Monday, November 01, 2010

Signs Of The Democratic Apocalypse By Karl Rove. Be Sure To Vote On Tuesday!

Personally, I think Karl Rove is a scumbag.  And I think that word is a perfect fit.  He supports an environment of corruption in our government because it serves his purpose, and he never stops to think about the impact it has on our country.  Or, if he does and he still continues with his con games, then he’s even worse than a scumbag.  Politicians are bad enough.  To have political “consultants” is to take the worst con games that politicians can imagine and dream up ways to be even more deviant and mislead the public for profit. 

Rove is deliberately lying in this article about the apocalypse of the Democratic Party.  His article should be termed Signs of the Two Party Apocalypse, for 180 of the Washington Republican candidates aren’t even Republicans.  They are Tea Party candidates.  That they run under the Republican Party is simply because the Democratic and Republican political corporations that control the election process make it nearly impossible to get elected outside of the two party system today.  As Rasmussen reports, the surge in anti-incumbency is a rejection of runaway government endorsed by Democrats rather than a vote for Republicans.   There are fewer Republican candidates in this election than at any time in its modern history.  And fewer people identify with either party than at any time in modern history.  As we have said before, independents comprise the largest political party in the United States.  And that means the country is moving in the right direction even if the political process is stuck in its own quagmire for the moment.

The Tea Party is a rag tag outfit of Washington political con men trying to steer a grass roots movement for their own agenda, to irate Americans seeking a return to limited government to radical nutjobs espousing views of fear, exclusion and hate to people who are fed up with the endless corruption of corporatism.  Just like any political party it is comprised of a cross section of society including the power elites trying to control any new grass roots movement.  

We really don’t know who is going to win what on November 2, but we do know that the Republican idiots in Washington are going to have a hard time controlling any Tea Party winners who have fractured the Republican party into becoming the most insignificant voice in its history.  And it was Karl Rove who was and is a primary factor behind the Republican Party’s marginalization.  Maybe Rove should pen an article about how he personally contributed to the demise of democracy and the Republican Party.    Then after he is done, Bill Clinton and his cronies could write the same article for the Democratic Party.  

The world will never change if We The People don't take responsibility for our country.  It's our responsibility to ' own it'.  For too long we have outsourced our thinking and our trust to crooks who were lying and manipulating us.  Often doing so with tactics of terrorism or fear-based politics.

It's now time to "insource" our thinking and trust to ourselves.  No one knows what is better for you, your family and your community than you.  Whatever the issue is, take responsibility for it.  Use reason and sanity to help restore a modicum of democracy and rule of law to our corrupt political environment.  If you wish to give a democratic voice to workers over hegemonic monopoly corporations, vote for people who support those issues.  If you wish to take back our food safety and quality from the industrialized food monopoly, vote for those who support those issues.  If you wish to vote out the two party system, vote for those who support it.  If you want to truly reform our banking system, vote for people who will support it.  And if you love the status quo, then vote for the status quo.  Whatever you think, trust yourself.   It doesn't matter who else endorses whom.  Endorsers are often benefiting financially and they don't walk in your shoes.  Trust yourself. Could you do any worse than the crooks and liars who have run our country into the dirt in the last thirty years?

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