Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Monsanto’s Herbicide Roundup Linked To Birth Defects

Some time ago I added a few food links to the blog link list. One of them is Food Freedom which provides the link for this post.

The war against corruption and tyranny in our financial system is but a component of a larger fraud of corporate personhood and the outsourcing of our government and our society to bribery and lobbying.

Another component of that dynamic is the toxic trash we are fed in this country by the industrial food monopoly.  School lunches, as an example, are dictated by government bureaucrats who have to find an outlet for the excess production of factory farmed garbage.  The same factory farmed garbage that our government encourages through its protective corporatist subsidies of overproduction of food not fit for human consumption.   Food that is killing us.  You know, just like the Soviet Union and Communist China’s state-directed economic planning and overproduction. 

The outsourced regulation of our food safety is part of the same dynamic of self-regulation that existed in our massively corrupt financial system.  Literally.  Alan Greenspan even talked about this ideology – one he subscribed to before it created the largest financial crisis in our country’s history.   Greenspan and other political idiots believed that an industry is best which regulates itself.  I think we all know by now that Alan Greenspan is an ideological Republican dunce.   But the common denominator to this lunacy is a bought and paid for government which subscribes to this lunacy across countless industries including our food chain.    

In other words, the people fighting for healthy food in our schools and in our stores and in our stomachs are fighting the same evil as those fighting to end a corrupt banking and monetary system. That is, a for-profit out of control food industry trying to shovel shit, often poisonous, down our gullet. That is why we regularly discuss topics such as genetically-modified Frankenfood on here in parallel to our Frankenstein financial system. Peak oil, anthropogenic global warming, endless wars and just about every other issue pushed as crack cocaine by the major media is all part of the corporate-government ministry of misinformation and bullshit.  As we’ve remarked before, we have enough carbon-based fuel to power our country for at least 500 years.  And that’s assuming we can’t harness renewables, which we have written for years is going to come like a freight train at some point now that the scientific community and inventors are focused on it.

As if it were ever in question, Roundup is linked to birth defects.   In the U.S. alone, more than 100 million pounds of this alluring cocktail is being poured onto our food and into our environment on an  annual basis.   Think there’s any unintended consequences in that one?  Over a ten year period, that is over one billion pounds.  I think the earth only weights about a billion pounds give or take a hundred zeros.  And this stuff kills more than weeds.  It kills wildlife and now we know it is quite possibly doing many unsavory things to us.    Not too surprising to anyone who has tried to chug a pint of Roundup lately.  (Who knows, maybe chemicals are the true cause of the Pepsi Syndrome.)  And if that isn't bad enough, nature is adapting with Roundup resistant weeds.   So…now what?  Double the toxicity or dosage or both?  This is but the tip of the iceberg of the industrial farming goo we have talked about on here numerous times.  

Anyway, there is so much to talk about in society today that it’s impossible for everyone to write about all of it or absorb all of it.  Frankly, it’s all good.  The enlightened mind is a free mind.  It rejects the lies of the state.  A free mind is the first step to restoring the rule of law and democracy to our great nation.  

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