Monday, October 25, 2010

These Are The Kind Of Really Ridiculous Statements Made By Really Ridiculous Financial Clowns At The Exact Time Markets End Up Peaking – Societe Generale “Strategist” (A Term I Would Use Very Loosely When Applied To Financial Clowns) Says BRIC Stocks May Double From Here

Equity markets are now the most overbought in the last twenty years by one measurement.  (Probably longer if I would go back even further.)   And we are overbought with the stock market making a lower high comparative to the April-May high of this year.  If I factor that overbought reading by a very important filter, we are the most overbought in the last seventy-plus years.

Bailing out the financial idiots guaranteed us one thing.  That idiots would continue to have the microphone.   And that means our media and our banking system would continue to be rewarded for economic and financial stupidity.

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