Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Washington Politician’s Facilitation Of Corruption And Rot In The Pharma Industry

First of all, I greatly respect those who choose the health care industry as their career.  It’s a noble profession.  But like everything else which may be  noble, money and power corrupts.   In fact, any changes in society that are a result of any influence of money almost always end up being regretful.  We must get money out of politics.  Completely.  Only then will we have rid ourselves of corporatism, corporate welfare, corporate personhood and the abomination of democracy and the rule of law.

I suppose most people who visit this site have a clear understanding that the rot in Washington is not limited to our corrupt financial system.  Everything in Washington is rotten.  For that matter, I suspect most every state government is also rotten.  But the counterbalance and disparity of fifty separate states is a bulwark against hegemony as our Founding Fathers knew.  We surely have some major reform to do in state governments as well. 

Our Supreme Court, the White House, the Congress and everything they touch has to some degree been tainted by legalized bribery and the subversion of democracy.  I think it’s fairly obvious that the pharma industry is one of the most corrupted by money and influence-peddling in government. 

And now one of those dynamics within pharma is exposed by ProPublica.  All of this and other schemes are accepted and even endorsed because the rule of law in Washington has been subverted by fraud and money.  Our government is for sale to the highest bidder and that means anything goes.  And many of those bidders are even foreign entities.  Is treason the order of the day? 

Primary story of how unqualified doctors under the influence of substantial money to push drugs like illegal drug users push crack cocaine.

And secondary story here.  How the “new” Democrats are just what the pharma industry ordered.

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