Thursday, December 07, 2017

The Recognition of Evil and the Violence of Awakening

We certainly live in the most critical times in human history. Modern society is in various degrees of collapse around the world. Something that was written would happen on here before the 2008 collapse. I could go into excrutiating detail on those examples of collapse, but I’ve already done that time and again. Two things to remember during this time as it pertains to this topic. One, we are in a war cycle, again something predicted on here long before pathological lunatics were hurling verbal grenades between countries, and, with the rise of the state in the last century, there has been a mass global migration off of the land into the cities. In other words, people have become reliant on the state unlike at any time in human history. People can’t walk and chew gum at the same time without some authority figure telling them how to do so. The times we live in today have historically seen people eventually leave the cities en masse because the state can no longer take care of them. That dynamic is a direct feeder into a war cycle.

All wars are about power and money. In other words, economic. Don’t kid yourself. No one fights our master’s wars to spread love and kindness.  The absurdities of religion in this country that embrace militarism and corporate capitalism are morally bankrupt. For a supposedly Christian nation, we rationalize bombing the world into submission because God wills it. Jesus is calling up another air strike to murder more people.  The reality is massive wealth transfers between nations are made through economics, which is a form of warfare. “Civilized” society practices economics through violence.  And, now we live in a time where no country’s aristocracy wants to yield their ego-driven attachment to worldly possessions such as class, title, money, land, power, etc. 

What does that mean? If humanity doesn’t cumilatively wake up, we’ll eventually be up to our eyeballs in hundreds of millions to billions of dead bodies.  The good news and a long-time theme on here is that we are in the midst of a new Age of Enlightenment.  There is ample evidence that we are in the midst of World War III.  And that war is humanity’s war against the state.

I remember I told a friend half a dozen years ago that there is ample evidence we are in the midst of a new Age of Enlightenment and she laughed. People have interesting views of what enlightenment entails. (Obviously, she was not enlightened at that time. Nor on the path to awakening from her own ignorance. Although she certainly is now.)  Enlightenment is a very violent process. A process that involves shaking the ego of its belief systems and the ignorance that they create.  You know, like corporate capitalism and free markets are synonymous with democracy and freedom.  Enlightenment is not a magical or spiritual process. It is, in one form or another, the collapse of perceptions of self.  It may eventually take that fold after one has been sufficiently relieved of their self-created ignorance but enlightenment is powerfully violent.

It has been well-understood for many millenium that government exists for one primary reason. (Not the state but actual government or the consent of the people to make decisions on society’s behalf.) That is to protect the weak from the strong. Is that hilarious or what? Seriously. Government exists today to allow the strong to exploit the weak. Everywhere. Not just the United States. But it’s a false strength. The strong are defined as those who are the most pathological and outright evil. They have purchased massively corrupt governments, including our own, and used them as a protection racket for the perpetuation of evil. The United States isn’t at war with the world because Jesus is calling up another air strike out of love and kindness. We are at war with the world because our corporate state masters use the military to plunder humanity for their benefit. This also isn’t a new phenomena. It’s the main reason standing armies exist.  Our founding fathers understood this when they railed against standing armies that Americans are now so brainwashed into supporting. 

I’ve talked countless times about this being a time of unprecedented evil.  People in our world have a very difficult time seeing evil and how we all contribute to perpetuating it. I have wanted to put up a post for some time on this topic.  That is, evil and how it exists with yours and my help. I just haven’t had the motivation to organize my thoughts. I have thought about putting up an audio post as I have in the past. We shall see.  But, let me just say, without giving away all of the dynamics behind it, that evil must organize in order to be successful at controlling humanity.  Organization requires institutionalization.  Institutionalization requires class & hierarchy.  All of this exists to tell you what to do. That includes who to hate, who to war with, what to do when you get up each morning, how to lead your life, etc.  You are told all of this in order to serve evil.

This world is full of social, spiritual, emotional and physical violence. (evil) Most violence is not physical. It’s hidden in plain sight in the form of social, spiritual and emotional violence.  It’s perpetuated by class & hierarchy whether that’s organized religion, standing armies, political parties, corporate capitalism, communism or the like.  Violence must be hidden in plain sight because you have to accept your own enslavement for pathological evil to control you and turn you into a productive slave that does its bidding. Once you have become institutionalized, then evil can tell you what to do and you’ll comply. Don’t believe you aren’t controlled at this level. You are. It’s not a conspiracy in the sense that paranoids like many believe.  It’s the understanding that the pathological mind has in controlling people. People don’t sit around and conspire any more than serial killers sit around and conspire. Evil simply understands how to control people. Maybe more on evil another time. More to the point where you will understand your own complicity in perpetuating evil.

Believe me, there isn’t a person in this world who makes any substantial decisions on their own. You are told what to do.  Allegiance to organization, even through doing nothing to resist it, subverts freedom and perpetuates evil. I don’t care if that organization is organized religion, organized government, organized economic interests such as organized corporations, organized money, organized political parties, organized standing armies or whatnot.  There is nothing wrong with trade, economic development, religion or government. It’s when it becomes institutionalized (permanently organized - a major theme on here) that we end up creating our own support of evil. In some way, literally every human being in modern society supports evil in this world.  The ancient Athenians figured much of this out.  They were far more socially-advanced than we are. Far more advanced in the basic understanding of what it takes to create a fair and just society although they certainly were not perfect.  Their system looked absolutely nothing like ours. That’s by design. Our masters don’t want that.  And, to a very large extent, their society was free and just.  It gave the world science, mathematics, philosophy, literature, architecture, the arts, and the foundations of what a just society should look like.  The economic aristocracy and evil was kept in check. Our society isn’t free and never has been. At least not since the early days of revolt against the British crown. 

The only way our society will ever be free of violence and evil is for people to take back their power. In other words, invert the pyramid of power that grants almost all control to a central class-based, institutionalized authority, like a corporation or a central government and replaces that with individual power and power of the local community. Voting to give others power over you is more absurdity. Voting to grant yourself power over corporations and a central government is the only legitimate option. A free mind seeks no dominion over its fellow man. A free mind seeks no attachment to worldly possessions. A free mind seeks no power greater than the power over his own existence. The free mind is kind, loving, accepting and willing to share without limits.  No man can have a free mind without power over his own individual existence. Evil understands this intuitively. That’s the fundamental reason why the world exists as it does today.

What makes our society so onerous isn’t that Barack Obama was President or Donald Trump is President. They are both men of average intellect and below average self-awareness.  And, I would say just about no level of self-realization.  (A side note- Is it worse to have a person in the position of the Presidency who is generally vulgar but oftentimes tells the truth about the corruption in Washington or someone who presents himself in a completely fabricated, inauthentic way yet sells the American people down the river by sending all of the jobs to other nations to please our corporate masters?  Jobs most everyone in our society created through our cumulative efforts? Obama, Clinton and other closet pathological men are no better than Donald Trump. Arguably, they certainly could be considered even worse. And, mind you, Donald Trump is a buffoon and certainly not a shining example of goodness.) This is why the Athenians never voted to give other people control over their lives. There was no such thing as politicians or elected officials. All people took their turn serving in government for a brief period of time. There was no class & hierarchy or institutionalization.  There was freedom early on in this nation because people could move west and outrun the reach of the government and its private controlling interests. If the government and corporations had the power 150 years ago that they have today, this country would have been just as cruel, hateful and unjust as it is today. All that has happened is that evil has consolidated its power over humanity through greater organization and technological advancement.

It’s hard for people to see evil because we have all become morally bankrupt and Godless living as slaves to pathological evil.  We rationalize everything. In other words, we live in a world that is almost completely ego-centric or driven by the self. Our highest good, our ability to connect to others on a truly loving level, our ability to seek understanding with our supposed enemies, our ability to self-realize and self-actualize and see beyond the self, or, if you will, your Divinity, has been completely shut out by the rise of the self in a powerfully ego-centric world.  A world driven by ego is a world of fear, control, power, desire, attachment, lust, vanity, hubris and all of the other ego-centric ignorance that corporate capitalism, communism, the state, class & hierarchy, political parties, etc need to survive. Evil, through organization, keeps humanity living in its mind so they can control you through fear.

“Abraham Lincoln did not cause the death of so many people from a mere love of slaughter, but only to bring about a state of consent that could not otherwise be secured for the government he had undertaken to administer. When a government has once reduced its people to a state of consent – that is, of submission to its will (emotional, spiritual and physical violence - my notation) – it can put them to a much better use than to kill them; for it can then plunder them, enslave them, and use them as tools for plundering and enslaving others. (emotional, spiritual and physical violence - my notation)” -- Lysander Spooner, abolitionist

This is literally nothing new. Our nation, as an example, has been headed down the rabbit hole since soon after its founding. Jefferson wrote of this near the end of his life. In fact, Thomas Paine, whom has been written of countless times on here as clearly the common man’s most important leader during Revolutionary times, ended up dying without a country. The establishment in this nation turned against him and his ideals of the rights of the common man before he had even passed.

As noted many times, the Articles of Confederation were overturned and replaced by the Constitution because, as Lysander Spooner so eloquently wrote, pathology needed a central, controlling authority in the form of an all-powerful central government for class-based economic interests to be able to enslave humanity to a pathologically-evil, rent-extraction scheme from the weak to the powerful like corporate capitalism.  Capitalism, communism, militarism, socialism, facism and every other kind of ism that pathology can dream up. They are all the same. They are control systems created by evil. 

I’m not going to rehash this again as I have covered this time and again but if you’d like a refresher course on this topic, visit and search for Capitalist Joker to learn the real history of our enslavement to institutionalized evil in the form of corporate capitalism or read the book written more than a century ago, Beard’s Economic Interpretation of the Constitution to understand why you don’t have a pot to piss no matter how hard you work.  Only fucking idiots and emotionally and spiritually-stunted mental midgets believe that corporate capitalism is synonymous with democracy or freedom. There’s that believe word again. The universe will eventually fix that. Belief systems are simply control systems created by the mind to keep us from living presently without fear.  And, if you can’t live presently without fear, you can easily be controlled.  More importantly, if you can’t live presently without worry of yesterday or tomorrow, or worry about money or feeding your children unless you comply, then you can’t experience your own Divinity.  Because your Divinity is only experienced in the present moment; the only place in your mind that is timeless and where the timeless universal mind exists. You can call that God, your Divinity, the collective consciousness or whatever.  It is the only place where true love exists.  The only place where your Divinity exists.  And, in a world controlled by evil, it is the only place most people can’t get to.

Part of humanity saving itself from the madness of evil is calling a spade a spade. Being tolerant of ignorance serves no purpose to anyone other than our masters. So, yes, fucking idiot is an illustrative guide. Albeit a pejorative one. One not rooted in the present moment or my highest good because it’s just as impossible for me to get there as it is for anyone else in this God-forsaken world.

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Monday, August 07, 2017

Is It That Time? The Ignorance Of The Establishment Has Just Hit A Deafening Crescendo.

I’ll be putting up a follow-on post to a post from some years ago as it pertains to decesnnial patterns in finance. In that post I noted that we are likely witnessing the Great Depression in reverse. I’ll be revisiting that in detail but the point of that post was that the massive financial crisis that preceeded the Great Depression would happen on the back end of this cycle due to policies being reversed from those in the Great Depression. As I’ve noted time and again, we are in the eye of the hurricane. All appears calm on the surface. Below the surface corporate capitalism is already in systemic collapse. And, if those patterns hold true, 2017 could very well be the year that the massive illusions disappear and we finally see the world for what it is.

Literally dozens upon dozens upon dozens of major outcomes accurately anticipated on here have either come to pass or continue to reveal themselves. There has been more predicted accurately on here than by any other single person anywhere that I am aware of. That’s not a coincidence but the fruits of incredibly hard work and an understanding of money, finance, economics and sociology (the human condition) that I have spent a lifetime studying.

Janet Yellen has just announced that she believes we will see no more financial crises in our lifetimes. (link) For those who understand the paradox of experts and the massive ignorance associated with central planners and hierarchical control constructs, that comment should catch their attention. It is usually at the very moment the establishment becomes confident of their policies that it’s time to start worrying. As noted on here dozens, if not hundreds of times over more than a decade, we are in the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen. Everything you believe, be it economic, beliefs about yourself, beliefs about the world around you, beliefs about others, beliefs about your government and on and on has been shaped by this bubble. When it pops, everything society and its cumulative ego believes, will wash out with the tide and never return. The only question is “is it that time?”.

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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Jesus Was A Commie

It’s been more than half a year since I have posted anything. I’m going to try to get three posts up within the next two weeks. This is the first. I have often said on here it wasn’t the Jews who killed Jesus of Nazareth, it was the establishment.  And, if he were alive today, they would kill him again for his message.

This short film by Matthew Modine is thought provoking. He gets a few things wrong regarding the human condition but the fundamental message is very clear and if we listen to the language of the heart, this is a very touching short film. (Link here.) One of those “things” is his characterization that we don’t really share unless we can “afford” to. This all comes back to the duality of the human condition manifested through the self or the ego and selflessness or our highest good or our divinity. A self-actualized and self-realized human being operates on a higher level of consciousness and recognizes his or her own foibles and the pathology that drives our own ego-driven behavior. And, that person is capable of living in a state of love and sacrifice for others. I know because I have seen that ability in myself regardless of whether I am able to stay in that state of being because of the constant violence modern corporate capitalist society represents. And, I see it in others regardless of religion, philopophy or color and we saw it in Jesus of Nazareth and his very simple messages. Especially the Beatitudes or the Sermon on the Mount.  Do you weep for your fellow man? Does the Godless cruelty of this world cause you pause in how you perpetuate it?

Yes, they’d kill Jesus of Nazareth today just like they did 2,000 years ago were he actually alive. Because everything about this system is rotten to the core and corrupt beyond imagination.

Organized religion really is a creation of the state. It’s a system of control. But nothing is all positive and nothing is all negative.  As I’ve written on here, religion is recognized by anthropologists as one of the first examples of community.  Community is something noted on this short film. But when hierarchy and class are interjected, organized religion becomes a dichotomy or paradox. That is, the concept of community at the local level and the institutionalization of privilege by organized religion’s “leadership”. There is where the concept of evil begins be it religion, the state or whatnot.

Was Jesus a communist in the sense of a supporter of a state-enforced form of violent equality we call communism? Of course not.  You can’t enforce goodness in people. They must find it for themselves. Some of the poorest people I have ever met are some of the most rich in spirit. And, I can recount many times where some of those people have given me the shirt off of their back or shared their last meal they could afford.  Goodness and selflessness must come from within. And, one can only achieve that level of consciousness through rejection of control systems like the state, capitalism, communism and every other ism class and hierarchy can dream up.

But, while Thomas Jefferson, as an example, didn’t “believe” Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God, he was a Christian in the truest sense of the word. That is, he understood Jesus of Nazareth to be the most important teacher of justice, morality and goodness the world had ever seen. (And he appreciated that there was a powerful life force in all  people  regardless of color that we call God. Much of which has been written out of history.) 

We live in a world of unprecedented evil. And, if you don’t see that evil in yourself, you have no idea who you really are. Because each and every one of us, without exception, perpetuates it. But the worm is turning. The new Age of Enlightenment continues.

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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Update On Very Disconcerting Developments In Communist China And A Deeper Look Into Humanity’s Own Pathology (The Ego Or The Self) As It Continues To Manifest Through The State

As P.T. Barnum, our new cartoon, carnival-barking, shyster U.S. president gets ready to take office, (The true Trump is already starting to reveal himself.) I wanted to talk about some of what is coming; more and more of what I have written of more than a decade in thousands of posts that is now starting to reveal itself.  Let me first say one more thing about the election. I’m going to be putting up some more posts on Trump and the election because his election is a sign of our ignorance and a sign of the times.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written extensively over the years about Bill and Hillary being criminals. I know many want to label Obama as our worst president in history but don’t kid yourself. It was clearly Clinton, economically, spiritually and socially. He is as purely of a morally bankrupt public official as I have ever seen.  That he was able to deceive the American people for eight years, and in the process dismantle so much of our rule of law is a stain on who we have become. Ditto with Donald Trump. And, frankly, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and George Bush.  Bargaining with evil, as the American people, and really all people around the world, have become so good at, will eventually pay off in spades. And that payoff will be exactly the opposite of what was ever intended.  Trump, in my estimation, because of the astrological cycle we are currently experiencing, is likely to be that guy. The person who grants the American people their due payoff for endlessly bargaining with evil. (A pre-ordained cycle giving rise to pathological, fear-based, nationalistic fervor around the world. Remember, enlightenment is a very violent process as it involves the repudiation, often foisted upon the ego/self violently, of its delusional belief systems that keep us from ever seeing reality.  Today, humanity is still bargaining with those belief systems. But, that too will change as our belief systems eventually shatter before our very eyes.)

In this cycle of despair, it’s telling of how ego-centric (absence of good) and Godless the world is that people will give a complete stranger power over their own lives. The same power they won’t grant themselves. That’s what we have done in electing Barack Obama and Donald Trump in this cycle. Both were and are viewed by our society as saviors. First, was Obama whose self-centered pathology actually seems to be that he himself believes he is a savior. And, Donald Trump, whose self-centered ruler archetype is the exact same pathology that Hitler suffered from. Both are examples of humanity worshipping the Golden Calf as opposed to granting themselves their own worthiness through connection to their own divinity. Obama outright lied endlessly to the American people during his election.  Trump used something equally sinister which is a form of truthiness in the face of ever saying anything that was outright truth.  The only truth you will ever find in this world is found within.

Our fate has been assured. As I have typed on here time and again, no one is coming to save you or me.  No one. Jesus isn’t going to ride in an a magic carpet as is the ego-centric view of a savior that organized religion (class and hierarchy) has painted his teachings. Nor is Obama or Trump going to save you.  The only savior in this world is you. You have to save yourself. And, the only way you will do that is through following your own divine inner guidance system. Don’t let the forever pernicious ego or self convince you that means voting for Donald Trump either. That’s purely based on your own ego’s inner voice of fear and pathology.

There is a reason I have spoke often of the likes of  Gustave Le Bon, Hannah Arendt and Eric Hoffer (Hoffer’s book, The True Believer, has always been listed as one of my favorites in my blogging profile. How appropriate his book is with those who voted for Donald Trump.). They all intuitively understood the pathological madness of social movements.  Those who voted for Trump succumb to the same madness as those they hypocritically excoritate. People they label socialists, globalists,  anthropogenic global warmists and even the National Socialist German Worker’s Party aka the Nazis.  We have all succumbed to pathological madness of social movements created by the intent of control and oftentimes outright evil.

Let’s move on to chat a little bit about a topic I have written about ad nauseam for the last decade; China’s society would destabilize and the communist party would tighten its dictatorial grip to maintain control.  And as part of that, the communist party would eventually foment anger at the enemy which is the west, specifically the United States, as the source of that destabilization.  And, finally, this would place the United States and China on a collision course of confrontation.   I wrote prolifically about all of this ages ago when China was thought by just about everyone, including everyone in the mainstream media, to inherit the economic and power mantle from the United States.  If it’s mainstream, and it’s a belief, it’s almost certainly nothing more than bullshit. And, the more you understand about the tricks your own psyche (the ego or the self) endlessly plays on you, the easier it is to spot all of this.   

If one understands the human condition deeply and intuitively, one never has succumbed to the ignorant mainstream meme about China.  And, if one understands the human condition deeply and intuitively, one understands the pathology of the state, the pathology of the state’s economic control systems like capitalism & communism and the historical parallels to China’s rise enabled by capitalism.  In other words, how evil and pathology is constantly at our doorstep, and when we succumb to our own selfish fear-driven emotions, how evil repeats itself throughout cycles.  And, how it entrances all of us to do its bidding.  That is where we are today.  We being all of humanity.  That is why humanity is at war with the state (and with each other as directed by the state – institutionalized class and hierarchy) around the globe. More on all of this in a later post including how we have become habituated to perpetuating violence and evil against our fellow man. All of us. That is, when I finally get to delivering on some long-promised posts. Especially on the cycle we are currently experiencing.

For now, let’s focus on China today. And some headlines that have been lost in all of the election nonsense in this nation. We already are starting to see exactly what I wrote would happen. It’s developing right before our very eyes not only in the United States.  But, specific to this post, as it pertains to China. Yet, the consequences are not being reported by anyone in the U.S. press. In fact, none of this is even being reported at all on the boob tube. (Television is not the truth. Television is a god-damned amusement park.)

Let’s look at some of the incredibly disturbing headlines that have developed over the last month or so. China’s communist party is already tightening its grip. There is finally an understanding within the Chinese political class that there are powerful forces threatening the survival of the state in China. And, most of those are economic in nature. There is nothing anyone in China can do to stop what is coming. The only question is how will those powerful changes manifest themselves. 

Communist publication (mouthpiece of the communist party) says China needs strong man leader

Xi annointed strongman by politicians and given dictatorial powers on par with Deng and Mao

Xi uses new dictatorial power to purge one million party members under the guise of corruption

How Xi can use his newly given dictatorial power

Politicians annoint Xi

Reminiscent of Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein and the political stooges who granted them 
unlimited power

Xi moves with force against Hong Kong to stop pro-democracy elections

Round the clock protests in Hong Kong against China’s crackdown on pro-democracy elements

Chaos in Hong Kong’s parliament (as China seeks to stop pro-democracy members from being seated in parliament.)

A Hong Kong perspective on the limits of communist China’s power (which, by the way, is meaningless.)

Not only has the state granted dictatorial power to Xi in China, but the United States just elected the exact same pathological archetype.  Donald Trump is clearly the ruler/strongman/order archetype that defines Xi. More on that later. But, remember, that I have noted countless times over the last decade that China and the United States are entwined in a relationship that I have interpreted as a Nash Equilibrium. Or, simply put, a mutually-beneficial state where neither party benefits by changing the status quo. Chinese communists become wildly rich and powerful while selling out the people of China as slaves to American capitalist hegemony.  (China didn’t steal our jobs as Trump bloviates. American corporate capitalists, American banks, American politicians and the American aristocracy stole our jobs. ie All of the pathological corporate cronies that are now joining his cabinet.  And, then they shipped them to China and elsewhere, for their own pathological self-driven benefit.)  And, conversely, the Nash equilibrium allows the people of the United States to become wildly wealthy by stealing the wit and labor of people in China and elsewhere. How often have I noted that every American owns slaves? They are the ones who make your iPhone, your television, your clothes, make your food and whatnot.  Even the poorest of Americans owns slaves. Even our slaves own slaves in this completely fucked up system of class and hierarchy.

That equilibrium is now broken. That is what has led to the dictatorial power given to Xi. And, the massive migration of western capital (capitalism) out of China. Massive crisis is imminently somewhere around the corner.

We all know what comes next. It’s what I typed above and wrote about extensively over the last decade.  And, it appears Donald Trump now has been granted the authority to deal with it. Bargaining with evil will have its consequences, be that in the United States or elsewhere.

The major question for me is will the people of China or the United States or both wake up and repudiate the state (politicians, standing armies, corporations, private banking and money, etc) before we become entangled in these dangerous games of state power.  
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Corporation–The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power

We really don’t yet know what we elected into the presidency of Donald Trump. But, we are likely entering a new, darker period for humanity as this cycle continues to unfold.  It appears we may be entering a period of outright fascism in this nation with the election of our first corporate president.  More on that in another post. But, whatever unfolds, we have created it just for us. And, it will clearly provide the experience humanity needs in this moment.  I suspect that is going to be a greater and greater understanding and eventual breakdown of our belief systems. Today, people continue to bargain with the state, be that in the United States or elsewhere.  That bargaining is based on a belief system rather than any form of truth.  That attempt at bargaining will create a very clearly defined lesson to be cumulatively learned by humanity. And, that is what we will witness next.  In other words, that our belief systems continue to delude us into a world we believe in rather than a reality that actually exists.  And, bargaining with our belief systems will create the next phase of crises for all of us to cumulatively deal with.

I have excoriated Ron Paul, David Stockman, Alex Jones and a host of financial bloggers that play the role of useful idiots for their (and our) own enslavement.  Free market, corporate capitalists that spew endless self-deceit and in the process create a following that serves their own ignorant self-interest. As people, I actually find them of many admirable qualities. But, they are brainwashed, and thus, ignorant. And, therefore, they push humanity further into crisis.  There isn’t a high degree of self-awareness within the ranks of class and privilege.  In fact, this is a world full of useful idiots, charlatans, seers, prophets and the like.  They always seemingly arise in times of social breakdowns as we are witnessing today. The ego, through its endless ignorance, seeks a source of certainty outside of itself.  Something or someone to follow.  That would be the rise of useful idiots, charlatans, seers, prophets and the like.  I noted this some years ago in a parallel to the rise of Nazi Germany. And, with it, the exact same archetype that we just elected as president.  That is, Adolph Hitler. 

Corporate capitalism is a form of economic slavery. And, economics is the state religion. Words uttered on here many times. The entire foundational precepts of economics are a lie. That is scarcity. In a world of incredible abundance, the state forces humanity into scarcity. The Divine gives you free land to live upon. The state steals it and forces you into economic slavery to buy it back from them. Remember, Thomas Jefferson wanted to give everyone their own property in this nation.  Give. Free. Can you imagine if Thomas Jefferson were alive today and offered to give everyone their own land or, in today’s term, possibly their own home? And it would be free of taxes and the state could not take it from you for any reason?   He would be killed. 

Do you see anyone suffering from scarcity at the top of this scheme we call corporate capitalism or the state; the control structure put in place to enforce it?  Scarcity that forces humanity into a dumbed-down culture of corporate slavery work that is necessary for the state to steal, pilfer and exploit humanity.  The glorification of corporate work plays a large role in the dumbing down of modern man. The division of labor in a class-based social structure, the corporation itself, was founded in human slavery.  Corporate work is how humanity is exploited and how class steals and thieves from us.  And, more importantly, controls us. Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, the Japanese Imperial Empire, the United States, European states, the European Union, etc.  They all rhyme in that forced slavery of corporate work.  All regurgitated time and again on here.

I have railed against corporate personhood and the hidden history of corporations in this nation. That includes the fact that we fought the Revolutionary War against the king’s corporations and private banks.  Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations was written in 1776 when we were waging war on the economic system he was glorifying.  And, the wealth he wrote about was being stolen from around the world by the British Empire, whose corporations were minting money selling people into slavery and addicting Asia to opium.  The Civil War itself really had nothing to do with slavery. It may have ended up that way but politicians of all ilk had no problems with slavery. The Civil War was a battle between outright slavery in the south and wage slavery in the north.  Both state institutions.  I could write endlessly on how those dynamics led to war. Again, written out of history.

Our founders were very leery of corporations and as noted in past posts, corporations in this nation’s past were given temporary, specific charters for specific work that benefited humanity. That is, until the state figured out how to hijack our democracy and grant corporations the rights of people. I’ve noted a future that will unfold that is different than anyone else writing publicly. That is, we will see institutions of the ego or institutions of control (hierarchy and class) fall like dominos be they corporations, state themselves, religious hierarchy, standing armies, etc.  It’s coming.  Greater and greater truth will continue to reveal itself and in its wake will be the destruction of institutions of control whose intent it is to subvert truth, including our own Divinity. 

I have mentioned ancient Athens on here quite a few times over the years.  It should be no surprise that the ancient Athenians had no politicians. And, they forbid institutionalization and any attempt to organize by special interests. (corporations, political parties, social movements, etc.) Because they saw the insidiousness of institutionalization and special interests.  And, because of it, their society was literally void of political corruption and special interest corruption. They may have all been brainwashed to some degree in believing their own exceptionalism as a society and that created its own hypocrisy but that’s another topic for another day.

On this Thanksgiving I wanted to share a documentary I ran across this year. It’s titled The Corporations- The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power. (Youtube link)  I’d recommend it whole-heartedly as instiutionalization is headed for disaster. And, if you don’t understand the basic concept of social, spiritual and emotional violence created by institutionalization and associated class and hierarchy, you don’t appreciate what is happening in the world today. Nor how evil organizes itself to control humanity. And, how we all then do the bidding of evil by conforming to the will of class and hierarchy every single day.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What Comes After Denial? Thoughs On Donald Trump’s Movement

I really find the state liberal view of reality to be just about intolerable. But I find the Republican view of reality to be just as intolerable, if not more. State liberal politicians and those who buy their bullshit want to enslave humanity to government bureaucracy. Conservative politicians and those who believe their bullshit want to enslave humanity to corporate domination. Or, so it used to be. Now the lines have blurred.

I’m just amazed at the denial that exists in the current White House and within liberal political circles around the world today. Their patronizing faux intellectual view of the world is absolutely heinous and disgusting.  I’m also concerned about what we may have just done with the election of Donald Trump.  I think we may have to wait a while to gauge what this really means.  But, regardless, the election of Donald Trump will serve the purpose for which he was elected. If he succeeds in his message, his election to fight the state and the ignorance and corruption of Washington and corporations will have served a purpose. If he doesn’t turn out to be who he has portrayed himself to be, and I suspect he won’t, that too will serve the exact same purpose. In other words, the people of this nation will no longer waste their time voting on another criminal in Washington. Or, anyone who presents themselves as a savior or hero as Obama and Trump both have. We will move to the next phase in this movement. And, that one will likely be much less appealing to everyone.

I’m a big fan of Hannah Arendt. Not a common name in this world but one that was definitely on the minds of many people before my days. Or the days of most Americans alive today. I regularly read the writings of the Arendt center at Bard College.  Arendt’s insight into human behavior and totalitarianism is quite unique given her experiences in Nazi Germany.  She was wildly brilliant.  Maybe not right about everything but who is.  She stimulated critical thought and was not afraid to challenge staid or well-accepted viewpoints. Not like the ridiculous the mainstream media now labels as brilliant in the likes of Obama, the faux intellectual, or Trump the supposedly brilliant businessman.  Both of these men are of pedestrian intelligence.  I could walk into a large office complex and find a thousand people of equal or greater intelligence.  Hey, that’s pretty good because most people are pretty smart in their own way. But, exceptionalism doesn’t define politicians or class and hierarchy. It never has and never will. The politicians we elect are representative of the idiocracy that corporate capitalism and politicians have created.

The most recent post at Bard’s Arendt center is very interesting.  I would encourage anyone interested in the fate of our nation or humanity at-large to consider reading the latest post. Do so with an open mind. You may or may not agree with everything the author says. Universities are typically very liberal in their viewpoints. And that liberalism isn’t always true liberalism as defined by the founders of our nation but rather sympathy for state liberalism or elitist liberalism. But it should stimulate you to consider perspectives not typical of the dialog in this nation.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Revenge Of The Forgotten Class

This is a powerful article. Honestly, it’s heart-breaking on many levels. The suffering and social abandonment of well more than one hundred million Americans. And, the similar abandonment and exploitation around the world is just mind boggling. 

One interesting note in this article is that Trump won the white working-class vote by 40%.  That is an unprecedented rout. Literally. I’d like to expound upon this a little bit given I have talked about the ego, attachment, loss, etc. on here as it pertains to economics and sociology. ie, That those who experience a sense of loss would be those who revolt against this system.

As noted on here in the past, if a person never has something, they cannot become attached to it. (ego) So, there there is no sense of loss or any of the emotional responses to loss.  A substantial amount of the African-American population in this nation has never had the opportunities of an ownership society or to own property to any substantial degree as they have dealt with endless social violence in the form of denial of access to capital. (Private, for-profit banks, corporate capitalism and the state.)  Although, to be fair, there is no other nation on earth that has given people of color so much opportunity for ownership.  But, my point is that the state has denied a large amount of the African-American population their democratic rights and that has meant there is no loss of attachment and the associated emotions in a large swath of the African-American population. So,  much of that population is easily controlled by class and hierarchy through institutionalized fear and demagogy or state violence.  ie, Because they have been denied their own self-determinism, they have been forced into subjugation of state policies. The 1960s black movement clearly had this at their core. Martin Luther King was one element of that movement but there were other more radical, and frankly, more truthful members of that movement who clearly understood their oppressors and sought their own determinism. Many of those people are not well-known. But, one I respect and admire for his stand against the state was Malcom X.

Similarly, immigrants throughout our nation’s history have generally come from repressive regimes and, thus, have never had access to any type of ownership society or any individual rights to speak of.  So, they are also easily controlled by the state. We see that all throughout history as well as today.  At first, Europen immigration to the Americas was to escape state violence and have an opportunity to lead a life unfettered by the state.  (There was also  forced capture by the state as were European indentured servants, African slaves and later, Asian and Latino slavery.)

But, since this land became a nation state, a major driver for immigration, first from repressive Europe, and then other repressive cultures, is the need for forced labor or slave labor required by corporations, class and hierarchy (the state).  Immigrants generally come to this nation with nothing and, thus, are easily controlled and, thus, forced into wage slavery by class and hierarchy. That is the major driver for the massive central and south American immigration swell in the last thirty years as this country has been completely taken over by corporate capitalism. (As noted many times, Ronald Reagan, deregulated private, class-based capital. And Clinton deregulated its borders. Deregulating private, class-based, for-profit capital has created a society where more than half of the people in this country are clearly economic slaves.)

But, then you have a white, working-class population that has experienced some degree of opportunity for ownership, property and economic success. (This group also includes people of color regardless of ethnicity. But, the majority are white simply because of demographics and historical state violence.) This population is experiencing massive loss of attachment to what they once had and what has been stripped from them by their masters. (the state or class and hierarchy) So, they are experiencing a massive sense of loss to that attachment. The law of large numbers, through population demographics, places white working-class Americans squarely in the largest voting block within this space.  That is what is driving much of the rage and attempts of bargaining with this system that led to the complete voting repudiation of Washington and the election of Donald Trump.  It is the people who experienced some modicum of success and the attachment to what they once had who are fueling this revolt. And, mind you, as I have noted for years, well before any of the social dynamics started revealing themselves, we are in the midst of a second revolution in this country. And, rightly or wrongly, they have selected Donald Trump to wage that war against the state.

I’m just completely amazed at how Godless people are in this world. That’s what I take away from this ProPublica article. The complete lack of empathy and concern or connection to their fellow man. The more successful someone is economically, (Spends their lives grubbing for money and power) the more Godless they are. This is exactly what Soviet dissident, Andre Amalrik, wrote about in his prophetic book in the late 1960s that predicted the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.  He wasn’t many years off in that prediction either. Amalrik noted that the professional class enriches itself through the state. (State violence) And, thus, will almost never be the source of truth or the change necessary for humanity to be free of the state. And we see their pathological self everywhere.  They literally can’t believe Donald Trump won the elction. (The mainstream media, the political establishment, Hollywood, the ruling economic elite, etc.)

This country is definitely divided and those who experience any level of success are almost all holding onto their attachment of the system as it exists today. (ego)  This will ultimately lead to their own suffering as the system eventually abandons them as well. And, the systemic contradictions of corporate capitalism, including the inherent violence of class and hierarchy and the inherent violence of a system based on competition creates, will essentially create its own demise. This system, like all state created isms (capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism, militarism, corporatism, etc) will destroy itself regardless of any bargaining and emotions associated with attachment that we are currently witnessing today. Whether that bargaining is with those who supported Clinton or Trump.

“A life is either all spiritual or not spiritual at all. No man can serve two masters. Your life is shaped by the end you live for. You are made in the image of what you desire.” – Thomas Merton

What does everyone do every day they wake up in this country? They grub for money. Not because that is necessarily what they want to do, although corporate capitalism and the state glorifies grubbing for money because that is the only way moochers and parasites (class and hierarchy or the state) is able to strip humanity of its surplus value. Or, pathologically steal from the productive capabilities of humanity. 

People grub for money because this system, or any system of class, forces them to do it. This, as noted on here in past posts, was the reason why the Jews viewed the Roman Emperor as the anti-Christ. And Roman money to be the mark of the beast. Money is a control system or institution of the ego. It is the mechanism through which the state forces humanity into economic submission and slavery and then strips them of their labor and their wit. It forces humanity to serve mammon rather than our own self-determined, inner guidance system or our higher power.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Donald Trump’s Role In Humanity’s War Against The State

Well, I’ve written extensively on here about the rise of a third party candidate and the collapse of both political parties. Donald Trump obviously is that third party candidate. (Bernie Sanders also could have easily won the elections if the establishment had not so successfully destroyed him. Obama could have been that candidate too but we found out that his election promises were full of pathological and narcissistic lies and deceit. Trump while also pathological, was different. He obviously took no quarter. He never allowed the establishment to define him. He is the tool through which humanity has chosen in this moment to wage their war against the state.) He has railed against the establishment political system for 30 years and ran as a third party candidate in 2000.

The massive contention between both parties is a sign of their coming collapse. Neither party has the consent of the governed. Period. Remember, I have noted for ages that the Democratic Party would be the first to collapse. I’ve never changed any anticipated outcomes on here. All of the bloviating bullshit of the mainstream press condescendingly mocking the collapse of the Republican Party while defending the criminals in the Democratic Party seems rather hilarious now, doesn’t it?  On that point, I don’t base my writings on emotions or the mood of the moment. They are based on facts and data. Now, my interpretation of data may eventually be wrong but so far literally the only thing I have gotten wrong on here  regarding the massive amount of anticipated outcomes is the timeline. But, I consider both political parties to already be in terminal failure just as I do the global economic system.

Full transparency – I did not vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump even though I just posted that Trump would win based on a corollary to ancient Athens and their war against the aristocracy. Nor would I ever change my mind about voting for either candidate and you’ll see why at some point. Both are Godless and both have stolen their wealth from humanity through pathological means. Don’t let your own endless self-rationalizations convince you of a truth that simply does not exist. Donald Trump is not a self-actualized, self-realized or self-aware person. An example of the extent of his ignorance is if Donald Trump does everything he states, he will not only collapse this system, he will collapse his own standing and wealth.  Do you actually think this person would selflessly do that for the benefit of humanity? Hahaha. His populism is either based on being a liar or ignorant or both.

Quickly, I talked about three astrological turn dates on here leading up to 2013.  Those were 2013, 2016 and 2022. 2013 being the beginning of the battle between good and evil. 2016 being economically-driven and likely the peak of corporate capitalism (and subsequent collapse) and 2022 being the washout bottom of this global control system driven by American Empire.  Let’s see how the next two dates unfold but I am very conscious of the fact that humanity is at war with the state. And, that is what we are witnessing today. In other words, Donald Trump was not elected for any other reason to do the will of the people in its war with the state. The question is, will he? Will he restore your rights as free people? Hahaha. Let’s just watch and see.

These are unprecedented times. The rage against the state is far greater than the hatred of any enemy we have ever seen in any of the two prior world wars. And, that hatred goes far beyond the borders of the United States. The criminal world continues to unwind. As noted many times on here, astrologically this is the most profound moment in thousands of years. And, I could make the case astrologically this is the most profound moment in all of human history. But those are just words. While words do have meaning, (including lies, deceit, brainwashing, control, etc) let’s both watch together as the world unfold before our very eyes. The unfolding reality will confirm that truth.

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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Is Donald Trump The United States’ Pericles?

"Our city-state does not copy the laws of our neighbors, we are not followers, but rather the pattern to follow. We call our state a democracy, because it serves all the people, and not just the few. All are equal under the law, whatever their individual differences, and we select our public officials not based on their class but upon their merits. Poverty will not keep an able man from serving the state, nor will the obscurity of his position." – Pericles

I’ve cited ancient Athens on here over the years as a model for direct democracy. (Much better than republicanism for many reasons. Don’t get caught up in belief systems that tell you that direct democracy is the rule of the mob. That’s horseshit placed into your mind by pathological criminals like Obama, Clinton, Gore and equally looney right wing crooks and liars. I’ll be talking more about that at some point.) I’ve also noted that the ancient Athenians executed their leaders when the ruling aristocracy became much like what we see in the United States and many other countries today. Actually, after those executions, Athens flourished. There is a position to be taken that there is a pathological element in society that always finds its way to the top of a society based on class. In other words, those most willing to stomp on the face of their fellow man in any class-based system that is based on the reward of pathological ambition. And, as Thomas Jefferson noted about the tree of liberty………..  In other words, some could argue, and do so reasonably successfully, that humanity would be better off cleansing itself of these pathological elements every so often. Or, as Jefferson noted, pruning the tree of liberty. Or, as Lord Acton noted, almost all great men are bad men. (He was referencing the Pope.)

Personally, while I may entertain such thoughts when allowing ego and emotion to guide me, they are just that; thoughts that evaporate when that temporary emotional amusement evaporates. Non-violence is truly the only option for a just world when we are operating on a higher plane than our primitive ego or the self and being pulled around by our emotions. (Ignorance) But in a world of massive control created by the state, humanity has little chance to self-actualize or self-realize on any sustainable level, and thus embrace our divine values of non-violence. So, the self in its full regalia of ignorance is forever on display in modern man. But, that too will change as humanity awakens from its state-created stupor.

I wanted to create a short baseline for this post, which is how eerily similar today is, in many regards, to 2,500 years ago in ancient Athens. And, using that as a litmus test, Donald Trump will win the 2016 presidential election. That’s not a hope or dream of mine. It’s simply using this corollary, and the understanding of how cycles repeat themselves because of the human condition, (the duality of our highest good or our divinity and the endless foibles of the self that determines our fate-filled experiences.)  What happened 2,500 years ago, just as is happening today, is not driven by our divinity or our highest good but rather than the self’s desire to destroy that which is unjust.

“You must not hate those who do wrong or harmful things, but with compassion, you must do what you can to stop them. For they are harming themselves as well as those who suffer from their actions.” – the Dalai Lama

How much of the support for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton today is driven by compassion? It seems to be to be just about zero on both sides. It’s driven by hate, anger and rage. That’s what brought Pericles to power and what has brought Donald Trump to the edge of an election victory. Donald Trump is not a just person or morally-honorable person. He may believe he is but so does Hillary Clinton. Beliefs are nothing more than stories the ego tells itself to give it some sense of control. They are fear-based, control constructs created by the ego and they subvert the truth that is often right before our very eyes. (Brainwashing. Often self-induced brainwashing.) It’s the very reason why what is happening today is catching everyone off guard.  It’s also what swept Adolph Hitler into power. And, Donald Trump shares the same archetype as Hitler. Although I seriously doubt we are in the midst of another Hitler.  But the parallels are also similar.

(Hitler, Herbert Hoover and now Donald Trump all have a very similar message. All three have essentially promised a chicken in every pot. Or, jobs and prosperity for everyone when the countries were going through hard times. And just like then, people today believe it. There’s that nasty word again; beliefs.)  How’d that work out?

But let’s continue on with the comparisons to Pericles 2,500 years ago and Donald Trump today.

Rather than turn this into a thesis, this will just be the cliff notes due to time constraints.

The ancient Greeks had formed an alliance to defeat the powerful Persians, who were bent on conquest of the Greek states. In many regards, the Persians could be compared to the German-Italian-Japanese Axis of World War II. And, after the war, the fear of communism and the Soviet Union.  All were bent on empire, conquest and domination.

So, the ancient Greek states formed the Delian League under the leadership of Athens. The intent was to protect the Greek city-states from Persia. This was funded by hundreds of Greek city-states and its treasury was kept on the island of Delos. This treasury was to be used to build a military force capable of protecting all of the states from Persia.

Similarly, today, after World War II, the western democracies banded together to create the military pact of NATO under the leadership of the United States to protect western democracies from aggression by other states. Most notably, the Soviet Union and the threats of communism and facism. And, the military of all member nations coordinated their efforts and funding under the United States just as the Delian League did under Athens. All in the name of protection. 

After World War II, the United States was also given the authority of using the dollar as the world’s reserve currency as well. (As well as control over the IMF and World Bank since the dollar was now the defacto global currency.)  The two acts of military and financial treaties between western democracies substantially resembles the Delian League.  Allowing the dollar to become the world’s reserve currency essentially created a fealty or tax funding mechanism for the United States to build the world’s largest navy to protect the world from communism, facism, etc. Just as the Delian League funding did for Athens.

Now, one might appreciate with all of that military power in the hands of the state, a similar outcome came to pass both then and today. The Delian League states used that military power to plunder and sack their enemies. And, they all grew incredibly rich off of these efforts. Similarly, the United States and Europe grew rich off of military-backed economic conquest. (And to a lesser extent, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc through similar pacts with the United States and Europe)  Corporate capitalism has been used to plunder other nations and the coordinated military and  military intelligence operations of all member nations paved the way for that plunder. Western capitalism has raped the world of its wealth since World War II and enriched western democracies just as the Delian League did 2,500 years ago. That was only possible through the joint efforts of the military and economic interests of the state.

And, just like 2,500 years ago, the leader of the Delian League, Athens, and today’s leader in the fight against tyranny, the United States, became incredibly rich off of this plunder.  Both Athens and the United States had created a massive network of military bases in their worlds that was used to exert incredible influence through this gained power. (Great political or state power is always derived through military and economic conquest – corporate capitalist domination and the world’s largest military of the United States today.) So, while other states both in ancient times and today grew tired of the endless warfare, both Athens then and the United States were unwilling to modify any agreements because of the massive wealth they had acquired through pillage and plunder.  So, what eventually happened 2,500 years ago has happened in the modern world as well. That is, both Athens and the United States went it alone. Other states essentially just ended up paying a fealty tax or tribute to both superpowers. The fealty tax paid in modern times is the incredible wealth created through the reserve currency, the IMF and the World Bank that the U.S. uses to loot the world. So, both in ancient Greece and today, other states ended up paying tribute money to the “defender” of democracy and freedom. ie Other nations essentially became economic slaves the the world’s military superpower. Both created massive, powerful Athenian and U.S. empires.

The end economic result for Athens and the United States was again the same. Running an empire essentially bankrupted both states and both ended in economic shambles. There was little money spent at home and their nations ended up crumbling.  This lack of economic opportunity and poverty for the masses led to the rise of the populist aristocrat, Pericles. And…. today the populist aristocrat, Donald Trump. Both Pericles and Trump expect all states benefitting from military protection provided by both empire to pay for that protection. Essentially, a protection racket. How often have you heard Trump remark that other nations need to pay for our military protection? 

Both Pericles and Trump wished to repatriate all of their nation’s wealth from their empires. Or, take all of their riches abroad and spend it at home to repair the economic devastation and lack of economic opportunity for the masses caused by running an empire.

Pericles repatriated all of Athens’ wealth and spent lavishly on the arts, rebuilding the city-state, philosophy and the like. Today, Pericles is substantially responsible for the perceptions we have of the incredible arts, learning, education, literature and engineering prowess of the ancient Greeks. But, more than any other accomplishment, Pericles held high the Athenian’s greatest achievement, direct democracy, as the source of its power. He was a true believer in Athenian democracy as the roots of its exceptionalism.  And, he was a defender of the poor and exploited and thus was continuously opposed by the status quo or the ruling aristocracy. (Remember, Pericles was part of the aristocracy himself as Trump is.)  The aristocracy hated Pericles. Sound familiar? It should. It’s Donald Trump’s campaign message and the vitriolic hatred by the ruling political and economic aristocracy in this nation regardless of political leanings.

During Pericles’ decades-long reign, he stripped the ruling oligarchy of their power and returned power to the people and to direct democracy.  And, guess who paid for it? That’s right. The Delian League. Pericles 30 year reign is now what we know today as the Golden Age. Eventually, the Delian League revolted and Athens lost it’s empire.  Guess who pays for American power today? That’s right, the rest of the world who pays a tribute or fealty tax in the form of the dollar reserve currency that allows the United States to loot the world of its riches. That’s right; both Pericles and Trump are statists and have no problems exploiting others as long as it enriches the state. Or, 2,500 years ago, enriched Athens and today enriches the United States.

All of what is happening today is exactly what happened 2,500 years ago. Exactly.  The institutions or control structures are not exactly the same but the dynamics are nearly identical.  The question is if Donald Trump can win the election and pivot the United States as Pericles did for Athens. He has shared the exact same message of populism, repatriating our wealth and forcing the rest of the world to pay for it.  The corollary is exactly the same and, using it and only it, as a basis for prediction, Donald Trump will win the election this Tuesday. 

Do I actually think he will win? I have no idea but give me the odds and I’d place the bet.  Straight up odds, who knows.

By the way, it will be a  mathematical impossibility for Donald Trump to pull off a similar effort without this system first collapsing. Not that the United States couldn’t recover relatively quickly. Look at Iceland or the Soviet Union collapses. They collapsed but recovered quite quickly. But everything would be forced to change as a result of collapse and the potential chaos that would ensue would be very difficult to organize and control. I’ll tell you more about this in another post I have been promising for the better half of four years. I’ll get to it eventually.  But, collapse has absolutely nothing to do with debt. The debt mongers are still out in force. But, as noted on here, debt is nothing more than an illusion. You make it real by accepting it as real. Debt means absolutely nothing other than what you believe it means. It’s a control structure placed in your mind that you belief is real just like all of your other self-imposed beliefs and the tyranny they create.

We live in incredibly interesting times.  

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bill & Hillary Clinton - Criminals-in-Chief

Modern humanity is morally bankrupt. There is one main reason for that. It’s the state. (I’ll be talking in more detail about that another time.) Mind you, I mean all of humanity is morally bankrupt. We live in unprecedented times. There literally isn’t a single soul in this country, as just one example, who can operate from any position of moral authority. Don’t kid yourself when you wag your hypocritical finger at Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan; the two crooks most responsible for the complete moral bankruptcy of this nation.  (Although as noted on here in the past, Reagan’s administration far and away had the most indictments and forced resignations due to legal wrongdoing of any in history.)  We all do the bidding of evil every single day. We are slaves in an insidious economic  control system that spans the globe. There is no way to extract yourself from it even if you want to. That is, unless you chose the path of exterminating your own existence.  Because that is what it would take. Otherwise, all we can do is resist in some small way.  The easiest is to quit shopping. Close the wallet unless it’s absolutely necessary and starve the beast of the money it needs to survive. (Remember, in the book of Daniel, the beast was an empire of metal [weapons of war] that waged war against the world. While there is some perspective this was in reference to the Roman Empire, all empires operate on the same level of control.  The U.S. empire certainly is at war with the world both economically and militarily.  More broadly, socially, spiritually, physically and emotionally.  The mark of the beast is money, which is the control system used to enslave humanity as hamsters into the hierarchical, class-based graft or surplus value that thugs and dictators use to steal, plunder and pilfer humanity. In modern times those thugs and dictators are the state and its institutions like capitalism, corporations, politics, standing armies, socialism, communism and every other ism the state can dream up.)

I’ve talked about parallels to the United States in the Roman Empire, England in 1776, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. History rhymes and so does the endless criminality of the state. People in our nation, and all nations, who enrich themselves through state violence, turn a blind eye to the massive crimes against humanity their governments perpetuate against their own neighbors as well as people in other nation states.  Anyone who is doing well economically around the world is doing the bidding of the state.  That is how extreme the pathological evil has become. There’s an equal but opposite reaction coming and it’s going to be beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.  That reaction could be taken from the start of the twentieth century or even earlier.  As noted before, it could take the form of kickback from the start of what we now call capitalism which would be the past five hundred-odd years.  One of the first posts I put up here more than a decade ago is that when this cycle ends the earth will literally shudder and shake. We ain’t seen nothin yet. If Donald Trump gets elected, he’ll ignorantly destroy his own wealth and status should he follow through on his promises. And, I certainly hope he does.

I owe a post on this topic of good versus evil re the astrological turn date in 2013 that started that battle. But still haven’t put it up. That will come. It’s just a large undertaking to downsize my thoughts into a post because the topic is so complex and esoteric that I could turn it into a 400 page book.

One of the most disgusting remarks that sticks in my mind today is Hillary Clinton constantly yammering that America is great because it is good. This coming from a life-long crook whose actions have contributed to endless suffering around the world.  For years I wrote that Bill Clinton was the biggest crook and most horrendous president in this nation’s history. And, that the only way the Clintons and Al Gore could become wildly rich was through corruption. (Don't forget about Dick Cheney who runs a close third.)  Finally, that’s getting some play. Given the level of detail that is now coming out regarding The Clinton Foundation, I have to wonder if we could actually see criminal indictments against both Bill and Hillary. If the halls of justice still have any morality left in them, both of them should be in prison for life-long accomplishment awards. And, Donald Trump should be right there with them.

For those who think the most recent transparency into Clinton wrongdoing is a conspiratorial witch hunt against poor ole Hillary and Bill, does anyone remember this story from nearly 23 years ago? Dust it off and give it a good read. As someone who is intimately familiar with futures markets, what Hillary Clinton supposedly did, according to the official story, was literally just about impossible. She was a pathological criminal in 1994 and she’s a pathological criminal today.  (People chose spouses with the same level of emotional dysfunction as their own. Functional people won't tolerate the lack of emotional intelligence, lack of emotional boundaries and lack of emotional morality in those who are dysfunctional. We clearly understand Bill’s dysfunction and we are starting to get a clearer understanding of Hillary’s.)

Quite amazing that some in the mainstream press are actually now throwing the Clintons under the bus in the last few days. The title of this Wall Street Journal article is shocking – Grifters-in-Chief. Not because it’s off-base but because the truth is nearly nonexistent in the mainstream press. Especially, the corporatocracy press like the Journal.  And, then this one, The Cold Clinton Reality – Why isn’t the IRS investigating the Clinton Foundation

There is no way to put the cat back in the back. There is no way we are going back to a world that existed five or ten or twenty years ago. Both political parties are headed for disaster.  Mind you, I’ve noted many times the Democratic Party will be the first to collapse. Interesting how political pundits in the Democratic Party space were laughing about the coming crisis in the Republican Party just weeks ago. How the worm has turned. 

Remember, Donald Trump was hobnobbing with the Clintons just a few years ago. And, remember, he was upset because the Koch brothers rebuffed him early in his campaign. He’s cut from the same cloth and is a poster child of everything that is wrong in this world. Anyone who can look at what is happening in the world today and still vote for either the Republican or Democratic Party is a moral rationalizer and shares a substantial responsibility for perpetuating the pathological evil that exists within organized political parties around the world today. If one wishes to vote for Trump because it will collapse the establishment, as Michael Moore pointed out in my last post, that position is fraught with unintended consequences. Just ask the Russians and the Germans who ended up supporting their own enslavement with such attempts at toppling the establishment.

We’ve see that type of moral rationalization time and again throughout history, including Nazi Germany.

(By the way, there are so many elements of past writings that play into this environment. Just one that comes to mind, as an example, that is completely off topic is that we could start to see wholesale refusal of the rank-and-file military to obey or even to desert the military in this nation. That may have seemed impossible when I wrote this many years ago but how about today? Would you perform your military duties for the criminal class with their jack boot on this nation’s neck? Would you carry out your orders to wage war on behalf of U.S. corporations, the military-industrial complex or a morally-bankrupt political class?)
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

“Peak State” Linkfest - The Greatest Evil The World Has Ever Seen

Just some timely links to the incredible pathological evil around the world today.  (Although these are focused on the pathological criminals in the U.S.)  Something to contemplate before the November elections.  But, first I want to provide a link to a Youtube video that is going viral. There are multiple copies on Youtube and it looks to be closing in on a million views. Link here. I’m not much for predicing winners and losers in elections but since this moment is incredibly profound, if I were given Vegas odds, I’d play it all on Donald Trump. He captures everything I wrote would happen and the pathological evil (the state – corporations, capitalism, private banks, politicians, the military-industrial complex, etc) talked about  ad nauseam on here.  The faux intelligentsia and crooked aristocracy are so convinced he’s completely out of the race and they clearly don’t understand the blowback that is coming their way. On that note, I’ll be putting up another post before the elections. In that post, I want to share a little story from 2,500 years ago that supports the election of Donald Trump. I originally planned to put together a big post on this early in the year but it will be short. I’m pretty certain you will find substantial profundity in its parallels to today. 

Onto the linkfest-

Spaniards Dream of Life Without Politicians (The State) - I think I’m the only person in the world who has written in a mainstream forum that politics and politicians will one day disappear forever. That politics is inconsistent with democracy and self-rule. How ironic this has now become a mainstream topic. Do you think Barack Obama or Congress actually runs the federal government? Or mayors run city governement? Politicians are idiots. Government is not run by politicians but rather by public servants, city managers, agency managers, etc.

People Are More Likely To Be Killed By Obama’s Secret, Criminal War Than The Military – More crimes against humanity by a lawless politician. Bush, Obama? What’s the difference?

Privatised (For-Profit) Godless War Racket – War is the health of the state as Bourne noted. There is a class of crooks who profits from every war. War enriches the ruling aristocracy in a class-based society. It’s how they plunder.  As we are witnessing today, much of America’s war on the world is a covert economic war.

Fake News - The Pentagon Paid $500 Million For Iraq Propaganda – Standing armies are not consistent with democracy. Our founding fathers understood this and warned against standing armies. In the U.S. and generally elsewhere around the world, we are brainwashed into “supporting the troops”.  Mostly because it’s our nieces, nephews, cousins, uncles, children, etc.

More Pentagon Fake News Courtesy Of Corporations

More Corporate State War For Profit

Pathological – Bill Clinton Fucked More Than 2,000 Women? – Who knows if this is true but a lot of video recordings about Bill’s behavior are now surfacing.

The Criminal Finance Class – The king’s private banks and corporations were the real reason we waged war against England in 1776. Our war was against corporate capitalism.

Nationalists and Populists Dominate European Balloting – Maybe the only person writing in the mainstream who wrote a decade ago when we were in supposedly peaceful global economics that we were entering a period of rising nationalism.

Trump:What’s The Deal?  A documentary that has been suppressed because of threatened litigation. It’s a clear, fact-based expose of a leacherous scumbag. It’s a few bucks to buy but if you look for it on Youtube, you can sometimes find it. If not, half a dozen segments are on Youtube at any given time. Truly repulsive how Trump screwed society over and over again for his own personal gain.  No different than the Clintons cashing in on ripping off America.

Wikileaks – DNC Chief Shared Confidential Sanders Campaign Info with Hillary Clinton – A criminal offense? Election tampering laws?

The Little People Have Had Enough – Just as Soviet dissident Andre Amalrik predicted the coming collapse of the Soviet Union, he stated the professional class would never turn against the state because they enriched themselves through state violence. Revolution almost always starts with the little people.

Fed Risks Recreating 2008 Crisis – Central planning is headed for collapse.

Why It’s Unlikely Anyone Will Go To Jail In Massive Wells Fargo Fraud – Once again the criminal class walks after committing heinous crimes while we stack poor people in prison for drug addiction and minor offenses.

Bill Clinton Audio – I Slept With Black Beauty Queen – Bill Clinton’s name has been on this blog many times as the most reprehensible, crooked president in our history.

Wikileaks – Corporate Media Collapse Imminent – What else need be said?

Bill Clinton Audio – I’m an Equal Opportunity Fucker – A pathological person who uses power to exploit others. You know, similar to the crimes against humanity perpetuated by thousands of Catholic priests.

Islamic School – Murder Gay People – Once again, I find this to be the perfect irony. Gay people in our nation are brainwashed into voting for Democrats. Democrats also refuse to call out radical Islam for what it is. So, we see endless violence against gay people by Islam and the Democratic Party is silent. Perfect ignorance – voting for your own murderer.

CIA Goading Russia Into Violence – Is the world really as it seems? The CIA is an undemocratic tool of the state that has a long history of massive crimes against humanity. Any class-based structure, especially one that operates in total secrecy, is or soon will be a criminal organization.

Wikileaks – Clinton Campaign Email Seeks Ignorant Citizenry – The state can only maintain itself through exploitation. Exploitation of a society is only possible by keeping the exploited ignorant.  But, what do you call the class of people who exploits people and turns them into ignorant slaves? Well, that would be ignorant evil.

U.S. “Allies” and Clinton Foundation Donors Funding ISIS – The Democratic Party and, let’s be fair, the Republican party are both in bed with pathological evil.

IBM Layoff Epidemic Spreads Worldwide – A long-time call on here that IBM and many other corporations are headed for massive collapse or systemic failure that will force them into substantially smaller footprints.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Age Of Ignorance Gives Way To The Age Of Enlightenment (Aquarius)

I’m literally the only person on this planet who has written about so many things that are unfolding in the world today.  And things I was writing about many years ago are now starting to reveal themselves. Things just about no one ever could consider as possible.  That doesn’t mean in any way I am some kind of savant. But, what I do attribute it to is the unprecedented level of brainwashing that exists. Almost no one who could care to write anything for general consumption about sociology, economics, monetary theory or whatnot seems to know who they really are.  They are all defined by belief systems that pathology in this world has imprinted upon them.  Let’s chat regarding the timeliness of a few of those belief systems that are starting to collapse. A few that I’ve uniquely written about over the years.

As noted on here before, we could literally be in the midst of World War III for some years now. But, in some way that war isn’t recognizable because it’s unlike any we have ever seen.  That is, a global war against the state.  Honestly, we will only know at some point in the future if this is the case as it would be a very unconvential “war”.  But look at the virus of pathological criminals around the world. Any and all nation is controlled by the same pathology.

The United States is run by some of the biggest crooks and thugs on earth. And, because the U.S. Empire has such a broad reach, the amount of violence the United States perpetuates around the world is staggering. Honestly, it is unprecedented. It doesn’t matter whether that violence is physical, emotional or spiritual, states around the world are literally and figuratively murdering humanity and extinguishing the divine light of our existence.  It doesn’t matter if that is the actions of hierarchical political constructs, hierarchical religious constructs, hierarchical corporations, hierarchical military constructs or whatnot. Institutionalized hierarchy (the state) is an organized crime syndicate that only survives through violence.

Most people don’t understand the depth of emotional and spiritual violence in the world today. Any hierarchical construct is intrinsically violent. The entire world is dominated by this unprecedented evil that dominates undemocratic, godless, man-made institutions of hierarchy and class. And, I do mean evil.  Any time you or I go to work in a hierarchical corporation, consume anything made by a hierarchical corporation, place our faith in hierarchical religous institutions, vote for hierarchical political institutions, serve in a hierarchical military/ standing army or whatnot, we are ignorantly perpetuating some manner of emotional, spiritual or physical violence against our fellow man.  The level of ignorance that is required to perpetuate this manner of system enslaving all of humanty is without any precedence.

The state is and always has been at war with humanity. But the worm is starting to turn.  And that turning is in differing stages of development literally just about everywhere.  Right now much of the resistance to the state is based substantially or completely on ignorance.  Donald Trump, as just one very small example, is not a source of any truth. He’s running as a politician.  Politics is an institution of the ego or of control that subverts truth through its primary intent of control.  He perpetuates truthiness or what sounds like the truth or is some incomplete, often twisted, form of deceit. Most often, his self-deceit that an ignorant humanity embraces.  But he has tapped into a palpable rage at the criminal activities of the Republican and Democratic Parties. Again, nearly a decade ago I started writing that both politicial parties in this nation would likely collapse and a third party candidate would arise.  (And that politics is a vestige of ancient control that will eventually disappear forever.) Actually, there are/were four third party candidates running for the presidency; Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Three made it to the November elections, and it seems a good chance Sanders would have also made it but for the massive media manipulation and Democratic Party manipulation meant to marginalize his campaign and his message.  Honestly, with the Wikileaks exposure of Democratic Party tampering, including the willful participation by Hillary Clinton, I wonder what election laws or other types of laws were broken.  If we had a functioning democracy, I would wonder what kind of wholesale criminal indictments of Clinton and top party officials we may have seen.

None of this really matters. Again, as I noted many years ago, the United States and all of the large countries in the world could splinter just as the Soviet Union did.  I have already noted that the United States as we know it is already in systemic failure and will never return.  As the world before us unfolds, I am confident this is just a matter of time until these splinterings happen yet this cycle. Will it happen quickly or be a slow, painful process?  Washington politicians represent millions to tens of millions of constitutents. There is absolutely no self-government, democracy, republicanism or anything of the sort with those types of numbers. One person cannot ever represent the the commons or the well being of the community in numbers larger than a neighborhood or a small city.  Even that may be a stretch. As noted before, in 1789 Washington congressmen represented a few thousand voters. At that level, there was some modicum of ability to represent the community and the needs of the people in it; or the commons.  Now, Washington is nothing more than the largest concentration of criminals in the world today. Money flows into Washington in all forms of fealty or extortion fro every corner of the globe be it in the form of legalized bribes, donations the the Clinton Foundation or whatnot. 

There is a finite amount of power in this world and humanity has almost none of it at the individual level. (True liberalism or the founding principles of self-rule and democracy.) The only way we will ever see any type of self-rule or principles of freedom is if people around the world take back all of the power the state has stolen from them.  Donald Trump doesn’t want to do that. He’s a statist just like Clinton.  He waxes poetic about the state not about the people.  No one in Washington can or will make life better for over three hundred million people any more than I can.  The only manner through which this system ever recovers is by granting all sentient life their own journey. Especially their own inner journey of spiritual and emotional self-regulation and self-actualization.

Since starting this blog more than a decade ago, I have noted in hundreds of posts that the cycle we are in could be characterized as a cycle of volatility.   When I wrote that, the criminals were telling us this was an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity; something I often characterized as Pax Globalia. Look at the world now. Just as I noted during those very peaceful times, every thug and dictator on earth would rearing his or her ugly head as this cycle started its collapse. And, don’t kid yourself. That isn’t just ISIS or the third world messes we see, but it is the power-mad thugs and dictators in the United States and Europe, be they politicians, standing army hierarchy, corporate thugs or the ruling aristocracy.  Look at the overt disregard for humanity within the ruling class of this nation. It’s palpable. They don’t even pretend to hide their hatred of you or me.

The world today is entranced in an unprecedented ignorant haze. Hillary Clinton’s popularity is based on the exact same ignorance as Donald Trump. I actually appreciate Trump ripping open the cesspool of massive corruption, fraud and the literal enslavement of the American people to state pathology.  But, make no mistake, he’s cut from the exact same cloth as Clinton. Is it possible that Trump could become magnanimous?  Of course. But it’s easy to be patronizingly deferential to the little people once you have literally thieved so much from them.  His policies are self-serving and desirous of maintaining all of the institutions of the ego that enslave humanity to the very few.

Right now, the vast majority of the memes we see in politics today are forms of violence. We have a polarization of brainwashed belief systems driving the behavior of both the Trump and Clinton supporters. Belief systems are nothing more than control constructs created by the ego.  And, as all institutions of control are, belief systems are based completely on ignorance and violence.  All of them. (Unlike experiences which guide the enlightened or divine mind in all of us.) 

Belief systems are institutions of the ego as are all hierarchical, institutionalized control systems. And, as such, enlightenment requires one to experience the despondency and suffering associated with the collapse of one’s belief systems so that one can experience the present moment without predetermining or altering its outcome in any way.  We are moving towards that divine experience but most people are still trapped in belief systems that wish for the world to return to some variation of the past. A past that the ego delusionally repaints as the “good old days”.  But we are never going back. Ever. The world we new before 2008 is gone. The only reason anyone still believes (there is that word again) that world still has any meaning is because it’s being propped up through the massive illusions of political power, massive monetary emission and other forms of state violence.

We still have a long road to travel to achieve the level of enlightenment or self-awareness needed to remake the world for the coming Age of Aquarius. That day will happen. And, the distinct possibility exists that long road may be traveled in a very, very short period of time. 

Enlightenment is an incredibly violent process as we are witnessing today. 

And, so the journey continues.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Coming Collapse Of Scientific Rationalism–Something Is Wrong With Dark Matter

Hello to the many tens of thousands of readers, or maybe I should say former readers of this blog and my writings elsewhere. Or, what is left of you, which I’m assuming isn’t a lot. I’m not dead yet.  But I am intently watching everything that is happening in the world around us.  I’ll continue to post on here but honestly in some regards I’m just watching everything unfold that has been written of on here for more than a decade.  It all continues to reveal itself quite nicely. That includes the massive ignorance of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George Bush, political parties and equally ignorant political idiots all around the world.  More on that hopefully in the next week or two.

I’m going to keep this post short. This article by a pre-eminent physicist caught my attention because, while it doesn’t come right out and say so, it aligns with a long-time theme I have written of on here many times.  That is, scientific rationalism is in the midst of collapse and as a part of that, the junk science views of the universe that are perpetuated by mainstream, institutionalized science, will collapse some time in the next few decades. Newtonian science is alive and well but the bloviating bullshit of high priests (Michio Kaku, Neil Degrasse Tyson and others who have been vaulted to rock star status by our society) who regurgiate the institutiaonlized standard model are going to watch their belief systems collapse. The twentieth century’s scientific error compounded by scientific error nearly guarantees us that our perceptions of reality are so far off base that modern science’s view of the universe is likely as wrong or more wrong than the view some many hundred years ago that the world was flat.  As the universe exposes humanity to more and more of reality, the Humpty Dumpty of much of scientific rationalism will come tumbling down.

While the linked-to article on here doesn’t come right out and state what I have, it is a major chink in the armor of a theory with many compounding errors that leaves 95% of the universe unaccounted for.  One of the high priests of the establishment has dared to publicly question the religion he has heretofore spent a lifetime defending. 

As I have noted before, if you supposedly only have access to 5% of nformation, any information on any topic, how many tests are you likely to pass? How many answers are you likely to accurately posit with 5% of the information?  How many conclusions can you accurately draw about anything with access to 5% of the information?  This article is a damning portrayal of reality.  That is, the institutionalized standard model of the universe accepted by all mainstream physicists isn’t worth the paper it is written on.  Billions upon billions upon billions of dollars over the last century spent developing this theory, propping up the theory through global physics universities, often junk research and junk curriculum, paying the salaries of professors who teach this brainwashed religion and, most importantly, the graduates who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be brainwashed by said theory. 

What do you call someone who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege of being brainwashed?  Well, I don’t know about you but I would call them some of the most ignorant people on the planet. How appropriate for the twentieth century, which will likely be written into history as an aberration that led to the rise of unprecedented ignorance courtesy of  institutionalized class and hierarchy or institutions of the ego.

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