Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Age Of Ignorance Gives Way To The Age Of Enlightenment (Aquarius)

I’m literally the only person on this planet who has written about so many things that are unfolding in the world today.  And things I was writing about many years ago are now starting to reveal themselves. Things just about no one ever could consider as possible.  That doesn’t mean in any way I am some kind of savant. But, what I do attribute it to is the unprecedented level of brainwashing that exists. Almost no one who could care to write anything for general consumption about sociology, economics, monetary theory or whatnot seems to know who they really are.  They are all defined by belief systems that pathology in this world has imprinted upon them.  Let’s chat regarding the timeliness of a few of those belief systems that are starting to collapse. A few that I’ve uniquely written about over the years.

As noted on here before, we could literally be in the midst of World War III for some years now. But, in some way that war isn’t recognizable because it’s unlike any we have ever seen.  That is, a global war against the state.  Honestly, we will only know at some point in the future if this is the case as it would be a very unconvential “war”.  But look at the virus of pathological criminals around the world. Any and all nation is controlled by the same pathology.

The United States is run by some of the biggest crooks and thugs on earth. And, because the U.S. Empire has such a broad reach, the amount of violence the United States perpetuates around the world is staggering. Honestly, it is unprecedented. It doesn’t matter whether that violence is physical, emotional or spiritual, states around the world are literally and figuratively murdering humanity and extinguishing the divine light of our existence.  It doesn’t matter if that is the actions of hierarchical political constructs, hierarchical religious constructs, hierarchical corporations, hierarchical military constructs or whatnot. Institutionalized hierarchy (the state) is an organized crime syndicate that only survives through violence.

Most people don’t understand the depth of emotional and spiritual violence in the world today. Any hierarchical construct is intrinsically violent. The entire world is dominated by this unprecedented evil that dominates undemocratic, godless, man-made institutions of hierarchy and class. And, I do mean evil.  Any time you or I go to work in a hierarchical corporation, consume anything made by a hierarchical corporation, place our faith in hierarchical religous institutions, vote for hierarchical political institutions, serve in a hierarchical military/ standing army or whatnot, we are ignorantly perpetuating some manner of emotional, spiritual or physical violence against our fellow man.  The level of ignorance that is required to perpetuate this manner of system enslaving all of humanty is without any precedence.

The state is and always has been at war with humanity. But the worm is starting to turn.  And that turning is in differing stages of development literally just about everywhere.  Right now much of the resistance to the state is based substantially or completely on ignorance.  Donald Trump, as just one very small example, is not a source of any truth. He’s running as a politician.  Politics is an institution of the ego or of control that subverts truth through its primary intent of control.  He perpetuates truthiness or what sounds like the truth or is some incomplete, often twisted, form of deceit. Most often, his self-deceit that an ignorant humanity embraces.  But he has tapped into a palpable rage at the criminal activities of the Republican and Democratic Parties. Again, nearly a decade ago I started writing that both politicial parties in this nation would likely collapse and a third party candidate would arise.  (And that politics is a vestige of ancient control that will eventually disappear forever.) Actually, there are/were four third party candidates running for the presidency; Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Three made it to the November elections, and it seems a good chance Sanders would have also made it but for the massive media manipulation and Democratic Party manipulation meant to marginalize his campaign and his message.  Honestly, with the Wikileaks exposure of Democratic Party tampering, including the willful participation by Hillary Clinton, I wonder what election laws or other types of laws were broken.  If we had a functioning democracy, I would wonder what kind of wholesale criminal indictments of Clinton and top party officials we may have seen.

None of this really matters. Again, as I noted many years ago, the United States and all of the large countries in the world could splinter just as the Soviet Union did.  I have already noted that the United States as we know it is already in systemic failure and will never return.  As the world before us unfolds, I am confident this is just a matter of time until these splinterings happen yet this cycle. Will it happen quickly or be a slow, painful process?  Washington politicians represent millions to tens of millions of constitutents. There is absolutely no self-government, democracy, republicanism or anything of the sort with those types of numbers. One person cannot ever represent the the commons or the well being of the community in numbers larger than a neighborhood or a small city.  Even that may be a stretch. As noted before, in 1789 Washington congressmen represented a few thousand voters. At that level, there was some modicum of ability to represent the community and the needs of the people in it; or the commons.  Now, Washington is nothing more than the largest concentration of criminals in the world today. Money flows into Washington in all forms of fealty or extortion fro every corner of the globe be it in the form of legalized bribes, donations the the Clinton Foundation or whatnot. 

There is a finite amount of power in this world and humanity has almost none of it at the individual level. (True liberalism or the founding principles of self-rule and democracy.) The only way we will ever see any type of self-rule or principles of freedom is if people around the world take back all of the power the state has stolen from them.  Donald Trump doesn’t want to do that. He’s a statist just like Clinton.  He waxes poetic about the state not about the people.  No one in Washington can or will make life better for over three hundred million people any more than I can.  The only manner through which this system ever recovers is by granting all sentient life their own journey. Especially their own inner journey of spiritual and emotional self-regulation and self-actualization.

Since starting this blog more than a decade ago, I have noted in hundreds of posts that the cycle we are in could be characterized as a cycle of volatility.   When I wrote that, the criminals were telling us this was an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity; something I often characterized as Pax Globalia. Look at the world now. Just as I noted during those very peaceful times, every thug and dictator on earth would rearing his or her ugly head as this cycle started its collapse. And, don’t kid yourself. That isn’t just ISIS or the third world messes we see, but it is the power-mad thugs and dictators in the United States and Europe, be they politicians, standing army hierarchy, corporate thugs or the ruling aristocracy.  Look at the overt disregard for humanity within the ruling class of this nation. It’s palpable. They don’t even pretend to hide their hatred of you or me.

The world today is entranced in an unprecedented ignorant haze. Hillary Clinton’s popularity is based on the exact same ignorance as Donald Trump. I actually appreciate Trump ripping open the cesspool of massive corruption, fraud and the literal enslavement of the American people to state pathology.  But, make no mistake, he’s cut from the exact same cloth as Clinton. Is it possible that Trump could become magnanimous?  Of course. But it’s easy to be patronizingly deferential to the little people once you have literally thieved so much from them.  His policies are self-serving and desirous of maintaining all of the institutions of the ego that enslave humanity to the very few.

Right now, the vast majority of the memes we see in politics today are forms of violence. We have a polarization of brainwashed belief systems driving the behavior of both the Trump and Clinton supporters. Belief systems are nothing more than control constructs created by the ego.  And, as all institutions of control are, belief systems are based completely on ignorance and violence.  All of them. (Unlike experiences which guide the enlightened or divine mind in all of us.) 

Belief systems are institutions of the ego as are all hierarchical, institutionalized control systems. And, as such, enlightenment requires one to experience the despondency and suffering associated with the collapse of one’s belief systems so that one can experience the present moment without predetermining or altering its outcome in any way.  We are moving towards that divine experience but most people are still trapped in belief systems that wish for the world to return to some variation of the past. A past that the ego delusionally repaints as the “good old days”.  But we are never going back. Ever. The world we new before 2008 is gone. The only reason anyone still believes (there is that word again) that world still has any meaning is because it’s being propped up through the massive illusions of political power, massive monetary emission and other forms of state violence.

We still have a long road to travel to achieve the level of enlightenment or self-awareness needed to remake the world for the coming Age of Aquarius. That day will happen. And, the distinct possibility exists that long road may be traveled in a very, very short period of time. 

Enlightenment is an incredibly violent process as we are witnessing today. 

And, so the journey continues.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Coming Collapse Of Scientific Rationalism–Something Is Wrong With Dark Matter

Hello to the many tens of thousands of readers, or maybe I should say former readers of this blog and my writings elsewhere. Or, what is left of you, which I’m assuming isn’t a lot. I’m not dead yet.  But I am intently watching everything that is happening in the world around us.  I’ll continue to post on here but honestly in some regards I’m just watching everything unfold that has been written of on here for more than a decade.  It all continues to reveal itself quite nicely. That includes the massive ignorance of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George Bush, political parties and equally ignorant political idiots all around the world.  More on that hopefully in the next week or two.

I’m going to keep this post short. This article by a pre-eminent physicist caught my attention because, while it doesn’t come right out and say so, it aligns with a long-time theme I have written of on here many times.  That is, scientific rationalism is in the midst of collapse and as a part of that, the junk science views of the universe that are perpetuated by mainstream, institutionalized science, will collapse some time in the next few decades. Newtonian science is alive and well but the bloviating bullshit of high priests (Michio Kaku, Neil Degrasse Tyson and others who have been vaulted to rock star status by our society) who regurgiate the institutiaonlized standard model are going to watch their belief systems collapse. The twentieth century’s scientific error compounded by scientific error nearly guarantees us that our perceptions of reality are so far off base that modern science’s view of the universe is likely as wrong or more wrong than the view some many hundred years ago that the world was flat.  As the universe exposes humanity to more and more of reality, the Humpty Dumpty of much of scientific rationalism will come tumbling down.

While the linked-to article on here doesn’t come right out and state what I have, it is a major chink in the armor of a theory with many compounding errors that leaves 95% of the universe unaccounted for.  One of the high priests of the establishment has dared to publicly question the religion he has heretofore spent a lifetime defending. 

As I have noted before, if you supposedly only have access to 5% of nformation, any information on any topic, how many tests are you likely to pass? How many answers are you likely to accurately posit with 5% of the information?  How many conclusions can you accurately draw about anything with access to 5% of the information?  This article is a damning portrayal of reality.  That is, the institutionalized standard model of the universe accepted by all mainstream physicists isn’t worth the paper it is written on.  Billions upon billions upon billions of dollars over the last century spent developing this theory, propping up the theory through global physics universities, often junk research and junk curriculum, paying the salaries of professors who teach this brainwashed religion and, most importantly, the graduates who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be brainwashed by said theory. 

What do you call someone who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege of being brainwashed?  Well, I don’t know about you but I would call them some of the most ignorant people on the planet. How appropriate for the twentieth century, which will likely be written into history as an aberration that led to the rise of unprecedented ignorance courtesy of  institutionalized class and hierarchy or institutions of the ego.

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Sunday, April 03, 2016

The Coming Collapse Of Political Parties (And The State)

One of the long time themes on here that, as far as I know, is unique to this blog, just as many themes are, is that we are likely to see the collapse of both political parties in this nation.  Frankly, that dynamic is not exclusive to the United States. As I have noted many times, humanity is at war with the state. And politics, an institution of the ego, is a creation by the state used to control humanity. Politicians provide literally zero usefulness to humanity, democracy, self-rule or republicanism. The incredible focus on American politics right now is an example of the false prophets and charlatans I have talked about being so common in cycles like this. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, for their incredible popularity, have both become famous and popular by supporting state violence over their lives. Voting for either of them will literally solve nothing. I make that statement as one of understanding complex systems rather than a useless opinion.

If you believe Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders are going to save you or "fix" what ails this system, you are lying to yourself. And you have fallen prey to demagogy. Politicians are some of the most ignorant people on earth. Right behind them on the ignorance scale are corporate executives. It shows the level of ignorance that pervades all of humanity that the political discourse in this nation has become so wildly popular. Of course, the ego is the great deceiver and in a world where no one wants to take responsibility for anything, politicians appeal to the most base, inhuman aspect of our psyche, the ego. So, we cheer for those we wish to get elected even though they have absolutely nothing in common with most of us and we really know absolutely nothing about what they will eventually do after they get elected. Fundamentally, our inner wounded self (child) or the ego seeks to emotionally abandon itself and that manifests itself in wishing to be taken care of. And politicians tap into that fear-based dynamic to control us. Who actually wants to take any responsibility for their own fate in this world? It's a very scary proposition to not have someone else to tell you what to do, what to think and how to think. To actually have to be responsible for yourself, produce your own food, produce your own electricity, produce your own...... or create a community able to trade with another community for those items we need is an exhilarating but also frightening possibility. Better to let the politicians do it for us. And, that is why we are in this mess in the first place. Politicians are only going to make everything worse as they always have. If you want a political answer (control rather than truth) to what ails this world or your life, vote for a politician. If you want the truth void of violence, empower yourself, your community and all of humanity with direct democracy and self-rule as the Athenians did.

There are many people characterizing the dynamics we see in both political parties as "civil wars" within the parties. That is completely inaccurate. There are no civil wars in these parties. What you have is two candidates who could never, ever remotely get to the "finals" of any election because their viewpoints are so fundamentally opposed to the money driving both of these parties that if these ideals were actually adopted by either party, that party would collapse because the money needed to prop them up would vanish. On that note, not only is politics an institution of the ego that I have written will eventually disappear forever, but I have noted the exact same dynamic will come to pass with money.  Just as both political parties are nearing extinction, so is money. And, one data point we can use to validate this (although there are many) is that the amount of money any particular candidate has is waning in effect. So, money as an institution of the ego or an institution of control, is losing its power or ability to control humanity. No matter how much money a candidate has, those candidates are generally not able to parlay that money into popularity. It's the authenticity and truth of the candidate's message that is carrying popularity. That's because humanity is awakening to the truth and no amount of money can hide create a veil of lies and deceit to hide that truth. That is, politicians are and always have been criminals whose primary purpose is to enforce state violence on behalf of the criminal class (the state) against humanity and all life. Money and politics, control systems used by the state to perpetuate its violence, are dying just as the state is dying.

I'm going to write more about this in the future but let me leave you with something to think about. In 1789 the first U.S. Congress had members who were representing four or five thousand or some equally small number of voters. Today, Congress has members that oftentimes represent five, ten or fifteen million voters. How is anyone going to represent you or the needs of your community (self rule) when they are representing exponentially more than 1789? They aren't. And that is a fundamental problem that cannot be resolved by Washington DC or any other political establishment around the world. Your needs and the needs of your community can never and will never be met under this system, even if you magically found virtuous politicians. As I have noted time and again on here, the only answer is local economics and local self-rule. For that to happen, humanity has to take back its power. And that means they have to take it back from the state, corporations, bankers and politicians. (And that means all central governments, as we know them, of large countries must disappear. Another long time theme on here.) The only answer is local self-rule as the Athenians did. And the only way that is ever going to happen is that humanity is fundamentally at war with the state. Mind you, that is a global phenomena that we see everywhere. Humanity is oftentimes taking equally ignorant (ego-driven) stands against the state in this standoff, but as they awaken, they will continue to recursively refine their understanding of the consequences of their actions that are so far removed from reality today that it will take multiple iterations to get beyond our own self-imposed ignorance, self-deceit and self-delusions to the truth of our actions and our misguided beliefs. As I have noted many times, hierarchical systems and the state has created a moment in time where humanity is at peak ignorance. And, the higher up the ladder of class and hierarchy, or the state, that one goes, the greater the ignorance. Those who support politics, corporate capitalism, private banking, mainstream economics fundamentally based on the state-created lie of scarcity, American-style Christianity that supports the policies of "bombing for Jesus", forced grubbing for money that corporate capitalism encourages and the like, are the most ignorant people in our society.

And the only way humanity is going to get that power back is likely to be a war with the state.  Whether that war is fought on an emotional, spiritual or physical level or some combination of all three, that is what we are witnessing today.  Because the state (politicians, corporations, banks, moneychangers, state religions, etc) aren't going to give it back. In fact, as I have noted countless times, corporate capitalism, communism and the like are economic control systems (institutions of the ego) built upon fundamental contradictions that require greater and greater force or state violence to maintain stability. So, whether it's Obama, Trump, Sanders or anyone else, they must perpetuate greater and greater violence or this system will collapse, be it in the United States or elsewhere.   They'd rather butcher us as a last resort.  And, don't kid yourself on this.  In the twentieth century, an age of supposed civility, the state has murdered hundreds of millions of people and enslaved all of those who are remaining to some degree of emotional, spiritual and physical violence. Of course, what they really want was so presciently and eloquently noted by Lysander Spooner-

“Abraham Lincoln did not cause the death of so many people from a mere love of slaughter, but only to bring about a state of consent that could not otherwise be secured for the government he had undertaken to administer. When a government has once reduced its people to a state of consent – that is, of submission to its will (emotional, spiritual and physical violence - my notation) – it can put them to a much better use than to kill them; for it can then plunder them, enslave them, and use them as tools for plundering and enslaving others. (emotional, spiritual and physical violence - my notation)” -- Lysander Spooner, abolitionist

Everything I have been writing about re the voluminous posts on state violence, economics as a control system and the vile social dynamics created by the state is now starting to expose itself in full regalia. This most certainly is the most profound moment in human history as it seeks to free itself from the most palpable global evil and violence of all time.

If you didn't notice, the word of the day is fundamental(ly). :)
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

An Divine Easter Post - Obama The Communist

It's been a while since I have posted but I've got a few posts written that I will get up this month.  It's simply a matter of some minor editing.  But I might add that literally ever major theme I have uniquely written of on here is now exposing itself just as I knew it would.  Although my timing has certainly been well too early.  This Easter holiday I wanted to make a note about the Godlessness and pathological virus of politicians. All politicians. And, what I have been uniquely noting on here for ages.  That is, politics is an institution of the ego (control) that is an ancient relic of the state.  And, that it serves zero purpose to democracy or humanity and will eventually disappear forever. It's now looking like that disappearance may actually be this cycle.  Politicians exist for one reason - to serve the state.  And the state exists for one reason - to perpetuate violence on behalf of state actors (class and hierarchy).

I've mused in the past, not through name calling or labeling, but through thorough analysis that Obama appears to be a closet communist in line with the existing European Union communists who have destroyed that continent.  And, that communism was never defeated when the Soviet Union fell.  But rather the same statists in the Soviet Union simply reconstituted themselves as capitalists.  Capitalism is really no different than communism and Obama interestingly notes that this past few days.  All isms, socialism, fascism, feudalism, communism, capitalism and every other ism are simply different manifestations of statism.   They are simply different flavors of control created by the state.  Those control systems don't serve self-rule, democracy or anything else. They serve your masters and their endless desire to control you (violence) for their own self-interested pathology.

Now, on his trip to Cuba, Obama actually gives us a glimpse into the hidden world of his mind.  Obama states that capitalism and communism, meh, whatever works.   This is a very, very dangerous man, as all politicians are, because his real views have been hidden from plain sight. And, that certainly is because of their intent of control.  If Obama or any other politician actually shared what is hidden behind the veil they calculatingly protect, they never would be elected.

As noted on here ad nauseam, capitalists love communism.  U.S. capitalists did many secret dealings with the Soviet Union, fascist Germany, feudal Saudi Arabia, Imperial Japan, European monarchies, Egypt's military dictatorship, today's communist China and on and on and on.  Capitalism was created by the state to serve class and hierarchy.  In fact, as I have uniquely noted on here, the reason why the Articles of Confederation, which neutered a pathological, all-powerful central government was overturned is because rich, powerful capitalists, merchants, financiers and bankers needed an all-powerful central government in Washington DC to enforce their economic system of violence on the colonies. Otherwise, the people would never willfully submit to their domination.  So, the state is used to enforce this system of violence upon you and me.  Because all state control systems are based on emotional, spiritual and physical violence in the forms of conformity, forced corporate work, economic slavery, debt servitude, competitive exploitation, reliance on state handouts, threats, intimidation, economic looting, pilfering and the like.  That includes the state's endless war on God or the Divine.  And its war to convince you that there is no greater power or higher power in your life. With no greater purpose in your life, your purpose is to serve the state. (class and hierarchy or privileged and entitled "man gods")

Ronald Reagan was a walking contradiction in many ways. And he was a man of great ignorance as all politicians are.  But, he got one thing right.  Communism is an incredibly horrible system of massive repression and brutality. That now Obama is trying to "mainstream" communism along with capitalism gives us some insight to the Godlessness that drives his pathology. And, frankly, the global pathology of politicians that now serve world order for the state and its actors.  These are both systems of massive violence against humanity, and against your higher power and the Divine perpetuated by a small group of pathological predators using state's violence to control the rest of humanity.

It should be no surprise that I've noted repeatedly that everyone is missing the truth of this moment.  That in this moment, humanity is at war with the state. And that we, humanity, led by our own internal, sentient, higher power, and the natural laws (rights) created by the universe that govern our existence, will win.

This Godless world of incredible, unprecedented control, violence, hate, hypocrisy and ignorance, created by pathological evil, is doomed to the same fate as all institutions of ego. (control)  That is, self-destruction.
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Of Oil, Electric Cars And The Clinton Family Pathology

For those of us that are old enough, if one opens their minds and hearts to what is unfolding around the world, one realizes how profound the endless chaos and volatility before us really is.  We look forward today to a world that is in the midst of incredibly powerful change.  Literally nothing will likely survive without some substantial crisis, transformation or outright failure.  I've had friends and associates who used to roll their eyes or laugh when I would talk about what's coming and, to a T, all of them are now worried about their fate.  The key is "their".  This global system, modern corporate capitalist society, the state and all of the manifestations of social dynamics they have created around the world today are almost exclusively defined by the ego and all of the neuroses, selfishness and outright evil it can muster. There is little room in this world for good. Evil reigns supreme.

The first thing I want to say about oil is what a clown the founder of Tesla has been exposed to be across a lot of fronts. I would classify Elon Musk as a poster child for the faux intellectualism that props up a global system of ignorance.  Just because you have a degree in physics doesn’t mean shit from shinola in this world.  I have nothing against Musk but I certainly have little empathy for ignorance.  The more this guy opens his mouth, the more he looks like a clown.  Whether that is is asinine attempts at motivating his employees by public threats of firing them or the absolutely idiotic statement that humans will become intelligent computer's pets or the asinine business of building electric cars.  (Something talked about here in the past is that humanity has no capability to create sentient life because it doesn't even understand what it is. And the mocking of mental midgets who tell us we are on the verge of creating computers that will eventually view humanity as pets. There is zero chance of artificial intelligence becoming self-aware or becoming "human" without a profound leap in human knowledge because science has absolutely no idea what the mind is, what the brain is or how the mind creates, invents, loves, expresses itself uniquely as individuals or achieves a state of mind that is beyond the self or is selfless.  Frankly, most of this capability likely doesn't even reside in the human brain. These belief systems around bullshit science are pernicious delusions created by the ego's perceptions of its own brilliance that are really nothing more than incredible ignorance and a complete lack of respect for that which the ego does not understand. Ignorance is a state of mind that is always punished by karma.)  

I’ve talked about Musk's rise to fame by essentially participating in the loot-fest of the no-earnings, no business model, non-existent sham companies in the 1990s Clinton administration-created fraud bubble.  Musk parlayed essentially useless, unproductive misallocation of capital into becoming one of the richest people on earth. And who was left holding the counterparty bag of this theft? That would be society.  You.  The Clinton 1990s were the institutionalization of massive fraud and corruption of our political and financial system.   Then Musk received most-favored status with liberal idiots who told us the world was running out of oil. As a result of that, he received a massive, privileged (fraud) government handout to build electric cars while countless millions of Americans couldn’t get a loan or funding to save their own lives.  Literally. 

Now, in a national survey this past few days, oil was down to $1.21 a gallon in one of the top markets in the U.S.   I filled up my gas-guzzling vehicle for $17.  When I was first writing that oil was headed to $10 a barrel and gas to $1 a gallon, that fill-up would have cost me 70-odd dollars.   We are now only 21 cents away from that magical dollar per gallon I was writing about when the price of oil was in triple digits.  You now pay 10x the price of oil for sugar and 40x that for your Starbucks specialty drink.  People looked at me like I was a complete idiot when I used to say oil was headed back to the 1998 lows of $10 a barrel and $1 a gallon for gasoline.  And, by the way, that the global economy would wipe out all of the gains from 1998 and before.  Don't worry, oil is telling you that's exactly what is happening if you really understand why it is collapsing.

Now because of misguided, idiotic policies by Obama, electricity costs in this nation are at an all-time high. Home electricity energy costs have exploded and people with low income and fixed income are being terrorized by Obama’s electricity policies. Literally.  I know people with 1200 square feet, all-electric homes who live in the Midwest that are paying $700 a month in winter electricity bills with their thermostats set at 62 degrees.  So, now electric car owners are being raked over the coals for energy costs while internal combustion car owners are living large and oil is going to drop even further. By the way, wait till all of those pathological thugs in OPEC countries can't pump oil fast enough to keep their fiefdoms from collapsing.  Just as I said would happen long ago. Guess what? They are then going to flood the world with their gold holdings to raise liquidity and destroy the price of gold. Another outcome written of on here many years ago.

You mark my word, we are on the verge of a social dynamic where owning a Tesla and paying out the ass for the electricity to run it versus owning an internal combustion engine and paying $1 a gallon for gasoline is going to be a badge of complete stupidity. Electric car owners are going to be mocked and chided as buffoons for believing in the liberal brainwashing of Peak Oil.  Everything is a lie.  Peak Oil, humanity behind global climate change and every other state-created lunacy of social brainwashing.  Like I said long ago, electric-powered Tesla’s will eventually be used as boat anchors. This is not a company long for this world; a long-time theme on here. In the end, the universe will expose Musk's ignorance.

I want to point to a few links in the press recently as it pertains to oil-

The world is drowning in oil
Davos chief warns plunging oil will drive more migration
Gasoline is already 46 cents a gallon
Crude oil is worth less than nothing
Big banks are holding the bag on cheap oil

Again, I’m not a big fan of conspiracy. Wall Street and the investor class are going to be punished mercilessly with the price of falling oil. Depending on how oil-related financial instruments were synthesized by hedge funds and banks, the collapse in oil has the potential to be like the collapse in the mortgage market. This goes way beyond just oil firms and banks to entire countries being impacted.   Russia is highly dependent on oil and basic material exports to keep its oligarchy afloat.  We can expect that to collapse too.  Of course, that has already been discussed on here ages ago.

Let me say something else. Everyone points to conflict in the Middle East as a tinder box for the price of oil to skyrocket higher.  That is generally bullshit that may have worked when the global pathology was in control of the horrible world they had created.  Those days are over.   The reality is all of these Middle Eastern puppet governments, including ISIS, are propped up by arms sales from the United States, Russia, China and other states. These backward fiefdoms aren't capable of waging any war other than on horseback with swords (which is a good thing) because they suppress economic development as a method of holding their tyrannical grip on humanity. So, they must pump every ounce of oil they can to get their hands on the dollars necessary to protect their pathological interests - buying weapons, bribing their citizens into passivity, paying off their thug armies and on and on and on.. They have no option other than to pump even more oil the lower the price goes.  And, mind you, with the global economy in the early stages of collapse, it's going to get a lot worse for oil and gold...... and everything else.

Finally, I want to talk about the Clinton family. I've noted on here many times that Bill Clinton is the worst president in American history. If you really understand what happened in the 1990s, and how the U.S. economy was collapsing under Clinton, you can appreciate that statement. Gold collapsed to $250 and oil to $10 a barrel under Clinton in 1998. Both were alerting us to coming global deflation. The world was deflating under Clinton and that is the only reason why we had the U.S. stock market bubble. That bubble wasn't about the brilliance of the U.S. economy or Clinton's brilliant leadership.  It was because the U.S. was collapsing. More on that another time but Reagan deregulated private, class-based capital or corporate capitalism and turned the U.S. citizens into slaves of private, class-based economic interests.  But it was Clinton who deregulated the borders of private, for-profit, class-based capital and turned the entire world into a loot-fest for corporate capitalism and the world's economic aristocracy. Bill Clinton exhibits all of the signs of incredibly severe pathology.  In spades.
Bill Clinton stalked me repeatedly after raping me
Top Google search – Will Hillary be prosecuted?
Bernie Sanders - Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble
Linda Tripp – Bill Clinton had thousands of affairs including other women in his administration

It appears questions about Clinton's misogyny, hatred of women and sexual violence against women started in college at Yale and followed him to Oxford where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar.  There appears to be evidence Clinton was accused of sexual assault numerous times during those years. And it has followed him his whole life. This is the exact same behavior as Catholic priests who actually sought out positions of authority as priests not to help humanity but to prey upon them.  Pathology always seeks out positions of class and hierarchy.  Pathology created class and hierarchy in the first place. The predators who destroy the lives of countless people as trusted spiritual advisors are the same as those drawn to political and corporate power who are in the midst of destroying the lives of humanity. Mind you, this type of behavior is potentially systemic in circles of the aristocracy's primary intent of control. Rumors and accusations of pedophile rings in Britain, the U.S. and elsewhere are commonplace in political circles.   And, much of this is now starting to gain some legs in Britain. Link here.  When one understands the ego's primary intent of control that creates institutionalization and its birth children, class & hierarchy, one appreciates that pathology, which has a primary intent of controlling others, and is the basis for pedophelia, rape, endless war, kyriarchy, misogyny, violence against women, bigotry, racism, the faux feminist's war against men and other violent crimes against humanity, are indeed manifestations of class-based violence.  Our country is not racist or bigoted or anything else. I reject that completely out of hand.  More white Americans are on welfare, in prison and on food stamps than any other profile based on race.  Everyone who isn't part of the club of class-based privilege is exploited by class.  In a system of class that forces humanity into competition for servitude to economic masters, one must either be on the receiving end of violence or be perpetuating it, often ignorantly, for the ruling class.

As I have noted time and again, our country's violence is a result of the institutionalization class. And it is class that perpetuates violence of all sorts against humanity and turns our brothers and sisters against each other in an endless manifestation of manipulation used to keep us fighting with each other so that we don't see the truth.  That is, we are all terrorized by class & hierarchy. Private, class-based capital or capitalism, corporations, privately-created money, the welfare state, debt, private banks, the military-industrial complex and on and on are all manifestations of this institutionalized, class-based violence.

Hillary Clinton is no authentic supporter of women's rights or democracy or any other manifestation of human dignity. It is often noted that one marries or chooses a spouse with the same level of emotional dysfunction or function.  That she has turned a blind eye to the behavior of her husband over decades gives us some indication of her pathology as well.  With the endless drama of the Clinton family pathology, and new revelations about both Bill and Hillary's behavior, the American people are getting a first-hand look at what it would be like to have this sickness and Godlessness  back in the White House.

I'm highly confident as noted on here over the years that both political parties (institutions of the ego or manifestations of class and hierarchy) are going to fail. And as noted in the past, that the Democratic Party will likely fail first.   I find it rather humorous that many in the Democratic Party view the rise of Donald Trump as the tinder to potentially create the collapse of the Republican Party.  At the same time they gloat about their candidate, Hillary Clinton.  What they don't yet understand is the rise of Hillary Clinton will have the exact same effect on their own party.  The ego is the perfect deceiver.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016–The Final Crisis Of Capitalism?

Over the years I have pointed to three future dates that are on my radar screen. Honestly, these dates are very powerful long-term cyclical astrological dates. As I’ve noted in past posts, there is ample evidence this is the most powerful period of cleansing and transformation that has existed in thousands of years, if not since the start of civilization.  The first of those three dates was 2013. When that date in Scorpio passed, I wrote that the battle between good and evil had begun. Interestingly, that’s when gold stocks and futures started its current collapse, currencies around the world started collapsing, ISIS started to gain an upper hand against Western states, oil started its current implosion,  high yield debt started its collapse, puppet governments in the Middle East started their crises and on and on.  Coicidence or simply correlation? Who knows. But I expect the entire Middle Eastern Islamofascist orthodoxy to fall.

I’ve already noted 2022 is a future date that I believe will be the date by which American empire will disappear. The ramifications for this are extraordinary and well beyond anyone’s comprehension. 

All that is left of those three dates is 2016. And, now that it is here, you can pretty much imagine what I would suspect is in store given my last few posts.  I suspect it will usher in corporate capitalism’s last and unrecoverable crisis.  That is, liquidity around the world has never been this tight. The behavior of global stocks will portend massive crisis for capitalism and the world economy. The stock market is one of capitalism’s funding mechanisms and the primary source of wealth for renter capitalists today.

People who believe we live in a post corporate capitalist world are clueless.  We are living through unprecedented days of glory for capitalism around the world. Fascists embrace it, communists embrace it, socialists embrace it, fiefdoms embrace it and on and on. Globalization is the ultimate manifestation of capitalism.

2016 is going to be an interesting year.  We already see that the world pays little attention to the U.S. empire. Obama speaks from his king’s pulpit but the world doesn’t listen. Republicans are horrified. No one respects or listens to the U.S. anymore. So, they promise more wars, more bombing, more beligerence and more dead.  They promise a return to the glory of being feared. But what they are missing is that the empire is in collapse. When outright physical violence is the only mechanism through which the United States can push its agenda. the end is nigh for its corporate capitalist empire.

For anyone who hasn’t been around since before 2008s collapse, all of it was predicted on here.  And, then in late 2008 I wrote that the Federal Reserve could print a substantial amount of money without causing inflation and that is exactly what they preceded to do. Then in early 2009 I wrote that the seeds of a rally were building and we had an unprecedented rise in financial assets that now appears ready to start its unwind.  With central bankers printing or handing out tens of trillions of dollars, still the world liquidity situation is dire beyond precedence. This is the worst start for stocks to a new year since the Great Depression. And, this should be no surprise because only twice on here have I issued dire warnings about coming liquidity shocks.  Once was before the 2008 collapse and again over the past year or so.

Over the last ten years I have noted a tremendous amount of what is coming. Below are but a handful of those anticipated outcomes, all of which are based on mathematics, complex systems analysis and the intuitive science of astrology.  The world is unfolding exactly as I wrote it would. In fact, there is no one anywhere who has written of so much well before anyone else. And, still, so many of my anticipated outcomes still aren’t on anyone’s radar screen. But, I certainly do expect all of them to come to pass in some form or another.  I say this because of the unprecedented levels of indoctrination, brainwashing and ignorance that exists. Not because I’m Albert Einstein.

Sample anticipated outcomes that are now in some degree of revealing themselves-

-The overarching them of the times in which we live is that this should be coined a cycle of volatility
-The world as you know it is finished. It is never coming back
-Most aspects of the state are already in collapse but they are simply being propped up through spiritual, emotional and physical violence.  For now.
-Class, hierarchy and resultant institutionalization of privilege is how evil and violence are perpetuated by the state – religion, corporations, communism, capitalism, political stooges, the economic aristocracy, Hollywood, Wall Street, central banks, debt-based money, the military-industrial complex, standing armies, faux intellectualism, state liberalism (as opposed to true virtuous liberalism), the media, etc. (Insitutions of the ego written of ad nauseam on here.)
-The back end of the 2008 crisis will be global and economic rather than financial.
-China and the U.S. is in a Nash Equilibrium that is going to shudder and shake when broken. The west is likely to dump a massively criminal China like a bad habit soon enough. Trade wars, outright war, and a huge breakup of this ludicrous economic “partnership” are coming.
-Institutions of the ego are going to see wholesale crisis and collapse
-Corporate capitalism is not compatible with democracy. It is an economic control system just like communism and every other ism. Capitalism glorifies the ignorance of corporate work and corporate careers in order to enslave humanity to forced state control.
-These social control systems are inherently unstable so they rely on greater and greater force or violence to maintain some semblance of stability.
-The only method through which anyone can consume more than they produce, be that a nation, a person or a corporation, is through some combination of emotional, spiritual and physical violence.
-The world is experiencing unprecedented violence today and most of it is emotional and spiritual.
-Ignorance is the birth child of violence and the world is experiencing unprecedented ignorance today. Most of which is with those who are successful economically who turn their gaze from the violence they support by saying nothing.
-We are in a war cycle and that war is likely between humanity and the state
-Globalization is finished. Localization will be the future.
-Wall Street will disappear
-The Federal Reserve will disappear
-The stock market and bond market may disappear
-This is a crisis of capitalism and not a housing crisis
-Wal-mart will disappear
-Google will implode
-Retail space in this country will collapse by at least 80%
-Every great “career” or well-being job in sports, entertainment, politics, banking and the like is going to see a massive collapse of up to 90% in salaries
-There will be a wholesale debt repudiation by humanity
-The global financial system will collapse
-Corporations of all types only exist in perpetutity by extracting rent whether that is debt or whether that is by creating prescription drug addictions or anything in between
-Every thug and crook imaginable will rear their ugly head in a power grab around the world as U.S. empire collapses
-China’s currency is worthless and it will either collapse against the dollar or be devalued
-China will burn through its dollar holdings and end up with a currency crisis
-China will collapse
-Russia will collapse
-Saudi Arabia will collapse
-India will collapse
-Brazil will collapse
-Canada operates under massive economic fraud and is toast
-The Middle Eastern puppet governments will implode
-Large states could very well disappear – That includes the United States
-The EU will fall appart
-Large corporations will fall like dominos or substantially become smal images of their former glory
-Oil will drop to $10 a barrel
-Gold will collapse
-The S&P is headed for $200-450 or worse, it may disappear.
-Money will likely become useless
-We will see a return to barter as a form of trade settlement
-Both political parties will collapse
-Politics as an institution will disappear
-The Vatican will collapse
-State’s Rights will re-emerge
-The military-industrial complex will collapse
-The medical-industrial complex will collapse
-The industrial food complex will collapse
-The U.S. empire will disappear

Never in the history of humanity has there been this degree of violence in this world. Never. But many people can’t see the violence because it is emotional or spiritual. It’s hidden in plain site. Therefore, it is so much more sinister and thus relies on unprecedented degrees of willful ignorance.  That is, turning a blind eye to that which exists in plain sight.  Especially within those who serve that evil.  Which, frankly, is anyone who is living large in the global economy. Literally. You can’t be successful economically in today’s world without serving the state in some manner. Even if it is a second or third order of servitude. There is literally no economic freedom in the world today. 

The karmic fate of this system has been set. It’s fate has been sealed. Karma is now starting to reveal itself on a massive level as humanity continues its awakening to the horrors that lie before it.   Or put another way, as humanity starts to reconnect to its own Divinity and, thus, rejects the evil, rot and corruption that dominates the entire world.

There is a thin veneer of faux intellectualism that props this system up. In the U.S. it is corporate executives, the senior military elite, the politicians, Hollywood and the state religion which is some kind of f*cked up Christianity that espouses a bombing for Jesus doctrine. But, beyond the veneer of faux intellectualism is the truth.  Intellectualism today isn’t intellectualism at all but rather a self-affirming ignorance.  The most brilliant and capable people in society are kept under the jack boot of tyranny while a small elitist aristocracy mocks anyone who threatens their own self-interested economic and political success. The ego is perfectly pernicious. Those who have found their way to the table of gluttony and excess stolen off of the sweat and intellectual capital of humanity deceive themselves because for them to see the truth would require all of these parasites to acknowledge their own part in perpetuating mass injustices and great evil against all life on this planet.  The ego creates a perfect blind spot to our own willful ignorance.  All of us.  As noted on here ad nauseam, the United States looks exactly like England in 1776 with its global corporate capitalist empire supported by the violene of its private banking cartel and it’s indentured military. 

Literally everything in this world has been corrupted by class and hierarchy. Individual liberty, intellectualism, reason, compassion, science, religion, education, leisure, medicine, government, all social constructs, money, democracy and on and on and on.  But, make no mistake, this system has already collapsed. It’s being propped up through all manner of institutionalized violence.  Class and hierarchy that is corporate capitalism and the state can only exist by those of self-appointed privilege literally pilfering and thieving everything from humanity. They have stolen literally everything from us. 

Stealing has openly become accepted as a social norm in the U.S. Something that surprises me beyond words. But really it shouldn’t surprise anyone because capitalism’s class-based concept of surplus value is how the ruling class steals from humanity to maintain their power over us. Stealing is how class and hierarchy maintains its grip on humanity so of course it has become accepted.

It’s good to be the king. Not much longer though. 

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Money And Markets Update With Special Consideration To Gold And Black Gold (Crude Oil)

I’m going to hold off on my radical Islam post and insert a market post in here. If one really appreciates how tight liquidity is around the world, then one recognizes how unnerving today actually is.   Global liquidity has never been this tight.   Ever.   I mean ever.   Central banks have no methods left of loosening that noose. And with the Federal Reserve now raising interest rates into the tightest liquidity the world has ever seen, it’s going to get even tighter. We should expect dead bodies to start floating to the surface. That could be countries, financial firms, hedge funds, corporations and even more and more of humanity.  Could policymakers act in nontraditional methods to loosed that liquidity?   Sure, but they are the driving ignorance behind this crisis in the first place. So, don’t bet on it.   Obama and both parties are ignorant to the messes they create through their own pathological megalomania. I literally have no idea what is going on in the debates. It really doesn’t matter. No one is going to save the world from crises that have been building for the last forty years.  Some of my long time themes are starting to expose themselves. One is that the socioeconomic control system that has been in place for the last 400-odd years is now likely in the midst of its final collapse.  That is, capitalism. And, that we will likely see states around the world in some degree of collapse. No one, and I literally mean no one, was writing that the vast majority of the crises in this world would reside outside of the United States back in the 2008 collapse. No one, and I mean no one, was writing that event was not a housing crisis but rather a coming economic calamity.   That is, except what was written on here. Nothing in today’s macro world should be a surprise to readers on here. It was all predicted through sound qualitative and quantitative analysis.  

I’ve only issued two dire liquidity calls on here in the last ten years.   The first was coming liquidity shocks in the U.S. leading into the 2008 collapse.  I wrote of that so often that I sounded like a broken record.   The other was in the second half of last year when I noted that liquidity was draining out of the global economy at an unprecedented rate.  I don’t make this stuff up.  Just because I don’t share every data point and analysis, mostly because there are so many pilferers on the Internet, there are actually scientific methods of measuring what I write about.    It’s not because I am some genius.  It’s because I use science to determine most of the specifics I write on here about markets and economics.  Something that neither finance nor economics really captures or understands.   Do you think Jamie Dimon, Barack Obama, Mao Zedong or Joseph Stalin used science?   Bahaha. The ego’s primary intent is to control. The state is here to control humanity or the benefit of the very few that enrich themselves through state violence. Humanity is in a battle for their very existence and that war is with the state.

Within months of my last liquidity call, oil started a massive collapse (which is not finished) and dozens of global currencies started their collapse.  Most of the world is now in early phases of depression or worse.   These are signs of unprecedented liquidity draining out of the global economy.  2016 could be very unnerving.   I would definitely make sure you have a month or two of food and a few months of cash in your physical possession if you can afford it.   I’m not sure cash will have any use at some point, but we aren’t there yet.  You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to have some degree of food available.   25lb bags of rice and beans should suffice.   Most Indian or Asian grocery stores have rice very cheap.   If you live more remotely, there are still methods that may cost a little more but are available.    We are almost certainly going to experience supply chain shocks at some point and whenever this system starts moving, it could be horrific and incredibly fast.

In the recent market weakness of some months ago, we saw the Dow open down over 1,000 points one day.   I noted many years ago that we could see a time arise where markets opened down thousands of Dow points.   That statement was really unheard of until I made it.   But, if you understand what I have talked about, you know how illiquid financial markets are becoming.    There are massive gaps in liquidity in all global markets right now. I’m not just talking about financial markets either.  This is likely to get much, much worse as the back end of this crisis metastasizes.   I don’t know what effect circuit breakers will have, if any, and neither does anyone else.   But a Dow down 2,000-3,000 or more at the open is certainly not a stretch. Again, another unique data point on here is that I see ample evidence that the stock market itself could very well disappear forever as this cycle winds down.  

This is a professional’s market and the reason this is a professional’s market is because it has been rigged to be.  This market was created for corporations and the ruling economic aristocracy.  Large financial firms on Wall Street and elsewhere, hedge funds and the like have created the perfect looting mechanism in financial markets being backed by the Federal Reserve’s easy money policies coupled with political fraud.  Don’t kid yourself.   The Federal Reserve is just a mechanism used by class to maintain control.  It’s no different than debt, corporations, political parties, standing armies, government spying or any of the other control mechanisms.   The real crisis in this nation and the world is the massive power grab by the state and the politicians who have destroyed everything through their palpable ignorance and hypocrisy.   But, people cheer for their political party or army or corporation because they won!   What they won was the unfettered rights to impose corporate and class-based will on the rest of humanity.  Possibly the most profound remark of Orwell was in the future there will be no loyalty except to the party.  How true that has become. But remember, another long time theme on here is that we will likely witness both political parties in this nation collapse. This was written well before the rise of alternative candidates and parties in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere. It’s just beginning. As noted in prior remarks, I expect the Democratic Party to be the first to collapse. Obama likely believes he is setting up this nation for Democratic Party majority for decades to come. Possibly more. But, what he is ignorantly doing is creating its collapse. Guaranteed.  

The overarching theme on this blog for the last decade is that we are in a cycle of volatility.   And since 2008 we have been awaiting the back end of that storm.   We are still in the eye right now but the hurricane force winds are now picking back up and people are realizing another storm is on the way.  When Obama, corporate diktats and political predators told us this crisis had passed in 2009, they probably believed it. It’s this type of megalomania that has destroyed this world. The universe is teaching humanity a lesson right now. That is, to stop giving your power to class and hierarchy or the state. Market volatility a few months ago sent the VIX to a record for its largest percent change in its 25 year history.   Remember, as noted many times on here, volatility always precedes a change in trend.  Whether that is climate, financial markets, economics or anything else.  Volatility tells us the world is about to change. The world economy and climate are headed for a coming winter as noted on here countless times.

Crashing oil is telling us this is not a financial crisis but rather a massive economic and corporate capitalism crisis.  And the crisis is global.   Just as I have written it would be countless times over the last decade on here.  As more and more of the world reveals itself as I have written it would, it seems that this may be the end of the state control system of corporate capitalism.   These articles are some months old but they give an indication of how global and deep this crisis is becoming.  It will get much worse.

Hundreds of thousands protest as Brazil collapses. (I’ve written many times over the last decade that Brazil is headed for collapse.)

Russia’s depression deepens (Russia’s heavily commodity-dependent economy is in the midst of a widening depression. War and armaments are propping up the massively fraudulent Russian state.)

Oil companies travel back to 1986 as oil collapses (A long time theme on here is that oil is going to $10 a barrel.)

Saudi Arabia plans 27 billion in bonds. (Remember a long time theme on here is Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern oil fiefdoms are headed for collapse.)

Saudi Arabia may go broke. (Just as I wrote would happen many times over the last decade.)

Now let’s turn our attention to gold.   I have made quite a few substantially accurate calls on the shiny metal’s major moves in the past.   But, the long term price of gold is still appeals very strongly to a class of people who are heavily invested in this system.   Because if you own a lot of gold, you were or are heavily invested in the status quo.   The largest owners of gold are central banks, oil sheiks, the one percent and the predatory renter capitalist class.   They only got that large amount of gold by serving this system.  Or more importantly, rigging this system for their benefit and stealing it.   They looted the public treasury to get the money to buy all of that gold.    Now, they think that gold will protect them as the consequences of their actions come to pass.   Believing gold will now protect them is simply the ego trying to bargain with a massively corrupt system for its own self interest.   And betting that system is going to maintain some degree of power so that gold is actually worth something economically or monetarily when the dust settles is another belief system.   Belief systems are emotional control systems created by the ego.   In other words, don’t bet on it.  I just can’t see how anyone finds any comfort in holding an asset that is almost exclusively controlled by central banks and economic crooks at a time when their actions are starting to realize their karmic fate.   But, we shall let the price of gold speak for itself. 

The reality is most people who advocate gold really don’t understand money.   Gold is termed honest money by propagandists, shills, dunces and hierarchy.   If it’s so honest, how come all of the people who labor away to mine it get to keep none of it?   Instead it goes to the people who economically-control and prey upon the people who are mining it.    If gold is honest, then why have millions of acres of land been polluted by unethical mining practices as criminals seek it at any cost to the planet or humanity?  Nor do those who blow chunks about gold being honest money generally understand anything about economics other than those who have the gold make the rules.  That includes the biggest buyers of gold, the ruling elite and central banks.  I know a lot of people get upset when something like this is said but it’s true.   My intent is not to offend anyone.   By the way, it is only ego that is offended.  That we live in a world where everyone is offending everyone else should tell you how primitive and unevolved our existence has become under the violence of the corporate state.

One of the best proof points that everyone can see of draining liquidity is that everything is in crisis globally.   Including gold, which as noted here many times, is a proxy for central banking liquidity.   Steve Forbes is probably the only person I have ever seen talk about this in a level of working knowledge.  In the late 1990s Forbes proposed that we peg Federal Reserve policy to $400 gold.   If gold fell appreciably below $400, the Fed was too tight.   Above $400, it was too loose.   This was actually a pretty astute observation and mechanized what has often been horrendous Federal Reserve policy decisions that eventually drove gold into the stratosphere.  And as I have noted before, gold at $250 in the late 1990s was foretelling deflation and economic collapse in the U.S., but I don’t want to get off track here.   When gold starts dropping appreciably, we can safely conclude in most instances that central bank monetary policy is too tight.   Is that comical to say right now or what?   After central banks have essentially created tens of trillions of dollars out of thin air, have driven global interest rates to or near zero, and in real terms, well into negative territory, and they are too tight?   Yes.   Do you know how much money this system would have to print globally to keep the Ponzi Scheme going?   It is literally an impossibility. Literally. Central banks are not going to save anyone from anything. As noted many times on here, central banks are likely in their final phases of permanent collapse.   All central banks would destroy their respective currencies if they printed the amount of money necessary to stop this crisis.   But, then, most probably already have and we just haven’t seen the outcomes yet.    As discussed many times, central banks can’t fix what ails the global economy because the issue isn’t monetary.   It’s economic.   Politicians around the world created this crisis by ignorantly meddling in things they don’t understand because our state and corporate masters needed this to maintain control. And we supported their efforts at creating our own slavery.  

The new low stock list has been recently cluttered with gold and silver stocks.   Newmont Mining, which is a favorite proxy of mine, hasn’t seen its stock price this low since gold was $250 an ounce.   I wrote this would happen leading into 2008’s crisis and that gold and silver were headed for a dirt nap.   And those who were true believers in gold got murdered.   Now they are back blowing the same bullsh*t.   Commodity producer stocks almost always lead the price of the underlying commodities.   This is fundamental to the front-running of our monetary system.   I don’t give a hoot what someone is writing right now about underlying demand for gold being strong.  They don’t understand what is happening in the world.   But they will soon enough when they get butchered again.   So, that is either being inaccurately reported because of bias and beliefs or is going to change trend because central bankers have lost control.  The paper monetization of gold in the futures market has aberrated price to the upside quite substantially.   And so has the useless money printing in places like China that has gone on for decades.   China bought all of that gold with paper money that was being uselessly printed for a long, long time.   So, how much is that gold they purchased actually worth?   They purchased it will  yuan that is and has been uselessly printed for decades.   Look, I’ve noted for years on here that the yuan is worthless.  But the Chinese communists just don’t know it yet.   A devaluation in the price of the yuan was easily predictable as far back as the late 1990s because of a shift in China’s economic policies.   If someone understands economics as a control system or complex system, the global economy is not that hard to figure out.   I realize most people are busy leading their lives and doing other things but complex systems, economics and finance are sort of a hobby of mine.   So, while you are watching a baseball game, I’m analyzing the global economy.  It doesn’t mean I’m smarter than anyone else.   What is smart anyway?   A made up word because I would argue that our greatest degree of intelligence cannot even be measured.   That is, our ability to love, be empathetic, forgive, appreciate people for their difference, know the difference between justice and deceit and on and on.   Can you measure that?  No.   You can only experience our greatest intelligence.   That little old grandma who would dote on you and shower you with affection, how much smarter was she than anyone else in your life?  Than any politician, banker or CEO?

Anyway, I don’t have my trading system up anymore so I can’t comment shorter term on gold.   But as I’ve noted in the past, we could easily see central banks try to re-institute a gold-based trade settlement system again.   So, gold could eventually get some sea legs.   In the absence of what I would view as a temporary pop, because a gold trade settlement system would collapse the global economy, gold could easily go back to $250 or essentially go to zero if money loses its ability as a trade settlement medium.   Again, I don’t want to rehash everything.   Specifics and details on all of this are up on the blog and have been discussed many times.  But I do want to state that money that is now collapsing in value around the world.   This money was used to buy massive amounts of gold.   So, if the money used to buy gold is and always has been worthless, (and it has because money is not a store of value but rather a useless medium for the exchage of value itself) although that fact is just now revealing itself, then how much is gold actually worth?  Beyond its limited economic value in electronics or whatever, it is too worth nothing just as money is.    You think it’s worth something because the people who own all of the gold told you that.    They also tell you countless other lies.  

I want to highlight this last paragraph in some detail.    I got into a very brief discussion some months ago with someone who tried to tell me the stock market was not a bubble.  And that people were buying real assets that were backed with real, tangible value.  I remarked that some of those companies do represent real, tangible assets but the money used to buy them wasn’t a result of wealth being created, but instead simply being bought with money created without any economic purpose and hence zero value.   So, if one could print money endlessly out of thin air to buy stocks, and that process created wealth as Alan Greenspan has so non-brilliantly noted, why would anyone actually work?    We could just trade stocks all day.   Interestingly, that’s one of the biggest industries in the world today.  ie, Trading financial assets.    Delusions of grandeur.   Well, I can see how Greenspan would support such ignorance because we don’t really make a lot other than money and weapons.   

How much are those stocks really worth as determined by money?   The answer, in the specific case I gave was zero.   The stocks are worth nothing.   Because the money is worth nothing.    Money is not wealth.    Money is intrinsically worthless.   It could be peanuts or juju beans or marbles.   That includes gold.   You can have all of the gold in the world.   I will take all of the productive land and sea that produces food, raw materials and the like, all of the factories, all of the intellectual and physical labor and therefore, by conclusion, all of the food, clothing, technology, medicine, shelter, transportation, etc.    You can eat your gold, sleep on your gold, inject your gold into your body when you get sick, drive your gold on vacation, narcissistically watch your reflection of yourself in your gold, marry your gold, try to copulate with your gold - as most gold worshippers do, and whatnot.    I’ll be happy to eat all of the food, build my castle, have access to the finest health care, drive my Ferrari, own the finest clothes, go to the best restaurants and hire me a harem of thousands of women and thousands of slaves to amuse me.   You know, like good capitalists.   And I am not going to give you any of my output or any of the world’s labor or wit in return for your gold.   Why should I?  I own all of the wealth.    And how will I pay my harem and slaves who provide me that wealth and all of my riches?   With all of the output of my assets.  With tangible items that increase their happiness, their amusement, their entertainment, their leisure, productivity and their health.   I will pay them in all of the luxuries their labor and wit will provide them from the land, the sea and the creations of their wit and labor.   I don’t need money to do that and I certainly don’t need gold.   I can pay them in food, entertainment, shelter, healthcare, quality of life and whatnot.   You can try to lure them away with all of the gold you want.  Good luck with that.   They’ll come work for me because I offer them tangible value.  That is fundamentally how corporate slavery and capitalism works.  Or, for that matter, how any economic control system works. So, again how much are stocks worth in monetary terms?   Well, as long as wealth is being created, they are worth whatever that wealth is worth.   But the minute wealth is no longer being created, they are worth absolutely not a single dollar in monetary or gold valuations.    Do you think any of my slaves are going to leave me for your gold?   You offer them nothing but a worthless piece of metal that has just about zero economic value.   

Gold is worthless.   And so is money.    They always have been worthless.  And so are all of the stocks denominated in that worthless money.   What is worth something is wealth.  We are going to see massive worthless money destruction this cycle as political, corporate and banking dunces are taught a lesson by the universe in economics 101.

It’s good to be the king. Not much longer though.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Radical Islam - The World Is Unfolding Exactly As I Have Said It Will

I haven't posted but one post in the last three months. I'm taking a hiatus. I may have lost much of my readership. I don't know. When a site closed down last year I lost 30-50,000 reads on some of my top posts at that site alone. So, I really don't know what's left of my readership. Not a big deal. It's a blog.  I really write for myself but I developed quite a substantial readership in the process. But, I am going to start posting more regularly at some point. 

I just want to put a place market here that I will be putting up a post on radical Islam probably in the coming week. And I want to talk about this potential ban on Muslim immigrants into the United States. The loony state liberals in this country are trying to dumb-down society by stating this is a position of hate. And the loony state neoliberals (Republicans) are generally silent.   I have written extensively about radical Islam. Not as much on here as on another site that used to publish my feeds. I mean a lot. Islam is in the midst of destroying itself just as corporate capitalism is.  The question is how much of humanity will these institutions of the ego take with them.  I have some great posts that you will not read anywhere else on what is really going on in the world both economically and as it relates to the human condition.  

Remember, hierarchical, institutionalized religion is an institution of the ego.  Or, put another way, an institution of man. Institutionalization, class and hierarchy are not a reflection of our divinity or our spirituality.  And, as a result institutionalization, including religion, spreads through terror, murder and violence.  Just like the state. And, if you believe Buddhism, as an example, is any different, don't kid yourself. Buddhists are often the perpetrators of violence, including murder, against other religions in Asia. There are many beautiful messages in religion but once again, class and hierarchy use institutionalization for their own pathological megalomania.  And, institutionalization has been identified on here as a precursor to collapse. 

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated….. But The Death Of Globalization Is Not.

One of my favorite quotes from Mark Twain. No, I’m not dead. But I have been taking a hiatus. I’m going to try to get back to a post a week or so. Lot’s to talk about. Too much, actually. But on this Halloween, let me keep it brief. I visited my family last week and the small community I grew up in has been obliterated over the last 30+ years by the massive corruption of the U.S. government, Wall Street and state-propped up corporations. What used to be an incredibly wealthy, educated community of generally blue collar workers is now a heroine, meth, bath salts capital with massive unemployment, underemployment and, maybe more importantly, no hope for many.  It is a shithole for many. But, people try their best and most are very proud people who have done whatever it takes. These are the people who made America great. And the state has just about taken everything from many. That’s a very dangerous dynamic as history tells us. In ancient Athens, in France and elsewhere, those people rose up and expired the political and economic aristocracy. Let’s hope that what remains of our constitution can be used to reform our society without the madness. We shall see.

When I was a small child I had my first experiences with neoliberalism. I saw many of my family members and friend’s parents lose their jobs as factories began to shutter and jobs were moved to relatively cheaper options; be that in the U.S. or elsewhere.  Most of this was accomplished through mergers and acquisitions. One visual I will never forget is my best friend’s father, a single parent raising two boys, with no money, no hope and no ability within his control to save his own dignity after his job disappeared because the company could move their factory elsewhere. Memories of his two boys, him and me standing in his kitchen with him near the breaking point are something I will never forget. I might have been 10? Don’t tell me kids don’t see this.  Kids live substantially through the experiences of their parents and caregivers. What is a small child to do? That memory still haunts me. I think I’ve only told one other person of this, my mom, and that was years ago. But there isn’t a year that goes by when I don’t think of that moment half a dozen or more times. That man was one of the most decent people I have ever met. Now, he eventually found a way to make it to retirement by bartering and odd jobs but he never did find another stable form of employment.

Off the top of my head there were probably seven major local employers in that community of 10,000 people. I’ve added this up with the help of relatives and there were probably about 5,500 good paying jobs in those employers. People from other communities and the countryside worked in that town.  The factories were generally unionized and they had retirement plans. And most were locally-started and locally-owned. You could roll out of bed when you were 18 and get a job where someone invested in you, trained you and made you a productive asset in society. The school systems hadn’t yet been destroyed either. Nor had the fundamental social fabric as is the case today.  Today, only one major employer and it has been thrown around like a hot potato. It has been owned by many major multinationals and is now owned by the largest steel producer in the world, Arcelor Mittal.  For those of you who don’t know, Arcelor was probably the largest steel company in Europe through acquisition. Mittal was the largest steel company in India through acquisition.  Arcelor Mittal is a company that is headed for the dung heap. As I have noted many times, the mergers and acquisitions bubble of the last 20 years is incredible. Maybe $200 trillion plus globally in size. It is going to pop. Mark my word. Arcelor Mittal and most of these other massive firms are on borrowed time.  Other the last ten years one of the major themes on here is that we are in the midst of the “end of big”.  The dinosaurs are nearing extinction, be that the state or state-created firms that are propped up by rigging the game for the benefit of state actor. (As as aside, what if that money had been spent on human development and rebuilding our communities instead of useless financial wizardry?)

Anyhow, the only manufacturer left is a pretty large steel mill. It produces highly-specialized products and is tied in very tightly with globalization.  The talk of the town today is about this mill. For the last 10+ years, I believe this mill has been running three shifts, seven days a week. By the end of the year, I was told they will be down to one shift. A family member knows one of the local executives quite well. He told my family member that everyone who was hired in the last 7 years, or possibly more, is going to be released by the end of the year. I told my family that those jobs are never coming back. Ever. That is, unless we see this economic system collapse or defeated by humanity. (Which WILL happen. The universe is already well on its way to dismantling this great evil.) I don’t know how many people will be laid off or if they were running the same production loads on all three shifts or what, but I can imagine this could be quite a few hundred people.  If they were running three shifts at full production, it will likely be a whole lot more than that. The reason given was a slowdown in Chinese orders.

Can you imagine how that is going to impact the local economy and the ripple effects it will have?  Do you think Obama or Paul Ryan or any of these other political dunces are going to save those people? Hahaha. That is an effing joke. Politicians and the state destroyed the lives of those people. How many thousands and millions of examples of this are happening around the world? What is a Washington politician, thousands of miles away, going to do to solve the millions of unique, individual issues that people have across this nation? They can’t. It’s an impossibility. The only way humanity will ever be able to do that is by recreating community. And that means taking their power back from the state, politicians, bankers and corporations.

You can’t believe any of the mainstream media’s bullshit. And you can’t believe politicians because they are the ones feeding the media the bullshit.

It’s coming.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Is An Ice Age On The Way?

Well, first just a comment about my last post’s reference to diapers.   It’s becoming that time to load up.   Because October has the potential to be a very unnerving month for financial markets.   We aren’t going to see a 90% drop in one month that I am forecasting as a low for this cycle, but we could see markets rattled to the point that confidence in politicians and central bankers is destroyed.    Well, more broadly, that confidence in institutions of the ego are destroyed - corporations, religious hierarchy of any kind, politicians, the military-industrial complex, institutionalized hierarchical science, anti-democratic hierarchal debt-base money and on and on and on.  They are all intertwined.  They are all artificial control creations of the state.

There is ample evidence much of what mainstream science believes about climate is bullshit.   That is not a political statement.  Or is it?   I guess it is since the comingling of science and the state has led to this brainwashing and fraud we used to call science.   Politicians like Barack Obama, the United Nations and the Republican Party don’t understand the first thing about science.  Their minds operate on the ego’s intent of control as do all people who seek power and dominion over others.   What they understand is control.    We see that quite clearly as they have their jack boot on the neck of humanity in countless ways.   The climate diatribe being just one of them.   Everything touched by the state, by politicians or by corporations is a lie.  The world has become a mass delusion.   That means every social construct and every meme we believe is probably a lie.   Why would the climate meme be any different?   It’s a ploy by state liberalism to control the world.   And given no climate scientist would have a job without government funding, because there is no private market for climate science, we are guaranteed a political outcome.    I find it unbelievable how many people can’t see through these deceptions.   In the U.S. climate science would line the pockets of banks through carbon trading similar to Enron, it would guarantee a cap on economic development in undeveloped nations, thus enslaving them to developed nation’s rent-seeking economic endeavors and it would give politicians total control over another aspect of our existence.  

The sun plays the major role in climate as far as science understands.   Period.   Even NASA has reported this and I have linked to one of their detailed scientific reports at the National Academy of Sciences on this topic.    The earth and sun (as well as the solar system, the galaxy, the universe and possibly even life on earth)  interact in ways that we clearly don’t yet fully understand.    Frankly, we don’t really understand a lot of anything.   But continued discovery or an open mind and an open heart should be our intent.   That is, rather than institutionalizing control theories that often end up enslaving humanity to more flat earth nonsense from ignoramuses like politicians, corporate bureaucrats and the like.  

Do you see that third little bluish-green dot from the left in the picture below?   That’s earth in comparison to the sun.   The sun is a million times larger than the earth.   That is a number that is meaningless as our tiny little heads have a hard time appreciating what that means.   This graphic helps.   Now, get out your electron beam microscope.   Do you see all of the people on that little dot called earth?    There are 200 million square miles on earth.    All of humanity would fit into a one mile cube on the face of the earth.  So, if the sun is a million times larger than the earth, and there are 200 million square miles on the earth’s surface, and we can fit all of humanity into one of those 200 million squares, just out of curiosity, how much do you think the earth’s climate is impacted by the sun versus people?   That is, even if carbon dioxide was a greenhouse gas.   Which, many substantial scientists still doubt.  And, if you really appreciate how little we understand, and how the atmosphere is not a closed system in a lab where data can be easily ascertained, then you appreciate that too.   The earth’s atmosphere is not a closed system in a lab.   It’s a complex system that self-regulates through interactions with the universe in ways we really are clueless about.      


I had some conversations with a gentleman some years ago who compared human-caused global warming to Lysenkoism.  If you have never heard of this, I would suggest you consider reading this Forbes article because it will make you very uncomfortable with the state of science given the comingling of politics, the state, corporations and the the search for truth that is the fundamental basis for science.    There is no such thing as complete certainty and there is no such thing as the science is settled.   That the global warming crowd guarantees us such certainly tells us how much it is driven by the ego’s intent of control rather than our higher power’s search for truth.

Before I continue on, I want to share a recent experience.   A month or so ago I was invited to dinner with about ten other guys.   I only knew one of them.  Five of them were PhDs in the sciences.   Everyone but one had a degree in the sciences.   I was seated next to a gentleman who was introduced as one of the top climate scientists in the country.    I guess he has been on TV and in the media circuit quite a bit.   Anyway, a super nice guy.   You know what’s coming next.   So, as we started to chat amongst ourselves I asked him the obvious question.   Are humans mostly responsible for climate change.   His answer was that he was afraid so.   Because otherwise, if it were of natural origins, temperature or CO2 would have abated by now.   Okay, now I know everything else out of this guy’s mouth is going to be bullshit, nice guy or not.   Why?   Because the Vostok ice core samples going back hundreds of thousands of years show very long cycles of elevated CO2 and temperature.   And as noted in many scientific journals, CO2 always  lags temperature by about a thousand years.   So, what does that tell us?   The science is not repeatable, that CO2 is a dependent variable whose action is based on temperature or some other independent variable, and therefore, any assumptions about CO2 the mainstream climate community has today are bullshit.   Just sayin.

So, I asked him how much he factored the sun into his analysis.  Flat out, the answer was no factoring at all.   I then asked him if he knew that the Max Planck Institute had released a report that showed in the last 60 or 70 years that the sun has been more active than at any time in the last 8,000 years.   He had never heard of that.   And then I asked him if he knew that the sun had now collapsed and by many estimations was as weak as it had ever been in the last 1,000 years but definitely weaker than anytime in the last 250-odd years.   No.   Now, this wasn’t the Spanish Inquisition, but what the hell is a climate scientist anyway?   And if they don’t study the sun’s effect on earth, WTF are they doing?   I didn’t make this a whole table discussion meant to embarrass the guy and I stopped before the punchline, but I was asking honest and important questions and he was clueless.    This shows how little climate science is vetted and peer reviewed.   If he stood in front of a crowd of scientists and tried to pull this bullshit, he would be destroyed.   His reputation would be irreparably harmed.    He’s no different than any of the other idiots shoving this politically-motivated climate drivel down our throat.   Now, I see some of these “scientists”, ahem, want to start putting people like me in prison for being a denier.   That works out well with the fascist, communist bowl of rot and corruption that defines the state.  

Rather than continue babbling on, let me provide a few links that have come up over the last handful of months on the topic.   A long time theme on here is that we will live to see the day Al Gore loses his Nobel Prize for bullshit science.   Just like Obama mocked science and truth with his Nobel Prize for running more aerial bombing missions than any other president in history.   That includes World War II.    Another long time theme on here is that we are headed for a cold and dry climate.   That has been a them for a lot of years and well before any of the massive droughts we are seeing around the world.   It’s coming. 

Is an ice age on the way?   Why, yes it likely is.

Pluto wags its tale  Pluto may be the most powerful planet in the solar system.   And as its secrets are revealed, new theories about the solar system and the universe will almost certainly unfold over time.

Ionosphere collapses  While this was back in 2008, I wanted to highlight this for a reason.   One of the theories that some real scientists have postulated is that heat is allowed to escape into space and is thus regulated in our atmosphere.   If  this is true, then a collapsing ionosphere may contribute to a colder climate.   But, the ionosphere is largely driven by the sun.   So, when this was noted back in 2008, the sun had collapsed with an unprecedented-in-modern-times zero sunspots for quite some time.   The universe is connected.   And many of our simple-minded theories are going to collapse. 

ABC News apocalyptic climate forecast for 2015   This ties into the next link as well.   This is something I have talked about quite a bit.   If you can’t produce consistently replicatable results, then it isn’t science.   It’s opinion, beliefs, ego, self-deceit, lies of the mind or whatever you want to call it.   The human-caused global warming crowd has made a lot of predictions based on their bullshit models.   And literally every single one of their predictions has been wrong.   When Einstein came up with the theory of relativity, it was tested and proven.   Now, are there flaws in the testing or the theory?   Who knows.   But, from what we know today, it is replicatable.   Just like every single time you turn on your light switch at home, a light comes on.   

75% of mental health science is bullshit  While this isn’t directly applicable, it does prove how pervasive junk science is.   This is due to institutionalization and the dynamics that come with it.    That includes the profit motive, the career motive, the advancement motive of class & hierarchy, the motive of tenureship tied to production of published works and on and on and on.   By the way, it is also a long time theme on here that mental health science is dubious at best and bullshit at worst.   It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand that if the mental health community only can develop a cure rate of 2-5 percent for any kinds of illnesses, (statistical noise that is effectively zero percent cure rate) that the underlying theories and science are preposterous.   Mainstream, institutionalized mental health is ridiculous.   And so is pumping everything full of mind-altering prescription drugs to habituate humans to the endless emotional, spiritual, social and physical violence of modern state-created society.

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