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Let's Take A Unique Look At The Greek Crisis Through A VERY Different Lens Than Found Any Place Else - The Lens Of Reality That The U.S.'s Financial System Enables Global Predation And Theft

As promised some months ago....  Now is a good time for this post anyway because the criminal Greek austerity measures recommended by IMF and eurozone political idiots and their crooked banking buddies are starting bear fruit.  Unfortunately, it's not the fruit they told us these efforts would bear but instead the fruit of lies and deceit.   Let's get real.  You can't cut society's wages by some massive amount and then burden society with even more debt.  This is more asinine neoliberalism.  Tyranny. Fraud. Corruption.  Greece is going to default.  It's just a matter of when.  I think they should do it now before the social fabric of the country is completely decimated by banksters and crooked politicians.  Austerity is the plan of the day for the corrupt and their useful idiots in society who have no idea they are supporting their own demise.  Austerity or cutting back on necessary support programs for poor or underprivileged people in times of economic crisis has one main purpose - to ensure that society has enough money to pay the massive usury of criminal banking systems.  Austerity is for economic idiots.  You cannot cut your way to prosperity.  And that means austerity will lead to future volatility and chaos.  I suspect I learned about the age of three that if I used to have $4 and now I have $2, I am going in the wrong direction.  Austerity doesn't solve any problems.  Yet the neoliberal elites, central banksters, corrupt politicians and foolish economists tell the Greeks that $2 is better than $4.  The free people of Greece should default on their national debt.  Now.  A public banking system and a democratic economic model that allows a self-determined society to become productive is what Greece needs.  Only then will Greece start to rebuild the country's wealth stolen by political stooges and banking crooks.   On to the post........

I had a friend call me during the height of the Greek crisis and ask how it would affect the United States. I thought I would share my remarks from that conversation. It's just a tad different than you will read elsewhere. As we have cited before, the debt load outside of the United States is many times larger than it is in the United States both in nominal as well as percentage terms. On top of that, countries who now have a foreign exchange surplus are some of the highest risk countries as we have highlighted repeatedly over the years. That doesn't mean the United States doesn't have serious problems. It does. Very, very serious problems. But they are all self-inflicted and easily solved. Very, very easily solved.  We simply need leaders with political will and an economic model which supports democracy and empowerment.

Let's look at the Greek crisis through the eyes of reality.  One that shows how our banking system not only preys on people in the United States, and our government institutions,  but also preys on people around the world. A "top ten" time line of the Greek crisis....
  1. American financial firms profit by helping Greece shovel debt onto the market over the past decade
  2. American financial firms acting as consultants (hahaha) help Greece hide its debt problem for the last decade. Obviously using this insider information with the intent of profiting from its coming crisis.
  3. Greek politicians, often involved in bribes, load the country up with even greater debt by signing  unnecessary but personally lucrative deals benefiting corrupt politicians and mostly foreign firms enabled by corrupt banksters who knew Greece couldn't afford such deals because they were helping the country hide their horrendous finances. 
  4. The Greek debt bomb becomes public knowledge as Wall Street crooks start the process of creating a panic. Greece is seemingly helpless to deal with its crisis. Euro countries balk at bailing Greece out. Thus, American ratings agencies downgrade Greece, driving its borrowing costs substantially higher and bringing the crisis to a head.  This is an arbitrary process that could easily be applied to any nation including the United States.  But the process and the firms controlling the process are uniquely American.  Something to think about.
  5. Corrupt American hedge funds and American banks (Wall Street) speculate in the American-created credit default swap market and shove Greece's debt spreads through the roof thus creating a panic in Greek and European debt.
  6. The panic in Europe drives the Euro lower and drives money out of Greece and the Euro into dollars. Who was a primary instigator in dumping the Euro?  You guessed it.  Mostly American hedge funds and American banks thus increasing the sensitivity and panic and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of crisis even though Greek's finances are really no less awful than those of the United States.
  7. Mostly American financial firms but also many other wealthy crooks are now able to buy Greek debt that yields 14% interest. Why own stocks? (You might want to noodle a little bit on this dynamic before you automagically believe the stock market will react positively with Europe's $1 trillion bailout. In addition to the fact that austerity measures around the world - including inside the U.S. - will drain money out of the global economy at a rapid clip.)
  8. European countries initially reject bailing out Greece. This brings in whom? Why that would be our old friends at the IMF, of course. The IMF, an American-controlled financial institution for countries too corrupt or too stupid to solve their own problems, (nearly everyone) now has the leverage to drive a hard bargain with Greece courtesy of the actions of American ratings agency and American financial institutions who have bombed Greek debt in the credit default swap market.  This is something the IMF has great experience with as it has worked in conjunction with American financial firms to thieve country after country in prior decades.  That includes the Russian panic where American financial firms literally raided the country's banking system of billions.
  9. Greece, with seemingly no alternatives, negotiates a bailout loan with the IMF at terms representative of the speculation used to drive Greece debt over the cliff
  10. The American-controlled IMF recommends austerity measures and demands Greece sell of state-owned assets and decimate its social safety nets benefiting the common people or democracy. This "fire sale" of Greek assets is done under duress thus allowing generally American-controlled private equity and financial institutions to buy Greek assets on the cheap.  ie, The criminal theft of public assets under duress.  (The same dynamic we have talked about repeatedly in the U.S. that is sold under the public-private partnership scam and now the unwinding and fire sale of public assets of state and local governments that is outright theft.  Just like the U.S. mortgage foreclosure fraud we are now seeing.)
  11. Greece becomes either a dollar or euro slave, or both, to the IMF or ECB or both. The bailout either weakens the euro as a possible reserve currency or increases the demand for dollars (depending on the structure of the bailouts) thus cementing the dollar's role as the world's currency. The Euro suffers in its desire to become a world currency and competitor to the dollar given it is in the process of destabilized weakness and widespread financial ruin. That weakness and other dynamics translates into less dollar purchasing power thus allowing the United States to do as it wishes by monetizing its own debt, if necessary.
  12. The end result to this charade, which has the potential to be repeated dozens upon dozens of times around the world? Countries become even more enslaved to American financial hegemony and the dollar.
  13. Let's add a final remark to our time line just for grins and giggles. The world all celebrates how fortunate they are to be bailed out by the endless stream of scumbags at the IMF by witnessing more tyranny choking off the self-determination of free societies by criminal bankers and crooked politicians.  The world truly is ruled by evil.  Hell on earth has indeed come to pass and the great Satan is for-profit banking run amok.
The first thing Greece should have done in this crisis was tell its creditors they needed to take a massive haircut or Greece was going to default on their foreign debt. Or selectively default and renegotiate terms. Or just completely default. And the next thing they should have done was start the process of rebuilding their economy outside of the Euro zone with a public banking system.  Something we wrote at the height of the Greek panic.

People who have been talking about a dollar collapse and/or hyperinflation in the United States for years have no idea what they are talking about. Of course, we have said that many times before. We wrote of the Greece dynamic outlined above years ago. Not for Greece but as a dynamic that would develop across the world by using other countries as examples. ie, The rising demand for dollars as their economies collapsed. And who is one country we said would eventually be scrounging for dollars under this dynamic? Why that's right, our commie-lovin friends in the most crooked of crooked Chinese communist party. At the time I'm sure no one even read that post because it was preposterous to consider. Some people will still believe it is preposterous. That's because most people think with their eyes. They have to see it to believe it. One of the greatest tricks perpetrated by the human mind.

By the time China needs dollars, the United States and China could be in the middle of a fully bloomed conflict of words or economics or worse. The Senate has already stated it is going to label China a currency manipulator in 2010. Given the tensions we see between China and the U.S. we see today, and more importantly the direction the tensions are headed, do you think the American-controlled IMF is going to be happy to lend China substantial sums of money at good terms, if at all? Especially after China has repeatedly flipped the U.S. the bird over the last decade? Baahaa! That's my joke of the millennium. What kind of demands would the IMF possibly place on China?  Global finance is dead. Remember, months or years from now if this happens, you read it here and only here just like countless other dynamics we wrote of in advance of them coming to pass.

Anyone know what caused an enlightened cultural mecca of Europe, Germany, to elect a radical nationalist psychopath, Adolph Hitler, who promised to reassert national sovereignty and right the wrongs of punitive international policies? And what pray tell are we witnessing today other than punitive international policies once again? Could we see a similar dynamic develop in the coming decade some place in the world? And what is another of our long-time predictions? That would be rising nationalism and global strife. Possibly even war. Well, where oh where is globalization? It's dead. Just as we have said countless times.

This Greek crisis is far from over. There are likely to be lawsuits, legal challenges, etc. Who wins if the European Union eventually fails at its own bailout? Why that would be the American-controlled IMF - a war horse of apocalyptic American financial hegemony. (No, that isn't some religious end-of-the-world statement. It just has a pleasant ring of truth to it.)

Most likely there is no way forward for the euro currency.  Period.  We were a first to write of the eventual doom of the euro.  There is either substantial marginalization of the euro or the break up of the European monetary union or a new charter which weakens its existence and power. As freedom-loving people, we should hope for the break up of the monetary union and a sovereign repudiation of private banking, or at least central banking as we know it. And with it, the end of the completely morally-bankrupt global financial system as we know it.

This is what the criminals on Wall Street are doing with our society's money and our savings.  And this is what the political stooges and central banking idiots in Washington endorse by hollowing out our banking regulations,  bailing out massive financial corruption and demanding no serious banking reform.  This is what the Washington Republicans refused to reform and the Washington Democrats didn't reform, both for the same reason - corruption.  All while American people rot as they are denied access to our banking resources.  This is the only reason why poverty is rampant in places like Gary, Indiana and Detroit, Michigan and thousands of other communities.  Wall Street serves no purpose to democracy either at home or abroad.  Contrarily, it serves massive fraud while spreading despair, destruction, corruption and poverty not only within the U.S. but around the world.  The financial fraud in our country today is greater than that in Britain before the Revolutionary War.  The status quo truly is morally bankrupt to the core.  And without moral authority, there is no legitimacy in any form of leadership.  Today's Washington politicians have not earned the right to lead our country.  Instead, we see tyranny.  The tyranny of corruption, fraud and greed.  And when the current round of Washington-endorsed corruption ends up with another round of Wall Street insolvency and crises, they will be coming for your Social Security.  The world is a very different place than what is presented on the television and in the know-nothing mainstream media.

Do you think we might need currency or foreign exchange reform?  Real banking reform?  If you ask the sociopaths on Wall Street who are destroying people's lives, the answer is the system is working perfectly.  Ask the people on main street U.S.A. or in Greece or countless other countries.  As we said, the global currency system as it is set up today doesn't work.  It never has.  That is, unless you are a crook.   

Let's celebrate the "ending" of the Greece crisis with a quote from a famous Greek philosopher who lived long ago.....

"Who loves ya baby?" -- Telly Savalas
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