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A Beautiful And Inspirational Story Of The Healing Power Of Connection And Unconditional Love

I thought I would throw this up as a holiday post and circumvent my regular posting.  Let me first introduce this story by providing some degree of context. 

Socialization aka connection plays a very, very important, yet not understood, role in the development of a species higher order intelligence.  Not just for humans but all of life, be that crows, apes, elephants, whales, wolves, our pets and on and on.   It is the social animals that rule the roost of every measurable type of complex intelligence including complex language and reasoning skills.  Social animals are far and away the highest on the chain of intelligence.  This dynamic is simply another missed data point in how corporate capitalism creates dysfunction and emotional and physical unwellness in humanity and the natural world by disconnecting us from our communities, uprooting us from our families, disconnecting the natural world from its communities and pathologically destroying our connection to the natural world and the natural world’s connection to us.  That disconnection obviously plays a substantial role in the dumbing-down of our society and the people in it.

While it is missed by corporate, for-profit medicine, medicine that by the way is now witnessing many of its theories of the brain falling upon crisis, (more on that in a future post) there is ample evidence that the power of connection has a miraculous ability to heal our physical and emotional unwellness and illness.  Whether that is a connection to the earth, to the natural world, to animals and pets, to each other and maybe most importantly to our own divinity or our higher power.   As I have noted on here many times our divinity or higher power is the place that resides within our mind that makes us human.  From that place we derive timeless human values of selflessness, altruism, equality, mercy, compassion, community, unconditional acceptance, discovery, truth, dignity, love, etc. 

I have spent much of my journey immersed in an attempt to  understand the human condition, the human mind, the mind-body connection and its manifestations.  Mostly in an attempt to become more mindful of my own victimizing beliefs and, thus, to become more consciously aware of who I truly am and who I am supposed to become.  Not the dumbed-down existence of who society believes I should be or the dumbed-down existence of who corporate capitalism wishes me to be.   That journey has led me to believe that there is ample evidence all emotional unwellness and illness not explainable by physical illness, endocrine/hormone disruptions or natural food/nutritional deficiencies are simply varying degrees of disconnection.  Disconnection from our own divinity and the world around us.  Disconnection caused by some sort of trauma or suffering be that abuse, the effects of war, toxic chemicals, human-on-human violence, fear, attempts at controlling rather than experiencing our emotions, attempts at controlling our existence, etc. 

We see this disconnection manifested everywhere in both good and decent people and in people who exhibit what I would classify as outright evil behavior.    The human condition is escaped by no one.  Secrecy, isolation and separateness are used by the unwell or unstable ego or perceptions of the manifested self to hide disconnection and the manifestations it creates.   Decent people are isolated or disconnected not by choice but by circumstance.  In our society, circumstance created by pathological predators or evil.  Predators are isolated by choice.  Predators isolate themselves because of their inability to function in a connected world.  Secrecy we see today in all forms of authority and bureaucracy are systemic indicators of the willful disconnection of those who practice this form of isolation or separateness.  Because secrecy allows predators who are disconnected from their own divinity and from the world around them to pathologically act out against the rest of us.  To prey on the rest of us.  Evil cannot survive in the light.  Regardless, all unwellness drives isolation, separateness and disconnection. 

It just so happens the Godless corporate state is defined by all of these and more examples of isolation and violence against to prey upon the human condition.   So, as a society controlled by Godless and often outright evil people, we are stuck in this vacuous, primitive ego-state that literally shuts off or circumvents the proper functioning of our mind and our basic need for connection.  We all suffer from the effects of the idiocracy and those impacts are much more sinister, deep, systemic and far-reaching than any one person can fathom.   The human ego or manifested self is in crisis.  Not just in the United States but everywhere around the world.  The human race is in crisis.  For most people, that crisis is created by the predators who have created and control our existence.  Who isolate and separate us from community and connection.  They do so because connection provides the basis for resistance we need to topple such extreme evil and pathology.  They separate us so they can control us.

The dumbed-down corporate state clearly doesn’t value connection.  Period.  It destroys connection through countless willful and intentional means.  Primarily through methods of covert violence and aggression as evil recognizes connection as a threat to its existence.   Instead the dumbed-down corporate state values the exaltation of the ego and the separateness aka disconnection this exaltation creates.  That separateness is achieved by exalting the ego’s manifestations of competition, ambition, conditionality, greed, envy, vanity, gluttony, covetousness, power, hate, authority, aggression, violence, exploitation, control, etc.  

Our pathological leaders have learned to mimic connection through many social norms including marriage and procreation.  But mimicry it truly is.  It is nothing more than a mark to check off in the box of socially-acceptable or desirable behaviors to mimic in the ego’s drive for social acceptance it needs to gain authority, power, control and covetousness over others and over society.  The pathological recognizes its need to appear as a family man who embraces connection so it marries and procreates.   And I do mean procreates.  It recognizes the need to appear to be religious or spiritual so it checks off that box by mimicking religious social norms.   But through all of this there is no connection.  It is simply an act of mimicry they understand as necessary to achieve their power-mad and control-driven existence.   Acts of kindness and connection often has no more emotional meaning to them than taking out the garbage.  

Anyone who spends their lives ambitiously seeking the next level of power, control and authority and then spends nearly every waking  moment doing so is either dysfunctionally sabotaging their connections to their family and community or worse, they are completely disconnected from their own divinity.   The outcome to such ambition leads to children who suffer the consequences of a disconnected or nonexistent connection with their parents.  Children who grow up as traumatized adults to often then pass along their own dysfunction to their own children.  All driven by modern corporate capitalist society’s exaltation of the ego and its endless foibles that are necessary for the Godless corporate state to survive.  We see this in parents who attempt to replace connection by buying their happiness  with worldly possessions or who force their ambition onto children by pushing them to follow in their footsteps of capitalist success.  All of this creates conditionality, and thus, disconnection in its victims.  This creates a self-fulfilling and self-perpetuating social environment that is void of love and connection.  Not only for the victims of this dynamic but also for the perpetrators.   When a mind is driven primarily or even solely by ego, it is not functional.  The mind is not operating in a connected, functional state.  It is dysfunctional and pathological.  It is therefore unstable.  This is the mind exalted by corporate capitalism.   This is the mind of our masters.  The mind most willing to spend its lifetime of ambition seeking authority, control and power over connection.  The mind most willing to stomp on the face of its fellow man to achieve that ego-driven state of ambition.  That is the mind destabilizing all of humanity and disrupting those who intuitively and innately understand the meaning and power of connection. 

Modern corporate capitalist society is collapsing because of its exaltation of the self and all of its foibles and outright evils rather than our own divinity and the connection it intuitively and innately cherishes above all else.  It is collapsing because it is Godless.  

I think the evidence is quite clear that autism is simply one of many manifestations of disconnection created by modern corporate capitalist society.   We simply don’t understand the mechanisms that create the disconnection any more than we do for alcoholism or drug addiction or narcissism or depression or psychopathy or aggression or extreme ambition or competition or any other form of disconnection.  But autism certainly appears to be a modern corporate capitalist society illness related to this victimization of a disconnected and Godless world.   And its cases appear to be rising exponentially.  Scientists believe that improper functioning of mirror neurons provides a disconnected experience to one who deals with this condition.   Mirror neurons play some substantial but not understood ability to create connection beyond the self.   But, like everything else, it likely isn’t the mirror neuron that is the problem, but rather it is the symptom of an inability of the mind to create a connection.  Is that disconnection in autism created by toxins, by vaccines or by other means of trauma?   Science is trying its best to find an answer. 

That said, it isn’t medication or therapy or some new advance in technology that is behind this story. (Not to discount any of the authentic work going on with all of these methods.)   Instead, it is the unconditional love between a boy and a dog.  It is connection that has a powerful and clearly not understood ability to heal us of our suffering and our illnesses.  A connection that is created by the power of our own divinity.   A power that is constantly under attack and constantly being destroyed by modern corporate capitalist society. 

Connection and its experiences are our reason for being.  We are here to learn to mindfully love and accept without condition.  The ego-primitive state we are stuck in as mindless consumers, enslaved workers, entertainer, sports figure and political star gazers (our modern day Marie Antoinettes of this class-base system), money worshippers and dumbed-down corporate state actors that so many people are stuck in because of the pathology of our predatory rulers keeps us from becoming who we were meant to become.  That is, it keeps us from becoming divine.  

As an aside, one might ask the question, what force is it that drives disconnection as a pathology in predators and in their victims and those who are innocently victimized by the suffering this predatory system creates?  It is simply a natural phenomenon?  Does evil in the truest sense of the word actually exist?  Is this force the age old battle of good versus evil?  Or, is evil simply the manifestation of our ego’s perceptions of separateness that is the basis for all acts of violence or willful intents of doing harm?  Or, are the ego’s false perceptions driven by evil?   Just something to ponder this holiday weekend. 

On that note, it’s rather fitting that I end this post with a favorite understanding of the word Namaste courtesy of Ram Dass - I honor the place in you where the universe resides. I honor the place of love, of light, of truth, of peace. I honor the place within you, where if you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.  Connection has been known by our divine power for eternity as our reason for being.

Video story of the healing power of connection here.

Print article here.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Signs Of A Dying Monetary And Financial System As Asset Prices Are Cracking “Up”

I want to put a little reminder in here.  For quite some years I have written that we could wake up some morning and see the Dow down thousands of points.  I’m sure most people believe that statement is ludicrous.   Well, but then we actually saw the flash crash.  That added some validity to what I had been saying.  Or, at least it should have.  The market literally disappeared.  There were no bids. 

This financial system is so wildly corrupt, driven by outright stealing and looting and unnecessarily complicated that no one person really has a complete perspective on why financial markets react the way they do.  If you think Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blankfein could explain what their companies are doing and how it is affecting markets, you would be sadly mistaken.   They are probably two of the most ignorant and incompetent participants in this system.   They have simply “captured” the technical architects of this Frankenstein for benefit of covet means.  That is, to loot and to ameliorate their pathology. 

The pricing action of global equity markets, and that of all markets being manipulated by our pathological masters, may actually be driven by computers chasing other computers.  Prices may be moving higher not because of free Federal Reserve money alone but also because of the unintended consequences of all of these algorithms.  In other words, who said that markets needed to crash downward?  What we could be witnessing is the markets crashing upward as I type this.  Driven by the unpredictable consequences of unlimited money at zero percent interest coupled with financial algorithms attempting to steal money from other algorithms, pensions, long term investors, etc.   What happens if someone pulls the proverbial plug?  Janet Yellen is inheriting one hell of a mess.  One she supported in creating and most certainly has absolutely no idea how to resolve.  A frightening absurdity of a dystopian reality created by centralized bureaucratic hierarchy and its attempts to control the lives of billions of people.   Billions because the Fed is responsible for the world’s reserve currency.  Sounds like the Soviet Union and communist China to me.  By the way, the Chinese communists just announced “reforms” that  give corporations greater control over their citizens.  The yoke of greater tyranny dead ahead.  The force of the state joining with the force of corporate capitalism resulting in greater and greater violence against humanity.

Regardless, as I have noted on here ad nauseam, the level of markets don’t reflect any type of reality.  They are simply a reflection of the massive wall of money, derivatives leverage and lunacy of a private, undemocratic banking and private, undemocratic monetary cabal of pathological predators and criminals. 

Remember, central banks around the world are all purchasing assets for the first time in history.  All of them.  Many of them are buying equities.  Many are buying U.S. equities.  Who bails out corporate capitalism and its Wall Street enablers when central banks need a bailout?  This is going to end very, very badly.  And it is no one but the capitalist aristocracy that is holding the bag. 

In the next post I’ll share a simple solution that subverts this lunacy while creating merit-based democratic capital markets rather than markets dominated by capitalist oligarchs, the aristocracy, politicians, the investor class of looters and other class-based predators. 


Cracker Barrel stock is cracking “up”.   A frightening chart for an unspectacular chain of restaurants that serves a corporate interpretation of home-style food.


Amazon stock is cracking “up”.  Another frightening chart that makes the 2008 stock market bubble look like a picnic.  It uses receivables float to generate working capital.  The U.S. uses a similar manipulation scheme to keep neoliberalism going. 


Biogen stock is cracking “up”.  The renter capitalist predators that are the investor class are betting Obama and the fascist state will deliver astronomical profits created by drugging Amerika into a stupor on behalf of the sick care complex.


The S&P 500 health care sector is cracking “up”.   Sick care stocks are priced to astronomical levels.  If Obamacare fails, and there are so many terminal problems that Dummycrats who voted for it didn’t and still don’t understand……  Because they didn’t read what they passed due to massive corruption.  And, even if they did read it, they could not comprehend a bill so corrupted, massive and convoluted.  In a recent poll nearly 9 in 10 Democrats want the bill changed or repealed.   When I was a kid doctor’s visits were out of pocket.   While I support a national self-insurance plan, ie a nonprofit plan, were I to guess, it would be that we are headed towards an out of pocket end-state.  ie A personal self-insurance environment.  Were that to happen, costs for medical services are going to collapse.


Netflix is crackup “up”.  Netflix may provide a decent service but its valuations make 1929 and the 2000 internet bubble look preposterous.


The Russell 2000 is cracking “up”.  The valuation of the 2,000 stocks comprising this index are far higher than anything ever seen in this nation.   Far, far more overvalued than anything in 1929.


The Dow Transports is cracking “up”.  Global capitalism’s overconsumption and overproduction has benefits all aspects of the transportation industry.  There is ample evidence that more pollution is created shipping materials and goods around the world than all of the world’s automobiles combined. 


Another of my favorite big turds in the pool, LinkedIn.  A for-profit social media company that makes money by selling personal information about its participants to corporations.  Or, frankly, anyone who wants to belly up to the bar and pay for personal information.  Social media and corporate profit are not natural bedfellows.  But, it serves the god of profit so the capitalists love LinkedIn.  It is sporting a price to earnings ratio of 1,000 but even more frightening, an enterprise value to free cash flow valuation of something just short of this stock is guaranteed to fall 99% or worse when the corporate earnings bubble collapses.   

It’s not just equities that are cracking up but art, collectibles, bonds, high end real estate, farm prices, etc. 

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Conspiracy Theory And The JFK Assassination 50 Years Later

Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of President Kennedy.  So, I thought I would post a position that isn’t very popular with many people in this nation.  That is, one must contemplate that the Kennedy assassination may not have been some substantial conspiracy of powerful forces.  But, instead, he may have been killed, if not by Oswald, by another disenchanted lunatic or lunatics. 

History created by conspiracy theorists has painted Kennedy as some savior by assigning often mythical efforts to bust the doors down to political and military-industrial complex corruption in our nation.  That may be true, but the evidence doesn’t really support that position.  Kennedy lied through his teeth to the American people about the Vietnam war while increasing the support of the illegal activities there, increasing its covert funding, increasing the profits of American military-industrial complex and ultimately widening the war to send more Americans to their deaths as the Edward Snowden of his day, Daniel Ellsberg, uncovered in the Pentagon Papers crisis.   I find much of the mythical ex post facto propaganda of Kennedy as some type of martyr against the powers-that-be to be quite dubious for many policy reasons.  

First let me say that I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories as I have noted time and again on here.   The paranoid mind’s ex post facto tying together of events to weave a plausible story that only exists within the mind of the conspiracy theorist is endlessly present in our society.  Endlessly.  In fact, there is a whole counter culture that exists, often for-profit, surrounding conspiracy theories of every ilk imaginable.  Conspiracy theorists, driven by paranoia, are also often motivated by personal profit or  self-interest.   How many conspiracy theorists do you know who aren’t profiting from their endless story telling?  And they have a whopper for every single event that happens in our nation or around the world.  Many have made a handsomely profitable business out of it.  They are often no different than smooth talking authority of political con men or conniving authority of religious predators that manipulate people for benefit of the self.  That should be of no surprise because all three personalities suffer from an unstable perception of self.  A paranoid mind is not a healthy mind. 

A major reason for the success of conspiracy theorists in our society is because of the massive corruption and secrecy of our anti-democratic political and economic systems.  Secrecy leaves everyone wondering what is going on behind closed doors or under the cover of darkness.  Paranoia takes that one step further by weaving grandiose conclusions that only exist within the mind of its creator.  If we really lived in a free society derived through citizen government, there would be no closed doors and there would be no paranoid minds with a large audience to create conspiracy theories. 

There certainly is ample conspiracy in our nation.  Conspiring in private to defraud the American people is a regular part of business as usual.   The evidence is there for everyone to see.  It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to see that the sick care complex paid large sums of money to lobby and write the Obamacare bill.  We have circumstantial evidence and corroborating testimony to prove it so.   Our political system’s  element of secrecy and evil scurrying into the darkness is an enabler to a general state of paranoia and conspiracy theory that often exists in our nation.  How can we trust anything when there is so much willfully and intentionally kept from the public view?   But conspiring in secret is not the same as conspiracy theory.   We must use facts or evidence to ascertain reality.  And where there are limited facts or evidence yet unanswered questions we certainly may have valid reasons to be concerned.  But, we must take the position that until the preponderance of evidence and testimony are available and until transparency is available, we are unable to draw any type of conclusions about what is and isn’t real. 

Most conspiracy theory is really baseless.  What is going on behind closed doors is often plain and simple.  Human behavior is generally quite plain and simple.  Powers that be aren’t generally weaving these complex and intricate conspiracies into some secret master plan.   The ego or manifested self is driven by fear and control.  That’s it.  So, reality is that power and corruption and their manifestations of vanity, greed, envy, money and other manifestations of the self are the driver of conspiracy when it actually exists. 

But, just because there is often a cover-up, that does not mean there is some grand conspiracy.   Why are U.S. politicians the world’s biggest bullies?   Why are U.S. politicians the world’s biggest enabler of global injustice?  Why does the NSA illegally spy on the Pope, on Americans and on our allies?  Why do Wall Street banks prey upon people through debt and usury slavery?  Why do peace officers now carry military grade weapons and Taser 80 year old women?  Why do we see such systemic police brutality in our nation?  Why does the industrial food monopoly shovel profitable but incredible toxic food down our gullet?  Why does the sick care complex mint hundreds of billions of dollars of profits off of systemic sickness in our nation while actually doing nothing to solve the underlying root causes?  The human mind has only two intents.  One is discovery or truth and the other is control.  In a system of violence, the object is control.   Is there some grand conspiracy theory needed to explain all of these dealings that were created in secret?  No.  In all of these cases, they do it because they can.  That’s it.   Because it feeds the ego’s fear-driven need for control that defines the violent corporate state.

I certainly don’t know what happened to JFK beyond that which has been reported.  But, then neither does anyone else.  I believe its quite plausible something may have happened beyond what is reported but I have no real evidence.  There are claims and what appears to be some possible circumstantial evidence but without complete transparency and an investigation, no one knows what any of it means.   We should have transparent investigations into potential wrongdoing done well outside of the control of “blue ribbon” commissions appointed by politicians who may have many conflicts of interest.  I find it plausible that the same forces that killed both Kennedys and Martin Luther King to be the same.  But beyond some grand conspiracy theory, those could simply be fanatical forces that became so prevalent in times of massive social upheaval and change as we see today.   As I have noted on here many times, the volatility we see today has given cover to countless fanatics who would never be able to crawl out of their hole otherwise. 

Much of the secrecy surrounding Kennedy’s death may have been for other reasons as outlined in the third link below.  That may include FBI incompetence because clearly documented threats were made against JFK beforehand similar to the 9/11 attacks as noted in the second link below. 

Frankly, as an institution of the ego, secrecy on all levels is inherent to the state as fear-driven behavior including paranoia, control, power, greed and other forms of overt and covert violence fuel its existence.  So, why might there be state secrecy surrounding the Kennedy assassination?  Because it can.   That doesn’t necessarily mean there is a conspiracy behind every unturned stone.  

Is there some grand conspiracy behind the endless violence of the state?  Maybe.  Most likely not.  Most people intrigued by Kennedy’s murder are well aware of the potential links to organized crime, the CIA, a security risk due to his endless philandering or even the Johnson administration for various surmised reasons.   The CIA certainly is an anti-democratic institution capable of great evil as noted on here many times, but let’s take an opportunity to consider once again that this assassination may not have been as sinister as our imaginations may wish to believe.  May wish to believe because it supports our ego shadow’s many subconscious and untruthful biases. 

Why Lee Harvey Oswald Pulled The Trigger

Retired FBI agent tells who really killed JFK (quite compelling)

Second retired FBI agent debunks conspiracy theorists

Former police officer speaks for the first time about Kennedy assassination.

Regardless of paranoia or some level of truth, that we live in a society where conspiracy theory is even considered as plausible is a sign of the dysfunction of our socioeconomic and political systems.  That is, in the 2000s the status quo is once again teetering on the precipice due to corruption, evil, secrecy and power-mad, pathological deceivers as it was in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.   There is much unfinished business  involving issues of democratic rights and democratic economic determinism that has continued to fester for decades.  Katy better bar the door because the American people are reaching a terminal state of dealing with the endless corporate and political secrecy and lies and  the destruction of democracy and self-rule that goes with it.  At some point the American people are going to kick that door in. 

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Amazon–From Paradise To Inferno

As if destroying community and individual freedoms isn’t enough, the current economic system of terror that privatizes gains and socializes losses, free market corporate capitalism, has reached a point of literally destroying our ecology on a global scale.  Large corporations and the overproduction and overconsumption they need to seek greater and greater rent extraction not only terrorize the world’s citizens but the natural world as well. 

“……The time has come to destroy those who destroy the earth.”Revelations 11:18

Slide show here.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Today TEPCO Begins Moving Fukushima Fuel Rods

Fukushima is a horrendous mess.  Much worse than I ever imagined it could get.  That mess has been made worse by systemic incompetence of the Japanese government and the Fukushima’s operator, TEPCO.  

While no one in the brain-dead mainstream U.S. media is talking about it, today TEPCO starts a very, very dangerous process of removing the spent fuel rods from the top floor of their containment facility.  A facility that is apparently incredibly unstable with a serious risk of collapse.  And fuel rods that appear to possibly already be damaged.  How they actually accomplish this successfully will likely be incredibly difficult and fraught with risks.  But were that containment facility to collapse and the spent fuel rods to catch fire or if this effort meets with any type of substantial failure, Japan could become a human-free zone.  And the U.S. and the entire northern hemisphere could suffer substantial contamination and death.    The nasty stuff in the fuel rods has a long half life as well.  It would be the Pepsi Syndrome on steroids. 

Frankly, it’s disappointing that the Japanese government has not formally convened nuclear experts from around the world to develop a catastrophe containment plan and a fuel rod removal plan.  There are excellent skills and technical capabilities from around the world that are not being employed.  Almost every country with a core competency in nuclear disaster and crisis management has offered their services.   I’m not certain we want the literal fate of humanity in the hands of the corporation who has fumbled this disaster time and again.

This is a clusterf*ck extraordinaire with only bad and worse options.  If you live in North America, you are certainly already exposed whether you realize it.   A little primer on the body and radioactivity poisoning here.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Extremist Obama Administration Demands Trade Pact Nations Secretly Relinquish Human Rights To Corporate Capitalism

Those are the words of the director of PopularResistance.Org in the Real News video interview link below. 

If anyone still believes poor, little ole Obama is being victimized by Republicans, as he has whined in the past, you are brainwashed to some similar degree as the German people were under Adolph Hitler.  This is a person who willfully, and with intent, seeks secrecy and power over your livelihood.  And that secrecy is for only one reason – to control you.  To spy on you.  To force you into a corporate sick care cabal.  To destroy your economic determinism with trade pacts that will further conscript us to corporate slavery.  To become your master.   This administration is arguably even more vile than the Reagan, Clinton and Bush administrations.  And, the intent is willful.  If it wasn’t, everything would not be done in secrecy.  Evil scurries from the light and from transparency.   

As I have noted on here many times, the concept of a “permanent” corporation as is defined by corporate capitalism only exists to seek rent or loot.  This country was not founded on free market corporate capitalism.   If you believe that, you are brainwashed by the history taught to you by your masters. Nazi Germany did that.  How'd that work out for them? 

We fought a revolutionary war to rid ourselves of the king's corporate capitalism and his merry band of plundering corporations and private bankers.    Corporate capitalism is a form of indentured servitude or wage slavery to the king's corporate and aristocratic capitalist class.   Class is an anathama to freedom and democracy.  It is the reason why millions fled the repressive class-based corporate states of Europe to the New World.  Free market corporate capitalism that is now defined as globalization is no different than the class-based plundering British empire that directly and indirectly murdered tens of millions of people.  The class-based British empire murdered more people than the Nazis as I have noted on here before.  And corporate capitalism’s endless class-based warfare that creates suffering, violence, exploitation and predation is the sickness that consumes the world today.

Many ideological Republicans are useful idiots for the aristocracy.  Through ignorance and brainwashing they adopt the ideology of the class-based predators who are their very masters.   There is a word for this.  Malcolm X called this type of person the house negro.   It perfectly fits with Republicans who believe this nation’s ills will be solved by free market corporate capitalism.  By supporting a system of class and forced servitude that victimizes our democracy and our citizens.  And ultimately often victimizes themselves.  That is, unless the are able to rise beyond the status of house negro to master and, thus, become the victimizers.  That includes people like Ron and Rand Paul who ignorantly support corporate wage slavery as a solution to Washington corruption.  As much as I agree with Paul on many issues of government corruption and bureaucracy, free market corporate capitalism is the problem not the answer.  It is why our government has been butchered and turned into a massive control fraud.  That is, so class and corporations can loot the public commons with impunity.   

Working for yourself as a small business owner, skilled craftsman, tradesman or whatever endeavor in a community that serves as your market or your customers is much different that working for a corporate master.  Once a person is subjugated to corporate control or the economic determinism of another human being, there can be no freedom unless all parties willingly and with intent mutually pledge their lives, their fortune and their sacred honor to each other as free, democratic and sentient beings.  That means guaranteed economic rights written into some type of ironclad economic constitution that must be abided by by all employers.   That means our economic determinism and economic rights have to be determined by the rule of law rather than the rule of men.   That means any employee has an ability to walk from a corporate job at any time and know that they will not lose their rights of a living wage by exercising their freedoms.  This rule of law would force corporations to court our citizens and communities through democratically-derived values.     

Corporate personhood is one of the greatest evils in the history of mankind.  Coupled with corporate capitalism, it has created a tyranny of injustice as brutal as any feudal and repressive society including Soviet communism.   In many ways, it could be argued to be worse than communism for those exploited by the system.  Corporate personhood must be abolished forever.  Corporate capitalism must be redefined or abolished.  That is, if it doesn’t collapse first. 

Corporations should have no rights to own property or any other rights of persons.  And given they cannot own property, jobs destroying, community destroying mergers and acquisitions no longer exists.  Predatory investment banking no longer exists.  They should be renters who are granted leases as long as they please democracy.   They should be limited in size.  They should not be allowed to take democracy’s sovereign capital beyond a sovereign border for any reason.  They should not be able to hire lawyers because not being persons they have zero rights.  Their officers should be held legally responsible for corporate actions in lieu of corporate personhood rights.  Corporations have a charter.  And that charter should be regulated with impunity.  And when corporations can no longer can serve that charter or democracy deems its service as complete, these corporations should disappear permanently.  They may be created to last a year, five years or longer.  But they should be regularly reviewed by democracy to ensure they are meeting democracy’s needs or will they laid out in their charter. 

Under these constructs people should not be held to collecting a living wage only via corporate employment.  Granting a wage only through corporate slavery or employment forces people into a system of conscription where they are violently made to support their own victimization.  I must work for a predatory firm because that’s the only way I can survive in the corporate state.

And finally, with the end of corporate personhood, both political parties will collapse.  The Republican and Democratic Parties are registered corporations that exist to plunder our democratic and public institutions on behalf of corporate capitalism. 

Title link here.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Obama Mirage Continues Its Collapse - Wikileaks Publishes Neo-Feudal, Secretive, Fascist, Jobs Stealing, Anti-Democratic, Corporate-Wage-Slavery Trade Agreement

The mirage keeps collapsing as the authentic Obama continues to be exposed.  We certainly seem in full stride of the shit hitting the fan for the plundering corporatocracy.
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Obama Continues The Obamination Of Obamacare With Empty Promises He Has No Legal Authority To Make

Wow.  Today Obama made what may be one of the biggest political faux pas I have ever seen.  Our king and neo-feudal master has spoken today about the state of Obamacare.  And as he does so, all of the mainstream media dunces nod their heads up and down as they transcribe political talking points to regurgitate to U.S. citizens.  This is the state of journalism in our nation.  Regurgitating political talking points is the news.  There is little, if any, intelligent investigation or questioning the accuracy of those political talking points.  Because doing so would cost the mainstream media their membership in the “club”.  So, as with countless topics, be that NAFTA or Obamacare or the Iraq war, we find out years later that all of those political talking points were just plain old idiotic bullshit, incompetence, deceit and lies.  That is why the mass media is being burned to the ground as Julian Assange has noted. 

Obamacare is a nightmare of what could be unimaginable  proportions.  The party is just getting started.  But our fearless king and savior is to the rescue.  He tells us today that he is now mandating that people  can now keep their health care plans after spending years lying about the White House’s knowledge that tens of millions of people would not be able to keep their health insurance plans.   All he has to do to get the genie back in the bottle is have health insurance companies reverse millions upon millions of policy decisions.  You know, like I was just kidding so you still have your health insurance.  We’ll figure out the legal means of how to do this some time after the 2016 election.

How does our king propose to amend Obamacare?  Rewriting the law to ensure changes are abided by legally?  In other words, abiding by a rule of law?  Of course not.  Corporations, politicians and elites have been shitting all over the rule of law or rigging it to their advantage for ages.  How else does a relative handful of people steal all of our society’s wealth?  Why start abiding by the rule of law or the Constitution now?  No, Obama tells us that simply by him waving his hands this is how it will now be.  You know, just like all of the other goat rodeos surrounding this plan.   Waivers for his crony friends.  Waivers for Congress.  Waivers of the corporate mandate.  Just another politician rigging the rule or law for whatever whims may come his way.   My presidential legacy is in jeopardy so I can just do as I damned well please.  There is no need for pesky laws to get in the way of these changes.  As our savior and king he  just waves his hands and it magically becomes the law of the land and everyone voluntarily follows.   Obama and Democrats created this big pile of shit.  Now they have to deal with the consequences of their own corruption, corporatism, deceit, lies and arrogance. 

If you enjoy hand waving, I have a great idea.  There is a lot of hand waving involved and it will take all of your savings but I promise you’ll get all of your money back and more.  It’s a can’t-lose proposition.  How can I make that promise?  Simply by waving my hands makes it so.   You know.  Like Bernie Madoff. 

We are not a nation ruled by laws but a nation ruled by men.  Men who make things up as they please.  Men who believe they are above the law.  Men who rig society and the economy for however they see fit.  Just like in class-based King George and his band of merry corporate and banking henchmen in 1776.   

Seems funny but the Tea Party’s demand to delay the Obamacare mandate for individuals and Obama’s equally childish response of shutting down the government sure seems to vindicate the Tea Party.  Funny how that works.  Karma and all………..

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Liar-In-Chief’s Neo-Feudal, Secretive, Fascist, Jobs Stealing, Anti-Democratic, Corporate-Wage-Slavery Trade Agreement Runs Into The Tea Party

Obama’s neo-feudal, secretive, fascist, corporate written, wage slavery trade agreement that completely obliterates anything that remains of worker rights, democratic economic determinism and our rule-of-law-guaranteed democratic and personal sovereignty has been smashed in the mouth by the House of Representatives.   And, Bloomberg reporting here

I think we need to clarify and codify what it means to be a public servant in this nation.  Megalomaniacs seem to have a hard time understanding what that term means.  That doesn’t mean a politician wins a corporate-money-controlled election and then has free reign to implement tyrannical, fascist, corporate legislation be that Obamacare, NAFTA, WTO, the TPP or any of the other examples of shitting all over our people’s natural rights.  By the way, all of those wildly corrupt, smarmy, tyrannical deals were created by Dummycrats.  There is no party of the people in Washington.  The closest thing we have to a party of the people is the Tea Party.  Or, at least the Tea Party in its grass-roots movement.  Not the class-based takeover and institutionalization of it by special interests. Political parties are class-based, institutionalized hierarchy.  They don’t give a shit about us so the sooner we quit voting for them and expecting anything other than our own victimization, the sooner we’ll see democracy.

Maybe we need to let public service representatives craft legislation and then let the public approve said legislation through popular vote.  Doing so would ensure the bills must actually be read and understood by our public servants.  Can you actually see Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters explaining the now 10,000+ pages of Obamacare?   Requiring popular votes on non-natural rights-related issues would mean it benefits everyone in our nation that our entire electorate be educated and literate rather than ignorant as Obama and other politicians today wish them to be.  Only through ignorance or deceit can anything like the Trans Pacific Partnership or Obamacare pass.   Requiring public approval would add another check to what is often endlessly criminal, secretive, smarmy, corrupt and tyrannical behavior of politicians pretending to be public servants.

Without fast tracking, or essentially, rubber stamping a corporation-written wage slavery/welfare state bill, (privatizing gains and socializing losses of rent-seeking corporate capitalism) I would surmise the TPP is likely dead forever now that the public is waking up to the endless willful and intentional deceits and outright lies of Obama.  Especially given the person to previously hold the title of Liar-In-Chief has just thrown Obama under the bus in an attempt to distance his power-mad wife for our royal family’s fourth run at the presidency.  Haven’t the Clintons screwed up America enough?  Is there no one else in this country other than Hillary qualified to f*ck up this country as much as Bill Clinton did? 

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Matt Taibbi On Pathological Wall Street’s Latest Crimes Against Humanity And Other Timely Links

People with pre-existing conditions getting the shaft under Obamacare.  This new corporate sick care law is so brutally predatory and violent that in many ways it has actually pushed health care backwards in this nation.  That may seem impossible but it appears to be true on many levels.  Unfortunately, it has extended corporate capitalism’s rent-seeking power and control over the lives of our citizens.

Matt Taibi on Wall Street’s crimes against humanity that are literally all-consuming and encompassing.  The recognition of this is growing as their endless rent-seeking, exploitative and predatory violent crimes are being exposed.  What I have been writing for years is now becoming self-evident.  No one in the mainstream media was writing of the extent of Wall Street’s crimes when I was first wrote that Wall Street was the greatest evil in the world today.   In fact, the mainstream media was glorifying Wall Street.  Private corporations and for-profit capital is a much greater threat than the actions of any polity or religion.  It is through these mechanisms that our democracy has been enslaved.  While I have written of much of the evil they perpetuate, including much that is so evident and in the open but yet has always been portrayed as the way an economy should work, I certainly don’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes.  No one does because of the lack of transparency that evil requires to loot with impunity.    The reason why our nation has any poverty whatsoever is because we have a private, for-profit banking system.  Period.  A public banking system coupled with public money would literally eradicate poverty in this nation in a relative blink of an eye.   Wall Street has f*cked over our industrial and wealth-creating corporations, our school districts, our states, our municipalities, our citizens, our entrepreneurs, our artists, our scientists, our workers, our children, our elderly, our disabled, our trading partners and our most brilliant minds.   In fact, as it pertains to swaps and Libor issues discussed in this article, I believe the city of Detroit has been f*cked out of about half a billion dollars by these criminals.   Where is this taken into consideration in Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings?   These are the most vile and evil sonofabitches in our society.   Ivy League educated corporate toadies with with clubby, entitlement, elitist views of reality that include exploiting and pilfering the little people.   And nearly everyone with a voice loud enough to be heard by everyone in society is afraid to call a spade a spade for fear of losing their place at the status quo’s table of gluttony, greed, hyper-consumerism, exploitation and class-base violent patriarchy.   This is really reminiscent of Nazi Germany where so many of the liberal elites turned a blind eye because they had some bling in their pocket courtesy of Adolph and his merry band of henchmen.  Or as Natan Sharansky, the Soviet dissident and gulag survivor said, "In dictatorships you need courage to fight evil; in the free world you need courage to see evil.".    Who will stand to account on behalf of humanity?  Will you?  In many ways this crisis and these times are created by men who failed to be men.  Instead, in a socioeconomic system based almost exclusively on violence, as the corporate state is, patriarchy becomes even more deeply ingrained and in control.  Those who have risen to power in our society are violent predators with a pathology of every ilk imaginable.  When you take away all of Wall Street’s crooked looting, rent-seeking and violent exploitation that serves no purpose to anyone except class-based political parties, corporate criminals and Wall Street, these firms don’t serve a single purpose to society.  Not a single f*cking one.  Without the violent force of the state propping up their crimes against humanity, they would literally collapse.

Why Scandinavian women make the rest of the world jealous.   On the opposite end of the spectrum of our our violent, crony, exploitative, authoritarian patriarchy, we see the comparative to Iceland and a few other Scandinavian countries where women thrive in positions of public service to humanity and leadership positions.  Public service and leadership are anathemas in the Godless corporate state.  Do you think Jamie Dimon or Barack Obama know the first thing about leadership or public service to humanity?  That’s a joke.  The evidence is quite compelling they are authoritarian, command and control megalomaniacs.    

Supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way

Rise of the mutant rats.  I have talked about mutation in this cycle a handful of times on here over the years.  We are seeing a rapid mutation of life on many levels as I type this.  I suspect I know the source of that mutation as I have noted before, that is, the bombardment of high energy particles from deep space, but I certainly can’t explain why it is happening right now.  That is, other than through astrological factors that caused me to label this as the cycle of volatility.  Let me say that I think one must consider those mutational changes may also be impacting human consciousness as well.  That humanity very well could be experiencing the same mutation as I type this.  Frankly, it could also be the source of the small number of spontaneous recoveries from AIDS we have seen.  

CIA made doctors torture prisoners.  No one makes a doctor do anything.  The military is not a democratic institution.  Democratic institutions are based on freedom and choice.  The military is a command and control structure that is inconsistent with democracy.   Not following orders, ie freedom of choice and speech, are crimes punishable by imprisonment.   Standing armies as they are defined today are more closely consistent with Nazi Germany, Communist China and Imperial Japan.  Following orders is not a defense in crimes against humanity.  That was the defense of the German people and countless other evil societies.  This is simply another example of men who serve the violence of the state as horses and dogs.  There is always the choice of saying no.  These doctors should have their opportunity to defend themselves but this appears reminiscent of crimes against humanity of the Third Reich’s doctors.  The Hippocratic Oath is under extreme duress in western medicine.  The military-industrial complex is a habitual offender.  But so too are the doctors themselves through their own ignorance.  In today’s corporate state doctors have often become prostitutes for medical equipment and pharma corporations or the medical-industrial complex.  In a virtuous society, people aren’t put in a position of having to choose between doing what is right or humane or maintaining their economic livelihood through enforced, dumbed-down conformity to authority.  It is only in a society steeped in violence and evil that such a choice must consciously be made.   The pathological corporate state presents millions of people with this moral dilemma every single day.  And, until we stand to account to our complicity in this Godless society, we will continue to be the source of our own victimization.  As more people become mindful of this reality, this system becomes more and more destabilized because of its diminishing ideological and inhumane adherents.  Only the pathological and the Godless or those disconnected from their own divinity or controlled by the ego or the flesh will be left to support it.

Obama nominates crony Hollywood elite to be ambassador.  Well, this week the president played his 159th round of golf.  And, last week he nominated a Hollywood crony who pumped his campaign with large donations in return for a cherry spot to be ambassador.  Our crony president dithers while our nation’s poor become poorer and our nation’s predators steal more off the backs of those poor.  This is a man who is clearly disconnected from his own divinity.  Whose ego has built a massive wall of narcissism and arrogance around his mind’s higher power as a defense mechanism to his emotional traumas.  He has done nothing to ameliorate the Godlessness of our society.  To the contrary, he has simply enabled it.

The great gluten-free scam.   There is a fair amount of ignorance behind this article.  Is gluten-free a scam?  In many ways, yes, gluten-free is being exploited by corporations.  Gluten-free replacements are often unhealthy as carbohydrate-laden alternatives.   But, the author cites that wheat has been eaten for thousands of years.   That is an inaccurate statement.  The original wheat had one third of the chromosomes of modern hybrid wheat and up to 90% less gluten.   So, the wheat we were eating thousands of years ago has as much in common with modern wheat as Mayan maize versus GMO corn of today.  Is gluten a serious issue?  The evidence is quite compelling that consumption in large quantities created by the modern corporate capitalist industrial food complex, it is highly damaging and possibly responsible for many of today’s serious  illnesses.  And that goes well beyond those who have Celiac Disease.  (All of Gus’s symptoms are chronic and systemic in our society.  That includes well beyond those diagnosed with Celiac Disease.)  More study needs to be done as this could be a serious driver behind modern illnesses.

Saudi nuclear weapons on order.  Now we know the real reasons for the U.S.-Saudi fallout.  It’s age old religious tension between Shia Iran and Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.  And, the U.S. wasn’t willing to blow up Iran as the house of Saud wished.  Iran’s foreign minister just remarked that Sunni-Shia tensions are “probably” the most serious threat to world peace today.  I don’t know about that but it certainly is a very serious issue.   When hierarchy and institutionalization gains hold of truth, it butchers truth and those who espouse it.  This is no different than the Vatican’s endless crimes against humanity.  Both Jesus and Mohammed led movements to give dignity, mercy and compassion to the exploited, downtrodden and forgotten.  They both led movements against massive injustice, class-based violence and predatory exploitation by the status quo and elites.  Jews didn’t kill Jesus of Nazareth.  The status quo did.  Semites of all backgrounds including Jews embraced the message of Jesus of Nazareth.   And, if he or Mohammed were alive today, the religious hierarchies that enrich themselves through exploitation and violence, including the Vatican, would certainly find them to be the same threats they were during their lives here on earth.  Jesus and Mohammed were the Occupy Movement.  Hierarchy and institutionalization of truth has created systems of ideology, control and violence that in no way resemble the movements of either men.  The Vatican and those who control Sunni and Shia centers of power are controlled by hierarchy and class capable of doing great evil to those most vulnerable to exploitation.  The record of institutionalized and hierarchical power in Christianity and Islam speaks for itself – it is brutal and repressive and makes a mockery of the true virtue of those who authentically follow the humane, compassionate and divine guideposts of these two men.

Obama apologizes for pathological lying.  Given this law was passed through smarmy methods  and endless overt deceit,   including the endless lying from Obama, it never could have actually become law were regular procedures of Congress employed.  Under these constraints, the only method of apology that is fair and equitable is to re-pass this legislation now that the lies and deceits are being exposed.    This bill would never pass today as Dummycrats who voted for their own victimization that is Obamacare are now running away from Obama and this fascist wealth-draining bill.

Brutal beatings and torture involving American soldiers released by Rolling Stone.  More men who serve the violence of the state as horses and dogs……..  "The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies. They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc. In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgment or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purpose as well. Such command no more respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt. They have the same sort of worth only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good citizens. Others--as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders--serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as the rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the devil, without intending it, as God. A very few--as heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and men--serve the state with their consciences also, and so necessarily resist it for the most part; and they are commonly treated as enemies by it." -- Henry David Thoreau

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S&P 500 Update: Fumes And Vapor


I have never actually shown the trading workbench on here but I have shared some specific data points that allow readers to get a better understanding of markets.   This is one such post. 

Above is a tick-based algorithm overlaid on the S&P for the past three plus years.  Tick in itself is generally not terribly useful data.  For those who don’t know what tick data is, well…..   simple way of describing it is that captures buying and selling intensity on the NYSE.   (Not to be confused with Treasury TIC data.) 

I am capturing ticks and other exchange-specific data in this algorithm and then manipulating it arithmetically.  The data is printed across the x-axis so when it is printing positively, the market should be trending higher.  When it is below, market weakness or excessive supply should be evident in the market.  

Interestingly, most of 2013’s move in equities is clearly either contrived or all of the large market participants are using the same algorithms or this move is driven almost exclusively by derivatives or some combination of “something unusual and unsustainable”.   Financial firms using the same algorithms could create a recursively self-fulfilling move that simply appears contrived.  And given Wall Street is an inbred oligarchy that is only successful because it operates on a constant stream of insider information (feeding at the free money trough of the Federal Reserve and rigging the economic rules to the game with our government), I would be more inclined to believe all major players are essentially  using some variation of the same algorithms.  I say this because not once has the S&P broken its supporting trendline created off the 2011 flash crash shown on the left.   Many people believe the Fed is also buying equities.  I have no idea if they are or not but as I highlighted on here before, other central banks have clearly remarked that they are over the past two years.  This move off the 2011 flash crash is a very, very low volatility rise of about 666 S&P points that has the appearance of being very, very contrived.   (I made sure I put that number in there just to send a few willies through some people’s minds.  It’s closer to 700 points.  The bottom on the S&P in the 2008 crash was also 666 on the S&P) 

We are experiencing the strongest unabated rally in the last few decades as measured by points.   This at a time when unemployment, underemployment and poverty have risen each of the last three years.  And in the last few months we have risen above the long term logarithmic trend line I showed some time ago. 

Since we reached the level of the prior 2007 peak in equities in March of this year, (the 1550 area on the S&P) something extremely odd has happened.   For lack of a better explanation, the market has been defying reality for the last eight months.   We have added 200 S&P points on fumes and vapor.  My experience is that this dynamic is unprecedented.  Either the move beyond 1550 is a false break out to the upside, possibly manipulated or the result of arrogance and greed and the market is going to give that gain back, likely swiftly, or we must see market dynamics improve. 

I find it interesting that both Goldman Sachs and a record number of millionaires in the U.S. have become wildly bullish (record bullishness) in the last few months; both of which have been noted on here.    The mega rich and Wall Street crooks are bullish exclusively because of the price rise of Federal Reserve-manipulated assets.  The top one percent effectively own all of the assets in this country.  They sure as hell aren’t bullish because corporate capitalism has been creating a stream of McDonalds and Wal-Mart jobs or because of any virtuous actions by our government or by the said plutocracy.  They are bullish because they are selfish, vain, vacuous, greedy, exploitative and predatory.

The status quo isn’t brilliant.  They never have been.  They are simply “in power” because of corruption and rules-rigging.   Because they are willing to do anything and everything including stomping on the face of their fellow man to claw their way to the top of the class-based power structure in their efforts to become gods over humanity.  They are extremely ego-driven and that means their bullish sentiment is based on ignorance.  The ego is the source of all attempts at control and the ignorance it creates.  Which, quite frankly, is why our society has become so ignorant.   The dumbed-down corporate state idiocracy starts at the top. 

We don’t have a meritocracy.  We have a plutocracy of ego-driven ignoramuses.   Their level of ignorance and incompetence is becoming very apparent to society as more and more of this system is exposed.  The ignorant, incompetent, self-interested, deceitful and brutally violent behavior of those at the top is becoming more and more apparent. 

Just a few closing remarks on this topic.  We have seen a continuously decreasing participation rate in equity markets since the 2008 crash.   Wall Street has created an environment in financial markets that is only about stealing other people’s money.  The value of financial assets simply tells us the extent of the bubble and if the status quo is in control at that moment.  With Wall Street paying more than $50 billion in fines since the 2008 crash, and involved in endless lawsuits and investigations into their criminal behavior, we see a pattern developing here.  I think people have to ask themselves a question.  Who wants to trade with a crook?  Do you frequent establishments or businesses that you know are literally trying to steal your money and use any method, legal or illegal, just or unjust, they can get away with to do so?   That is the state of financial markets. 

Ayn Rand was abhorrently wrong about free market corporate capitalism but she was right about a few things.  Monopoly and corruption trades other legitimate players and legitimate investment out of markets.  Or, as Gresham’s Law notes, bad money drives out good money.  That not only applies to the underlying real economy and investment in our society and our citizens but it applies to financial markets.   Who the hell wants to willfully purchase a U.S. Treasury?  Or willfully wants to own the Russell 2000 with a valuation discounting more than 80 years of earnings?  Or own stocks trading at 5, 10, or 20 times replacement value?  Or own stocks discounting 1,000 years of earnings?  Only the most ignorant people in our society.  That would be the plutocracy.

Today Twitter came public.  It ramped at the open and is now trading at a market capitalization of $25 billion.  Yet it has never made a profit and admits in its prospectus that it is plausible it never will.    In the last quarter Twitter reported revenue of $168 million and a loss that expanded from $21 million to $65 million dollars.   Are you actually kidding me?  $25 billion for a piece of shit?   Even in this time of corporate and media excess, Twitter is not making a profit.  But they are making it up in volume; expanding losses are always a good indicator of brilliance in my book.  Hey, look at the U.S. idiocracy.  They seem to be doing just fine on ever-expanding government girth and borrowing and our nation’s ever-expanding trade deficits.  

Other social media companies whose business models, like Twitter, are actually built on the corporate takeover of Amerika; Facebook, LinkedIn and Google are making money.  For now.  Their future crises are preordained.  

A quick review of the top 10 Twitter accounts yields Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake.  The other two of the top ten are not actually people but other corporations.  A tour de force of humanity on the Twitter most active list.  Our idiotic, dumbed-down corporate state culture awaits with bated breath the next tweet of the celebrity idols we are encouraged to worship.  For-profit, obviously.   In our society being famous is most often nothing more than a sellout to corporate power, be that a president, a congressperson, Hollywood or whatever.    People sell their souls to corporations who “manufakture” an image for the benefit of exploiting them for-profit regardless of the consequences.   If those that are exploited no longer serve a purpose of exploitation and profit, they are then kicked to the curb like a bag of trash.  Rihanna, our disabled armed forces personnel, our senior citizens, the unemployed and underemployed, those without health insurance, what’s the difference?  Seriously?  They’ll dump them all like a bad habit when it’s expedient.  We are truly living in a madhouse.   The insane IPO of Twitter and its absolutely ridiculous valuations is just another example of that madness.  Our monetary and financial system is dying and the fact that more than half of all Americans don’t have a pot to piss in but a corporation, Twitter, can raise $25 billion dollars on unfulfilled promises and delusions of future profitability is certainly a perfect sign of that death.

As I have noted on here time and again, this cycle is going to obliterate the investor class, those that benefit the most from the idiocracy.   Today what works in all asset classes is momentum whether that is art, collectibles, gold, equities, real estate, commodities, bonds, stocks, etc.   That is, buy at any price because prices are going higher.  And, by the way, appear brilliant in the process.  Momentum algorithms and momentum investing are insanity defined.  Valuations are irrelevant.  That’s because every Wall Street firm and hedge fund has an ample supply of free money provided by the Federal Reserve to ram everything it touches into the stratosphere.  The biggest bubble in world history.  And the unprecedented leverage afforded by derivatives simply magnifies the wall of money exponentially.  The day of free money will come to an end.  It’s simply a matter of when and what triggers it.  Then we will see that the masters of the universe on Wall Street, in corporate board rooms and in Washington were actually the most ignorant, incompetent and dumbed-down people in our society.  Just like we saw in 2008, in the internet bubble, in the 1990s bond bubble, in the Reagan-created S&L crisis and on and  on.

The dumbing-down of America starts at the top.  It starts with class-based corporate capitalism, Wall Street and corporate state politicians that create a social control culture derived from their own idiocy.   Stupid and evil has their jack boots on the neck of the American people and we need to get off because it is choking our citizen’s abilities to be divine, brilliant, creative, kind and humane. 

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Loyal Obama Supporters Get A Wakeup Call With Insurance Premiums - You’ve Been Willfully Lied To With Intent

ProPublica seldom gets more than a dozen comments on an article.  This one pulled in over 300, showing the vitriol and toxicity of this topic. 

The demographics of customers for insurance companies are not likely to meet the anticipated demand for their products given the sticker shock that is becoming apparent.   Health care companies participating in exchanges are required to combine their risk pools of Obamacare customers with their legacy customers.  That means health care companies participating in exchanges very well could see recursive rate-rising scenarios in order to maintain existing profits.  In other words, more of the extortion racket that takes place under the existing system.  But, rate increases could actually be higher now that they are unable to drop customers who actually get sick as they always have.

The couple highlighted in this story unfortunately is typical of ideologues caught up in party politics.  Ideologues are rigid thinkers who generally hold a very tightly constructed belief system.  To my point, how many politically-active Democrats would associate or even befriend a Tea Party member?  Or even recognize them as worthy, sentient beings with legitimate concerns?  Or vice versa?  Although I would classify Democrats as far less tolerant in my experiences.  So, rather than this couple actually consider that they were willfully lied to, and thus consider their belief systems may be wrong, they meekly accept their own self-victimization and slavery courtesy of Obama and the Democratic Party.   One day I will probably write a very politically-incorrect post that will certainly infuriate many rigid thinkers and their associated belief systems.  And how the Democratic Party is pretty much solely responsible for enslaving poverty-stricken whites and black America to a system of massive injustice that is the corporate capitalism-created welfare state.   People with an intent of discovery are now starting to see this enslavement being exposed with Obamacare, with unemployment, underemployment and with the massive swell in poverty in this nation that Democrats do absolutely nothing to stop.   They don’t even acknowledge the poor or the injustices they have created anymore.

ProPublica article here.

Obama has backtracked on his promises to keep your doctor and your health insurance in the last few days.  He has now apparently stated that he never said that.  I simply can’t even begin to fathom the state of mind required to actually deny what is in the public domain.  So, as a reminder, here he is stating 36 times what he apparently is now denying.   (The last remark on the video is his new lie.) Oh, and that same pathology gives credence to another new report that he has remarked how good he is at killing people.  Another state of mind that I cannot begin to fathom.  The wall of narcissism and arrogance that disconnects politicians from their own divinity and their humanity is staggering.  The lies and deceits are so substantial out of the White House that I’m not sure I can say that I’ve ever heard a word of truth come from this administration on any topic.  Let me count the ways of willful and intentional deceit.  I can literally come up with a few dozen off the top of my head. 

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Friday, November 01, 2013

Capitalism’s Invisible Hand Of Self-Interest Has Turned The Hippocratic Oath Into A Grand Hypocrisy - The Obama-Enforced Sick Care System’s Last Stand

This is an appropriate Halloween post given that evil ghouls and demons have created a frightful mess for the rest of us.  Before I get to the post, this is a good place to remind readers that I have stated for years that I expect both political parties in this nation to collapse.  When I first started posting about that the Tea Party was yet to be a twinkle in anyone’s eye and Democrats were in the midst of a love affair with their savior.   I distinctly remember a comment from a reader who stated that the two party system served America well and that he saw no reason to believe that would ever change.  How the world has started to awaken to reality; the two party system has destroyed America.  A major reason why some founding fathers wanted to forbid political parties is now evident.  By the way, for Tea Party detractors, if I were to guesstimate, the Democratic Party will fail before the Tea Party.  Wake up.   The Tea Party may be ignorant and even heartless at times but it represents the frustrations of many decent American who are fed up.  That’s more than I can say for Democratic Party hacks.  The only difference is the Democratic elites are much more covert in their sinister use of violence against American citizens and those who buy their endless lies. 

I would like to start by looking at the Obamacare system from a different perspective.  I think one must consider that the Obamacare act was a last ditch effort by the sick care system to save itself.   Not necessarily a conscious effort but a recognition by the corporations who control this system that they need new sources of revenue to grow.  And without corporate capitalism’s needed expansion of ever-increasing profits, the system would eventually fail.

With unprecedented poverty, joblessness, underemployment and unemployment, the sick care system was nearing a tipping point of unsustainability.  Without the endless growth in profit needed by capitalism, the system was headed for collapse without a new supply of conscripted slaves to their system.  Corporate capitalism in the healthcare arena needed a new market of people to loot to sustain itself.  Poverty is the major force in the way of that conscription.  So, its rent-seeking bureaucrats, with the help of complicit Democrats, passed a fascist sick care system that would conscript millions upon millions of new sick care slaves.   And, to guarantee their conformity to the rent-seeking corporate system, their participation would be enforced by the  state.  Thus, guaranteeing the perpetuation of a wildly corrupt and unsustainable rent-seeking, for-profit corporate system. 

The awakening to the unintended consequences of this system are finally being exposed at a dizzying rate.  It is far more substantial than a failed web site.   Avik Roy, one of the best health care journalists on the web, is now reporting that the Obama administration lied through its teeth and knew as many as 93 million Americans would lose their health insurance.  A Colorado health care navigator hasn’t signed up a single person because of the massive sticker shock.   And the massive mess that is required on the back end of this system to integrate so many disparate pieces leaves me wondering if the national health care exchange will even be fixed.  Ever.  It is highly plausible will never work.  That its architecture is wildly complex and the back end integration to dozens of data sources and databases is completely unworkable as a transactional system.  ie, There is reason to believe the entire web site will eventually be scrapped in the same fashion New Coke was scrapped.  Certainly it could be rewritten if that were the case.  But given the state crisis this new system is creating, I doubt the mood of the country would tolerate it.   In its place the only system that could be implemented fast enough to stop the rising number of uninsured is Medicare for all.  Or, simply moving to an out-of-pocket system supplemented by Medicare or some system like it.

Now tell me again, how does Obamacare solve the underinsured and uninsured dilemma in our nation?  Wasn’t that the only intent of this law?  To guarantee healthcare?  As I noted in the title of my last post on this topic, I suspect we have now entered the first phase of a permanent failed state of the existing health care system in this country.   If that is coming to pass, Obamacare is its tipping point.  The only way this system ever became law in the first place is because of dirty backroom deals promulgated by smarmy Democratic party bosses coupled with the “rat’s nest of concealment and lies” that defines the Obama administration.   Or that is how Bob Woodward characterized it. 

In a great irony of self-victimization by this system’s rent-seeking corporate capitalists, by reaching too far because of greed and avarice, the corporate-controlled sick care complex has likely created its own demise.  Due punishment for the massive corruption behind this system.  Newton’s third law of opposing forces better known as karma is a bitch.    

I wrote on here a long time ago that I expected my health insurance to rise dramatically with the passage of Obamacare because it didn’t meet its premium requirements. For Obama to try to blame the insurance companies for dropping people already insured is a fraud in itself.  Just another in his endless lies and deceits.   Two days ago he tried to literally talk his way out of this.  And said subsidies would ameliorate the pain.  Highly unlikely from what we see so far.  Just more pathology from the White House.   This constant deflection and lack of accountability and responsibility is driven by the ego’s endless self-abandonment and its associated desire to blame everyone else for its own victimization.  This behavior is very typical of con men.  We see it pervasively with Wall Street CEOs, we see it in almost all politicians, we saw it in Bill Clinton, we saw it in O.J. Simpson and we see it in Obama. 

The fact is people are being forced and coerced into this control system.   This is not national self-insurance as Medicare is or an out of pocket system would be.   This is not a market-based system as an out of pocket system would be.  This is a fascist, corporate-controlled, government-enforced racket controlled by the violence of the state.   This is truly another example of American corporate state authority reminiscent of Soviet-style command and control dictated by Moscow. 

My insurance has  gone up over 1,400% in the last nine years, during which I never filed a single claim.   These insurance companies are literally criminal racketeering organizations.  But it extends well beyond insurance to pharma, device manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, lawyers, lobbyists, doctors, service organizations and on and on.  They all participate in a massively corrupt system flooded with conflicts of self-interest and a primary intent of serving profit rather than society.   Now, it appears under Obama I’m probably going to see it skyrocket again.   So, if my insurance doubles or triples, which I expect, then I will have seen an apples-to-apples increase of upward of 5,000% in less than a decade.   The insurance company isn’t targeting little ole me.  This type of criminal extortion defines the corporate-controlled American sick care system.   That is why they need the government to put a proverbial gun to citizen’s heads to force participation. 

Would I like better coverage?  Certainly.  As I have noted before, my insurance is a fraudulent scam in itself.  I have switched to higher premiums for affordability which effectively means I am self-insured except for the improbable “disaster”.  I effectively have flood insurance while living on the side of a mountain.  The reality is the state can’t force people to pay for a new tax that they cannot afford.   I realize politicians are generally the most ignorant, controlling, narcissistic, dumbed-down people in our dumbed-down society but even a seven year old can understand that mommy and daddy can’t afford to get them proper medical treatment because they cannot afford it.  People don’t have health care because the corporate state and corporate capitalism has stolen our society’s wealth and economic determinism.

CNN, one of the most idiotic mainstream media shills recently remarked that, “It's true that health reform is contributing to higher premiums and plan changes. But Obamacare, which is imposing new fees on companies and insurers starting in 2014, is not the driving factor, experts say. Health care costs are rising because the economy is improving so people are going to the doctor more.”.  Does anyone actually believe this?  Is it any wonder CNN just printed a staggering low of 65,000 viewers in certain time segments?  This is an example of conformists and idjits who actually believe journalism is  transcribing political talking points. 

The only thing I find more disgusting than Democrats are Republicans who now are supposedly coming to the rescue of Americans they didn’t give a shit about before Obamacare.   Remember Alan Grayson standing on the floor of Congress reading off the names of the dead who were killed by this health care system?  Republicans said the system was working fine and wasn’t in need of reform.  This while countless thousands of people die every year.  Far more Americans, exponentially more, die from this health care system than from terrorism.  But our corporate masters can mint billions in war while serving someone who doesn’t have the money to pad their profits is a drag on the bottom line.  Corporate capitalists are our nation’s death dealers. 

I think it’s hilarious that today we see Republicans waxing poetic about their korporate kapitalist delusions of grandeur.  How what is happening under Obamacare would never be tolerated in corporate America.  That somehow incompetence is a ward of the state.   Large corporate CEOs almost never pay the piper with accountability. While Obamacare is almost certainly going to collapse because it is nothing more than fascist corporate welfare, Medicare/Medicaid pays out 95+% to "policy holders" for well in excess of 100 million Americans.  Private health insurers typically pay out 70-80%. That's so the management can extract the appropriate rent from policy holders aka people’s lives.

Big pharma?  Big industrial food?  Monsanto?  Wall Street?  Health insurance providers?  Chemical companies?  BP?  Philip Morris?  Exxon Mobil?  Cell phone manufacturers?  The military-industrial complex corporations?  These corporations rob with impunity.  Are they accountable to society for their actions?  Do these companies serve society?  Please.  Pandering the corporations is simply the Republican’s attempt to win favor with their corporate courtiers.   Korporate Kapitalism seeks rent. That is through slave wages, declining benefits, selling toxic goods, selling cheap shit, sitting on the corporate state welfare dole, shoving workers on the welfare dole, taking corporate state handouts, etc.  It’s not Obamacare that’s failing, per se.  The corporate state and corporate capitalism are failing.  Corporate-controlled sick care is failing.   That’s a good thing.  Rebirth and renewal can’t happen until this system is dismantled or fails.

The Soviet Union eventually collapsed under its command and control authoritarian system.   The bureaucratic mandates of Moscow had less and less impact as fewer and fewer people were actually participating in its system.  One day we woke up and it was all over.   Herbert Hoover started the New Deal, which was some attempt to appease the public while doing nothing about the massive corruption in Washington or on Wall Street.  His attempts at putting lipstick on a pig rather than embracing true reform led to the Great Depression.  We certainly are reliving history created by massively corrupt, dumbed-down command and control systems run by political idiots and corporate bureaucrats.

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