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Big L Liberalism And The State Are Experiencing Systemic Failure: Bureaucrat Hank Paulson And The Final Proof That Global Warming Is Purely Political

I don’t know how many people appreciate the profundity of lies and deceit in this moment.  But they are beyond our imagination.  Everything has been corrupted by the state.  The state, which is the definition of violence, seeks to ameliorate their violence through further acts of violence.  They call these acts of violence regulations and laws that extent beyond natural rights to defending state looters and the aristocracy that derives their wealth through the state.  The state, without which the capitalist system of violence would never exist, seeks to ameliorate capitalism’s violence through the application of greater violence.  Human rights?  Ditto.  As an example, rather than grant African Americans or even impoverished Caucasian Americans their rights to property ownership and abundant, democratic access to society’s capital, they seek to rectify these acts of violence through handouts that beat down the human spirit and conscripts humanity to the state.   The state, which enables and empowers the wild corruption and outright evil that is Wall Street, rather than banish its violence, seeks to regulate its violence for it’s own profit and power.   And, frankly, state violence is often much more sinister and covert.   The only way the state can take away your divine higher power of determinism and actualization is to convince you that power doesn’t exist.  The violence of the state is spiritual, emotional and physical.  The list of absurdities and contradictions of the state are endless.   The economic crisis around the world is completely unnecessary.  It is a manifestation of state violence in its effort to maintain control over humanity.  The failure of the state and its intent of control (violence) and subjugation of humanity will possibly be the most profound outcome of in this moment.   

The Big L liberal movement (big, centrally-planned, violent, tyrannical government that usurps natural human rights, determinism and freedoms) over the last century (both the liberal Democratic Party and the neoliberal Republican Party in the U.S. and similar establishment parties elsewhere) that defines these egregious acts has gained its legitimacy substantially by the rule of the credentialed expert or credentialed authority.  Something that has been talked about on here in many conversations of the rise of the bureaucrat and the tyrannical “credentialed versus competent” state system that subjugates humanity. 

The rise of state power, violence and exploitation over the last one hundred years is substantially reliant on this dynamic.  How else is it possible for political dunces to convince humanity to outsource their own economic & human rights and freedom in return for corporate wage slavery or paltry welfare handouts?   Humanity allowed this because we listened to the credentialed authority or experts paraded in front of us by state actors.  Those supposed experts are always telling us what to think rather than how to think.  This is the faux intelligentsia of state power that has so effectively dumbed-down humanity.   If we knew how to think, we would recognize that authority is always to be questioned.  Always to be challenged.  Always to be verified.   And we would never grant the state power over our own dominion.  For the only true authority in this world is the reasoned rule of law based on natural rights and human values.  

There is a good chance if you went to university and are an active Democratic Party member, you are responsible for perpetuating this faux intelligentsia.   Similarly, if you are a good free market corporate capitalist and active Republican, you too may be part of the faux intelligentsia.  They hide behind different masks but they rely on the same credentialed authority for their power.  Liberals often hide behind the faux intelligentsia of mainstream education and academic experts with massive conflicts of interest.  Corporate capitalists hide behind the faux intelligentsia of free markets and corporate wisdom that too is rooted in equal ignorance.  There certainly are various flavors and factions of this but my point is the mainstream viewpoints on both sides of the political coin rely on the same beat down or state violence using the rule of the credentialed expert to perpetuate their illegitimate control over humanity. 

Mind you, credentials can be bought for a nickel as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change clearly proves.   As dime-a-dozen credentialed “expert witnesses” who sell their soul to the highest bidder clearly proves.  As Wall Street’s massive collapse clearly proves.  As fanatical religious lunatics posing as spiritual guides or experts with a direct connection to a higher power clearly proves.  As the graduates of the country’s best journalism schools that defines the expert mainstream media clearly proves.  As credentialed doctors being the third leading cause of death in this nation clearly proves.  As the fact that 90+% of lobbyists and congresspersons who are credentialed lawyers clearly proves.  As a Harvard-educated, constitutional law professor turned president clearly proves.  And, on and on and on. 

Contrarily, competence can only be achieved through truth.  And, thus as the principles of science alert us, must therefore be proven.  And, thus in a world void of state violence, competence rises to the top of science, medicine, journalism, invention, art,  social reform and the like.  And do so not because of credentials but because they have proven their competence through their actions and abilities.  And they do so on behalf of serving their community and humankind.  Not by serving the predatory and violent state.

Economists, Washington think tanks, Harvard professors,  corporate CEOs. generals and admirals and the like are rolled out for public consumption with their often misleading, erroneous and manipulated charts, graphs and supposedly credentialed expert analysis.   Citing these expert authorities are generally foundational to the endless political Big Lies used by state actors to justify the endless power grabs by the state.  You know, the same Big Lies made famous by the Nazi state propagandists. 

Obama used this form of coercion when he essentially said every leading expert on healthcare supported his tyrannical, corrupt, rent-seeking corporate-state health care legislation.  And again when citing security experts to rationalize bombing the world into submission be that in Libya, attempts in Syria, Pakistan, Yemen or elsewhere.   Al Gore uses the same coercion citing credentialed academic climate experts to support the human-caused global warming meme.  George Bush used the same tactics by rolling out the national security experts in the deceits that Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction.  Al Gore used the same tactics in his appearance with Ross Perot on Larry King where he debated the merits of NAFTA and patronized a now prescient Perot.    The Pentagon continually bribes retired generals and admirals to go on TV as independent, credentialed experts in support of the murderous U.S. empire’s proactive policy of all-out war against humanity.   If the generals and admirals think war, murder, torture and the like are good for us, then it must be so.  They are the credentialed experts that are used on behalf of creating a system of state-enforced authority. 

Frankly, the lies and deceits of politicians citing supposed experts to further state authority and power are nearly endless.   In some way these supposed experts all have a motive and intent beyond discovery and truth.  It’s the disconnected ego and its endless search for power, authority and control.  They are all good capitalists waiving their invisible hand of self-interest.  Something that James Madison warned us about.  That is, the tyranny of any organized factions gaining control of our government that would subvert our Constitution and freedom.   No organized factions are more sinister than political parties.  The political parties in Washington’s whorehouse actually encourage these factions or special interests through the legalized bribery of lobbying, money in politics, corporate parachutes when leaving public service, etc.    

The reality is most of these supposed experts paraded by us by state actors are more credentialed than they are competent.  For what competent expert actually wants to associate him or herself with the endless violence, corruption and criminal behavior of politicians intent on usurping human rights and determinism?  These “experts” are typically state actors or in some way propped up by the force of the state.  Thus, they are part of the bumbling, incompetent status quo bureaucracy that would literally collapse without the use of state violence.  But the one thing that binds all of them is they know who butters their bread; the state and its endless use of violence used to protect and enrich state actors and those of state-created class and privilege.

No where is this more evident than in modern, institutionalized  science itself that is often a mockery of true scientific principles.   Government and corporate grants drive the vast amount of scientific research in this nation.  Just a small conflict of interest.  Human-caused global warming….  The experts say it is so.  97% of them to be exact.   Numbers pulled out of someone’s ass.  Any time 97% of people believe something, and that is cited as supporting evidence rather than the actual science or scientific data itself, the “it” they are agreeing upon is a religion pushed by credentials rather than competent science.  Especially when the supposed scientific experts eschew scientific principles and scientific data or lie, distort and manipulate so much of the truth in order to maintain their scheme.

It really should be no surprise that Hank Paulson has just penned an op-ed in the New York Times in support of the bureaucrats trying to ram human-caused global warming and the tyrannical economic policies that will ensue down our throat.  (Now called climate change since their models haven’t accurately predicated literally anything and the scientific data or truth is that it hasn’t warmed in nearly 20 years.)  

The op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are where the anti-science, anti-humanity faux intelligentsia (including supposedly credentialed experts) in this nation go to pen useless mental masturbations that are lapped up by the True Believers. (True Believers being mindless party drones who outsource their thinking, their lives and their faith to state shysters, shylocks and credentialed experts.)  It doesn’t matter if they are free market corporate capitalists in who wish to exploit humanity or liberal idiots who want someone else to take responsibility for their lives, (the perfect circle of emotional dysfunction that creates an endless circle of those who wish to exploit and those who wish to be exploited)  they are all cut from the same cloth.   Neither can accept that their faith in a higher power of the supposed “credentialed expert” is often nothing more than complete bullshit.  The only expert in this world is truth.  And the truth is the search for truth aka science has been hijacked and twisted, manipulated and even destroyed by the state and its actors.  

Former Goldman Sachs CEO, Treasury Secretary and all-around inept, crony buffoon, Hank Paulson, On The Coming Climate Crash.   Hank couldn’t spell science if his life depended on it.  He presided over the same type of useless “scientific” models at Goldman Sachs and at Treasury that the human-caused global warming dunces are selling.   As noted on here before, every planet in the solar system has experienced substantial warming and science has documented this.  It’s of no surprise Hank doesn’t even attempt to conquer the topic of the junk science in his op-ed.  We are simply to take this viewpoint on faith.  Because he’s an expert.  An expert who knows nothing about science.

If that’s not enough, Hank is behind the big crony business fear mongering report that the U.S. is going to turn into a deadly oven in the next 100 years and we must act or face dire consequences.  I guess those being that people like Hank won’t be able to continue to prey upon humanity to maintain their overindulgences.  Something Obama has comically stated as well in his absurd statement that the U.S. temperature is going to increase by ten degrees in the next one hundred years.  Time to place the dunce hat on the dunces

More interesting is the rebuttal to Hanks’s anti-scientific bloviating titled Hank Paulson:  As Wrong About Climate Change As He Was About The Crash

The Scandal of Fiddled Global Warming Data.   Apparently, Hank and Barack just may be wrong about their fear mongering attempts at exploiting humanity.  Just the latest in a long line of lies and deceit by the same people who brought us GMO foods, state spying, a society addicted to pharma drugs, an epidemic of sickness, quantitative finance, the 2008 crisis, the military-industrial complex, endless wars and other equally credentialed horses manure. 

The inanity of the human-caused global warming crowd doesn’t even pretend it’s about science anymore.  Now that the predicted outcomes to their science have literally collapsed before our very eyes.  Remember the many asinine and dire predictions by the “experts” that were to have already come true by today?  The world and climate is actually moving in the opposite direction.  So now the pleas become more driven by fear tactics than any pseudo or junk science.   Final Proof Global Warming Purely Political (A must read)

I want to pull one of the New York Times “top picks” comments to Paulson’s ludicrous op-ed.  It is made by someone who is a self-described medical doctor.   I apologize to all of the good and decent doctors out there.  It’s obvious they don’t teach science or competence in all medical schools anymore.   This comment was “liked” 221 times.  A good enough reason why Facebook will collapse since “liking” is no different than the 97% of scientists meme attempting to turn data analysis into a popularity contest.  Here goes-

Mr. Paulson is only talking about "change in lifestyle," i.e., reduction of per capita emissions, promising though that may be.  But the Center for Biological Diversity notes: A 2009 study* of the relationship between population growth and global warming determined that the “carbon legacy” of just one child can produce 20 times more greenhouse gas than a person will save by driving a high-mileage car, recycling, using energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs, etc. “ The potential savings from reduced reproduction are huge compared to the savings that can be achieved by changes in lifestyle.”  *2009 Elsevier Ltd. *Reproduction and the carbon legacies of individuals
Paul A. Murtaugh and Michael G. Schlax
Department of Statistics, Oregon State University, 44 Kidder Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331, USA
And an amateur's calculations:
Use 1980, when Total World CO2 Emissions were 19.38 billion metric tons (36 billion in 2013), as a goal the world might aim for : If U.S. per capita emissions, 17.27 tons in 2010, were slashed by more than half, to the 7.9 ton level of the United Kingdom; and if China (now 6.16 tons) and every other country could restrict itself to 7.9 tons; then the planet could still only "sustain" -- by keeping the world total at 19.38 billion tons -- 2.45 billion people.
Population must be reduced.
Even the "good guys," like Mr. Paulson, who are committed to doing something about this problem, have not yet brought this reality into mainstream thinking.

HAHAHAHAHA.  Good guys?  Population must be reduced?  I nearly soiled myself with amusement when I read that big pile of liberal bullshit.  The science behind this is utterly nonexistent.  None of this commenter’s remarks are science at all.  None can be proven.  None follow any type of scientific principles.  But this ivory-tower nonsensical drivel is perpetuated by credentialed academic fanatics, propped up by the state, who have proven no ability to master any scientific methods or any understanding of what science is.  Or, for that matter, have no creative ability to think beyond the end of their noses.   Were it up to these kinds of bureaucrats, we’d still be sleeping in caves.  That they are now firmly in control of humanity is the very reason why we are being beaten back into the stone ages.

Well then, let’s start with the useless eaters whose mental masturbations in the New York Times advocate such anti-scientific nonsense.   Let’s have Dr. Kevorkian whip up a nice little device for them to get rid of themselves.   I’d be all for that as a free market sorta thing.  Humanity probably wouldn’t miss people who think a lot like Hitler.  Or Darwin. 

I wish I could find the research without taxing my brain but long ago I believe it was a Dutch researcher who said that the planet could sustain a population of 140 billion people.  Obviously, it’s not 6 billion or an entire a population that can easily fit into Rhode Island or Tokyo.   And a population, by the way, which appears to possibly be peaking.   Obviously the massive exploitation, raping of the planet, overconsumption, overproduction and associated class-based, state violence of capitalism can’t deal with 140 billion people.  But, then it is the overconsuming, class-based predators and state actors who would lose their power without the exploitation of capitalism that are telling us that overpopulation is an issue.  

There appears to be a larger mass of termites on our planet than humans.   There is absolutely no reason six billion people can’t find a way to live in harmony with nature on this planet.  Termites figured it out.  I’m quite sure humanity has a chance of creating solutions at least as elegant as the termites.  That is, if we rid ourselves of state predators and mental midgets espousing junk science as credentialed experts.   

It’s time to stick a fork in this pig.  Humanity is now firmly aware of how much lying, manipulating and deceiving is behind the human-caused global warming scam.    Very few are even listening anymore.  No one is listening to much of anything Washington says anymore.  That’s good.  That means a growing number of people want to take back their power from state actors who have stolen it from them.  When the people take back their power and determinism, the state’s violent control over their lives will collapse.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

New Evidence In GM Case Points To Systemic Management Incompetence Or Worse

Jeff Bennett at the Wall Street Journal has done an excellent job covering the recent GM fiasco.  There are three articles he has penned that are a worthy read.   The titles are shown below.  Unfortunately, they are pay articles unless you find them through Google.  So, if you are interested, copy each of these titles into Google, hit search and the full article will pop up on the search results. 

In the first article link, the CEO of GM is asked point blank questions by Congress and she clearly gives answers that are misleading.   And, I suspect that is her intent in an attempt to throw the engineer under the bus in charge of the switch in question.  Yet anyone who has worked in engineering, IT or any process-reliant organizational construct knows it is impossible without willful intent of fraud for any single person to make changes that are not approved by known processes that require sign off from management.    In other words, GM CEO’s remarks were either willful deception or ignorance.

In the last article just posted, new information clearly shows the CEO is either outright lying or there is a culture of management unaccountability and incompetence at GM.   And, yes there certainly is.  The GM salute is to point at the person next to you as a sign of it being his or her responsibility.  The culture of cost-cutting or efficiency, driven from the executive offices played the primary role in the failure of GM to report and fix this problem.   In fact, in the last article, the engineer who was originally blamed by the CEO is actually shown to be the only person attempting to fix the problem.  Yet is being stonewalled by management that seeks quick and cheap solutions.   That is their own words.

This is an example of how the world works.  The person blamed for all of GM’s ills may have actually been the only person truly trying to fix the problem.  Yet, he was thrown under the bus by the pathological who control the bureaucracy.    In Japan, under the Bushido Code, we would likely see the CEO resign or jump in front of a train for dishonoring his workers and society.  If only that would    happened in the U.S., we’d rid ourselves of the vast majority of politicians, CEOS and Wall Street responsible for our economic and social collapse.

As reality is exposed, by failing to address these issues and take responsibility for a culture of incompetence, GM’s CEO is now almost guaranteed to be fired.  If not worse.   If Barra was sworn in before her congressional testimony, she is in serious trouble.  Interestingly, when Wall Street testifies before  Congress, are they ever sworn in?

Lawmakers Skeptical GM Bosses Were Unaware of Defect

GM Fires 15 Employees Over Recall Failures

GM Documents Show Senior Executive Had Role in Switch

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Final First Quarter GDP Implodes -2.9%: Worst Since 2008 Collapse

Well, the final numbers are in and it’s much uglier than anyone could have imagined.  -2.9% is a collapse-type number.  What if assets had not been artificially reflated by the actions of the Federal Reserve to bail out the criminal class that has stolen all of said assets?  It’s simple.  Real unemployment could easily be 50% or more in this nation.   As I have noted on here ad nauseam, there is no economic recovery.  There will be no economic recovery unless we have new economic policies.  If assets tank again, there almost certainly will be no reflation.  Because after another shock as large or larger than 2008 money will be nearly worthless as a mechanism for recovery.  Look at how worthless it has become today?  The real unemployment rate of 25% and most Americans without any savings at all and government transfer payments up 900% after inflation in the last 30-odd years.   And, another reason there will likely be no reflation is because it will be central banks themselves that need a bailout; something discussed on here ad nauseam.. 

This final GDP number makes the economist survey cited on here some months ago even more ludicrous.  ie.  A survey starting 2014 showed nary a single economist expected GDP to contract any time this year.    The best credentialed incompetence money can buy.  Something economists share with Washington politicians, Wall Street bankers and Harvard MBAs.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Dow Jones Transportation Index Signaling The Systemic Failure Of Money

I wanted to put up this chart for people to think about given the hysteria we are now witnessing over stock prices.   As noted on here ad nauseam over the last nine years, the stock market has no reflection of reality and we are in the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen.

Many people believe we are headed into a period of hyperinflation in the U.S.   As I have noted before, we are already in a period of hyperinflation and have been for decades.   The future will not be a hyperinflationary one.  It will be what happens after hyperinflation.  That will either be terminal failure of money or the terminal failure of current monetary economics replaced by something democratic and sane or a combination of both.   ie, Something like a possible terminal failure of money followed by the issuance of a new kind of money based on new methods of thought.  What we are living through is a historical moment where monetary, trade settlement and economic systems are likely all in the process of systemic if not terminal failure.   Nothing new on here.

Mind you, there are many who believe they can beat what is yet to come.  So I hear a lot of talk of where to invest your money or what to buy to protect yourself.   There are huge blind spots and ignorance driving  those beliefs (ego).   Because these  beliefs are created from within the system.  They are simply  contrasting perspectives held by those invested in the perpetuation of this system and the status quo that controls it.  What happens if money loses all value?  All money everywhere.  Or the stock market disappears?  Or nations splinter?  Or we experience some type of natural or manmade disaster on a large scale?  The list of possibilities that cannot be protected against are endless in this unique moment of time.   

Let’s break the Dow Transportation Index into two forty year cycles.  And split the 1970s down the middle to do so.   There’s a reason to consider this.  One is based on patterns carrying some degree of equilibrium that complex systems and nature appreciate.  Another is that the 1970s was a time of major shifts in the U.S. economy as many appreciate and as noted on here.  And, as such, the stock market went no where for that decade.   And, finally, as noted on here many times over the years, peak U.S. economic activity and wealth happened somewhere in the mid 1970s to around 1980.  

So, back to the Dow Transports.  From 1935 to 1975 the Dow Transports was up a little more than 1x. Since 1975 to today in 2014 it is up 64x.   That’s right.  This is not a misprint.  One time versus sixty four times over the same period of time. 

Now why is that?  Was the United States 64x more productive in the last half of the century versus the first half?  Or did our economy grow 64x larger?  Haha.  Not.  In fact, in many ways the U.S. has become less productive since 1975.  Less productive because we are a nation that rejects science from the very top be that corporations, institutionalized religion or Democratic and Republican politicians.   I’ll back that up in a later post as well. 

One must consider something else as the explanation for this massive imbalance or disequilibrium over the last eighty years.  Like possibly this dynamic is nothing other than a monetary phenomenon.  That the perception of profits, GDP growth, asset prices and such are really just an illusion.  The same illusion created by a currency experiencing massive hyperinflation.  And that means the illusion of wealth that people have today with many equity indices at all-time highs may really be nothing more than a sign of money as it has always been defined in a state of systemic failure.  Could this possibly be why central banks and politicians have literally spent more than $50 trillion attempting to save this system?  And all it does in response is continue to erode?

You have to remember something that has been noted on here time and time and time again.  It’s a concept that doesn’t get a lot of play in the propagandized dream world but others are starting to appreciate this more and more.    That is, a job is not a job is not a job.  We may have more people working today in the United States than forty years ago but nearly every single one of these jobs is in a wealth-consuming role.  ie, Rather than creating wealth, they are either destroying or consuming wealth through their work efforts.  But, they are being paid to do so.  Paid in what is the question.  If they aren’t creating wealth, then effectively they are being paid in the color of or the appearance of money.  That is, Monopoly money.  

Do you think a job enforcing debt slavery for a bank creates wealth?  No.  It creates money.  This is just one example.  Money is not wealth and we are about to learn that lesson.  And that is a two-fold statement.  One, the U.S. is rich beyond our wildest dreams and that wealth is being suppressed by capitalism and the state.  And, two, in many regards today’s money is effectively worthless.   But, the reason you don’t see it is because money everyone in the world is equally worthless.   The end of money will come some day.  A hundred years from now?  A thousand?  Sooner?  It may be sooner than most realize.   But I think it’s highly probable when that day happens it won’t be because humanity cumulatively decides it’s in our best interests to do away with money.  That is, because humanity doesn’t cumulatively benefit from money in the first place.  Nor will it be telegraphed.   It will likely come violently and very quickly.  

Something to keep in mind about the future.  Some would say that debt is money in our economy and they would be right.  The only way money is issued is by banks creating debt out of thin air.  But, it is not money itself that allows the type of inflation we have seen in the last forty years.   There are other factors involved including empire and debt.  Whether that is through a debt-based monetary system or not is irrelevant.  Debt is a primary driver for that inflation.  Debt allows prices to artificially rise substantially beyond what otherwise could ever occur without systemic failure.  So, the price of your house, the stock market and food are all a function of the same dynamics.  Enslaving people to debt has allowed corporate capitalism to raise prices (rent-seeking profit), often indiscriminately, without any concern as to sustainable supply or demand.   And to do so for decades beyond that which fundamentals ever would have allowed.  It has created the illusion of prosperity to mask the economic blight that defines the U.S. economy for most Americans. 

In other words, effectively a function of debt is the ability to raise prices beyond which otherwise would be possible.  On that note, I have noted many times that debt deflation is a myth.  The Federal Reserve is afraid that a debt unwinding will cause deflation.  I have noted that even if all of the debt in this nation or the world was wiped away, we are going to see deflation.   It’s not the debt itself that is the source of deflation.  It’s the dynamics that debt creates through the artificial ability to raise prices beyond that which economic fundamentals support. 

There is no way most people in our nation could afford anything without the debt or rent extraction dynamics of the monthly payment.  We are all slaves to a monthly payment and debt.  That includes our government.  Food, cars, education and houses should be cheaper to produce than ever.  But they aren’t.  Why is that?    The same reason the Dow Transports are up 64x in the last forty years. 

It’s all an illusion.  An illusion enforced through state violence.


Graphic of the Dow Jones Transportation Index over the last 80 years. 

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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Greatest Act Of Treason Yet: The Obama Administration’s Trade-In-Services-Agreement (Global Deregulated Financial Slavery To Private Banking Criminals)

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Did The Nazis Do This To Their Children? Violent, Legal Restraint And Seclusion In Our School Systems.

Give any bureaucracy a mechanism of control and they will institutionalize that control and exploit it with impunity well beyond the original intent.  Turn your back on that bureaucracy and they will grant themselves those same mechanisms of control and will turn public service into public control.  They will turn public service into public authority.   They will grant themselves class, privilege and control over humanity.  Because that’s the primary intent of the disconnected ego or the self that is drawn to running aka controlling bureaucracies.   The disconnected ego’s primary intent of control and power over others.

“It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.” – John Philpot Curran

The links below from investigative organization ProPublica are about issues we all know exists.  That is, state violence against our children.  State violence against our citizens starts at a very young age.    It’s everywhere from the school food programs, to the targeted exploitation of children by corporate propaganda and media to school administrator violence.   I would be hard pressed to send small children to a public school if I had any alternative means available.   The irony to that statement is I firmly support public education for every single child and adult.  That includes guaranteeing the resources are available to educate every single special-needs child.   Even if that involves some degree of one-on-one private education.  I’m just not a supporter of Washington DC-directed, corporate-state public education.   Free public education and free university education is possible and should be available to all in a free society.  If the resources exist and the labor and intellectual capital exists, money is nothing more than an artificial control mechanism used to stop this level of freedom.   What is so frightening is how many people don’t actually believe every citizen deserves that type of equality or that basic opportunity in life.  It’s all about me.  More of the primitive, ego-driven state of mind that defines so much of modern corporate capitalist society.

Most teachers are generally decent people enslaved to this educational system and the bureaucrats who control it.   Keeping kids out of this educational system, including through home schooling, from my perspective has to do with teachers and more to do with the state of the system after constant political and bureaucratic meddling.   It’s about having the opportunity to instill a values system rather than a belief system in children with the confusion created by the political lunacy in our educational system.  Crating a value system of universal worthiness, selflessness,  self-love, introspective emotional growth & self-awareness, and functional emotional regulation in young children without the exploitative forces of society being allowed to instill a propagandized corporate-capitalist-derived social belief system that is rooted in predation and victimization.   Our school systems are magnets for the failed corporate capitalist society’s violent belief system. 

This story from ProPublica is no different than the exploitation of countless others who are considered disposable in our corporate-controlled society. That is, the mentally-challenged or mentally-ill, rank and file soldiers, those who are impoverished and thus cannot over consume to prop up corporate profits, those who cannot perform as debt slaves for whatever reason, the handicapped, etc.  If the corporate state cannot exploit anyone for surplus value or future surplus value or profit-driven rent extraction or as it pertains to education, if the corporate state cannot fit you into a system of efficient, low-cost, regimented, mass-produced conformity that defines our public schools, you are disposed of. 

There is no greater crime than crimes against children.  And these are institutionalized state crimes.  Children are defenseless against the power of adults.  Power that adults should be using to inspire, encourage, protect, love and nurture.  If an adult cannot mindfully play a role of nonviolence to special needs children or any children in our schools, they should not be allowed near our children.   I’m not talking about kids who simply lack self-control or personal responsibility.  And neither is this story.  If children are themselves willfully and intentionally violent with an intent of harm, they can be removed from the school environment until the matter is resolved through parental responsibility.  

This story points to what I have remarked of on here ad nauseam.  That is, the U.S. is a failed state.  And that victimizing, exploitative, predatory, modern corporate capitalist society is in the process of terminal failure.   When outright violence becomes the norm rather than the coercive, covert violence of emotional and spiritual control has been lost. Physical violence is the last resort of outright control.  The corporate state is a class-based system of violence that relies on a primitive, disconnected, ego-driven state of mind to perpetuate itself, is collapsing under that ego’s very evil.   There is absolutely no accountability and no excuse for any of what ProPublica reports to be happening on an institutionalized level.  Yet is does.

Violent and Legal: The Shocking Ways School Kids are Being Pinned Down, Isolated Against Their Will

Do You Know a Child Who’s Been Forcibly Restrained or Secluded at School?

Journalists: How to Report on Restraints in U.S. Schools

Restraint Techniques

Can Schools in Your State Pin Kids Down? Probably.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Caterpillar Sales Drop Accelerates As Asian Demand Implodes

How’s that Asian century working out for you?  Any chance the status quo is going to be wrong.  Just a thought based on this wild idea.  You may have heard of it.  It’s called reality. 

Caterpillar shares are up 24% year-to-date.  But their sales drop continues to accelerate.   Asian mining sales are down 30% in this most recent quarter.  At this rate one should hope Caterpillar goes out of business to see the stock appreciate another 75%. 

Umm… what happens first in the supply chain of capital formation used for production?  Possibly mining?  Umm.. what happens first in the violence-based Asian mercantilist economic model of export-driven production growth?  Possibly mining?   Umm.. what happens first in the supply chain of violence-based American overconsumption fueled by Asian mercantilist overproduction?  Possibly mining?  Tick tock.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Status Quo Insider Chuck Todd Says Obama Presidency Is Over

Soon after Obama’s first election I wrote that his appeasement to political corruption, Wall Street corruption and the like would sink this presidency.   Obama didn’t create this mess in our nation but he has done nothing to fix it either.  He’s a toadie for corporate power and party hacks.  Hiring the likes of Geithner, Emanuel, Clinton, Jarrett and other status quo party goons was a self-fulfilling prophecy and gave us insight into who the real Obama really is.   And I wrote that when the presidency joined congress in a crisis of confidence, this system was finished.   Well, I can just about imagine it’s time to stick a fork in it.   The rot and incompetence is overwhelming.  This system only serves those who serve themselves.  And it makes sure to elect only those who serve themselves too.  Dare I say that nearly everything Obama has done has had unintended consequences of making every situation worse. 

Mind you, this is not necessarily indicative of Obama other than the wild arrogance he exhibits in believing he knows what is best for three hundred million Americans.  And then shoves down our throats through the use of state violence.  It is more indicative of a system that has mounded so many rules, regulation and laws on top of rules, regulations and laws, all benefiting corrupt special interests, that any attempt to fix the system with new rules, regulations and laws only makes the violence and unintended consequences felt by We The People even worse. 

No one can fix this system without unwinding it’s core Soviet-style, centrally-planned dynamics.  But that very fact means Washington must willfully transfer the power back to We The People it has stolen for itself, corporations, Wall Street, renter capitalists and the military-industrial complex. 

Who is ever going to get elected within this massively corrupt two-party monopoly that undertakes such an act?   Frankly, who wouldn’t be murdered by those evil, power-mad interests for undertaking such an act?

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Corporate Stranglehold Of Farmland A Risk To World Food Security

This article points out what I have been saying on here.  Modern corporations are not productive.  They are efficient.  There is an enormous difference I will be talking about in later posts.  These farms are efficient in the same way that bureaucratic Soviet Union factory farms were efficient.  But, at the same time, were very unproductive.  And now we have corporate capitalism’s same dynamic of bureaucratic corporate central planning destroying human productivity within the farming segment.  Corporations under the guise of corporate persons literally end up destroying everything they touch.   They subvert human expression, creativity and craft in the merciless drive to efficiency.  Mind you, as noted on here many years ago in a post on the Soviet collapse, the Soviet Union did not fail because of America.  It fell from within.  And a large part of that was the corporatized bureaucracy that mismanaged their food production and ultimately threatened their population with starvation.

This also indirectly points out something else that has been written on here as well.   Which is that yields are not increased by using genetically-modified foods.  That is propaganda that study after study has disproved.  (Do your own diligence.)  GMOs are about corporate state actors controlling food production and locking the world into capitalist rent-seeking profit.  This can then be used by state actors to extort and terrorize other nations who become reliant food slaves.

Factory farming, industrial farming and monoculture farming is turning the world into a parking lot.  And using massive amounts of unsafe chemicals, unsafe genetically-modified foods and petroleum products to do so.  There is a much better way.  Even if we returned to farming methods of 40 years ago, it would be a massive improvement. 

Corporations need to be completely neutered.  No more corporate personhood.  That means corporations cannot hire lawyers, cannot defend their actions, cannot own property, cannot avoid death - must be held accountable to their charter or have it revoked by democracy, etc.  And that means if there is wrongdoing in the company, its officers are personally liable rather than hiding behind thug corporate lawyers.

On a final note, here is a great article titled We Are The Soil by anti-globalist, activist and author Vandana Shiva.   She takes a unique view of dystopian farming methods and consequences that are often overlooked.

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Joe Biden: U.S. Needs Constant, Unrelenting Stream Of Immigrants For The Neoliberal Economy

Isn’t this rich?  Political idiots and their endless grabbing for more power are literally the biggest problem with our economy and our society.  They are even worse than corporations because they are the enablers.  Politicians and state bureaucrats are literally, and almost without exception, some of the most incompetent people in any society.  If there ever was any American exceptionalism, it was because politicians had little power over our lives.  That reality has been completely obliterated today with corporate and political tyrannical control.  Speak of which, another poll is out showing most Americans view Obama is dishonest and untrustworthy.  Ya think?

How about some reasoned, intelligent immigration laws?  If we would embrace policies of spreading democracy rather than looting the world through capitalism, most people would rather stay with their families and communities.  As noted on here quite a few times, it is destabilizing U.S. policy around the world that creates much of this diaspora of immigration.  And on that note, I don’t support the exploitation of American or immigrant labor.  Because that is the only reason anyone would state we need more immigration for economic purposes. 

Let me make a point here.  Many Americans wrongly believe immigration is a threat to white customs, traditions and culture.   That we will soon lose our cultural identity with immigration.  So, they don’t want anyone coming to the U.S.  What culture is that?  Shopping?  The reality is everyone in this nation is losing their cultural identity because of a dumbed-down economic system that is planned and controlled at the national level.   The singularity is here.  And it is centrally planned corporate capitalism.  People must be assimilated into the Borg of conformity to stay alive.  It’s not immigration that is the source of cultural identity loss, it’s corporate capitalism and the corporate state.   We used to have community microcosms of Italy, Germany, Poland, Japan, Ireland, China, Africa and the like.  They are a rarity now and  often just a shell that people visit on vacation.  This loss of our cultural identity is real.  But it’s not immigrants that are the issue.  It’s the conformity of corporate capitalism that has stripped us of our identities and our communities.   And the corporate-created propaganda of the American dream that new generations assimilate into as just another nameless face.  It is corporate capitalism that has caused ecosystem collapse not only in the natural world but in the human world.   That identity loss is global and not just in the U.S. 

Just another example of state violence perpetuated by the political and corporate class. 

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Monday, June 16, 2014

New Revelations Reveal Central Banking Criminals Have Recently Spent $29 Trillion Buying Financial Assets To Prop Up Corporate Capitalism, Private Banks, The Investors Class And The State

Central banks involved in buying equities and speculative assets is nothing new on here.  We know from public disclosure this has been going on for some time.  This caps a period of time that goes back a little less than two decades that central banks have become larger and larger speculators in financial markets and assets.  This is a very important point because the social welfare propping up corporate capitalism, private bankers, the investor class and toady politicians who do their bidding has become an enormous burden to humanity and the planet.  And as we see with this revelation of pumping $29 trillion into risky assets, generally done with some degree of secrecy or deception, the costs are even more enormous than anyone could ever imagine.   Those costs are hidden from humanity in a world where perceptions of reality are created solely through corporate state propaganda and corporate state-controlled money.  With central banks loaded to the gills with speculative asset purchase, they have recreated a dystopian reality that even Orwell never imagined.   That is, until the illusory bubble pops for those still in the system.  The vast majority of humanity already has awakened as they have been looted, plundered, victimized, robbed, ripped off and exploited by state actors who benefit from this criminal system.

Look at the suffering that we are witnessing around the planet.  Not just physical suffering but maybe even more heart-breaking is the emotional and spiritual suffering.  The level of violence we now see in the world is greater than at any time in history.  But it is a sinister violence.  No major wars.   Mostly emotional and spiritual wars on humanity.  Today’s violence is covert as evil must be to survive.  The state and class has learned how to wage war against humanity without firing a shot.  Ironically, Obama noted last week, a show of how literally delusional the ego is, that the world is less violent than it has ever been.  25% unemployment in the U.S., 50% of Americans own literally nothing, the human condition (the ego) is in the process of collapse for unprecedented numbers of people, the world is enslaved to a economic system of exploitation and violence through forced overproduction and overconsumption, wage slavery and debt slavery and this dynamic is common all around the world sans a few places.   Most people around the world have little if any true empowerment, determinism or human rights.  These and more are definitions of massive state violence.   Mr. Obama is patently wrong.  The world has never seen such broad violence courtesy of the state.

This $29 trillion dollars of Monopoly game money has no value in production, productive advancement, innovation, human expression, labor, science or anything else.   It just was magically created out of thin air and is worth no more than soiled toilet paper.  Which should be no surprise since those who created it have made a living shitting on humanity.   This points to quite a few outcomes I have been writing of on here for a long time.  The investor class is going kaput, capitalism is likely in the final phases of kaput, money itself may be headed for kaput,  private banking is likely headed for kaput, Wall Street (enabled by the Fed) will trade counterparties out of financial markets and be left batting shares back and forth between each other and other large market participants, American empire is going to fail without massive policy changes, both political parties in this nation are going kaput, nations may fall like dominos or go kaput, companies may fall like dominos or go kaput, China is headed for kaupt (China is a massive buyer of financial assets), gold will not save anyone from anything or is kaput (more likely barter will become important as people trade skills and resources they need.  It sucks to be a banker who has no skills other than debt enslavement and useless financial scheming.), the stock market may go kaput, the central banks will need a bailout after going kaput and when that last one happens, debt will be kaput or repudiated on a mass scale.  If that happens, contract law will go kaput and so will the existing force of the state and so will its ability to victimize and prey on society on behalf of state actors and class.

There certainly are a lot of people happy that assets are once again being propped up into bubble land by a massive Ponzi Scheme.  But, in actuality what this has done has allowed the perpetuation of a system of nearly unimaginable violence.   For now.  As rotten as this system has become, some degree of failure is necessary for rebirth or renewal of the human experience and the planet.   Mind you, the laws of the universe will not be denied.  The corporate state ecosystem is in collapse and regardless of all of the hand-waiving, money printing and propaganda, crisis lies ahead.

Contrarily, imagine if that $29 trillion dollars was actually spent on human development around the world.  And as a result we saw human progress towards empowerment, solutions to benefit humanity and solutions to so many ills that face our world were instead monetized.  But we see central banks corruptly and criminally abuse their privilege as money printing was used to promulgate greater violence.  Not to mention the massive fraud and conflict of interest involved in their actions.   In the process of central banking violence, these propped up state bureaucrats denied humanity their God-given rights and instead promoted class-based state actors to maintain their pathological illegitimacy used to exploit, victimize and prey upon humanity and the natural world.  Of course, as noted on here ad nauseam, that is what money is.  It is an institution of control that artificially limits the threats to the status quo’s power and keeps humanity from achieving true greatness.  Without the worry of money, humanity could marry labor capital and intellectual capital to achieve nearly unlimited greatness.

The world is run by an unprecedented degree of evil.  Unprecedented because it is literally everywhere.  That evil has gained nearly total subjugation of humanity through its total domination of the state and its institutions of hierarchical control.

So, how much really is $29 trillion?  Here’s a pictorial that will give you some appreciation of the madness this system has gone to to save itself.

Financial Times story on $29 trillion in central banking financial market purchases here.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The True Face That Has Always Been Behind Capitalism: The Conference On Inclusive Capitalism Organized By The City Of London Banking Syndicate and Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks."  -- Lord Acton, 1875

The war between the bankers and humanity.  How prescient was Lord Acton on so many accounts?  Including that most great men are bad men.   Over the years I have written that America is in both the midst of a second revolution and a second civil war.  I can’t say that it is one or the other but rather elements of both just as the original revolution and original civil war.  Both instances involved supporters of the corrupt status quo and people who wished to break free and see human civilization progress.  We are in the midst of these battles as I type this.   And just as in times past, both sides believe they are right.  How do we know which side is right?  It’s quite simple.  Truly.  Connect to the place inside of you where love and empathy reside, and listen to what comes forth.  Are your actions and thoughts truly out of love and kindness?  Or are they out of fear, anger, control and other manifestations of the ego?

These aren’t necessarily wars of bullets and death, although we certainly do see the status quo involved in both, but make no mistake, they are wars.  The corporate state has perfected the use of emotional and spiritual violence in their control mechanisms so that outright violence is often unnecessary.  Even the wars of bullets that exist today are dubious in their intents.  Are they often diversions, profit-making endeavors, attempts to tie up enemies or other various reasons.  All of humanity is at war with the corporate state, its adherents and its useful idiots that include the mainstream media, the political class, the capitalist class, the birthright aristocracy, their house slaves (generally college-educated people who support their own enslavement) etc. 

The concept of inclusive capitalism that our masters are now beginning to propagandize is part of that war.   Inclusive capitalism is a paradox of meaningless words.  It is just another play on words that has become so popular in a corporate state existence driven by propaganda and rhetoric.   The ego of predators who control this system has to feel good about itself so I am sure they actually believe they are doing humanity a service with this conference of like-minded state actors.  And that they believe they are doing a service by exploiting humanity through capitalism.  Even the poorest amongst western capitalist nations still generally has more physical trappings than anyone a century ago.  How often have you read those very words in defense of this system?  But a life of meaning and worthiness is not defined by attachment to physical excess or the latest iPhone.  It is defined through a life of emotional and spiritual empowerment, awareness and meaning.  It is defined by love, connection, community, respect, kindness and emotional worthiness or human values.  All have been obliterated by the corporate state.  And in its place we see people suffering and traumatized from unprecedented emotional stress, victimization, exploitation, illness and the sense of helplessness and unworthiness this system creates in so many.     

I have noted on here time and again, this country was not founded as a capitalist nation.  Capitalism is a class-based, state-created system of control.   Class is an affront to liberty and human freedom as are all of the other dumbed-down systems of state violence including socialism, communism and any other ism.  Class is an affront to the ideals of being an American. 

Our founders fought a war to rid themselves of the British class-based capitalist aristocracy and millions of people fled Europe to rid themselves of the endless persecution and suffering of class.  Remember, even the stain of slavery is not truly an American one.  It is a European private banking, corporation and aristocratic class-based stain.   Gentried class of landowners who extracted their wealth through land rent and slavery was a creation of the class-based, European aristocracy.  Our Civil War was about ridding ourselves of that Old World stain that the vast majority of immigrants came here to be free of.   Now this very stain exploits people in the New World, the Old World and the entire world through wage slavery as well as aristocratic, gentried land domination by corporations and capitalist elites who own nearly everything.  That includes our governments.

The king’s private banks and corporations looted the world on behalf of the British aristocracy in 1776.  The Wealth of Nations, the capitalist’s manifesto, was written during the exploitative, enslaving excesses of the British Empire.  The Wealth of Nations was literally published in the British Empire in 1776.  The same year the American colonies declared their independence from that exploitative economic system of British capitalist predators.   (Ted Kaczynski’s Unabomber Manifesto on Industrial Society and Its Future – aka modern capitalist society - is arguably a more prescient and accurate interpretation of capitalism than The Wealth of Nations,  even if they are the ravings of a mad man.  Kaczynski’s manifesto has more ratings and the same user rating on Goodreads than The Wealth of Nations has on Amazon.  Isn’t that interesting?  Especially since those who are avid readers of The Wealth of Nations are, in my estimation, more likely to be indoctrinated drones and useful idiots.  And I would estimate that anyone who read Kazcynski’s ravings likely wasn’t a serial killer looking for a similar confirmation bias of their predatory beliefs.)  

So, let’s take a look at a few of the noted attendees.  Excuse me first.  I just threw up in my mouth when reading the attendee list.  (More attendees at the event link below.)  Lady de Rothschild (wife of Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild of notorious criminal British banker fame over the last few hundred years.  And I do mean criminal.)   Prince Charles (You mean like King George in 1776?  Prince?  Lovers of liberty and human dignity will find that term an anathema.  A term interchangeable with moocher and parasite that we fought a war to rid ourselves of.), City of London Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf (the City of London is the criminal British corporation chartered by the royal family that houses a private banking syndicate not to be confused with London the actual physical city.  They are two separate entities.  This is the royal family’s corporation that looted the world in 1776 under free market capitalism principles.), Mark Carney (governor of the Bank of England that serves the criminal City of London corporation and its banking syndicate.), Christine Lagarde (The head lackey at the capitalist aristocracy’s looting facility, the IMF.), Bill Clinton (Does Bill even need an introduction?  As I have noted on here ad nauseam it is highly defendable that the Clinton/Gore administration surpassed even the Reagan administration to personally do more to destroy this nation than any other presidency in history.  And then both Clinton and Gore made nearly half a billion dollars after leaving office.  By curing cancer?  Or cashing in their crony chips for the “work” they did in office for their corporate masters?)  and a whole host of other moochers and parasites.   With the Sirs, Princes, Ladies and such, we need some minions at this conference to hold their piss buckets.  Because the aristocracy eschews work.  And to them, pissing is work for another person to do.  Which is why they have Le Garçon de Pisse or piss boys to hold their bucket.  That’s for us little people that they exploit in order to lead their lives of endless, mindless consumption and leisure.  It is the capitalist aristocracy that coined the term useless eaters to describe those they could not exploit for any surplus value.  But it is actually the predatory aristocracy itself who are the useless eaters who add absolutely no value to the human experience.

The attendee, speaker and sponsorship list to this event is telling of what truly is real about capitalism.   The attendees are the real power in the world that subjugates humanity through a class-based system of capitalist control.  That is, aristocratic, class-based state actors.  Moochers and parasites who would likely be working at McDonald’s or Tesco without their unique pathological abilities of exploiting others and stealing from humanity.  Is there any doubt who the real actors are in control of your fate and capitalism itself by reviewing the attendee list at the link below?  Does this help anyone appreciate beyond the propaganda that we fought the king and his merry band of criminal henchmen at private banks and his looting corporations in 1776?  Just as I have written on here ad nauseam.  (Much more on this in future posts.)   This is the real face behind the propaganda.  And they know this system is in trouble.  Why else would they expose themselves via this conference after hundreds of years of exploiting and victimizing humanity and the natural world?  Do you think if King George, corporations and bankers had convened a similar inclusive conference in 1776 that Americans would still be serfs to the feudal British Empire?   The violence of the state’s aristocracy  never gave a shit before.  They really don’t care about you now either.  This conference isn’t about you.  It’s about them.  And they should be worried because as noted on here many times, there is ample evidence this moment in history is the final hurrah for capitalism.   That what we are witnessing are its final days before its last collapse.  The Guardian has just recognized this very possibility and has called this conference a Trojan Horse convened by parasites.  Well, that is what capitalism is.  A parasite-host relationship of state actors exploiting humanity.

Wait a minute.  As I look at the attendee list to this conference, we are missing a key attendee.  How come Ron Paul isn’t in attendance.   Ron Paul, America’s staunch advocate for free market capitalist religion.  I seriously doubt Paul is going to be advertising this conference.  Because this conference exposes his religion for what it is.  That is, a system of exploitation created by state actors and the aristocracy (actors only granted power through state violence) to plunder humanity. 

Corporate power in this nation was severely controlled and corporate charters were typically only granted for short periods of time for specific purposes during the early years of our nation.    This is suppressed fact.  Allowing private, class-based interests to literally dominate the U.S. economy and the people in it is tyrannical and the antithesis of a free nation.  That people like Ron Paul believe what we are experiencing today isn’t capitalism but instead corporatism is really quite hilarious.  Capitalism is corporatism.  Ask the colonists of 1776.  Tell me when in history has capitalism not been corporatism?  Please.  I’ve got all day.   

If anyone wants to individually go out and do anything they want, then have at it.  You want to be a plumber, an artist, a painter, a candlestick maker.  Go for it.  You want to make a million dollars a year doing that.  Go for it.  But corporations are not democratic or republican institutions.  And they never have been.  They are hierarchical institutions of control that derive their force of existence through state violence.   If I was truly free, and I was able to live off of what the earth abundantly shared with me, do you honestly believe I would subjugate myself to corporate control as it has always existed in capitalism?  Hahaha.  The reality is minute you hire employees and incorporate, you have taken away another person’s freedom and self-determinism.  That means you have a responsibility to how those people are treated and the economic rights and freedoms they have.  They aren’t your slaves and you aren’t their master. They aren’t there for you to exploit and victimize as a modern-day plantation owner to become ungodly wealthy either.  There are obviously so many better methods of prosperity for humanity and the planet.

Many people are having a hard time finding any hope about the future.  Or hope for humanity.   They have little hope that the oppression of this system can be defeated.  No hope for our survival.  To the contrary, the disconnected ego that embraces capitalist exploitation has reached such a level of Godlessness and hardness of heart that I suspect all we have to do is sit back and watch them act out their final chapter and verse to its end result of the disconnected ego’s self-destruction.  Because I suspect that is exactly what we are witnessing.   

So….  in my mind this begs a much larger, more profound question.  Life on earth is obviously a self-correcting complex system.   The planet gets too hot and it becomes cold.  Things get too cold and it becomes hot.  Things become too wet and we see drought.   These are very simplified examples of the cyclicality of life.  This cyclicality may happen in shortness of term that is often imperceptible and in many cases may take thousands or millions of years.  But it seems apparent the earth, our solar system and the universe may use the connection of all life as a feedback system to determine life’s future and fate.   Or put another way, is the Divine life force of the universe watching itself, (touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and emotionally experiencing) and through all of life’s experiences, continuously expanding its consciousness and awareness?  (Possibly the continuous expansion of the universe is in fact the physical manifestation of its ever-expanding awareness and consciousness.) 

Could that self-correction of life somehow involve the Godlessness of the disconnected ego that is brutalizing humanity, all life and the planet?  In other words, does a great evil in the world cause all life, the solar system and the universe to correct that very dynamic and thus restore the necessary balance between positive and negative energy or, in human behavior’s terms, good and evil?   Given the times we are living through, why wouldn’t we consider such a possibility? 

If that is the case or some similar self-correcting mechanism to ensure the preservation of life and the human experience exists,  this system is headed for extinction regardless of the ego’s illusions of reality or any delusions of control it believes exists.  Or any beliefs in institutions of the ego (control) that the ego places its faith in.  Faith that humanity should instead be placing in their own divinity or their higher power.  ie. The place in their mind where the universe resides.  The place where unconditional love and timeless human values come from.  And if that is so, then one should prepare themselves for the possible extinction of all types of institutions of the ego (control) whether that is money, junk science, the state, the military-industrial complex, corporations, banks, capitalism, hierarchical institutions, etc. 

It should be no coincidence that all of those institutions of the ego have been targeted on here over the years for potential extinction this cycle.  Why?  Because the universe tells us of this possibility.   It is written in the stars.  And who made the stars?  You did.   Is this a fore-written and foretold fate humanity created for itself?  A fate all of humanity must experience to become mindful and consciously aware of what is necessary to lay the foundations for the coming Age of Aquarius?

Just sayin.  Smile 

The cycle of volatility continues.

Inclusive Capitalism Conference link here.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Corporate State Flunky Eric Cantor Sacked In Primaries By Unknown Tea Party Candidate

“This is a victory to the people of his district, this is a repudiation of amnesty,” said Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Georgia-based Tea Party Patriots, a group that opposed changes to the nation’s immigration laws to deal with millions of undocumented residents living here. “The people like Eric Cantor in leadership in Congress are focused on flooding our job market with more people and it will make it more difficult for people to get jobs in America.”

Boehner’s position also could be threatened if he fails to heed the lesson from Cantor’s loss, Martin said. “If he continues to push for amnesty and does not pay attention to what concerns Americans, there will be a challenge to Boehner’s speakership,” she said.

“Folks are looking for a change,” said Representative Tim Huelskamp, a Kansas Republican and one of the most vocal critics of his party’s House leadership. “ I think we should toss them all out and start over.”

The people of the world are used against one another by political predators as a competition to serve our masters.  The innocent people are the working class be they Mexican, American, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Indian or South African.  Corporate state exploitation is everywhere.  Now, if only the Occupy Movement could coalesce a similar response to start sacking flunky corporate state Democrats.  Entire story here.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How Globalized Slavery (Literally) Is Used To Stock Shelves Of Global Companies Like Wal-Mart

Every American owns a slave or ten.   Even those on welfare.  They produce our food and make the mounds of f$cking junk that we endlessly consume to keep this Ponzi Scheme going.  For the people in this nation who have three houses or ten and consume magnitudes more than they could ever produce themselves, they often own hundreds or even tens of thousands of slaves.

Now, most Americans will be horrified by that last paragraph.  Even offended.  Most people simply do not support this kind of brutal, dehumanizing behavior.  But, we conveniently turn the other way when it comes to who we vote for, who we work for and what we buy.   The reality is we are all responsible for the decisions made on our behalf.  We are all responsible for the politicians and corporate bureaucrats who we endorse with our actions.  Just as in Nazi Germany, many people didn’t support Hitler.  They realized he was a lunatic.  But, they never did anything to stop him either.  Do you weep for your fellow man?

This is an incredibly disturbing story involving outright slavery, trafficking, death and murder.   Mind you, this really isn’t that unusual.  In some way or another this story is repeated time and again in every industry.  Human life means nothing to this system.  It’s all about the god of money and the dumbed-down, primitive, disconnected ego that worships it.  None of this really should be a surprise.  This global economic system is purely driven by pathological evil.  Courage is the only way we can save ourselves and humanity.

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Monday, June 09, 2014

Obama Bails Out Banksters On Student Loan Bubble

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Airlines Stocks Go Ballistic Courtesy Of The Renter Capitalist Bubble-rama


For anyone with any kind of memory beyond the last handful of years, the airline industry is the going out of business industry sans Southwest and a few regional discount carriers.  This industry has never consistently made any money. 

At one time sanity prevailed and the government recognized that profit was not easily achievable.  Living wages were paid and since there was little competition to mitigate price gouging and exploitation, democracy regulated the industry.   Maybe there were better solutions but having a transportation industry always in flux and on the verge of collapse probably isn’t practical for overall national security, commerce, society and business continuity interests.

Today, we once again have a monopoly in the airline industry.  Except this time it is a deregulated monopoly.  That means democracy is at the mercy of corporate capitalism, corporate control and corporate rent-seeking behavior.  So, airlines have followed suit with railroads and countless other industries.  They have little, if any, competition and collude to set prices and prey upon society.   They have taken away all excess supply and thus are now extracting massive amounts of rent for the very controlled supply that is now available.   Personally, I’d rather just ditch airlines for domestic travel and build a high speed national public transportation system similar to Japan.  But that is neither here nor  there. 

The question is if this strategy of deregulated airline monopolies will work.  Is it really different this time?   For consumer travel, it clearly will not over the long run.  People will simply limit or quit traveling depending on income.  No family of four is going to fly to Disneyland for $3,000 round trip airfare.  Especially with so many poverty wages and stagnant income growth.  Businesses will develop alternative means to flying whether that is videoconferencing or whatnot.  Additionally, the airline industry is very tied to globalization for its profits. International corporate travel is a large source of profit.  I wouldn’t be betting on that market as noted in a prior Boeing post. 

Domestic airline travel has shown substantial signs of weakness through travel data provided by airports and by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.   But that hasn’t stopped the renter capitalists from manipulating these stocks to the moon.  Delta, whose chart is shown above, has seen a massive, low volatility (manipulated) perfectly linear-regression rise in the last year or so.   In the past month or so, it has actually increased its rate of ascent, starting what is most certainly its blow off and ultimate implosion.  It’s not alone in the airline sector.  American Airlines, as another example, is up about 800% in a little over a year.  These massive bubbles have pushed the Dow Transports to staggering bubble land.  

Delta is trading at a whopping 35x free cash flow.  That is the definition of insanity.    Historically, if there was any cash flow at all, Delta may have traded at a very, very small fraction of this number as profits and positive free cash flow were clearly understood to never be sustainable.   To give some comparative to other looney valuations of today, Apple, a company I noted was once trading at more than all stocks in Greece and Italy and was closing in on the value of all stocks in Russia, is only trading at 14x free cash flow.   But this really has nothing to do with any type of analysis.  It’s simply another outcome of the destruction of money that we are in the midst of.

The stock market is completely unglued from reality whether we are talking about Apple or Delta or frankly, anything else.   The Federal Reserve, Wall Street, financial predators, renter capitalists and the investor class have created a bubble unprecedented in its breadth and valuations.   Life today is a bubble created through the artificial illusions of political and corporate idiots.

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Friday, June 06, 2014

Dumbed-Down State Violence Against Science, Technology, Engineering And Math

Breitbart has three interesting stories over the past few weeks on STEM workers. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) 

This nation is suffering under a level of ignorance that is wildly oppressive and very representative of class-based societies.   Any time there is hierarchy, there is going to be some substantial level of ignorance.  Because hierarchy exists for one reason.  The ego’s primary intent of control.  And, control’s primary intent is to subvert discovery and truth.   People in the corporate state are living under a tyranny of ignorance, injustice and conformity. 

Much of this tyranny involves the rejection of science.  Because science is really nothing more than the search for discovery and truth.   Mind you, as noted on here many times, the Democrats are just as guilty as the Republicans.  They simply hide behind their faux intelligentsia that is purely a mirage.  The Democratic Party hacks and politicians are wildly ignorant of science and attempt to manipulate society by citing junk science that they politicize for their own self-interest.   (Obama’s recent remarks that if nothing is done, the U.S. will see its temperature rise 5 to 10 degrees in the next 100 years has to be one of the most ignorant, anti-science statements I can ever remember from a politician.)

The prime reason for this ignorance in this nation is the rise of the bureaucrat, something I have written of extensively on here.   And the propaganda they must use to control society.  That is, the class of dunces that control our society be they Republicans, Democrats, corporate bureaucrats, religious fanatics, lobbyists, lawyers, oligarchs, Wall Street, etc.    All of these bureaucrats are sewn from the same bureaucratic cloth of an intent to control.  And it should be no surprise that all of these predatory classes serve the state rather than humanity, discovery or truth.  (Hierarchical, institutionalized religion is also a state institution as Europeans can clearly attest to.  One reason so many oppressed flooded America’s shores.)

There are three story links below.  In one, the bureaucrat Obama encourages students to go into STEM fields of study.  He cites that the U.S. needs this to compete on the global stage.   Hahaha.  Bullshit. 

As a free person, tell me why some political apparatchik should have the power to force me to compete with anyone?   Be that economically or otherwise?  This is simply another example of state violence.   Humanity has only survived because of its values of altruism, inclusion, community and cooperation.  It is no surprise that humanity stands on the brink as state violence  rapes the human family of its values and subjugates us to a system of competition against each other.   War, capitalism, communism, socialism, what’s the difference?  They are all state-enforced system of violence that subjugate humanity into a system of conformity and competition for the benefit of power, exploitation, victimization and monetary gain of class-based state actors.   How about community, inclusion, cooperation and sharing for the benefit of all humanity?  And community not enforced by the state but community that will naturally appear in the absence of state violence.

Additionally, another article below cites data that the U.S. has a glut of STEM citizens yet corporations continue to import cheap STEM wage slaves.   This is tied directly to the collapse of the middle class and the working class.  STEM workers are dealing with the same dynamic as undocumented workers driving wages down and destroying economic opportunity and economic vibrancy in any number of various professions.    And it is a major reason why STEM citizens are very active in opposition to this corrupt system. 

I’m sort of curious.  Since omniscient Obama seems to think we need more STEM degrees, where exactly does his excellency think they are going to work?  How about all of the consumer electronics, machine tools, industrial electronics, consumer durables, auto suppliers, computer companies and on and on.  Oh, that’s right.  We don’t make any of that.  Nor do we engineer much of anything anymore.  So, whether it’s research, design or production, where exactly is the demand for STEM degrees?  Maybe the truth is more sinister.  Maybe Wall Street and the military-industrial complex sees this as a national security and monetary hegemony threat.  Because today 50% of engineers in this nation work in some capacity for the national security state be that building weapons of murder, death, spying, etc.   And countless STEM citizens work in finance.  So, for me, if I want to work in my area of study, there is a better than 50% chance I would have to work on behalf of state violence.  

You know that American exceptionalism Obama and other politicians like to talk about?  They are killing it.  Because exceptionalism is a state of mind of a free person regardless of where they live.  The suppression and subjugation of humanity to the state and its inventions of class, capitalism, socialism, etc are suppressing our creativity, inventiveness and our expressive  natural state of being.  America was never  exceptional because of politicians.  It was in spite of them because the corporate state had not yet coalesced into what the rest of the world,  including Europe, was shackled under.

It should be telling that the last link shows a video clip of the puppet masters at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spouting pablum puke that if politicians don’t support our wage-slave worker programs they shouldn’t run for office.  The obvious implied intent of control here is that if you don’t support your master’s wishes, they will be very unhappy.  No pay days and bought-and-paid-for elections.  That would be good news for the Tea Party, the Green Party, Occupy advocates and free-thinking independents. 

Obama wants more kids to go to college to become STEM workers when there aren’t even any jobs.

There are already too many H1B via workers and contract workers in this nation to support the current STEM citizens.

And, finally, The Racket of Guest STEM Workers.  It is a racket.

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European Central Banking Predators Impose Negative Interest Rates

It’s really no surprise the ECB has actually trashed cash with this week’s announcement.  And, in the process, provided another bailout to the aristocracy on the backs of the poor and working class who will pay for the ECB’s criminal, non-democratic arrogance.  

There are two factors that likely play a major role in this decision.  By the way, a decision most European economists, keepers of the faith, expected.  Why?  Because the predatory status quo wanted it. 

Those two factors are 1) massive amounts of American and European aristocratic, predatory renter capitalist money has flooded into distressed European markets and gobbled up assets, including stocks, in incredibly distressed places like Greece, Ireland and Spain.  And 2) Europe is headed back into  economic crisis.   Germany’s manufacturing output is at a 7-month low, Austria at a 10-month low, France at a 4-month low and Greece & Italy are at 2-month lows.   So, the ECB is pulling out all stops in an attempt to save private, class-based capital’s major investments.  How do they do that?  By imposing negative interest rates that they believe will encourage people to withdraw their money and spend it, thus re-igniting some level of growth and inflation.  Or, at least staving off deflation.  So the thinking goes. 

What ails the United States is a European sickness.  A sickness that has become very clear since 2008 as the European aristocracy is even more brutal than that of the U.S. in its exploitation of European citizens.   Capitalism is a disease inherited from the European aristocracy.  As is private banking.   And socialism, another horrible disease of state control, is the supposed answer to the aristocracy’s diseased control of European society.   All of these are European diseases that European American immigrants left en masse to come to this nation.  Why?  To be free of class and their use of state violence to enslave humanity. 

Today in Europe all of these diseased systems of control are in various stages of terminal failure.  And that is why the ECB’s new program of state violence is forcing people to pay for the privilege of putting their money in the hands of private banking criminals.

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Thursday, June 05, 2014

David Stockman On The Mythical Productivity Miracle

As I have noted on here before, I actually like David Stockman.  Mostly because he told Ronald Reagan his economic policy was bullshit.  About the only thing I can say that I disagree with in his economic analysis is the mythical characterization of the good ole days of corporate capitalism.  There is no such thing.   This system has always been busy exploiting someone.  Always.  But most everything else I really can’t find much of anything we disagree on.

A few weeks ago in my financial engineering post I mocked the mythical productivity propaganda that is spewed regularly in this nation.  And as I noted in the comments section on one of the sites my blog feeds, if the U.S. economy is so productive, then why does Apple and thousands of other companies choose to manufacture nothing here.   I have a lot more detail to share  about this topic.  Just not right now.

In the mean time I would highly recommend an excellent post by David Stockman today where he pulls apart some of the state propaganda regarding mythical productivity nonsense.  It is a very worthy read.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Buying Local And Boycotts Against Mindless Consumerism Are Classified As Terrorist Threats By The Fascist State

Not terribly surprising that our government classifies anything that threatens corporate control as terrorist threat.  The perfect fascist marriage of corporations and the state.  Endless consumerism is a form of state violence.  And forcing people to continue to consume to prop up the service economy is a form of state violence

In the present moment, in the here and now, my mind is most stable.  When we worry about tomorrow or what happened yesterday, our mind has left the present moment and it is now operating in a state of fear.  This fear is the tool used by the corporate state to manipulate people into overspending and overconsuming to keep this Ponzi Scheme of class-based theft and rent-extraction going.   

Consumerism is a very primitive, dumbed-down, fear-based, ego-driven state of existence.  The natural state of being that humanity lived in for all of its existence before the advent of capitalism and the state is to only consume that which is needed for today.  The earth is abundant and if I am frugal and treat it with respect, it will continue to endow me with its riches.   

Stuffing my closet, garage, basement, landfills and now, insanely, storage facilities, with more and more f$cking junk creates a destabilized, dumbed-down, primitive state of mind.   And a meaningless existence driven by attachment to worldly possessions.  Working more than I must to actually consume that which I need to survive for the day is another myth perpetuated by our masters.   On average, our citizens should not have to work more than a few hours a day, a few times a week. 

But, not endlessly working to endlessly consume, and endlessly rape the planet of its riches makes you a terrorist.  Ahem.  Who is the real terrorist? 

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Monday, June 02, 2014

The Russell 2000, Ten Year Treasuries And Banks


Let’s take a look in greater detail at the chart shown in the post last week.  Above is the ten year Treasury, the Russell 2000 and the Nasdaq banking index. 

Every single move between the three indices is completely in sync and correlated sans a handful of days.  Even then, the indices eventually resynchronized.  A few of those days just so happen to be in the last few weeks.  So, if the correlation is going to continue, bond prices are due to rise in coming weeks or stocks are due to fall. 

I have shown these correlation charts on here quite a few times.  They are a sign of the sickness that is pervasive in financial markets.   Prices don’t move based on anything other than manipulated computer algorithms that require an endless stream of new money.  That includes commodities markets as well.  Anything the predatory, profit-driven class of pathology touches, they literally destroy.   There is no true price discovery in financial markets as noted on here many times.  Or, for that matter, in any markets.  Everything is rigged whether that is the price of meat, the price of a television or the price of a stock.     It’s all an illusion created through financial engineering and fraud.

Money, hierarchy, corporations, the state and any other institutions of control truly are the source of all manufactured (unnecessary and contrived) violence in this world. 

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