Friday, November 12, 2010

London’s Conservative Mayor Calls England’s Bankster-Controlled Government Cuts “Kosovo-Style Human Cleansing” In Greatest Purge Since 1919 Of Education And Programs For Those Left Behind By Neoliberalism. Beggar They Neighbor Statist Neoliberal Economics Turns Into Literally Beggar They Neighbor Economics For The Underprivileged In England As People Are Dumped On The Streets. Underprivileged Because Of Bankster And Political Crooks. Democracy Is Dead In England. And Treasonists Killed It.

Anyone who buys into this austerity bulloney has been brainwashed by the banksters, politicians and their useful idiots in society.   There are easy solutions to this economic collapse but it involves tranformational economic change that benefits democracy.  As we have said literally dozens, if not one hundred times on here, we need a new economic model.  And the status quo is still in control so good luck with that.  They enjoy well too much living off the productive people in society. 

Austerity is the plan of the bankster and crooked politician be that in Greece, England, United States or anywhere else.   Proposed cuts to Social Security or education or similar programs are not necessary.  A repudiation of private for-profit banking and corporate fascism is.  Get the bureaucrats off of the public dole.  Make them productive or send them packing.

In England, the new government butchers programs for those without a voice while extending tax cuts for multinational corporations who spend billions bribing democracy and turning it to fascism.   We need to end corporate socialism and maintain our programs for underprivileged while changing economic models to serve democracy and the people and not the state, banksters and corporate fascists.  Democracy is dead in England.  And the treasonous crooks killed it. 

We are literally at war for our livelihood.  And the status quo will do anything to maintain control.  England does not need to make these cuts.  It needs to cut corporate socialism and repudiate the bankster extortion of government with a public banking system that serves democracy.   

The state is not going to do anything that benefits the people until the people take back their hijacked governments.

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