Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scorpio In 2013, The Coming Comet Ison And A Rare Hybrid Eclipse This Weekend

I few years ago I wrote a lengthy and detailed post I planned to put up during the passing of the Scorpio zodiac of 2013.  I’m going to hold off posting it.  Depending on what happens in the future, I may yet post it sometime next year.  I have a sneaking suspicion it will draw more open-minded readers in the future.  But I do want to place a marker here that I would reference with that post. 

I must say that I never honestly expected this system to hold out this long looking back over the past 2008 crisis.  In many ways the system has continued its collapse since 2008 but the power structure has remained.   Since we have entered the Scorpio zodiac on October 23, some of the solar activity numbers have skyrocketed to higher readings than any I have ever witnessed.  The god of the heavens is exalted in Scorpio and for the first time in our nation’s history the ancient forces of good and evil will finally do battle starting with the passing of Scorpio in 2013.  Given this is happening under the skies that exalt his power, the big boss man has come in his full glory.  The astrological events that are happening under Scorpio this year are arguably unprecedented in recorded history.   Is a newly violent sun forewarning us of the battle that is about to begin? 

I don’t know if Ison carries a substantial significance to other events kicking off in late October and November but I do find it interesting that earth will soon be passing though Ison’s tail while other events are unfolding simultaneously.   

The universe is connected by energies and through ways we clearly don’t understand but I find it quite presumptuous to assume Ison’s arrival is a random event of no significance.  Ison’s visibility to the naked eye won’t happen until later in November but a viewer uploaded a just captured time-lapsed video of the comet on Vimeo a few days ago.

You can get a better view of the “big picture” trajectory of Ison in Solar System Scopes, a very cool heliocentric program its authors have shared with the world at no-charge.  You can run your cursor over the planet images to find earth.  At the bottom and on the right side of the animation, you can see the coming timeline. 

Finally, this Sunday we will also have a hybrid eclipse visible to many. 

The Scorpio skies are full of interesting developments this year. 

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