Monday, August 07, 2017

Is It That Time? The Ignorance Of The Establishment Has Just Hit A Deafening Crescendo.

I’ll be putting up a follow-on post to a post from some years ago as it pertains to decesnnial patterns in finance. In that post I noted that we are likely witnessing the Great Depression in reverse. I’ll be revisiting that in detail but the point of that post was that the massive financial crisis that preceeded the Great Depression would happen on the back end of this cycle due to policies being reversed from those in the Great Depression. As I’ve noted time and again, we are in the eye of the hurricane. All appears calm on the surface. Below the surface corporate capitalism is already in systemic collapse. And, if those patterns hold true, 2017 could very well be the year that the massive illusions disappear and we finally see the world for what it is.

Literally dozens upon dozens upon dozens of major outcomes accurately anticipated on here have either come to pass or continue to reveal themselves. There has been more predicted accurately on here than by any other single person anywhere that I am aware of. That’s not a coincidence but the fruits of incredibly hard work and an understanding of money, finance, economics and sociology (the human condition) that I have spent a lifetime studying.

Janet Yellen has just announced that she believes we will see no more financial crises in our lifetimes. (link) For those who understand the paradox of experts and the massive ignorance associated with central planners and hierarchical control constructs, that comment should catch their attention. It is usually at the very moment the establishment becomes confident of their policies that it’s time to start worrying. As noted on here dozens, if not hundreds of times over more than a decade, we are in the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen. Everything you believe, be it economic, beliefs about yourself, beliefs about the world around you, beliefs about others, beliefs about your government and on and on has been shaped by this bubble. When it pops, everything society and its cumulative ego believes, will wash out with the tide and never return. The only question is “is it that time?”.

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