Sunday, March 18, 2018

McCabe’s Firing–Is an Indictment of Hillary Clinton Imminent?

I don’t post often anymore but the world is starting to heat up again. While I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump, I did write on here the day before the elections that if I used history as a guide, he would win the election. No one, and I mean no one, in the mainstream gave that thought even the most remote of possibilities.

Trump is a major threat to the establishment. He is most definitely the only politician in my lifetime to really tell the truth on a whole host of issues facing our nation. As I noted soon after his election, regardless of who Donald Trump is, the American people have hired him to wage its war against the state.  I firmly believe we are in the midst of World War III and it is a global war against the state.  It isn’t always noble. And, it will take the lives of many innocent people but there is a global enlightenment that I’ve been writing about for the last dozen years on here.  Remember, enlightenment is a violent process.  It’s also an iterative process that involves a lot of false believe systems and wrong-headed ideas that develop in the process. There will be innocent people who suffer its consequences. 

25 years of 10-15% approval ratings of Washington politiciaans are finally coming home to roost.  And, while Trump’s policies certainly aren’t perfect, he is, in some way, attempting some restoration of power back to the people across a whole host of issues. More importantly, his lack of political correctness is opening Pandora’s Box and authentic discussions that have been kept out of the public dialog for far too long.

It is my perspective that this whole Russian investigation is a witch hunt. (Even Jimmy Carter, the elder statesman of the Democratic Party, made the same observation.)  There is literally no evidence brought forward to date that Donald Trump did anything wrong or colluded in any way with the Russian political engine. Mueller, in my estimation, has failed in his duties to democracy by trying to establish an endless fishing expedition well beyond the powers granted to him.  One might even argue that his behavior is lawless. 

There may be kickback to Mueller’s actions that would place our nation into what may be a substantial crisis of government. Maybe even a Consitutional crisis.  (Which, by the way, in my estimation is not necessarily a bad thing given the massive corruption, theft and fraud that defines Washington.)

There has been an ongoing investigation into FBI wrongdoings by the Inspector General.  That includes McCabe.  That McCabe has been fired days before his retirement tells me that something is likely coming. Is that an indictment against McCabe? Against Hillary Clinton? The firing of Mueller? All of the above? Something else? None of this has gained any traction yet but let’s watch and see what unfolds.  I’m not convinced that Trump or the United States Attorney General doesn’t have it within their rights to push back against what I consider to be a criminal witch hunt. In other words, from what I see on the outside, I suspect the Trump administration could be on the right side of this. I realize there are people who think with their emotions and can’t consider any such position given their vitriolic hatred of Trump.

This entire environment against Trump appears to be manufactured in many regards in an attempt to push Trump from office. Illegally, in my estimation.  This is really a potentially profound moment. Will it metastasize? Let’s watch and see.

Wow, do we live in very interesting times or what?

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Timely Economic and Market Comments

It is no coincidence I posted that the stock market as a percentage of GDP was in the ozone and that Robert Schiller’s earnings calculator were screaming warning signs just weeks before the market started gyrating wildly to the downside in 2018.  There were some external factors pointing to a very overheated market.

As I noted in a few other posts the last few months, sentiment indicators are at wildly high levels. I also noted some of these back before the collapse in 2008 as signs of impending doom.

In the last few months, we saw stock market enthusiasm at 96%, the National Association of Manufacturers with a 95% percent optimistic sentiment and the Business Roundtable CEO outlook with the highest sentiment numbers in recorded history. Back before the collapse of 2008, I noted whenever business enthusiasm is universal, it’s nearly always a sign of impending doom. CEOs, politicians, Wall Street pigmen and the like are so isolated from reality of what the underlying dynamics of the economy are like that whenever that type of group is in agreement, they are a perfect litmus test to the contrary. Or, as Swift noted, “Whenever truth appears, the confederacy of dunces is aligned against him.”.  In this case, the truth is underlying reality that class and hierarchy is so insulated from in their ivory towers and gated communities. I realize this is so against what society has told you but the people running corporations and our nation are generally f@cking idiots.  Those who make it to the top of class and hierarchy are those most willing to stomp on the face of their fellow man.  Or, as Lord Acton noted, almost all great men are bad men.  They are not geniuses. They are the most pathological people in society. Some people are finally figuring that out.

As I noted a few years ago, I shut down my data service and no longer calculate any quantitative models in the financial markets, but I do have access to much of the publicly available data out there. To that point, broad monetary aggregates in the United States are in serious trouble.  They are not yet contracting but we are close. Without delving into it, which I’m too lazy to do because I don’t really care, I don’t know why. Could be interest rates backing up.  Remember, with this much debt in our society created by rent-seeking corporations, just a small tick in interest rates will more than wipe out any tax cuts that have been recently passed.  Could be the Federal Reserve be reducing its exposure to the repo market or not fanning the flames of liquidity with their actions or it could be something else.  If it is the Federal Reserve sopping up some liquidity, it could potentially be positively influenced in short order. But that’s assuming it’s a liquidity issue the Federal Reserve is creating or can ameliorate.  Or, it could be the system in the early phases of crisis again where liquidity is being destroyed faster than it can be replaced.

Remember, we’ve been through two or three generations of financial engineering in this nation. Destroying corporate balance sheets, financial foot notes with fraudulent accounting, the waiving of accounting standards in 2008, cutting worker benefits, busting union salaries, raiding pension funds, using slave immigrant labor, H1B Visa fraud of foreign workers taking American jobs, sending good jobs overseas to shitholes like China, India and Vietnam, getting more and more tax breaks, rent-seeking behavior that has created parasite corporations and on and on and on and on. At some point, the financial con games will be exhausted and the shit will hit the fan. There’s a limit to financial trickery and fraud.  That’s when the Federal Reserve and central banking in general will likely collapse as noted on here many times.  Or, the Federal Reserve will need a bailout the next time as it has played a pivotal role in this thievery.

Regardless, we see how the monetary aggregate data is impacting the economy in a few metrics that have been released recently.  Home sales are the lowest in years (and they are blaming low inventory.) and manufacturing output has fallen substantially to the lowest in six months with a broad decline in demand. 

All of this was happening while major stock market indices were acting out the finality of a pattern R.N. Elliot labeled as a throwover, which is an exhaustion pattern.  Now, that doesn’t mean imminent changes in trend but it is a major warning sign.

Just remember that all of this happened before any talk of tariffs. But, if this trend continues, the lying liars we call the status quo will blame this on Trump. And, they’ll blame it on tariffs. Another example of the confederacy of dunces aligned against the truth. Or the propaganda of what Trump calls fake news. But, what Thomas Jefferson also wrote about as the lies of gazetteers. (The news has always been nothing more than lies and bullshit controlled by society’s masters.)  That is, this nation was founded on tariffs and supported by the Founding Fathers.  More on that and the f@cking idiots (and morally bankrupt) we now call free traders in the next post.

Let me end with a few recent links that may be worth reading.

Elon Musk is a Messianic Huckster. To be honest, Elon Musk is one odd dude. He made his money in the tech bubble fleecing society and now has parlayed that into rent-seeking businesses that survive through government handouts. There’s a recent article about Tesla where quite a few engineers have noted the company is a disaster and 40% of its throughput it rework. And, Musk has bet the company on a strategy that involves never-before levels of automation. He’s having trouble ramping up production so we’ll see.

Big Data for the People. Taking back our lives from our financial overlords. A very good article on the use of our personal data to exploit us for profit.

Nassim Taleb on why Goldman Sachs collapse would be the best thing for humanity. Taleb is one man who used to be part of the club and gets it. And, who has the courage to speak the truth.

Oprah Winfrey – the neoliberal capitalist. I’m going to hit this one hard again in another post. Oprah is a favorite of the faux intellectuals in the Democratic Party. I suspect she would be eaten alive in a runoff with Trump. She talks a good game but is really one of these prosperity preachers that have become so popular in our Godless society. Her excesses and extravangances would have made King George blush in 1776. She definitely hides her authentic self which is very repulsive to anyone who values human dignity and has a disdain from those who have stolen it from us.

Survellience Valley. Many people realize Silicon Valley was created by the military industrial complex. This goes a step farther in explaining how released government documents shows Silicon Valley and the Internet were both created out of the 1947 National Security Act talked about so often on here. And, that they were both created to spy on people and destabilize governemnts around the world. And, how now that has been turned against the American people too.

Book on China may get parliamentary protection. I’ve been writing for longer than any source I am aware of on the coming conflicts with China. And, that we are in what I would call a Nash Equilibrium with China. One that neither party wishes to break due to their own benefits. Along comes Donald Trump and he tells the truth.  China, in concert with American corporations has stolen our wealth, our jobs and our economic determnism. You can thank our capitalist masters and Washington politicians for turning a backwater communist nation into a formidable giant that shares absolutely no ideals of a free or democratic or constitutional, human-rights driven society. 

Italian elections throw a wrench in the neoliberal European Union.  Federalism is dying. Everywhere. The EU was created in an attempt by European politicians to create a federalist economic corporate power to steal some of that good ole American home cooking.  In other words, to create a consolidated fascist corporate government capable of looting the people of Europe and the world as the United States loots its people and the rest of the world.  The EU federalist model will collapse just as the United States federalist agenda will collapse. It’s just a matter of when.

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Monday, February 05, 2018

Superbowl Ad Hijacking Martin Luther King’s Message Of Selflessness

I don’t pay much attention to TV. I’ve noted on here it has been decades since I watched a TV news broadcast. I did watch the Superbowl this weekend. I watched it as much as a sociological experiment as I did for the game. Frankly, I haven’t watched a Superbowl in so long I can’t remember. But, it’s very interesting to gain perspective watching the halftime shows, the TV ads, etc.

One that blew my mind was the Dodge truck ad.  By the way, a very attractive new design. One I’d certainly drive off into the wilderness to forget about the madness of our society. (There are certainly good things about technological progress and good things capitalism has taught us as well. Most are how to actually not build a democratic or just society. But, how to work collectively to accomplish something. Yes, collectively. Ayn Rand’s exaltation of corporations is the exaltation of the collective hive mind of a corporation where forced conformity and subjugation is demanded in return for a paycheck. Hence, forced corporate work. Interestingly, she viewed collectivism as a virus. She just wasn’t the most emotionally or spiritually evolved person on the planet to recognize her own ignorance. To be human is to be ignorant.)

What I found most interesting about the Superbowl truck ad is that just a few weeks ago I posted about MLK’s birthday. In that post I wrote-

It’s amazing that the state, who ultimately destroyed King, whether it pulled the trigger or not, actually honors this artifically manufactured and cleansed image of him. But, anyone who has read his written words or listened to his speeches knows that there isn’t a corporation, politician or military leader in this nation who holds any of his values as truths. In fact, all class and hierarchy would truly fear his words. Not the cleansed or manufactured view of King.

I guess the meatheads who developed that ad actually honors the artificially manufactured and cleansed image of him. King railed against capitalism and it’s exaltation of profits over human life and its exaltation of attachment to worldly possessions over human dignity. (link to the ad) Yet, capitalism manipulates his words for their own dystopian lies.

King was quoting religious text when he stated in this speech that the greatest amongst you will be a servant. (From the truck ad) To serve is to be selfless. Or, to intuitively understand there is something greater than yourself. And, that true selflessness, unconditionally seeking nothing in return, is what makes us human. (amongst other things) And, to achieve greatness in your life that you need to be emotionally and spiritually aware enough to recognize that the self is the source of all of man’s foibles and worse.

Capitalism on the other hand relies on humanity’s most base, ignorant instincts (of the self) to survive.  Fear to force you into slave labor where class steals your surplus value.  Consumption of inanimate objects and attachment to money. You know, like buying a Dodge pickup truck and classifying it as service or selfless.  And, on and on.

I have noted on here many times that the socially-driven measures of intelligence are horseshit.  Most are based on reason. Nothing wrong with reason. But that’s not where science and art come from. Neither are based on reason or logic. As Einstein noted, they come from the mysterious.  Or, I’d say maybe more appropriately, from some place magical. They come from the creativity of the human mind; whatever that is. And, forgot the nonsense we are “taught”. We have absolutely no idea what the human mind is. Or, if our mind is contained in our brain or simply passed through the brain into this world or whatever. Lots of reasons to consider the mind exists outside of the brain. Lots. Including some scientific experiments.

But, acknowledging that would mean the state would have to acknowledge there is a higher power and a higher purpose than itself and its brutal control mechanisms of capitalism, communism, fascism, militarism and every other kind of ism it can dream up.  Then, if that cat is let out of the bag, that there is a greater purpose to life than grubbing for money, fighting the state’s wars, endlessly being conscripted into debt servitude and the like, the masses would never submit to the servitude of a class-based, hierarchical society that grants entitlement to a ruling aristocracy as ours does. Because all of those pathological elements and more are against the teachings of all of the world’s great religions that espouse equality, human dignity and all people being made in the image of a divine presence. If I’m made in the image of a divine presence the same as the Koch brothers, why can’t I feed my children or pay my bills while they bribe our government with so much money they have stolen from my labor and wit?

Oh, there is no doubt there is a war on religion or spirituality or whatnot. But that war hides behind the science meme that there is nothing beyond what we can see to mock religion and spirituality. That is always driven by the faux intellectuals in a ruling class that no one in this country trusts. Religion in the form of local congregations is considered one of the original forms of community (and equality and human dignity) by anthropoligists. It’s the vile hierarchical and class-based component that seeks to control religion and humanity for self-interested purposes. You know, like the Vatican or the organized control structures of most religions that try to tell the local congretation what to do and what to think.  That includes to war against people of other religions.  People that you have no grievance with.  It’s really no different than America’s prosperity preachers (a new phenomenon that started creeping into our society in the 1990s.) who rationalize a system of inequality and cruelty so those who have more than they need can turn their backs on humanity can feel good about themselves.  I’m getting off topic and rambling but I remember when a woman I was dating around 2000 got me a book for Christmas. I can’t remember the title but it’s premise was that God wanted you to be rich. I’ll never forget that. I remember thinking our society was headed for disaster and we were all brainwashed by a ruling pathology.

The highest form of intelligence is emotional and spiritual intelligence.  That is, your intelligence beyond the illusion of self. The part of you that intuitively understands not that I am my brother’s keeper but more aptly, I am my brother and he is me.  That the self is an illusion and all life is connected and spiritually one with the universe. 

That little old grandmother who’s 90 years old and goes to church or synagogue or temple or whatnot every week and dotes on her grandchildren, pays no attention to politics and is a seemingly endless well of love and joy…..  she’s way smarter than the buffoons running our corporations or our government. Way smarter.  They don’t even get it.

Of course, I’m sure Chrysler really wanted to run this ad so it could apologize for using slave labor in sweat shops to make many of the components for its cars and trucks. And to apologize for manipulating King’s speech in which he railed against corporate advertisers as well.

We continue down the dystopian rabbit hole.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Robert Shiller–The Stock Market Is Right Where It Was Before The Start Of The Great Depression

This country is a f*cking disaster. Entire swaths of the country look like post-apocalyptic war zones. Most people don’t have enough money to survive more than a week without a job. Even if that job is nothing more than slavery by another name. Don’t buy the nonsense that things are going great. The reason why the stock market is in a massive bubble is that there is no demand for capital; something noted on here many times before the 2008 collapse as an apocalyptic future omen.  In other words, because industrial capitalism is already in systemic failure, all of the money printing done by the Federal Reserve and other central banks is rolling into renter capitalism assets like stocks, bonds and real estate and just blowing prices through the roof.  Every new dollar created just makes the disaster larger. 

The number of people that have dropped out of the labor force is over 100 million. The amount of government transfer payments (welfare, SSDI, people who have fallen out of society, etc) has shot up over 800% adjusted for inflation since 1980. The amount of people doing unproductive work or jobs that create zero wealth for our nation is more than half of all working people. And, if you really understand the concept of social credit, which you should because this is a democracy, you understand that the military-industrial complex actually is a drag on the wealth of our society.  So, all of the people making weapons and spying on people are in employment that is destroying our nation’s wealth.  That is, unless you are going to use those bombs to force the rest of the world into economic servitude as the U.S. does under the guise of dollar hegemony and the IMF and World Bank voting rights control.  Then rather than creating your own wealth, you can overconsume the wealth you are stealing from the rest of the world as the British and Roman Empires did. And, of course, we do today.

Ditto with financial employment.  The blood-sucking pigmen on Wall Street are just a wealth-shifting scheme from democracy to a ruling class of pathological predators. It creates absolutely zero wealth. Financial employment destroys wealth. It may make the CEO of Goldman Sachs wildly rich but that is more than offset by the debtors it creates in society. 

Again, to rant time and again, people are going to learn the difference between money (of absolutely zero worth) and wealth (which money is nothing more than a conduit to facilitate.).  For all of the gold dunces, you can take all of your gold to an island and sleep on it, eat it, talk to it, pray to it, or do as you wish. Ditto with those who have accumulated a lot of money but have zero skills beyond financial paper pushing or an MBA or whatnot.  I’ll take the scientists, skilled tradesmen and inventors who know how to create and produce wealth for society.  And, I’ll take all of the hippies that know how to grow food sustainably.  And, I’ll take all of the artists, philosophers, writers and liberal artists to make that a society worth living in.

To re-employ 170 million, 200 million, or whatever the number is,  people in new, productive, wealth-creating jobs is never going to happen. Ever. There is no recovery. There never will be until this system is reformed or until it systemically-fails to the point of disaster and democracy rises up and fixes the mess that class and hierarchy have made of this nation and the world.  I noted that on here endlessly.  What you see today is a wall of dirty money papering over the massive blight of a failed economic system of class.  The only recovery is with the restoration of some modicum of democratic economics and local, self-rule-directed economies.

I swear to God that I haven’t seen anyone in the financial community that knows how to read a balance sheet and understand the myriad of manipulative and deceiving footnotes that define financial reporting today. Balance sheets are a disaster whether that is for cities, states or corporations. Or, for that matter the federal government.  Do you know how many AAA rated companies that are left in a nation that used to mint them so often it wasn’t even considered a big deal?  Two.  Two in the entire United States. How many AAA rated cities and states are there? I’ll let you answer that one. 

Once again, as one well-known financial publication did leading into the 2000 collapse, they are lying about the PE ratios of some major indices. They simply don’t include the firms with negative earnings. Astonishing, but we are back to that nonsense. (By the way, news has always been fake news. Mark Twain and others have made these remarks time and again for more than two hundred years.)

The Dow Jones Industrials isn’t even composed of industrial companies. Nike, Goldman Sachs, JPMC, McDonald’s, Verizon, Travelers, Wal-Mart, Disney, etc. What do they make in this country? What wealth do they create? Not money that they pay people but wealth? 

In other words, take out finance, the military and other service-related (doing each other’s laundry) companies, and what’s left for corporate earnings? It’s a f*cking disaster thanks to Harvard MBAs, corporate CEOs and Washington politicians; the three-headed monster of the dreaded Cerberus. 

Half a century ago most S&P firms produced wealth. Now, most firms destroy wealth re the comments above. If one actually understands what has happened to our economy and how corporations have turned us into slaves, and if one backs out the earnings impact of the dollar being the world’s currency, and one backs out these other earnings variables of unsustainability mentioned above, the PE on the S&P is waaay into the triple digits. I mean waaay.  And this stock market is magnitudes more expensive than any in history. Ever. I mean since the beginning of human civilization.  The Russell 2000 is already into triple digits without doing any of that. Amazon? I’ve talked about how Amazon is discounting earnings back to the fall of the Roman Empire. Guarantee you Amazon will be one of the first casualties of any crisis given the working capital Ponzi scheme they run.  I have said it a thousand times on here over the last dozen years but we are in the biggest financial bubble in history and the stock market is headed for disaster, if not disappearance.  It’s just a matter of when. But, we are in that moment right now. It’s not 100 years from now or 50 years from now. It’s in this cycle. Will it be that we wake up one day and it’s over as happened in the Soviet Union? Or will it be a series of crises over years or decades as we devolve into nothingness?  Who knows. But astrologically I do think there is a possibility U.S. empire will be finished by 2022 as noted on here many times.  The insanity of our society is what I can only imagine Rome was like in its final days. Or, what France was like before the Reign of Terror.

I noted a few posts ago that the Shiller earnings index was reaching the disaster zone. (Not that it can’t go catastrophically higher.)  I’m not sure how Shiller calculates his historical earnings numbers but the ones I have leading up to the Great Depression show today is massively more overvalued than in 1929. Who knows, maybe it goes wildly higher than today. But, we have gone parabolic recently and that is a reason for concern.  There is no date or external factors that determines any change in my downside projection. As noted on here repeatedly, my downside target for the S&P 500 is 250-400. When will that happen? That’s the interesting question. Getting the timing right is something that we all use divining rods, astrology, numerology, Elliott Waves and the like to try to figure out. All anyone can really do is guess. Sometimes it makes you look like a genius and sometimes a fool. 

Regardless, Robert Shiller is one of the few economists I respect. Actually, there are probably about three. Economics is the state religion. Economists are the high priests of that religion. Most economists are brainwashed to the ideological drivel of the day; free markets, free trade and the neoliberal deregulation of private capital across state borders that the pathological Reagan and Clinton administrations fathered. (Remember more Reagan officials were indicted or resigned out of wrong-doing than any in history. And, Bill Clinton’s Whitehouse is substantially responsible for the disaster we are witnessing today with the signing of NAFTA, the entry of China’s slave labor pool into free trade agreements with us, the deregulation of financial markets, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the deregulation of commodities futures markets, the dismantling of oversight in shady financial instruments and on and on.  If most people really understood what Bill Clinton did as president, let alone how the Clinton Foundation was used to sell out this nation, he’d be in prison. And so would his wife.  While that seems implausible, we can all hope there is a remote chance that may still happen.

While Shiller compares this to 1928, there is another parallel I have drawn. It’s to the Great Depression in reverse.  2008 was the front end of the hurricane. We are in the eye of the storm today and the ruling elites are impressed with their brilliance once again.  But, the back end of the storm is coming and it’ll be far worse than ever imagined. In 2006 one of the first posts I wrote on here is that the earth would literally shudder and shake when this cycle ends.  I’m going to dust the perspective that this may be a Greater Depression or maybe the last depression of capitalism in reverse if I find the time in coming weeks.

But, in closing, let me say all of the stooges seem to be wildly enthusiastic right now. That should be very disconcerting. As I’ve remarked repeatedly, the people that are the most successful in this system are the most ignorant. I realize people like laughing at the people who can’t tell you who our first president was or when World War II was fought or who mob each other at Wal-Mart, but think about something else.  How ignorant is someone who would turn so many decent people in our society into something like that?  Those are the people who are the most successful in our society.  And, it is they who are the most ignorant. Exploititively so. Godlessly so.

Trump claims success for things he has nothing to do with. Manufacturing losses were stopping before he became president.  Anyone who understands lean methods, lean manufacturing and lean supply chains (which I have written about on here long ago) knows that in order to maximize cost savings and efficiency, supply chains need to be as short as possible and manufacturing has to be done at the point of consumption to be competitive.  Why do you think the Japanese car companies make so many cars here?  It wasn’t because Reagan forced them with rhetoric as is so ignorantly remarked by his apologists.  It’s because the Japanese are lean gods and they knew they had to invest at the point of consumption and shorten their supply chains or when the American firms got their act together, they’d lose their advantage. 

Trumps tax cuts won’t do jack shit to create jobs in this nation because they weren’t targeted at capital formation. Just more handouts for the economic aristocracy funded by working dunces like us.  Dimon and Blankfein on Wall Street are bloviating about how wonderful Trump’s economic plans are. (For them), CEO surveys are very enthusiastic. (If you recall, leading into the 2008 collapse, which I called just days before it happened, I noted how enthusiastic CEOs were. And, thus how ignorant they really are and should be used as a contrary indicator of impending doom.) And, Davos, the meeting of the world’s neoliberal elite dunces, is wildly bullish today as well.  All of the idiots (class & hierarchy) are wildly optimistic right now. That’s generally a very contrary sign given their pathological ignorance.  Doesn’t mean we are headed into a new dystopian Walking Dead tomorrow. But, the seeds are being set with stupid behavior by the wildly and pathologically ignorant ruling class of capitalism.

Link to the Schiller interview here.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Martin Luther King - Why I Am Opposed To The War In Vietnam; And Its Meaning In An Even More Violent And Evil World That Exists Today

I missed Martin Luther King’s birthday by a few days but wanted to get this up regardless. King has been discussed on here as one of the most profound leaders in human history. I was thinking the other day of who would I actually place as America’s greatest leaders. That’s a hard question. There honestly haven’t been that many on a national stage whose actions were so powerfully impacting to all people. Off the top of my head I thought in no particular order-

  1. Martin Luther King
  2. William Lloyd Garrison
  3. John Brown
  4. Thomas Jefferson
  5. Thomas Paine
  6. Andrew Jackson
  7. Mother Jones
  8. Henry David Thoreau

People could disagree who belongs on that list but all of these were radicals for change. Radicals for human rights, self-rule, real democracy and democratic economic rights.

While there were many abolitionists, both black and white, and woman and men, it’s arguable that John Brown actually started the war to end slavery. Until him, all abolitionists eschewed violence. And, as Martin Luther King noted, the status quo loves words of nonviolence but once taking back your power becomes a matter of force, you become the threat of society controlled by class & hierarchy.  The state eventually hung Brown.

Mother Jones single-handedly willed untold numbers of men (millions) and their families to stand up for their democratic economic rights against the corporate state. She was merciless and fearless in the face of endless threats against her life by corporations and the state.  She literally gave people their backbone because of her seemingly superhuman internal guidance system of what was right and wrong.  She lived amongst these families as she tirelessly traveled around the country and was on the front line of countless battles for democratic economic rights.  The corporate state labeled her the most dangerous woman in America. In fact, it has been written out of history that the largest armed insurrection in this nation was in the industrial wars (of which Mother Jones was the most powerful force) of Americans fighting for their democratic economic rights against corporate state power. And, those wars had government and corporate-hired mercenaries fighting side-by-side against exploited American citizens.

Andrew Jackson’s name has been smeared repeatedly. Especially recently. He was a populist similar to Paine and Jefferson and waged war against the powerful interests in this nation. His war against the massively corrupt, entitled Bank of the United States (the precursor to the Federal Reserve) was but one example.

Thomas Paine is the father of American democracy. Don’t kid yourself. His writings, of which the major ones are all linked to on this blog, were the topic of every man and woman in this nation. Paine codified the democratic rights of man and gave all people the ideas that were the basis for America’s Enlightenment. Some people believe Paine published as many as one million pamphlets of his Rights of Man. Given how many colonists there were, and how many could read, it would be the most succesful printed document ever published and read in this nation, and maybe the world, on a per capita basis. His views on slavery, women’s rights, human rights and democracy were so far ahead of his time that even today we still are fighting his battles for our own democratic rights and determinism. He died without a country as the state disowned his ideas and him.

I could go on and on. But, Martin Luther King was clearly America’s foremost prophet or cassandra or seer. Maybe more so than anyone else in American history, King understood the power of words. And, by power, I literally do mean physical power. The power of words, when placed in the conscious minds of man, have more potential and eventually kinetic energy than any other known force in the universe. Which, quite frankly, is the reason why the Nazis burned books. And, why we have our own book burnings in the United States. And why class and hierarchy (the status quo) eventually destroys revolutionaries who espouse loving intents, human rights and human dignity. 

Our book burnings in modern corporate capitalist society are much more sinister to recognize than the Nazis. That’s because in a society with some modicum of personal protections, the approaches that Hitler took won’t work. They have to be nuanced and you have to believe your own slavery is your idea.  So it’s wrapped in an American flag, jingoism and brainwashing. Otherwise, humanity will never submit to class & hierarchy’s intent of controlling and exploiting us.  Our book burnings are an educational system that doesn’t serve democracy, including being taught what to think instead of how to think. Which, by the way, corporations and the government are constantly doing as well through endless propaganda, the entire corporate work experience and marketing. Cutting government spending in education, and cutting money for the arts are also forms of book burning. (The ancient Athenians used public money to pay for all people to enjoy the arts)  In order to exploit people, a ruling class needs to keep them ignorant.

In order to hold that capability of a seer or cassandra, one has to appreciate their own inner intuition, their own internal connection to their highest good (understanding of good versus the absence of good aka evil) and the own inner understanding of the forces of evil which seek to subvert that journey. A seer or cassandra has to understand that all truth comes from within. And that the universe eventually kicks back the opposite direction when the balance of life has been lost.

King, regardless of his foibles as a man, clearly spoke from that inner truth and connection.  When I listen to his speeches, it’s completely clear that they come from his highest good. They come completely from his heart. And, that is why he moved and continues to move so many people with his words. And, why his words remain dangerous to the corporate state.

It’s amazing that the state, who ultimately destroyed King, whether it pulled the trigger or not, actually honors this artifically manufactured and cleansed image of him. But, anyone who has read his written words or listened to his speeches knows that there isn’t a corporation, politician or military leader in this nation who holds any of his values as truths. In fact, all class and hierarchy would truly fear his words. Not the cleansed or manufactured view of King.

What has happened over the past 50 years has made King’s words even more prescient. With Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama’s major policy initiatives that deregulated class-based, private, for-profit capital, including the military-industrial complex, the exploitation King talked about has reached a dystopian level of power that I’m not sure I ever could have imagined without experiencing it myself.

For me, King’s Vietnam speech is the most stirring in its truths. Especially how they relate to today. Truths that most Americans remain willfully-ignorant to today. Which is why we are still in the bargaining phase of dealing with the massive social, emotional, spiritual and physical violence of the corporate state machine.

If you haven’t listened to this speech in its entirety, or even if you have but it has been some period of time, I would encourage you to listen to it again.  It is likely the speech that got him killed. The link is here.  Instead of Vietnam, everything King noted is even more applicable to the world today. That includes the exaltation of profit over human life, endless war with the world, corporate exploitation, money and ego’s attachment to its own inanimate, worldy possessions of money, property, etc as more important than people. Or, for that matter, all life as it pertains to capitalism’s endlessly exploitative requirements.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Daniel Ellsberg C-SPAN Interview - The (Pathologically-Evil) Doomsday Machine

One of the points I have made on here over the years is how brainwashed Americans are about the United States military or as our founders noted, standing armies. The military machine has always been corrupt. As just one example, Smedley Butler, a former Marine major general and author of War is a Racket, wrote about it nearly 100 years ago. He wrote, and countless others have articulated since that the military was essentially used to pave the way for corporate domination around the globe. If your eyes are wide open, you can see that more clearly than ever. I’m quite confident the leadership in the military today are some of the most vile people in American society. Compare that to the foot soldier who I’d suppose to generally be decent people. People who are young and naive about serving their country, people who just need a job or people who have no other opportunities in life because they are poor or born into a region of the nation that is stricken with abject poverty.

Standing armies were written of quite often by our founders. Always negatively. Somehow that has been translated into some dystopian propaganda machine that controls our society today. We overspend so much on weapons that we mothball current generation systems because we have no need for them. As an example, I noted many years ago that the US has the second largest airforce in the world mothballed in the desert.

The ego is infatutated with violence and death. (More on that in another post. But haven’t you ever wondered why there are so many dystopian movies and TV shows in the last two decades about impending apocalypse or future dystopian reality of some sorts?) That’s what happens when people can’t turn away from a horrible accident on the highway or why bombing Baghdad had such high TV ratings. We love war and death in this nation. And, we love it more than our freedom and definitely more than we love human life. Otherwise, how could our nation support the political policy of perpetual war that has defined our nation since the 1947 National Security Act that institutionalized it. And, we conveniently turn a blind eye to endless pathological lying by the military and by policitians about our involvement in every type of corrupt military endeavor imaginable around the world. It’s really no different than the people of Germany who conveniently didn’t know what Hitler was doing. The reality is they didn’t want to know. Because knowing meant they had to take responsibility. Taking responsibility meant that they had to do something other than be cowardly.  Definitely become an outcaste in society that would not be employable. And, therefore, unable to clothe and shelter ourselves or our families.  Possibly even end up in prison by refusing to be anything other than moral and just. Don’t kid yourself. We are all cowards. Personally, I don’t wish to be but this system is so viscious in its forced conformity that I’m willing to bargain with evil in order to have food and shelter. We are good at bargaining with evil. We do it every political election when we delude ourselves into picking the lesser of two evils.

After I watched the Most Dangerous Man documentary ages ago, (I highly recommend watching this. It’s an excellent documentary not to be confused with the PBS documentary of a similar name.) I wrote about Ellsberg on here. A man who found the courage to do something that literally threatened everything in his existence.  He was a military-industrial complex math whiz who had limitless potential to become successful and wealthy beyond his wildest imagination. Yet, he became a moral whistleblower when someone he cared about helped him open his eyes. He exposed this perfectly harmonious circle of perfect evil – the more politicians meddled in military endeavors, the more power granted to institutionalized military power, the more power granted to institutionalized military power, the more money made by corporations, the more money made by corporations, the more of that money that was funneled into politics to create a racket of endless war as a vehicle of corporate capitalist profits.  The system perfectly feeds itself with absolutely no oversight and no regulation by the will of the people. Why? Because We the People love war and death. Or, we are too afraid to stand up and force change upon a pathological, predatory system of class and hierarchy. Class and hierarchy, or institutionalized privilege, has destroyed the United States. The only question is will the people take back their country and their power?

All of this is leading up to a new interview Ellsberg gave on C-SPAN about his new book – The Doomsday Machine. (If I were king for a day, I’d have every American should watch this. It becomes an incredible horror around minute 40 of the interview.) I watched this interview in horror as Ellsberg’s research for this book was discussed. It takes the veil off of the evil that defines our political policies around endless war. It is one of the most powerful conversations I can remember listening to. I can’t imagine anyone watching this and not being shaken to their core about the carelessness for human life by of the pathological machine. And, how policies of war crimes are institutionalized within the war machine itself. 

Of course, if you really take the time to ponder it, how could anyone so carelessly take human life and do it over and over and over again? As I’ve noted about pathology in the past, they view people as objects to be used. To them, it’s like taking out the trash. How many millions of people around the world have had their life impacted by the death of someone they cared about by the US war machine? Yet, to the pathology running it, those people are like taking out the trash.  Don’t kid yourself, either. Other nation leaders are often envious of American power. They are as morally bankrupt and if they had the power of American empire, they would be just as abusive because they are cut from the same cloth of pathological evil. 

Or taken from a post years ago-

People who are disconnected from their inner divinity or higher power define interactions beyond the self as rationalizations based on what others around them value.  ie, Social mimicry.  And, as such they view relationships as perceptions of duties.  They view interactions beyond the self as duties because they are disconnected from any ability to love or empathize.   People are simply objects to be used to serve some need to ameliorate their inner emptiness or their inner demons.  Their perceptions of loving someone are more like a depersonalized, emotionless duty.  You know, like taking out the trash or firing ten thousand workers or killing people with drone strikes or dumping PCBs out a factory’s back door or embracing proletariat corporate work or illegal rendition or breaking Geneva Convention agreements by torturing or spying on citizens or collecting FBI files on political enemies or to gain an upper hand in manipulating and using others. People like this actually have been shown to have abnormal brain scans. That is because their higher power or their own divinity or their higher order processing is truly disconnected from the self. Literally as well as figuratively.   Their minds are broken.  Not the brain.  The mind.  And, this shows up in the functioning of the brain.  The mind regulates the proper functioning of the brain.  ie Mainstream medicine, the mob of groupthink, is wrong.  And, that is why the cure rate for many mind-related illnesses is just about statistically zero.  They are most certainly treating the symptoms for many illnesses.

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Friday, January 05, 2018

The Perversion Of Our Society And Relevant Headlines To The Endless Fraud In The United States Of Corporations

Near the bottom of this post are a few relevant links to some interesting news and data points that never really made the headlines over the last six months. It’s not really a surprise why.  Generally because our masters don’t wish them to.

I haven’t written on financial markets in quite a while. I have put up countless posts over the last dozen years on here on that topic. And, many of those posts were on what was coming years ahead of their time. Many have already started fulfilling their outcomes but many more are to come. As I’ve written ad nauseam, we are in the biggest financial bubble in the history of the world. That is not an exaggeration. The bubble is massive and global. It emanates from Washington and New York but the reach of US financial hegemony, with the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the US with controlling interests in the World Bank and IMF, have created a brutal, enslaving financial monster whose global reach is unprecedented. The Roman Empire would be envious. The old adage of the sun never setting on the British Empire too was founded on the global reach of Britain’sfinancial and corporate capitalist enslavement of much of the world. But Britain only achieved financial enslavement in scope and scale of what would be considered a rounding error of what the United States has achieved. Great navys are always created to control trade and enforce that enslavement. That’s why Britain, this small island state, had the world’s largest navy by far.  It was to enforce economic domination and keep the trade routes of plunder clear back to Britain. Ditto with the United States and every other global empire in history.

This post really isn’t about that. I want to focus on the perversion of our society by class and hieararchy. And how it’s institutionalization has created a  society that is in the midst of destroying itself.  Mind you, this isn’t about being gay or what two consenting adults do in their own bedroom. I could care less about either. People who screech and howl about gay rights or someone’s sexual preferences are often those who have repressed sexual appetites.  I see a lot of those men (married) with supposed family values who self-identify as Republicans that end up being caught doing things they shouldn’t be doing.  But I’m not the sexual police.

What I am talking about is perversion. Or, what I think most people realize are not representative of their highest good or moral behavior by a balanced, healthy, open mind and open heart.  But, rather I’m talking about the foibles of the ego, or worse, pathological behavior driven by the absence of good. aka Evil.  Behavior I think most people would find abhorrent to have around children or themselves. That is, pedophelia and emotionally-unregulated, destructive behavior that uses power and control (class and hierarchy – institutionalization) to victimize and sexually prey on others.  Like Bill Clinton, the most powerful man in the world, did with a 20 year old intern. Or, like the Catholic aristocracy (class and hierarchy) have done for well over a thousand years as it pertains to pedophelia.

I’ve been writing for ages that we are likely to see horrific revelations about our government in coming years. I noted that I didn’t know exactly what those would be but some of those are starting to be exposed.  Now, you ain’t seen nothing yet but we are starting to see the moral degeneracy of the state ruling class be exposed. That includes rampant perverse behavior in Hollywood, in the media, in politics, in organized religion and in corporate America.

Those who seek dominion outside of themselves or power and control beyond their own internal path of discovery are the most vile people in society. Another way to put it is people who are ambitious or are willing to do anything to gain power and dominion over others through class and hierarchy. This is not to be confused with prosperity where someone seeks a better life for all people including themselves.  The ambitous, those exalted in corporate capitalist society, seek the subversion of self-rule and true democracy, or local self-rule replaced with a system of privilege and entitlement. 

As Lord Acton noted centuries ago, and cited on here endlessly, almost all great men are bad men.  That’s because those who seek greatness in society are those who seek power and dominion over others. Power and dominion sought because of their lack of internal guidance system and lack of internal power (Connection to their own divinity, or if you will, a lack of connection to good, which, by the way, is the definition of evil.)

The human mind has only two intents – the intent of control driven by the ego (absence of good) and the intent of discovery and truth (aka love, kindness, seeking mutual understanding, science, art, emotional functionality, etc, etc, etc.) driven by our highest good or our own divinity.

Those who achieve greatness by seeking fame, fortune, wealth, corporate power, political power, military power or any other forms of instutionalized power, including institutionalized titles in education, science and medicine, are almost certainly pathological and incapable of acting beyond the self or being selfless. This is so self-evident in corporate boardrooms, politics, standing armies, the hierarchy of organized religion, organized education and the like. These people suffer the same pathological behavior of those we see in Iran, Saudi Arabia, ISIS, the Soviet Union and the like. They all suffer the same pathological maladies.  They seek dominion over others in lieu of their connection to their own highest good, or lack of good that we call evil.  And, with the rise of the state in the last one hundred years, we now live in a world where almost every aspect of our existence is created and controlled by that evil. 

Perversion; I included a half dozen links directly below to both highlight what is happening and what has been swept under the rug in the past within this nation. And, frankly, anywhere entitlement and instutionalized privilege exists. There have been countless claims within the aristocracy in Britain, as an example, to this type of behavior. As, there has been in the Vatican, within Islam and even our presidency.  Most people have no idea of that last remark because the one time it became public, it was so quickly swept under the rug. But, even as a young person, I recall that vividly when the Reagan administration was briefly embroiled in a pedophelia scandal.  I also remember how quickly it disappeared. Since then, there have been a few other instances where the highest leadership of conservative politics in this nation have been implicated in pedophelia rings within this country but it has always been swept almost immediately under the rug as lunacy or simply silenced.  The Catholic church has been very adept at this tactic of managing and silencing pedophelia for well over a thousand years.  Many people would find this story about the Reagan administration ludicrous except for the fact that Tom Brokaw reported it on the nighly NBC news. (Youtube video below.) And, the Washington Times simultaneously ran it as a headline.  Remember, the Reagan administration has been highlighted as seeing more members indicted and forced to resign out of scandal than any other in American history. 

It was easily predictable that we would start to see institutionalized sexual abuse, sexual harrassment, sexual perversion, predatory sexual behavior and the like in any system of class and hierarchy.  Those who seek dominion and power over others, do so to exploit them, whether that is sexual exploitation or economic exploitation.  It’s all representative of the same manifestations.  Institutionalized power in  Hollywood, on Wall Street, in Washington, in standing armies, in the Vatican or anywhere else are no different.  They are all run by moral degenerates who seek pathological power and control over divine truth.  In fact, don’t believe that these are isolated examples. We see from the Hollywood exposes that this type of behavior is and has been endemic in Hollywood. Forever.  It’s always been that way in Washington, in corporations and the like just as it has been in the Vatican for 1600+ years.  Pathology seeks instutionalized power.   And, they then create  the Omerta culture of silence that exists as a pact between evil that allows it to go unchallenged. To be kept silent. And, when anyone in that culture is indicted for wrongdoing, class and hierarchy always closes ranks.  That can include slander, malicious destruction of the victim’s character, payoff bribes, legal gag orders, intimidation, death threats and the like.  We actually are able to see how many of these coverups that have made it to the press took place.

In a world of class and hierarchy, power is used by positions of authority to silence opposition. Pathology clearly is very cunning and very manipulative. It understands how to manipulate  the victim and deceive onlookers.  Oftentimes even convincing the victim it’s their fault. 

Mind you, this is no different why you and I are silent when our corporate masters fire tens of millions of Americans and send their jobs to foreign slave labor camps or when senior corporate management where we work is comprised of criminals, moral degenerates or outright pathological behavior. We stay silent. And, by doing so, we endorse their evil. And by our silence and actions at work, we do evil’s bidding.  Why? Because we are controlled just like the people in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.  We are slaves under class and hierarchy domination.  There is no fucking democracy in this country.  And your daily life is not decided by democracy one iota.  But that’s not because we don’t have the power to change things. It’s because we are complicit in our own enslavement and our own ignorance through the soft control of social brainwashing and conformity enforced through fear.  Our fate is decided by the whims of the rule of man. (Corporate power)  And the men (and women) who are pathological, and therefore, subvert freedom of all sorts without having to raise a finger because you are kept in a state of constant fear or in a state of primitive fear-driven ego where you are easily controlled.  Don’t kid yourself.  It’s no different than living in a police state society like Iraq. The outcomes are mildly different. In Iraq you go do prison for speaking out or seeking freedom. In the United States, if you speak out against your employer, they blackball you and send you to the  poor house. At least in prison you are fed and clothed.

Let’s be honest. Perversion is not limited to pedophelia or the pure act of egocentric sexual behavior void of emotional and spiritual connection. Exploiting someone sexually really is no different than exploiting someone economically.  It’s the same act of dominion, covetousness and fear that psychopaths always use to control their victims.  

Isn’t it also perverse to never once hear a Washington politician or corporate CEO say that their heart aches for the poor? Or that their heart aches for any of the injustices or cruelties of our society? Or that their heart aches for those who have no hope and have chosen escapes through addictions of all sorts – shopping, alcohol, drugs and the like? When was the last time you heard someone who was making $15 million or $150 million a year state that no person is worth that kind of excess? And that they don’t want to live in a world where the vast amount of humanity doesn’t have a pot to piss in?  And, that no one should make that kind of excess money while so many suffer?  And, that we need a more egalitarian, democratic society where all people are worthy?  When was the last time?  One. Single. Voice. ?? When was the last time you heard a corporate CEO or politician say their heart hurts for the children of parents who have lost all hope of being able to take care of their families?  And, these CEOs and policians see the fear in the eyes of these children?  Because the children sense the fear in their parents and can’t escape a life of enforced misery and pain?

Who cares about policy or whether the government, local communities or individuals solve the problems?  That’s irrelevant.  Once you have leadership (service to humanity and to all life), solving problems is easy. Because the ego is subsumed in selfless acts of connection and kindness. And selflessly, people of all colors, races and creeds would seek to understand their differences, find common ground and do anything possible to help each other. Solutions are easy if society is morally just. Our society is clearly morally perverse and it is determined at the top by class and hiearchy.

Forget about whether your beliefs identify as Christian, athiest, agnostic, humanist, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Sikh or whatnot. If you live in this nation, you probably have some idea who Jesus of Nazareth was. The man. The human being. And, his teachings in the Sermon on the Mount; the guideposts for living in your heart or living selflessly.  Guideposts for being a self-aware, self-realized human being that is capable of manifesting their highest good through actions and deeds.  Do you think Jesus would be a corporate CEO or politician in today’s world? He was a hippie. He eschewed money, accumulating wealth, serving the state and privilege. He was a vagrant or a bum as defined by the corporate state. They would hate him as they hate all poor people; because they have no money to consume and he threatens their exploitation of poor people. You can decide who Jesus of Nazareth is. That’s irrelevant here. But, for a nation who generally self-identifies as Christian, where are it’s human values?

 Human values – Our innate values.  They are not learned as are Godless social values and the ego’s values.  They are not derived through the ego’s perceptions of separateness but instead through the divine connection of all life.  When we as human beings are of sound mind and connected to our mind’s higher power,  human values are manifested in all of us.  They are timeless.  They are without borders.   Those values are community, dignity, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, honesty, respect, kindness, equality, trust, love, selflessness, etc.   They are derived from our mind’s higher power or our mind’s divinity.  They are the values of truth.  They are the values of democracy.  They are the values of the eternal light of the human mind.  They are the values of a society that has citizen government rather than hierarchy or a ruling class of power-mad, controlling minds of religious, corporate and political bureaucrats driven by ego and its fear-driven manifestations of control.   

Our society is one where those who control it always turn away from suffering and righteousness. I’ve written ad nauseam of how our society resembles Britain in 1776 at a peak of their corporate capitalist and corporate money and banking empire. How in 1776 British cities were full of addictions, homelessness, poverty and cruelty while the aristocracy spent lavishly and lived a life completely disconnected from their humanity. (And, for that matter, France during the same time, the Roman Empire, the Soviet Union and every other manifestation of the state.)  Are we really any different?

I want to codify some of the statements I have made on how we have arrived here into a cohesive narrative.  So, it’s easier to see where we came from and where we must go.  I’ll see if I can do that sometime in the next month.  But, remember like Britain in 1776,  we have our own castles, moats, (what do you think those private, gated neighborhoods are where your masters live? Where you are kept out by the moats of private, eletronic, guarded entrances.) debtor’s prisons, poor houses, economic slavery, titled aristocracy, private military forces used to enslave corporate work, a large poor population reliant on debt servitude to the aristocracy and on and on and on.

Don’t kid yourself.  Neither Donald Trump nor any politician is going to make anything better. The recent tax cuts are for the rich and not for you.  And, that was really their motive in repealing Obamacare. Is Obamacare corrupt? Wildly. But, the Republicans had no plan to replace it.  Because, the political aristocracy doesn’t give a shit about you or me.  And, they never have.  They needed to remove the Obamacare entitlement before they could grant the rich economic interests even more entitlement in the form of tax cuts.

We continue down the rabbit hole of corporate state enslavement.

Links below

Front page cover of Washington Times from Reagan administration of male prostitution in the Whitehouse.

Reagan Whitehouse embroiled in call boy pedophelia as reported by NBC News.

The UK’s pedophelia coverups reported in Time magazine.

Inside Silicon Valley’s dark side of perversion

Is artificial intelligence really a game changer? Maybe not. Talked of on here many times. The mental midgets like Elon Musk who say that humans will be AI’s pets are absolutely ignorant beyond words. Humanity has no idea what the brain or mind really is or how either works. How in God’s name could we ever create an inorganic computer of consciousness or the ability to create? We can’t. Now some experts are finally speaking out.

A look at the ugly side of getting rich. It’s obvious from my writings that society has it wrong. It’s not the ugly side of getting rich. It’s that the ugly seek the power and control required to become rich. They are ugly well before becoming wealthy. A society based on class and hierarchy can be nothing other than ugly.

Shiller PE 10 is off the charts.  The data I have, which is massaged beyond PE ratio, clearly shows financial markets are at valuations never before seen. And, the true sustainable PE ratio of financial markets is well into the triple digits.  Anyone who has been in financial markets since the 2009 collapse as an “investor” is wildly ignorant. Don’t confuse success with intelligence. 2009 was the front side of the hurricane. The back end will be beyond comprehension.

Market valuation to GDP is at record highs

When jobs move from the United States to Mexico (Perot’s great sucking sound of a collapsing US economy)

Why living wages drives innovation and capitalism’s drive to slave wages creates massive poverty and an underclass. (In other words, free market bullshit expose. Relearning the Henry Ford way.)

How the Dummycrats lost their way on immigration. (And why everything truly is fake news. Big business interests tell you what to think and have always controlled idiots in Washington.)

Jamie Dimon’s $13 billion secret. (That he should be in prison.)

The federal government’s $666 billion shortfall in 2017 will almost certainly be more than $1 trillion in 2018. Spending other people’s money on handouts to corporate predators and the military-industrial complex.

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Patholigical Evil and Kennedy’s Peace Speech

"Of the tyrant (the state), spies and informers are the principal instruments. War is his favorite occupation for the sake of engrossing the attention of the people and making himself necessary to them as their leader" --Aristotle, over 2000 years ago

Over the holidays I wanted to post a link to Kennedy’s Peace Speech from half a century ago. It’s amazing to listen to this and other speeches from  Kennedy during a different time as is pertains to morality and human dignity.  (Kennedy’s incredibly powerful Civil Rights/Constitutional rights speech.)  How the United States has devolved into nearly universal moral bankruptcy. It’s a little bit like the boiling frog parable. The degradation of morality have happened over a period of generations and, thus, are often imperceptible unless one seeks truth as a primary intent.  Or, put another way, we are a society controlled by pathological evil.  And, we each participate in perpetuating that evil through our tacit support of it.

This is the speech that some say gives us insight into who killed Kennedy. That is, the military-industrial complex. This speech was a radical rejection of the constant war state of the United States that I have written of so often on here. One that was started by Truman’s signing of the 1947 National Security Act that placed us in a permanent state of war with the world. That policy codified the power of the military-industrial complex into permanent government policy and permanent capitalist profits.  In other words, fascism. Almost certainly this was done for one primary reason – corporate profits and self-interest of institutionalized power benefiting from  standing armies. As noted on here many times, the United States corporate state needed a boogeyman to funnel endless money into military-industrial expansion. At first that was the Soviet Union. Then it became terrorism and Iran.  Next it will be China, North Korea or any despotic state that we can pin the label onto.  Without the creation of enemies, the national security state cannot rationalize its existence while children in our nation live in such abject poverty.

It’s now to the point where most Americans don’t have a pot to piss in but the militaryy-industrial complex lavishly overspends more on the institutionalized war machine than the rest of the world combined. We mothball current weapons systems because we don’t have a large enough standing army to deploy them. The endless overproduction of military systems is a primary result of an all-powerful central government that does the bidding of class-based economic interests. In other words, as has been known since the beginning of time, Ayn Rand had it backwards. The moochers and parasites aren’t the politicians. That’s absurd. They are too stupid to be anything other than the lackeys for private, class-based economic interests.  The moochers and parasites are the class-based economic interests of corporate capitalism, communism, fascism or whatever other ism pathological evil can dream up to control humanity. The whole concept of a “national” economy is one of maintaining pathological control over humanity.

Eisenhower’s beware the military-industrial complex was originally beware the military-industrial-university complex as noted on here in the past. But Eisenhower changed the speech before final delivery.  In other words, the university complex in concert with the military-industrial complex is complicit in perpetuating evil and subverting democracy.

More than half of all scientists and engineers in this nation work in the military-industrial-security complex perpetuating war and violence. In other words, rather than those people making things that democracy needs, they spend their efforts perpetuating violenceso that the state can point the proverbial gun at the rest of the world and force them to make things for us. This enriches our masters while threatening all of humanity.  Few people understand this for good reason. Our masters don’t want us to. And, to be honest, we have cumulatively turned a blind eye to allow it. People often cringe when they hear this, but to be honest, we are just as brainwashed as people living in Germany under fascism. And, just as then, those who aren’t brainwashed do nothing because it threatens their very existence. Present company included.

Kennedy was at substantial odds with his military “advisors”. And, with the government’s use of military power to project and protect U.S. corporate capitalism overseas. Again, many references to this in his private memoirs and the Kennedy Library.

A substantial private dialog with Khrushchev on seeking global peace. Again, dozens of those letters are available through many sources including the Kennedy Library and through government historical web sites via Google search. This was a threat to literally tens and tens of trillions of dollars in wealth, power and profit. (Using today’s dollars.) Don’t think that men aren’t capable of nearly anything to keep that power.

It’s interesting to hear Kennedy’s words comparative to the endless sabre rattling, bullying and threats out of Washington today.  In fact, he calls out as “bankrupt” the very policies that Trump is employing. That said, it really doesn’t matter who is president. Trump certainly is more outwardly belligerent than the political lackeys before him but U.S. policy pretty much always stays the same. Why? Because the real power isn’t in the hands of the politicians. It’s in the Godless hands of corporate profits, greed and institutionaled national security state power. Money, greed, power, control, profit.

I’ve noted in past posts that if Jesus of Nazareth were alive today, the status quo in this country would certainly kill him. It wasn’t the Jews who killed Jesus. Most Jews loved Jesus or anyone who empathized with them and the pathological power that sought to control their lives. 

It was the status quo and their pathological desire for power, profit, money and control that killed Jesus of Nazareth.

There are many reasons to consider that Jesus was from the Essenes sect of Judaism.  Culturally they were forbidden from making weapons or participating in any type of violence. And, whatever happened to a Christian nation that is pathologically greedy beyond comprehension that it has forgotten that, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”?

It has been replaced by the worship of the pathological self and all of its foibles – greed, power, control, money, profit, vanity, hatred, ignorance, violence and the like.

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Thursday, December 07, 2017

The Recognition of Evil and the Violence of Awakening

We certainly live in the most critical times in human history. Modern society is in various degrees of collapse around the world. Something that was written would happen on here before the 2008 collapse. I could go into excrutiating detail on those examples of collapse, but I’ve already done that time and again. Two things to remember during this time as it pertains to this topic. One, we are in a war cycle, again something predicted on here long before pathological lunatics were hurling verbal grenades between countries, and, with the rise of the state in the last century, there has been a mass global migration off of the land into the cities. In other words, people have become reliant on the state unlike at any time in human history. People can’t walk and chew gum at the same time without some authority figure telling them how to do so. The times we live in today have historically seen people eventually leave the cities en masse because the state can no longer take care of them. That dynamic is a direct feeder into a war cycle.

All wars are about power and money. In other words, economic. Don’t kid yourself. No one fights our master’s wars to spread love and kindness.  The absurdities of religion in this country that embrace militarism and corporate capitalism are morally bankrupt. For a supposedly Christian nation, we rationalize bombing the world into submission because God wills it. Jesus is calling up another air strike to murder more people.  The reality is massive wealth transfers between nations are made through economics, which is a form of warfare. “Civilized” society practices economics through violence.  And, now we live in a time where no country’s aristocracy wants to yield their ego-driven attachment to worldly possessions such as class, title, money, land, power, etc. 

What does that mean? If humanity doesn’t cumilatively wake up, we’ll eventually be up to our eyeballs in hundreds of millions to billions of dead bodies.  The good news and a long-time theme on here is that we are in the midst of a new Age of Enlightenment.  There is ample evidence that we are in the midst of World War III.  And that war is humanity’s war against the state.

I remember I told a friend half a dozen years ago that there is ample evidence we are in the midst of a new Age of Enlightenment and she laughed. People have interesting views of what enlightenment entails. (Obviously, she was not enlightened at that time. Nor on the path to awakening from her own ignorance. Although she certainly is now.)  Enlightenment is a very violent process. A process that involves shaking the ego of its belief systems and the ignorance that they create.  You know, like corporate capitalism and free markets are synonymous with democracy and freedom.  Enlightenment is not a magical or spiritual process. It is, in one form or another, the collapse of perceptions of self.  It may eventually take that fold after one has been sufficiently relieved of their self-created ignorance but enlightenment is powerfully violent.

It has been well-understood for many millenium that government exists for one primary reason. (Not the state but actual government or the consent of the people to make decisions on society’s behalf.) That is to protect the weak from the strong. Is that hilarious or what? Seriously. Government exists today to allow the strong to exploit the weak. Everywhere. Not just the United States. But it’s a false strength. The strong are defined as those who are the most pathological and outright evil. They have purchased massively corrupt governments, including our own, and used them as a protection racket for the perpetuation of evil. The United States isn’t at war with the world because Jesus is calling up another air strike out of love and kindness. We are at war with the world because our corporate state masters use the military to plunder humanity for their benefit. This also isn’t a new phenomena. It’s the main reason standing armies exist.  Our founding fathers understood this when they railed against standing armies that Americans are now so brainwashed into supporting. 

I’ve talked countless times about this being a time of unprecedented evil.  People in our world have a very difficult time seeing evil and how we all contribute to perpetuating it. I have wanted to put up a post for some time on this topic.  That is, evil and how it exists with yours and my help. I just haven’t had the motivation to organize my thoughts. I have thought about putting up an audio post as I have in the past. We shall see.  But, let me just say, without giving away all of the dynamics behind it, that evil must organize in order to be successful at controlling humanity.  Organization requires institutionalization.  Institutionalization requires class & hierarchy.  All of this exists to tell you what to do. That includes who to hate, who to war with, what to do when you get up each morning, how to lead your life, etc.  You are told all of this in order to serve evil.

This world is full of social, spiritual, emotional and physical violence. (evil) Most violence is not physical. It’s hidden in plain sight in the form of social, spiritual and emotional violence.  It’s perpetuated by class & hierarchy whether that’s organized religion, standing armies, political parties, corporate capitalism, communism or the like.  Violence must be hidden in plain sight because you have to accept your own enslavement for pathological evil to control you and turn you into a productive slave that does its bidding. Once you have become institutionalized, then evil can tell you what to do and you’ll comply. Don’t believe you aren’t controlled at this level. You are. It’s not a conspiracy in the sense that paranoids like many believe.  It’s the understanding that the pathological mind has in controlling people. People don’t sit around and conspire any more than serial killers sit around and conspire. Evil simply understands how to control people. Maybe more on evil another time. More to the point where you will understand your own complicity in perpetuating evil.

Believe me, there isn’t a person in this world who makes any substantial decisions on their own. You are told what to do.  Allegiance to organization, even through doing nothing to resist it, subverts freedom and perpetuates evil. I don’t care if that organization is organized religion, organized government, organized economic interests such as organized corporations, organized money, organized political parties, organized standing armies or whatnot.  There is nothing wrong with trade, economic development, religion or government. It’s when it becomes institutionalized (permanently organized - a major theme on here) that we end up creating our own support of evil. In some way, literally every human being in modern society supports evil in this world.  The ancient Athenians figured much of this out.  They were far more socially-advanced than we are. Far more advanced in the basic understanding of what it takes to create a fair and just society although they certainly were not perfect.  Their system looked absolutely nothing like ours. That’s by design. Our masters don’t want that.  And, to a very large extent, their society was free and just.  It gave the world science, mathematics, philosophy, literature, architecture, the arts, and the foundations of what a just society should look like.  The economic aristocracy and evil was kept in check. Our society isn’t free and never has been. At least not since the early days of revolt against the British crown. 

The only way our society will ever be free of violence and evil is for people to take back their power. In other words, invert the pyramid of power that grants almost all control to a central class-based, institutionalized authority, like a corporation or a central government and replaces that with individual power and power of the local community. Voting to give others power over you is more absurdity. Voting to grant yourself power over corporations and a central government is the only legitimate option. A free mind seeks no dominion over its fellow man. A free mind seeks no attachment to worldly possessions. A free mind seeks no power greater than the power over his own existence. The free mind is kind, loving, accepting and willing to share without limits.  No man can have a free mind without power over his own individual existence. Evil understands this intuitively. That’s the fundamental reason why the world exists as it does today.

What makes our society so onerous isn’t that Barack Obama was President or Donald Trump is President. They are both men of average intellect and below average self-awareness.  And, I would say just about no level of self-realization.  (A side note- Is it worse to have a person in the position of the Presidency who is generally vulgar but oftentimes tells the truth about the corruption in Washington or someone who presents himself in a completely fabricated, inauthentic way yet sells the American people down the river by sending all of the jobs to other nations to please our corporate masters?  Jobs most everyone in our society created through our cumulative efforts? Obama, Clinton and other closet pathological men are no better than Donald Trump. Arguably, they certainly could be considered even worse. And, mind you, Donald Trump is a buffoon and certainly not a shining example of goodness.) This is why the Athenians never voted to give other people control over their lives. There was no such thing as politicians or elected officials. All people took their turn serving in government for a brief period of time. There was no class & hierarchy or institutionalization.  There was freedom early on in this nation because people could move west and outrun the reach of the government and its private controlling interests. If the government and corporations had the power 150 years ago that they have today, this country would have been just as cruel, hateful and unjust as it is today. All that has happened is that evil has consolidated its power over humanity through greater organization and technological advancement.

It’s hard for people to see evil because we have all become morally bankrupt and Godless living as slaves to pathological evil.  We rationalize everything. In other words, we live in a world that is almost completely ego-centric or driven by the self. Our highest good, our ability to connect to others on a truly loving level, our ability to seek understanding with our supposed enemies, our ability to self-realize and self-actualize and see beyond the self, or, if you will, your Divinity, has been completely shut out by the rise of the self in a powerfully ego-centric world.  A world driven by ego is a world of fear, control, power, desire, attachment, lust, vanity, hubris and all of the other ego-centric ignorance that corporate capitalism, communism, the state, class & hierarchy, political parties, etc need to survive. Evil, through organization, keeps humanity living in its mind so they can control you through fear.

“Abraham Lincoln did not cause the death of so many people from a mere love of slaughter, but only to bring about a state of consent that could not otherwise be secured for the government he had undertaken to administer. When a government has once reduced its people to a state of consent – that is, of submission to its will (emotional, spiritual and physical violence - my notation) – it can put them to a much better use than to kill them; for it can then plunder them, enslave them, and use them as tools for plundering and enslaving others. (emotional, spiritual and physical violence - my notation)” -- Lysander Spooner, abolitionist

This is literally nothing new. Our nation, as an example, has been headed down the rabbit hole since soon after its founding. Jefferson wrote of this near the end of his life. In fact, Thomas Paine, whom has been written of countless times on here as clearly the common man’s most important leader during Revolutionary times, ended up dying without a country. The establishment in this nation turned against him and his ideals of the rights of the common man before he had even passed.

As noted many times, the Articles of Confederation were overturned and replaced by the Constitution because, as Lysander Spooner so eloquently wrote, pathology needed a central, controlling authority in the form of an all-powerful central government for class-based economic interests to be able to enslave humanity to a pathologically-evil, rent-extraction scheme from the weak to the powerful like corporate capitalism.  Capitalism, communism, militarism, socialism, facism and every other kind of ism that pathology can dream up. They are all the same. They are control systems created by evil. 

I’m not going to rehash this again as I have covered this time and again but if you’d like a refresher course on this topic, visit and search for Capitalist Joker to learn the real history of our enslavement to institutionalized evil in the form of corporate capitalism or read the book written more than a century ago, Beard’s Economic Interpretation of the Constitution to understand why you don’t have a pot to piss no matter how hard you work.  Only fucking idiots and emotionally and spiritually-stunted mental midgets believe that corporate capitalism is synonymous with democracy or freedom. There’s that believe word again. The universe will eventually fix that. Belief systems are simply control systems created by the mind to keep us from living presently without fear.  And, if you can’t live presently without fear, you can easily be controlled.  More importantly, if you can’t live presently without worry of yesterday or tomorrow, or worry about money or feeding your children unless you comply, then you can’t experience your own Divinity.  Because your Divinity is only experienced in the present moment; the only place in your mind that is timeless and where the timeless universal mind exists. You can call that God, your Divinity, the collective consciousness or whatever.  It is the only place where true love exists.  The only place where your Divinity exists.  And, in a world controlled by evil, it is the only place most people can’t get to.

Part of humanity saving itself from the madness of evil is calling a spade a spade. Being tolerant of ignorance serves no purpose to anyone other than our masters. So, yes, fucking idiot is an illustrative guide. Albeit a pejorative one. One not rooted in the present moment or my highest good because it’s just as impossible for me to get there as it is for anyone else in this God-forsaken world.

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Monday, August 07, 2017

Is It That Time? The Ignorance Of The Establishment Has Just Hit A Deafening Crescendo.

I’ll be putting up a follow-on post to a post from some years ago as it pertains to decesnnial patterns in finance. In that post I noted that we are likely witnessing the Great Depression in reverse. I’ll be revisiting that in detail but the point of that post was that the massive financial crisis that preceeded the Great Depression would happen on the back end of this cycle due to policies being reversed from those in the Great Depression. As I’ve noted time and again, we are in the eye of the hurricane. All appears calm on the surface. Below the surface corporate capitalism is already in systemic collapse. And, if those patterns hold true, 2017 could very well be the year that the massive illusions disappear and we finally see the world for what it is.

Literally dozens upon dozens upon dozens of major outcomes accurately anticipated on here have either come to pass or continue to reveal themselves. There has been more predicted accurately on here than by any other single person anywhere that I am aware of. That’s not a coincidence but the fruits of incredibly hard work and an understanding of money, finance, economics and sociology (the human condition) that I have spent a lifetime studying.

Janet Yellen has just announced that she believes we will see no more financial crises in our lifetimes. (link) For those who understand the paradox of experts and the massive ignorance associated with central planners and hierarchical control constructs, that comment should catch their attention. It is usually at the very moment the establishment becomes confident of their policies that it’s time to start worrying. As noted on here dozens, if not hundreds of times over more than a decade, we are in the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen. Everything you believe, be it economic, beliefs about yourself, beliefs about the world around you, beliefs about others, beliefs about your government and on and on has been shaped by this bubble. When it pops, everything society and its cumulative ego believes, will wash out with the tide and never return. The only question is “is it that time?”.

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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Jesus Was A Commie

It’s been more than half a year since I have posted anything. I’m going to try to get three posts up within the next two weeks. This is the first. I have often said on here it wasn’t the Jews who killed Jesus of Nazareth, it was the establishment.  And, if he were alive today, they would kill him again for his message.

This short film by Matthew Modine is thought provoking. He gets a few things wrong regarding the human condition but the fundamental message is very clear and if we listen to the language of the heart, this is a very touching short film. (Link here.) One of those “things” is his characterization that we don’t really share unless we can “afford” to. This all comes back to the duality of the human condition manifested through the self or the ego and selflessness or our highest good or our divinity. A self-actualized and self-realized human being operates on a higher level of consciousness and recognizes his or her own foibles and the pathology that drives our own ego-driven behavior. And, that person is capable of living in a state of love and sacrifice for others. I know because I have seen that ability in myself regardless of whether I am able to stay in that state of being because of the constant violence modern corporate capitalist society represents. And, I see it in others regardless of religion, philopophy or color and we saw it in Jesus of Nazareth and his very simple messages. Especially the Beatitudes or the Sermon on the Mount.  Do you weep for your fellow man? Does the Godless cruelty of this world cause you pause in how you perpetuate it?

Yes, they’d kill Jesus of Nazareth today just like they did 2,000 years ago were he actually alive. Because everything about this system is rotten to the core and corrupt beyond imagination.

Organized religion really is a creation of the state. It’s a system of control. But nothing is all positive and nothing is all negative.  As I’ve written on here, religion is recognized by anthropologists as one of the first examples of community.  Community is something noted on this short film. But when hierarchy and class are interjected, organized religion becomes a dichotomy or paradox. That is, the concept of community at the local level and the institutionalization of privilege by organized religion’s “leadership”. There is where the concept of evil begins be it religion, the state or whatnot.

Was Jesus a communist in the sense of a supporter of a state-enforced form of violent equality we call communism? Of course not.  You can’t enforce goodness in people. They must find it for themselves. Some of the poorest people I have ever met are some of the most rich in spirit. And, I can recount many times where some of those people have given me the shirt off of their back or shared their last meal they could afford.  Goodness and selflessness must come from within. And, one can only achieve that level of consciousness through rejection of control systems like the state, capitalism, communism and every other ism class and hierarchy can dream up.

But, while Thomas Jefferson, as an example, didn’t “believe” Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God, he was a Christian in the truest sense of the word. That is, he understood Jesus of Nazareth to be the most important teacher of justice, morality and goodness the world had ever seen. (And he appreciated that there was a powerful life force in all  people  regardless of color that we call God. Much of which has been written out of history.) 

We live in a world of unprecedented evil. And, if you don’t see that evil in yourself, you have no idea who you really are. Because each and every one of us, without exception, perpetuates it. But the worm is turning. The new Age of Enlightenment continues.

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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Update On Very Disconcerting Developments In Communist China And A Deeper Look Into Humanity’s Own Pathology (The Ego Or The Self) As It Continues To Manifest Through The State

As P.T. Barnum, our new cartoon, carnival-barking, shyster U.S. president gets ready to take office, (The true Trump is already starting to reveal himself.) I wanted to talk about some of what is coming; more and more of what I have written of more than a decade in thousands of posts that is now starting to reveal itself.  Let me first say one more thing about the election. I’m going to be putting up some more posts on Trump and the election because his election is a sign of our ignorance and a sign of the times.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written extensively over the years about Bill and Hillary being criminals. I know many want to label Obama as our worst president in history but don’t kid yourself. It was clearly Clinton, economically, spiritually and socially. He is as purely of a morally bankrupt public official as I have ever seen.  That he was able to deceive the American people for eight years, and in the process dismantle so much of our rule of law is a stain on who we have become. Ditto with Donald Trump. And, frankly, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and George Bush.  Bargaining with evil, as the American people, and really all people around the world, have become so good at, will eventually pay off in spades. And that payoff will be exactly the opposite of what was ever intended.  Trump, in my estimation, because of the astrological cycle we are currently experiencing, is likely to be that guy. The person who grants the American people their due payoff for endlessly bargaining with evil. (A pre-ordained cycle giving rise to pathological, fear-based, nationalistic fervor around the world. Remember, enlightenment is a very violent process as it involves the repudiation, often foisted upon the ego/self violently, of its delusional belief systems that keep us from ever seeing reality.  Today, humanity is still bargaining with those belief systems. But, that too will change as our belief systems eventually shatter before our very eyes.)

In this cycle of despair, it’s telling of how ego-centric (absence of good) and Godless the world is that people will give a complete stranger power over their own lives. The same power they won’t grant themselves. That’s what we have done in electing Barack Obama and Donald Trump in this cycle. Both were and are viewed by our society as saviors. First, was Obama whose self-centered pathology actually seems to be that he himself believes he is a savior. And, Donald Trump, whose self-centered ruler archetype is the exact same pathology that Hitler suffered from. Both are examples of humanity worshipping the Golden Calf as opposed to granting themselves their own worthiness through connection to their own divinity. Obama outright lied endlessly to the American people during his election.  Trump used something equally sinister which is a form of truthiness in the face of ever saying anything that was outright truth.  The only truth you will ever find in this world is found within.

Our fate has been assured. As I have typed on here time and again, no one is coming to save you or me.  No one. Jesus isn’t going to ride in an a magic carpet as is the ego-centric view of a savior that organized religion (class and hierarchy) has painted his teachings. Nor is Obama or Trump going to save you.  The only savior in this world is you. You have to save yourself. And, the only way you will do that is through following your own divine inner guidance system. Don’t let the forever pernicious ego or self convince you that means voting for Donald Trump either. That’s purely based on your own ego’s inner voice of fear and pathology.

There is a reason I have spoke often of the likes of  Gustave Le Bon, Hannah Arendt and Eric Hoffer (Hoffer’s book, The True Believer, has always been listed as one of my favorites in my blogging profile. How appropriate his book is with those who voted for Donald Trump.). They all intuitively understood the pathological madness of social movements.  Those who voted for Trump succumb to the same madness as those they hypocritically excoritate. People they label socialists, globalists,  anthropogenic global warmists and even the National Socialist German Worker’s Party aka the Nazis.  We have all succumbed to pathological madness of social movements created by the intent of control and oftentimes outright evil.

Let’s move on to chat a little bit about a topic I have written about ad nauseam for the last decade; China’s society would destabilize and the communist party would tighten its dictatorial grip to maintain control.  And as part of that, the communist party would eventually foment anger at the enemy which is the west, specifically the United States, as the source of that destabilization.  And, finally, this would place the United States and China on a collision course of confrontation.   I wrote prolifically about all of this ages ago when China was thought by just about everyone, including everyone in the mainstream media, to inherit the economic and power mantle from the United States.  If it’s mainstream, and it’s a belief, it’s almost certainly nothing more than bullshit. And, the more you understand about the tricks your own psyche (the ego or the self) endlessly plays on you, the easier it is to spot all of this.   

If one understands the human condition deeply and intuitively, one never has succumbed to the ignorant mainstream meme about China.  And, if one understands the human condition deeply and intuitively, one understands the pathology of the state, the pathology of the state’s economic control systems like capitalism & communism and the historical parallels to China’s rise enabled by capitalism.  In other words, how evil and pathology is constantly at our doorstep, and when we succumb to our own selfish fear-driven emotions, how evil repeats itself throughout cycles.  And, how it entrances all of us to do its bidding.  That is where we are today.  We being all of humanity.  That is why humanity is at war with the state (and with each other as directed by the state – institutionalized class and hierarchy) around the globe. More on all of this in a later post including how we have become habituated to perpetuating violence and evil against our fellow man. All of us. That is, when I finally get to delivering on some long-promised posts. Especially on the cycle we are currently experiencing.

For now, let’s focus on China today. And some headlines that have been lost in all of the election nonsense in this nation. We already are starting to see exactly what I wrote would happen. It’s developing right before our very eyes not only in the United States.  But, specific to this post, as it pertains to China. Yet, the consequences are not being reported by anyone in the U.S. press. In fact, none of this is even being reported at all on the boob tube. (Television is not the truth. Television is a god-damned amusement park.)

Let’s look at some of the incredibly disturbing headlines that have developed over the last month or so. China’s communist party is already tightening its grip. There is finally an understanding within the Chinese political class that there are powerful forces threatening the survival of the state in China. And, most of those are economic in nature. There is nothing anyone in China can do to stop what is coming. The only question is how will those powerful changes manifest themselves. 

Communist publication (mouthpiece of the communist party) says China needs strong man leader

Xi annointed strongman by politicians and given dictatorial powers on par with Deng and Mao

Xi uses new dictatorial power to purge one million party members under the guise of corruption

How Xi can use his newly given dictatorial power

Politicians annoint Xi

Reminiscent of Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein and the political stooges who granted them 
unlimited power

Xi moves with force against Hong Kong to stop pro-democracy elections

Round the clock protests in Hong Kong against China’s crackdown on pro-democracy elements

Chaos in Hong Kong’s parliament (as China seeks to stop pro-democracy members from being seated in parliament.)

A Hong Kong perspective on the limits of communist China’s power (which, by the way, is meaningless.)

Not only has the state granted dictatorial power to Xi in China, but the United States just elected the exact same pathological archetype.  Donald Trump is clearly the ruler/strongman/order archetype that defines Xi. More on that later. But, remember, that I have noted countless times over the last decade that China and the United States are entwined in a relationship that I have interpreted as a Nash Equilibrium. Or, simply put, a mutually-beneficial state where neither party benefits by changing the status quo. Chinese communists become wildly rich and powerful while selling out the people of China as slaves to American capitalist hegemony.  (China didn’t steal our jobs as Trump bloviates. American corporate capitalists, American banks, American politicians and the American aristocracy stole our jobs. ie All of the pathological corporate cronies that are now joining his cabinet.  And, then they shipped them to China and elsewhere, for their own pathological self-driven benefit.)  And, conversely, the Nash equilibrium allows the people of the United States to become wildly wealthy by stealing the wit and labor of people in China and elsewhere. How often have I noted that every American owns slaves? They are the ones who make your iPhone, your television, your clothes, make your food and whatnot.  Even the poorest of Americans owns slaves. Even our slaves own slaves in this completely fucked up system of class and hierarchy.

That equilibrium is now broken. That is what has led to the dictatorial power given to Xi. And, the massive migration of western capital (capitalism) out of China. Massive crisis is imminently somewhere around the corner.

We all know what comes next. It’s what I typed above and wrote about extensively over the last decade.  And, it appears Donald Trump now has been granted the authority to deal with it. Bargaining with evil will have its consequences, be that in the United States or elsewhere.

The major question for me is will the people of China or the United States or both wake up and repudiate the state (politicians, standing armies, corporations, private banking and money, etc) before we become entangled in these dangerous games of state power.  
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