Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scorpio In 2013, The Coming Comet Ison And A Rare Hybrid Eclipse This Weekend

I few years ago I wrote a lengthy and detailed post I planned to put up during the passing of the Scorpio zodiac of 2013.  I’m going to hold off posting it.  Depending on what happens in the future, I may yet post it sometime next year.  I have a sneaking suspicion it will draw more open-minded readers in the future.  But I do want to place a marker here that I would reference with that post. 

I must say that I never honestly expected this system to hold out this long looking back over the past 2008 crisis.  In many ways the system has continued its collapse since 2008 but the power structure has remained.   Since we have entered the Scorpio zodiac on October 23, some of the solar activity numbers have skyrocketed to higher readings than any I have ever witnessed.  The god of the heavens is exalted in Scorpio and for the first time in our nation’s history the ancient forces of good and evil will finally do battle starting with the passing of Scorpio in 2013.  Given this is happening under the skies that exalt his power, the big boss man has come in his full glory.  The astrological events that are happening under Scorpio this year are arguably unprecedented in recorded history.   Is a newly violent sun forewarning us of the battle that is about to begin? 

I don’t know if Ison carries a substantial significance to other events kicking off in late October and November but I do find it interesting that earth will soon be passing though Ison’s tail while other events are unfolding simultaneously.   

The universe is connected by energies and through ways we clearly don’t understand but I find it quite presumptuous to assume Ison’s arrival is a random event of no significance.  Ison’s visibility to the naked eye won’t happen until later in November but a viewer uploaded a just captured time-lapsed video of the comet on Vimeo a few days ago.

You can get a better view of the “big picture” trajectory of Ison in Solar System Scopes, a very cool heliocentric program its authors have shared with the world at no-charge.  You can run your cursor over the planet images to find earth.  At the bottom and on the right side of the animation, you can see the coming timeline. 

Finally, this Sunday we will also have a hybrid eclipse visible to many. 

The Scorpio skies are full of interesting developments this year. 

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Linkfest Palooza From The Madhouse

New study finds half a million dead in Iraq.  That would equivalently be about five million Americans were a similar casualty to happen in the U.S.  Where is the U.S. mainstream media that has half a million dead Iraqi’s blood on their hands?  Of course this statistic could be inaccurate.  It might be higher.  Or lower.  But, since when are we splitting hairs over the death of so many innocent people?  How many additional lives have been destroyed through the use of depleted uranium munitions?  Through the misery of burying your children or your father or your mother or your best friend?  Of the chaos that now defines a completely broken society?  These are crimes against humanity and should be prosecuted just like the Nuremburg trials. 

59 killed in Iraq terrorist attacks.  Again, equivalently, this would be the second largest terrorist attack ever on U.S. soil.  This is regular event in the mess that the U.S. and Britain created.  Did the media cover this?  Are the Iraqi politicians rattling their sabre that they are going to come to America and punish us for these attacks as our politicians did back in 2001?  Which, by the way, as evil as Saddam Hussein was, he had nothing to do with 9/11.  So, why again did we destroy Iraq?  Oh, yeah.  Money.  Oil.  Profit.  Corruption.  Evil. 

Caterpillar’s earnings and revenue implode again.  The company is literally unable to issue forward guidance.   The global asset bubble that Caterpillar was feeding off of is now showing signs of being in the early phases of full bust mode. 

The Amazon Ponzi scheme continues albeit the vaporware is  starting to evaporate.  Revenue beat but once again the company has never  shown an ability to actually make a profit let alone grow profits.  Last time I checked, you couldn’t buy a lead pencil with all of the revenue in the world.  Only with profit can you buy anything.  Amazon’s business model is very similar to the economic policies of communist China.  Seriously.  Need I even say that the stock gained 35 points before the market even opened?  Obviously, there is no manipulation through leveraged derivatives in that move.  It was based purely on fundamentals.  Amazon is trading at an unbelievable 20 times replacement value.  So, when was the last time anyone offered you 20 times what your house was worth?  Its enterprise value to free cash flow ratio is an absof*ckinglutely unbelievable 140.     In a single sentence what that means is Amazon needs to execute to near perfection or this pig’s business model is going to completely collapse.   Kenneth Lay, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein and Bernie Madoff would be proud.  Obama was hired to fix this mess.  Indeed he did.   The fix certainly is in. 

Top China banks triple write downs as debt defaults looms.  China is an absolute disaster.  The world has never before witnessed anything like is happening in China as written on here ad nauseam over the last eight years.  That they have been able to keep inflating their bubble for as long as they have simply means the resulting disaster is going to be that much worse.  China is the biggest turd in the pool by far.  China’s crisis is was created by embracing Wall Street and western capitalism.  They too shall suffer the consequences.  The misallocation of capital is staggering and unprecedented on a global scale.  This is what happens when private, for-profit capital is the determinant of where society’s investment and resources are allocated and then spent by society.  We need public (democratic) capital to drive private investment.  

NSA spying on Mexico was for economic advantage.  As noted ad nauseam, the U.S. is a corporate empire just like the British empire we fought a war to rid ourselves of.  That our self-appointed king, who has proven through this and other actions that he has no respect for the rule of law or citizen government, is spying on Mexican economic affairs for his corporate courtiers should be of no surprise.   Empire, an institution of the ego, always ends when the avarice of the plutocracy and its obsession with worshiping mammon is at its most extreme.  We certainly do live in a madhouse.

The rubber hand experiment.  Insights into how our mind is a dream generator that creates the illusion of reality and the illusion of the self.   Does reality actually exist?  Does the self or ego actually exist?  What would the universe look like without the illusion created by the mind?  Space and time would almost certainly disappear as they are manifestations understood to be created by the mind.  Is reality nothing more than experiences our minds create?  There is that dirty word.  Create.  Creation.  Creationism.  Ha!  Reality is based on creationism.  Reality is created by the mind.  Science has literally no idea what the human mind is.  They may think they do but there is substantial evidence much of our knowledge, including brain science, is going backward.  Which, frankly, could be a supporting hypothesis for impending widespread failure of institutions of the ego. (money, finance, capitalism, corporations, government, junk science, etc)  I certainly don’t have the answers of what is real but I have some idea what isn’t real.  This almost certainly isn’t real. 

What just happened on the Congressional House floor?  This is a nice piece of investigation.  It is truly a very bizarre event.  One of the most bizarre I have ever witnessed.  Now I am very curious.    Was this contrived?  And by whom?  And what was the intent?  We live in an insane asylum.  I have no idea what is going on with this event.  But, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this story in the future.   Is there a hidden influence behind the secrecy of door number one or is this some type of planted feint?

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a favorite of mine, – A government of secrecy and fear.   How dystopian is our political system?  We have a president who claimed he was going to be the most transparent administration in history.  In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  A few years ago I went to listen to Napolitano, Glenn Greenwald and Ron Paul, amongst a few others, speak.  Ideological hacks might be surprised to hear the name Glenn Greenwald included in there.  Truth is not defined by political ideology and propaganda. 

Coming food stamp cuts to stress food banks and pantries.  More crimes against humanity while the aristocracy keeps their jackboot on the necks of an entire world that it exploits.

A new record for the unemployed in Amerika.  We need a new economic system that redefines access to society’s economic output and resources beyond the dumbed-down concept of slaving away for our corporate capitalist masters.   ie, We need democratic (public) capital and public capital markets and a more democratic method of distributing society’s resources and wealth.  I have been writing about this for years.  It’s all coming to pass.  We aren’t going to ever create 90 million new jobs.  Or, for that matter 150 million jobs that are needed to pay a living wage.  Corporate capitalism is dead.   The system is telling us its finished through so many markers.  We should be looking forward to creating a new and brighter future for everyone rather than focusing all of our energy on saving a system that is in the midst of systemic failure by almost any measurement.  But, instead our politicians continue to appease evil for their own selfish greed and power.

Economists should get out of the science lab.  Economics is not a science.  What has happened to the profession is absurd.  And they still don’t actually have the fundamental knowledge to understand that what they are doing cannot be classified as science.  ie, They have so little understanding of science that they don’t have any idea how to devise experiments or understand what it takes to falsify them.   So, instead they continually pontificate lies in the mainstream that they truly do believe are accurate.  Economics truly is a junk science.

Oarfish beachings a sign of impending disaster?  Over the years I have highlighted the uptick in volcanism and earthquakes across the globe as part of this cycle of volatility.   While some have remarked that beachings of Oarfish are associated with lore, the reality is they are deep swimmers and could be the first to experience ocean acidification and oxygen depletion due to plates shifting, under water lava flows and under water volcanism that we simply cannot see or effectively measure.  There is ample reason to consider this lore to have scientific backing.  I suspect the possibility exists that we will see a major global earthquake or volcanic event or events some time during this cycle.  Much more so than what we have already experienced.  And, we have already experienced a few firsts as recorded by science in the two recent tsunamis of southeast Asia and Japan.   There is ample reason to believe the earth’s weakened magnetosphere is one indicator of that possibility.

Spiritual activist Marianne Williamson runs for Congress against the dunce Henry Waxman.   We have strayed long ago from the tenets of John Adams who wrote that it is impossible that all of society should assemble to make the laws so it is necessary to depute power from the many to a few of the most wise and good.  There is little, if any, wise or good in politicians, or politics, an institution of the ego and thus of control.  We are ruled by egomaniacs, criminals and predators.  Self-rule is almost completely dead except at some local level.  And, these lunatics have distorted our system of government to give egomaniacs, criminals and predators the inside track to maintaining their grip of tyranny, corporate slavery and injustice.    Maybe it’s time to revisit some of the original tenets of the Articles of Confederation - a little less republicanism and a little more democracy.  That is, pushing self-rule down to the power of the people and declawing self-appointed ruling aristocracy in some far off land.   ie, State’s rights and local rights that promotes self rule, citizen activism, citizen government and citizen involvement.  That is what the enlightenment was about.  That is why we first had the Articles of Confederation before the Constitution.  Because big, bloated, centralized aristocratic government was what we had just fought a war to rid ourselves of.   Through the propaganda of our ruling masters that has helped create our own self-victimization, we have a political system that has become what we despised the most.  That is, a combination of the British empire, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Mr. Magoo writes a book about bubble economics.  Alan Greenspan is better known as the this country’s official criminal dunce.  I bet this is going to sell like hotcakes.  Alan Greenspan is a poster child for why no policy affecting the entire world should be determined by a single bumbling idiot.  Or, for that matter a small group of them acting in secrecy.   The same goes for presidents who believe they are God or kings.  We have a feudal monetary policy king who serves a criminal aristocratic class as opposed to a democratic monetary system serving citizen development and democracy.  Public discourse from our citizens based on science and reason hones the blade of democratic excellence.  Not fables created in the minds of bumbling idiots in the Whitehouse or at the Federal Reserve.

New book claims politicians in Washington run a Mafia-style extortion racket by demanding a pay for play system.   As Mark Twain said, “There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”.  This may be an epiphany to some but this is simple economics of supply and demand.  Without the demand for dirty money by the Democrats and Republicans, the supply would evaporate.   That is, unless you believe in Reaganomics; supply creates its own demand.  There certainly could be some truth to that as well.  The problems in our nation are driven solely by political corruption that serves itself rather than serving our democracy.  We don’t have public servants.  We have political masters.  Does anyone still believe Barack Obama or John Boehner gives a shit about them?  Seriously?  Look past the rhetoric.  The criminal class in Washington works harmoniously with our corporate masters can bribe their way to riches. 

Damning report on cell phones and cancer. I’ve written of this repeatedly.  Soft tissue is most certainly impacted by the EMF of unshielded electronic devices.  This is a major issue no one is talking about in the mainstream media.  It’s just as important as GMOs and other crisis health hazards.  Personally, I do not keep portable electronic devices in my pockets or near my person.  Ever.  And, I generally try to talk on the cell phone via speaker with it sitting on my desk.  You might consider doing the same as a precaution.

Lech Walesa calls for a global economy of tomorrow that is clearly neither capitalism or communism.  Indeed.  And it isn’t an economic system driven by bureaucrats who tell us they are going to create jobs.  Empowered citizens responsible for their own determinism create sustainable economic development.  Bureaucrats in government are good at administering benefit programs.  They are good at efficient administration.  Not at dictating specific economic plans or creating jobs.  That is, unless you want to live under the misery of bureaucratic corporate state rule similar to that of the Soviet Union and its massive state-backed corporations.

Inspiring and wonderful - Russell Brand, a brilliant, mindful, compassionate and imperfect human being who is willing to jeopardize his place at the table of privilege to selflessly speak the words of truth about this violent and exploitative system.  I respect him for being one of the few that are willing to do so.  Most people who experience great fame, wealth, success and power in this system become sycophantic whores who sell their humanity and their souls for their place at the class-based table of privilege.

Marc Faber - global central banks are simply blowing a bigger bubble that will end in devastating collapse.  One of my favorites.  Faber has finally got his arms around what is happening after some bad calls over the years.  His views now completely parallel many of my long term theses except for gold.  You have to appreciate global neoliberalism is nothing more than enabling a predatory class of looters globally through corporate capitalism.  And, they own all of the gold.  So, when their fortunes turn down, gold is almost certainly heading with them.  The predators have stolen everything.  The end of global capitalism will destroy the top 5%.  They own everything that has been inflated to the moon.  No one else has anything to lose.  That should tell you that most people in the world have everything to gain by reforming this system.  The cat is out of the bag and there is no way we are ever going back.  The aristocracy was only ever able to loot with impunity by doing so in the darkness or by manipulating reality for the mass of humanity.  Now that this system is being brought to the light, it is finished.

Saudis to shift away from U.S.   We don’t really know what is going on here but one should be highly sensitive to anything that might upset the petrodollar.  Saudi Arabia is the lynchpin of the U.S. empire-enabling dollar’s reserve currency status.  Although the U.S. does not need Middle East energy so it will be the rest of the world that experiences the majority of crisis with any volatility.   That the U.S. is not doing the violent will of the wildly corrupt, terrorist House of Saud is creating a substantial political rift.  The Saudi thugs support U.S. military involvement in Syria and Iran and we have not bombed either into submission due to rising public outrights of the violent military-industrial complex and its standing armies.  (There is ample evidence Obama has lost the rank and file military personnel with the recent shutdown shenanigans.  I have been stating for years that this was possible on some level.  What a glorious day it would be if our troops refused to fight another preemptive capitalist war.)  We shall see where this rift ends up.  I would argue Saudi Arabia will inflict tremendous self harm by ending this relationship so I don’t expect that will happen regardless of the rhetoric.  But, there is always the chance of overplaying one’s hand in political games of power as both the Tea Party and Obama are learning.  Or not.  The Saudis are a tyrannical puppet that maintains its iron grip on the people living under its repression with  the forceful backing of the U.S. military industrial complex.  Without it, their illegitimacy could collapse.  That is, unless they re-align themselves with Russia or China.  But, that would alienate much of the world in doing so.

Obama after shutdown – ignore bloggers and activists and listen to me.  Truly dystopian from another Mr. Magoo.  Without citizen government, which we clearly have lost, we have a ruling class telling us what to think and who to listen to.   Don’t listen to activists who wish to see a better world and hold political idiots and tyrants accountable for their massive incompetence, crimes and corrupton.  Obama tells us he wants us to let Washington get back to work creating jobs.  Obama has almost certainly never created a net new job in his life.  But he certainly has destroyed many of them.  If Obama wants to create jobs, his ego has to give up control and he has to pass the power and responsibility back to Americans.  We will create jobs if the jackboot stifling control of the state and corporations is removed from our neck. 

Here’s what jobs programs Obama is working on.  TPP steals American sovereignty, offshores more jobs and destroys our constitutional and economic liberties.

All the while mean’s tested government benefit recipients outnumbers full time workers.  This system of corporate exploitation is not going to be saved.  Period.  It’s finished.

Here are more jobs Obama is working on.  Obama rolls back arms export controls to cement America’s role as the leading global death dealer.   I’m sure the “Christian” Obama was channeling Jesus of Nazareth with this act.  Blessed are the peacemakers…

Obama seeks to hide America’s role as death dealer.  That’s a great jobs program from our king.  Our number one export is dollars.  Our number two export is dealing death.  Evil cannot survive in the light.  It scurries into the darkness.

Obama looks to corporations for guidance on immigration reform.  What a surprise.  The fascist state.  Corporate capitalism has always relied on exploitation of citizens and labor in our nation for its survival and profits.  We have an immigration problem because corporations wanted one.

Obama listening to Germany Chancellor Merkel’s phone conversations.  And 34 other world leaders as well.  Let’s be clear.  It is U.S. politicians that are most likely providing the security apparatus with these telephone numbers.  It is politicians who are the initiator of all spying.   Given it is mostly executive branch and State Department officials interacting with foreign politicians, it is Obama and his cronies initiating this spying.  I wonder if Obama rubbed one out while reading Merkel’s private sexting messages with her husband?  That is a crass statement but I can guarantee you has happened at some time.  That someone in the national security state has listened to someone’s most private conversations.  And, anyone who would do that has then likely then fantasized about it.  It’s no different than calling a 900 sex number.  It’s a disgusting statement but then our government’s behavior is so disgusting and Godless that it’s debatable whether it’s worth reforming.   Maybe we should let it collapse and pick up the pieces then start anew.  That would likely be easier at this point.

U.S. foreign and American partners conclude Obama can no longer be trusted.  Funny how shit just happens.  Who’da thunk it?  Well, I wrote back in the first year of his presidency that failure to reform this system would likely come back to create a crisis of confidence in his presidency.  That is exactly where we are.  The Obama administration is completely untrustworthy and now completely lame duck. 

Since Obama is so busy spending other people’s money, (A staggering 70% of national income in 2009.) it should be no surprise that the government shutdown led to the largest drop in manufacturing in a year.   If the government isn’t spending obscene amounts of money on crony programs of violence and force, this system would implode.  Is that democracy, freedom and empowerment?  That your  supposed servants are spending your democratic access to society’s wealth?  Do you think you could spend that money better yourself on what you need?  I certainly believe that to be true for every single American.  That is, to be responsible and empowered.  Not to be repressed by the corporate state.

Obamacare website denies 63 year old couple for being incarcerated.  But, they have never been.  More epic failures at the link.  I need to find a way to get me some of the crony fascist government work so I can retire from the madness of living in the dystopian world they have created.  

The Russia left behind. (You have to page up and down at the link to view this pictorial and video story)  There is a very twisted belief held by many in the U.S. and other democracies that the Chinese and Russians are somehow virtuous and that the U.S. is this great evil.  And that Russia and China are going to save the world from the Americans.  A bit of schadenfreude assisted by propaganda that is completely ludicrous.  This is a common meme amongst gold fanatics who find some dystopian kindred spirit in the Russian and Chinese thugs who are propping up their gold investments.  Russian and Chinese political leaders, as noted on here many times, are neoliberal criminals.  These state leaders are not virtuous.  They willfully and with intent steal our technology, our wealth and our jobs and our political scumbags let them for the price of corporate and banking bribes.  And their social problems created by state repression are for worse than ours.  A multipolar world driven by the inclusion of additional repressive states and political thugs will not ameliorate any suffering.  It could very well increase it as evil gains more power globally over smaller and poorer nations.  China and Russia are exploiting the world just as the U.S. political and corporate thugs are.  ie, A more “inclusive” ruling club would set weaker nations up for more neoliberal exploitation of the weak.   We need a new economic and financial model that is based on national sovereignty, citizen government and democratic economic determinism.  And one that is based on assisting other nations in developing their own sovereign and democratic economic determinism.  Not to rejigger a system of unimaginable corruption to increase the size of the club.

Top 5 brain health foods.  Just a hint.  They are not made by Kraft and Coke.  They are made by nature.

Pulling back the curtain on the organized crime pharmaceutical drug cartel.  As I have noted on here for years, we have rackets in this nation that I believe could be prosecuted and broken up under the RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) statutes.  Those rackets are corporate organized crime cartels in most every industry.  Corporate looters make any organized crime syndicate blush with envy.

Oily Gunk Surges Three Years After BP Gulf Spill.  Enjoy that wonderful Gulf seafood as our political and corporate masters continue to tell us it’s safe to eat at the Corexit buffet.

Hillary Clinton heckled on Benghazi.  “You let them die”  Partisan hacks believe Hillary is going to win the 2016 Dummycrat nomination.  I’d take that bet all day long.  She is a status quo pariah that only appeals to the dumbed-down beltway crowd and those who outsource their own victimization to them.  She isn’t any more qualified than her bumbling husband.   More importantly she’s now recognized as part of the political aristocracy by most Americans.  By the time 2016 comes around, she’ll be gone like a fart in the wind.

70,000 March on Rome in austerity protest.  But the mainstream media tells us Europe is in recovery.

Prisoners of Profit- The private juvenile prison empire.  More corporate state violence.

Amnesty International labels U.S. drone strikes as illegal and even war crimes in some instances.  Whitehouse channels Jesus of Nazareth in its own defense.

Violent crime skyrocketing in America.  Most crime is economic as discussed on here ad nauseam.  That this is occurring is nothing more than a symptom of a dying economic system.

Baby born with HIV shows no symptoms.  How incredible would this be if she has been cured.  I am dubious that it is just medical treatment given the flawed methods through which drug companies measure efficacy but we can hope for the best.  Maybe humanity is adapting to the infection or the treatment or both which, frankly, would be even better news long term.

UK’s top prosecutor defends whistleblowers who break law in public interest.  A surprising and positive revelation from a very repressive, class-based society.  Maybe we need to trade Eric Holder and Obama for someone who actually understands the role of whistleblowers in maintaining a free society.  Something our founders clearly understood by writing the protection of journalists into the Constitution.

Harvard Business School dimwit tries to use rationalism, logic and business acumen to explain the insane bubble valuations of the Russell 2000.  We have heard this bullshit many times before.  The human ego can rationalize anything and given the chance, often will.

UK energy firms announce massive price hikes.  If there is one “democracy” that is substantially more corrupt than the U.S. it is and always has been the aristocracy-driven, class-divided England.  Just in time to cause the extremely high poverty rate in Britain to suffer this winter.

Massive Goldman and KKR $50 billion LBO going bust.  This massive mergers and acquisitions cycle is a farce.  I wrote in 2007 when CNBC was fawning all over the private equity and LBO industry that these people were clowns creating futures crisis.  It appears lost on everyone else but I can assure you that this ten year cycle of massive binges on the LBO and M&A markets is a very, very late cycle sign of impending doom.  You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Chris Hedges video interview - Obama is worse than Bush.  Ya think?

American CEO pay reaches record.  Bureaucrats seem to believe there is no issue with this system as they loot society with impunity.

Families with kids go homeless as rent exceeds pay.  This while Magnetar goes long Ohio town while shorting its tax base.  And Blackstone gobbles up single family homes.  Rent-seeking criminals control our economic system and have enslaved us to their own megalomania.  They will be bag holders as this asset reflation fails.

The IMF lays groundwork for wealth confiscation.  This system is collapsing and the state needs money that isn’t being delivered through wealth creation thanks to corporate state meddling that is stifling private enterprise and human ingenuity.  We can’t tax our way out of this morass but that doesn’t mean the corporate state idiots will give up their violent attempts at trying.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Timely Remarks About The Permanent Failed State Of Healthcare Reform

Let me first say that I believe health care is a right as noted on here countless times.  As is a living wage.  As is economic determinism.   None of those exist within our current structure.  Generally because private, for-profit capital determines our socioeconomic fate in almost all aspects of society’s lives.  An undemocratic fate at that.  

I think I have noted on here before that our economic system can be described very well as a finite state machine.  And I have designed, tested and debugged many state machines.  I believe this gives me a unique ability to understand all of the moving parts and interdependencies in this global control system we call corporate capitalism.  If I compare corporate capitalism to a state machine or engineered control system, one recognizes what I have written on here many times.   That is, this system must rely on greater and greater force to maintain itself because of its inherent instabilities.  Most people don’t recognize that this dynamic has been building for 200 years in the U.S. and well longer in Europe.   It wasn’t always recognizable because we were primarily an agrarian economy not that long ago.  So, the greater and greater force exerted by corporate capitalism was always limited in scope but always growing.   In other words there was always some ability to essentially “outrun” the gains of force exerted by corporations.  That is, up until the last thirty or forty years where the grip of corporate capitalism has become nearly all consuming.   Corporate capitalism defines nearly everything about mainstream society, our political system, our military system, our food system, our media system our culture and on and on and on.  The culture we export is Coca-cola, Monsanto, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Lockheed-Martin. 

But behind all of these illusions over the last 200 years has been a system that has continuously garnered greater and greater control by exerting greater and greater force.   This greater and greater force is necessary because of the inherent instabilities and contradictions that define corporate capitalism.   There are some in the modern day libertarian arena who believe corporate capitalism just sprung forth like a wild seed in nature.  That is perpetuated by many people associated with this Mises ideology.   Corporate capitalism is an invention of the state.  It sprung forth from class, privilege and power.  Obamacare is a manifestation of this dynamic.  It is a statist system that is reliant on force to succeed.  Without that force our corporate-controlled healthcare system would collapse.  Our healthcare system is not a merit or market-based system.  It is a corporate capitalist-controlled system that is propped up by the state.   

There is no such thing as a free market.  And there certainly is no such thing as a corporate capitalism-based free market.  There are fair and equitable markets.  A properly engineered control system will can reach a steady state and maintain that state with a continuous and consistent application of force.  The same can be said of our healthcare system.   A poorly designed control system, or one that is inherently unstable, requires greater and greater force.  Yet there is a finite amount of force that can ever be applied to any control system.  And, thus, one that requires ever-increasing force will eventually destabilize and fail when those forces are exceeded.   That is where we are today.  We are at a state of permanent failure of this system.  That includes our healthcare system. 

That is why we see an ever-increasing level of force used by the state in all aspects of society and economics.  Because this system is not a virtuous system.  People on a record would choose not to participate if they could.  I have seen some recent polling that shows nearly 90% of Americans are unhappy in their jobs and would leave if they could.   Is that democracy?  Freedom?  Empowerment?  I can’t remember who said this, but I believe it was a sociologist half a century ago who remarked that no tyranny is not long for this world that requires regular use of force to survive.  Most tyrannical systems either convince people through propaganda that society benefits or that they are virtuous and thus limits the use of overt force.  Cuba, the Soviet Union, North Korea, etc.  Pictures of their fearless leaders, public propaganda about a worker state, creation of an external enemy to unite society, etc.  These ploys are meant to brainwash society into accepting control so that limited force is actually needed to maintain the system.  We obviously know from war that people can only absorb so much human-initiated violence before they succumb to emotional breakdowns and even emotional collapse.  The same can be said of a social dynamics.   We witness this every day in people breaking down.  Just something to be mindful of when you think about this healthcare system and the larger picture; the state exists through violence and violence alone.  This healthcare system exists through violence and violence alone.  

This obviously leads to a revelation that most people are unwilling to recognize in themselves.  That is, it’s amazing how many people will adopt another ego’s violent beliefs and incorporate them into their own.  It’s amazing how many people incorporate corporate capitalism into their belief systems.  How many people cheered their own victimization with the passage of Obamacare. 

Corporate capitalism and corporations were originally created by the aristocracy as mechanisms to control society and loot the world.  It is a disturbing fact that the self or the ego is generally responsible for its own self-victimization.  The self is responsible for all violence, evil and harm in this world.  And, who is on the receiving end of that victimization?  Me.  I victimize myself.  And Obamacare is no different.  People outsource their thinking and beliefs to those who wrote Obamacare without having any idea what they are supporting.  They outsource their power to their oppressors and, thus, create their own self-victimization.  The incredibly disturbing reality is that they actually will fight to defend their own victimization.  Our society is really no different than any other repressive society.  The same dynamics exist whether it’s the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany or Korporate Amerika.  The human condition truly is a walking paradox without becoming mindful to our own insanity.  Even when we are mindful, it is still often a life-long struggle to overcoming it.  To subsuming the endless violence of the self or the ego.

As I noted in my post back in mid 2009 in the comparisons to Herbert Hoover and Obama, which are often striking, it was Hoover that actually started the New Deal programs.  And, that contributed to the collapse and Great Depression.  Obamacare fits into that category on many levels.  It is a massive new state-enforced corporate tax that is intended to suck incredible amounts of money out of our economy and transfer power from citizens to corporations; rent-seeking corporate force.   Yet literally half of the population cheered it when it was passed.  Our society is choking on its on vomit because of the lack of money in our economy.  When you look at Detroit, as just one of many examples, you should see an entire community of people who are denied their democratic and economic rights.  This is accomplished by denying access to society’s wealth, resources and capital.  And the control mechanism that is used to do that is corporate capitalism.  Obamacare will make coming economic crises that much worse.  It will contribute to the end of this system. 

Let me make a remark here that is mildly off topic.  In many regards Democrats are much more dangerous because they support big government and outsourcing their thinking and responsibility to others.  If we had a working democracy, there may be some merit to allowing representatives to make decisions on our behalf.  But we don’t.  So, it is liberals with a big “L” who are primarily responsible for creating this crisis.  That is why true conservatives are actually closer to reality than the Democratic party at this point in time.  And that is why small “L” liberals who support a just and virtuous system often find themselves agreeing with conservatives and even some Tea Party members.  Human values are not derived from political beliefs. 

So, let’s move forward to today on Obamacare.  First, the Sunlight foundation has compiled a list of what are likely crony or fascist contractors in Obamacare’s implementation.  I would expect that everyone on this list may have somehow gotten their place at the table though political favors.  Especially since some of the large contractors are embroiled in existing lawsuits for incompetence and fraud in other countries and this current administration is the definition of cronyism. 

The whole Obamacare process has involved endless deceptions and outright lies perpetuated by Democrats and the mainstream media.  First, corporations wrote the health care law and thus Max Baucus excluded any public option.  Then reconciliation, which is arguably an unconstitutional method dreamed up by politicians, was used to ram this through both houses of Congress.  Otherwise, Congress never would have passed it into law.  Then, we got upwards of another 50,000+ pages of regulation to enforce this clusterf*ck.   It’s hard to get accurate information but the regulatory code for this is insanity defined.  All the while, those who outsource their thinking to politicians cheered that we all now had healthcare.  Some even thought that the healthcare bill meant we were all going to receive free healthcare. 

So, here we are.  No one knows the extent of the mess that is Obamacare.  The nonfunctioning web sites are just one minor aspect of that mess and its unintended consequences.  Another is that people are losing healthcare because of it.  All political propaganda aside, I know as a fact that many corporations are cutting healthcare or hours to subvert this system. 

As far as the web sites, I see a lot of mess and, while it has been ages, I have written a lot of code.  More recently I have worked with some of the top firms in industry and am well aware of the processes necessary for successful application development and deployment.   Given the back end integration requirements and the apparent complete lack of testing of Obamacare’s applications and their integration,  I suspect we could be looking at years before this system works properly.  Maybe politicians will attempt to slog through this and keep the site up during that time, and maybe they will be able to take manual enrollments during the fix period, which is absurd in itself,  but then everything these days is  absurd. 

And, by the way, from what I have seen, the issues these sites are dealing with has zero to do with scalability or too many excited users that are anxiously trying to sign up to pay what appears to generally be much higher premiums.   That is political propaganda of people who don’t have any idea what they are talking about.  In other words, politics as usual.  This is standard fair from an administration and political system that endlessly deceives and outright lies to the American people.  

The application logic doesn’t even appear to work.  ie, They wrote an application that was designed to test the temperature of McDonald’s hamburgers on the planet Mars.  So, there is no way it ever could have been scalability tested.   At least properly.  The application actually has to do what it was intended to do before scalability testing can be started.   That process alone, which is just one of many required test processes, could take a year for complex applications.  Especially poorly written ones.   I have no idea how complex this system is or how poorly written and integrated it is.  No one really does.  Not even the developers or systems integrators.  If they did, we wouldn’t have this problem. 

Thus, I am incredibly dubious that the government web sites can be fixed during the 180 day open enrollment period.  That would be a feat of near immortal accomplishment.   And this is one hell of an incompetent administration that has proven its mortality time and again.

We should have had Medicare for everyone anyway.  130 million Americans are already on Medicaid or Medicare.  The infrastructure is in place and the bill could have been a few dozen pages.  An addendum to what already works.  Then, some of this money we are wasting on bureaucratic bullshit could have been used to improve Medicare and deal with the massive corporate corruption and fraud that exploits it.   If we have an ability of referendum, the American people would probably vote to overturn this law and replace it with a public option.  It appears many of this bill’s supporters have finally awoken to their own victimization in supporting it.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dr. Mercola, The Documentary, Grounded, And The Power Of Connection

Even though many may not see the connection to the topic of economics in this post, in fact, it is directly intertwined.We are beings of light (energy) and frequency.   At least as far as science perceives reality.  And our perceptions of reality are created by both.  This documentary, Grounded, available to watch for free for the next week courtesy of Dr. Mercola, is fundamentally an appreciation of that reality.  And the importance of connection to the human experience.  The earth itself has an energetic heart beat, and thus, could be classified as a living entity.  Our planet exhibits many energy-driven phenomenon that allows life to exist.  We are, in fact, as proven by science, unable to live without a connection to that energy or the earth’s heart beat.  I would encourage you to consider watching this documentary  with an open mind. 

There are many people in our wildly ego-driven society that believe they have it all figured out.  That they know all of the answers about the human experience.   If you are one of those people, your ego is in for a rude awakening at some point.   The reality is we really know just about nothing.   What the ego or the manifested self believes about who it is, what its perceptions are of its experiences and what is truly real are almost certainly two completely  different things.  We can gain a greater appreciation of this illusion through what fundamental science is constantly grappling with in its endlessly elusive attempts to explain our perceptions of reality.   

We are witnessing the early experiences of a new trend that has been developing for quite some time.  That is, prevailing beliefs, including many scientific beliefs, are starting to crumble, if not outright collapse.  And, in its place, there is often a greater appreciation for intuitive experiences, to their connection to the universe and to all of humanity.  Often these experiences and perceptions have existed in various forms since early man in all cultures separated by both space and time.

One of those intuitive experiences is the true power of emotional and physical connection both to others and to the natural world.  This documentary is about connection to the energy of our existence.  To the divine life force of the universe that has created all life.  Connection is a basic need shared by all life.  I believe it is the most important need of the human emotional experience.  And, thus, to our emotional and physical health.    And we live in a world where disconnection is unprecedented.  That disconnection is from the natural world,  from each other and from ourselves or our mind’s higher power.

This disconnection is driven by the socioeconomic structure of corporate capitalism.  Class-based corporate capitalism at its core is an exaltation of the ego or the manifested self.   And given the ego is that which creates all perceptions of separateness,  disconnection and the associated harm against itself and others through that disconnection, corporate capitalism is a violent system that not only creates but actually exalts disconnection and associated suffering.  Not just suffering of and by the ego, but suffering created in the natural world by the ego and its attack on the connection to the world around it.  

Separateness and disconnection are man’s original sin as told in the story of Adam and Eve.  As I have noted on here before, maybe I will put up a post explaining original sin some other time.  But in the mean time, one must understand that sin is simply another word for a willful intent of doing harm.  All harm is fundamentally only possible through the ego’s perceptions of separateness or disconnection.  Quite frankly, when one understands the ego or the manifested self as the source of all willful intent of harm, which it clearly is as we understand reality, one can appreciate why the corporate state is Godless.  The corporate state exalts the self’s separateness and disconnection.

The self or ego and its intent to control and and associated belief systems are incredibly formidable enemies of truth and connection.  As I have noted on here before, I believe the battle between good and evil that is so much of a part of timeless spiritual beliefs across space and time may be the battle in our own minds between our higher self or our own divinity and the ego or manifested self and its fear-driven intent of control that is the basis for all harm or, if you will, sin. 

Class-based corporate capitalism exalts disconnection and separateness.   It does so through the ego’s disconnection that creates competition with the natural world and with the human family of life.   This competition is clearly not consistent with connection that is a fundamental need of all life.   In corporate capitalism, the ego takes from others and from the natural world whatever it can in a dystopian survival of the fittest environment.   Its willful intent is to encourage the ego to profit at the expense of the world around it.   This exaltation of the ego interferes with the normal functioning of our higher power and the inherent connection of the human mind.   

This is why the concepts of community, spirituality, fellowship, family, unions, collective bargaining, organized resistance, environmental activism and other forms of connection are constantly under attack by the ego in modern corporate capitalist society.   All forms of connection are a threat to the ego’s perceptions of its separateness and its focus on the self or selfishness.  We are literally living through a world where God,  or the divine life force of the universe, and our connection to it is under attack by the exaltation of the only known force that is the source of all harm. 

Corporate capitalism is the driver behind modern man losing his connection to his mind’s higher power and the universe.   And, thus, humanity and society are actually regressing or devolving into an ego-driven monster in the corporate state.   We are a world disconnected from our mind’s higher power or our own divinity and to each other.   That is why the world is embroiled in so much suffering.   The ego or the manifested self is the source of all suffering.  Not just suffering of the self, but suffering of others and suffering of the natural world.  And it seems quite possible that the universe’s life force has awoken to this imbalance in the energy of life’s existence.

This documentary is an example of the spiritual awakening that comes with a recognition of our connection to the earth and the natural world around us.  A recognition that without connection all life suffers.  

As noted in this documentary, sticking our hands in a pile of dirt is a spiritual experience.  This is an intuitive truth that has always been understood by experience.  And it reinforces our connection to our higher power and to the universe.  Being one with nature is a natural therapy to subsume the ego and to restore the natural balance of the human mind.   It’s the same connection that is so successful in equine therapy, animal therapy, pet ownership, family, community and other forms of fellowship that are so instrumental to maintaining life’s connections.  This documentary simply is an intuitive affirmation of what our mind’s higher power already knew.  And has since the beginning of time.  That is, we are all one.   The divine life force of the universe connects us all.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Equity Markets Discounting 88 Years Of Earnings - 1925 Or 2101. Take Your Pick.

Today, 29 out of 30 Dow stocks are underperforming the Nasdaq, which is having a large up day.  Or, it is at the time I am typing this.  Of those 29 Dow stocks, 21 are negative.  Not exactly a normal day.  Especially because massive speculation in the Nasdaq is a sign of extreme ignorance driving markets. 

Today, also, the Russell 2000 hit a price to earnings ratio of      88.   That means it is discounting earnings for the next 88 years.  Or put another way, it would be like we were living in 1925 and the Russell 2000 was discounting all of the earnings up until the present day.   The Russell 2000 didn’t even exist in 1925.  And while I cannot guarantee that none of the companies in the Russell 2000 existed in 1925, I can say with a high degree of confidence 99% of them didn’t exist in 1925 either.  I would bet my life that neither the Russell 2000 nor any of its companies will be here in 2101 or in 88 years either.

Now Russell tells us the price to earnings ratio for the 2000 index is 22.  They asterisk that “fact” by telling us that ratio is ex-negative earnings.   Seriously.  This is what the Orwellian world has come to?  This is like saying you are in great health except for that brain tumor you have that’s the size of Rhode Island.  Or, the U.S. employment picture is great except for the 25% who are unemployed.   Or, that pizza tastes great except for that pile of cockroaches laying in the middle of it.  Or, corporate cash levels are at record levels, except for that even higher level of record corporate debt.  Or that Obamacare’s first few weeks has been a huge success except that almost no one has signed up.   The endless propaganda, err dystopian advertising, of the corporate capitalist state has literally gone mad. 

There was an example of similar bulloney in the 2000 bubble as it pertained to the S&P 500.  But instead it was operating earnings - loosely interpreted to be whatever earnings a company wished to share with investors.  One day I woke up and the price to earnings ratio of the S&P magically changed to some reasonable number from the prior week’s astronomical number in one of the oldest and most respected publications on Wall Street.  Now, the publication that pulled this nonsense was accosted and almost immediately changed their manipulation.  But that didn’t stop them from trying.  Telling the truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.

To get some type of context, the price to earnings ratio of the Dow in 1929, right before it collapsed over 90% was 16.  Let’s see.    Well over five times more expensive today than the peak of the roaring 20’s mania that nearly led to the collapse of corporate capitalism?  

We have blowhards, including the Federal Reserve, telling us that stocks are not a bubble.  Of course, nothing is a bubble to the status quo.  They create bubbles with their policies used to loot the rest of us so what else are they going to say?  We are the enablers of corruption and rip offs that have destroyed the U.S. economy and our economic sovereignty? 

As I have noted before, measurements such as price to earnings ratios and Tobin’s Q are incredibly faulty and going to see systemic failure.   We already see the Russell 2000 price to earnings ratio has risen drastically in the last year as the world starts to reveal itself.  And I can assure you the same is going to happen on the S&P.  These arbitrary and easily misleading measurements do not accurately reflect the value of equities any more than the arbitrary and misleading GDP accurately reflects the U.S. economy.   It should be of no surprise that I have attacked GDP as wildly misleading on here in past years as well.

This is far and away the largest financial bubble in the history of the world as I have noted on here dozens of times over the last eight years.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Corporate State Crimes Against Humanity - Americans Resort To Selling Body Parts And Bodies To Survive

Throughout the years when I have noted that we are in the midst of a collapse, I have had countless comments from people who tell me that I am being dramatic.   In some way, they all support a system which victimizes themselves and their fellow man.  And they turn a blind eye to this system’s endless violence and injustices.  We are in the midst of a global collapse of unprecedented proportions.  And when I used to write this was going to be a global event, I was mocked.  China, India, Russia, India, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Germany, South Africa, etc were all roaring when I first wrote of what lay ahead.  I wrote of the impending crises all of these neoliberal economies that would happen this cycle.  It’s coming.   People in these countries are now, for the first time, starting to see their own fate created by massive global corruption by capitalism’s plutocracy.

As well as selling body parts, more women are resorting to selling their bodies.  ie, Prostitution.  This is driven by the repressive tyranny of the corporate state.  I can cite study after study that prostitution is on the uptick not just in the U.S. but around the globe.  That includes prostitution of young girls.   The article linked to in this post  should give some supporting evidence as well.  We have certainly seen an explosion of high-priced prostitutes in New York to serve the predatory, misogynistic Wall Street good ole boy’s club of sociopaths.  And I have seen it elsewhere.  This is really no different than any other dynamic driven by lack of economic opportunity.  It is the same reason Wal-mart has thousands of people apply for nonliving wage jobs when it opens a new store.  And, it is the same reason why the military has an ample supply of recruits to fight its endless wars.   Because democratic society is denied access to its own capital (and living wages) by private, for-profit capitalism and the corporate state.  

Selling drugs, illegal economic crimes, prostitution and selling body parts are all systemic socioeconomic indicators of how corporate capitalist society and the fascist corporate state are in the midst of an unprecedented collapse.   

The state sees every problem through the lens of violence.  That means state-driven solutions to problems are always violent.  They always involve some level of confiscation, theft, repression or violence against humanity.  As an example, rather than acknowledge what is driving the illegal drug trade in this nation, that is socioeconomic crises, and attempting to ameliorate them through democratic empowerment, Ronald Reagan (with the cajoling of his wife) and pliant political stooges from both parties used the force of the state to hire more horses and dogs to send a record number of people to prison for untold millions of victimless violence.  In fact, I find the act of taking drugs to be a crime to be absolutely preposterous.   By conclusion of natural law, crimes are that which hurt others.   Taking drugs certainly does not rise to that level.  Thoughts also are not crimes.   Thoughts of greed, envy, covetousness, etc are only crimes when they are acted upon and in the process harm others.  When understanding this, one appreciates how the corporate state is endlessly criminal in its violence against humanity.  That includes destabilizing people into violence against themselves. 

Violence against ourselves, which this system creates and encourages on so many levels including depression, mental illness, addiction, prostitution, etc should be treated with compassion and with programs to lift people out of that cycle of violence through empowerment rather than state-based punishment.  We all suffer from the human condition and it should be an intent of a sentient, compassionate and free society not to punish through violence but to reform through education, community support and empowerment where possible.  This certainly applies to victimless violence.  Obviously, if you murder someone on drugs, then you have crossed over the line of of victimless violence and now enter the arena of crimes against others. 

I would argue that selling your body or body parts because you are trying to survive is just another form of victimless violence encouraged by the corporate state’s exploitation and profit at the expense of others. 

These social ills are violent creations of the state.  Ask a politician to solve a problem and you’ll always get a political solution.  Endless bullshit rules and regulations enforced by horses and dogs.  ie, A solution driven by violence.  That includes the unintended and often covert violence that drives people to sell their body or body parts to stay alive.  For every violent solution the state puts forth there are countless nonviolent solutions that empower society and people to take personal responsibility for their lives and to enjoy the fruits of their own empowerment.  But, then, power is limited.  And the more power to the people, the less power for predatory, psychopathic, narcissistic and exploitative politicians, the state and our corporate masters.

Title link here.

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Just Another Day In The Life Of Corporate State “Horses And Dogs”

This type of violent absurdity is an everyday occurrence in the merciless, compassionless, Godless corporate state.   Do any of these ignorant dumbasses know how to exercise intelligent judgment?  What kind of person makes this arrest?  A Godless, ignorant, dumbed-down horse or dog. 

Who will protect those in the world who cannot protect themselves if we don’t? 

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Goldman Sachs Reports Client Revenue Crashes & IBM Shares Hit Two Year Low As Free Cash Flow Plunges By One Third

One some level Obama would have been more lucky to have the Tea Party default.  It would have deflected from the greater truth of the dying days of the corporate state.

Goldman Edgar link here.

IBM Edgar link here.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Streaking Prank Ends In Suicide After Corporate State “Horses And Dogs” Threaten Boy With Label Of Sexual Predator

There are many points to this story that are so disturbing on such a fundamental human level.  I want to highlight this story for one simple reason.  This type of covert state violence occurs on a daily basis.   The number of lives destroyed by the state’s covert violence is literally endless.  We now see this dynamic on an unprecedented scale.   It is the fundamental reason class-based, modern corporate capitalist society is not long for this world.   Leading up to the 2008 crisis and then thereafter, I wrote ad nauseam that this was not a financial crisis.  Now, as the world starts to reveal itself (those revelations are far from finished) we are witness to endless horrors that arise due to the inherent contradictions of this violent and repressive socioeconomic system.  Those contradictions are coming home to roost at an ever-increasing rate as this control system continues to destabilize at a rate faster than our masters can possibly control.  Unfortunately, as with any inherently unstable control system, as class-based corporate capitalism is, we will continue to devolve until some modicum of stability is achieved in a lower order state.  Or until it ultimately destabilizes to the point of total failure. 

In the dumbed-down world of the class-based corporate state, we literally have rules for everything.  We add thousands of rules every year to our million plus pages of codified legal code; a mound of bureaucratic and repressive bullshit.  Someone recently calculated  upwards of 50,000 pages of total regulatory and legal code for Obamacare alone.   Where we don’t have rules, we have the unwritten rules of conformity.  What is socially-acceptable.  Often, these rules are even more covertly violent than the endless written rules. 

It’s the ego-driven desire of bureaucrats that claim some greater ability to run and ultimately ruin our lives to control society from cradle to grave.  Hence, the endless dumbing-down of society through rules, both written and unwritten.  And the ego-driven emotional self-abandonment and surrender of many in society who wish others to take responsibility for them allows this to happen.  Or, should I say, allow(ed).  The worm is clearly turning.   Even the French are rejecting the left because the repression of leftist class-based corporate state bureaucrats have become too much to bear.   Not that the right is any better but people everywhere are caught in this false meme of left versus right when they are clearly both ignorant, idiotic, wrong, immoral and Godless.

This young boy’s suicide is really an extension of the welfare state.  That is, rather than empower society, political idiots want to control us whether that is through welfare or any of the endless rules with an intent to control us for their own pathological reasons.   How did humanity ever survive up until the advent of the state and its endless rules that literally serve no useful purpose, or worse, whose unintended consequences actually create a substantial net-negative outcome including substantial repression and exploitation of the human experience?   Quite well, actually.  Which is why class-based corporate capitalism and the class-based corporate state are going to fail. 

One might compare all of these controlling dynamics of corporations and the state to an overprotective or overbearing parent that then leads to children (in the case of corporations and the state, citizens) who develop personality problems, identity crises, social adjustment problems,  a life lacking in confidence, lack of sense of self,  lack of sense of worth, etc.   A friend of mine recently put up a blog post highlighting how this dynamic of controlling behavior is created by “pig parents”; a term coined some decades ago by Eric Berne.  It defines people of arrested emotional development themselves who parent from a child ego state.  Who parent by exerting control over their own children to ameliorate their own inner demons and their own arrested emotional development.   You know, like most corporate state politicians and CEOs who ameliorate their own inner demons by seeking exerting control over you.  Unfortunately, this arrested development is a far too often occurrence in modern corporate capitalist society that is foundationally based on rewarding the illusion of control and its outcomes of predation, exploitation and violence.   The class-based corporate state figuratively “carpet bombs” Americans with their intent of control every day.  The petty gamesmanship of Obama, Democrats and Republicans in this government shutdown, in the arguably unconstitutional method of abusing reconciliation to pass Obamacare and on and on are perfect examples of how they abuse their offices as public servants to control us.

When you have a rule for everything, bureaucrats derive their own false identities of control and power by enforcing those rules.  (The need for greater and greater force to keep this inherently unstable control system from collapsing is something I have written of in the past.)   This pig parenting mindset is wildly prevalent in all aspects of the class-based corporate state including law enforcement.  The plutocracy, holding positions of class-based authority, are our pig parents.  

Frankly, while it is socially-unpopular to say so, this dynamic has grown exponentially worse as we have hired former military personnel into peace officer positions and politicians into other institutions in our democracy such as university presidents; the law of unintended consequences, negative outcomes or Newton’s third law... 

Rather than requiring an education and an associated ability to think for one’s self, ie intelligent judgment, to become peace officers, as used to be the case, we now allow veterans to substitute their military service in lieu of education.   More of that dumbing-down of society.  What are you taught in the military, a clearly nondemocratic institution that doesn’t value critical thought or intelligent judgment?  To obey authority without question.  Not to learn how to think or apply intelligent judgment but to obey authority aka what to think rather than how to think.   Which, by the way, is an anathema to functioning democracy.   This certainly plays into the massive swell in police brutality and the endless supply of ludicrous police behavior that is now exposed almost daily by the proliferation of camera phones.  

“The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies. They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc. In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgment or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purpose as well. Such command no more respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt. They have the same sort of worth only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good citizens.”  -- Henry David Thoreau

More of that dumbing down of society in the Godless corporate state.  We have an incredibly large number of these horses and dogs who do the will of the state without an ability to exercise their own intelligent judgment.   The case highlighted in this post of threatening a young boy with the label of a sexual predator is one such example of those horses and dogs going way too far and the unintended consequences and negative outcomes they create.

We don’t have people who are capable of exercising intelligent judgment in nearly any position of public service.  Of course, I doubt we ever have given the type of person who seeks authority over their fellow man.   Which, by the way, is why they are supposed to be public servants rather than self-appointed authority.   But, the difference today is the power they have granted themselves at the expense of what is no longer a free society.  We no longer have public servants.  We have masters.  Which is why authority must be defined by the rule of law based on natural rights.  ie, Minimalist laws (nature’s laws are minimalist) consistent with nature that place the ownership of responsibility and empowerment on members of society rather than on the judgment of horses and dogs enforcing often nefarious law after law after law after law.

This boy was just being a kid.  Should he have been grounded or served detention?  Certainly society believes so.  I’m ambivalent at best.  I’m not so sure that making people laugh is a crime.  If it is, it is a victimless crime.  Victimless crimes should not be prosecuted by the legal system.   That’s one reason why we have the largest prison population in the world.  Because we do prosecute victimless crimes. 

If this were my son and we didn’t live in an insane asylum and, thus, his punishment was left up to me rather than the state, I would probably sit him  down and share with him that society doesn’t have a sense of humor for nakedness and that he shouldn’t do it again.  And, while I shared his amusement, I would have to discipline him if he did it again.  Not because I felt any grand desire to control him or harm him or punish him but because if I didn’t discipline him, society would.  And, while I believed in mercy and compassion, the authority of the state didn’t.

Instead we had the idiocracy of Soviet-style, self-appointed authority threatening him with being labeled as a sexual predator.  Threatening him with the same label that appropriately fits the likes of child molester and serial killer, John Wayne Gacy. 

The Godless corporate state killed this boy just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.  At an age when he is very vulnerable to learning who he is and dealing with the emotional changes involved in becoming a man, predatory behavior of horses and dogs placed their own toxic lunacy inside of him.  That toxic lunacy was so great he took his own life.  The rote, dumbed-down conformity and obedience demanded by the Godless corporate state sucked the life out of a mere child once again.  

Horses and dogs shouldn’t even have the right to do what they did.  Who granted the horses and dogs the rights of parents?  But the Godless corporate state’s endless controlling rules have usurped parental rights just as it has usurped inalienable human rights. 

The state exists for one reason whether that is Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, communist China or the corporate state.  That is, to perpetuate violence.   The state has an endless supply of blood on its hands.   The true criminals in this case are the horses and dogs who destroyed the life of a child.  Sucking the life out of humanity is an everyday occurrence for the corporate state.

This class-based corporate state economic and social system is finished first and foremost  because it is Godless.   That is, it perfectly and efficiently robs people of their human spirit and human dignity.  It does so through the same brutal class-based bureaucracy and its endless rules and regulations used to control an entire society.  Just like the Soviet Union.

Title link here- Boy kills himself after facing charges of being labeled a sexual predator for streaking prank.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Switzerland And Cyprus’ Journey Towards A Living Wage For All Citizens

This is a topic discussed ad nauseam on here.  I hear all kinds of bullsh$t about why this is bad policy or that raising wages will simply raise the cost of goods and, thus, won’t work.  This is utter bullsh$t.  The Internet is both good and bad.  Bad because people can influence the thinking of others with bullsh$t.   Okay, three’s a charm so enough bullsh$t.  By the way, off topic, paying a living wage drives economic innovation and massive productivity enhancements through countless dynamics.  Something I wrote on here eight years ago in a detailed set of manufacturing posts on the Toyota Way (which was actually the Ford Way from a century ago) and lean production methods. 

Productivity is the greatest gift of science because it means I don’t have to work or don’t have to work as much.  I can spend more of my time qualitatively on higher value propositions building a more spiritually and emotionally fulfilling world for myself, my family, my community and the community of all life.

A quote that has been posted on here half a dozen times…

"We are justly proud of the high wage rates which prevail throughout our country and jealous of any interference with them by the products of the cheaper labor of other countries. To maintain this condition, to strengthen our control of home markets and, above all, to broaden our opportunities in foreign markets where we must compete with the products of other industrial nations, we should welcome and encourage every influence tending to increase the efficiency of our productive processes" --Henry Towne, President of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1911

Certainly, you cannot pay out more income than the national income.  Certainly, you cannot pay out more income than is required for reinvestment.  Certainly, you cannot pay out income UNDER THIS SYSTEM ONLY such that it discourages entrepreneurs.  But, let’s get real.  Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon run legalized extortion rackets and have paid themselves cumulatively hundreds of millions of dollars for creating zero wealth.  I think we can find a way to pay every American a living wage.  And if pay for corporate executives is limited because we are paying everyone a living wage, then megalomaniacs won’t have any monetary incentives to build corporate empires.  Thus, we naturally help contain the growth of monopoly.   A living wage  doesn’t even need to paid with money.  It is quite simply granting everyone a minimum access to society’s resources and its economic output.   Money doesn’t have anything to do with that.  Isn’t this what democracy, freedom and equality are all about? 

That means we can end dehumanizing programs associated with unemployment benefits, with low income housing, with food stamps and with welfare benefit programs.   And, we can end Social Security as we know it.  Now people can be empowered and personally-responsible by replacing these programs with living wage opportunities for every single citizen. 

Many ideologues and close-minded people view these programs as handouts.  No, they are not handouts.  But there is no doubt that everyone in this system, especially corporations, are institutionalized to the welfare state.   No one more so than corporate CEOs.  But, the need for government “welfare” programs is really a result of corporate capitalism.  Corporations and the plutocracy are the largest recipients of welfare both directly through subsidies and rigging the game and indirectly.   Welfare program allow corporations and the plutocracy to socialize losses while privatizing the massive gains created by our disposable or throw-away society.  They allow corporations to dump people on the public dole of indignity and enrich themselves in the process.  The welfare state benefits corporations and the plutocracy more than anyone else.

Just as importantly, by ending these programs we can slice government bureaucracy to zero in these areas and redeploy those government workers into much more productive, humanizing and emotionally-fulfilling endeavors.  And we can take away the political manipulation involved in pandering to those reliant on these programs and those administering them. 

Every single person in this nation is capable of giving back to society and humanity in some way in return for a living wage.    If you have personal issues that are keeping you from giving back or participating, then get your situation taken care of, with the support of society, and join humanity in being personally responsible and connected to the world around you.  There are enough needs beyond the actual act of work that will always exist to pay people for participating in a cooperative rather than competitive society as noted on here many times.  Not only can we see the tangible benefits to doing so, but we can see the intangibles.   One example is children raised by adults that have the time to invest in their emotional and educational development.  Another example is the isolation many retirees experience.  Giving them a purpose for existence and an ability to stay connected and to give back in return for a life-long living wage helps create a more emotionally-connected and compassionate world.  It gives our citizens a reason for being beyond watching Jerry Springer.  Another is that we can force other nations to raise their human rights and living wage programs in order to trade with us.  Although, in a world controlled by our citizens rather than corporations, most global corporate trade would collapse.  Most trade is completely unnecessary make-work made up by corporate capitalism and its overproduction-overconsumption.  The benefits to paying a living wage for our society, our citizens and the citizens of the world are endless.

Many still underestimate what is happening in the world today.  These announcements in Cyprus and Switzerland are in the winds of change that most certainly are coming to the United States.   The plutocracy’s party is over.  Capitalism as we know it is dead.  This as the plutocracy is more bullish than ever.  The plutocracy and their political toadies in both parties have already lost their right to rule.  Congressional approval ratings for Democrats hit a record low five percent this week.  Obama’s approval rating hit a record low.  Republicans approval rating hit a record low.  

Public servants derive their rights to govern via the consent of the governed.  I don’t personally view any of them as my public servants.  I don’t recognize their right to rule.  I am sovereign.  You are sovereign.  Those rights were granted to us by our Creator.  I decide and you decide who our public servants are.  Now, I still follow the rule of law but I nonviolently reject their right to govern.  They are criminals, takers, sociopaths, narcissists, predators, looters and enablers of the corporate plutocracy.  The American people are well aware of what is going on.

The plutocracy has lost its right to rule.  They just haven’t gotten the memo yet.  They will.

Cyprus president announces guaranteed income for all citizens

Swiss to vote on guaranteed $2,800 monthly income

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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

S&P 500 And Treasury Market/Debt Default Update



Let me first reiterate something I have said time and again on here.  If there are no other alternatives presented or allowed (monetization), we should default on our government debts associated with the tyranny of corporate capitalism and empire.  This will pave the way for positive  economic, monetary and banking system reform.   Iceland defaulted on its foreign debts and the Ponzi schemes of its bankers and I didn’t see anyone die.  The failure of this global system will certainly cause more pain than Iceland experienced but defaulting does not make the U.S. a deadbeat as Obama clearly speaks mistruths if not outright lies.  Additionally, I or no one else I am aware of ever agreed to pay state debts created through corporate welfare, rigging of the game by the plutocracy, corporate capitalism’s socializing losses and privatizing gains and endless corporate state war.  When he states that the U.S. always pays its obligations, who the hell is he talking about?  I am the U.S. and you are the U.S.  We never agreed to pay any such obligations.   Do you remember ever signing a contract to repay the plutocracy’s debts? 

This  reminds me of 1776 and the British empire’s attempted to get the colonies to pay their massive debts of empire, endless war, private bankers and corporations; the British corporate empire’s plutocracy.  It is literally no different.  Debt slavery of the British corporate empire now defines American corporate empire.

What legal obligation do We The People actually have to repay the profligacy of the plutocracy other than through the repressive violence imposed through force by our corporate state masters.  Our masters excel at one thing – spending The People’s money and then trying to force American citizens into believing they are accountable for paying for it.  Obama may believe the U.S. isn’t a deadbeat but he certainly does not speak for me.  I, for one, am more than willing to let that label be applied to me.   The words I have to describe the vulgarity of politicians are more than I am willing to type.  Oh, and I have no problem getting in the gutter and verbally mixing it up with the plutocracy either so it certainly isn’t beneath me.  

Before I get to the S&P 500, let me spend a few paragraphs remarking about the possibility of default or some type of Treasury market event.  Depending on how many posts you have read on here, you may or may not know that I have remarked for some years of 2013 being a possible date for just such an event.  This projection date is unique to my work as is almost everything I wrote about as it pertains to the economy and markets.  I don’t really pay much attention to what others think.  Because most everyone else is simply regurgitating something else when it comes to both.  It was just a handful of months ago I remarked of the unprecedented House effort to prioritize spending in preparation for a possible default; something no one in the mainstream really paid attention to.   

There is an endless stream of pundits stating that a default is impossible.  And, they give all of the rational reasons why.  They certainly all sound quite rational to most people but they miss the mark on many levels.  The most obvious is an arrogance and lack of respect that completely discounts factors they don’t understand or aren’t aware of.    Everyone has become an expert in the age of the Internet.  People just open their mouths and diarrhea flows forth like the Mississippi River.  There are countless things we don’t know or aren’t privy to that make it impossible to state as a matter of fact that we will not default. 

One simple example is that quantitative easing is used by the Treasury to essentially fund the government with zero percent interest bonds.  Those bonds are short term and roll over every week.  So, not only do we need money to fund the government, some of which would continue to roll in through taxes, but if investors are no longer willing to roll over those bonds at auction every week, or they are unwilling to do so at essentially zero percent interest, then the Treasury market could experience an unprecedented crisis.  The possibility of this very event was discussed on here  years ago.   Then what happens to short term Treasury-backed money markets?  And on and on.  Frankly, we are closer to crisis in the Treasury market than at any time in our history.   Regardless, as noted on here ad nauseam, this system is finished.  It’s just a matter of how and when as the status quo does everything in its power to maintain control. 

I’ve noted my disdain for conspiracy theorists on here time and again but it’s also impossible to deny the level of corruption and secrecy in this nation that leaves all of us wondering what is really behind door number one.   The corruption is well beyond what most people are willing to admit to themselves.  That’s why we still have a delusional and complicit mainstream press and so many Americans so willing to support the partisan mud slinging on behalf of their political team, in hopes that they win, rather than recognize reality.  That is, you don’t have a team.  You shill for your masters and your own tyranny and victimization.  More of that dumbing-down of our society that those closest to the top and to the faux political memes are often the most ignorant.  Isn’t it a great irony how they petulantly mock others because they believe they are so enlightened.  This is very typical of big “L” liberals who are tied to the Democratic Party.

Maybe the corruption is nothing more than the invisible hand of self-interested corporate state profit.  But maybe it’s more.  No one really knows with transparency but what if all of this debt wrangling is all nothing more than political theater?  Only a few people would actually need to know it is theater to make it such.  All other participants could be unwittingly playing a role in creating it.  

How do you know that the corporatocracy won’t use an actual default to scare Americans into accepting austerity as that is the only way they can maintain control?  How do you know there is not a national security state/military-industrial complex agenda of super patriots (Bill Moyers’ term to describe the secret national security state) to use a selective default on foreign debt to destroy China, America’s only real competitor to global hegemony?  (This is certainly not impossible to consider given the U.S. has been found to be spying on foreign corporations and governments not just for political reasons but, more importantly to extend empire aka economic and military reasons.)   How do you know there are not forces at work beyond that of human comprehension that may have already created the outcome of this moment? (Free will aka control as we like to believe, is likely an ego-driven perception or delusion to some substantial degree.  Some of that seems quite  provable.)  How do you know that this debt dilemma isn’t being used as a precursor to flood U.S. streets with the military and the imposition of martial law given the unprecedented rise and power of the military-industrial complex and America’s historical comparative to the collapse of Roman self-rule and the rise of Roman standing armies and the military-industrial complex aka empire?  The list of possibilities that would explain this staggering level of secrecy is quite substantial.  And whatever it is, does money and greed alone really explain the naked aggression and unprecedented secrecy of the corporate state that, in many ways, seems hell bent on violently destroying everything it can that gets in its way?  This aggression appears more concerned with power than money.  In other words, more concerned with empire and defeating any opposition to it.

For those pundits who believe a default is impossible and give us endless supposed rational analyses, how do you explain all of human history?  History is nothing more than a repudiation of  endless rational analyses.   In the richest and most powerful society the world has ever seen is it rational that the 2008 crisis should have happened?  Is it rational that 25% of Americans should be unemployed in the richest nation the world has ever seen?  Is it rational that 100 million Americans should be living paycheck to paycheck in marginal jobs in the richest nation the world has ever seen?  Is it rational that 50 million Americans should be on food stamps in the richest nation the world has ever seen?  Is it rational that 500,000 Americans should have had to die to stop slavery, an incredible affront to humanity in a country founded on the principles of humanity?   Is it rational that World War II should have happened after countless destruction and loss of life in the “war to end all wars”?   Was it rational that the richest nation the world had ever seen at that time, the Roman Empire, should have collapsed from within?  Is it rational that the Soviet Union, the second most powerful, and in many ways, the second wealthiest nation in human history should have collapsed from within?  The list of “this never should have happened” or never was predicted by rational analysis is endless.  Maybe we will see a Treasury market event or maybe we won’t.  But did any of these people stating that default is an impossibility anticipate we would have gotten this far down the road of possible default just a few months ago?  

Now let’s move on to equity markets.  We have recently witnessed the strongest rally since the short covering pulse off of the 2008 crash since the fourth quarter 2012 correction.  This rally, since the fourth quarter of 2012, comprised almost 400 S&P points.  That is a massive rally adding trillions to the value of U.S. equities.

Up until that point technical internals in the U.S. were very weak as I have shown on here quite a few times.  In fact, the market preceding the late 2012 correction was very choppy with limited upside demand.   What changed?  Well, quite a few things actually. 

Hot money has rotated out of commodities and emerging markets and has been repatriated to U.S. and European markets in record amounts over the last year.   That money has driven a spike in U.S. asset prices and a collapse in emerging markets.  And, I would argue that rotation back into the U.S. has driven a spike in U.S. production.  More neoliberalism.  These are certainly not signs of sustainable economics but when assets are rising, it creates a perception of wealth by those who own assets.  What do then they do?  Buy, buy, buy.   This is simply more of the same criminal rent-seeking capitalism.  Wages and employment have not picked up.  Nor will they. 

We see this same dynamic occurring in Europe as I type this.  U.S. and European hot money that has been repatriated from emerging markets is now buying European assets en masse.  And, they are telling us that they bottom is in in Europe.  Al of the pliant mainstream financial press is busy regurgitating financial predator talking points as fact.  Again, this repatriation of hot money has had an effect of rising asset prices and of buying distressed assets, thus adding some temporary fuel to the European economy and, thus, we also see a spike in production in parts of Europe.   Again, wages and employment have not picked up.  Nor will they. 

But now that the financial masters of the universe are more bullish on equities and the economy than they have been in a decade, as noted in prior posts, Houston, there is a problem.  Above is my unmanipulated NYSE advance-decline algorithm in red overlaid on the S&P 500 cash index.  (This chart was pulled last Friday so it is a few days old.)  After a massive upward assault that is nearly without precedence, in the last five months the advance-decline data has been stuck while prices attempt to make new highs.  While this is not yet a major trend, the demand for stocks is weakening with lower lows and lower highs in the advance-decline data while the S&P 500 cash index makes higher highs and higher lows. 

Now that all of this hot money has been repatriated and put to work in stocks and other speculative financial games, where will new demand come from?  There is no intrinsic demand created by increasing wealth.  Because there is no increasing wealth being created.   The Fed’s  money printing is not having any positive effect either.  To the contrary, its negative effects and impacts are now increasing.    

Something has to give.  We either see a pickup in demand for equities or  we see prices fall accordingly.  The short term trend is clearly that equity prices are adjusting downward to reflect lower demand over the last five months.  While we could have a reflex rally at any time, or not, if I consider demand and price to be in equilibrium, prices should be at 1550 on the S&P right now.  Although life doesn’t always work out so elegantly, it clearly gives us some indication that demand is fading quite substantially in this very moment.  And it has nothing to do with Washington’s budget talks.  Although every talking head will tell you it does.  It has to do with the global economy starting to fall off of a cliff again as noted in many data points highlighted in posts this year.  Just at the time that Democrat and Republican Washington politicians put on their asshats again.   

If prices continue downward in coming months, I wonder how that will affect the record bullishness of Goldman Sachs on equities and the record bullishness of millionaire’s on the future of the economy?  Both noted on here a handful of posts ago.  And their desire to consume?  Because it sure as hell isn’t the 100 million Americans in marginal jobs or on food stamps that are keeping this hyper-consumerism Humpty Dumpty afloat.  Just sayin.

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