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A Few Remarks About The Elections, Political Idiots & Political Party Con Artists, Natural Rights Versus Statutory Rights And Our Economy Within The Framework Of Our Country’s Founding Documents And The Rule Of Law

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution. – John Adams

Here we go again.  Just as we remarked in the last elections, the winning party is misinterpreting the results.  This is not a mandate for the modern day Republican party’s ideals of corporatism, government corruption and cronyism.  Its leaders are already moving in the wrong direction by misinterpreting the election results. 

I really do not like politicians.  Really.  Truly.  Really truly.  There is something just completely reprehensible about the type of person who will do and say almost anything to gain power and then do and say anything to keep it.  That includes attempts to terrorize or instill fear in people by lying and manipulating the electorate and panderimg to modern day witch hunters or the mob.   There is no Buddha in Washington.  Truth, enlightenment, awareness, respect and compassion do not reside in the consciousness of most politicians.    Instead, it’s power, control, greed and deceit.  Sure there are some decent people in politics but not very many.  Our founding fathers, often portrayed as elitists yet who all lost everything during our drive for independence, clearly understood this.   Elitists?  Do you see any politicians today willing to risk everything to overcome tyranny and corruption?  To fix the massive fraud in our government?   Our country was set on its path by leaders.  Perfect?  No.  Leaders?  Yes. 

There is absolutely no reason to rejoice the results of this election.  We did the best we could as a society with often horrible candidates, fear-based politics, lies, deceit and the lock corporate money and bribery on who gets nominated to national political office.  But, remember it was the Republican idiots who just two years ago endorsed an economic ideology which led to complete  economic collapse.  It is an ideological religion that has gripped the party for decades.   Has some great epiphany taken place in the last two years?  Ahem. 

It seems half of the candidates for Congress were nuts.  Which quite frankly is why I support limited government.   But government does play a hugely important role in society.  Amongst many important roles, it keeps society from being overrun by the mob of useful idiots and witch hunters.   

If I knew we could have the most brilliant and selfless people always serving in government, I would be fine with allowing government a much greater role in society.  But, that person is a figment of my imagination.  Transparency, the rule of law and checks against hegemonic power are all that saves us from another Adolph Hitler, because some kook surely exists within our society today who would become our tyrant were we not constitutionally-protected from the endless insanity of those seeking power.  

John Boehner has told us the Republicans are going to listen to the people while already selectively picking and choosing what he wished to hear.  In other words, John Boehner  is not a bodhisattva.  John Boehner is  nothing more than a chain-smoking Nancy Pelosi with an artificial tan.  It was just a few months ago that he was handing out checks from the corporatocracy on the House floor – an act of treason against the American people, if not via a dismantled rule of law, most assuredly morally so.  This guy is the consummate political scumbag willing to do the will of big and corrupt money and has been doing it for twenty years.  He’s part of the problem. 

To believe the Republican party of today is going to do anything that serves the interests of the people is ridiculous on every level.  They are going to do what big business wants them to do.  Because monopolies  bought their campaigns and their elections.  The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post already have run stories on the wish lists corporate bribers are expecting Republicans to fill in return for their bribery of our democratic political process.  More back-scratching corruption. 

Pro-business policy is to be against a policy of pro-markets and against democracy.  And if you don’t understand what role that is playing in our economic crisis, then you need to think a little more about what is driving this mess.  Pro-business is fascist and corrupt.  Pro-markets is a policy of enabling democracy and the primacy of We The People within an economic framework.  Both parties are pro-business.  And until this corruption ends, any government cuts planned by Republican corporatists will bludgeon democracy while preserving corporate welfare programs.  In other words, the Republicans are not going to do anything to benefit the people within the framework of a bought and paid for government.  Additionally, large corporations haven’t created a single net-new job in the United States in forty years.  Why would more of the same fraud and corruption start producing jobs under Republican religious ideology?     

I blabber a lot about democracy on here because democracy is conceptually about equality within society.  One man, one vote.  That doesn’t mean everyone makes the same amount of money but it means we are treated equally and with dignity in the framework of our society, our economy and the rule of law.  Or so it is supposed to be. 

We are a constitutional republic which John Adams defined as a government of laws and not of men.  And that means ‘majority rules’ is not the way the ball bounces.  Too many of the candidates and too many useful idiots in society somehow believe majority rules in our country.  And that has been a problem with Washington politicians for decades.   They believe its anything goes when they get elected.  Or as George Bush stated, he earned political capital and he was going to spend it.  Actually, no he didn’t.  But in the insane world of politics, he as President Obama also believed, that we are a government of men as politicians have dismantled and manipulated and rewritten the rule of law across every imaginable segment of our society, often under the influence of money.  We do not grant a government of men the arbitrary decision to do as they please such as torture or spy on American citizens or suspend habeas corpus or sell our government out to the highest bidder when a government of laws forbids it.

It is the state that has destroyed our country and our economic opportunity.  To believe we will see anything different under the corrupt Republican party without a transformation of the culture of fraud and corruption in Washington is preposterous.   The Republicans are more than likely to push us back over the brink of financial catastrophe again just as their policies did back in 1989, 2000 and again in 2008.  Both parties present a false choice of fraud and abuse.

As a country of laws run by a government of laws, we don’t adopt views of individual liberties because 51% of Americans think we should.  If this were so, we could theoretically put slavery up to a popular vote.   Majority rules when it comes to whether or not society wants to build a bridge.  In other words statutory code.   We should consider rewriting much of our statutory code into constitutional code so that there is no majority rule on economic issues, the destruction of the rule of law and political bribery dismantling our way of life.  So that this environment can never happen again. 

Majority does NOT rule when it comes to constitutionally guaranteed rights of human equality.  As an example, if gay Americans want to marry (which is nothing more than a nonreligious aka secular legal contract in a government of laws and not of men as much as anyone’s religion may compel them to want to change that fact), they have the right to do so even if 99%  of people disapprove.  Because we are a government of laws which has constitutionally-guaranteed liberties for every single American.   That goes for any natural right or personal freedom sought by any person in this country.  We don’t put constitutional rights and individual liberties of any kind up for public vote even though that tends to be the bastardization of the rule of law which is endlessly prevalent.   The rule of law is not a popularity contest.  Under the written law of liberty, you don’t get to decide what my rights are.  Period.  Or anyone else’s rights.  Period.   To put individual liberties up for popular vote is just about as unconstitutional and un-American and subversive of the rule of law as it gets.    It’s mob rule.  It’s often modern-day witch hunting across a multitude of issues.  It’s government of men and not of laws which is in fact a repudiation of our founding principals, our constitution and a government of laws and not men.  Individual freedoms are not decided by the whims of man and the mob.  They are decided by constitutionally-granted natural rights applied universally to all people.  Especially for people you don’t wish to tolerate for it is exactly those people who need protection from you provided by a rule of law. 

It’s just amazing to me that many people, including countless political candidates, who often cite The Constitution in their unreasoned attacks on reason, are often the most unconstitutional in their views of liberty  and the role of government and the rule of law in our society.  And there were plenty of candidates who won elections who can’t seem to distinguish the two and instead seek to impose their unconstitutional will on my liberties.  In other words, subvert The Constitution and the rule of law.   This is nothing new.  It’s simply a perpetuation of the status quo.  Maybe we should  require formal rule of law education for our political candidates before they decide they run on unconstitutional positions of any kind.   Before they run roughshod over my economic rights and individual rights.

Let’s close on a constitutional issue of natural rights that we have discussed repeatedly.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

One of the things that has often been lost by some corrupt Supreme Court decisions and by politicians is the concept of intent.    We didn’t have multi-national corporations, technology that allows the state to spy on its citizens and countless other modern inventions or dynamics at the time of our country’s founding.  So, what was our founder’s intent regarding The Constitution and the rule of law and how can we apply that to resolve what I believe are countless constitutional crises in our society today?  

As an example, in a world where government and massive corporations can actually deny or limit economic opportunity to Americans, how do constitutional rights of natural law and liberty apply?  It’s quite obvious from common sense, the preamble to The Constitution and The Declaration of Indepence that we do not live in a society where our founders desired an environment of ‘anything goes’ economically any more than it does regarding any other laws.    Instead it is clear they believed we have an obligation to our country and to each other.   Our founders thought it was so important that they included this explicitly in the two very concise documents outlining our liberties and our rule of law – both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.   ‘we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor’  and ‘We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare’.

What constitutional obligations do we as individuals and as a government of laws have to the general welfare of our nation and the economic welfare of its people?  And how does that translate into individual liberties and constitutional rights under an economic system?   And what role should our government play in ensuring those rights?  Because today, our corporatist government is subverting our economic rights as well as our individual liberties.  It’s a serious topic and it demands serious debate instead of the ideological economic drivel espoused by so many who serve a religion without any free thought or common sense. 

Our economic model has morphed into something that clearly does not embrace democracy or liberty but instead of many forms of economic slavery, feudalism and anarchy.   Was it the intent of our Constitution and its framers that government would deny our citizens access to society’s capital or a living wage while government-endorsed for-profit banking cartels and other economic entities freely offer our society’s financial and technological resources to people, often corrupt, outside of our country?  Does this promote the general Welfare or is this an example of a pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor?  Was this the intent of The Constitution and the rule of law as envisioned by our founding fathers?  So I ask again, do natural rights or liberties and democracy apply to our economy or are we to be slaves to a government of men and not of laws?  

We have hammered on this incessantly but I think it’s important that people start to think about economic rights within the framework of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  

The ego places the self as the primary and often only entity of importance but it is clear that both The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution have foundations of enlightenment contained within them.  The enlightened mind realizes the concept of self is but a figment of our mind.  That we are all of one consciousness.   The enlightened mind knows it has  achieved none of its success in life except through the actions of others. 

How much more successful could you be were every American afforded economic opportunity rather than being denied it?  Austerity is a myth perpetuated by the banksters, useful idiots and crooks.

We rise and fall as a nation.  As a more perfect union.  And that translates into an economic model which first promotes the general Welfare while allowing the self to flourish.

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