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The Predator State–Bill Moyers And United States Of ALEC (Full Show)

Enjoy this exposé on criminal cronyism, corruption, looting and absolutely destruction of reason, law and democracy by politicians and corporations acting in secret to rig the game against YOU.   Do you want to know why 45 million people are on food stamps?  Why more than 150 million people have little beyond this week’s paycheck?  Because our nation is run by predatory looters that parasitically feed off of the middle class, the poor and the forgotten by bribing, albeit legally in words only, our politicians.   And, then they attempt to make the rest of us believe we are not worthy by telling us we are not personally responsible and rely on the government because there is something wrong with us.  We know who the real parasites, predators and personally-irresponsible are.  The people who operate in secrecy to rig our democracy and our economy against us.  These are high crimes and misdemeanors against the sovereign people of United States of America, against the Constitution of the United States of America, against the government of the United States of America and against the rule of law of the United States of America. 

"Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve. But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn't belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime." -- Frederic Bastiat

The rigged rules of our political and economic system are meant to marginalize us.  To put us in jail.  To be intolerant of dissent.  To destroy competition in our economy.  To destroy living wages.  To destroy pensions.  To destroy Social Security and social safety nets.  To destroy collective bargaining.  To destroy democracy.  And, to destroy the excellence that democracy creates through public discourse and free exchanges of new ideas; liberalism that our nation was founded upon.  And, through these manipulated processes, to then parasitically prey on us.  To covet what we have as predators do. 

Mitt Romney was right.  We are literally a nation of victims.  But it’s exactly the opposite of how he tried to portray us.  Romney tried to portray the average American as weak and dependent.  Predators always see in others what they hate about themselves.  Always.  Always.  And, they try to make us believe there is something wrong with us.   That is how they control and manipulate us. 

Instead, the true reality is we are a nation of victims in an abusive relationship with predatory politicians, lobbyists, private equity firms, religious fanatics, bankers and corporate masters.   We live in a hell that narcissists, borderlines, sociopaths and other predators have created in secrecy.   And, there is no way out other than to end the relationship.  

More lipstick on the pig, as Obama and Romney wish to employ to appease the non looters, simply will result in more looting.  We must see transformational reform.   We must see an end to corporate personhood and government corruption.  And, that means that the Republican and Democratic Parties are toast.  Because, in fact, these two entities are registered corporations that rely on corporate personhood to channel corporate (political party) money into politics.

Democracy, reason, law, equality and excellence in public service and the private sector cannot survive government secrecy. 

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Friday, September 28, 2012

TIMELY Democracy Now! And Bill Moyers - The United States Of ALEC (Crypto-Fascism)

I think most people will really appreciate how incredibly disturbing this coming Bill Moyers’ documentary is going to be regarding crypto-fascism.  You’ll notice the godfather of the destruction of the United States, Ronald Reagan, is quoted in the video discussion of ALEC at Democracy Now!.  Link below.   ALEC gained critical mass under the “Reagan Revolution”. 

It’s not ironic that Moyers did an exposé about secret government while Reagan was in office and this coming documentary is all about secret government corruption and fascism.  Moyers’ 1987 exposé has been cited on here a few times over the years and is a must watch.  Reagan’s administration had over two hundred criminal indictments, forced resignations and other charges of corruption, ethics and criminal activity.   Think about that.  The 1980s was a decade that was the rise of full-force fascism, looting and corporate government in our nation. 

In the 1980s our nation’s GDP growth came mainly from three dubious sources thanks to Supply-Side Economics and its associated deregulation of capital.  With that deregulation came the deregulation of the uber-rich elites whose capital was supposed to stimulate economic growth through trickle down economics.  But instead has allowed capital to run completely roughshod over democracy.  How’d that work out for you?  

The three sources of growth in our nation during that period was 1) Reagan’s wholesale embrace of fascism by throwing as much money as he could at the for-profit war machine and military-industrial complex to stimulate the economy.  We built the nation’s largest military many times over during Reagan’s Soviet-style, government-planned overproduction.  All while poverty and the prison population started swelling exponentially - all guns for crony kleptocrats and no butter for our citizens.  (Oh, and Reagan’s war on drugs enabled the war/police state’s powers to violently prey on our citizens.)  And, that military is now running roughshod over the world and now our citizens thanks to Reagan’s policies that were embraced by future presidents who were bought and paid for by Reagan’s deregulated capital.   2) Government deficit spending as a percentage of GDP under Reagan was and still is the highest ever recorded.  Much higher than Obama.  Much!  And, 3) the deregulation of capital started the financial looting of America by bringing union-busting into the mainstream, debt enslavement of Americans by denying our citizen’s economic rights to their own capital and living wages, and of course,  by the incredibly massive S&L looting crisis.  A crisis that in scope and scale was far larger than the Wall Street-induced crisis in 2008.   The Reagan economy of the 1980s was a fucking disaster.  Crony fascist, financial corporatist, war state looting.

And, to top it off, during Reagan’s years in office there was the CIA’s involvement in planting cocaine in Los Angeles African-American communities as a result of their involvement in Iran-Contra was one of the greatest cover-ups of criminal behavior in our nation’s history.  But Reagan claimed plausible deniability.  Rrrrrright.  Our government is till rumored to run drugs and this isn’t any kind of conspiratorial nonsense.  This is as real as real can be. 

While I am talking about the CIA drugging Americans, I’ll throw this story in here even though it is off topic.  Well, sort of off topic.  Although it does involve corporations and government working together in a goal of violence and exploitation of American citizens.  This is being reported by a local TV station in St. Louis this past week.  For nearly 20 years the United States Army filled the lungs of mostly African-Americans living in St. Louis with toxic cadmium to test its effects.  And, guess what?  No body knew about it.  This went on until 1970.  Of course the Army claims there was no issues of safety.  Are you kidding?  This is their best response?  Does it get any more Orwellian?  These people should be tried at The Hague for crimes against humanity.  Cadmium is one of the most toxic materials known to humankind.  Let’s let some of these criminals eat some of their own home cooking if there are no safety issues. 

Timely and important.  I highly encourage you to visit the two following links.  Especially the Moyers’ link.

Democracy Now! and Bill Moyers Video on the United States of ALEC

Bill Moyers on his site previewing his upcoming television documentary on ALEC.

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Congressman Jones’ Press Conference–Is Obama Impeachment Coming?

This is very, very serious and should not be taken as simply political rancor.  If someone in Congress actually stands up to enforce the rule of law, these Whitehouse games of kingship are well outside of the spirit of the Constitution. The executive branch has been involved in a power grab for decades. 

This is a serious discussion by serious people and they indict the progression of Whitehouse power from 1947 that started with the signing of the National Security Act when General George Marshall told President Truman, “ I fear we have militarized the decision-making process.”.   Our foreign policy is our military policy as noted by retired Lt. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson in this video; a man that I personally have great respect for as a decent and just human being.   By the way, Wilkerson was wildly against the hyper-aggressive neoliberal Bush Doctrine while serving Colin Powell in that administration.

In closing, I do not support the Youtube channel of this video but it is the only video that seemed to ensure copyright was valid.  Just sayin.  Pretty freaky.  Ha.

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Monsanto’s Number One Lobbyist–Barack Obama

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Russia Halts The Sale Of Monsanto’s Dystopian FrankenKorn

There will likely come a day when we see a tipping point.  And, after that tipping point, complete failure will happen very, very, very rapidly for genetically-modified foods.   One of three outcomes or some combination of the three seems most likely.  One, that the GMOs financial enslavement of farmers fails due to a lack of farmer liquidity around the globe.  ie, We see a global farming or money bust or both.  Two, there is some massive health crisis or fear of one created by GMOs within the human population.  Or, three, transparency by democracy gaining an upper hand on corporations simply results in informed buyers telling the GMO corporate slave owners to fock off. 

I doubt the Russian announcement is that tipping point but it is a very big battle win in the war against FrankenFood terrorism and corporate enslavement of our democratic/sovereign food rights. 

The corporatocracy and the investor class don’t seem too worried.  Monsanto’s stock has risen about 100% in the last two years and is currently at a four year high.   I can tell you that if I had a billion dollars half of it would be in a Monsanto equity shares short at this price.  Nothing would make me giddier than riding this pig to zero.   The GMO enslavement of oftentimes impoverished farmers and the world’s poor and exploited is a boiling cauldron of control that could explode at any moment. 

Title link here.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crude Oil, Commodities And Peak Oil Mythology Update

It has been some time since I have put up a detailed post about crude oil.  Now seems a good time since the yapping carnival barkers in the financial community are now talking about what to expect from a falling dollar.  Of course, this view of a falling dollar is only because quantitative easing part three has been announced and people who don't either understand supply and demand or money are now expecting the dollar to implode right shortly.   With that there is an expectation that QE3 will unleash the oil kraken (oil prices rocket higher) while the dirty dollar goes to zero.  Whatever.  Does anyone else bore of these clowns being constantly wrong yet being invited back into the mainstream press time and again to share their endlessly faulty delusions?  The Fed wants the dollar to drop.  The strategy of currency devaluation and the race to the bottom is how every country in the global economy seeks to gain competitive advantage.   The rules have been set this way for forty years.  ie Trashing your own currency is how you gain comparative advantage.  How effed up is this system?  More than most people could possibly imagine.   If you think the Fed either knows what it is doing by trying to trash the dollar or its policies are going to save the economy, then you should be short the dollar with the announcement of QE3.  And you should be long oil.  Good luck with that.   Oil is down and the dollar is up since the day the Fed announced QE3.  Almost everything the financial community has told us is wrong.  Not because they are lying, although many in the system do plenty of that.  But because they are massively incompetent and that incompetence is protected by an Omerta "code of silence" culture in the two party political system  and on Wall Street.

For new readers, a commodities bust has always been in the cards on here.  Well before anyone else in the financial community ever considered such an outcome.  Back in 2008 when commodities were rocketing higher, we were writing that a bust was imminent.  There were never any delusions about the China story or the commodity supercycle or other nonsense on here.  If you really understand how the global economy works, you understand how these beliefs were nothing more than a self-reinforcing delusions.  Nothing more than beliefs that only exist in the minds of financial carnival barkers who control the microphone.  Make no doubt about it.  These people don't understand the mess they have made and they actually believe their own delusions.  And, they want you to believe them too.  Why?  Because it makes them self-important.   People who seek power are always attempting to find ways to remain in positions of authority or in control as Plato noted.

“When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader.” -- Plato 

There is little knowledge to be gained from authority.  Their intent is always control rather than truth.  All authority outside of the rule of law is illegitimate.  No man should ever have dominion over another.  Ever.  Public service is not authority.  But it has been morphed into authority in our corporations, political institutions and religious hierarchies.   The rise of the bureaucrat as noted in a post titled those very words many moons ago.  Just like in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany or the English Empire or La Cosa Nostra.  The dynamic and human behavior is no different. This dynamic is key to understanding what the world is dealing with.  And, no one in the mainstream media will ever address it.  They can't.  They are part and parcel to the illegitimacy.

At one time or another, this China story or the commodity supercycle nonsense has hoodwinked everyone in the financial community.  The only supercycle associated with commodities was the cycle that Wall Street encouraged pensions, retirement funds and the like to pour untold trillions of dollars into commodities to create the demand necessary to inflate commodity bubbles.   Traders love volatility and bubbles.  It's the only way they can really loot from society.  I mean thieve beyond imagination.  Bubbles where Wall Street commodity traders will mint tens and tens of billions in profits off of the backs of exploited people who have to pay the massive tax on their income these criminal bubbles create.  And, eventually society's pensions and retirement funds will be left holding the bag as that Wall Street-induced bubble collapses.  Just like all of their other crimes against humanity. 

The commodities and crude oil rhetoric pump out of Wall Street going into the 2008 crude oil/commodities top was just too impossible for many in the financial community to resist.  I lost a lot of professional respect for many when they threw in the towel and jumped in with both feet only to be butchered.  Or more aptly put, to watch those who followed their investment "advice" to be butchered.   (Btw, to digress a moment, I find ny long time positions regarding commodities to be very comforting given that Pimco is the largest public investment fund in commodities.  Not the largest player.  That would go to the leveraged hedge fund and Wall Street trading desks that dominate futures-leveraged markets.  It has been some time since I have seen Pimco's take on commodities but they were publicly bullish last year right before commodities tanked.  And their CEO was head of Harvard's endowment/investment group that tanked in 2008 due to risky bets, including commodities, as noted on here at the time.  For a while I shadowed Pimco on here for their Treasury bond market calls because they were so ridiculously wrong.  I took the exact opposite positions as they made public statements that Treasury rates were headed higher.  And, of course, just as I said, Treasury rates imploded for the exact reasons I said.  My point is that most people in the financial bubble truly have no special gift or knowledge.  This isn't rocket science.  It's simply a basic understanding of money and economics.  But our financial system is shielded from competence and competition in the way it is structured.  So, its competence looks more like the Soviet banking system or the OPEC oligopoly than a merit-based, democratic financial system our nation needs.   I have nothing against anyone at Pimco or any other financial firm.  They are just people.  I'm sure they are decent people.  But that's my point - just people.  My issue is with the system and the undue influence and authority that unqualified people have gained within it.  The system has to be structured to ameliorate or remove unsustainable dynamics.  Part of that is to democratize economics as much as possible.  ie. One example is 'one person, one vote' applied to economics as best possible.  Pimco, as an example, has gained an audience for their opinions (authority) regarding the economy and finance only because we have a debt-based monetary system and are swimming in a massive debt bubble.  So, that they buy massive amounts of Treasuries (debt bubble) for the investor class (also a bubble) somehow makes them financial geniuses. (finance is also a bubble)  lol.  Okay.  If we didn't have a monopoly on democracy's capital created by a private, debt-based monetary system and a private, for-profit banking system, these firms and their influence over society would disappear.  As Schumpeter noted long ago, society has to quit paying attention to those who helped create, or are invested in the continuation of, economic systems that don't work to be able to fix the messes that their faulty beliefs helped create.  How prescient he was. )

Back before the 2008 collapse I wrote that oil would drop to the $30s (per barrel) before starting another rise higher.  And, that was just lucky enough to happen.   Although I never honestly expected oil to rise to $150 a barrel beforehand.  You will notice that magical April/May of 2010 date in the chart above that has been talked about often on here.  That has been the high price for crude oil post the 2008 collapse, just as it has for banks, the unmanipulated advance-decline data I have posted and some other important data points.  Crude has made neither a higher high or a lower low on the monthly chart since as shown above. Volatility is compressing.  But, remember, one of our long term theses on here is that we are in a cycle of volatility.  In other words, something is going to give.   And it is likely to be soon in relative terms.

As I have noted many times on here, I like three wave patterns.   Above on the chart are clearly marked two waves from trough-to-peak or peak-to-trough.   This pattern is unresolved.  Regardless of whether it is three waves or five waves or whatever, this pattern has yet to resolve itself.   (Some time I'll show an incredibly disconcerting three wave pattern with nearly perfect time symmetry that started in 1932 and ended in 2000.  ie, An upward wave that is finished and now the Federal Reserve is trying to stop it from resolving to the down side.  They will fail.)

Remember, as noted on here many times, I have remarked that I wouldn't be surprised to see oil drop back to the last 1990s price of $10-12 a barrel.  (By the way, do you know why oil was $10 in 1998 under Clinton, a time when the economy was supposedly booming and thus demand for oil should have driven the price to well beyond $10 a barrel?  It was signalling the coming global economic collapse - something I wrote on here years ago.)  That means gasoline for less than $1 a gallon in the United States is a very plausible future possibility.

Obviously exogenous factors could affect that outcome.  But, don't be so sure they will.  Many of the large oil-producing nations rely very substantially, if not exclusively, on oil revenue to keep their dictatorships or repressive regimes from collapsing; something else discussed on here.   Countries like Saudi Arabia rely on small monetary bribes in the form of transfer payments to its citizens in order to maintain the House of Saud's corrupt control over that country's oil.   They hand out just enough money to citizens to appease their malcontent for living in poverty without economic opportunity or determinism.  If that dynamic is jeopardized by collapsing oil prices, the House of Saud's control over that country's resources will likely collapse.  (By the way, this exact dynamic exists in the United States. A small pittance is paid to the citizens of this country in the forms of welfare, food stamps, etc in order to buy some level of appeasement so the looters can continue to pillage our nation.)  If it comes down to charging higher oil prices that won't find enough buyers on international markets, or pumping furiously to get any ounce of revenue possible, even at collapsing prices, I would place a bet on the latter.  OPEC nations will scurry for money they need to appease the anger of people who won't be able to feed their children.  OPEC members have repeatedly and consistently cheated on agreed to production limits.  And, you can bet that if politicians of oil producing controls are threatened with a loss of control domestically, what other OPEC states may wish as far as production limits, will be completely irrelevant.  ie, It is a myth that OPEC sets and controls the price of oil.  They never have set prices.  Demand does.  And that demand isn't nearly as inelastic as one might believe.  Especially when capitalism's massive global overcapacity has no new consumers.  ie, Energy demand for crude could.... is probably going to collapse globally.  Forever.  A long time thesis on here.  Because by the time new demand might be necessary some decades or longer into the future, in whatever system rises to replace this economic Frankenstein we have today, viable energy alternatives will most certainly be in full play.

I want to pull some remarks I made back in May of 2008 in the grips of the massive crude oil blow upwards.  When people were losing their marbles and writing all kinds of nonsense regarding the price of oil, the end of the world because of high oil prices and other ridiculousness.  Something that you should read if you believe in the myth that we are currently experiencing what Lysenkoists, True Believers and those deluded by the corporatocracy's propaganda call Peak Oil -  I would bet my life that the world demand for oil and other carbon-based energy wains drastically well before we run out. Well, I'm not a gambler so maybe I wouldn't bet. The stone age didn't end because we ran out of stones. Remember that. A Saudi oil sheik said it. He sees the writing on the wall. He is concerned about the great technology engines of the U.S., Europe and Japan defeating demand for oil. Oil prices fell after the 1970s because of demand destruction, economic substitution and efficiency. Technology today has the ability to change the world far more drastically than the 1970s. If the U.S. had planned accordingly, our consumption of oil could easily have been 50% less than it is today. Right now. Not in fifty years. But, society is not going to agree to radical economic change when oil was $10-25 for decades. But now there are other drivers - ecological sustainability and economic independence. Cheap oil doesn't solve these problems. Technology does.

By the way, I read Hubbert's Peak book years ago.  Meh.  I know it sounds logical and reasoned and you want to believe it.  You want to believe it because deep down you hate hyper consumerism and the human condition defines itself through misery.  What could be more miserable than a future without oil?   How about a future where there is little demand for oil because the global economic system collapses?

Remember, Hubbert's views are just theory from many decades ago based on what he could see at that time.  Not what was fact but what he could see.  But, since he wrote that book, everything that was expected to come to pass has proven to be untrue.  Although many simply say his timing is wrong or there is a lag in his thesis coming to fruition.   You know, like the guy who took out billboards and full newspaper ads that the end of the world was going to happen a few years ago.  And, then when it didn't happen, he picked a new date in the future.  And, then when that didn't happen, he simply disappeared with all of the money he collected by instilling fear in people.  Or maybe some of the expected outcomes on here that have been pushed into the future. 

All joking aside, it is absolutely plausible that Hubbert's theory was just wrong in its timing.  But then there is the remark I made on here back in early 2007 that a NASA scientist's research implied that the world would never run out of carbon-based energy.  Those are two extremely opposite views and as noted on here before, there is ample evidence it will be closer to the latter.  At least for the next one thousand years.  Let me just say this about Hubbert's work.  All of humanity has never predicted its own future.  When all of humanity believes it knows the future, that is a social movement not a reasoned, scientific reality.  It is mob groupthink.  Nearly anyone who can spell oil believes we are living through the period of Peak Oil.  It's just like the social movement of human-caused global warming.  This is simply confirmation Peal Oil is a social movement.  And those who espouse it are its ideological preachers.  This is typical of the human condition.   It is a confirmation of how propaganda, the innate predisposition to believing authority and self-delusion determine our reality. 

In closing, I plan to whip up a post on abiotic oil at some point.  I mentioned it years ago and was mocked.  Not for saying that I said I believed it was a proven truth but because I considered it to be possible.  There is a lot of new science surrounding this topic that has been announced since.  A lot of very interesting science.

How much of what you believe is actually incontrovertible or even based on reason or fact?   Just about nothing.  And, society is finding more of this out every day. That's a good thing.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

How Big Pharma’s Business Plans Embrace Criminal Wrongdoing To Achieve Greater Sales And Profits

This sounds a lot like Wall Street.  But, then that has been discussed on here numerous times.  This is not a financial crisis.   This is a crisis of the contradictions of deregulated capitalism coming home to roost.   All industries have some degree of the dynamic discussed in the linked to article.   There are some levels of fines that oligopoly/monopoly corporations expect to pay when found guilty of wrongdoing.  But, customers and society pay for those fines through a higher cost of products and services to customers and society.  (socializing losses)  But, in the end this strategy pays great benefits because the end results are greater levels of privatized looting.   In other words, corporate bureaucrats are mooching on society.  Oftentimes corporate products don’t even benefit society aka Monsanto.    In the case of Wall Street, an example of this might be derivatives,  commodities market manipulation, investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, etc. that serves no useful purpose to society.  In the case of pharma it is the overmedication of society and the long term health consequences.  That includes drugs that show marginal, if any, long term benefits. 

Title link here.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dow Jones Industrials And Transports Update


Home Depot



Above are the charts for Dow components Home Depot and Disney for the last year.  Both have been in a very controlled, low volatility, linear regression channel during that period of time.  When I say controlled, I mean manipulated.  Manipulated by whom?   I don't know specifically.  Whatever hedge funds, mutual funds and trading desks at Wall Street banks own and are manipulating the stock's low volatility, channel-driven rise.  During the last year both of these stocks have just about doubled.  So, did something happen to Disney and Home Depot so in the last year the intrinsic value of these companies has doubled?  During a period of obvious depression, no job growth and when government and the Fed have spent over $30 trillion propping up the Humpty Dumpty economy and financial betting parlor they created.  

During the Dow rally over the last year, these two firms have contributed about 20% of the rise in the Dow.   Add in Chevron and Exxon Mobil and those four companies have contributed about 40% of the rise in the Dow.   Four stocks.  That's also a sign of manipulation/market distortion enabled by the Fed.  That only four companies comprise such a large percentage of the Dow's move is a sign of the sickness that plagues U.S. financial markets.   Is that it?  Seriously?  High energy costs, real estate and consumer spending in the dystopian corporate state?  That's what led to the collapse in 2008.  And, of course, since the government did nothing to fix the economy or deal with prior crises, we should expect the same schemes from before 2008 to be the same schemes in 2012 - energy, real estate and consumption - all act as a tax on society's wealth.  But this is the Ponzi economy our politicians have enabled for their corporate masters.  Our economy doesn't reflect what we need but rather reflects what looters wish it to look like.

The Dow is up about 25% in the last year.  Think about that.  The Dow has been around for what?  About one hundred years?  So, according to the market price of the Dow, the wealth of our nation from the last 99 years has grown by 25% just in the last twelve months.   And, if we go back to the 2009 lows in the Dow, according to its market price, the wealth of our nation that took 97 years to create, as measured by the Dow, has since doubled.   Then before that, as measured by the Dow, our wealth doubled from 2003 to 2007 while creating a massive debt, finance, consumption and real estate bubble.  Then before that, our wealth tripled from 1995 to 2000 in the technology/Internet bubble. 

Hahaha.   Sorry, I had to take a potty break.  I just soiled myself from laughing so hard.  It is quite arguable that there is no bigger Ponzi scheme anywhere than the U.S. financial markets.  Truly. 

Curiously, a week and a half ago, my remarks about the Fed's easing announcement included this statement.  The only U.S. equity market index that matters right now issued a sell signal yesterday and is weak again today.  (The day of and the day after the Fed's announcement of QE3.)   Well, in the week that followed, last week, that index, the Dow Transports, had a mini crash and sold off the equivalent of 800 Dow Industrial's points.   In one week.   Last week.  Not a bad call on the sell signal.   The Dow Transports are at the same level they were nearly two years ago. Anyone who follows Dow Theory is obviously very aware of this dynamic

A reminder.  I have remarked quite a few times over the years that the U.S. stock markets could go away.  Forever.  I'm sure most people don't really believe that is possible but every institution of the ego or institution of man eventually fails and disappears.  The stock market that exists today serves little purpose other than to loot society as I have noted countless times on here.   You know, by those take-charge, personally-responsible kleptocrats like Mitt Romney's friends in finance and private equity.  In one of my next few posts we'll take an updated view at the possible coming disappearance of U.S. equity markets. 

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

First-Ever Lifecycle Study Links Monsanto’s Genetically-Modified Foods To Organ Failure, Cancer And Early Death

Title link here.

Backup link here.

It is imperative that all Americans, Mexicans and Canadians do anything and everything possible to support California’s Proposition 37 forcing the food monopoly to label genetically-modified foods.   Canada and Mexico’s political systems are controlled by the same corporate stooges as those that have turned the U.S. into a fascist state.  This is one of the first battlegrounds to retake our freedom from our corporate masters.

I have put up a lot of posts about genetically-modified industrial food but I don’t think I have ever linked to the documentary The World According To Monsanto.   This post is a good excuse to finally do so.  When this documentary was first released, as soon as it was put on Google Video in the United States, it was taken down.  That happened over and over.  Now it is generally available.  Even if this Youtube link disappears, all you need to do is Google it.    Monsanto is an  organization with a history of massive environmental destruction, alleged bribery around the world and constant intimidation through manipulation of our legal system ie, by using the force of the state.   Monsanto is an example of the countless numbers of Soviet-style corporations in our nation that serve absolutely no productive purpose and would collapse without the backing of the force of the state.  As I have noted many times before, it’s coming. 

Ayn Rand was right about many things.   The unregulated, free market capitalism she glorified allows endless exploitation and predation.  It sets up a system of moochers and producers.  But it’s really corporations led by predators and sociopaths that exploit and prey upon society.  They are the real moochers.   Is it really any surprise that one of the consummate moochers, Mitt Romney, and one of the consummate corporate moochers,  Monsanto, have an intertwined history?  Not only is Mitt part of the one percent but as is the case with almost all of the one percent, they are also the largest benefactors of mooching off of the government and society.

If private equity and private banking were replaced by public institutions as they should be in a democratic, merit-based economy, Mitt would be making a lower-middle class salary because 1) he has never produced or created anything, and 2) he wouldn’t have been able to exploit and leverage innocent victims to loot society.  Of course, as I’ve noted before, the same could be said of all of the Wall Street predators who have looted and bilked society without any regulation or rule of law to stop them.   And, of course, Monsanto, serving no productive purpose to society, wouldn’t even exist.   A glimpse of the future.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It’s Coming–Today Thomson Reuters States Downward Corporate Earnings Revisions Worst In Eleven Years

That is, at this very moment corporate balance sheets across the board are deteriorating at a rate not seen at any time in the last twelve years.  Yes, that's right.  Worse than anything experienced under George Bush.   This ties in very nicely with my game theory post that corporations are headed for a massive hard landing and that many major corporate names will very likely disappear in coming years.  - My July 18th, 2012  post titled “Buffett Breaks His Cardinal Rule And Invests In IBM”

I have mentioned the above dynamic a few times in the last few months.  In fact, I wrote it over sixty days ago as noted in the above clip taken from my IBM post.  

In fact, I wrote that balance sheets were deteriorating almost two months before any companies even reported any earnings in the last few weeks.  Before Thomson Reuters even had received any posted corporate earnings to compile their data.  How did that TimingLogic guy do that?  All I will say is that where I come from, we call that FM.  Now, if I have awoken you from the drone of my regular posts, you might consider some of the other comments I have made in the last few weeks about the remainder of 2012.  That includes my post titled “Is Failure Imminent” the day after Wall Street cheered Bernanke’s announcement by launching the stock market higher. 

Bernanke most certainly pulled out all of the stops in his panic attack last week due to feedback the Federal Reserve received from corporate executives re the economy.

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Apple Equity Price Update - LOL


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Few Comments About The Here And Now - Mitt Romney’s Real POV, The 2012 Elections And Fedex Sees First Earnings Decline Since 2009 Due To A Weakening Economy

For the last few months I have said this is coming.   I’ve written a few times that corporate balance sheets are deteriorating faster than at anytime in the last twelve years and money is draining out of the global economy faster than in 2008.   Ain’t no one in the economics community writing those words.  The Federal Reserve’s bazooka announcement last week was most certainly because of feedback it was receiving from businesses about the severity of the weakness in the underlying economy.  

Let me say something else while I am on the periphery of this topic.  I would say the distinct possibility exists that Mario Draghi of the ECB announced this massive bond-buying plan because of pressure from the United States/IMF.  There are a lot of unsubstantiated rumors flying around about the exposure of Wall Street to European sovereign debt.  Both in the derivatives and the actual bond markets.  When it smells like shit…… 

We know JP Morgan has an incredibly massive exposure to European debt because that fact came out during their admission of a massive loss.  We don’t really know how large that exposure is beyond hundreds of billions of dollars of the debt itself.  What is the derivatives exposure?  Remember, with 30x leverage, a 3% loss on any position wipes out all of the capital placed on that bet.   Again, a reminder about the derivatives exposure on Wall Street is in the tens of trillions of dollars.  Beyond that, we don’t actually know who owns what because the derivatives market surrounding sovereign debt is completely unregulated.  It is one of the largest Ponzi schemes out there today.  Maybe the largest.  It is a wildly unregulated betting parlor with massive leverage.  No one actually knows who is exposed to what except management within these firms.  You know, like 2008.  Now, I don’t like speculating about issues like this, but if I were a betting man, I would bet that a few Wall Street firms in the U.S. would have eventually failed if Draghi did not act last week.  There is no doubt that back channel communications are taking place regularly between the Treasury/Federal Reserve and Europe.    Make no mistake, Germany, and to a lesser extent, France  essentially control the ECB and are the looters responsible for the European crisis.  Something other than Germany and France compelled Draghi because his actions were clearly not fully supported by the stooges in Germany.   What force compelled him?  The most logical conclusion is the U.S. Treasury because of an impending crisis on Wall Street.  This is purely speculation but don’t be surprised if this information comes out at some point in the future.

If you use your noggin, the programs announced last week by the Fed and the ECB were unprecedented.   The Fed made statements that they would do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.  Draghi said he would buy every sovereign bond from every nation in Europe for as long as it takes.  That panic at the Fed and ECB, and it was a panic, was most assuredly because the global economy is collapsing.   Right now. 

I told a friend of mine recently that I went in to get a haircut two weekends ago in the early afternoon.  There are usually quite a few clients in the chairs and more in the waiting area.  There was no one in the salon.  No customers period.  When I asked the person who cuts my hair what was going on, she said, “I have no idea.  I have never seen anything like this.  It has been like this every day now for two weeks.”.     It’s coming. 

While no one can know for certain what will happen and when, it is clearly probable that we will start to see measurable crises by the November elections.   Late September of 2012 is an incredibly important time.  Remember what I wrote many times starting in 2009 about the 2012 presidential elections?   That a third party could arise to challenge the status quo.   Well, the Green Party has qualified for matching funds.  And, it has only been around for a short period of time.  Now, much has been hidden from the American people by both parties so that makes is very difficult for the Green Party to make a large showing in 2012.  But, if the economy starts tanking, or if Wall Street starts tanking before the election, all confidence will be lost in Obama because he has told us that he fixed this mess.  The reality is he hasn’t fixed anything.  He has made it worse.  And, now with the new revelations of what a truly unfit and unqualified candidate Mitt Romney truly is, the next few months could become very, very, very interesting.  We might see things happen that have never happened in our history.  No one really knows.  But one thing is certain, the linearity of the past is finished.  You can’t look in the rearview mirror to know where to drive your car in the future. 

By the way, in the link above, Mitt Romney secretly tells his corporate crony donors and the wealthiest elites in the Republican Party that half of all Americans won’t take responsibility for their lives.  We finally see what has been discussed on here numerous times.  A man who truly is a walking contradiction.  A man who professes to be a follower of Jesus of Nazareth yet clearly has a distorted perspective on what that means.   A man that I believe is clearly very tormented. 

So, let’s talk a little bit about Mitt’s statement that 150 million Americans don’t take responsibility for their lives.  You know, the kind of responsibility Wall Street Republicans took for the $23+ trillion in covert bailouts and backstops they took for their massive incompetence, criminal looting and lack of responsibility.   Let’s say you live in a town of five or ten thousand people.  And, you have a spouse and kids.  A private equity firm, you know like one Mitt ran, comes to town and buys the factory you work at.   They raid the firm’s assets and cash and load it up with debt.  Obviously with the help of a Wall Street investment bank.  Let’s say Goldman Sachs since this is all hypothetical.  Your pension and your job disappear as the private equity firm tells you the factory is closing.  You are told that in order to get your last few paychecks or a bonus you need to live on,  that you have to help crate up all of the machinery because it is being shipped to a private equity-owned factory in China.  This is possibly the most humiliating and degrading act of your life because you are forced to actually help destroy your own economic livelihood.  You can’t pass on those paychecks because now your future is completely unknown.  Now, there is a Wal-mart in the local community that has destroyed every locally-owned retailer and manufacturer.  They don’t hire full time, they don’t pay a living wage and they don’t have any worthwhile benefits.  But that is your only real employment opportunity.   What little savings you have are now being used to stay alive, feed your family and pay your mortgage.  Your skills are such that the odds are that no one else is going to hire you for any type of living wage.  Your skills are around making things rather than financial skills of pushing around paper used to loot, prey upon and exploit companies and society.   Job benefits?  Forget it.  Your health care benefits and pension are gone forever with any new job.  Now, how again do you, Mitt Romney, want these people to take responsibility to what you did to them?  Are you, Mitt Romney, willing to take responsibility for how you looted society and made it nearly impossible for others to take responsibility for their own lives?   All hypothetical, of course.  Because Mitt Romney would never do this.  He takes responsibility for his life by not harming others. 

There most certainly are people who become institutionalized in a system of exploitation and violence.  No one more so than politicians, corporate CEOs, bankers and private equity firms who often use public resources and corporate welfare to loot our society.  But, does Mitt Romney actually believe that people would rather live on a $100 a month welfare check than have a living wage, the dignity of their own worthiness by being able to provide for their children and some level of determinism over their own existence?  Has he ever actually met anyone who would fit the stereotype he believes?   A stereotype perpetrated by elitists/Social Darwinists.  What kind of people think these thoughts about literally half of all Americans?  About anyone?  That literally everyone else is wrong and they are right about issues of human decency and dignity?  I’ll tell you who.  Politicians, bankers and corporate CEOs who use their positions of authority to exploit and prey upon average Americans.  Obviously not all bankers, not all politicians and not all CEOs.  But enough of them that they continue to rig the game for looters and no one else in their position is willing to stand up to stop them. 

What the world has become that these are the two choices for the presidency of any democratic nation.    Change you can believe in.  But it won’t be the change that politicians envision. 

Update:  Thurston Howell Romney from conservative journalist David Brooks

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Update On The Peak Bubble In Crazy - Max Keiser Calls Ludwig von Mises Institute And Ayn Rand Worshippers Freaks Pushing Wall Street Market-Fundamentalism Ideology

I have written numerous times over the last half dozen years that there is a very radical element of Ludwig von Mises fanatics whose economic ideology would send our economy off of a cliff.   This is the same ideology that was accepted in 1929.  That is, free market fundamentalism.  That is why government sat back and watched the entire system collapse in 1929 and beyond.  They believed that letting the system collapse would wash out bad investment so we would see a faster recovery.  They let everything collapse.  Ben Bernanke is truly a saint comparatively. 

Corruption in Washington was rampant and systemic in 1929 just as it has been for the last thirty-odd years.  Politicians were then, just as now, beholden to Wall Street’s radical economic fundamentalist religion.  Quite frankly, since the industrial revolution and the rise of mega corporations, bribery and fascism has always been part of our economic and political system.  How the hell do you think the robber barons were created?  By free market fundamentalism enabled through political corruption.  Politicians either allow or enable everything that happens in our nation.  Slavery, exploitation, indentured servitude, child labor, union busting, genetically-modified foods, a pill-popping pharma culture, the destruction of a living wage, endless deaths because people are denied access to healthcare, the rise of corporate profits over people or countless other injustices.    

Max Keiser finally exposes that this Wall Street free market fundamentalism is the same religion espoused by the Mises Institute.  Wall Street’s fundamentalist religion is no different than the fundamentalist lunatics that have hijack certain sects of religion around the globe be they Muslim, Christian, fanatical and cultish variations of either or whatnot.   And, the same fundamentalist religion that drives both pro-business corporatist political parties.   All of these outcomes are representative of a system granting undue authority to to those seeking power, control and authority over others to ameliorate their own inner demons.    That’s what fundamentalism is.  It’s the rule of man or the manifested self gaining authority over the rule of law.  It doesn’t matter if it manifests itself through religion, politics or capitalism.   They are all hierarchical bureaucracies that are easily manipulated by the manifested self.  And, when the rule of man replaces the rule of law, the power-mad are granted undue authority to use others as pawns to satiate their disconnectedness from their humanity. 

As I have noted on here before, the rise of these factors is directly tied to the deregulation of capitalism and the subsequent tie-in to the destruction of the rule of law.  Additionally, and very similarly to the deregulation of capital is essentially the deregulation of religion in politics.  When Ronald Reagan embraced the religious right and brought them into the Republican Party, he provided the foundation for the rise of religious fanatics within a codified hierarchical governing bureaucracy to violently accost the rule of law.   Because politicians controlled the rule of law and, when they politicized religion and raised it to the level of granting it political power within a codified bureaucratic political structure, political whoremongers were then in a position where they could and would sell out the rule of law to religious fanatics or the rule of man.  Just as they sold out our economic rule of law to economic fundamentalist fanatics.  The rise of religious fanaticism goes hand in hand with the rise of deregulated capitalism.  Ronald Reagan was the godfather of the destruction of the United States. 

Reagan’s demagogy of religion for selfish political gain, rather than embracing the rule of law and selflessness in what was best for a democratic nation, has effectively granted a hierarchical religious bureaucracy the standing of having a political party in the United States.  Thus, religious hierarchy became a desirable institution of the manifested self or ego to project power over others.  And, to do so politically.   This is the exact same dynamic as that which exists on Wall Street.  Once the power structure of religious fundamentalism became codified through their political affiliation, those who seek illegitimate authority over other human beings then were drawn to become religious authority figures.   It’s exactly what happens on Wall Street.  Hierachical bureaucracies of the manifested self or ego draw power-mad predators and those with the most unstable perceptions of self. 

This dynamic has created a pseudo-theocracy in this nation.   A theocracy and a reasoned, compassionate, science-based rule of law are mutually exclusive.  Spirituality and religion are inner journeys that are manifestations of our inner divinity.  They are not to be manifested as manmade hierarchical institutions of the self or institutions of the ego to outwardly manipulate spirituality or divinity.  This is a false journey or a false god that encourages people to  outsource their inner spiritual journey to some authoritarian self-driven manipulator or predator. 

As I noted in my post early this year that 2012 wouldn’t likely be the end of the world because we had seen that in 2008.  That world is over.  We are never going back.  But instead I wrote that 2012 would be the peak bubble of crazy.  I noted how these dynamics of the rise of man through the destruction of the rule of law were what Germany looked like after World War I.   In Germany there were endless charlatans, soothsayers, religious fanatics, the military-industrial complex and corporate leaders all fighting for control in a system where the rule of law had been destroyed and replaced by the rule of man.  The easiest way to spot this dynamic is that in a rule of man everyone is on the take.  Law and control are for sale to anyone willing to buy it.  Just like the United States today.   Everything that a politician can possibly control or manipulate in our nation is for sale.  We are a nation of men and not a nation of laws.   A nation of men is driven by the self and all of its manifestations; fear, hate, control, divisiveness, greed, exploitation, corruption, terror, lust, vainglory and on and on.   Our political class have become what any person who embraces reason, equality, democracy and human dignity believe any society should never be.  Our political class is most certainly the opposite of human divinity and its expression of science, art, culture, diversity, literature, compassion, dignity, kindness, community and acceptance.  We are a fundamentalist nation - a nation of false ideologies conscripted under a rule of man. 

After 1929 thousands of banks failed and there was no deposit insurance.  Millions lost ever nickel of savings they had because banks, families, businesses and everything in their path were left to fail because of this market fundamentalism.  How’d that work out for you?   The list of drivel from this ideological economic nonsense is literally endless.  Unless I have missed something, it is their ideology that has put us into this mess in the first place --  Market fundamentalists don’t believe in a minimum living wage, they don’t believe in healthcare rights for all, they believe Americans should be corporate slaves that compete against people making a nickel a day in repressive countries, they believe in free (looters) trade embraced by Wall Street and capital, they hate collective bargaining (The first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, supported it as I have noted before) , they believe we should be on the gold standard (denying democratic money to millions and putting the control of money into the hands of those who own the gold) , they mock the idea of a public banking system that first serves democracy and human development, they mock social justice/human dignity and democracy in favor of free market fundamentalism, they believe the poorest people in our nation should suffer austerity because they are obviously living beyond their means and they hate programs that give the most exploited some level of basic economic dignity like Social Security and Medicaid.   Their ideology is the Godless and inhumane corporate state of deregulated capitalism.  Generally, this is an anti-democratic, hate-based economic ideology similar to that of southern plantation owners.   The economic policies practiced in this nation are that of a theocracy of ideological market fundamentalism fanatics that have hijacked the rule of law.

These are Ayn Rand, Paul Ryan, Ron Paul ideologues down to the very breath they breathe.   Selfishness creates a better world.  Additionally, some at the Mises Institute that Keiser singles out appear to be behind Ron Paul’s bigoted newsletters according to those who have investigated this matter.  (Do your own diligence.)  This type of ideological drivel only gains traction when lunatics rise to the level of replacing what’s right and just and true manifested through the reasoned rule of law.  That this fundamentalist economic viewpoint has gone mainstream, is no different than religious fundamentalism going mainstream.  Fanaticism gains a base when a reasoned rule of law is destroyed and people who outwardly seek guidance for their inner journey, then become captivated by charlatans, soothsayers and fringe elements.   This is all because democracy is collapsing.  

There are a LOT of bloggers out there playing the role of useful idiots espousing this  Mises Institute free market fundamentalist fanaticism. (a covert hatred of democracy and democratic government?)  And, Keiser rightly points out that this Mises Institute ideology is behind Wall Street’s propaganda engine of market fundamentalism.  That they are one in the same.  They are shills for the likes of Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein. 

Finally, someone (Keiser) else has some guts to point the finger at this kind of hate-based (manifestations of the self) fundamentalist economic ideology.  There is a reason why Ron Paul got 5% of the vote in a time when almost everyone in our nation is completely  disgusted with our bought-and-paid-for political choices.

Of course, I am most certainly fallible.  I could have misinterpreted what has been published by people associated with this fundamentalist movement.  I encourage anyone who believes I have erred to provide information that sets the record straight.   If these groups support a living wage, support Social Security, support social programs to lift and empower people out of exploitation, support a banking system that serves democracy before private, for-profit capital, support collective bargaining which is democracy applied to economics, support democratic or abundant fiat money rather than gold money, etc.  I would like to know and will post it on here.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anti-American Anger Roils Through The Middle East–What Does It Really Mean?

I want to make a few comments about the headlines we see in western press regarding protests across the Middle East.   These protests really have little to do with the film that supposedly is their fundamental driver.  The film was nothing more than a trigger for much deeper issues.  The greater reality is that these protests have more to do with collapsing American hegemony.

The United States’ worldview for so long has been to tell everyone else how they were going to live and what they were going to do.  ie, Control.  Our foreign policy has never been about seeding democracy at any time in my life.  It hasn’t been about truth, discovery and empowerment.  Just control. And, they have manipulated, bribed, intimidated, threatened and bombed their way to this control.  But, control is an illusion and now that illusion is being shattered. 

The conspirators who write that the U.S. created the Arab Spring/destabilization through actions of the CIA are ludicrous.  There is no evidence of this perspective.  The U.S. had the best gig going in the Middle East up until two years ago.  The Soviet Union’s influence had collapsed and the U.S. was left as the lone power in the region.  Its hegemony was completely unchallenged.  Every one of the Middle East ruling thugs was on the CIA payroll.  Many of its tyrannical puppets were under complete U.S. control.  

The U.S. and the CIA may be working covertly to impact outcomes now that the lid has popped off of that control but they surely didn’t create the Arab Spring.  Well, they did, but not in the way conspirators want us to believe.  They did by supporting terrorists and thugs who brutalized, preyed upon and exploited the masses of innocent people in the Middle East.   This blowback is the same dynamic that happened when the CIA’s dethroned Iranian democracy and installed a puppet U.S. stooge, the Shah of Iran, who then brutalized his nation with U.S. backing.  The Iranian uprising against the brutal Shah and America’s toppling of democracy led to the fundamentalist Iranian theocracy with vehement anti-American political viewpoints.  -->> Western neoliberalism and capitalism’s attempted economic colonialism creates radical fundamentalism.

When the world was as calm as it had ever been back before the 2008 crash, I wrote that as U.S. hegemony faded, power vacuums would arise around the world.  Some would be filled by democracy and some not.  As noted numerous times on here, American empire is following the Soviet empire into oblivion.   We might wake up and it is gone tomorrow or it may take years but I would feel very confident in saying all vestiges of American empire will be gone by 2020.  That is very good news for the American economy.  Neoliberals like Mitt Romney and their belligerent saber rattling about the projection of American power isn’t going to help anything.   I think the American people have had just about enough of fighting wars for politicians, military-industrial complex profits, dictators, Exxon Mobil and Wall Street.   And I think people around the world, who have been the targets of this violence are even more sick of it.

These types of protests are what happens when people have had the jack boot of tyranny on their neck forever.   When hundreds and hundreds of millions of people are forced to live for $2 a day while looters and thugs murder their families, prey upon the fruits of their labor and live in palaces of greed and unimaginable excess.  These people who are protesting in the Middle East have something to say and for the first time in their lives, there is no one stopping them from saying it.   It’s called freedom.

None of this means Arabs or Muslims are going to start a holy war with the U.S.   Although there are most certainly plenty of power-mad loonies in this country who would like to stir that pot for their own control-based, selfish, power-mad reasons. 

Instead, people have to be allowed to learn how to constructively express their emotions after decades and decades of tyranny and repression.  Decades and decades of not being able to express their rage at the machine.   That expression is democracy.  It is freedom.  Now that doesn’t mean giving cover to a small number of murderers and thugs who will use these protests to harm others but there will most certainly be more of that too (Reports of extremists infiltrating protestors as the source of the violence).   That happens whenever there are protests against illegitimate power and authority.  Even in this nation.  Thugs and murderers use this as cover to harm other people.  But most of the protests are not of people with any intent of jihad or murdering anyone else.   They may be burning flags and they may be chanting anti-American slogans but, you know what?  Get over it.   You cannot control the behavior of people you don’t agree with unless they have broken international or domestic law.  And, the more you try to control their behavior, the more they will resist when that control is broken. 

The United States government needs to learn to let people around the world express their democratic rights rather than being a tyrannical, autocratic parent doling out verbal or physical punishment.  Tyrannical, autocratic parents always have rebellious kids, and our tyrannical, autocratic foreign policy has created rebellious peoples.   But if we let people and nations start to learn how to constructively express their emotions and to eventually channel their emotions into positive outcomes, we will all have a better world.  If the United States does this, and quits trying to control every outcome, both domestically and internationally, eventually the anger against the U.S. government’s meddling and attempted control will dissipate.  The U.S. government can’t and shouldn’t try to control the behavior of everyone within and outside of its borders even though it is spending trillions of dollars both domestically and internationally right now with that very intent. 

Most people can learn to self-regulate their emotions and they’ll eventually realize that you can’t be angry forever.  It is very self-destructive.  And, that those who want you to be angry forever are simply manipulating you for self-interested reasons of control.  You know, like politicians and religious leaders who want you to hate people of different races, immigrants, people receiving government assistance, people of different religious beliefs, people of differing sexual orientation or whatever; an incredibly common practice of exploitation in the United States.  At some point, as people learn about themselves and their emotions, they will start focusing their energy on constructive solutions that improves their journey in this world.   You know, like replacing selfish, control-driven Democrats and Republicans with selfless public servants.

By the way, you would probably be protesting in the Middle East right now if you and your family had been beaten into a life of some baseless form of subhuman humiliation or witnessed your family members murdered or imprisoned by an endless stream of dictators, colonialism and imperialism.  Having your religious beliefs trampled on would be just another reminder of how inhumane your life had become at the hands of illegitimate authority over your freedoms and human dignity.

What we are witnessing in the Middle East is no different than the U.S. riots in the 1960s or the protests waged by workers in this nation at times when corporate exploitation became obscene, brutal and violent.   As long as no one is hurt, human emotional expression should always be encouraged.  Everywhere.  If we aren’t able to constructively process and express our emotions, how will we ever become who we were meant to become?

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Timely Remarks About This Week’s Federal Reserve & Economic Announcements–Is Failure Imminent?

First off, employment numbers this week were horrible.  As too were unemployment numbers.  This confirms what I have been writing for a few months now - money is draining out of the global economy at a faster rate than leading up to the 2008 collapse and corporate balance sheets are deteriorating at the fastest rate since this crisis visibly started twelve years ago.

If you are looking at M1 or M2 money aggregates as a sign of economic health or inflation, you are being deceived.  Or, if you are following economists, bloggers or anyone else who are pointing to the massive swell in these numbers as signs that we have plenty of money or even too much money in the system, you need to get away from this thinking as I noted before on here.   In that video I posted of Detroit yesterday, how many of those people were getting any of that money growth?  By the way, the only number that matters is M1.   M1 is what you use to pay your bills.  And, by the way, without going into detail, as I have in the past, housing and retail sales mean almost nothing.  They will not lead us out of this crisis.  And, they are not signs of whether the economy is recovering.  People who cite them as positive signs, including the Fed in their statement yesterday, literally have no idea what they are talking about.   Housing and the consumer cannot lead us out of this crisis.  To not understand this is to not understand basic economics.  Yet this nonsense is repeated everywhere.

I am very dubious this round of Fed easing will accomplish anything.  The Fed views its abilities to be well beyond what they actually are.  They have confused correlation with causation.  There is no doubt the Fed saved our banking system from a criminal collapse in 2008.  I completely support and supported that.  But then the oligopolies should have been broken up and wrongs prosecuted.  QE1 and QE2 worked to some substantial degree because emerging economies were still roaring and Europe was still doing well at QE1.  But really what can Bernanke point to that these programs actually worked?  Higher stock prices are about it.  Oh, and higher food and energy prices that are killing exploited classes of people around the world.   As I have noted countless times on here, U.S. stocks are 3-4x more expensive than they were in the 1929 bubble that popped with a 95% collapse.   That Bernanke’s policies keep pushing assets into the stratosphere is not a sign that his policies are working.  The minute they are withdrawn or fail to work, assets will collapse.  His policies only give an illusion.  Just like the illusion of wealth the Fed enabled in the housing and internet bubbles. 

Today Russia, China, Brazil, India, Australia, Canada, Japan and Europe are all in economic trouble.  And, after writing that this day would come for seven years, it’s finally here.   Is it here to the day?  Who knows.  Central bankers and politicians could spend even more money to save their cronies so it could be six months from now.  But I doubt it.  Seriously.    There are now outward measurable signs that all of these countries have overheating, stalled or collapsing economies.   No one else has been writing of this day since before the 2008 collapse.  And, that means no one is going to get right what happens next because they didn’t understand what was happening in the global economy in the first place.   Capitalism is dead.

So, QE1 and QE2 worked for one primary reason.  That is, to some degree the global economy was still functioning.  Global corporations control the money supply in our nation.  Not just banks.  But nonfinancial corporations as well.  Big corporations have done well because of their exposure to globalization and that has allowed them to mint money that is then, even if partially, repatriated to the U.S.  Or, they have sold goods and services to other domestic corporations exposed to globalization who have the money to buy such products.   As long as that dynamic is working, some modicum of money is available to keep the U.S. economy semi-stable.  That then supports spending into merchant class businesses and consumption items domestically.  These global trade agreements were set up because as of the mid 1970s, U.S. corporations and elites had successfully looted as much as they could in the U.S. and they needed other markets to loot.  Ronald Reagan was just the man they needed.  He almost completely deregulated capital.  (The reason why we had a massive criminal S&L crisis under Reagan and union busting gained enormous critical mass.)  Globalization is simply multinational corporations and elites (the investor class), mostly U.S., looting the world. 

The real damage to China was done back in 2008 when over 100,000 factories closed. (How many?  We don’t actually know.)  That means any new Chinese stimulus will simply fuel a larger consumptive inflationary bubble before ultimate collapse.  A guest was recently on Tout TV stating that the wheels were coming off of the Chinese economy.  He cited electricity production as stagnant and that the Chinese economy most certainly was at a point of zero growth.   Think about that.  Every single person in the financial community in the U.S. was at one time or another hoodwinked by the China myth.  Every single one.  Some woke up.  Most haven’t. (The same situation is going to happen with anthropogenic global warming because people simply believe what they are told rather than actually thinking for themselves.  The human mind is designed to be lazy.  To take shortcuts in processing when it can.  One such shortcut is believing what we are told.)

I don’t follow electricity production in China because I have to pay for that data.  But, I really don’t need to.  There are other data points that anyone can gain access to.  Some industrial metals prices in China have hit all-time lows.   You read that right.  Now, all time is since they opened their economy to looting under an agreement forged by Bill Clinton.  So, expect China to do something with a stimulative economic effect.  Well, and expect the Chinese military and police apparatus to be playing a larger role in domestic politics as well.  Back in 2008 China announced what was equivalently about $5 trillion had the U.S. announced a similar program.  Another program could most certainly be announced.  There is no reason they can’t continue to build more empty shopping malls, more empty cities, more bridges to no where, more empty apartment complexes, more empty skyscrapers and on and on. Maybe that will keep the global system wound up for some period of time.

Now with the world afire, there is no one else for capitalism to loot. The investor class of looters has brought there money home. (Think Mitt Romney, hedge funds, Wall Street, Jamie Dimon, private equity, etc) This is clearly confirmed via capital flows.  Corporations aren’t spending new money globally because the global economy is now so unstable.  That means their stash of cash from looting the world is showing up as a money bubble in the hands of corporations and the financial looters.  This shows up in our money supply data.   Does that mean rising money supply implies a healthy economy?  Hahaha.  To the contrary.  Unless we see a recovery somewhere in the world that has sustainable demand, that money will eventually be drawn down to pay fix costs, operating expenses and payrolls.  We already see signs of this in the most recent unemployment numbers which was one of the highest (worst) in the last three years.  

With all of this said, who is going to take advantage of the loan and money growth that QE3 is banking on? Well, unless it is corporations using their credit lines to maintain cash flow (using their credit cards to stay alive).   ie, I believe macro factors are aligning to ensure QE3 is a failure.  In other words, the correlation/causation dynamics that ensured QE1 and QE2 were successful have now changed. 

The global economic crisis is worse than four years ago.  And, that is exactly what I said would happen countless times over the last seven years.  The ultimate crises are massively larger thanks to people like Paul Ryan, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Eric Cantor, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Ben Bernanke, Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein.   Well, and their counterparts around the globe.  These people have no idea what they have done.  But their megalomania, narcissism and ego drive them forward to do even more.

By the way, for those who read to the bottom of this post, the only U.S. equity market index that matters right now issued a sell signal yesterday and is weak again today.  And, we are the most overbought in U.S. equities since June of 2007.   In June of 2007 we were just weeks and a few percentage points away from putting in the all-time high on the S&P.  Market internals deteriorated continuously after that until we eventually saw the 2008 collapse.  Not exactly a great time to be buying stocks even though the looters rammed markets yesterday and told us, as always, that now is a great time to buy.   If you believe at some point the stock market is going to reconnect to the reality of the economy, and I believe that time is near due to uncontrollable macro factors, well……..

Update:  Today Marc Faber commented on this week’s Fed announcement.  Marc is always an excellent read and his sentiments align with much of what I wrote yesterday and today.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

IMF Says Greece Will Need Another Bailout On Top Of Previous Bailouts On Top Of ECB’s Just Announced Bailouts. More Debt And Austerity To Solve Problems Of Too Much Debt And Austerity.

I nearly soil myself with amusement every day I read the headlines.  There is some new comedy every single day.   Politicians, corporate thugs, private for-profit banking looters and the elite investor class are all truly criminals.  I laugh my ass off when people say that Greeks lived beyond their means and need to institute austerity and accept more debt.   That is a criminal statement of people who should be tried for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. 

As noted before, Greece needs to kick out the IMF thugs, foreign banking thugs, ECB thugs and eurozone thugs, default on its foreign debt (or demand massive haircuts from the investor class looters) and institute a public banking/money system under the sovereignty of Greek democracy.  The only reason they haven’t is because of corruption.  I’ve got some tasty posts yet to put about about Europe.   They will shock most readers.  And I do mean shock.  Because most people have nothing to go on other than the corporate-manufactured lies and bullshit we are all fed. 

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The Market Sits On Pins And Needles. Will We Get Quantitative Easing 3.0? Meh.

In an hour or so, we get the Fed’s update announcement on monetary policy.   Will “the market” get what it wants?  Hahaha.  Yawn.  Who really cares is what I want to know?  Only the criminals who have been bailed out by Bernanke again and again.   In 2007 when all of these hacks were writing that the Federal Reserve was going to save the economy and 99.9% of economists were bullish, I mocked this concept that the Federal Reserve was going to save the economy. 

This crisis was not created by the Federal Reserve.  It can’t be fixed by the Federal Reserve.   I know that irks people who hate the Federal Reserve but the facts are the facts.  The Federal Reserve has simply been an enabler of political-corporate fascist corruption, the destruction of the rule of law and the destruction of democracy and democratic economic determinism.    It was the Republican and Democratic Parties that created this mess. 

Don’t listen to opinions of economics dunces, political con men or Wall Street carnival barkers to figure out if the Federal Reserve is fixing the economy.  I have one simple measurement that you can always use when you are wondering if monetary policy is fixing this crisis or anything else for that matter - is the Fed’s quantitative easing helping these citizens?   To varying degrees half of Americans or more are in some way reflective of this reality.   Maybe not quite this bad  in many instances but don’t kid yourself that this is an uncommon occurrence.  If you think it is, your head is too far up your ass and you haven’t been in the real world.  You are consumed by political propaganda by party con men. 

There are thousands upon thousands of communities and neighborhoods like this.   That includes nearly every community surrounding the area where I grew up.   Communities that were once vibrant and healthy.  Is quantitative easing as it is currently designed helping these Americans?   Do these citizens care what Bernanke does today?  

Only people in the bubble care about what Bernanke does.  The biggest bubble the world has ever seen.   More of that change you can believe in.  Yes we can!

UPDATE:  Bernanke caves to the criminals who push a computer button to send assets higher.  Not because they are worth more but because they can.  Bernanke is simply making the bubble larger.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apple Stock And Equity Market Update

Let's look at two graphics today.  I don't think I have ever mentioned On Balance Volume or OBV.  I don't use it often but Joe Granville is the creator of this technical indicator.  Essentially it sums upward volume for any index, stock, bond, commodity or whatnot.  The On Balance Volume for Apple is on the top chart and the On Balance Volume for the Russell 2000 ETF is on the bottom chart.   OBV is in red and the underlying security is in black.

Typically, one would like to see a trending OBV when a security or underlying asset's price is trending.  Be that upward or downward trending.  And, over time, ideally one would like to see higher price highs confirmed by higher OBV highs.  Ditto with new lows.

We see that Apple's OBV was only making marginal new highs as the stock was making new highs.  But, they were both confirming each other.  Since Apple's stock hit the mid 200s the stock has had a hard time making both OBV and new price highs.  As shown by the arrows, Apple's stock had quick, furious bursts that then were met with five to ten months of essentially chop.  Prices even dropped substantially at times.  Yet, they always remained in Apple's upward linear regression channel as show in blue.

This latest rally in Apple has made new highs but as shown in the blue box, OBV has lagged drastically.  In other words, it is not confirming the rapid price move upward.  A red flag.  That red flag is compounded by the fact that Apple's stock has blown upward out of its linear regression channels early this year.  This is indicative of extreme exuberance.  This is confirmed by the massive swell in derivatives associated with Apple's stock.  In other words, massive manipulation using leveraged free money from the master manipulator of Wall Street's con game, Ben Bernanke.  Apple's chart since the 2008 collapse looks eerily similar to the S&P from the 1982 bull market till today.  That too blew through its linear regression channels in 1995, a date that used to be talked about a lot on here for its substantial significance to turning points. It's no surprise that I expect both to resolve themselves substantially the same way. Down. And drastically.

The Russell 2000s OBV looks substantially different.  While OBV has trended with price, it hasn't been able to make a new high since May of 2010.  Long time readers may remember that after calling for a rally in early 2009, I surmised that rally may end in the second quarter of 2010.  While the rally didn't end in U.S. equities, that was the date of the flash crash.  Many data points peaked in May of 2010 including my "unmanipulated advance/decline data" that I have posted on here a few times.  June of 2010 was possibly one of the most important astrological turning points in the last 500 years.  Just saying.  Ha.  By the way, I have made a tremendous amount of accurate calls as it pertains to banking over the last seven years.  Not the least of which were a top within a few percentage points of the KBW banking indice's all time high before the 2008 crash, a call that financial markets were experiencing a Great Depression-type crisis just a few days before the financial market collapse in 2008, a bottom when CitiGroup was trading at 99 cents and a top again in the banking indice's earnings the first quarter of 2011.   All were accurate.  By the way, the KBW Banking Index peaked in May of 2010 and has never again reached those prices levels.  How did he do that?  Haha.  A little bit of luck, a lot of hard work and a little bit of magic.  But, as noted numerous times on here, Wall Street is likely finished.  Forever.  And, so is our banking system.  Forever.  Ultimately, that will be a very, very good thing if we can take down the beast and replace it with democratic banking.  I'm confident we will see that before I head for my dirt nap. 

Anyhow, even though the market has been rallying for the last four months, the OBV for the Russell 2000 has continued to fall until two weeks ago.  It has now made a mild pop as shown above.  Volume on this rally has been the worst in more than half a decade.  I have a post coming up on this dynamic but this is just a little teaser.  This market is running higher on Ben Bernanke's free money leverage and fumes. As noted numerous times over the past few years, much of that is likely because of repatriation of hot money from foreign markets.  ie, The criminals are bringing their money home after looting the world.  Bad news for the rest of the world as that monetary vacuum develops. 
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Quantum Teleportation Achieved Over Record Distances… Again

How about a break from the monotony of the insanity that has become the global economy and its intertwined political lunacy? 

So, what are the implications of the title link of this post?  Could parents and children or siblings share a physical connection that manifests itself as intuition?  Can all people communicate over distances without using sensory communication methods?  Is it possible to read someone else’s mind?  Is it possible to perceive negative and positive energy given off by individuals?  Are the human actions of toppling a corrupt government responsible for the toppling of another corrupt government half way around the world?  Is it possible to see the future or even the past?  Are psychics able to help find lost children?  Can group prayer or the mind’s energy actually heal people?  Is it possible for someone to run their hand above your body and tell if you are suffering from illness?  Is what we are witnessing around the world today a global awakening possibly driven by a subconscious awareness or unknown energy we all share?  Are you actually who or what you perceive you are and actually where you perceive you are in the time you perceive you are in?    Is birth and death actually real?   Do your thoughts change the world? 

The evidence of the world around us is all speculative perception but as one gains a greater appreciation of the nuanced, esoteric and mystical through inner exploration, serious doubts about our perceptions of reality do arise.  Who really knows?   But the exploration of the unknown and the intuition, mysticism and gut feelings many people have are generally written off as nothing more than crazy behavior of crackpots and weirdos.  Sometimes they may be crackpots and weirdos.  Yet intuition and mysticism are as old as humankind.  They are as much a part of our makeup as our ability to use logic and reason.  But really, what do we actually know for certain? I am… and when I am able to let go of every perception…. I am love.  That’s it.  That’s all we really know. 

Or do you believe unsubstantiated perceptions that you were told by other people and, in the process, abandon your inner journey and your higher power?  Or do you only believe what you are able to see with your eyes or your perceptions of the self or its perceived reality?

Does the unknown frighten you or do you reject the unknown as impossible or nonsense? (Fear/Control –> Ego/The Self)  Or are you motivated by curiosity, learning and an open mind?  (Discovery/Truth –> Your inner divinity/Your higher power) 

Later this September we will see the quickening of astrological events that have been intensifying for many years now.  Astrological events that we haven’t seen in hundreds of years.   Astrological events that may usher in collapse, destruction and ultimately renewal.  How will that manifest itself around the world yet this year and then in coming years as intensity ratchets upward even more?  We shall see.  Of course, these are simply the comments of a crackpot.   A crackpot who has uniquely written countless times over the last seven years that we are in a cycle of volatility that is impacting humanity, our planet, nature, society and our economy. 

As noted countless times on here, the world most certainly is not as it seems. 

Quantum teleportation link here.

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Correction Of Obama Propaganda - The U.S. Has Lost Nearly Two Million Manufacturing Jobs Since The 2008 Collapse

Last week I wrote that Obama's deceptive propaganda at the Democratic convention that he created 500,000 manufacturing jobs was a massive manipulation of truth.  That his policies hadn't created much of any manufacturing jobs.  Instead, there were nearly half a million people called back to jobs lost in the 2008 collapse.  Well, I must be fair.  The Nobel Prize winner's bombing of the world into submission created replenishment demand for bullets and missiles.  

On Friday, NPR posted a graphic outlining this fact.  Instead, even today, since the 2008 collapse, the U.S. has still lost nearly two million manufacturing jobs under Obama.  The issue isn't that Obama is to blame for these losses.  He clearly is not.  The issue is, as Niall Ferguson pointed out, he hasn't done jack shit to fix what is arguably the worst economic crisis this nation has ever faced. or the structural issues that caused it.  

(Before you defend this crisis as not being as great as the Great Depression, one must realize every large financial institution in our nation would have collapsed without tens of trillions of bailouts.   Even that never happened in the Great Depression or anytime in our history.  Ever.  Real unemployment and underemployment is most likely worse than the Great Depression.  It's simply government transfer payments - Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, welfare, etc -  that have kept the inhumanity, exploitation and violence against what is generally the exploited poor and the working-class hidden so the looters can continue to loot.)

But, even if we have had massive manufacturing jobs losses, that's okay.  As Hank "I'm an economic illiterate" Paulson told us, the American economy is resilient and we will create new jobs somewhere else.  So....   People in the health care bubble, the higher education bubble and the the federal government bubble are all still living large as NPR's graphic shows us.  

By the way, these jobs are all a tax.   Just to let you know Hank, a job is not a job and you really are an idiot.  Instead, these jobs rely on wealth created by others as consumers of capital.  Since we don't create our own capital in this nation, people in these positions are headed for a day of reckoning.  We either start producing our own capital at a radically swift rate, or there isn't going to be enough money in the economy to pay for their future employment.  That is, unless the Federal Reserve literally starts handing printed money employment checks to everyone in those positions.   You know, similar to how government transfer payments are handed to so many Americans.  Because that is what they ultimately will have to do under Obama's policies.  Quantitative easing, as it is now designed, won't do anything except give more money to the looters.  Not exactly new news on here.  Something we have beaten over and again like a rented mule.

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