Additionally, real science, and its intent of discovery, has called into question the whole concept of Greenhouse gas more than 100 years ago.   The atmosphere and our planet are not a closed laboratory system but rather is more likely a complex, intelligent, self-correcting, cyclical, open system that interacts with the universe in many ways we simply don’t understand.   Yet there are untold numbers of people who believe what politicians and pseudo-scientists tell them about humanity being the cause of global warming.  Not because they understand science or its primary intent of discovery and truth.   Because they obviously don’t.   They are true believers who even refuse to see that literally zero of the predictions made by the global warming cabal that were supposed to come to pass by now have come true.   Literally.  They are preyed upon by the same dynamic that Attkisson discusses above.   ie,  The mockery of discovery and truth that is the human-caused global warming bureaucracy is an utter disgrace to science.   And, instead is built upon self-interest and deceit.  Now, it looks even more damning for the lying lies of liars.

We are getting a greater and greater glimpse into the reality that exists in this world.   That is, the likelihood that all mainstream memes, social values and  beliefs in a class-based (control) society, the state, with a primary intent of control (private banking, debt-based money, corporations, capitalism, profit, communism, socialism, etc) are likely nothing more than contrived lies, deceits, manipulations and distortions that become ever more dystopian over time.    While Attkisson is speaking to a doctor, and thus is focused on indicting the endemic fraud and corruption in the medical-industrial complex, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to extend this to every aspect of our perceived reality.      In some regards it is almost a certainty that everything is rigged or distorted by the gods of power, money and profit.   Now, I’m not talking conspiratorially either.   There is massive self-interest and Omerta cultures in all power structures.   So, there is not likely any global or even national cabal pulling all of the strings with some finely controlled intent.   It’s just the evil of money, power and profit.   

How else does a very small cross section of humanity with comparatively just about zero talent or ability, except pathological control, manage to dominate the rest of us and the massive well of talent and ability that all of humanity is cumulatively capable of?   Was King George, his corporate CEOs or private bankers the most qualified people to speak on behalf of humanity, communities or societies?   They were the most pathological.   The most willing to stomp on the face of their fellow man to get to the top of the class-based pyramid scheme.    That is still the case today.    In fact, it always has been this way except for a few brief snippets of history.   This very reason is why we live in a world of so much abundance yet so many have literally nothing to show for it.   It has always been this type of domination that led to the suppression of human freedom, achievement and periods like the Dark Ages.   Yet today it is much, much more sinister because it’s most often emotional and spiritual domination rather than outright physical slavery.   Under emotional and spiritual domination we actually accept our own fate as slaves through propaganda, manipulation, deceit, lies and other forms of pathological control.    This dynamic has again created a new Dark Ages today with an ignorant, pathological element now dominating and suppressing humanity in literally all aspects of our existence and the politician is the talking mouthpiece for this incredible evil.   For now.   Not much longer though.

As an aside, here is another example that is seemingly almost beyond belief.   Yet, reality and living presently awakens us from our self-victimizing beliefs and this story appears to be true.   Democracy Now! has an interview that exposes how the FBI is entrapping people into terrorist charges.   This isn’t something new.  Entrapment is a favorite tool of the state.   It interviews two producers of a film called (T)ERROR that actually catches an FBI entrapment case before it unfolds and captures conversations and video of the FBI’s ploys.  That is, if true and accurately depicted.   The FBI’s target had a prior felony drug conviction and posted a picture on Facebook of himself holding a "rented" gun at a gun range.   That is considered possession under some distortion of the law and he is now serving 8 years for illegal possession of a gun.    But, there was no terrorist conviction because the FBI had yet to successfully entrap him.    In large part that is because the target knew the FBI was trying to entrap him and called a civil liberties organization.   He was supposed to have a press conference the next day to expose the FBI’s tricks.   The FBI knew he was going public to blow them so they arrested him and convicted him on possessing a gun at a shooting range.   In the media it was portrayed as stopping a terrorist plot.   What does the FBI get out of this?  It’s pretty simple.   They get to justify their existence and growing bureaucracy by deceiving society into believing they are serving a useful purpose.

"Of the tyrant (the state), spies and informers are the principal instruments. War is his favorite occupation for the sake of engrossing the attention of the people and making himself necessary to them as their leader" --Aristotle, over 2000 years ago

I want to highlight how this is endemic to a world controlled by any bureaucracy granted power over humanity as with class-based, hierarchical constructs we see today be that corporate capitalism, communism, the state, political parties, the military-industrial complex or any similar pathologies.   We don’t have public servants or public companies that serve humanity.   These bureaucracies are authoritarian and control humanity through massive emotional and spiritual violence. (And physical violence when it can be rationalized.  Rationalizations are Godless ego-created constructs of control.  Like we have to fight them over there before they come over here.  Or presidents murdering American citizens because we are told that these citizens are not deserving of the rule of law or their rights but rather they are to be dealt with through the rule of man as their judge, jury and executioner.  Or, any of the proactive elements in the wars on terror.  Or, the wars of economic violence against the working class in this nation that are part of the state’s deception for such violence that they call free markets.  Free for the state and its creation of the capitalist class to loot is what free market is.)  

Most people would never consciously tie entrapment policies by the FBI with corporate business practices.   Really, there is no difference.    Let’s look at how corporations and the state use the exact same tactics under different lipstick.   The drug prosecutions in this country are very substantially predicated on entrapment.   There are often mass roundups of innocent people or entire neighborhoods who are then leaned upon to turn state’s evidence or be threatened with some bullshit charge.   But exculpatory evidence doesn’t need to be presented before trial, so district attorneys threaten innocent people with faux evidence and jail time through systemic deceit (not acknowledging the exculpatory evidence to the person charged) if they don’t either plea bargain to a crime they didn’t commit or turn over a name that may or may not be part of the drug trade.   So, oftentimes the most successful prosecutors are pathological liars that dump innocent people in prison to pad their conviction rates.   Which, by the way are tied  to federal funding.  Then those prosecutors go out and kiss babies and run for Congress or public office as a defender of justice.   Look at who benefits from this type of entrapment.  The police benefit, the legal system benefits, the prosecutors benefit, the law profession benefits, federal agencies benefit, the prison system benefits, the contractors building and running prisons benefit, the companies providing services to all of these steps benefits and on and on and on.    The bureaucracy becomes a self-sustaining Borg of conformity and dumbed-down ignorance that serves no purpose other than to enrich and perpetuate itself.   And that enrichment and perpetuation requires said bureaucracy to violently exploit innocent people, those they call customers, citizens and the like.   It’s all self-interest and, thus, pure evil of the disconnected ego.    This is also how the medical-industrial complex operates, the military-industrial complex, the industrial food complex, government, universities and every other bureaucracy.

Companies use the same rent-seeking, exploitative practices of “law enforcement” to hook the world on GMOs and its massive production of chemical soup associated with them.  It’s a form of entrapment that serves those who benefit from the entire supply chain of any particular product or service and humanity is the target.   Politicians benefit from GMOs because companies pad their pockets, lawyers benefit from the expansion of corporate law and threatened lawsuits to keep farmers from using their own seeds, the workers who produce the chemicals sprayed on GMOs benefit from employment,  the farming equipment firms benefit by selling more and more into the industrial food production system, the banking system and investor class benefit from loans, bond and stock issuance and the like, antibiotic producers benefit from keeping animals alive that are fed this swill, farmers benefit by selling toxic food to all of humanity and on and on and on.    Once a company reaches some level of inertial “critical mass”, it no longer has any intent to innovate or provide services to society.   That is, if it ever did in the first place.   Instead a company uses its girth or its bureaucracy to prey upon those that were once its customers, citizens or people they valued as human beings.   Critical mass means that bureaucracy will then continue to perpetuate itself until its massive contradictions eventually creates its own demise.   The state is the same way.   It reaches critical mass and then its own self-interest serves a purpose of exploiting taxpayers, citizens, etc.   Ditto with political parties, religious institutions, news media, universities, etc.  It’s all the same.   Different lipstick, same pig.  And everyone inside of these bubbles actually rationalizes that they are doing God’s work.   

And so it is.   When we serve power, (ego) we can rationalize we are doing God’s work.  Just like the German people in their service to the power of the Nazis and the state.   In actuality we are creating our own self-victimization.   Not only of ourselves but of our fellow man  -

“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws.” -- John Adams

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Money And Markets Update; Part One - A Comparative To The Great Depression, The Real Issue Facing The Global Economy, China’s Desperate Moves With Its Creation Of The Asian Development Bank And Other Timely Remarks

I’ve promised an upcoming post that is the final in my 2015 series about state violence and its tie in to the November 2013 turn date.  (As noted at that time, as I interpret the astrological events of November 2013, it is the kickoff of the battle of good versus evil and quite possibly the most important turn date in two or three thousand years.).    I noted back in 2013 that I may eventually post more specifics about that turn date.    I have decided to put that post up on July 4th of this year for obvious reasons.   If you are intuitive and sense what is happening as many people are in this mass awakening, you may find this to be the most compelling post I have ever put up regarding what is happening around the world.   Or maybe not.  But after that it is back to worldly topics.

In the interim I want to put up a few more updates regarding monetary and economic events.   This post will focus generally on macro issues around the world like the desperation in China that is leading to its creation of the Asian development bank (This is widely being reported very inaccurately as doom for the dollar.   This is typical of the lack of critical thought that defines modern corporate capitalist society.  The Asian development bank is a sign of imminent doom for the yuan.), an update on Russia’s compounding economic crisis, another level-setting on the U.S. financial bubble comparative to the Great Depression and the largest crisis facing the global economy.  Well, and a smattering of a few other topics.  The second money and markets post or part two will focus more specifically on U.S. financial markets and U.S.-specific dynamics.   I’m not sure yet if there will be a third post.

I want to start out with a few paragraphs of a level set.   That includes reiterating the overarching theme on here.   For newer readers, the major them on here the last ten years is that we are in a cycle of volatility.   And that volatility extends to all of the natural world.   Frankly, while I have only talked about it in passing in a few dozen posts, the basis for that forecast in volatility is a change in the energy patterns of the universe that is captured by many cycles associated planetary and solar astrology.    This is not a financial crisis.   It is something much larger and well more profound.    Given that economies are a manifestation of human expression, and humanity is part of the planet and universe’s landscape, they are subjected to the same forces of the universe.   Astrology (which is simply the cyclicality of planetary forces acting upon each other)  tells us when it’s time, it’s time.   This present moment appears to be that time.   And the ego and all of its mythical delusions of power and control are not going to change that.  

Volatility always precedes a change in trend.   So, what we are witnessing with the mass volatility unfolding in the world is a paradigm shift.   The only question is how massive is that paradigm shift?   Well, given the scope of the volatility, if one opens their mind to possibilities, everyone is capable of receiving that answer through their own unique experiences.    It’s quite obvious this is big medicine and because of that, we don’t get a choice as to whether we want to take it.   Whether it is the volatility in climate, ecosystems, politics, economics, monetary policy, state control, finance, the earth, the natural world, the solar system, the sun or whatnot.   The status quo doesn’t yet see the truth.    Institutionalized science, corporate bureaucrats, politicians and all institutionalized status quo keepers-of-the-faith have been and will continue to be caught completely off guard.   That’s because they are busy doing everything they can to keep existing paradigms from collapsing. (control)   Nothing could prove this more than Obama’s remarks again that the world is less violent than it was forty years ago.   There is spiritual, emotional and physical violence.   The most common is not physical violence but the more sinister emotional and spiritual violence perpetuated by the state and state actors.   The ego’s intent of control is based on violence.   So, anything the state or corporations do is based on violence.   Because humanity is not going to sit back and accept physical violence on a daily basis, the state and is pathology has perfected the hidden and more sinister emotional and spiritual violence.  It seems literally everything in this world that is based on social dynamics has become a contrived manipulation or meme.   We have never, in the history of the world, experienced such massive violence as we are witnessing today.   That Obama truly does not see this gives us insight into the bureaucrat’s closed-mindedness and the self-deceit that is a manifestation of the intent of control that subverts the truth that is in plain sight.   That is how someone can be presented with the truth right before them and honestly deny it exists.   They truly do not see it.

This system has already collapsed be it monetarily, financially, economically, socially or politically.   If one opens their mind, they can easily see this.   This system is not going to recover.   Ever.   The ego’s intent of control is but an illusory construct created by and held completely in the mind.   It isn’t real.   That illusion disconnects us from the experiences of the present moment and its truths.   That is, until the universe decides to awaken us from our own attempts at control.    In “normal” times that moment of awakening is different for each person and is seemingly based on experiences we individually create in our fate-filled lives.  Or, for some of us, we don’t ever create those experiences and thus never wake up from our own delusions.   For this moment all of humanity is witnessing many global experiential events that we have cumulatively created and that is contributing to a global awakening from one large mass delusion.   There is no way forward without crisis for the status quo (those with an intent of controlling existing paradigms and people) and I will address that with a fine tooth comb at some point. 

Over the last ten years I have put up a gargantuan number of posts on what lies ahead.  But my best economic and monetary posts are yet to come, and they will reveal a future that you will not read anywhere else.   Literally.   That’s not some statement of self-arrogance but rather the fact that the world has become so incompetent and that critical thought is being actively suppressed physically, emotionally and spiritually.   As far as what is coming economically, every future outcome discussed on here remains in play or is starting to reveal itself or is already well-along.   I can continue to slice and dice current events as new or revelationary but in actuality, the vast majority of daily news today is mostly noise that is not going to affect the outcome.    They are small, dependent perturbations that really play no independent role to the end state of what is to come.   In other words, they are functions of what is coming rather than independent events altering the outcome.   Of course, the possibility exists that something will develop that could change the outcome to some degree but I am dubious that will happen because of the ego’s (the status quo, the state, corporations, hierarchical institutions, etc)   overarching intent of control.  The status quo will hold on tightly, regardless of what they are holding on to for their own self-interest, until they experience “Oh shit” moments that they have gone too far.   Then they will finally realize it will be well too late to change course and that their intent of control has sealed their own demise.  

I’ve made comparisons to many historical events and periods on here, including the Soviet Union, the British Empire, the Revolutionary War economic times, the Civil War, Nazi Germany, the Roman Empire, etc.   This past few weeks, Robert Prechter, someone that I have come to appreciate as an independent thinker who is more accurate than not, and someone I would consider to be a very good to excellent forecaster, noted that from his perspective this is the most dangerous time for financial markets since the fall of Rome.   And a noted Russian economist has recently stated the world is about to enter a depression many times worse than the Great Depression.   Over the years I have remarked of such similar profundity of this moment and how it is being drastically underestimated.    The status quo, be they bull or bear, or economist, politician or corporate bureaucrat, or any of the economic aristocracy, IS severely underestimating this moment.    

Markets reflect no semblance of reality and valuations are far, far higher than at any time in our nation’s history.  Far higher than 2000 and 1929.    As noted ad nauseam over the years, this is the biggest financial bubble in the history of the world.   As I have noted many times when market prices were much lower, stock prices were upwards of five times more expensive than 1929.  Now that number is even greater with the massive spike higher in prices that we saw in 2013.    At some point I’ll show you why Tobin’s Q, PE ratios, free cash flow, book value and other metrics are lulling the status quo into substantial ignorance about the scope of this bubble and the massive overvaluation of assets, including stocks.   This bubble is unprecedented by magnitudes and so are the valuations of financially-traded and monetarily-determined asset values.

Alan Greenspan noted a few months ago that we appear to be in a time that looks a lot like the later stages of the Great Depression.   Professor Robert Shiller has made similar remarks in the last few months.  I actually started penning a response using cycles to a recently published article citing Shiller’s comparative to the Great Depression but axed it.    I still want to respond to his and Greenspan’s remarks.   There certainly are some comparatives to the Great Depression but any comparatives are in reverse.    Let me explain.   2008 was our 1929.  It was off by a year when looking at a decennial cycle (a cycle looking at recurring stock market patterns based on years ending in 0-9 and then recurring at 0-9 again and again.)   Both dates were preceded a decade earlier by a very short but very deep recessions in 1920-1 and 2000-1 where the Federal Reserve fanned the flames with liquidity to make both appear as just another recession.   Neither were.   2000-1 was the beginning of the end as noted on here many times.    Most people nonchalantly discount that statement but that’s because they don’t understand economics nor do they appreciate how hard the status quo fanned the flames of liquidity in 2000 to keep the economy from collapsing.   I noted many years ago that the economy’s collapse was so sudden and severe in 2000 that CEOs were calling Washington and telling them their businesses were literally collapsing.   I remember that quite well.    And both liquidity fanning exercises leading up to 2008 and 1929 resulted in housing bubbles.  Although this most recent one was magnitudes more massive comparative to that leading up to the Great Depression.   There is a very ominous reason for that and I will explain it in a future post.   Regardless, those housing bubbles peaked respectively in about 1927 and 2006.  There are other parallels but I don’t want to write a book on this particular topic.  I want to provide some level of baseline on the scope and reversal of events in what is likely yet to come in comparison to the 1930s.  But, mind you, this is already far, far worse than the 1930s.    One data point I want to place here is the United States already has a much higher unemployment rate (24%) than all of the 1930s (~17%) after the recovery of the initial Great Depression shock.   Given how reliant we all are on corporate capitalism and the state comparative to a much more agrarian existence in the 1930s, that number still doesn’t capture how bad today really is.   What happens if we have another shock as bad or worse than 2008 and it cannot be stopped?  (You’ll see why it may not stopped later in this post.)   A larger crisis is assured given in 2015 the entire world is in economic shambles and is trending in the wrong direction.   In 2008 the crisis appeared to be just the United States.   Which, by the way, I have noted since 2008 that a global economic crisis was coming where the illusion of prosperity outside of the United States would reveal itself as just that and most future crises would occur outside of the United States.   Dare I say we could eventually see unemployment at 40-70%+ in the United States, Europe, China, etc.  Remember, as noted countless times on here, the only about 15% of employment in this country creates any wealth.   The rest of employment may create money and jobs but that is a much different statement.   If wealth-consuming jobs and parasitic jobs disappear, then employment is headed into a massive death spiral not just here but around the world.   Hold that thought until later in this post because it’s going to matter.  

Regardless, back to the Great Depression.  Central banks like all bureaucracies  are fighting the last war, something noted on here over the years.   And, as such they are using failed tactics that they believe would have won the last war (the Great Depression) after an anti-scientific ex post facto analysis of the Great Depression.   They are wrong.   1929’s fundamental crisis was not solvable by monetary factors within the purview of the Federal Reserve or other central banks and neither can today’s crisis be solved through monetary policy as many are now starting to understand.   A common theme on here is this is not a monetary crisis or a financial crisis.   It cannot be solved my monetary policy or by finance.   This is a crisis of capitalism (aka a crisis of control).   Bernanke, a self-described expert on the Great Depression, viewed the 1929 collapse through the eyes of a central banker.  In other words, how every bureaucrat views every problem - every problem is a nail and the power within the purview of that bureaucratic institution is the hammer.   In the case of Bernanke, that power is monetary power.   There wasn’t enough money in the economy during the metastasis of the Great Depression according to Bernanke and those who think like him.   Well, that may be technically true but it isn’t the cause nor is it the answer per se.   It was and is today a dependent variable to the true causes of the Great Depression and this crisis.   So, anyone with any semblance of basic understanding of mathematical functions and complex systems knows monetary policy cannot and will not solve this crisis.    It can only be used as a dependent variable to solve the function of the real issue but not alone as a dependent variable.   That the world’s most eminent economist and central banker doesn’t understand this is not a good thing.   But, yet in 2008 he flooded the world with dollars in an effort to fight the last war, and made the ultimate crisis, which we have yet to experience, that much worse.   It didn’t need to be this way.   That money could have gone to reforms that would have averted some of the coming crisis.    But it would have been very, very painful to the status quo.    In many regards, Bernanke’s actions of fighting the last war and that of his central banking peers that have joined in on this lunacy have likely cemented the terminal fate of central banks.   Again, something talked about many times over the years. 

In 1929, there was an economic religion that believed letting all debts and malinvestment resolve themselves through collapse was how economic events should be handled.  And that this would lead to a quicker recovery.   This type of ignorant, fundamentalist, economic religion still exists today within the political far right.  There are a lot of bloggers too who espouse this voodoo and they are often associated with the teachings of Ludwig von Mises.   It’s not that Mises was wrong per se on anything he noted, but their fundamentalist view has hijacked and distorted his views as all institutionalized thinking and fundamentalism does.   Anyway, because of this religion, in 1929 central bankers sat back and watched the system collapse.  Then after the system had completely gone bust, and after massive savings, banking and economic destruction, the United States then devalued its currency against gold and some nations abandoned the gold standard all together to give them the ability to flood the world with liquidity.   So, this happened after the stock market had already dropped 90% and the economic world had completely collapsed.   But what is similar to today is that  world collapsed because of massive fraud and corruption created by capitalism and private, class-based, self-interested parties working in conjunction with politicians destroyed the rule of law and government just as has happened today.  

In today’s world or in the mind of Bernanke and central bankers, flooding the world with liquidity before the system collapses would stop the Great Depression.    This because Bernanke views the Great Depression through the lens of a central banker.   So that collapse of 1929 has been subverted today by central banks proactively printing massive amounts of completely economically-unhinged, useless money.  Or so they think.   The end result is that none of the corrupt investments, systemic fraud or pathological human elements dominating an economic system have been expunged.   And because the state and politicians benefit from all of this corruption and fraud, no reforms have been nor will be instituted.   Financial and health care reform were nothing more than frauds that perpetuate the current corrupt system.    So, instead of the fraudulent and pathological elements of our society experiencing losses, jail time, the guillotine or whatnot for their behavior, these elements are simply minting even more fraudulent money off of current central banking policy.    This useless monetary emission exercise will almost certainly either evaporate in a deflation or in some way will reveal itself as useless.   Possibly in a future where the value of money is meaningless.   

There are a lot of other esoteric factors I am going to leave out about the parallels to the Great Depression and today because of the length of this post, but I’ll address their horror in the future.   Horror for the status quo.    But to summarize the last few paragraphs, it goes something like this.  In the Great Depression the course of events were economic collapse, monetary devaluation, then monetary reflation in that order.   In today’s world if this decennial cycle repeats itself, these course of events will be exactly reversed.   They will unfold as monetary reflation, monetary devaluation and then economic collapse.  We clearly have not yet entered the final state of collapse but seem to be teetering very close to the edge.   And that means outcomes that happened on the front end of the Great Depression will happen on the back end of this crisis.   In other words, the cycle is reversed.   So the end state of this depression, if this pattern holds, will be economic collapse after monetary reflation and monetary devaluation fail.   Because central bankers really are just pissing into the wind without any scientific rhyme or reason,  they are simply recreating history and that means eventual failure of their “last war” policies.  Ultimately quantitative easing and central banker’s ability to control this crisis will wane and there will likely be nothing anyone can do to stop what comes next.  Or, more pointedly, their policies will eventually have the effect of pissing up a rope.    The arrogance that some central planning bureaucrat can control a world of trillions upon trillions of known and unknown moving parts, billions of people’s actions and behaviors and countless known and unknown forces, including cyclical ones, is hilarious.   It’s anti-scientific in its principles and shows the level of arrogant, ignorant faith in the state (and the rule of man) that has arisen within modern capitalist society, the economic aristocracy and the state.

I find it most interesting that Ben Bernanke is getting ready to release his book of how he essentially averted a massive crisis and saved the world.    How does he know that he saved anything given his policies are still fanning the flames with massive unintended and unknown outcomes without any understanding of what comes next?   The title of Bernanke’s upcoming book is “Courage to Act”.    Arrogant and ignorant is what that title is.    That’s a marketing title.   Making a profit by selling a book stating that his actions were self-described as courageous and that you saved the world is a perfect presage for a karmic fate.   This also happened with Alan Greenspan and his book that nearly immediately presaged the 2008 collapse.   Ben Bernanke, while good intentioned, like Greenspan has paved the road to hell for this economic system with his good intentions.   Now, it’s certainly not his direct fault per se because he didn’t create this system nor did he directly create its massive fraud and corruption.   But, just like the Nazis, all of our individual actions are  intertwined and we all have worked together to create our own fate-filled future.   The Nazis never could have been successful if the railroad worker didn’t take Jews to the concentration camps or the factory worker didn’t make the weapons or the police didn’t enforce the laws and on and on.  No one is innocent.  In today’s world that includes central banker’s good intentions.  But we have a chance to stand to wake up, stand to account and resist the intent of control’s fraud and corruption as millions, if not billions, are currently doing around the world.

So, today central banks are simply recreating and extending the fraud, corruption and financial bubble dynamics that originally led to 1929 and 2008.   During the Great Depression 1937 was the start of its back end or second wave of the crisis.   This crisis wasn’t as deep.  It was certainly one of the steepest stock market crises of the twentieth century but not nearly as bad as 1929.   Obviously because much of the fraud and corruption had resolved itself in the collapse of 1929 when those who were benefiting from it lost most everything or did lose everything.   Since none of that fraud and corruption was vanquished in 2008, but has only become massively worse, we can expect their actions will lead to a back end of this crisis that is far worse than the front end in 2008.  And if the pattern of the Great Depression in reverse holds up, economic collapse would then occur cyclically on our upcoming equivalent to the 1937 crisis.    On a decennial pattern we are 1-2 years forward of the Great Depression so that should happen some time between later 2015 and the end of 2016 according to decennial cycle characteristics.   (2016 is also one of the three future dates talked about on here over the years - 2013, 2016, 2022.   It is the first planet Jupiter-driven business cycle trough year after the 2013 turn date.)   Given central bankers have been the enablers for massive fraud and corruption, and that pathology was not reformed in any way, nor was it expunged in 2008, it is plausible that entire economic, political, banking and monetary systems around the world will fail and future central banking attempts will have no effect.  Or central banks themselves will need bailed out.   In fact, I think we can count on monetary policy eventually having no successful impact.      

If you understand the U.S. economy peaked three to four decades ago, then you know that monetary-impacted assets (stocks, housing, bonds, art, collectibles, etc) became unhinged not since 2008 but 35-40 odd years ago.   That’s almost too much for anyone to consider.  So most people in the system simply won’t.  They cannot believe this system could keep going for so long if the economy peaked that long ago.   Ahem.   But this is how history unfolds.   The Roman Empire obviously didn’t collapse at its apex of vibrancy.   It peaked well before that and it was simply the massive self-interest that kept anyone in power from seeing what was happening beyond the intent of control.    There is incontrovertible mathematical evidence that the U.S. economy peaked long ago.   Math doesn’t lie, people do.    Whether financially-traded assets are going up or down in today’s madhouse simply reflects whether the status quo is in control.   It’s that simple.   The scale and scope of this bubble cannot be captured in words, but that said let me provide a few simple talking points to consider.   Detroit and thousands upon thousands of other cities and communities didn’t turn into literally third world, bombed out ghettos and ghost towns since Obama took the presidency.   These effects took many decades or more.   That we only have three companies in this nation with a AAA credit rating is also another metric that took decades.   Ditto with  the horrible credit ratings of countless cities, communities, counties, etc.   This system relied very substantially on economic voodoo since Reagan took office.  Something George Bush Sr. had the moxie to say but then in typical political fashion, he abandoned his morality and joined the Reagan Whitehouse.  He then became an advocate for perpetuating the very policies he railed against for his own self-interest as every president and Washington politician since has done.  The greater and greater embrace of tomfoolery and corruption was essential for this system to continue to operate.   Junk bonds going mainstream, the S&L crisis, the 1990s bond crisis, the mythical post-capitalist service economy bubble, the tech bubble, the housing bubble, the private equity bubble, the hedge fund bubble, the military spending bubble, the M&A bubble, the Washington DC central planning & power bubble, the industrial food bubble, the medical-industrial complex bubble, the student loan bubble, the subprime auto and housing bubble, the 1% bubble, the central planning Federal Reserve power bubble, the MBA bubble, the art bubble, the alternative investment bubble, the college graduate bubble, the entertainment & sports industry bubbles, the lawyer bubble and on and on and on.   Each of these extended the application of credit into more and more fraudulent and corrupt business practices that eventually became acceptable mainstream memes of a wildly dystopian reality.  Most importantly of all bubbles is the willful ignorance bubble that is required by society for this type of dystopian reality to even exist in the first place.   We turned out heads away from what was happening because of various self-interested reasons and that allowed evil the flourish.    One must understand that without these massive misallocations of credit that corporate capitalism needed to survive, corporate capitalism itself would have collapsed ages ago.   Maybe even before the Soviet Union.   If nothing else, certainly in parallel with it.   There is literally almost nothing sustainable about our economy or the global economy.   And if you believe this isn’t capitalism, then I have some amazing posts for you in the future.   There is no post-capitalist society.    What is happening today isn’t something new.   It’s just on an amazingly incomparable scale given the unprecedented pathology that dominates humanity.

Many people at the bottom of this system, who are exploited by those at the top, intuitively recognized much of this long, long ago.   But, what is different is that many people at the top are now starting to recognize something is very wrong.   But they think all of this is a recent phenomena.   It’s not.   No one who is actively working and successful in this system has made an honest living.  I certainly include myself in all of these statements of ignorance, hypocrisy and the like.   People may tell themselves they have.   But the ego tells itself  endless lies.   I know.   Because I recognize the lies I am capable of telling myself on this very topic.  No one who has been or is successful in this system anywhere on earth has made their lot through virtue.  They may have tried to be a decent person to the lives they personally touched but they also turned a blind eye to the consequences of their actions beyond their line of sight that ripple through space and time.   They have made their wealth by serving the state or private, class-based, profit-driven interests who relied upon the state for their control and exploitation, victimization and predation of humanity and all life.  And that means they have made their wealth through violence.  

Genichi Taguchi, one of the great engineering and quality minds, noted that any variability to the expected outcome is a loss for society.  And that loss could be quantified.  Taguchi’s work notes that loss increases as variability from the desired outcome increases.   Obviously, this is very intuitive and easy to understand once we bring it into our conscious mind.   But, if we apply this to the anti-scientific voodoo of the Federal Reserve, central banks, Wall Street, the state and corporate capitalism, we can appreciate that right-action has strayed massively for a long, long time and literally just about none of the outcomes have been desired for decades.  At least they haven’t been desired for democracy and all life.    Greenspan, as just one example, buffoonishly noted a few years ago that a rise in the price of assets creates stability and wealth.   So, in effect, what Greenspan and other monetary dunces believe is that manufacturing money out of thin air without any economic value, that is then used to buy assets, creates prosperity.   If this is true, then why not just create endless streams of money to keep pushing assets into the stratosphere and then no one would ever have to work.   Better yet, why even worry about printing money.   Let’s just determine by state decree that assets have reached a permanently high plateau and none of us never again need to work because of our unprecedented prosperity.    This is the type of lunacy that is so endemic to this system.   Even as unemployment is horrendous and we have massive bubbles everywhere in the world.    My point is that those losses Taguchi remarked of simply have not yet been realized.   In other words, we don’t see them yet let alone have we not   “booked” those losses.    But be assured they are horrific.  They are not debt either.   I’ll get into this in further detail in a few paragraphs.     

I have noted many times that we could see assets fall to 30+ year lows.   If one considers my downside targets for assets going all the way back to their valuations around 1990 and with a remote possibility of them returning to 1980-ish levels, well, if that happens….   Money is not wealth and we are long overdue to learn that lesson.   Money is simply a medium through which the exchange of goods and services that humanity desires are made.   Money could be jelly beans, rocks, dog shit or anything else.    And in history it often was.   Those that will learn money is not wealth are the Federal Reserve, the state and the moneyed aristocracy.    There is a strong argument to be made that global wealth creation peaked over 30 years ago.   One must consider that we will say goodbye to all existing control paradigms, belief systems, economic systems, financial systems, etc controlled in Washington, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the stock market, corporate capitalism, corporate “careers”, the military-industrial complex, health care and the Federal Reserve dollar just to name a few.  Say hello to reality.  That reality is corporate, banking and political idiots, ie the state, in their service to the god of money, profit and themselves, have f$cked up everything beyond recognition.  And as a result, we are in the biggest bubble in the history of the world.  That bubble has been building for so long that its nearly impossible to appreciate the massive illusions it has created.  We don’t have any perspective because it has defined our perceptions of reality for so very long.    It’s not that we have a bubble in biotech or a bubble in housing or a bubble in small caps or a bubble in China or a bubble in CEO pay or a bubble in entertainment or a bubble in consumption or the dozens of other bubbles.  We have a bubble in everything because money is fungible.   And, as a result, it has distorted the reality of literally everything touched by it.  And for reasons of their own self-deceit,  literally no one in the world who is in a position of control or who benefits from this system sees the extent of that truth.   Yet.   Boy oh boy do I have some incredible posts that will blow everyone’s mind if I ever get off my butt and write them.  Actually, I promise that will happen.  Especially since the entire world is in a trance of state power because what is yet to come is going to be incredible.   Literally everything we have come to accept as a social or economic phenomena is headed for massive change.   And while it will not be without pain, it will be for the betterment of humanity and all life.  Nothing worthwhile is ever free or easy.  That’s not a cliché either.   There is ample evidence that we only evolve spiritually or emotionally through pain and suffering.  That without greater evil, there can never be a greater good.    

Last year I wrote that liquidity was draining out of the global economy even faster than leading into 2008’s crash.   Lo and behold, about that time the dollar index started rising.  And it has been rising violently ever since.   People don’t seem to understand a weak dollar is a sign of global economic growth.  It has absolutely nothing to do with impending dollar collapse or U.S.   The global economy runs  on dollars.   The more dollars in circulation (declining dollar value), the greater the strength of the global economy.   The dollar is now at about a thirteen year high.    Again, long time themes on here are that globalization as we know it is dead, the dollar is putting in a major secular bottom and as this cycle ends, the dollar would rise violently.    There are a lot of high profile economic and financial “experts” that have called repeatedly for a dollar collapse.  Yawn.   They have simply exposed that they really don’t understand even the most rudimentary dynamics about economics or money.   The U.S. Empire is THE global economy.   Period.   Detailing that fact was one of the first posts I put up on here ten years ago when I wrote never have so many (the entire world) relied on so few (the United States).   Now, that is not a statement of admiration but of fact.    I don’t admire anything about this economic system or about our current government because it is based entirely on violence and forced competition of the masses to please our aristocratic economic masters.    Today the long dollar trade is very crowded so we are seeing a technical correction of sorts.   But that correction is not a fundamentals-driven connection.   It is an artificial, technical or sentiment-driven correction created by an overcrowded financial trade.   By the way, just like the oil snap back in the last few months.  That is not driven by fundamentals either.  But rather than massive amount of negative positions in the crude futures market.   Longer term, crude is likely going lower.   Much lower.  Because global fundamentals are going much, much lower over time.

On that note, with the Chinese yuan pegged to the violently rising dollar, Chinese exports are becoming well too expensive for much of the world.   If this trend continues, China risks substantial economic consequences.   Which, by the way, will then eventually lead to an even lower yuan valuation.   If this dollar trend continues, China must devalue its yuan in order to maintain employment.  Or the yuan will make its own course of action and head lower.   Don’t listen to the debt mongers be they in China, the U.S., Greece or elsewhere.  Debt is an illusion.  Show me a debt?   What does it look like?   Iceland flipped its bird at debt and what happened to them?   Debt is nothing more than an artificial control construct meant to enslave us to our own misery.   This cycle is likely to be the cycle where that illusion is exposed and debt-based money disappears forever.   If everyone in the world said they would no longer pay their debts, what would happen?  No one would die.  No one would starve.   It wouldn’t blow up factories or food production.  Debt, like wage slavery and taxes are purely myths created by pathology and the state to enslave us for the benefit of moochers and parasites who would otherwise be nothing more than piss boys.  It’s good to be the king.   Not much longer though. 

The REAL issue facing China and the world is not debt.   The real issue is employment.   For without employment, the state cannot domesticate humanity and maintain its violence and control over it.   Corporate employment, like war, is a tool through which the state plunders and controls humanity.   Certainly those in positions of state power don’t consciously recognize this in themselves.   But, the ego’s intent of control subconsciously understands that power is achieved by building hierarchical bureaucracies that grant itself control over others.   Why else would hierarchical bureaucracies even exist?   So, there are really two main elements involved in deriving state power through the provision of employment.   One is the actual power granted by being at the top of these structures.  That is, actually being the authority figure in these structures.   This is almost certainly behind the massive immigration movements in Europe and the U.S. where it has become harder and harder to brainwash people in these societies to do many of the slave wage jobs and fill the positions of front-line military personnel to fight the state’s wars.   These structures require people willing to play the role of slave to be manipulated and controlled by class and hierarchy.   The second is the more base construct of creating and maintaining these structures in the first place.   In other words, in the case of employment, creating hierarchical paradigms that turns society into wage slaves that are then controllable.   Pathology certainly doesn’t think this overtly about what it is doing.   It simply unconsciously understands this intent of control through its own megalomania and pathology.  

The reality is civilizations that were very advanced worked a third as much as we do thousands of years ago.   We work because it serves class and the state.   It creates and maintains hierarchical power and control paradigms.    The state wants you to be a debt and tax slave.  How do they best accomplish this?   By ensuring you are employed as a wage slave.   It doesn’t matter if that is a good job or if it is a democratic job or a virtuous job or a criminal job or a job that pays a living wage.  They just want you to have a job.  Then corporations, financiers and politicians, ie state actors, can extract endless rent from you in the form of regular racketeering and extortion payments.   Car payments, apartment payments, tax payments, cable TV payments,  mortgage payments, credit card payments, student loan payments, gym membership payments, industrial food grocery payments, welfare payments, Wal-mart welfare payments, whatever.  The list of rent extraction schemes is endless.     A national economy is how the state wages war against humanity.    This is how the pathology of the state enriches itself off of our backs.   They want us to be employed so they can steal from us.  Debt is just one mechanism of that theft.   But if we aren’t employed, they find another way to socialize those losses with the indignity of poverty handouts paid for by rent extraction from the wage slave while they continue to loot humanity.    The key point I want to make here is that if we aren’t employed, then state pathology and its manifestations of debt, usury, graft and the like loses its power and the state has no reason to rationalize its existence.   The violence we see around the world today is substantially about this.   If the state cannot provide jobs for its people, what reason can it use to justify its control and the associated endless misery and violence?   How can it continue to enrich itself of the backs of our labor and intellectual talent?   If the state cannot provide for its people, then people will find ways to provide for themselves.   That includes selling drugs, the underground economy or whatnot.  

This is the real crisis in China and around the world.   Communism, like capitalism, is a state-created economic control system.  Communism coupled with capitalism, as is the case with China, is the worst of both worlds.   If the state cannot provide under that control system, then what ultimately happened in the Soviet Union will happen everywhere.  That is, the system will collapse under its own contradictions.   We are already seeing this with massive backlash against the state everywhere on earth.   

This is the primary driver behind China’s creation of an Asian development bank meant to rival the U.S.-dominated IMF and World Bank and the European Union and its European Investment Bank and Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  China must do something because there is no longer an endless supply of dollars to prop up the massive fraud that is the Chinese economy.   This is more evident by the recent AP report that China’s exports have collapsed 15% in the most recent reporting period.   Now, none of the data out of China can be trusted but there is no doubt that China is starting to tip into its serious and unavoidable crisis.   China isn’t acting out of good graces or interest in humanity or Asian development for the sake of freedom or liberty.   It MUST pay other nations (through its Asian development bank loans) to take its massive overproduction so that it can maintain domestic employment.  Just like it had to pay Americans through the endless purchases of Treasuries aka loans to Americans that subsidized our overconsumption.    Because if China experiences mass unemployment, its monstrous 60+ million member communist bureaucracy and all of the bloated state institutions of control that parasitically exist off of the exploitation of the masses in China will collapse.   Then the moochers and parasites that dominate Chinese communist society would lose their ability to control the masses.    The reason that Australia, Britain and other European countries are joining China’s Asian bank isn’t because they are turning away from the dollar or are anti-dollar or any other reason given by countless wrong rationalizations.   It’s because they are in the same predicament as every other state as it pertains to economic rent extraction.   They all need to provide employment at any cost or state actors will experience systemic failure in their ability to maintain control, class, privilege and power over the mass of humanity.    The state is in a fight for its life.  These nations are looking out for their own self-interested survival of their massive predatory, pathological bureaucracies.   People who cite the creation of the Chinese Asian development bank as the end of U.S. dollar are clueless.   U.S. empire will fail.  Most likely from within.  It almost certainly won’t be for the reasons cited of dollar alternatives.  The yuan is a worthless, corrupt currency well more rotten than the dollar.   The argument that empire is failing because China is starting a non-dollar development bank is the same line of failed rationale used to justify the gold bubble.  China and Russia, two of the most corrupt states in the world, were buying gold.  So, this was used as a confirmation bias by those who owned gold that it must be a good investment and must continue its rise higher.   Meh.   Now, the same argument is being used about the end of the dollar.  China is creating an anti-dollar bank so that means the dollar must now collapse.   More bullshit.    China is creating an anti-dollar bank because if it doesn’t, it is going to experience mass unemployment, social instability and political collapse.   China needs to create new outlets for its massive production infrastructure or else.   Central banking bureaucrats around the world were selling gold when it was $250 an ounce and buying it at $1800 an ounce.   The same outcome will come to pass with all of these global political bureaucrats lining up to support China’s Asian development bank.   They are simply following the cheese and their timing is most often a contrary presage of maximum ignorance and their own impending doom.  All bureaucrats everywhere are anti-humanist, anti-progress, self-interested buffoons.  That’s why they are bureaucrats.   Because they can’t do anything else other than manipulate and control other people or maintain the status quo, regardless of its ethics or morality. 

This is also the same reason Russia is attempting to advance its own economic interests with the rest of the world.  Russia’s biggest concern is unemployment.    And why Russia recently floated the incredibly horrible idea (horrible for humanity, great news for the state) of a pan Asian currency, following in the foot steps of the European Union and the complete failure of the euro currency.   Another dunce idea by another state dunce.   A pan Asian currency would fail just as the euro has failed for exactly the same reasons.   A pan country currency is not to advance democracy but to advance the power of the state over humanity.    Russia is grasping at straws as its economy implodes.   Russia’s crisis too is going to get much worse.    Its pivoting to Asia and away from the west is the same ignorance that is driving states to join the Asian development banks.   How is becoming more reliant on the massive incompetence of China’s communism and its massive capital bubble going to provide the way forward for Putin and his economic stooges?   By the way, I never commented on the murder of a Russian politician a few months ago.   But the conspiracy theorists were all over the United States as the central blame.  It gets a little boring when everything is blamed on U.S. politicians.   If only they were so competent to be worthy of such blame.   But they aren’t.   The reality is Russia is and has been a version of the Wild West and a massive murder machine for anyone who tries to speak the truth about its systemic corruption.   56 journalists have been confirmed murdered in Russia since 1992 by the less than political Committee to Protect Journalists from the state.   The U.S. can only blush at such efficiency.  In the U.S. rather than murder people, we prefer to simply brainwash them through mainstream media and political propaganda.   Blood is just too messy and unnecessary.   That includes the brainwashing of the journalists themselves.  We have a much more refined form of state violence.   Hitler and other European predators taught us well.

The return of the multipolar world is another farcical meme that has developed with many.   There are those who wrongly believe the world is somehow better off with four large economic entities pumping massive weapons sales into the rest of the world instead of one.   The answer to U.S. hegemony is not the rise of even more U.S. wanna-be’s.   It’s a paradigm shift away from large, dominant powers manipulating all of humanity for their own self-interest.   It’s a restoration of power to localities, individuals and communities all across the world.    Democracy and self-rule is local.   This is the answer to the pathology of the state.   With Europe, Russia and China feverishly pumping weapons out of their factories for foreign sale, and Japan re-joining the fray, how exactly is this ever going to turn towards the benefit of humanity?  It benefits the state and its need for employment to domesticate humanity and increase its power and control.   The state is a virus and the answer is to see the extinction of the state and its inventions of control and violence.    

The reality is the state is at permanent odds with humanity.   And the state is at odds with other states for the same reason it is at odds with its own citizens.  We can unequivocally expect those odds (control) and that violence necessary to maintain those odds (control) to continue ratcheting higher around the world until humanity rises up to stop it.   The state can only exist by DIVIDING humanity through pathological manipulation, deceit and evil rather than uniting humanity in all of our highest good’s common wants and needs as sentient beings.   The state endlessly seeks to enslave humanity to its power through money, debt, corporate capitalism, socialism, communism, dictatorships, feudal control systems or whatnot.  And its invention of war is the method through which it maintains that divisiveness and control.   It’s really all of the same dynamic.  Different lipstick, the same pig.     Corporations and corporate capitalism love all manner of centralized state power including socialism, fascism, communism, dictatorships, feudalism,etc.   How often did I hear GE’s CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, as just one of countless examples, praise China and Middle Eastern dictators for their economic policies?   Corporate capitalism is a centrally-planned construct that relies on an all-powerful centralized control bureaucracy to enrich itself.   That’s why our founding principles of the Articles of Confederation (power distributed to the people) was quickly replaced by a centralized, federalist government.   Because moneyed economic interests of corporate capitalism and private, for-profit banks needed that control structure to enslave our people to corporate and financier domination. 

If only the U.S. could be even more controlled centrally, then corporate power could run roughshod over us even more than they already do.  Well, that is behind the rise in power of a centralize, far-off bureaucracy in Washington, DC that has more than a passing resemblance to King George in 1776.   It’s the will of our corporate masters. Just like King George’s moneyed corporate aristocracy that Thomas Jefferson wrote about.   Throughout history and today corporations have shown an affinity for any totalitarian form of state violence be it fascism, socialism, communism, dictatorships, feudalism, kings or whatnot.    Fawning over China, Russia or Saudi Arabia is a favorite pastime of corporate bureaucrats.    Thinking of this reminds me an article written in the Guardian some years ago about the Bush family wealth and how they essentially made no distinctions of morality in any economic decisions they made in support of Nazi Germany.   And how capitalism funded and helped create the two prior world wars.   This is substantially again in play today.  Those who have stolen all of our money and wealth do so without any moral distinctions.  And they criminally steal and pass our intellectual knowledge and labor to any nation on earth regardless of whether it is democratic or not.   And that lack of morality creates massive unintended crises around the world by providing technology, knowledge, funding and arms to state pathology, predators and the like.  All in the name of greed, profit and the free market.   By the way, this too was in play during the Civil War when the South wanted to trade with the murderous, economic-slavery-driven British Empire under the propaganda meme of free trade.   All socially-created memes are propaganda and control constructs created by class for the benefit of class whether they are southern plantation owners or Wall Street predators or political toadies.   Then when this all backfires on the rest of us, we fight the state’s wars and die for them by the millions.  Does anyone wonder if the capitalist class or the state cares how many of us die in today’s world?   They are already killing all of us through various legal, profitable methods of control anyway.

Let me take a paragraph to remark about those last few sentences before I continue on.  There have been quite a few reports recently about military morale and the trouble the armed services are having in filling employment quotas.    That includes reports headlining that many religious people (People with value systems that may be inconsistent with state violence.) leaving the military.  This is happening even though the military is spending massive amounts of money on brainwashing and propaganda.   There are also large studies that show an equally low morale in korporate amerika.   I noted many years ago that the U.S. military could eventually see mass desertions.   Now, what is happening is not a mass desertion yet but the military is now lowering its standards of acceptance for this very reason.   We haven’t seen a corporate exodus because people are on a forced march of korporate werk to stay alive but we do hear corporations repeatedly telling us they cannot fill the front-line, rank-and-file employee positions or those that are often the most exploited.   Those front-line positions would be comparable to front-line military personnel thrown into battle.   This dynamic is the exact same across corporate capitalism and the military.   Both are state-created, anti-democratic, command-and-control institutions that rely on people abandoning their value systems and their own ability to think for themselves and adopting the value systems of their masters who bark orders at them.    It’s no coincidence our founders warned us about both standing armies and the king’s corporate capitalism.  It’s no coincidence that both are also experiencing massive morale problems.   I noted on here some time ago how corporate command structures are the exact parallel to the military with a king or commander, generals, the propaganda unit, the foot soldiers, etc.    They are both forced competition (Godlessness) that exploits the masses of humanity battling each other for the glory and power of class and hierarchy enforced by the state.   The mass awakening we are witnessing is making it more and more difficult for the state to wage war on its own population and against people around the world.    That mass awakening has not yet filtered through all of the world but it definitely is a major social development in other parts of the world as well.    Modern economics as it has always been practiced is a form of violence against humanity that is a creature of the state.   I keep hammering on this point because the future of what societies and socioeconomic constructs will look like will likely change very, very radically.    Thousands of years ago wealthy societies worked a fraction of what we work today and there is a reason for that.   Because modern economies are an extension of state power rather than expressions of democratic and human want or need.

Jefferson’s warning about the aristocracy of moneyed British corporations is finally coming to pass more than two hundred years later.   There are many parallels between Russia, China, Europe and the United States as the four major world powers today.   Within the rural and small town areas away from corporate, financier and political power of the state, the masses of people generally live by a well-developed ethical code of conduct.  In rural and small community China it is still Confucianism and Taoism, in the U.S. and Europe generally Christianity and in Russia it’s Orthodox Christianity.  There are obviously other sects of these philosophical value systems as well but that’s irrelevant to the point.    My point is these philosophies (and many other valid ones as well including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc,) provided philosophical guideposts for ethical behavior and a just existence for the right-minded person.   But once one enters the major metropolitan areas in any nation, the guideposts of ethical behavior are determined by the state and the philosophy of statism determined by corporations, financiers, religious lunatics, politicians and the like that dominate and control major metropolitan economics for the masses.   Not only did Jefferson resist the social values of financiers, corporations and politicians, but he very much tied them to living in large cities that were cesspools of moral rot.   He espoused a society that was generally agrarian or based on the philosophical social fabric of community and rural identities still manifested through Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity and Russian Orthodox Christianity in small and rural communities of the world’s largest states today.   It’s no coincidence that the fall of humanity and the rise of the state has been correlated to a massive human movement in the last century away from rural and community living to major cities where people are now reliant on the power of the state and its inventions of finance, politics and corporations.  People have lost all power of community in this process and now lead fate-filled lives intertwined with state power.  There is almost no reliance at all on people’s own abilities or local communities.  And those ethical philosophies have been dumped by the wayside in favor of ego-driven rationalizations regarding what is acceptable.   Now people are reliant on the projection of violence of the state and corporations, politicians, financiers and many religious lunatics that endorse their behavior.   In other words, with this century-long massive migration to cities, the state is more reliant than every in providing employment to the masses for its very survival.   The issue around the world is NOT debt.   The issue facing the state is providing employment in a world where there is no employment other than make work.  Mind you, this creation of make work by the state and modern economics is a dynamic that has been unfolding for decades.   This is the major destabilizing factor facing the state and its accumulation of power and domination over every aspect of our lives.    And why states are now turning against one another in a final bid at maintaining their own power at the expense of other states.   This employment pact between the states and its domesticated citizens is one the state cannot keep without massive inwardly and outwardly focused emotional, spiritual and physical violence to further its control and its need for employment growth.  Which is a major reason why many peoples around the world, led by political and corporate dunces, now support war, the violence of the state and corporate governance (TPP trade agreement, WTO, IMF, NAFTA, etc) as a method of resolving differences between states.   The fate of all who serve our corporate masters is directly intertwined with the fate of the state and its projection of violence.  For without it, our wealth, employment and careers will collapse.

Finally, I want to make some comments about the climate and economics.   One of those volatile factors is that we are likely moving into a cold, dry climate as has been noted on here for many years.   There are astronomical/astrological events that dictate the behavior of the sun. (As well as many other factors we just don’t understand.)   And the sun, being a million times the size of the earth, and millions upon millions multiplied by millions upon millions of times far more impactful than anything humanity is ever going to do to climate, is far and away the most important aspect of solar system climate variability.    After five decades of the most active sun in 11,000 years according to the Max Planck Institute’s analysis, the sun has collapsed.   California and many parts of the world are experiencing major droughts.   Honestly, I am just as clueless as anyone else as to how long that will last.   But, changes to the planet come with economic consequences.   Economic volatility is often coincidence with natural volatility.   Some people would surmise the latter creates the former but the evidence does not support that perception.   It is more apparent the same energy is causing both – I have forecasted a cold, dry climate, global economic chaos and a weak sun well before any of them unfolded.   And none of those forecasts are predicated on effects of the others.  They are predicated on the cycle of volatility we are in.   Regardless, California is now facing an economic crisis as the U.S.’s major fruit and vegetable producer.   The methods used to produce much of this abundance are unsustainable.   If these mega farmers, many of whom rely upon  exploitative economics, (slave labor, destructive farming methods, privatizing mass public water resources for their own personal profit while socializing the cost to society, etc) cannot adapt, democracy and humanity has the right to allow those who can adapt to more sustainable farming methods to act as stewards of the land on behalf of humanity.   But nature may accomplish just that anyway.   It’s not a democratic right or a natural right to garner massive amounts of nature’s resources and then exploit that power for personal gain and profit as many farmers do.   The industrial food complex is headed for the dung heap.  That likely includes many of the massive strip mining efforts at food production.  

The sign of end times of this system are everywhere.  This cycle, which is reliant on a very small number of people dominating all of humanity, is thus best characterized by ignorance.  When the vast majority of human expression is suppressed under the rule of man, what results is a worldview created by a small number of people.   Invariably, that will, without exception, be a control system based completely on ignorance.   For a relative few people can never invent, create and express themselves with the endless diversity of needs and abilities of all of humanity.   The tolerance for ignorance, sameness, conformity and incompetence and the tolerance of average or poor performance is systemic in any system of class.   Just as any form of state tyranny always is.    I can see myself in the actions and deeds of others, and because of that I can clearly see the end in almost everything.    The ego amuses itself to death or collapse.   Quite literally.   Reality TV, infatuation with Hollywood and sports figures who have become the most emotionally-stunted, self-centered people in society through their desire to be famous or adored because they don’t grant their own love themselves, unprecedented centralized political power and control over humanity, monetary emission with no benefit to humanity, the glorification of war and corporate violence,  infatuation with sports, entertainment and self-amusement, ignorant thug culture that has gone mainstream, deviance or acting out of all sorts, addictions of all sorts, bureaucrats literally making it illegal to feed the homeless and other asinine forms of bureaucratic control, endless useless rules and regulations that protect the ruling class while subverting freedom, the rise of a class of ignorant self-assuming wealth that serves no purpose other than its own endless self-amusement like the Kardashians, Hollywood, Wall Street, Washington DC, lobbyists and the like.   And an infatuation with that class of people’s vile ego-driven behavior by the media and society as a whole.  This certainly must have been what the world looked like in France before the French Revolution, in Britain leading up to the American Revolution and the fall of the Roman Empire.    There was once a time when one may have  wondered how a bunch of rag-tag, underfunded, underqualified average joe’s kicked the British Empire’s ass, routed the French aristocracy or sacked Rome with all of their resources and power.   But now it has become all so evident and clear.   The buffoonery of a class-based society controlled by the force of the state eventually becomes so self-consumed with its own ignorance, inanity, self-centeredness and incompetence that barely blowing on it can create its own demise.   And that is what we see all around the world today.   The state is now reliant on massive overt violence in order to maintain its control.   The deft manipulation of emotional and spiritual violence is failing to achieve desired results as people wake up to their own suffering created by this system.   There is no consent of the governed anywhere.   There is literally no legitimate right to rule so rule is established through state-enforced violence.  And so it will be until we stop it or they end up killing us all and themselves through their miscalculations of aggression and power they need to maintain domination over humanity.

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