Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Odyssey Through The Brain

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This is a great article and great work by Carl Schoonover.  Unfortunately the article is damaged by the concluding remarks - “People assumed for thousands of years that there must be something else,” the scientist Jonah Lehrer writes in the introduction. “And yet, there is nothing else: this is all we are.”

No one is able to make that statement as one of  incontrovertible truth.  The human mind is the most complex, fascinating and least understood entity in the known universe.  We have no idea what it is, why it is or what it is truly capable of.     

The difference between a good mechanic and a bad one, like the difference between a good mathematician and a bad one, is precisely this ability to select the good facts from the bad ones on the basis of quality.  This is an ability about which formal traditional scientific method has nothing to say. It’s long past time to take a closer look at this qualitative preselection of facts which has seemed so scrupulously ignored by those who make so much of these facts after they are "observed." I think that it will be found that a formal acknowledgment of the role of Quality in the scientific process doesn’t destroy the empirical vision at all. It expands it, strengthens it and brings it far closer to actual scientific practice.

As Robert Pirsig points out in the quote above, it’s really a qualitative world.  The person making the ideological remark that there is nothing else doesn’t seem to understand that fact

Good science is to understand the limits of our knowledge and explore the unknown with an intent to learn.   Good science clearly knows its limitations of knowledge as it relates to the  physical study of the brain and the completely unknown metaphysical aspects of the human mind.  Ideology, on the other hand, often portrayed as science, is to conclude incontrovertible fact when it is  clearly not possible.  This is in fact junk science.   Unfortunately, much of science is religious ideology perpetuated by high priests or experts and keepers of the status quo.   That is, until someone comes along and smashes their special club of overly large egos as Albert Einstein did.  The status quo never moved society or humanity forward.  Ever.  They are keepers of more ideology than truth.

One thing I am completely confident of, and that we have remarked of on here numerous times, is the world is not as it seems.  Whether that applies to the economic world or the human mind is irrelevant.  Our knowledge of both is limited to our sensory interpretations of the world around us.  ie, Most people think with their eyes.

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The Spanish Prisoner

This is another nice write up by Krugman.  Two in a row?  What’s the world coming to?  Krugman still has the ideological and flawed position that the U.S. is going to devalue its way out of this crisis and some very flawed positions about monetary policy funding but his overall thesis of Spain is a good one.  But then again, he draws the wrong conclusions.  Spain should leave the Euro zone and reclaim its democratic right to a sovereign currency.  And it can easily deal with potential capital flight through controls and through implementing a new banking structure.  But overall, this is a worthy read for those looking to understand more about the crisis in Europe.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

The New Yorker - What Good Is Wall Street? Much (ALL) Of What Investment Bankers Do Is Worthless

This is really nothing new on this blog.   But what is new is that it is a major article in The New Yorker.  That is really quite surprising in a good way.  The article makes some good points but really the major points that I would like to see made are omitted.   

Nothing in our financial system serves our democratic society.   And I do mean nothing.   Wall Street is a useless predator.  A relic of corruption.   Concentrated power.  There are substantially better and more democratic solutions across the entire board of finance and banking. 

We have railed on investment banking as massively destructive to our economy for years.  It is a criminal act that should be made illegal.  Of course, much of their activities are illegal, it’s just that our laws aren’t being enforced.  And we have written numerous times that Wall Street in its current form serves no purpose to society.  It is simply a tax.  And a corrupt one at that.   Frankly, we don’t need investment advisors, mutual funds, a stock market in its current form or much of anything else to have democratic capital markets.  And that doesn’t mean people currently employed in these wealth-sapping positions need to be unemployed or dumped on the street corner as their actions have done to others in society.  There is a very easy way to absorb them into a new economy.   

It’s not a prediction but we wrote that Wall Street could be putting in a major top …. forever.  And that the technology exists to completely do away with Wall Street without any intermediary between capital  markets and We The People.  To go a level further, with public banking, the entire cabal could go away.   If our financial system collapses or needs another bailout, what will rise in its place will most likely be nothing similar to today.  It will most likely be a much more democratic financial system because the status quo could be forced completely out of our political process as happened in Iceland.  (How wonderful would that be?  To rid ourselves of the Washington weasels from both parties.  Obviously without the crisis part of it.) 

That our President and politicians bow before Wall Street as the all-knowing market is completely ridiculous.  This industry is filled with systemic incompetence.  But mostly this bowing is a sign of the corruption of our public offices by Wall Street’s dirty money.  OUR MONEY. 

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Economic Terrorists At The IMF and European Union Slap $30,000 More Debt On Every Adult In Ireland. Ireland Politicians Agreeing To Said Package Are Traitors To Its People And To Democracy.

The Ponzi scheme gets a short term reprieve. 

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

“Just Who The Hell Do You Think You People Are? (Destroying Democracy)” The Euro Game Is Up

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China And Russia Agree To Trade Without The Dollar

We have been writing for years that we are likely to see a coming change in the foreign exchange market.  These events happen every thirty or so years as politics or fundamentals force change into the system and we are overdue.  And I wrote that I personally wish to see the dollar no longer used as the world’s reserve currency.  The concept of a reserve currency is a barbaric relic of control and power from the days of imperialism.  Changing the dynamic of a reserve currency will choke off the American war machine, limit Wall Street’s criminal activity and put an end to neoliberal globalization.  Of course, the yuan or the ruble or any other corrupt currency shouldn’t be a reserve currency either. 

I have written that I believe the best foreign exchange medium is to be direct exchange between trading countries.  There may be other solutions but that is exactly what China and Russia are doing with this announcement.   Of course, this change, if successful on a broader scale, brings an entirely new dynamic to the table.  A dynamic that will lead to the revitalization of the United States’ economy.  Remember, on here, we have said the U.S. will lead the world out of this mess and will more than likely re-assert economic dominance not seen in decades….   That isn’t an opinion.  It’s a calculated bet that coming events will force drastic changes that I believe are self-evident to the search for truth (which we will eventually get to)  and must be made for economic recovery.  All in due time.  First we need to watch the corrupt elites and political idiots send shock waves of economic depression through the global economy to force the changes necessary. 

Russia and China are cutting off their nose to spite their face.  I’m quite certain they have not thought this through.  But then this is a political decision by countries with enormous concentrated political power so why would they?  Politics is all about control.  Yes, this has the effect of limiting the stranglehold on the corrupt Washington and Wall Street use of dollars to manipulate global trade, global control and global politics, but in the end, there will be economic hell to pay for both China and Russia if they are successful and if this new dynamic of direct global exchange spreads.   And as a person who supports freedom, democracy and the rule of law, I have to say I hope they are successful for the right reasons.  ie, For those who seek honest and just economic opportunity and the spread of democracy.   If successful, this will actually drive a stake through the corrupt political systems in both Russia and China or force them to return to a more autocratic or plutocratic state as the fruits of their ill-thought decisions take root. 

As I wrote on here long ago regarding the desire of other countries to see a change in the foreign exchange market and a more limited use of dollars in foreign trade – be careful what you wish for.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

What better way to show our thanks this holiday weekend than to look at Wall Street's renewed binge behavior courtesy of bailouts from people who are often unemployed, underprivileged and children not yet old enough to pay their fair share of the tens of trillions of dollars. Destructive and dysfunctional behavior is back in force and Wall Street is very bullish as we have noted over the last few months.... Just like before the last crash. We should give thanks that we are the enabler of that behavior.

We should be thankful that millions of Americans have lost their homes yet are fortunate enough to count their blessings as family and friends while Wall Street uses our money to count their blessings with endless binge spending on prostitution, cocaine, art, yachts and on and on.

For this we can give thanks this holiday weekend to President Bush, President Obama and the Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If you are traveling this holiday weekend, may I suggest the appropriate garb to deal with airport security.

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China’s Inflation (Coming Collapse) Volcano

I think it’s time for a reminder post given the level of insanity we are again starting to see in the mind-controlled public forum.  We have been remarking since starting this blog that China is the largest economic bubble the world has ever seen.   I have written here and elsewhere for the better part of a decade that this has been coming.   All along the way, everyone with a mainstream view rejected our position on China’s coming doom until some recent contrarians have identified China’s real estate bubble.  And every single person within the investment community in the U.S. at one time or another has either pumped this lie wittingly or unwittingly or bought into it.  Every single person.    China is not a real estate bubble as many have labeled it in the last year.  It is a capital bubble.  And for that, its outcome with shake the world to its very core and expose the idiocy of the bureaucrats who have put our society at risk for their personal gain.

We wrote that China’s economy was in the process of melting up before the collapse in 2008 and came close to nailing the top of the Shanghai Index collapse.  Ditto with the associated commodities collapse.  We have written of coming chaos in China and the potential for armed conflict and a collapse in its GDP by up to 50%.  We have remarked many times that China is financially broke but doesn’t realize it while others babble endlessly about China’s wealth.  And we have remarked its banking system is in shambles.   We have written that the associated con game about the commodities supercycle perpetuated by Wall Street is meant to pile the investing public into commodities and so is the associated Peak Oil blabber and anthropogenic global warming ideology.  All foundational to manipulating prices and policies.  They are religious ideology.  We even wrote that China’s automobile production boom, reported so positively, post the 2008 global collapse was a sign its economy was in its final phase before collapse as business investment was no longer the driving factor in its growth.  We have written of the coming brutal bullwhip effect on China’s economy.   We have written of coming supply chain shocks in the global economy as chaos unfolds.  We have written that the largest multinational firms represent enormous risks as their investments in China and other unstable societies are eventually embroiled in chaos.  We have written that the gold bulls who believe demand from China will fuel future growth for the shiny metal will more than likely be met with China as a seller of gold as its crisis is exposed and they are forced to liquidate their positions to raise money.   We have said the yuan is headed down and not up as every single financial person has expected including President Obama, Treasury Secretary Geithner and other clueless U.S. government bureaucrats who perpetuate this insanity.   We ridiculed economic idiots like Thomas Friedman who top-ticked globalization and the China con game within the decade for his ridiculous best-selling book The World is Flat and Jim Rogers for top-ticking the China enthusiasm bubble by denouncing America and moving there right before China’s stock market bubble popped in 2008 and then holding onto China’s stocks through their collapse.  We’ve ridiculed the Wall Street liars for their incessant pumping of the China and Asian century and on and on and on and on.  If there is a topic to be written of with regards to China’s economy, we have likely covered it over the years.  All while the world was joyously in love with the miracle-less China miracle.   Our positions have never been mainstream because the herd on Wall Street is terribly wrong and systemically incompetent.  Even today, I have not read a single credible economic explanation of what is going on in the world today.

The U.S. is in serious trouble but we can fix what ails us with strong leadership seeking to restore democracy, the primacy of We The People and economic self-determination to our nation.  People who write that the U.S.’s future is doomed because of debt or because we must issue new debt to create more money or similar views are beholden to limited thinking and a marginal understanding of economics.  And this ridiculous view of totaling the next fifty years of Social Security liabilities against today’s income are substantially without any mathematical merit as we discussed years ago.  If I am 25 years old and have future liabilities of $2 million over a life time and current income of $40,000, what does that tell me?  That I must default or declare bankruptcy?  Nonsense.   These are scare tactics used by religious ideologues who wish to continue dismantling our rule of law and their useful idiots in society.  Adjustments need to be made because our system has been corrupted over decades but this need not be the end or imminent collapse of our society or any government programs society deems necessary to provide dignity to our citizens. 

As we have remarked, the U.S. is  unlikely to fix our problems until we have a major crisis or worse because of the elitist class and their inability to do anything other than protect their own corrupt self-interest, but our problems are political in nature.  Purely political.   They are completely self-inflicted by  elitist idiots.  We need political will with moral clarity not provided by any particular political party but instead from leaders willing to rise above the corruption of politics and political parties.   By leaders willing to do the will of what is righteous and good within the framework of the rule of law.  China, on the other hand, had its fate sealed long ago because of the nature of its bubble.  There is no way out.     

Realizing the U.S. was and is in a debt bubble or a housing bubble was easy.  That was predictable for those who think with their eyes.  Deciphering beyond that requires that people really understand economics and monetary policy.   The future world is going to be much different than the future anticipated by those who think with their eyes.  The reality is that neither bulls nor bears generally have more than a cursory grasp of what they are talking about.    The herd is almost always wrong in the end regardless of the positions they espouse.  All of our posts excoriating the supposedly brilliant pied piper Harvard MBAs, Wall Street financial gods and Ivy League-educated economists and their overwhelming bullishness before the 2008 collapse, while we actually wrote that liquidity shocks and a credit crunch were coming, should provide proof enough of that.  Who am I but a nobody in a world of experts yet those words were not uttered anywhere else.  This is one of the fundamental problems with our society.  A handful of supposed, and I do mean supposed, experts dominate the agenda and rather than thinking for themselves, everyone else piles on.  The positions become ideological and limited in their scope of intelligence and knowledge because they are religious battles limited to the abilities of those dominating the debate.   Most bears fit this description just as clearly as most of the status quo they are fighting.   This is not democracy or reasoned discourse.  There is very little search for truth or what is is generally incomplete.      

We continue to watch as the world of the bureaucrat and the state develops in all of its grandeur of Orwellian lunacy.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Transparency International’s 2010 Corruption Index – Wall Street Mobster Favorites Lead In Corruption

The United States clearly isn’t headed in the right direction as it pertains to this index.   And I suspect our rating of 7.1 is somewhat of a gift because we have a written rule of law.  There is and has been almost no transparency in the United States on any substantive topic in Washington.  We have no idea what our government is doing or why.   The American people know it.  That’s why government approval ratings are dismal and has been for the last twenty years.  And as a result of that dynamic, that is why our economy is a mess.     

As we noted with the Transparency International index last year, Iraq and Afghanistan under control of the United States rank as two of the most corrupt nations on earth.  Right up there with Chad, Myanmar, Somolia and other countries where lawlessness is the rule of the land.  Where people are butchered by tyrants and corruption is the determining factor of power and control.  It’s good to see the American war machine has made such a positive impact on transforming Iraq and Afghanistan.  Especially since these wars have possibly cost us $3 trillion as we highlighted back in 2008, not to mention the countless deaths and injuries both civilian and military.  Endless spending on proactive wars while tens of millions of Americans rot.   All while our economy rots.  I think it’s time for those who haven’t, to consider another perspective or possible alternative truths behind endless wars and a foreign policy of control.  

And some people still think our government, under the influence of corruption, is going to fix this economic crisis?  Or that we should “trust” secret and smarmy back room political deals outside of the view of transparency?   A rule of law without transparency is a complete impossibility.  Our democracy is being subverted right before our eyes.  

What I find most interesting are the BRIC country ratings – Brazil, Russia, India and China - or those the Wall Street crooks and the investor class have brainwashed society into believing are such great investment opportunities. (baahaahaa)

These countries are almost as corrupt as the most lawless societies on earth.  China, as an example, has killed upwards of seventy million people and put countless dissenters under torture and prison.  Why should that be a surprise?  Wall Street loves these countries because there is no rule of law.  Number one rule of bankster-driven neoliberalism is to invest where capital can run roughshod over the rule of law and people.  Dump mercury out your factory’s back door?   No problem.  Bribe a local official to sell out the government to buy a new water plant from U.S. firms?  No problem.  Expose workers to unsafe working environments?  No problem.  And people honestly believe the answer to the U.S.’s economic crisis is to deregulate and cut corporate taxes to compete with this?  Are you kidding me?  Are you seriously kidding me?  That is what we have been doing for the last thirty years.

Wall Street loves emerging markets because they are corrupt.  Just like Wall Street.  Just like the influence they peddle in Washington.  Wall Street criminals run roughshod over the American rule of law and its people just like they do in emerging markets.  And the fun part is, the United States government negotiated these opaque self-serving trade deals on behalf of democracy?  Ahem.  

Wall Street and Washington crooks deny Americans access to our own capital and economic opportunity while they flood BRIC countries with our society’s money and technology created by our sovereign nation.  All because the United States government sanctions this.  They created this.  All for your benefit.  All for democracy and your liberty.  The transfer of technology and financial assistance to righteous and moral developing countries would be beneficial to human development if that were the goal.  But it is not.  If America’s unemployment was just about zero and our technology was being used to spread democracy and freedom, we would surely have economic and government policies of moral clarity.  On then will the United States return to the mantle of moral leadership it once had.  That will only happen when We The People make it happen. 

This is all part of the greatest act of criminal racketeering in our country’s history.  The dismantling of the rule of law by the greatest organized crime syndicate in our country’s history – Wall Street. 

The bullshit being fed to us by corporatist politicians and crooks on Wall Street is the biggest Orwellian scam in our history.  What government decisions can be trusted as pure and with good intent when there is no transparency?  The answer is clear.  None. 

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Eric Cantona - We Don’t Pick Up Weapons To Kill People, To Start The Revolution…. We Destroy The Crooked Banks On December 7th.

I didn't know who Eric Cantona was until recently.  And BankRun2010 here. 

My family and I moved our money out of Wall Street's casinos aka “banks” back in the fall of 2006 as I wrote at that time on here.   There have been numerous people recommend the same actions here in the U.S. including Arianna Huffington.   If these withdrawals are coordinated, it could have a devastating effect. 

If it works in Europe on December 7th, it will be emulated around the world until politicians put a freeze on deposits to save their corrupt masters. 

The internet is a wonderful thing.  Is there any question why the state wants to regulate it? 

Every generation needs a new revolution – Thomas Jefferson

Vive la France.

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U.S. In Vast Insider Trading Probe

Let’s see where this goes.  I’m dubious as to its scope or where it will lead given the massive financial money bribing our politicians. 

We wrote on here four years ago and many times since that these markets were being manipulated by the same tactics that Wall Street used in the 1920s including modern day stock pools used to create massive price bubbles including in oil and commodities.  And why wouldn’t they be doing the same thing?  Wall Street has dismantled all of the regulation that was put in place to protect us from their endlessly criminal behavior. 

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U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Warns Ireland Not To Raise Taxes On Corporations. IMF-EU Bailouts Must Be Paid For By Increased Taxes On The Sovereign People Of Ireland. Fascism Is Alive And Well.

If you haven’t heard, the politicians in Ireland have agreed to be bailed out by the friendly boys and girls at the IMF.  Gee, what a surprise.  More austerity in return for greater debt levels.  It’s just a matter of time until Ireland implodes again.   And corporations are there to make sure they remind scumbag politicians who lines their pockets when it’s time to pay for the bailouts.  ie, Tax the people and not us.   Isn’t this really terrorism? 

Is it any irony that Republicans in the U.S. use the same fear tactics as U.S. corporations given they are the godfathers or corporatism? (perfected  equally well by Democrats over the years)  It’s the same psychopathic power-seeking bureaucrats running major corporations that are also politicians. 

It’s good to be the king.  Not much longer though.

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With All Eyes on the Gulf, BP Alaska Facilities Are Still at Risk Plus The Documentary Black Wave Which Highlights The Culture Of Corruption That Transcends The Energy Business.

I wanted to get this ProPublica story up while it is still relatively new.
There is substantial anecdotal as well as forensic evidence that BP is a very corrupt corporate culture.   That is really no surprise because the larger the bureaucracy, the greater the corruption.   BP never should have been allowed to become as large as it is.  Endless mergers perpetrated by the crooked Wall Street cabal stifles competition, creates unwieldy bureaucracies too big to fail and destroys economic vibrancy.  Even today BP should be broken up.   BP substantially failed on its media blitz (promises) that it would do the right thing in the Gulf fiasco.  They are already turning into weasels hiding behind their army of lawyers.   BP will never be able to pay enough restitution to recover the damage they created for American businesses, families and our ecosystem.
As if that weren’t enough, ProPublica reports that many of BP’s Alaska facilities receive an F-rating from the company itself.   Given BP’s culture of corruption, an F-rating within the company may actually mean something substantially worse to you and me. 

But the main reason I wanted to put this post up is because this expose by ProPublica ties into a documentary I watched some months ago titled Black Wave: The Legacy of Exxon Valdez which was airing on Planet Green (link to their web site for Black Wave) and appears to be widely available at DVD rental businesses and local libraries. 

I don’t want to give a blow by blow of Black Wave but I would highly recommend this documentary.  It is absolutely excellent and has won countless acclaim.  It is not a documentary populated with environmental extremists who believe we shouldn’t have corporations or jobs, instead it shares reasoned perspectives from experts who worked within the system.  Who wanted Alaska’s oil business to flourish.   The publicly voiced concerns from experts predicted there was going to be a crisis similar to Valdez.  And indeed there was.  Decades later much of Alaska’s citizens have been economically-decimated because of the documented short cuts, bribery of public officials and dismantling of sound engineering and maintenance practices for one purpose – greed and associated government corruption. 

The Exxon Valdez and BP Gulf crisis were both predicted by people who understood the environments of greed and corruption which caused endless shortcuts, gutted government regulatory agencies and dismantling of the rule of law.   People who state these events were random or unexpected or just a cost of doing business are manipulating the public.  These events, just like the current economic crisis and bankster terrorism are completely a result of government corruption. 
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Death Of Real News

My only question is why it took so long for an old timer to come out and rail on the endless opinionating and psycho babble the major media calls news.

News never used to be a source of profit at the major television corporations.  I would enjoy a return to an environment where news was a nonprofit enterprise that served the public good.  And give incentives for investigative journalism of standalone news sources so we can keep an eye on our government and the special interests who are endlessly bribing it.    That would get corporations out of the news business.  Fox, MSNBC and other twenty four hour propaganda machines could still exist, but they could no longer be able to call themselves news.   

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Update On The Dollars For Docs Scandal

Might you wonder one reason why health care costs are so high?  Because health care companies are spending billions of dollars to buy favor with politicians, doctors, athletes and anyone else who can help them overmedicate society and even subvert or buy the rule of law.

……drug companies often pay doctors to consult and give speeches about their products to other doctors. Since 2009, as we’ve noted, seven major pharmaceutical companies have paid $282 million in such payments to health professionals.

But doctors aren’t the only ones who got paid to speak at company events, according to the Washington Times……

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Paul Krugman On The Axis Of Evil

Haha.  Not really.  I almost never agree with Paul Krugman.  Krugman in a politician and an ideologue who uses his bully pulpit at the New York Times and the Sunday political circuit to further suspect political views rather than anything of proven mathematical value to economics. 

In fact, Krugman supported many of Clinton’s economic policies which are substantially to blame for this crisis as we have noted before.  ie, He bought the home cooking of ideology spewed by Greenspan, Rubin, Summers, Gramm, Gingrich, Clinton, Gore and all of those other baby boomer idiots of the 1990s. 

But Krugman comes down from the mountain of ideology and appeals to the truth in his remarks of  propaganda from China, Germany and the Republican Party on Federal Reserve policy.   Krugman pretty much rehashes the exact same remarks we have made on here. 

Look, I have been writing for two years that the Fed should be printing money.  And for anyone who eschews ideology and truly understands economics and monetary policy, I cannot imagine what grounds of reason they would use to disagree.  Maybe dissenters who really understand what they are talking about rather than spewing religious economic or monetary ideology should enlighten me. 

But what I don’t support is that they print that money and give it to banks to continue to destroy our economy and others around the world while denying Americans access to their own capital.  I support printing money, giving it to the Treasury and having government spend it on programs that benefit the people of this country.  (Treasury issues debt, the Federal Reserve buys it and places the proceeds in the Treasury’s Federal Reserve account for expenditure by the federal government on democratic programs to rebuild our country and serve our people, some of whom are in serious economic trouble through no fault of their own.)   

Unfortunately, that is apparently not ever going to happen because our government is captured by massive political corruption.

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Investor Class aka Marching Morons Bludgeoned As Municipal Bond Frog Croaks. More Party Favors To Come.

The investor class is going the way of the Dodo bird before this is all said and done.  It was all a con game from the very beginning.  The concept of an investor class focused U.S. economic policy on a self-fulfilling prophecy of collapse.  It’s part of trickle-down economic neoliberal feudalism perfected by Ronald Reagan and the modern day dunces in the Republican party.  Once again, the endless political idiots messing in our economy. 

The investment advisor bubble we wrote five years ago was building is going the way of the Dodo bird too.     What is an investment advisor anyway?  Someone who agrees to support the zealous ideology of a corrupt financial system that is nearing its end?   The same people who lose trillions of dollars for clients in the last few years by lapping up propaganda aka research provided by Wall Street con men?  Someone who takes financial competency tests approved by the likes  of Lloyd Blankfein, Hank Paulson, Tim Geithner and Jamie Dimon?  But as my disclaimer states, make sure you check with an investment advisor before participating in the casino.   

If the investor class realistically comprises about 5% (and don’t believe the lies that everyone is in the investor class because they have a 401K) of the population and 90% of them aren’t capable of realizing  the whole concept of an investor class is a Ponzi scheme in itself, that means a large number of people catering to them are going to be unemployed before this crisis ends.   It’s very unfortunate and unnecessary this dynamic developed but its where we are heading.  

Remember our post on the Marching Morons?  Well, it remains in full force.  What a corrupt government doesn’t seem to understand, or possibly doesn’t even care about, is that as money and corruption from the investor class bribes our government for economic self-interest, thousands to millions of people are forced to follow suit with economic decisions to feed their families.  Even if these jobs create no capital in the American economy.  And, by the way, they don’t. 

As we move from bubble to bubble, Wall Street mints untold profits fleecing society while the millions of people who are forced to into “retraining” courtesy of the investor class end up suffering.   Millions have lost everything because we have a completely corrupt financial system which does not serve democracy.  So, we get a massive herd movement in careers driven by the Marching Morons we call the investor class.  Then millions of people become economically-invested in careers which are unsustainable or even destructive courtesy of bribery and corruption via the investor class.  Nothing defines this more completely than the investment advisor bubble and the MBA bubble, both of which we have been harping on for the last five years.

A perfect example of the complete incompetence of this deluded investor class mentality is that the boobs on Wall Street have piled back into municipal bonds.  But then when you bail out incompetency and fraud without any changes to the system, they go back to doing exactly what they were doing before.  That is, creating unsustainable aberrations in the economy and an artificial view that employment has stabilized aka Marching Morons at work again. 

This isn’t rocket science.  We wrote on here years ago that thousands of defaults and haircuts in the municipal bond market happened in the last Wall Street-induced goat rodeo we had in the U.S.    This week, some municipal bond holders got a rude awakening with many bond funds and ETFs getting butchered and losing as much as a  year’s worth of gains in a week.

Just as we said before the 2008 collapse and we have said since the collapse, in today’s environment financial markets will move well too fast for people to believe they can beat it.    Then when under water, the investor class applies the greatest of investment decisions, “hope”, to their strategy.  I hope it comes back.  I’m down 20% and don’t want to take the loss.   I hope it comes back.  I’m down 40% and don’t want to take the loss.  I hope it comes back….  er, I’m down 60% and I’m selling.   

We need to return to an economic model which has at its core the concept of self-determination.   And part of that is a government which is self-determined.  Free from the endless corruption which heaps massive costs on our society in great wealth transfer schemes.  To get as much of this corrupt influence out of our lives.  This is all so laughable that our leaderless leaders are so gullible and incompetent.  And guess who suffers?  Democracy.  The rest of us. 

Once again this maxim of very fast moving financial markets is proving out. 

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Rare Earth Elements Not So Rare In U.S.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Epilepsy’s Big Fat Miracle

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Elected Leaders Of Europe Violated Democracy In The Creation Of The European Union

An excellent piece that should ring clear and true to anyone willing to embrace truth over bureaucratic ideological religion.   Pritchard labels the EU as a prot0-fascist organization.  By the way, just as American leaders violated democracy in its “free trade” unions and other incessant babble created by bribed and endlessly corrupt Washington bureaucrats who love shitting on the will of the people and democracy. 

It’s time to get the bureaucrats back in the box. 

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Is Angela Merkel Unknowingly Sealing Germany’s Fate?

The thin and unsustainable veneer of European cooperation is turning into utter chaos aka volatility.    Merkel does not want to provide bailouts for member nations but instead wants country-specific investors to take a haircut on their investments.   There’s nothing wrong with that.  Germany’s bailouts are likely unconstitutional anyway as we may soon find out. 

Why should Germany bail anyone out?  But if Germany is no longer willing to bail out the consumers of its capital in Ireland or Spain or Greece or elsewhere, then why would European Union member nations have any reason to remain as slaves to Germany or the EU?  The entire construct would be without benefit.  Member nations would do better to eject from the European Union and rebuild their economies alone where they have substantially greater flexibility and sovereignty to do what is in the best interests of their people. 

But of course, I expect that is exactly where we are headed in one way or another.  Merkel is messing with fire.  Germany will pay the price in either outcome.   

Link here.

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FDIC Starts Investigation Into Failed Banks. Wall Street, Which Would Have Failed Without $20 Trillion In Bailouts And Backstops From The American People, Still Escapes Investigation.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Are We At A Heightened Risk Of A Financial Crash?

A month ago we showed an intraday look at how advancing volume data collapsed after the September 21st turn date while the market continued higher.  This dynamic has continued since September 21st  in a typical blow off pattern.  This blow off was consistent across all financial markets -   gold, commodities, stocks, emerging markets, developed economies, you name it.   Yet this at a time when Wall Street is more bullish than at any time since the 2007 market peak. 

On here we have shown a few ways I slice volume.  Below is one of three unique volume algorithms I use in an attempt to understand if the market is rising on futures-driven manipulation, fundamental money flows or a few other dynamics I prefer not to discuss.  Sometimes these algorithms have something to say and sometimes they don’t.    They have much to say in today’s world.  The S&P has blown up to the April-May 2010 high on fumes.  In a healthy market, this algorithm would be making new highs comparative to the April-May 2010 top.  Instead, it is close to the lows made in August-September.  And as we said about a month ago, that means prices could easily blow downward very rapidly.  I believe we could drop back to the July lows within a matter of weeks under the right conditions.   This is not a statement of fact but of risk. 

This risk is in lieu of seasonality factors over the last one hundred years or quantitative easing or any other ruse used by opinionators.  

Today,  2010, is not the last one hundred years.  Those factors no longer apply.  A new normal is still developing right before our eyes.  And that means the statistical probabilities of November and December rallies of yesteryear are but a fantasy.  Statistics, when used improperly, are not science but instead voodoo.  And so is the bullishness of the delusional status quo who remains enamored with the past while continuing their incessant bloviating on political nothingness and con games of the corrupt.  The world is on fire while bureaucrats do what they do best.  Talk.  


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Monday, November 15, 2010

Frank Rich - Who Will Stand Up to the Superrich?

The wealthy Americans we should worry about instead are the ones who implicitly won the election — those who take far more from America than they give back. They were not on the ballot, and most of them are not household names. Unlike Whitman and the other defeated self-financing candidates, they are all but certain to cash in on the Nov. 2 results. There’s no one in Washington in either party with the fortitude to try to stop them from grabbing anything that’s not nailed down.

The Americans I’m talking about are not just those shadowy anonymous corporate campaign contributors who flooded this campaign. No less triumphant were those individuals at the apex of the economic pyramid — the superrich who have gotten spectacularly richer over the last four decades while their fellow citizens either treaded water or lost ground. The top 1 percent of American earners took in 23.5 percent of the nation’s pretax income in 2007 — up from less than 9 percent in 1976. During the boom years of 2002 to 2007, that top 1 percent’s pretax income increased an extraordinary 10 percent every year. But the boom proved an exclusive affair: in that same period, the median income for non-elderly American households went down and the poverty rate rose.

I don’t know how many times we have written this on here but Frank Rich’s statement above ‘the superrich who have gotten spectacularly richer over the last four decades while their fellow citizens either treaded water or lost ground.’  is essentially a statement of stealing.  The top 1% stole money from the rest of us.  They are thieves.  Crooks.  Con men.  Treasonists.  They are Mr. Rompuy of the European Union.  They didn’t earn that money.  They stole it from the productive assets in society.  They support the dismantling of democracy and economic freedom for their sociopathic and evil personal gain.  They are robber barons.  They are feudal lords.  They are enemies of We The People.  They are the king of England whose stealing started The Revolutionary War. 

And I for one, want our nation’s money back.   And I want a new economic model which benefits industriousness over stealing.   And inventiveness over the tyranny of bureaucrats.  Which benefits democracy over neofeudal state-sponsored capitalism aka fascism as a statement of the sovereign people’s primacy in a democracy.  Democracy and democratic rights must trump our economic model for our country to recover economically.   

Article link here.

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Unelected European Union Bureaucrat Posing As Its Illegitimate Council President Says Nation States Are Dead. And By Conclusion So Is The Rule Of Law And The United States Constitution.

We have remarked that this environment could be classified as “the end of big” and we wrote of what the implications of that dynamic are.   The European Union and its myriad of unelected bureaucrats are the personification of this dynamic.  They are trying to maintain a fraudulent power structure that is doomed to fail.  

So, curiously, has this bureaucrat has ever heard of individual sovereignty, self-rule or the concept of  democracy?  I’m also curious who actually elected this bureaucrat.  Nary a citizen in the European Union.  His word is clearly the word of illegitimacy.   

Does Mr. Rompuy aka The Prez believe the people of Europe should submit to a government of unelected bureaucrats?  Does he believe that when crisis is in its full glory and Europeans realize what has been stolen from them, they will submit to bureaucrats such as himself who sold the people a huge con game?

What purpose do bureaucrats serve except to endlessly make a free people miserable?   

The tyranny of bureaucrats and their endless stupidity is dying.  Just like all bureaucracies eventually die.   And this unelected bureaucrat is top ticking a major moment in history and is on the wrong side of the trade.    

Okay, I’ll throw an olive branch to this bureaucrat.  When you and all unelected EU bureaucrats, who are illegitimate to the people of Europe and the world, submit to the U.S. Constitution, I will support your efforts to become the 51st American state under our nation and rule of law. 

Until then, it is not the nation or the individual ego which is a threat to world peace but, in fact, it is the cumulative ego of unelected bureaucrats and political con men such as yourself who are a threat to peace.  And their efforts to distort and destroy the sovereignty of people who were born free of your bullshit and tyranny.  And unlike your twisted view of history, it is in fact, people like you who create environments which always bring the threat of war as we have written often on this blog.  And, finally, you clearly overestimate the pliability of Americans for such nonsense.  We are very suspicious of con men like you. 

“We are created for freedom.  That is why injustice fails ultimately.”  -- Desmond Tutu

Herman the con man, you represent great injustice to individual freedoms granted every human being by nature.  You represent the repudiation of democracy and a future of corrupt unelected Soviet-style bureaucrats imposing the will of man in place of the rule of law and all of the corruption and tyranny which goes with it.

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Believing in Barack

This New York Times op-ed is hilariously delusional.  If the New York Times or any other major press outlet in the United States is going to grant space for this type of ridiculous op-ed, maybe they should grant at least equal space to reason, sanity and the rule of law.  The savior syndrome afflicts so many people.   Our savior is the written rule of law that protects us from false saviors in the form of men and women.  Just as Germany or Japan or the Soviet Union or countless other nations.   Or for that matter, the endless disappointment of politicians in the U.S. and a Congress with a single digit approval rating for the last fifteen years. 

I have faith in Barack Obama.  I believe Obama is going to get his groove back and be the leader we elected, even though he is testing us sorely.

I have faith in a government of laws and not of men as John Adams said.  I have faith not in men but in the rule of law.    And I support any politician who has the leadership qualities and guts needed to maintain or where necessary, restore the rule of law regardless of similarly asinine party ideology.  A leader who has the guts to see evil, to call it by its name and face it.  To restore the contract of government to a democratic nation.  To prosecute criminal financial behavior.  To repudiate smarmy back room deals.  To clean up the cesspool of corporate personhood.  To call out the massive fraud and corruption in our government.   To restore economic freedom to our nation.  If that is President Obama, then I support him.  But I see no evidence of this.  And the author to this article obviously doesn’t either.  Yet she continues to pray to a false god rather than acknowledge the true god – our democratic institutions protected under the framework of a written rule of law. 

Faith in politicians is a deluded fantasy.  Our founding fathers knew this.  That’s why we have a written rule of law in The Constitution protecting all rights granted by our creator.   We need leaders in politics.  Not politicians.  

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bill Moyers: “Howard Zinn Taught Us That It's Okay If We Face Mission Impossible.”. Natan Sharansky Said, "You Need Courage To See Evil.". Our Mission Impossible Is To See Evil. To See The Contract Has Been Broken. To Overcome The Corruption Of The Rule Of Law And Restore Moral Clarity And Democracy To Our Government And Our Society.

I have great admiration and respect for these three men.  They are compassionate lions of truth.  They are leaders in a leaderless society.  And most of all, they are great people.  They walk the talk. 

Howard Zinn understood something that many take for granted today.  That is, until people actually have to live through that ‘something’ themselves - the world is an endless fight of good versus evil.  Of most people  having a life of dignity and self-determination versus tyranny and control.  Of endless class warfare waged by history’s elites and waged again today in America.  And that the only way the common person  ever got that dignity and self-determination was to take it from evil.  And I do mean evil. 

The United States was made the wealthiest nation on earth with the largest middle class the world had ever seen because people rose up and took what was rightfully theirs from the corrupt power elite who cared little if people had a safe work environment, a living wage, affordable health insurance, a reasonable work week, child labor laws, environmental safety laws, the right to vote, the right to bargain employment conditions with hegemonic monopoly robber barons and on and on and on.   To have a life of dignity in return for his or her efforts.  Today, that dignity is being stolen at a record rate from the American people.  We are living through the greatest theft in the history of this country.

A few excerpts from Bill:

For Howard, democracy was one big public fight and everyone should plunge into it. That's the only way, he said, for everyday folks to get justice - by fighting for it.

Between 2001 and 2008, about 40,000 US manufacturing plants closed. Six million factory jobs have disappeared over the past dozen years, representing one in three manufacturing jobs.

In polite circles, among our political and financial classes, this is known as "the free market at work." No, it's "wage repression," and it's been happening in our country since around 1980. I must invoke some statistics here, knowing that statistics can glaze the eyes; but if indeed it's the mark of a truly educated person to be deeply moved by statistics, as I once read, surely this truly educated audience will be moved by the recent analysis of tax data by the economists Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez. They found that from 1950 through 1980, the share of all income in America going to everyone but the rich increased from 64 percent to 65 percent. Because the nation's economy was growing handsomely, the average income for 9 out of 10 Americans was growing, too - from $17,719 to $30,941. That's a 75 percent increase in income in constant 2008 dollars.

But then it stopped. Since 1980 the economy has also continued to grow handsomely, but only a fraction at the top have benefited. The line flattens for the bottom 90% of Americans. Average income went from that $30,941 in 1980 to $31,244 in 2008. Think about that: the average income of Americans increased just $303 dollars in 28 years.

Let’s close on this with something you won’t read anywhere else.  You won’t read it anywhere else, because most economists and financial minions serve a system without thought.  They are so focused on their knobs and dials that they have lost their souls.  They don’t understand what it is they are actually doing.   That is because most men are likely to serve  the devil, without intending it, as God.    

Ages ago as an agrarian and trade-based economy, a  substantial number of Americans were mildly to almost completely economically-independent or entrepreneurs.  They were almost completely reliant on their own abilities, skills and industriousness.  But then came the mechanization and the eventual electrification of society.  This dynamic led to incredible invention from entrepreneurs.  From the brilliant minds of men and women of all colors and all levels of formal education including those who had none.   With this invention arose the capitalist class or the owners of production.  In order for the capitalist class to be successful, they needed the mass of people to forgo their economic independence.  They needed self-sufficiency to be replaced by reliance on the corporation.  They needed the factories and offices filled to create the wealth of the capitalist.  Capitalists needed people to submit to the will of another individual.  Something that is counterintuitive to liberty, to free markets and to democracy. 

In return for giving up their liberties and economic freedoms,  there was a social contract which was implied under the rule of law of constitutional liberty.  It is a social contract that has been broken over and over and over by an often corrupt capitalist class until the people have taken back their end of the contract.  Often with their lives.  (Robber barons, child labor abuses, unsafe work environments, lies about product safety, mass firings, outsourcing jobs, extorting government bailouts for corruption, poisoning our environment, bribing our government to dismantle that contract, preying on homeowners with the real estate fiasco, terrorist threats to receive taxpayer bailouts, etc.  the list is endless.

That social contract is that we will share the destiny of our sovereignty, liberties and our economic freedom to work for you, but in return, you have a binding obligation to our economic and democratic welfare and to our shared success.  Just as our government has in their social contact with society.   In fact, it’s the same social contact that is the basis for our democracy.  A social contract that elites, both in industry and in government, have decimated for their own evil self-interest.   And they called it free markets.  These crooks therefore have no legitimacy to lead our great nation either in business or in government.   The social contract is broken and with it they decimated the rule of law.   This was clearly predictable because it has happened too many times to count throughout history, both in this country and elsewhere.  It is the timeless evil of those seeking power and dominion over their fellow man.

Anyone who labels this environment as a recession is a criminal or an idiot.   We are simply repeating history on some level, something Howard Zinn, a master historian, understood all too well. 

The elites have robbed our country blind in too many ways to count in the greatest acts of treason this country has ever seen.  And they called it free markets.  Adolph Hitler would be proud

Link to Bill Moyer’s tribute here.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah Palin Warns Of Hyperinflation In Her Refudiation Of Federal Reserve Policy.

Sarah’s detailed economic analysis here.

If you are concerned about hyperinflation, you might consider adjusting your view given the company you now keep.  I think Sarah Palin understands about as much of monetary policy as I understand about being a politician.  It’s always good to focus on your core competency.  You know, demagogy, pandering, political terrorism or fear-based histrionics, ass kissing, bribery, manipulation and other core competencies of politicians.   

All joking aside, Sarah Palin has a right to speak her mind just like every other American.  I respect everyone’s right to speak their mind in this country but we have a problem of politicians who have little to no understanding of what they are talking about who are bloviating incessantly in the public forum. (Frankly, anyone who is telling you there is no source of jobs growth and that we are bound to suffer in this environment doesn’t know what they are talking about.  Period.  They may not see a source of jobs, but that doesn’t make it true.  Our economy would roar with the right economic policies as I have said countless times.

What Sarah Palin is doing is exactly what President Obama did during the health care reform process.  He portrayed himself as a subject matter expert.  Sure he knew a lot of facts and figures but so what?  Do spun facts and figures make you an expert on how to fix 20% of our economy involving millions of moving parts?  He clearly doesn’t know the first thing about creating a market-based health care system which works for all Americans while making it affordable.  If he did, we wouldn’t have this corrupt corporatist legislative tyranny he rammed through.   His solution is a system run on Soviet-style controls.  Government force is his answer.  It’s as horrendous of an answer as the corrupt system that exists without reform.  

In fact, this is standard fair for politicians.  It’s the very reason politicians should not have so much say over our lives.  Are almost all politicians nuts?  The political circus of insanity is endlessly.  It always has been.  This very reason is why we used to have limited government up until about thirty years or so ago.   Bureaucrats typically don’t know squat about anything that affects my life or yours but they have endless ideas of how to spend other people’s money and tell us how brilliant their plans are.  Just like the Soviets.   We had a rule of law to protect us from bureaucrats before said bozos dismantled it.   

The more uninformed people who grab the microphone, the more idiotic and insane the public debate histrionics becomes.  We really need to get politicians out of our lives across a wide range of issues.  That way the bozos can bark all they want and we don’t really have to even listen because we have a rule of law to protect us from them.  From a government of men.   

Under the protection of The Constitution, I refudiate a government of men in favor of a government of laws.  And the bribery, corruption and selling out of my constitutional rights that comes with a government of men.  I refudiate the right of any politician to meddle with my economic rights.  And that means I refudiate globalization in its current form as not supportive in any way of democracy.  I refudiate neoliberalism and bloated bureaucracy that goes with it.  I refudiate endless wars and foreign policy belligerence which threatens my safety and liberty.  I refudiate politicians meddling in the economy with their idiotic ideas of how to make my life more miserable and most importantly, I refudiate a crooked banking system.  I think Sarah and I agree to refudiate many things.   Well, except I also refudiate her because she’s endlessly trying to take the public opinion in directions she believes it should go.  Politicians need to learn to give up control and re-empower the American people and our democracy.   

A quote from Sarah at the post line…… 

"When Germany, a country that knows a thing or two about the dangers of inflation, warns us to think again, maybe it's time for Chairman Bernanke to cease and desist," ……..  "We don't want temporary, artificial economic growth bought at the expense of permanently higher inflation which will erode the value of our incomes and our savings."

Germany’s self-interest really has nothing to do with their concern of our possible hyperinflation.  They are concerned a weaker dollar will butcher their state-sponsored and currency manipulated export machine and provide competition.  A system Germany manipulates for comparative advantage versus our disadvantage.   Germany should refudiate currency manipulation if they want to start blaming the United States.  

Personally, I think we should all refudiate all politicians and take back our country and The Constitution and restore the rule of law and democracy.  Then when politicians are back on the leash and work for us, then we can talk about what our democratic government can do to inspire the lives of its democratic citizens.  A third party might be a nice start.  We could call it the Refudiation Party.   Sarah would be proud.

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London’s Conservative Mayor Calls England’s Bankster-Controlled Government Cuts “Kosovo-Style Human Cleansing” In Greatest Purge Since 1919 Of Education And Programs For Those Left Behind By Neoliberalism. Beggar They Neighbor Statist Neoliberal Economics Turns Into Literally Beggar They Neighbor Economics For The Underprivileged In England As People Are Dumped On The Streets. Underprivileged Because Of Bankster And Political Crooks. Democracy Is Dead In England. And Treasonists Killed It.

Anyone who buys into this austerity bulloney has been brainwashed by the banksters, politicians and their useful idiots in society.   There are easy solutions to this economic collapse but it involves tranformational economic change that benefits democracy.  As we have said literally dozens, if not one hundred times on here, we need a new economic model.  And the status quo is still in control so good luck with that.  They enjoy well too much living off the productive people in society. 

Austerity is the plan of the bankster and crooked politician be that in Greece, England, United States or anywhere else.   Proposed cuts to Social Security or education or similar programs are not necessary.  A repudiation of private for-profit banking and corporate fascism is.  Get the bureaucrats off of the public dole.  Make them productive or send them packing.

In England, the new government butchers programs for those without a voice while extending tax cuts for multinational corporations who spend billions bribing democracy and turning it to fascism.   We need to end corporate socialism and maintain our programs for underprivileged while changing economic models to serve democracy and the people and not the state, banksters and corporate fascists.  Democracy is dead in England.  And the treasonous crooks killed it. 

We are literally at war for our livelihood.  And the status quo will do anything to maintain control.  England does not need to make these cuts.  It needs to cut corporate socialism and repudiate the bankster extortion of government with a public banking system that serves democracy.   

The state is not going to do anything that benefits the people until the people take back their hijacked governments.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Look At Apple’s Bubblicious Stock, Key Fibonacci Levels And The ‘Theory Of Middle Sections’ And ‘Mirror Image’ Pattern Completions.

We were the first to write of aspirational consumer stocks (luxury or near luxury brands) putting in major peaks four years ago.  Obviously this is a manifestation of people realizing the value of money.  Which they clearly did not at that time.  But they clearly do now. Yet this has not impacted Apple’s stock.  Yet.  It will when the manipulation fails.  And manipulation always fails.  

Apple's stock might literally be the largest remaining financial market bubble courtesy of the bubble-blowing Wall Street mobsters.  Well, other than Wall Street itself which is the largest bubble in the history of mankind.  Parabolic moves often develop a mind of their own until they eventually implode so picking the absolute top is not easy but it is not impossible.  It’s usually esoteric and often quirky projection methods which give us some indication of ultimate price peaks.  We wrote that commodities, the Russian equity market and the Shanghai market were melting up into a peak before an anticipated collapse a few years ago and we came pretty close to nailing the ultimate top and subsequent collapse.   And then there are times when the gods give us gifts for our analysis.   I am beginning to wonder if Apple’s stock is currently presenting one such gift. 

It's quite easy for the financial crooks to convince  society of the Apple pump because the company has been hitting on all cylinders for quite a few years.  Yet the dynamic of Apple’s business results is simply reflective of a banking system run amok that will issue dead people endless credit cards and new homes., ie Unsustainable consumption.  At some point, we’ll be playing musical chairs with the stock and there aren’t going to be enough seats for all of those holding the bag.   ie, Unsustainable equity market consumption.  That includes a lot of hedge funds and banksters.

Mind you, Apple's products are primarily focused on the consumer space and that is a very, very hard act to continue over a long term. First, because of the competition in this space from fast followers and game changers (something we wrote about years ago in regards to Apple) but second, and primarily, when any economy shows substantial weakness, consumer products will be the first to get butchered.  This is not an opinion but a fact of how capital flows through recessionary and depressionary environments.  And a change in discretionary consumer behavior of a few percentage points across a country or a global economy can impact many company revenue streams by 50% or more.  As we have written since well before the 2008 crisis, our downside target on Apple is below $40 a share or approximately a 90% drop from here.   Will we get there?  We shall see but blowing the bubble even higher does not change our downside target.  It just makes Apple’s stock that much bigger of a pig.  That much more manipulated.   For any dubious minds, don’t forget the supposed brilliance of companies like Sun Microsystems and Cisco which were seemingly invincible a decade ago yet fell 95% in Wall Street’s criminal internet scam.   These too were pumped by the financial bozos like Jim Cramer and CNBC’s endless array of “experts” and guests.

Remember this courtesy of Paul Farrell?  September 2000: Jim Cramer, Mad Money host. "SUNW probably has the best near-term outlook of any company I know." (Fact: Within four months Sun Microsystems dropped from $60 to $30. Down to $10 in a year. Below $3 in two years.)

Anyway, there are many brilliant minds who, over the last one hundred years, have applied their creativity to theories surrounding the price fluctuations of financial markets.  Many analyses involve patterns.  Most of the pattern gurus are artistic or mathematically-inclined regardless of whether they have any formal education in either.  (How much genius exists in the world today that goes unrecognized because of corruption or being denied a self-determined life in a stable society?  In the U.S., crooks get endless access to democracy’s capital while millions, representing massive amounts of untapped creativity and industriousness, are denied that fundamental democratic right.)

Repeated patterns of the universe are all around us.  They are a part of our every day existence.   Yet humanity and science have often extracted itself from the patterns, energy and metaphysical forces of the universe.  But regardless of our own delusions, humanity is not the painter but is in fact part of the painting.   Or as we have cited countless times, volatility of the natural world around us is but one manifestation of the same forces driving economic volatility in he world today. 

It has been many years since we mentioned George Lindsay on here.   In fact,  back in 2006, we used his pattern of three peaks and a domed house to nail the bull market top in the banking index within literally just a few points although we were many months too early on the time component.   ie, Our pattern analysis needed to shift to the right one peak.  A continual problem with interpretive and esoteric analysis.  In hindsight I attribute my time analysis error to globalization dynamics.

Lindsay was one of those brilliant minds to theorize new ideas surrounding financial market movements. Lindsay, like most others, had no formal financial training or education and that was to his benefit.  Put another way, education, as Einstein stated, often clutters the mind with senseless dogma and ideology – a major reason why human ingenuity and creativity often peaks at a young age – we start to believe all of the lies our mind feeds us about what is possible, all reinforced by the endless false beliefs of the people around us.   It’s the same reason why the status quo doesn’t see the train of change coming down the tracks. 

George Lindsay's most famous methods of analysis were his concepts of the middle section and mirror images.  I’m going to twist some of his work into patterns which I see consistently.  Sort of a Lindsay-ish analysis.  We'll keep it simple on here without going into excruciating details of these topics. Mostly because I think the patterns and concepts have merit but some of his detailed work is a little too quirky and arbitrarily interpretive from my perspective.  Generally, if we look at these two pattern analyses, what we see is a symmetry or a rising market with a period of price chop (middle section) in the middle.  The moves preceding and following the price chop should be of relatively equal time and price distance.

Below we show two patterns within Apple’s stock which fit this profile.  First is the overall larger move off of the price collapse back in 2008.  This is highlighted with the red middle section box and two relatively equal moves preceding and following the middle section highlighted by the red arrows.  The second is a similar “micro” pattern or pattern contained within the larger pattern.   In other words, it is contained within the second completion leg of the larger pattern and is highlighted in blue.

The second leg of the move highlighted in blue has actually run a small amount further than the pattern would suggest.  And that could be why price fell nearly ten percent in a single day upon doing so.  (Just days after we said Apple reached a 161% Fibonacci retracement level some weeks ago and that that level would provide significant resistance, Apple’s stock was hammered for a large single day drop.)  In other words, Apple’s stock was more than likely propelled beyond a sustainable price and hence fell precipitously.  It has since recovered to close a price gap on the chart but had a difficult day again on Tuesday.

Finally, this pattern should come to an exhaustion point just about now if we compare the length of time the market declined from its 2007 peak with the amount of time this rally has been in place.  ie, Using Lindsay’s theory of time symmetry.   The net-net is that the air up there is getting very thin and this pattern is almost certainly complete or completing literally as I type.  That is, unless the pattern morphs into something else.  Which obviously with such an esoteric analysis, is possible. 

Apple stock is the poster child for modern day stock pools, hedge fund manipulation and a corrupt financial system.  That it has reached and been repelled by very strong Fibonacci levels and is now showing a substantial increase in volatility while at the same time completing George Lindsay’s favorite patterns is of substantial interest to me.  Additionally, this is occurring at the same time that the S&P is completing a similar pattern at around 1225-45-ish.  

This all is happening as the S&P has been unable to breach the April-May 2010 highs.  Have global financial assets been blowing off the last few weeks as one final move before collapse?   In addition to the S&P, the banking stocks aren’t sharing such a similarly rosy view of reality.  And with our economy requiring greater and greater financial extortion to maintain itself and the profit bubble, I’m obviously very concerned.  Additionally, the institution of capital controls, the potential end of China’s massive stimulus package and the re-emergence of crises in Europe are all happening simultaneously.    This at the time when many illiquid aka able-to-be-manipulated commodities are making a typical blow off parabolic run just like we saw before their last collapse a few years ago.  And just like back then, we hear the same expected histrionics of hyperinflation and too much liquidity for markets to tank as we heard back then.  Something we noted a handful of days ago in our repost of the Top 41 Untruths.   In other words, “reform” has changed nothing, so we are simply seeing Wall Street repeating the same histrionic behavior with the same financial market patterns developing.

Obviously pattern recognition is an art and it is not always a reliable analysis, but in this case, I have a reasonably high confidence level that many factors are aligning to support this particular pattern. 

Before the world comes to an end, I’ll share a similar pattern whose implications are beyond horrific if the pattern works itself out as expected.


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America’s Real Unemployment Rate? 22.5%?

It’s good to be the king.  Not much longer though. 

Link here

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

World Harmony Amongst The States, The Globalization Perps, Continues To Crumble - China States It Has Lifted Rare Earth Mineral Ban But Apparently Doesn’t Know How To Tell The Truth. G20 Harmony Turning Into Seeds Of Volatility.

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An Update On Gold’s Rising Wedge Pattern

We wrote on here not too long ago that we expected a major price move downward in gold.  Well, what we got was a mildly large move up.   Mildly large comparative to our anticipated correction size but still substantial.

All of this has given gold bulls the courage of almost unreal histrionics with their projections of a dollar going to zero, hyperinflation and all of their other standard  remarks. 

Lets take a look at the monthly chart of the gold ETF.  What we have is a massive gap upward in an attempt to break out of this pattern.   There are many traders (most good ones), who believe all gaps are eventually filled.  Always.  In other words, this almost surreal “hanging chad” could easily be a false move that has convinced the entire world of its legitimacy.  That gold made this move at the same time most relatively illiquid aka easily manipulated commodities are exhibiting typical blow off patterns should be very raise serious concerns about the sustainability of this move.

The fact that the gold ETF trades such enormous volume that it turns its entire share base every handful of days shows how massive the financial and hedge fund speculation is in gold.    But hey, it’s a hedge against Wall Street and financial shenanigans.  Or so we are told. 

As we said before, the gold market was bailed out by the Federal Reserve after being slaughtered back in 2008.  Don’t expect that to happen in any future crises.  My call for a major correction in gold over coming months still stands.




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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Monsanto’s Herbicide Roundup Linked To Birth Defects

Some time ago I added a few food links to the blog link list. One of them is Food Freedom which provides the link for this post.

The war against corruption and tyranny in our financial system is but a component of a larger fraud of corporate personhood and the outsourcing of our government and our society to bribery and lobbying.

Another component of that dynamic is the toxic trash we are fed in this country by the industrial food monopoly.  School lunches, as an example, are dictated by government bureaucrats who have to find an outlet for the excess production of factory farmed garbage.  The same factory farmed garbage that our government encourages through its protective corporatist subsidies of overproduction of food not fit for human consumption.   Food that is killing us.  You know, just like the Soviet Union and Communist China’s state-directed economic planning and overproduction. 

The outsourced regulation of our food safety is part of the same dynamic of self-regulation that existed in our massively corrupt financial system.  Literally.  Alan Greenspan even talked about this ideology – one he subscribed to before it created the largest financial crisis in our country’s history.   Greenspan and other political idiots believed that an industry is best which regulates itself.  I think we all know by now that Alan Greenspan is an ideological Republican dunce.   But the common denominator to this lunacy is a bought and paid for government which subscribes to this lunacy across countless industries including our food chain.    

In other words, the people fighting for healthy food in our schools and in our stores and in our stomachs are fighting the same evil as those fighting to end a corrupt banking and monetary system. That is, a for-profit out of control food industry trying to shovel shit, often poisonous, down our gullet. That is why we regularly discuss topics such as genetically-modified Frankenfood on here in parallel to our Frankenstein financial system. Peak oil, anthropogenic global warming, endless wars and just about every other issue pushed as crack cocaine by the major media is all part of the corporate-government ministry of misinformation and bullshit.  As we’ve remarked before, we have enough carbon-based fuel to power our country for at least 500 years.  And that’s assuming we can’t harness renewables, which we have written for years is going to come like a freight train at some point now that the scientific community and inventors are focused on it.

As if it were ever in question, Roundup is linked to birth defects.   In the U.S. alone, more than 100 million pounds of this alluring cocktail is being poured onto our food and into our environment on an  annual basis.   Think there’s any unintended consequences in that one?  Over a ten year period, that is over one billion pounds.  I think the earth only weights about a billion pounds give or take a hundred zeros.  And this stuff kills more than weeds.  It kills wildlife and now we know it is quite possibly doing many unsavory things to us.    Not too surprising to anyone who has tried to chug a pint of Roundup lately.  (Who knows, maybe chemicals are the true cause of the Pepsi Syndrome.)  And if that isn't bad enough, nature is adapting with Roundup resistant weeds.   So…now what?  Double the toxicity or dosage or both?  This is but the tip of the iceberg of the industrial farming goo we have talked about on here numerous times.  

Anyway, there is so much to talk about in society today that it’s impossible for everyone to write about all of it or absorb all of it.  Frankly, it’s all good.  The enlightened mind is a free mind.  It rejects the lies of the state.  A free mind is the first step to restoring the rule of law and democracy to our great nation.  

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We Are No Longer A Government Of Laws – How To Buy Your Own Laws In An Illegitimate Government Of Men

You know, there was once a dissident in the Soviet Union who wrote a thesis that everyone in the United States laughed at.  Including EVERY single supposed Soviet expert.   A timeless lesson for bureaucrats.     The bureaucrats in Moscow also discounted this dissident’s thesis.  Of course they would.  He was an enemy of the state and its authority in his search for truth and reason.   Dissent, free speech and free thought will not be tolerated by the state unlike democratic governance which must have all of these elements to survive and flourish.

Unlike the religious ideology embraced by bureaucrats in Washington who worship other bureaucrats, the idea that the U.S. spent the Soviet Union into submission and collapse is nonsense.  We wrote years ago what drove the Soviet Union over a cliff.   I don’t have the link handy but you can search the blog for that post.  There are many dynamics surrounding that event and the world today.  Not just the United States either.  Maybe even more importantly, how it applies to BRIC countries and emerging markets.  

Ultimately bureaucracies rot from the inside out.  And societies rot from the head first.  The larger the bureaucracy, the larger the rot be it in a massive corporation, a government, an agency of a government or even religious bureaucracies. 

There is an illegitimacy in most bureaucracies and it is only a matter of time until illegitimacy takes its toll.  A handful of bureaucrats cannot maintain control over an entire society forever.  That is, unless society seeks to submit its sovereignty because of the legitimacy of the bureaucracy such as the democratic rule of law.  It was the corrupt bureaucracy which was the end of Rome and the Soviet Union, both of which we have talked about on here. 

I think it was 1969 or 1970 that Andrei Amalrik wrote “Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?”.  One of his major suppositions was that the Soviet Union failed to build a society based on the rule of law.    And along with a few other dynamics, it would be the lack of a society based on laws that be the ultimate demise of the Soviet bureaucracy.  Amalrik was only off by a year.  The chain of events leading to Soviet collapse started in 1985.       

Link on how to buy your own laws in a government of men. 

Ironically, I suppose there is little difference in this case compared to countless cases in the former Soviet Union where there was no uniform rule of law and where there was, there was often little political will to enforce it.  Just like the massive financial corruption in our country and the endless bribery of our politicians. 

We are no longer a government of laws.  As Adams so eloquently wrote, we are now a government of men and with that comes the whims of man and the endless bribery, treason and corruption that goes with it. 

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Monday, November 08, 2010

HAHAHA. The Corrupt World Bank, Under The Dominion Of The Federal Reserve, Recommends The Global Economy Return To The Gold Standard.

Don’t you find it strange that gold bugs have spent years convincing you of the need to return to the gold monetary standard and now they are now on the same side as the World Bank?  The World Bank is controlled by the United States under the Bretton Woods agreement and is an extension of the Federal Reserve banking cartel.   All of the corruption that we associate with Wall Street is in play at the World Bank, which is a political tool for American financial hegemony around the world.  

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the gold bugs and those who wish to return to the gold standard are leading the world down the path the banksters and corrupt politicians want to go.  The direction now unofficially approved by the status quo.  (An off the record editorial by the World Bank President rather than a policy statement as the U.S. likely tests world reaction before endorsing such a corrupt position.)  And why does the status quo want to go there?  I think it’s quite apparent.  It’s also apparent the gold bugs have sold its true believers a bill of goods.   Rather than understanding monetary economics, they rely on opinions of others who have no idea what they are talking about either.

Now that the backers of the gold standard find themselves in an undefendable position, what excuses shall they make?  How shall they defend an opinion that was and is absolutely horrendous?  Will they proactively attempt to paint this as constructive in an effort to cover their incompetence?  You have NEVER read any supportive statements on here about a return to the gold standard.  To the contrary, you have read many statements that we should not over the years of this blog because we understand money and the how the gold standard is used by the banksters to manipulate and destroy democracy and economic freedom.   Gold bugs don’t understand money.  Or they wouldn’t be gold bugs.

This decision by the World Bank was most assuredly cleared at the highest levels of U.S. government before making this announcement.   The President of the World Bank is nominated by the President of the United States and the United States has voting control over World Bank decisions.   In fact, the President of the World Bank who is throwing up this trial balloon is a former Goldman Sachs executive nominated to this position by George Bush and the former Treasury Secretary and ex Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson.   You remember Hank?  The man who used terror tactics to get TARP approved.  The man who gave Wall Street authority to leverage up their balance sheets.  The man who lobbied Washington to deregulate Wall Street as CEO of Goldman Sachs.

This decision, if approved, would plunge the global economy into an endless depression.   Might that be what Washington wants?  To economically destroy its political and military competition?   And what better way to do it than to use the gold standard given society has been brainwashed into believing this is the answer we have all been waiting for.  No.  In fact, this would lead to endless depression. 

Global volatility dead ahead.

Link here.

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The Grim Reaper Is Returning To The Global Economy – Emerging Market Countries Criticize Fed Decision

It’s very common in today’s world of polarization that people jump on any alternative position without understanding the entirety of the issue.  Without framing the issue properly.  Or without considering all of the alternatives and what appropriate solutions are.   I believe part of the crisis behind this dynamic is the breakdown of the press.  Fox News, MSNBC and others are simply twenty four hours of endless ideological opinion and propaganda.  Investigative journalism and fact-checking have almost disappeared as money becomes the driving force behind the pablum we call news.  Or as President Kennedy said, 

And that is why our press is protected by the First Amendments. The only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution. Not primarily to amuse and entertain. Not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental. Not to simply give the public what it wants. But to inform. To arouse. To reflect. To state our dangers and our opportunities. To indicate our crises and our choices. To lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion......And it means finally that government at all levels must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible obligation..........

How prescient his words were.  We see this herd mentality of jumping on bandwagons everywhere.   The political idiots try to frame issues such that if you voted for a Democrat and didn’t like that person’s policies, that you should vote for a Republican.  Umm, no you should vote for whomever represents your positions on issues.  Most likely in a reasoned analysis, that would be neither party for most Americans.  Then there is the monetary issue.  You appreciate the corruption of the status quo, so the alternative is to follow the gold crowd because their ideological motto is honest money.  Yet have any of these people actually written in extensive detail about how a sustainable monetary system backed by gold would work?  And how that would benefit democracy?  Umm, no gold backing of the currency will not solve this crisis or end the corruption in the United States.  It will more than likely create a depression as far as the eye can see.   And then we have the issue of currency markets.  This ranks right up there with the left-right paradigm as an absolutely ridiculous narrative of nonsense.  People see that the Federal Reserve’s policies are weakening the dollar so they side with China, as an example, in the war on which country’s policies are honest.   There are quite a few gold bugs who immediately jump on this bandwagon without having any idea what they are talking about.  And then a whole counterculture herd moves along with them.   We wrote on here five years  ago that currency devaluation solves nothing.  The whole paradigm needs to change.   Is the world going to be a better place when everyone’s currency is zero?

Emerging markets, including China have endlessly manipulated their currencies.  Endlessly.  In fact, they have benefited substantially from this dynamic.  In the end, they are the cause of their own nonsense.  The United States didn’t cause anyone else’s problems.  The corruption in their own countries is the cause of their own problems.  It’s been ages since we have made this statement on here, but countries like China love globalization because it allows them to maintain the status quo of corruption and statist authority over its people while benefiting financially without giving up power through domestic reform.  All emerging markets loved neoliberal economics as long as the game was in their favor.   China, as an example, devalued its currency overnight by 40% not too many years ago.   Can you imagine the squawking from China today if the U.S. would wake up one day and devalue its currency by 40%?    The global tensions would be palpable.  And the mob would howl.  China continues to devalue its currency every single day since by manipulating the yuan downward against the dollar.   South Korea, Germany, Brazil, Russia and more are all master players in the con game.   That emerging markets now don’t want to play this game anymore when it doesn’t benefit them is no surprise.  It puts the spotlight back on the shortcomings in their domestic statist policies and domestic corruption.   Global volatility will soon be in  full play again.  All courtesy of the state.  

Unregulated capital and the corruption surrounding it is something that we have mentioned on here for a long time.   The world of global finance is one of tremendous corruption.  Not only state-based corruption but mafia money, drug money, terrorists money and all sorts of illegal activity.  In an economy in which the vast majority of transactions are done electronically, such as the United States, a large pickup in the currency component of our money supply is anecdotal evidence of a massive element of corruption and illegal activities.  Of course, this all fits quite nicely into the neoliberal’s view of the world of anarchy often called  free markets enabled by the dismantling of the rule of law aka deregulation.   

The only thing keeping the emerging market Ponzi Scheme going is the Fed’s quantitative easing.  Capital controls, which are absolutely necessary for any type of economic sustainability, will kill the global beast.  And with it will go the needed money supply growth in the U.S. needed to keep us from a deepening crisis.  The con game is again running out of steam.  And the grim reaper is preparing his return.  

Globalization is dead

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