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Elitism: The Charge Obama Can’t Shake ……… And A Major Reason Why Democrats Were Swept Out Of Office Two Years After Convincing Political Victories

This is an interesting look at the disconnected and out of touch nature of our President and Washington in general. 

I find the following Presidential remark below (from the linked article) to be arrogant and completely out of touch on so many levels.  

“Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now, and facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time, is because we’re hard-wired not to always think clearly when we’re scared,” he told a roomful of doctors who chipped in at least $15,200 each to Democratic coffers. “And the country is scared, and they have good reason to be.”

It’s quite obvious he just doesn’t get it.  And that’s a major reason why Democrats, who won so convincingly on a platform of change just two years ago, were handily defeated yesterday.   And in a major embarrassment, why President Obama’s own Senate seat was not filled by a Democrat.  And why independents have dumped support of the President with an approval ratings implosion.  Americans want a Washington which serves the people and they won’t stop voting out incumbents until that happens.   In fact, exit polls show almost half of voters were voting against someone rather than for someone, not terribly surprising given Congress’s eleven percent approval rating.   In other words, this is another incumbent purge.

Contrarily, to me the American people are thinking quite clearly.  Washington is a cesspool of bribery and fraud and you said you were going to change the way Washington operated.  You have done nothing to fix the ingrained environment of bribery and fraud.

While we all benefit from a society which seeks to impart knowledge and reason over cronyism and corruption, the President endorses a system where knowledge and reason have been accosted by political idiots from both parties who believe they have some unique ability to tell other people how the world should be and how we should live our lives.  And to do so while thumbing society’s wishes. 

Washington elites have ruled for ages on the belief of being uniquely qualified to determine what is right for me, my family, our country and the economy.   Instead, it is political idiots that have destroyed our country’s economy and our economic opportunity.  And this President has done nothing to change that dynamic.  Instead we get parental lectures from a bureaucrat. 

The search for truth and knowledge should have convinced Washington pinheads long ago that they are not uniquely qualified to do anything other than to act as stewards of our country, which is what public servants should be doing.  And that means hands off unless we need to avert some sort of crisis that is not government created or there is some grave injustice in our society that is systemic and requires government intervention.  Instead President Obama is just another elitist in a long line of political meddlers.   He doesn’t apparently understand anything about finance, economics or how to solve the economic plight created by politicians because his policies have accomplished nothing.  And he doesn’t seem to want to prosecute fraud or transform a government run amok because the same system of corruption still exists. 

Our country has been great not because we all graduated from Harvard Law School (although that may be a noble pursuit if that is your passion) but because we allowed people to lead self-determined lives and provided the economic framework to meet the needs of the human condition and to provide for ourselves when possible and show the compassion for those who can’t.  None of that exists today because of meddling by elitist politicians.  None of it.   And now we have our President telling us more people need to go to college as a way out of this crisis.  As we have remarked repeatedly, that is utter bullshit not founded in any measurable fact.  It is more opinion from learned idiots.  We have millions upon millions of college-educated people doing work which requires no formal training.  So what does the President recommend?  That we have millions upon millions more debt slaves  saddled with unpayable educational debts to fulfill his vision of economic idiocy?  What makes him uniquely qualified to be the ultimate truth on this or any topic?  N-o-t-h-i-n-g!  He’s a bureaucrat living off of productive people in society.  And that’s not necessarily all bad.  We can’t all be entrepreneurs and inventors.  But then don’t pretend to know how every one else should live their lives either.  Because you don’t.

I tell all of my friends that the U.S. economy will be fixed when I can make shoes in our country and do so profitably.  Something we have mentioned on here before.   That’s it.  Democracy is about self-determination and that includes economic self-determination.  And political idiots have destroyed self-determination, which is why so many Americans are now reliant on government handouts to stay afloat.  

A self-determined and democratic society should be able to dream any dream and if there is ample economic demand and ample skill to manage a business around that demand, they should be able to do whatever they dream to provide for themselves.  That is democracy.  That is the American dream.  That is uniquely American democratic capitalism and not state-based capitalism or fascism that we see today.  And I don’t need a college education to succeed in that environment.  I can acquire knowledge any way I see fit to make my dream a reality.   That is how our economy used to function - the vast majority of business knowledge or knowledge needed to provide for our own opportunity was self-taught or taught in the market place or taught on the job,  not by ivory-towered educator’s theories.  Theories from people who have never made or created anything in their life.  Theories that clearly don’t work.  And that just so happens to define most politicians who rely on the productive assets in society to survive.  We don’t need Soviet-style bureaucrats defining our economy or what economic opportunity exists for society.  

Instead we need leaders.  As we have remarked ad nauseam, leaders understand empowerment and responsibility are the keys to success of any organization.  Empowerment to create a vision and the tools to make it happen.  And the responsibility to follow through and execute to actually accomplish the vision.   That includes the organization we call the United States of America.   Today, we often have the mantra of personal responsibility but we have no framework of empowerment or the tools to accomplish personal responsibility as the state crowds out market-based ideas and economic dreams of Americans.  So instead we have politicians barking about responsibility while rather than empowering us, their policies make us reliant on government handouts and state control which drowns out desires of democracy.  

As we have remarked before, our President needs a lesson in leadership as do most all of the other politicians in Washington.   The President and other politicians would find a willing electorate seeking transformation of health care, ecological responsibility, energy independence, a healthy food production system and invention were they to empower the individual to succeed in delivering solutions to these dynamics.  To empower the individual to compete and win in a market-based economy.  

As we have noted time and again, the greatest business consultant and one of the greatest leaders in history has taught us all we need to know about leadership in a few words.  President Obama, the media hound, might want to humble his ego and take a few lessons on how to be a leader – get out of our way and let the productive people of this country rebuild our country and fix the mess you and other political idiots have created.

"A leader is best when people barely know he exits. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'." - Lao Tzu

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