Monday, January 25, 2021

Timely Remarks Regarding Systemic US Corporate State Social, Economic & Democratic Fragility Exposed By Pandemic

Another unplanned post before I continue with the prior thread of professional class magical thinking.

I really view this pandemic as a truth serum.  It exposes the fragility of whatever is left of US society.  It exposes how leaving our society up to corporations to make decisions on our behalf is literally a fukcing disaster. Just as I noted it would early this year before a single death in the US.  The list below of examples of fragility goes deep and wide and includes literally hundreds, if not thousands of major shortcomings created by bludgeoning democracy and public policy and allowing the mythical corporate capitalist free market to dominate society; this dynamic has been discussed on here over the years. Those who believe Trump or Biden or anyone is going to fix anything are sadly mistaken. The system is so incredibly fragile that any changes such as paying all citizens a living wage or taxing those who have stolen from the poor are likely to cause it to substantially destabilize. Because my analysis concludes that 2008 was the “end” of globalization (I’ll talk more about my past comments on this and why the economic dynamics we have seen since 2008 looks more like continuation effects similar to the change in direction of a large ship, for lack of a better description, than a continuation of globalization. But, today it looks like 2020s attempted global reflation has been a failure and if so, serious crises like ahead.) and US economic wealth peaked forty-odd years ago, I expect 2021 to be a continuation in the expansion of the cycle of volatility that is the overarching theme on here; I expect a more volatile 2021 than 2020 across economic, financial, social and political dynamics. Globally.

Examples of US fragility-

  1. Paying people slave wages creates a fragile economy and society that lives on the edge of endless systemic crises. Period.
  2. Allowing corporate fascists to offshore ANY US jobs in industry that is still used and even crucial to US economic and democratic success is criminal and an act of treason by corporate capitalists.
  3. Denying people healthcare or forcing them into fascist corporate Obamacare that literally extorts massive sums from citizens with huge deductibles and copays creates massive economic and social fragility that only benefits investors and corporate capitalist bureaucrats.
  4. Creating global supply chains so US corporations can extort foreign slaves for profits greater than they can extort from US citizens creates massive social shocks beyond economic devastation within the US working class. It also creates shocks and fragilities where US citizens are reliant on dictatorships to provide necessary goods and services.
  5. Allowing corporations to destroy small business, municipality-owned business and localism creates a society lacking in local resilience, democratic determinism and diversity. Localities are unable to be self-sufficient in any meaningful way.
  6. Allowing corporations to close community hospitals or reduce beds needed to ensure resiliency with any natural, economic or social shocks because it serves investors and profits creates a fragile society unable to care of those in need of healthcare.
  7. Allowing corporate agriculture to consolidate its power and food production into dehumanizing, gargantuan factories destroys local community’s ability to provide resilience and deal with potential food shocks for its citizens. Not only that, but the corporate takeover of agriculture has made the US a food insecure nation.  We now import as much as we consume because taxpayer subsidized corporate agriculture produces what grants it the greatest profit. That profit is often served better overseas where it can then employ the same model it uses in the US to decimate small farmers and print monopolistic profits.
  8. Our educational system leaves citizens lacking in skills and resilience to defend democracy and themselves from the corporate state.  Corporate capitalism, a system of forced competition for resources by citizen slaves, relies on a society to be uneducated.  The uneducated or propagandized, useless education delivered to the masses via media, academia and corporations is fundamental to its success. Because the masses have to be controlled to accept their lot in life determined by a ruling economic class.  Education for the masses is an anathema for corporations. Because then you will question corporations determining your lot in life and your economic worthiness.  The lack of true education in the US is horrific and leads to conspiracies and magical thinking by those who otherwise follow authority and abandon their free will without a concern.  Compare this to the ancient Athenians who created the liberal arts to ensure citizens were educated to defend democracy.  Corporate capitalism hates liberal arts because it teaches people how to think rather than what to think. Corporate stooges mock liberal arts as useless and mock how it provides no skills needed to get a corporate job.
  9. In a nutshell, what I am stating above is corporate profits and resultant lacking democratic government and public policy come at the expense of social, economic and democratic resilience and have created a massively fragile society. The free market and corporate capitalism being synonymous with democracy is pure bullshit. What’s synonymous with democracy and resilience is localism, family businesses, community-owned businesses, democracy-owned businesses, local entrepreneurialism, employee owned businesses and cooperatives and on and on. A topic beaten like a rented mule on here over the last sixteen years and now being exposed as very lacking and creating massive fragility in the process.
  10. Citizen government is dead. Dead. And, this creates a fragile society in multiple ways. One is democracy doesn’t policy plan to build resilient society, individuals and communities. We don’t have public servants. We don’t have participatory democracy. The corporate state wants as much participation from you as the CCP does in China. Or, the Politburo in the USSR. You get to pretend to vote for corporate-approved stooges in a two-party duopoly and then you are told to go away. No fomenting democracy in the streets. No active participation in making laws or running government. The Athenians, who brought us liberal arts, philosophy, science, assembly government and the golden age of the average man noted 3000 years ago that if you don’t rule yourself (participatory, direct democracy), you’ll soon be ruled by idiots. That is the corporate state of the US of A in spades. Ruled by corporate, political, academic, religious state, military and corporate media idiots.  The way out is for the mass of citizens to exert their individual and community power and strip it from the corporate state. There’s no need for violence. It’s easy.  We simply need to stop carping at each (what the system is designed to force us to do) other long enough to realize the root cause of our ills are the economic plutocracy that steal our wealth, our jobs, our free will, our creativity, our democratic determinism and our communities.

I could go on and on and so could you.  But, just a few highlights to get your creative juices flowing in what you see. 

I think most by now are willing to stop pretending that the outbreak is fake. Especially because it ravaged rural communities in the US that were caught up in Trump’s power of suggestion and magical thinking. This virus isn’t the flu.  Most recover but many also deal with consequences of unknown longer term effects.  And, while we have responded with some treatments that improve recovery, our economic, social and political responses are an unmitigated disaster for citizens and citizen-owned businesses while the political elites and corporations continue their plunder of US citizens. 

I noted before the election that it would be hard for Trump to win the election if it hit rural areas, which were his strong base.  Trump would have won re-election if he would have taken his responsibilities more seriously.  Even the appearance of doing so.  I saw a poll soon after the election that only 25% of Americans who voted against Trump actually supported Biden.  Anecdotally, that sounds about right. We’ll see where Biden ends up in four years. But I’m quite confident the world will not unfold in any way that allows him or the Democratic Party establishment to dictate policy.  It’ll likely be chaotic and reactive given the disastrous state of US society and an economy that peaked decades ago.  Fundamentally, the US economy is and has been a growing disaster for decades.  Half of our citizens make less than $20,000 per year and the participation rate has collapsed since the 1970s.  The shocks it is taking are exposing our lack of social and economic resilience that cannot be measured in corporate profits.  In other words, the free market is an abject failure. Of course, never in human history has any type of self-government or democracy(republicanism is a form of democracy) thrown its citizens to private, wealthy economic interests and told them to sink or swim. Then, deal with the consequences of poverty, crime, addiction and insecurity.  The US is officially a failed state created by Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan, Ronald Reagan and the founding neoliberals.

I noted in a couple of posts before any pandemic deaths in the US in substantial detail that the US would likely be a disaster zone if the pandemic was a serious one. Everything has been an abject failure since. The US is less of a country than it is a corporate plantation. (continued discussion in upcoming posts)  And, that corporate devouring of our democracy that has been ongoing for at least 150 years is substantially behind the US puppet government. 

We’ve been made promise after promise by corporations, politicians(that have been exposed as unaccountable lies) and in 2020 by experts at the FDA and CDC for a year.  They have all been abject failures.  It doesn’t help that we have an anti-science society that embraces magical thinking and conspiracies but in reality, the state created that too. 

We now are officially being told the RNA vaccines don’t provide immunity on new virus strains.  Per my post after the release of my vaccine, we still have no safety and efficacy data or science behind the ramrodded vaccine.  I can say with nearly complete accuracy that everything experts and government have told us about policy has been nearly 100% wrong.  They may not be wrong on the science but that has yet to be proven; which is why we do detailed data-driven trials to confirm the theory.  While I noted I won’t be taking the vaccine anytime soon, it’s not because I side with conspiracy theorists and the anti-science crowd.  The vaccine science itself is theoretically elegant.  But I want to see greater transparent data and it’s not forthcoming.  And, now side effects and outcomes that aren’t easily determined with 20,000 trial participants because they may happen only once every 25,000 times or once every 12,000 times or whatnot, seem to be popping up.  (These could lead to tens or hundreds of thousands of unanticipated vaccine outcomes.)

On that note, my family just suffered a death of someone who was in good health until receiving the first dose of the vaccine.  Coincidence? Possible. But, if this were a death that happened within a certain time frame of contracting the virus, it would be classified as virus-caused.  Yet, we aren’t doing the same with post vaccine deaths.  In fact, in this case, no one is investigating anything.  I’m sure that’s not an isolated situation.  Unfortunately, the government has no formal data collection process post vaccine so we don’t know the extent of side effects or deaths.  But, we do see a few hundred deaths and many times that in serious side effects in the CDC’s VAERS data reporting system.  Unfortunately, just like everything else, this data collection effort is a comedy of errors so we really don’t know what we don’t know.  In other words, unknown unknowns and unknown knowns.

The trifling with this virus by society is most disturbing because the longer it burns as a slow fuse, the more chance it has to mutate into something else.  Delaying second booster shots beyond the trial science as a few nations have started to do also leaves a weakened virus with more time to mutate against the vaccine.  The viral load data on new strains is disturbing.  Overloading the immune system in volume becomes another form of concern as relevant as mutation against a vaccine.

In closing, the debate about medical masks is more political than anything else. Medical masks aren’t to protect you from a single virus particle entering your nose or mouth. We don’t know how many viruses it takes to make someone sick.  But it isn’t one or two.  They are to protect you from the mass of sputum when someone coughs or is substantially virally shedding from the mouth or nose. Sputum that often floats in indoor air for an extended length of time.  If you don’t think masks work, let’s do a trial.  You can ask the most fragile, elderly amongst those you love to let someone who is infected to cough or spit in their mouth.  Let’s see if they get sick or die.  Because this is what masks are meant to protect. 

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Will Trump Be Impeached By The Senate? Congress Is Who Should Really Be Impeached.

One more post before my stated next post.  Quick comment here on the political wrangling over Trump’s involvement in the march on Washington.  First, I see many Democrats labeling the Trump supporter March as terrorists.  That’s baloney.  And, so was the label when applied to the BLM marches.  There were bad actors and possibly agent provocateurs in both as I noted back during the BLM marches. The FBI, which certainly spies on Americans has stated the largest terrorist threat are right wing radical groups. That’s probably true. But, even their numbers label this group at comprised of around 50,000 people.  We live in a nation of 330 million people. I’m surprised the number is that low.  Ditto with Antifa on the left. Both have legitimate grievances. But, their actions of violence harm innocent people.

I’ve noted many times on here that I’m as close to a pacifist as one can be without actually being one.  The American people can end this system in a week. It’s simple.  A coordinated walkout of all workers and non-corporate business owners would bring the system to its knees.  Or, simply stop buying or using anything other than essentials and the corporate power structure will collapse. Nonviolence works. Violence doesn’t. It plays into the hands of the establishment and gives them legitimate reasons to increase the laws and infrastructure to perpetuate its control over others.  But, people’s anger runs so deep and has been festering for so long, continued violence is likely. 

Should Donald Trump be impeached? Trump manipulates some of his followers into behavior that threatens society.  Does it rise to the level of impeachment?  It comes back to personal responsibility.  Did he actually make those people do anything?  No. Does he yell fire in a theater?  In some form, possibly. Do countless other politicians do this? Yes.  Here’s my perspective.  Which isn’t something that’ll be printed in the mainstream corporate media or uttered by politicians. 

Donald Trump should be impeached if everyone in Congress should be prosecuted for treason, expelled or recalled. And, I do mean literally everyone. Every single member of Congress has played some role in terrorizing Americans and people of the world. I can think of a few who tried to resist but in the end, they support the system for their own self-entitlement.  Trump used speech to manipulate the masses. Congress uses speech to manipulate the masses.  Here’s what Congress also has done.  Just a sample-

  1. Congress has committed treason by sending tens of millions of jobs overseas that has resulted in upwards of 100 million job losses. Those citizens are asked to re-train into some generally useless consumption position that serves corporate hyper-consumerism or corporations.
  2. Congress is terrorizing free speech and privatizing the execution of speech police by fascist Silicon Valley corporations, corporate media and the like. (Btw, Silicon Valley was created by the government and the military industrial complex. It’s not an irony that I’ve noted numerous times on here over the last dozen years that Apple, Google and Facebook were headed for extinction.)
  3. Congress’s inaction on social safety nets, an Enlightenment Principle, results in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. And, even more deal with sickness and despondency.  Lack of access to healthcare, the opioid epidemic of despair, food addictions created by economic instability and poverty, corporate government-created poverty that leads to heart attacks, cancer and the like, etc, etc,
  4. Congress in concert with corporations has bludgeoned small business and killed the hopes and dreams of families and American citizens. And, as a result, has created massive despondency and emotional instability.
  5. Congress funds endless unconstitutional wars that terrorize innocent people around the world.  This, as well as CIA and US government plots to destroy democratic movements and support pliant dictators, has resulted in the deaths of millions of people outside of our nation.  And, has left hundreds of thousands of US families with loss of loved ones, mental illness and disabled veterans.
  6. Congress forces endless numbers of people into corporate state induced poverty by not providing them economic opportunity, guaranteed work or a democratic economic environment where they can serve their communities by opening their own businesses.
  7. Congress commits treason by selling out the American people to corporate lobbyists, foreign agent lobbyists and other scumbags that line the pockets of US politicians while they are in office or after they leave office.

I could go on and on by collecting the grievances of the American people against the corporate state’s ruling class.  Like all systems of class and hierarchy, Congress takes no responsibility for the outcomes of their actions. 

Trump will almost certainly be impeached by both houses of Congress for two reasons.  1) Because fascist Republicans (Democrats are right-wing fascists too) fear his return in 2024 and want to place a permanent label on him. (That will likely backfire)  2) Because everyone in the wildly corrupt political machines views him as a threat to their entitlement. And someone who incites the little people with no voice.   To not accept their fate as dictated to them by corporations, bankers and politicians.  It’s wildly bizarre because Trump has been corporate America’s best friend on taxes but their enemy on globalization.  In his own way, I can only imagine he believes lowering taxes will repatriate overseas jobs.  That didn’t and won’t work.  The US will have to strip corporations, banks and government policy that enables both of their power and return to a tariff-based economy as it existed until Wall Street, corporations and the political stooges literally overthrew our democracy. It certainly wasn’t perfect before that but our nation’s tyranny grew in magnitudes with the adoption of corporate capitalism as a control system.

What the completely-out-of-touch politicians don’t seem to realize is there actions are going to incite future unrest and volatility. Large swaths of the American people have had literally most everything taken from them. And, we know when people have nothing to lose, they lose their fear that this system of conformity requires to perpetuate itself.  The US is a soft form of totalitarianism that requires Americans to willfully accept our slavery.  As long as the masses had a pot to piss in, that form of brainwashing and propaganda generally worked. Of course, with the fear of poverty, homelessness or prison behind it; the social safety nets of corporate capitalism.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Update: Evil, The Corporate State And Totalitarian Cults

I want to remark one more time about my second to last post and the events in Washington DC before moving onto the next post. 

I’ve noted on here that to be human is to be a hypocrite. But, we are truly a nation of hypocrites.  I have enough internet feeds on what is happening in our nation to understand the tone and self-righteous indignation of nearly every slice of society. That hypocrisy is rooted in pure ignorance.  We heard all summer about the hypocrisy of Democrats, which is very true. But, now we see the hypocrisy of the Republicans, which is equally true. The blind spots of the ego are endless.

In a hierarchical society so grossly controlled by corporate capitalism and political parties, no one is responsible for their beliefs or their behavior except those who are exploited or suffer the consequences.  That is never the corporate executive or CEO, the corporate media or politicians.  And, that is a major reason why the system is collapsing. Mind you, this will not be found anywhere else on the state of modern corporate capitalist society. It’s either not well-understood or it’s subverted if anyone who did understand, tried to make it a mainstream conversation.

When the vast majority of Republicans and some number of Democrats voted to send millions of jobs to Mexico, who suffered the consequences? Ditto with China? Vietnam? India? Europe? Democracy suffered the consequences.  The American working class suffered the consequences.  Both lost good-paying jobs, retirement plans and some ability to live above the need for government assistance. Our society lost its resilience and ability to deal with any type of shock or disaster.  When Donald Trump incites citizens with lies or distortions about voter fraud, and some of them bring Confederate flags, guns and molotov cocktails to Washington DC, who suffers the consequences?  When Fox News or MSNBC perpetuates half facts or purposefully deceives in order to create false narratives and belief systems or perpetuate ignorance, who suffers the consequences?  When a CEO making millions of dollars slashes wages or sends factories to China and destroys people’s lives, who suffers the consequences?  When Wall Street commits massive fraud that results in millions of Americans being economically-damaged, who suffers the consequences?  When Americans believe what corporations, politicians and their favorite media tells them, who suffers the consequences? You do. I do. Democracy does. Those at the bottom of the hierarchical social pyramid do. 

Who in this world is personally responsible for any of their actions?  Republicans and corporations tell you that they are personally responsible because they work for their living.  This is utter horseshit.  Who?  No one.  And, I’ll tell you why.

Millions upon millions of Americans believe bat-shit nonsense because they were told to believe this by someone seeking dominion or power, be it economic, money or political power.  Let me cite a few examples below. 

Fox News spins up that there was election fraud.  They have zero incontrovertible facts. If they did, they would present them through investigative journalism. But, instead they rely on Trump and his Nazi-esque Big Lies.  Courts are presented legal challenges yet literally none of these challenges provide enough evidence to pursue legal recourse.  So, now, it has turned into a big conspiracy. 40% of Republicans “believe” there is election fraud.  Yet, none of them have any hard evidence worthy of a court room.  A huge percentage of them have no fukcign idea what they are talking about. Does that mean there was absolutely no fraud? Of course not. There has been election fraud in the US since the beginnings of our nation.  Usually local and petty to feed the machine.  Republicans and Democrats commit fraud by gerrymandering.  Republicans and Democrats commit fraud by conspiring to keep other parties from participating in elections.  But, as it pertains to the 2020 presidential election, what it does mean is you are being told what to believe.  And, no one is holding you (meaning anyone perpetuating this)accountable for perpetuating conspiratorial beliefs. Why? Because you lead an insular life of narcissistic tribalism where the only feedback you receive is from people who think like you and thus confirm your beliefs.  Even Google tailors your searches to your beliefs., this reinforcing ignorance.  This happens every day in the politicization of our nation by the military, academia, corporations, corporate media and politicians on both sides.

Here’s an even more insidious example that happened with many of the protesters who went to Washington DC.  Many of Trump rally supporters are the most rabid adherents of his cult of personality. Those most manipulated by his power of suggestion, conspiracies and paranoia.  QAnon kooks and “stop the steal” conspiracy believers have put forth this notion of a national uprising where Trump is their savior anointed by God.  And, that we are in some Biblical apocalyptic moment.  This is magical thinking and the result of the power of evil to manipulate the minds of those most vulnerable.  In a hierarchical control system such as corporate capitalism and political parties, it is required to keep the mass of population ignorant so that they will accept their lot in life.  To be told by those at the top what their fate is. (I’m sending your job to China. I’m taxing your earnings or home to transfer it to corporations, I’m forcing you to re-skill yourself because I’ve decided your jobs and family don’t matter, etc.)  Those on the receiving end of this are generally good and decent people who have been exploited by class. But, they often rely on conspiracy and paranoia in lieu of data, objective reality or science because the system wishes to keep them ignorant about how society and our economy operates.  Then we have the flip side where many near the top or entitled in hierarchical society are sanctimonious in their finger wagging at the actions of Trump supporters or Black Americans, both of whom are suffering the same fate.  Mostly good people that have been given the shaft by a system of forced economic competition and violence such as corporate capitalism.  These are the mudsill people or useless eaters as the capitalist elites have historically labeled them.  And, they are the class of people that corporate capitalism and political elites have often sacrificed through various methods such as economic imprisonment, poor houses, debtor’s prisons, indentured servitude, prison and penal colonies, eugenics, mass genocidal wars, etc.  They often have no careers, no retirements, no entitlement of hierarchy but grow the food (pick the cotton), clean the toilets and provide the services(servants) for those of corporate, military, academic, corporate media and political entitlement.  They exist for one reason and one reason only in the mind of the entitled; to provide entitlement to those who worship careerism and who rise to the top of a system that defeats individual emotional and spiritual growth. That relies on the masses for their wealth, careers and titles. 

This is all because there is no common good or no social contract, an enlightenment principle, underpinning American society.  And, there never has been.  Our society has always been controlled by hierarchical power rather than direct or even republican democracy.  And, it’s a major reason why I have consistently agitated for direct democracy, an economic constitution, power restored to communities and citizens from corporations (and the federal and state governments corporations have devoured), etc.  It’s a major reason I’ve been writing of its coming collapse for so long. With a crisis date of 2022. (We shall see.)

We have an entire nation who is willing to die for lies and bullshit people tell themselves. How many rabid Fox News viewers watch MSNBC or CNN with an open mind to validate their beliefs?  Or vice versa?  Or objectively reject those beliefs as propaganda and lies they are willing to believe? How many people even recognize how to take a belief and deconstruct it into a rational statement that can then be objectively evaluated for completeness or accuracy?  From what I see in the mainstream, almost no one.  That includes the political half wits in Washington, the media, the war machine and those that are manipulated by the system. These types of crazy beliefs are perpetuated because someone in a position of entitlement wants them to be perpetuated.  And, that is true for all politicized belief systems in our nation. And, the world.

Karl Popper is one of the most brilliant thinkers of the last one hundred years.  He’s also one of two people who I can state have properly defined what science is and isn’t.  He applied this same form of philosophical reasoning to identify objective reality versus belief systems or the endless bullshit our egos tell us.  Are Americans taught this ability?  Wouldn’t a free society that wishes to remain free anticipate that education is about preparing citizens to be productive defenders of democracy?  Wouldn’t reasoning and science be part of that?  Like the ancient Greeks who viewed liberal arts education as a requirement for citizens to be defenders of a free and democratic society that embraced the common good.  Instead, the corporate state defines education as being able to read a seventh grade instruction manual to serve your corporate masters.

But, a real education, one that prepares you to defend your freedom and the common good with science, reason, rhetoric, mathematics, the arts, etc.  isn’t how hierarchical systems work. Hierarchical systems and institutionalization, which most specifically in our case is corporate capitalism, is how evil controls and manipulates the masses.  It’s how tyranny is foisted upon humanity. And, as noted on here endlessly over the years, it’s a precursor to social and economic crisis as people continue to awaken to reality.

The new Age of Enlightenment continues. Bad news for the corporate state and its obedient adherents.

Next up, the magical thinking of America’s professional class.

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Friday, January 08, 2021

U.S. Corporate Capitalism Will Almost Certainly Attempt To Usher In A Virulent Form Of Socialism

In my next post, I’m going to follow up on the last post. Specifically, magical thinking and the professional class in corporate capitalism.  It’s a follow-up to a post from many years ago with more detail on the insidiousness we see unfolding in our world over the last half century or so.  But, before I do so, I want to put a place marker on here that I will return to within the next handful of posts. I’m doing so because I want any readers to be watching for dynamics surrounding the title of this post as I will be.

From my analysis over the years, I expect corporate capitalism to attempt to usher in the next step in what I view as America’s growing soft totalitarianism.  What do I mean by that? I expect corporation capitalism in concert with both political parties to attempt to usher in a very insidious and virulent form of socialism to save itself.  I can see the libertarians and conservatives who view corporate capitalism and the free markets as synonymous with democracy.  But, this too is magical thinking that I will continue to smash in future posts.  That includes very clear mathematical and social dynamics that refute this without question.  This type of thinking has absolutely no basis in any kind of reality.  It’s purely based on propaganda-created beliefs.

The United States as any form of constitutional republic, democracy or nation of laws based on natural or inalienable rights is as close to death as it can get without actually being dead. And, we are here not because of Marxism or communism or Black Lives Matter or other nonsensical bullshit.  We are here because the United States is a corporate plantation that has devoured democracy and our government. That includes our government and both political parties. I’ve noted this day was coming for a long time on here and we are now in very, very dangerous times.  The greatest danger on our nation is not the far left or the far right but the political middle.  Those who have been stupefied by the media, corporations and political parties. Those who lack the courage to dissent.  Or, have become domesticated by corporations. 

Our nation is going to become more and more divided not by left or right divisive manipulation of the elite establishment. But, rather think in terms of the Soviet Union or our pre-Revolutionary times.  It will become more divided by the mass of people who have become dehumanized zombies, supporting the system out of fear or self-interest without any critical thought and dissidents who recognize the outright evil of the corporate state as a control system.

Without going into detail in this post, what I am stating is far from radical as I’ll note in the following handful of paragraphs. 

Who makes most of the corporate items you consume in the United States and has for a long time? Authoritarian nations.  This includes communist China, communist Vietnam, Authoritarian Saudi Arabia, the failed authoritarian state of Mexico (created and propped up by the United States) and on and on and on.  There’s a reason for that as noted on here in prior posts. In fact, it’s the reason why our founders chucked the Articles of Confederation and adopted the Constitution with a powerful federalist government. Because financiers, corporations and the like need an all-powerful federal authority to enforce their tyranny on the people. Otherwise, who would agree to live in economic chains? 

I’ve noted on here repeatedly that corporate capitalism is authoritarian and has an illustrious history of supporting said policies.  The United States had the most brutal and bloodiest corporate labor wars, with tens of thousands of walkouts, strikes and outright armed battles resulting in murders and mayhem with corporate stooges aligned with the U.S. law enforcement.  That lasted eighty years leading into World War II where in 1937 citizens came as close to outright revolution as they had since 1776.  U.S. corporations most specifically played a very large role in the rise of Adolph Hitler and building out the Nazi war state. Winston Churchill and the British royal family heaped praises on corporate fascism and Adolph Hitler as late as 1938.  Smedley Butler testified before the Congress that U.S. corporations approached him to overthrow the U.S. government to replace it with a fascist corporate leader.  American capitalists should have been prosecuted after World War II for playing a major role in murdering fifty million people. Yet, the world was silent.  There is also ample evidence that Wall Street funded the second Russian revolt in 1917 to overturn what would have possibly been a fledgling democracy and inserted Lenin and his communist stooges.  Lenin lived in New York and there is ample evidence he raised funds from American capitalists. And, there is ample evidence that American corporations helped the communists restart the Russian economy and provided them ample technology.  Just like they are doing in China today. I could go on and on but today the U.S. government wages war on second and third world countries where citizens attempt to vote in democratic governments. The intent is to ensure authoritarian governments propped up by the U.S. and who are pliant to U.S. corporate interests are installed.

There ain’t jack shit that’s democratic about corporate capitalism.

I’ll soon be posting how I expect this will unfold based in future posts. But, we should watch what Republican and Democrats agree upon as the basis for this to unfold.  Never forget, the establishment hated Trump not because he tried to drain the swamp. They hated him because he exposed how ugly the U.S. corporate state actually is.  Nancy Pelosi and Democrats voted to support all of Trump’s policies. There’s no discernable difference in economic ideology. The only differences, however minute, exist in the levels of  corporate capture extremism between individual Republicans and Democrats.

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Thursday, January 07, 2021

Evil, America’s Totalitarian Cults And Yesterday’s Washington Events

Anyone who has been reading this blog for the last sixteen calendar years should not be surprised at either the US protests this past summer or what happened in Washington yesterday. The Fox News, OAN, Newsmax propaganda machines had a field day with the politicization and lies of this summer’s protests; labeling the most poor and exploited as Marxists and socialists. Likewise, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC propaganda machines had a field day with the lies of yesterday; calling American citizens terrorists and comparing their actions to the British invasion of our capital in the War of 1812.  The histrionics of the corporate media are palpable. I’ve noted on here many times I haven’t watched television news for twenty five years or most of my adult life. More recently, I pulled the plug on cable TV and the endless amusement and propaganda of the corporate state.

Once again, if you follow any of these news sources, you likely have no idea what is really happening in the world. Literally everything is turned into attempts to manipulate you.

At one point in our nation, we had some amount of non-corporate media. These were generally guild members who hated the establishment’s power and provided very beneficial source of news and investigative journalism. No more. Although some of that is returning online.  The last nails in the coffin were when Clinton deregulated media and allowed a handful of major corporations to consolidate into a bastion of pure corporate ideology.  You know, the free market; corporate capitalism good, government bad.

Corporate media in capitalism is driven by the motive of profit. What exactly does that mean to the viewer? It means that the “journalists” who are really capitalist celebrity figures develop a following based on a profitable ideology. Sane people call this a cult. Insane people call it news. Any deviation from this cult of politicized beliefs results in a loss of viewership as we see with Fox News and their war with Donald Trump.  People like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are the founding cult leaders of identity politics.  This has now spilled over to Republican, Libertarian and Democratic Party television, print media and social media stars who also develop cult followings.  We also see this on Twitter, Instagram, etc where the goal is to become a social influencer to develop a cult following to tell people what to think and how to think. So, as an example, there may be social justice warriors who develop followings. It even extends to social influencers who are paid by corporations to convince their followers to buy their products. Or, whatnot.  The list of cult leaders is broad and encompasses factions within the establishment.  It’s very insidious and a form of soft totalitarianism in rote, brainwashed thinking.

So, for-profit media both online and in traditional venues has an intent to develop a cult following for the purposes of building a position of financial entitlement and careerism by profiting off their followers. In other words, corporate parasites.  This is an extension of corporate capitalism’s primary intent of profit and this media would not exist without it.  In fact, as I’ve noted on here in the past, corporations are cults. Literally. There is no free will and conformity is enforced in corporations.  Corporations are an even more virulent form of soft totalitarianism.  People like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and others have made hundreds of millions of dollars off of developing a cult ideology that feeds their entranced followers. People who literally don’t have much of a pot to piss in follow these massively wealthy people and lap up their ideology that often leads to their own personal destruction.  Yet, because they are brainwashed, they accept their cult leader’s explanation that it is the fault of others.

There are two dynamics behind this form of brainwashing and control. One is the hierarchical nature of our economic system where free will is literally impossible. And, magical thinking amongst two major categories of cult followers. One is the generally professional class and the other are generally white conservatives. Both are large blocks of corporate-homogenized (for exploitation and profit) conformists who offer massive profit potential. (Also why corporate media is targets these two groups as highly profitable.) Because of this conformity and sameness of identity both are very prone to magical thinking and the power of suggestion.  I’ll be talking more about the former in a later post but in the latter, I’ve discussed how conservatism as a political ideology is grounded in support for the monarchy. And, that conservative-thinking people are more than happy to grant their power to someone else. In other words, conservatism is steeped in the brainwashing of following a leader.  That may be a religious leader or a military leaders or corporate leader or a political leader.  Or, accept being told what to do.  Mind you, a vast majority of Americans are very conservative.  I’m not talking party affiliation. Just as many Democrats are conservative or support the establishment media, military, corporate and political narrative as Libertarians or Republicans. I’m talking about people who allow others to drive their thinking for them rather than following their own internal guidance system.  More on this later or I’ll be typing all day.

Donald Trump is a horribly flawed human being. But, far from our worst president. Did Trump murder as many people as Bush or Obama? Or sell out the American people like Reagan, Clinton, Bush or Obama by destroying public policy, slashing social safety nets or sending massive sums of middle class jobs out of the US on behalf of their corporate masters?  Not. Even. Close. But, Trump does understand the power of suggestion. There’s ample research that simply saying something, or the power of suggestion, has to ability to manipulate people. The Nazis called it the Big Lie. Trump calls is The Art of the Deal. (By the way, Reagan, Clinton and Obama were also cult of personality leaders with the gift of manipulating people with endless lies while fukcing them over behind closed doors.)

Immediately upon any substantial event, cult leaders from media, corporations, military, academia, politics and the like front run the news or events to ensure they place the appropriate interpretation in the minds of their followers.  On that note, I’m curious. How many poor Black people did Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity have on their shows to explain why they were marching in the streets earlier this year? Or how many did Trump talk to?  Or, even Nancy Pelosi and her pack of ghouls?  But Fox News followers lapped up what their cult leaders told them those protestors were doing.  And, it certainly wasn’t the truth but rather a narrative that would gin up cult followers and drive viewership and profit that landed them their next big payday. If authority is able to front run the news or events of the day, they are able to potentially diffuse it and incorporate the narrative into their agenda to maintain control and power.  This is exactly what the corporate media does every single day.  It’s also what the Democratic Party has done to Black America for the last sixty years.  They diffused the Black movement in the 1960s and diverted its energy into an outcome that allowed the same power base to maintain its tyrannical grip on the poor and downtrodden exploited by corporations and politicians.  Black people wanted freedom and their own economic determinism.  That is not what they got.  What they got was sixty more years of economic totalitarianism that denied them any rights that didn’t conform with the corporate state.

Trump, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck in unison really took this type of propaganda to the next level over the last few decades.  Labeling anyone who didn’t fit their agenda as socialist, snowflake, leftist, Marxist, etc.  These are literally terms used by evil to dehumanize anyone that threatens their power and control. And, what comes after dehumanization? Violence against those people.  In order for evil to get people to perpetuate violence against another person, they first have to dehumanize them in the eyes of their followers.  Not only that, but psychopaths dehumanize their victims in order to rationalize their violence against them.  This dynamic is normalized in US culture.  It’s fundamentally why our society so substantially hates poor people.  I mean really hates poor people. Like society looks away while poor Americans are literally suffering incomprehensibly. The poor aren’t a source of profits for corporations or elites. This dehumanizing dynamic was used against native Americans, Muslims, Jews, poor people, Black Americans, immigrants, gays, enemies of the US empire in other countries and on and on.  It’s the same dehumanization that was used against the Jews in Nazi Germany or the undesirables in the earlier twentieth century eugenics movement. The dehumanizing graphics, labels and rhetoric of the Nazis is eerily similar to that in the US. By the way, the US was the world leader in that eugenics movement and the Nazis used the US as a basis for their eugenics programs.

So, with all of this said, what happened in Washington yesterday?  The same thing that happened with Black Americans and those sympathetic to their demands of human dignity and democracy.  The cult leaders want you to think yesterday is about Trump and terrorism just like they wanted you to think the protests this summer were about Marxism and looting.

As yourself a few questions.

  1. What is happening in the lives of millions of Americans that lead them to these actions? To protests? To be left open to the power of suggestion by pathology?
  2. Why do 70,000 Americans die each year of opioid addictions?
  3. Why do we have a suicide epidemic?
  4. Why do we have massive alcoholism?
  5. Why do shopping and work addictions fill millions of storage units with shit we buy to ameliorate our own empty desperateness?
  6. Why do we have massive homelessness and shelter insecurity? 
  7. Why do we have massive food insecurity amongst children? 
  8. Why do we have a prison population that dwarfs any other nations? 
  9. Why do we spend more on domestic law enforcement and the police state than any other nation sans China spends on their entire nation’s military? Think about that!
  10. Why are 25-30% of women on prescribed mind altering medication to deal with anxiety and depression?
  11. Why have we had a drug addition epidemic for the last one hundred years? That includes pumping Americans with amphetamines during war to keep them going? And drugging housewives and society into a stupor in the 50s and 60s to cope with their internal death? 
  12. Why do 50% of Americans make less than $20,000/year?
  13. Why have 100 million middle class jobs disappeared in the last sixty years? 
  14. Why do we tax the poor to spend more on the military than the rest of the world combined?
  15. Why do we have a mental health crisis in this nation?
  16. Why do 100,000 people die a year from lack of medical insurance? 
  17. Why is the number one reason for bankruptcy health care debt?
  18. Why do we have ghettos from coast to coast that look like bombed-out third world countries? And, why do the wealthy live in gated communities?
  19. Why do citizens live in credit cards that charge 25% rather than a living wage? 
  20. Why do we not have any social safety nets to create a resilient society free from homelessness, poverty and lack of healthcare?
  21. Why is the US murdering untold numbers of people around the world in unconstitutional wars?
  22. Why is the U.S. saddled with incredible debts yet has no common-good social safety nets?
  23. Why do ten Americans have more wealth than the bottom 80%? 
  24. Why have wages for most Americans peaked 50 years ago? 
  25. Why is much of your food and almost everything you consumer made in authoritarian, dictatorial and communist nations?

Need I continue? I can do this all day long.

What happened in Washington yesterday?  Don’t take your eye off the ball.  These are all manifestations of corporate capitalism.  Why are we in the early stages of a revolution as witnessed by all of these protests? Because corporate capitalism has stolen everything and there’s nothing left to steal.  Corporate capitalism is in systemic failure.

The same pathological evil I’ve highlighted in this post wants to tell you that we’ll have a civil war.  Ha!  We’ve been fighting their wars for the last two hundred years.  Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, Wall Street, corporations, corporate media and the like have us fighting wars against each other every single day of every single year. But, regardless of their efforts, the American people continue to wake up.  And, so do people all around the world where similar chaos has been unfolding for years. 

The cycle of volatility is the overarching theme on here for the last sixteen years.  It continues. 2021 will offer no reprieve.  Anyone who understands the state of the global economy realizes even if the world gets the pandemic under control, the world was an unmitigated disaster before 2020.  World governments, including the US, have been spending like we are in the midst of a depression since 2008.  Corporate debt has exploded since 2008.  Global debt has exploded since 2008.  The chaos is because nations under globalization can no longer take care of their citizens nor provide opportunity. 

It’s good to be the king. Though not much longer.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The United States Is A Death Cult–As Eisenhower Noted, Humanity Is Hanging From An Iron Cross

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter with a half-million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. . . . This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”

The above link is to Eisenhower’s Chance for Peace speech soon after World War II.  In the speech, Eisenhower essentially noted that the military steals from the poor to murder the poor around the world.  Eisenhower made many warnings both publicly and privately about corporate power.  They all seem prescient today given corporate capitalism has devoured democracy in our nation.

At some point, I plan to put up a post highlighting the endless hundreds of trillions (in today’s dollars) of bailouts for corporate capitalism in the last century.  It’s staggering. Capitalism cannot sustain itself without endless bailouts and rigging of policy.  I’ll be laying out a data-driven analysis of that soon enough.  Something that you will literally not read anywhere else. Because society is so brainwashed that we accept what we are told and no complex systems analysis of corporate capitalism is ever done. I’ve already highlighted some of this, but I’ll be summarizing it in future posts that are concise and very easy to understand without the reader needing any knowledge of economics or finance; which are both abject failures and non-scientific criminal rackets of the state. 

For now, let me given you an example of what I am talking about as it pertains to rigging and bailouts.  Corporate capitalism collapsed in 1929. Actually, it collapsed in 1920 but I’ll leave that for another post. (Corporate capitalism as a control system was really only been the basis of our society since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 or 14. I can’t remember which.  And, with the corrupt Supreme Court decision giving corporations the rights of people in the late 1800s. 

Anyway, visually, corporate capitalism collapsed in 1929. The stock market collapsed and the economy didn’t recover for the entirety of the 1930s. To a certain extent, agrarianism still existed in our nation during that time so millions were able to fend for themselves or barter to some degree. But, those who lived in cities under corporate rule, suffered astronomical poverty and homelessness. (Bad news for today as corporations have forced millions off of an agrarian existence into cities under the control of the corporate state.)  Corporate capitalism showed no ability to recover throughout the 1930s. This led to a jobs program by Roosevelt to bailout corporate capitalism.  Then World War II broke out.  The tooling of the US corporate economy for armaments created massive profits and led to recovered employment.  At the end of World War II, if the US had shut down the armaments industry, or the economic overproduction war required, capitalism would have collapsed again.

US policy makers worried about the return of the Great Depression.  So, in concert with corporate power, they passed the National Security Act of 1947 (discussed on here many times). that institutionalized war, the deep state, the CIA and the permanent armaments industry.  A political benefit of this for corporate capitalism was that it also maintained full employment achieved via making bombs.  This was a soft coup and a corporate bailout that continued the devouring of democracy. It created the National Security Council; in which the military, the CIA and deep state now advised our presidents on all global matters. It is arguable that with this act civilians are no longer in control of the military-industrial complex.  Or, if the corporate-capitalist-powered military-industrial complex has effectively overthrown citizen government.  For a president to deny National Security Council advice would be to deny this institutionalized corporate power. And, no president has ever done so with the possible exception of John F. Kennedy.  The NSAct corporatized and militarized our foreign policy to one that is driven by corporate capitalism’s profit motive. 

Additionally, at the end of WWII, the Marshall Plan was again another bailout for corporate capitalism. The United States didn’t give Europe massive amounts of corporate-produced goods out of the goodness of our hearts.  The US had massive corporate capitalist overproduction capacity after the war and employment, corporate profits and US social stability was reliant on it.  Yet, with the war over, there was no demand for this capacity and massive unemployment and the collapse of capitalism was again imminent. The Marshall Plan and the NSAct allowed corporate capitalism to be bailed out once again.

Both of these end-of-war dynamics rigged corporate profits and employment at completely unsustainable levels for the coming decades as the world’s production capacity was obliterated. That meant the US had no economic competition for decades.  By the 1960s, the world was often making superior products to the US. So, not only were their economies recovering, but they were selling those products to the United States. Endless war in the 1950s and 1960s with Korea, Vietnam and contrived global skirmishes continued to pump up the demand for military gear(corporate bailouts) in the US as we created boogeymen to keep military corporate employment and corporate profits from collapsing. By 1970, the US was essentially once again unable to pay its bills as the economy and employment faltered. Many were predicting a coming economic depression in the US.  The Nixon administration essentially contrived a half-baked political plan to default on the global gold standard and suspend payments of gold to countries who saw the US economy was incapable of paying its bills. This was again nothing more than a bailout for corporate capitalism.

Mind you, this short period of time was the only in American history where corporate capitalism was able to provide reasonably full employment. And, it was because the US had bombed the world into submission (corporate capitalism bailout) and had a monopoly on production and corporate profits(bailouts). And, because corporations had rigged our government’s policies to continue to receive subsidies, rigging, wars and maybe most importantly, the Cold War. (There is a mathematical gaming argument to be had that corporate capitalism as a control system in the US cannot continue to exist without a global enemy, which is why we created the war on terror and the national security state is attempting to transition to Russia and China as boogeymen.)

I’ll leave what happened next to a future post. But, it is the basis of my endless remarks over the years that US economic wealth peaked around 1980.  For now, if you look around you, much of the US today lives in abject poverty that has been exploding since Reagan deregulated (bailout) for-profit corporate capitalism. And, since the Federal Reserve adopted libertarian-inspired monetarism under Reagan’s tenure. Monetarism too is a criminal system that provides bailouts for corporate capitalism as it spits out massive sums of noneconomic money to endlessly bailout corporations.

As an side, I recently remarked to someone who was chanting about US greatness in a conversation about Japan. I noted the average Japanese citizen has a substantially higher standard of living than the average American. And, substantial social safety nets that kept citizens out of poverty and bankruptcy. This person, who hasn’t been out of his own backyard, is typical of the corporate brainwashing in the US.  I’ve been to Japan, and have close friendships with families in Japan. Their wealth and technical prowess is staggering in comparison to ours. Their economy is not based on competitive capitalism. It’s based on cooperation, even though the US has attempted to exert pressure on Japan to adopt a “free market” (cult) economy that has never, ever been the basis of any democratic society until adopted by ideological kooks in the US.

These riggings and massive bailouts for corporate capitalism intensify in size and frequency in order for the corporate state bureaucracy to continue its illusory propaganda. The economic events we witness as a society are shocks to the system that have lasting effects and reduce its resiliency and the ability of individuals to recover from the economic devastation left by corporations.  The scope and frequency of those shocks is quickening since 2000.  Some have coined this disaster capitalism.  This is a misnomer. The system is inherently unstable and without substantial corporate bailouts and policy rigging is unsustainable. We see this in endless subsidies by government, rules rigging by government and endless war needed to keep the system going.

Let me get to the spirit of this post after the above baseline remarks.  The pandemic has started revealing many truths.  One of which is that democracy is dead; something noted on here endlessly.  And, our government is operating exactly as it is intended to operate given it has been devoured by corporate capitalism.  There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans.  They are all economic and social criminals. 

The pandemic has acted as a truth serum.  It has shown our government has no problem allowing small businesses, community businesses, democratic social safety nets and American citizens die while they continue to fund outrageous military budgets and trillions in corporate bailouts from their donors.  Political parties are themselves corporations that rely in the comingling of dirty money to also rig our political system and subvert democracy.  Just as corporate capitalism does. When it comes to helping small businesses, communities or individuals, our nation is a death cult.  $300 a week for unemployment when even undeveloped and communist countries are providing more to their citizens. Most developed democracies are supporting individuals with $3,000-$7,500 a month and making all small businesses whole.  In the last 30-odd weeks, Americans have received little more than $1000 TOTAL from our government. Think about that.  During this time, Congress approved massive military expenditures amounting to $10,000 per family in our nation, trillions of bailouts to corporations and even more money to defense corporations in the form of bailouts. 

The US spends $1.2 trillion per annum on the military/the US police state in one form or another. Or, as Eisenhower noted, corporations steal from the poor to exploit and murder the poor.  Yet, when it comes to helping citizens who are suffering from no fault of their own, money is more important than human life. And, the Republican death cult is leading the charge in their worries about the budget. (Not that Democratic Party criminals like Pelosi, Schumer and the like are really any different.)  All worries of spending magically disappear when it involves defense spending or handouts for corporate donors.   

The US corporate state is a death cult that places money, profits, corporate power and war above the value of human life. Or, for that matter, any life or the health of the natural world. There’s endless money for corporate socialism, bailouts and rigging but those in power hate the poor. And hate anyone who is unable to consume to create the profits a system of Godless greed relies upon to perpetuate itself. This is nothing new. This is the very reason corporations were created by a feudal caste system in Europe. To rob workers and the poor and transfer that wealth to class, entitlement and privilege.

It’s good to be the king. But, karma is fast approaching and it’s a bitch. 

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Monday, December 21, 2020

A Christmas Interview On Political Rot With Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

I want to post a link to this recent interview because it highlights many of the dynamics I’ve been writing about for the last 15 years. 

I’ve noted on numerous occasions for at least a dozen years that-

  1. Both political parties will likely fail (I noted in those posts the Democratic Party would fail first. And, honestly, it has nothing to do with it being the most corrupt.)
  2. We could see a rise of third parties in the US. (Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are really third party candidates. Trump is actually from another planet but that’s not for this post.)
  3. The US corporate capitalist empire would be projected in my analysis to end in 2022
  4. The United States has been a fascist corporate plantation since the Supreme Court decision in the mid 1800s granting corporations the rights of personhood
  5. The US political system has been wildly corrupt since the inception of our nation. Those who live in a manufactured propaganda bubble believe our issues are recent and caused by current generation politicians.
  6. We have been experiencing dynamics very similar to the fall of the Soviet Union, the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the US Revolutionary War. History rhymes, especially as it pertains to autocratic cultures like corporate capitalism, communism and economic empires.
  7. The United States could shatter into pieces.  Or, at a minimum, we needed an economic constitution and US citizens to take back their rights stolen from them by the corporate state and their lackey politicians.
  8. Institutional control, be it corporations, political parties, the health industrial complex, the military-industrial complex, Hollywood, academia, etc is only achieved and maintained by rigging and corrupting democracy.
  9. Large corporations, like political parties and the US, will likely fall like dominos as corporate capitalism continues its collapse. We would have already watched an insolvent Wall Street and countless hundreds of corporations collapse were it not for Republican and Democratic Party bailouts and the bailouts by the Federal Reserve. A recent analysis shows that as many as 25% of American corporations are systemically-insolvent. Thank you, free market. 
  10. The US could easily see 40-70% unemployment as corporate capitalism collapses.

I’ve written extensively about these topics more than a decade before today.  As well as many other outcomes that I will be revisiting to tie into today’s events. But, literally no one on earth has publicly written of these dynamics, and more, coming to pass. I don’t bring this up as a matter of intelligence. But, as a matter of literally how brainwashed and ignorant one has to be to be successful in our civilization. And, how little the adherents to corporate capitalism and US empire actually understand about the complex systems analysis and mathematics that are behind this analysis.  Literally it was nothing more than a small handful of dissidents who predicted the demise of the Soviet Union. And, the remarks of those dissidents were scoffed at by experts in the US.  In other words, you won’t find any truth about your fate or the world’s fate on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc.  They are corporate-controlled news sources that are there for social engineering on behalf the ruling economic, political and corporate elites. And, the people in those positions are very flawed individuals driven by money, careerism, entitlement and self-interest; you know, capitalism.

As it pertains to this post, I’m providing a link here to a very recent interview with Jeremy Scahill, a noncorporate journalist whom I admire immensely for his honesty and insight into politics and the violence the US corporate state perpetuates globally, and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.(AOC)  People who are very politically-active and self-identify as conservative are emotionally-triggered by AOC because of their long subconscious shadow and the unresolved emotional issues that create it. This is typical in politics that those who are triggered by people they view as the enemy are really acting out in response to their own unresolved shortcomings and fears. We see this with conservative men who are repulsed by gay men yet we soon find out they are having random sexual experiences with other men. The same dynamics happen with people who self-identify as Democrats. I’m not picking on one particular group.

My point is if you are triggered by a person you don’t even know because someone on Fox News told you what to think about them, drop your ego-driven hatred and intolerance and seek to understand.  And, be willing to consider what she is talking about in this interview.  She is the youngest woman to serve in Congress and one of the most self-aware, intelligent 31 year-olds I’ve ever seen in the U.S. spotlight.  That doesn’t mean I agree with everything she says. But she’s smart and brings serious conversations to the table.  That’s why the establishment really hates her; that includes both Democrats and Republicans.  Anything that threatens entitlement and careerism of those successful in this system is a threat. The typical response is to dehumanize the person and attempt to destroy them socially.  Leftist, snowflake, Marxist, etc.  You can spot these ad hominem attacks that attempt to dehumanize people. It’s the exact same dynamic psychopaths use ono their victims. Dehumanizing someone makes it easier to harm them in some way.  Even if it’s just emotional violence or social violence.  It’s still violence.  And, those esoteric forms of violence are how the corporate state maintains its control over us. Left and right are irrelevant.  There is no Democratic or Republican Party. There’s only the corporate party.  Again, the same dynamics exist when all Trump supporters are classified as racist or whatnot.  This type of psychological warfare is very, very common in the US and exists in a society with psychopathic tendencies whenever someone is attempting to control another person.

I really wanted to remark of the above to lay a little of a baseline because she is one of the most attacked people in politics.  The attacks are almost all based on ignorance, hypocrisy and red-baiting than substance.  

In her interview, she is very transparent about the state of politics. If you’d like, listen to the interview (link here) and see if you can identify any dynamics in that interview I’ve written about over the last fifteen years.  Snippets of all of them are all there.  She isn’t going to lay them out for you. She probably doesn’t understand them herself.  But many of the dynamics she discusses are precursors or actions that point to outcomes I’ve noted over the years. And, how the system is perpetually rigged so elites in our nation maintain their grip on our lives.

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Thursday, December 17, 2020

What We Don’t Know About The CV19 Vaccines

Just a quick comment here with vaccines being rushed to market by Trump, politicians of both parties, pharma and no doubt corporate capitalism.  There’s a reason drug approvals in the U.S. take as long as they do. Getting a vaccine approved in a matter of months may seem like an incredible feat of science. But is it?

As I’ve noted in the past, I’m not going to be debating virologists, immunologists and the like.  I’m not an expert and unlike many people on the internet, I appreciate my limitations. But, I am quite confident in my abilities to design scientific experiments and, therefore, would consider myself able to have a deep conversation or provide a critic of the vaccine trials. And, I do have some substantial understanding of how and why our medical infrastructure for vaccines exists.

Peter Doshi, an editor for the British Medical Journal, penned an op-ed in the journal and the New York Times that these trials are lacking in substance as it pertains to the objective of any vaccine. Do they save lives? And, the answer he penned was they weren’t designed for that.  What he didn’t say, but seems obvious from the open questions.

We can clearly determine the trial data provided by the FDA is substantially lacking.  And, the trials themselves are a farce.  Infecting 20,000 people, arbitrarily picking a date to end the trials and relying on reporting of symptoms followed up by an infection test is a comedy of scientific errors and scientific ethics.

Some simple questions that are not answered with a vaccine ramrodded through this process could be-

  1. How many lives can we expect the vaccine to save based on trial data?
  2. Can vaccinated people infect others?
  3. How long will the vaccines last?
  4. Why weren’t challenge trials undertaken? ie Vaccinate volunteers and then expose them to the virus.
  5. How many high risk patients were included in the trials?
  6. How many people may have contracted the virus but were not measured because not every participant was tested?
  7. How many trial participants had high-risk co-morbidities? How many were sick?
  8. How many, based on probabilities, would have been hospitalized in what high-risk or age groups?
  9. What are the short and long term safety profiles of the vaccines?

From there, we can ask additional questions based on that data.  None of which was captured by the vaccine trials.  Not only that, but the drug companies essentially waited until there were some measurable infections and stopped the trials.  Then they claimed 95% efficacy.  Does that mean the vaccine is 95% effective?  This is a hilarious claim that isn’t grounded in any type of scientific reality. Statistically, again taking into account margins of error, this vaccine hasn’t been proven to do anything more than normal infection given the sample size is so small and the infection rate is arbitrary. 

There is a way to determine if the vaccine is 95% effective. It’s via challenge trials. Oxford-AstraZeneca stated they would do challenge trials or infect those who received the vaccine. Yet, the political and economic pressure is so great, we shall see if they actually follow through.

When I looked at the trial data, I believe there were five people in the vaccine group who contracted Bell’s Palsy.  Five people are within some margin of error who would die of CV19 in this size of control group.  The FDA language was to discount Bell’s Palsy as statistically insignificant.  Yet, there is a history of Bell’s Palsy and vaccines.  I don’t know about you, but having your life destroyed with frozen, contorted face muscles isn’t statistically insignificant.  

The only conclusion we can draw is that we have a shot to be given to everyone that doesn’t answer a tremendous amount of questions because the trials weren’t designed to capture these questions.  It was designed to ramrod a trial to completion.  While we don’t know the answer of why this is, I have a few perspectives of why this may have happened.

  1. This process has been highly politicized and governments want to open their economies back up. This rush is substantially because the corporate state has no desire to pay the unemployed, pay small businesses and pay the poor.  The U.S. shits all over small businesses, family-owned businesses and its citizens while many nations are paying upwards of $7,000 a month for people to consider the common good.  In the U.S., grandma dies for the Dow.  So, they want to get something done, thus the politicization of science and the destruction of the scientific method.  Emails have now been released that Trump’s team wanted Americans to get sick and were relying on herd immunity.  While this virus isn’t as lethal as originally believed as science learned more and more about it, herd immunity is a farce.  Those pushing it are literally scientific idiots.  It’s a death march for many in high risk groups and once again shows how the U.S. cares more about money and property than people. This is consistent with Trump wishing to reopen everything and pretend this is all a myth.  By the way, I am quite confident Trump was willing to sacrifice people because of his own businesses being damaged.
  2. The vaccine industry is not an accountable one and therefore has a history of gross incompetence and negligence.  The 20+ page waivers for these vaccines place all of the risks on the person being vaccinated. US law protects them from being sued via these government-sanctioned waivers.  The long history of the vaccine industry is steeped heavily in the military being able to quickly vaccinate Americans were there some biological attack.  So, safety is on the risk of the vaccinated and not the companies or the government.
  3. The US health industrial complex is one of the most incompetent, poorly run, unaccountable bureaucracies in the developed world.  I’ve noted this many times on here including before a single CV19 death in the US. This is generally not a data-driven industry. The science behind protocols and measured outcomes is often highly dubious to outright erroneous. Americans are fed a long line of propaganda of how our healthcare system is the best in the world when benchmarking shows it is near or at the bottom in countless measurements.  And, for that privilege of deaths, disease and lack of humanity, we pay double what most countries pay.  The healthcare industry is there to primarily extract rent.  It’s not there for preventative care or to even provide premium healthcare.  Sure, there are doctors and professionals within the system who do their best but that’s no different than the Soviet Union.  There were good people trying to do their best but the system kept them from being successful at doing it.  In other words, point number 3 can be summarized into the trial lacks data-driven rigor and ethics because the healthcare system isn’t accountable to either.

In these times it is up to individuals to become as aware as possible about their own fate; there is no common good in the corporate state. And, we suffer from the tyranny of cult of experts for purposes of self-interest, careerism, profit and the like.  I will not be getting this vaccine anytime in the indefinite future. And, I appreciate the risks to getting CV19 are unknown, vary widely and may put me at substantial risk.  In other words, I respect what I don’t understand, respect science and as a result, respect risk; something a large number in our dumbed-down society don’t appreciate.  But those receiving it are being used as guinea pigs to collect answers that should have been collected before the vaccines were approved. 

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Wednesday, November 04, 2020

America’s Economic Past, Present Economic Darkness and …………. Future Fate

I’ve written incessantly about corporate capitalism over the years. Most of it unpleasant. One of the greatest brainwashings of our time is that a large percentage of our population is indoctrinated into their own subjugation of beliefs rather than science or facts.  This has created our own voluntary enslavement-

There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda and brainwashing, and brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.

I’m going to be writing of this topic next by tying together more than a dozen years of posts on corporate capitalism into a simple-to-digest summary post.  But, in the interim, for whomever is reading this, I would encourage you to consider the consequences of the following dynamics-

Our nation was founded as an agrarian nation.  From there it morphed into an agrarian and citizen-owned businesses.  From there an agrarian, citizen-owned and corporate businesses. From there a citizen-owned and corporate businesses.  To now, what is a corporate economy. 

So, the timeline is 1) agrarian > 2) agrarian/citizen > 3) agrarian/citizen/corporate > 4) citizen/corporate > 5) corporate.  These are generalities as there are still citizen farmers and citizen-owned businesses but those numbers have continued to collapse over decades and centuries.  As I noted in a few posts of 2020, new business creation in the U.S. has collapsed 90% since the election of Ronald Reagan. That is generally available information I linked to from U.S. government data.

And, don’t fall into the trap of calling this corporatism as has become so common in our brainwashed world. Corporate capitalism is and always has been corporatism.  You’ll understand why in my next post if you don’t already appreciate that fact. 

There is no free market.  There is no omniscient god of the market that is the arbiter of all things good. And, there is no reality that market arbiter is more efficient and desirable than democratic government as is so often believed.  There are only possibilities of fair markets created through democracy and citizen self-rule. And, with my next post, you’ll understand those have never existed whenever corporate capitalism is involved.   

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Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Quick Comments Regarding The Elections

I’m guessing we won’t have a final tally on the election for some days given what I read from Matt Taibbi on how varied the states are in their tabulation of mail-in ballots.  And, because from what is being reported right now, it appears to be a near deadlock separated by less than five electoral votes in some projections. (I’m seeing states swing back and forth)  If the race is this close by tomorrow morning, I’m guessing we will likely have recounts and challenges from the losing side.  I have limited views into what’s being reported because I don’t have cable TV.  I have just checked into a couple of web sites in the last half of an hour. 

I think one thing is certain. The Democratic elites picked a dotard with a long history of unethical behavior because the party machine and their major corporate donors could control him.  This turned off a lot of people who have abandoned the Democratic Party.  Nothing would be more appropriate to be Obama’s legacy than for his handpicked candidate to get beat in the biggest upset in American history.  He manipulated the primaries to allow Biden to win.  Then he went on the campaign trail to hypocritically attack Trump.  In fact, there are multiple new small progressive parties that have big voices behind them.  This should be a lesson to the Democratic Party but they won’t listen.  They are tone deaf to working class struggles in this nation.  They are the party of self-entitled elites.  Not that the Republican Party is beloved.  They are even more cruel.  Even Fox News had an exit poll where 72% wanted single payer healthcare.  And, I’m guessing most in-person voters are Republican.  That jives with polls I have seen where 80% of Americans want single payer healthcare. 

Trump really isn’t a Republican anyway.  He’s something from a planet far, far away. 

And, that is very important. As I’ve noted in a few posts in 2020 and in prior years, the presidency is a cult leader in our nation. As society becomes more radicalized, it’s imperative a candidate inspire the passion a cult leader is capable of.  Trump has that in spades.  Obama did too.  Biden inspires literally no one.  And, given Trump’s success with the Black community is up substantially, I am quite certain it is because Biden is substantially responsible for millions of Black men who were incarcerated. Oftentimes, for very dubious reasons.  We don’t have the largest prison population in the world because we have the most criminals. We have the largest prison population because we have a criminal government.

As noted in my last post, I didn’t vote for either candidate. I have no skin in this game. But, given where we are, I do have a preference for the system to be held to account in front of the American people.  The Democrats taking both houses of Congress and Trump taking the presidency would hold both parties to account by each holding a branch of government.  Then, there can be no finger pointing from the Democrats on legislation. And, there can be no finger pointing by Republicans on passage or veto of said legislation.  It’s all as clear as mud so the American people can see both parties exactly as they are to hold both parties accountable.

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Friday, October 30, 2020

The 2020 Presidential Election Is Irrelevant To The Fate Of The United States

This will be my tenth presidential election.  In one of those elections, I voted for a Democrat.  In another, a Republican.  The vote for a Republican was George Bush in his first election because I thought four more years of Clinton policies would destroy our nation.  Not because I had any confidence in Bush.  The Democrat was Barack Obama in his first term.  I believed him as honest.  But he was a more adept con man than Trump.  And literally within a month, I was writing on here that he was a pathological liar.  I noted on here that both Bush and Obama as war criminals.  And, they were traitors to the American people.  Every other time, I voted for someone who told some degree of the truth, supported power to the people and supported the common good.  The U.S. has never been a society. It’s a civilization in the sense that an anthropologist would claim any city is representative of civilization.  But to have a true society, Enlightenment Principles clearly understand there must be a social contract for the common good.  That has never existed. Some have tried but the class-based elements of corporate capitalism and their political stooges have then spend every waking hour until they have destroyed it.  And, as a result, now karma is here to collect the past due rent. 

We are about to choose presidents in an election that is almost completely irrelevant to our nation’s future. I realize that view sounds quite ridiculous but indeed it is true.  What kind of society do we live in when 330 million people are completely reliant on the competence of one person; the president?  When we are unable to function as a society unless we have a monarch telling everyone in government and society what to do and what to think? Because that is our world.  Americans have outsourced their responsibilities to a king.  Mind you, this has been our world since possibly the beginning of our nation.  It’s nothing new but this dynamic and many others have been discussed on here ad nauseam. Interestingly, about 130 million Americans who support one of the two massively corrupt, corporate-captured parties don’t agree with me.  Which is exactly why my remarks are accurate.  They are brainwashed by the social cults created in society.  Or as Eric Hoffer noted, they are the True Believers. Each hypocritically blaming the other.

Is it Donald Trump’s fault that society has placed our response to the pandemic or our economy all upon him? One man? In a democracy? One man who literally has zero constitutional powers except in times of war or the veto power.  The reality is the entire system is a failed state.  The U.S. is a failed state.  A puppet government ruled by the corporate plutocracy.   Aren’t we supposed to live in a society of laws? One where government power is limited by enumerated powers? Where there is a separation of power? And, that means each of us has a responsibility to act harmoniously with one another to meet our needs?  That’s hilarious.  The U.S. has never had a society.  A common good.  A social contract.  It’s always been a dog-eat-dog culture that will ultimately destroy itself at moments like this.  That’s why I noted before a single pandemic death that our response would uniquely be a disaster.  We are a nation of science illiterates.  A nation where we hate our neighbors because politicians or the media told us what to think.  U.S. citizens play as much role in government as the do in the Chinese Communist Party or the USSR.  Vote for the party-chosen official and then go away.  Even in those countries, people get to vote on the candidates selected by the party who then tell its citizens what to do and what to think.  Just like the U.S.

Do you believe the right president is going to save us from continuing down the rabbit hole I’ve (and a few others) been writing is coming for the last 15 years? Politicians and corporations created this mess. It will be up to us to fix it. And, I don’t mean voting for the corporate state. I mean by actions and deeds that will restore our local communities and our democracy from corporate plunder. Or, we can watch the U.S. disappear like every other civilization. Shatter into pieces. Again, nothing new on here.

On the eve of the last election, I penned a post that Trump would win if history is a guide. And, laid out the eerie comparatives to ancient Athens.  Trump had all of the macro factors in place to become our greatest president.  If by nothing else, using his bully pulpit.  But, I wrote that was ridiculous to assume because he’s a crook.  A con man like PT Barnum. He is a pathological liar like the horribles; Obama, Clinton and Reagan. If our nation is to survive, we must change how officials are chosen(citizen lottery or similar) and restore individual rights and responsibilities to localities and communities. That is never going to happen under corporate capitalism. Ever. As I’ve noted endlessly, corporations need an all-powerful central government to enforce its tyranny on society.  We see that clearly in how corporate executives wax poetic about China and even fiefdoms like Saudi Arabia. American corporations couldn’t wait to leave our nation and go to communist China regardless of the devastation they left in their wake. They are fukcing criminals. And, so are the politicians who voted to allow it.

Donald Trump was elected because the political center (both parties) has no answers to working class issues.  The radicalization of the U.S. has been ongoing for generations due to these very issues. Issues created by the political center. If you don’t like millions of Americans marching in the streets because police are pumping bullets into Black men, or more broadly that 60% of Black Americans make less than $20,000 a year, and are effectively still slaves, you aren’t prepared for the future. If you don’t like millions of angry White Americans supporting a pathological candidate like Donald Trump, you aren’t prepared for the future. 

When Trump was elected, I compared his archetype to that of Hitler; the ruler. The comparatives don’t end there. Hitler was elected because the political center was unable to resolve working class German issues.  From MAGA, similar to the Aryan tenets, to his manipulative ability to entrance the mob as public speaker(manipulation), to the underlying economic crises, to Nazi and Hitler’s hatred of the left, to his victimizing of un-pure Germans (U.S. immigrants), to his own claims of being victimized by the media and on and on.  Hitler and Trump have incredible similarities.  One difference is Trump is anti-war. 

This is a result of the radicalization of society by a ruling class.  Not only did it happen in Nazi Germany as it is happening in the U.S., it also happened in ancient Rome.  And, Roman leadership radicalization increased as the empire found it more and more difficult to control its population for the benefit of the ruling elites. In other words, radicalization became a proxy for coming collapse.  Hierarchical societies create this type of radicalization as the need to control the masses creates greater and greater socioeconomic aberrations impacting those they are trying to control. Another way to view this is that in a hierarchical society, those on the top are never responsible for their actions. (corporate executives, politicians, standing armies, academia, etc) So, they never receive the emotional or individual feedback necessary to course correct their aberrant, controlling behavior.  The consequences of their behavior are shouldered by those they control.  And, the masses becoming radicalized is the feedback telling them to stop what they are doing.  Yet, why would they?  They never suffer the consequences. In that regard, all three societies were plundered by a very stratified class of hierarchical, institutionalized power.  In the U.S. and Germany, it is corporate capitalism.  In Rome it was the patrician class that controlled the masses through similar “corporate-type” control.  The working poor and anyone not of propertied wealth were reliant on the rich for their own livelihood.  And, the patricians gave just enough dog food to ensure the working class survived.  Just like the U.S.  Interestingly, our founding fathers used to the same line of thinking to deny anyone but propertied men the right to vote.  Because if one was not a land owner, one relied on others for their income and, therefore, truly was not free.  In today’s world, how many Americans work for the state or for corporations or some other form of economic servitude?  They certainly are not emotionally-free.  They vote for what serves their masters in an expression of their own self-interest.

This is the impetus for the rage, anger, paranoia, hate and general vitriol in this nation.  It is the karmic kickback against mainly corporate state power. But, hierarchical, institutionalized power.  Especially coming from White Americans who are generally more conservative. Yet have become radicalized by the corporate state.  Black Americans generally have never had anything. They have no feelings of loss for something they never had. They are angry, and rightfully so. But, the White Americans who voted for Trump see the world they had a fleeting glimpse of in the 1950s-1970s disappearing at an incredible pace.  While that world is long gone, pieces of it continued to be dismantled for the last forty years until nearly none of it is remaining today.  The middle class has been shredded except for some in the professional class that does the bidding of their masters.  Just like all hierarchical societies; the most brainwashed are the most successful with the system.  Those that have sold their soul to support the system for their own personal benefit. This was very prevalent in the USSR, Nazi Germany, communist China …. and the U.S. It’s even true in banana republics and places with leaders like Saddam Hussein.

While it is irrelevant what I support because the system failures are going to continue to metastasize, I support all movements by the people. I support the right of the people to organize against tyranny. I support direct democracy and populism. Are many people brainwashed? Yes. Is there violence involved that shouldn’t be? Yes. Yet, I support the right of people to self-govern.  Eventually, the people will realize the issue isn’t Black versus White or left versus right or other attempts by the economic/corporate elites to have the masses fight their wars for them. And, mind you, that’s what happened in our last Civil War. Americans were manipulated into fighting the wars for their masters. To support the enrichment of those who enslave them.  There’s no reason to believe that will happen again even though fringe, hateful elements, generally on the right, certainly foment this divisiveness.

Society never progresses from the center. And, it never progresses from the right.  It progresses because a small number of radicals foment change for humanity.  That’s what happened in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. And, that’s what is happening today.  While they like to tell us otherwise, the Republican Party really had little to do with freeing Black Americans.  We saw this with Republican policies even after the Civil War.  There was a north party and a south party.  The north party, the Republican Party, was comprised of corporate elites, bankers, laborers and a small number of generally religious radicals who fomented for the abolition of slavery on the grounds of ethics. Ethics has seldom had anything to do with American civilization.  But, in this case, the pressure they mounted was astronomical.  It drove change because the working class was often supportive of these ethics.  And, because they too suffered under the yoke of power.  Certainly not the capitalists nor the bankers.  As the southern elites rightly noted, the northern bankers and corporate elites treated white northerners often as bad or worse than many slaves were treated.  Today, the Republican Party has become the Democratic Party of the Civil War.  Interestingly, I remember when a Republican Senator, George Voinovich, lamented this a few decades ago.  The modern-day religious right is morally bankrupt and views Christianity through the lens of American Jesus who loves war, bombing poor people, denying Americans a social contract and basic dignities, hates anyone who is different, and through their deeds confirms they really could care less about the plight of the poor or slavery in this nation or anywhere else.

As I noted in a prior post, the Bernie Sanders’ campaign was really akin to a Roman slave revolt. That is, the masses who are exploited or forgotten by corporate capitalism because they are meat for the corporate grinder.  And, too, so is the Black Lives Matter movement.  And, so too are the angry voices of White Americans often with conservative views.  This isn’t going to go away.  They are the first signs of a coming class and labor wars in this nation.  Just as I noted long ago.

What has been written out of history is the U.S. has a long and incredibly violent past of labor wars.  The bloodiest in the world.  I’ve talked about this in some detail in prior posts.  In some regards, those wars started at our very founding. Enslaved with war debts, Shay’s Rebellion of the working class in the 1780s frightened our new leaders.  That led to an immediate, secret convention to approve the Constitution and a resultant powerful federal government. And, immediately thereafter a central bank to enforce our slavery to a central bank’s debts.  Labor or the working class and working poor continued to chafe against the system until the end of slavery. Then, the real fun began. Corporations started gaining a stranglehold on labor without the competition from slavery. And, gained unprecedented rights through corporate personhood.  Large labor movements and attempts to organize workers started soon after the Civil War and lasted continuously until the outbreak of World War II.  The working poor, including large immigrant populations who were easily exploited by corporations as they arrived with nothing, rose up in literally tens of thousands of walkouts, strikes and rebellions against corporate power for nearly a century. Hundreds of thousands, (some estimates have deaths peaking in the railroad industry alone at nearly 30,000 a year)  if not millions, of Americans died working in slavery labor conditions. Corporate elites even bombed society and blamed violence on radical workers. We see this false flag activity is still used today both inside and outside of the U.S.  CIA whistleblower Agee noted that he used to bomb Catholic Churches in Central America and plant leaflets for communists taking responsibility with the intent of stopping populist movements against U.S. corporate power in their nations.  Private armies, corporate spies and government stooges fought Americans in the streets and corporate towns in our labor wars, often murdering and beating people like dogs. They don’t teach that in our corporate politician-manipulated educational system.

The only stoppage was World War II that ameliorated poverty and created massive numbers of jobs. By that time, Roosevelt’s policy changes had supported organized labor as well.  After World War II, the U.S. had a global monopoly on production for a few decades as the rest of the world’s production capacity was decimated. That continued the labor war reprieve as people were generally able to find work in the U.S. Then, starting in the 1970s, American corporations willfully started outsourcing labor to avoid what was again becoming a radicalized society as foreign corporate competition started again taking away hard fought employment wage and benefit gains. (There is a famous Republican letter that has surfaced from this time that was foundational to the party’s policy of busting democracy’s labor and sending jobs overseas. I’ll post a copy of it at some point.) That outsourcing of labor has continued to this day. In its place, the U.S. has ramped up national security/military and finance employment; the two necessary ingredients to support expansion of U.S. dollar empire.  The seeds of this really gained critical mass with the election of Ronald Reagan who unleashed private capital (finance), deregulated corporations and ramped up corporate military spending.  And, the first noticeable outcomes to his policies were increasing U.S. military aggression, the floodgates being opened to Japan and Korean imports (as long as trade was conducted in dollars the U.S. financial system could profit from), the S&L crisis that nearly destroyed our economy and the creation of NAFTA. It was Reagan’s team that dreamed up NAFTA but the corporate state couldn’t get it passed until a Democrat was elected.  The supposed party of the people run by the psychopath, Bill Clinton.  And, the rest is history.  Outsourcing to China, India, Mexico, Vietnam, Canada, the EU and on and on and on.

As a result, we no longer really have an economy. Nor a democratic nation.(we never really had a democracy as noted on here many times.)  We live in a corporate plantation. And, our government exists to constantly rig, provide policy and financial subsidies for the corporate plantation.  We saw this in the 2008 crisis and again this year where people were literally given almost nothing while corporations and banks were given trillions that American citizens are on the hook to pay back.  Today, in October of 2020, we have tens of millions of Americans in soup lines who cannot literally afford shelter, health care or food.  Yet, corporations and the military endlessly receive trillions of bailouts in plain sight. 

What people in today’s world don’t often realize is the labor-private capital(corporate capitalism) model does not afford a middle class.  It’s labor versus private capital. And, that means the middle class will eventually be completely destroyed. All with the help of corporate plantation politicians in both the Democratic and Republican Parties.

I’m going to break this down into much more detail to show how corporate capitalism requires constant rigging, constant handouts by the government, constant laws passed by government and the like to keep the system going.  How the U.S. has literally spent well north of one hundred trillion dollars in the last handful of decades to keep corporate capitalism from collapsing. Which is why the average citizen literally doesn’t have a pot to piss in.  All of the money goes to prop up the corporate state.  The upward transfer of wealth is never-ending. It has existed since corporations received the massively corrupt Supreme Court decision that gave them the rights of people.  But for now, let me end on one final note.

I’d like to end with this. Those in charge of our economy, our banking system and corporations have no fukcing idea what they are doing.  American politicians, finance executives and corporate executives are some of the most incompetent in the world.  I’ve been inside around one hundred major companies in various consulting roles.  I speak from experience.  Our economy is not a discrete system. In other words, events today may be tied to policy of a year or decade or fifty years ago.  The economic crises we’ve experienced are continuations of past crises.  They create cumulative effects.  The fact that we had three massive crises in the last twenty years, each of which saw massive collapses in the value of assets are continuations of the same crisis.  Each attempt to reflate the economy is an attempt to recover the losses from prior bubbles.  And, each crisis narrows the participation rate of both companies and individuals.  As I’ve noted, new business creation in the U.S. is down 90% since Reagan’s election.  That’s not a coincidence and I’ll continue to dig deeper into why.  That leads to narrowing ability to reflate the economy and resultant price aberrations.  In other words, wealth collects in fewer and fewer hands as does inflation.  These are tied to events and policy decisions made by names like Truman, Nixon, Reagan and Clinton.  And, the corrupt corporate stooges in Congress who ignorantly followed our cult of president. There is never a generalized recovery to these crises.  100 million or so jobs have been destroyed or outsourced in the last sixty years. There was no plan.  Only corruption and greed.  These jobs have been replaced generally by doing-each-other’s-laundry jobs.  The “new” economy or the “post modern” economy or whatever the half wits who pontificate on these topics label it.  In reality, it’s the Ponzi economy. And, it completely lacks resilience and an ability to recover and sustain itself.  It’s almost all discretionary servant jobs reliant on corporations turning sentient beings into yammering idiots who mindlessly consume. Or capital-consuming finance or the military. Now all of tyrannical finance and military/national security apparatuses including their pliant employees are targeted to exploit the American people as they have been targeted to foreign countries. 

The net to what I stated in the last paragraph is that we live in a civilization that places the value of property and things above that of their fellow man.  Or, what is really a corporate capitalist death cult only achieved by brainwashing the masses.  Turning sentient beings into mindless consumers of things.  Even while their fellow man nearly starves.  And, we’ve seen that in spades in 2020 while those who have great wealth consume at an incredible rate while tens of millions are so poor they are unable to feed their children or in jeopardy of losing their homes. Our culture has to be one of the most baseless, inhumane and vile in the “developed” world.

The system is reaching greater and greater crisis levels with each passing year.  These crises are not isolated events.  Their consequences reverberate forever in what the average American has to deal with.  It doesn’t matter if Joe Biden or Donald Trump or Houdini is elected.  Is one person going to fix this?  One person who has no idea what is really happening?  One person who is almost always one of the most flawed people in our society-who wants to be president?  Only the most pathological.  And, who wants to vote for one person to be king?  Someone who is entranced by their masters. A society of hierarchy always ensures the most pathological rise to the top. Because it is those who seek dominion over their fellow man who wish to hold those positions.  Be that corporations, academia, standing armies, religion or government.  And, it will be society that pays the consequences.  It always is.

This system will continue down the path of its own destruction until or if Americans wake up in enough numbers to stop the madness of the corporate, military and political madness that rules us.

I realize there are many talking heads who don’t live in the real world that this election is the most important in our history.  And, that we may not live through four more years of Trump.  We lived through more than 100 years of enslaving millions who had every ounce of dignity taken from them.  We lived through times when men could and did beat and butcher their fellow man in this nation.  I’m sure Donald Trump won’t be any worse.  This election literally makes almost no difference to our fate.  Politicians bend to those who control them.  That will only be the American people if we take back our power from the corporate state.  That means we will determine our fate.  Not a politician.  Not a president or king.  Chaos is dead ahead because the people are at a boiling point. Past labor wars and revolts against political and corporate tyranny in this nation are our guide.  We are a war-like nation and that means Americans seldom back down.  There is volatility dead ahead. 

Trump may be more outwardly pathological. But, Biden has arguably destroyed more lives than Trump could ever imagine destroying.  He’s supported endless unconstitutional wars (murder), torture, he voted to send millions of wealth-creating jobs out of the US, he voted to increase poverty (reduce social safety nets) on numerous occasions, he created laws to send loitering men(those with no hope or economic opportunity) to prison by the millions, he supported the outright destruction of what small social safety nets we have, he kicked five million families out of their homes in the last crisis while bailing out Wall Street criminals to the tune of $29 trillion, he was forced to resign his presidential run decades ago because of pathological lying and on and on and on. And, it certainly appears he has been involved in many corrupt activities that opened the economic doors for family members.  Nothing new.  Trump, his cabinet and past politicians have done this for two hundred years.  Trump and Giuliani may be buffoons (and they are) and the evidence they have shown, be it accurate or not, looks like reality TV nonsense, but from the outside looking in, it is a fact that it’s impossible for the average American to get paid tens of millions of dollars by corrupt governments. So, that Biden’s son has while his father is a supposed public servant certainly smells like shit. And, that means Biden is likely even more corrupt than many thought imaginable.  Even with his history of evil.

The cycle of volatility continues.

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