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Linkfest Palooza From The Madhouse

New study finds half a million dead in Iraq.  That would equivalently be about five million Americans were a similar casualty to happen in the U.S.  Where is the U.S. mainstream media that has half a million dead Iraqi’s blood on their hands?  Of course this statistic could be inaccurate.  It might be higher.  Or lower.  But, since when are we splitting hairs over the death of so many innocent people?  How many additional lives have been destroyed through the use of depleted uranium munitions?  Through the misery of burying your children or your father or your mother or your best friend?  Of the chaos that now defines a completely broken society?  These are crimes against humanity and should be prosecuted just like the Nuremburg trials. 

59 killed in Iraq terrorist attacks.  Again, equivalently, this would be the second largest terrorist attack ever on U.S. soil.  This is regular event in the mess that the U.S. and Britain created.  Did the media cover this?  Are the Iraqi politicians rattling their sabre that they are going to come to America and punish us for these attacks as our politicians did back in 2001?  Which, by the way, as evil as Saddam Hussein was, he had nothing to do with 9/11.  So, why again did we destroy Iraq?  Oh, yeah.  Money.  Oil.  Profit.  Corruption.  Evil. 

Caterpillar’s earnings and revenue implode again.  The company is literally unable to issue forward guidance.   The global asset bubble that Caterpillar was feeding off of is now showing signs of being in the early phases of full bust mode. 

The Amazon Ponzi scheme continues albeit the vaporware is  starting to evaporate.  Revenue beat but once again the company has never  shown an ability to actually make a profit let alone grow profits.  Last time I checked, you couldn’t buy a lead pencil with all of the revenue in the world.  Only with profit can you buy anything.  Amazon’s business model is very similar to the economic policies of communist China.  Seriously.  Need I even say that the stock gained 35 points before the market even opened?  Obviously, there is no manipulation through leveraged derivatives in that move.  It was based purely on fundamentals.  Amazon is trading at an unbelievable 20 times replacement value.  So, when was the last time anyone offered you 20 times what your house was worth?  Its enterprise value to free cash flow ratio is an absof*ckinglutely unbelievable 140.     In a single sentence what that means is Amazon needs to execute to near perfection or this pig’s business model is going to completely collapse.   Kenneth Lay, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein and Bernie Madoff would be proud.  Obama was hired to fix this mess.  Indeed he did.   The fix certainly is in. 

Top China banks triple write downs as debt defaults looms.  China is an absolute disaster.  The world has never before witnessed anything like is happening in China as written on here ad nauseam over the last eight years.  That they have been able to keep inflating their bubble for as long as they have simply means the resulting disaster is going to be that much worse.  China is the biggest turd in the pool by far.  China’s crisis is was created by embracing Wall Street and western capitalism.  They too shall suffer the consequences.  The misallocation of capital is staggering and unprecedented on a global scale.  This is what happens when private, for-profit capital is the determinant of where society’s investment and resources are allocated and then spent by society.  We need public (democratic) capital to drive private investment.  

NSA spying on Mexico was for economic advantage.  As noted ad nauseam, the U.S. is a corporate empire just like the British empire we fought a war to rid ourselves of.  That our self-appointed king, who has proven through this and other actions that he has no respect for the rule of law or citizen government, is spying on Mexican economic affairs for his corporate courtiers should be of no surprise.   Empire, an institution of the ego, always ends when the avarice of the plutocracy and its obsession with worshiping mammon is at its most extreme.  We certainly do live in a madhouse.

The rubber hand experiment.  Insights into how our mind is a dream generator that creates the illusion of reality and the illusion of the self.   Does reality actually exist?  Does the self or ego actually exist?  What would the universe look like without the illusion created by the mind?  Space and time would almost certainly disappear as they are manifestations understood to be created by the mind.  Is reality nothing more than experiences our minds create?  There is that dirty word.  Create.  Creation.  Creationism.  Ha!  Reality is based on creationism.  Reality is created by the mind.  Science has literally no idea what the human mind is.  They may think they do but there is substantial evidence much of our knowledge, including brain science, is going backward.  Which, frankly, could be a supporting hypothesis for impending widespread failure of institutions of the ego. (money, finance, capitalism, corporations, government, junk science, etc)  I certainly don’t have the answers of what is real but I have some idea what isn’t real.  This almost certainly isn’t real. 

What just happened on the Congressional House floor?  This is a nice piece of investigation.  It is truly a very bizarre event.  One of the most bizarre I have ever witnessed.  Now I am very curious.    Was this contrived?  And by whom?  And what was the intent?  We live in an insane asylum.  I have no idea what is going on with this event.  But, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this story in the future.   Is there a hidden influence behind the secrecy of door number one or is this some type of planted feint?

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a favorite of mine, – A government of secrecy and fear.   How dystopian is our political system?  We have a president who claimed he was going to be the most transparent administration in history.  In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  A few years ago I went to listen to Napolitano, Glenn Greenwald and Ron Paul, amongst a few others, speak.  Ideological hacks might be surprised to hear the name Glenn Greenwald included in there.  Truth is not defined by political ideology and propaganda. 

Coming food stamp cuts to stress food banks and pantries.  More crimes against humanity while the aristocracy keeps their jackboot on the necks of an entire world that it exploits.

A new record for the unemployed in Amerika.  We need a new economic system that redefines access to society’s economic output and resources beyond the dumbed-down concept of slaving away for our corporate capitalist masters.   ie, We need democratic (public) capital and public capital markets and a more democratic method of distributing society’s resources and wealth.  I have been writing about this for years.  It’s all coming to pass.  We aren’t going to ever create 90 million new jobs.  Or, for that matter 150 million jobs that are needed to pay a living wage.  Corporate capitalism is dead.   The system is telling us its finished through so many markers.  We should be looking forward to creating a new and brighter future for everyone rather than focusing all of our energy on saving a system that is in the midst of systemic failure by almost any measurement.  But, instead our politicians continue to appease evil for their own selfish greed and power.

Economists should get out of the science lab.  Economics is not a science.  What has happened to the profession is absurd.  And they still don’t actually have the fundamental knowledge to understand that what they are doing cannot be classified as science.  ie, They have so little understanding of science that they don’t have any idea how to devise experiments or understand what it takes to falsify them.   So, instead they continually pontificate lies in the mainstream that they truly do believe are accurate.  Economics truly is a junk science.

Oarfish beachings a sign of impending disaster?  Over the years I have highlighted the uptick in volcanism and earthquakes across the globe as part of this cycle of volatility.   While some have remarked that beachings of Oarfish are associated with lore, the reality is they are deep swimmers and could be the first to experience ocean acidification and oxygen depletion due to plates shifting, under water lava flows and under water volcanism that we simply cannot see or effectively measure.  There is ample reason to consider this lore to have scientific backing.  I suspect the possibility exists that we will see a major global earthquake or volcanic event or events some time during this cycle.  Much more so than what we have already experienced.  And, we have already experienced a few firsts as recorded by science in the two recent tsunamis of southeast Asia and Japan.   There is ample reason to believe the earth’s weakened magnetosphere is one indicator of that possibility.

Spiritual activist Marianne Williamson runs for Congress against the dunce Henry Waxman.   We have strayed long ago from the tenets of John Adams who wrote that it is impossible that all of society should assemble to make the laws so it is necessary to depute power from the many to a few of the most wise and good.  There is little, if any, wise or good in politicians, or politics, an institution of the ego and thus of control.  We are ruled by egomaniacs, criminals and predators.  Self-rule is almost completely dead except at some local level.  And, these lunatics have distorted our system of government to give egomaniacs, criminals and predators the inside track to maintaining their grip of tyranny, corporate slavery and injustice.    Maybe it’s time to revisit some of the original tenets of the Articles of Confederation - a little less republicanism and a little more democracy.  That is, pushing self-rule down to the power of the people and declawing self-appointed ruling aristocracy in some far off land.   ie, State’s rights and local rights that promotes self rule, citizen activism, citizen government and citizen involvement.  That is what the enlightenment was about.  That is why we first had the Articles of Confederation before the Constitution.  Because big, bloated, centralized aristocratic government was what we had just fought a war to rid ourselves of.   Through the propaganda of our ruling masters that has helped create our own self-victimization, we have a political system that has become what we despised the most.  That is, a combination of the British empire, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Mr. Magoo writes a book about bubble economics.  Alan Greenspan is better known as the this country’s official criminal dunce.  I bet this is going to sell like hotcakes.  Alan Greenspan is a poster child for why no policy affecting the entire world should be determined by a single bumbling idiot.  Or, for that matter a small group of them acting in secrecy.   The same goes for presidents who believe they are God or kings.  We have a feudal monetary policy king who serves a criminal aristocratic class as opposed to a democratic monetary system serving citizen development and democracy.  Public discourse from our citizens based on science and reason hones the blade of democratic excellence.  Not fables created in the minds of bumbling idiots in the Whitehouse or at the Federal Reserve.

New book claims politicians in Washington run a Mafia-style extortion racket by demanding a pay for play system.   As Mark Twain said, “There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”.  This may be an epiphany to some but this is simple economics of supply and demand.  Without the demand for dirty money by the Democrats and Republicans, the supply would evaporate.   That is, unless you believe in Reaganomics; supply creates its own demand.  There certainly could be some truth to that as well.  The problems in our nation are driven solely by political corruption that serves itself rather than serving our democracy.  We don’t have public servants.  We have political masters.  Does anyone still believe Barack Obama or John Boehner gives a shit about them?  Seriously?  Look past the rhetoric.  The criminal class in Washington works harmoniously with our corporate masters can bribe their way to riches. 

Damning report on cell phones and cancer. I’ve written of this repeatedly.  Soft tissue is most certainly impacted by the EMF of unshielded electronic devices.  This is a major issue no one is talking about in the mainstream media.  It’s just as important as GMOs and other crisis health hazards.  Personally, I do not keep portable electronic devices in my pockets or near my person.  Ever.  And, I generally try to talk on the cell phone via speaker with it sitting on my desk.  You might consider doing the same as a precaution.

Lech Walesa calls for a global economy of tomorrow that is clearly neither capitalism or communism.  Indeed.  And it isn’t an economic system driven by bureaucrats who tell us they are going to create jobs.  Empowered citizens responsible for their own determinism create sustainable economic development.  Bureaucrats in government are good at administering benefit programs.  They are good at efficient administration.  Not at dictating specific economic plans or creating jobs.  That is, unless you want to live under the misery of bureaucratic corporate state rule similar to that of the Soviet Union and its massive state-backed corporations.

Inspiring and wonderful - Russell Brand, a brilliant, mindful, compassionate and imperfect human being who is willing to jeopardize his place at the table of privilege to selflessly speak the words of truth about this violent and exploitative system.  I respect him for being one of the few that are willing to do so.  Most people who experience great fame, wealth, success and power in this system become sycophantic whores who sell their humanity and their souls for their place at the class-based table of privilege.

Marc Faber - global central banks are simply blowing a bigger bubble that will end in devastating collapse.  One of my favorites.  Faber has finally got his arms around what is happening after some bad calls over the years.  His views now completely parallel many of my long term theses except for gold.  You have to appreciate global neoliberalism is nothing more than enabling a predatory class of looters globally through corporate capitalism.  And, they own all of the gold.  So, when their fortunes turn down, gold is almost certainly heading with them.  The predators have stolen everything.  The end of global capitalism will destroy the top 5%.  They own everything that has been inflated to the moon.  No one else has anything to lose.  That should tell you that most people in the world have everything to gain by reforming this system.  The cat is out of the bag and there is no way we are ever going back.  The aristocracy was only ever able to loot with impunity by doing so in the darkness or by manipulating reality for the mass of humanity.  Now that this system is being brought to the light, it is finished.

Saudis to shift away from U.S.   We don’t really know what is going on here but one should be highly sensitive to anything that might upset the petrodollar.  Saudi Arabia is the lynchpin of the U.S. empire-enabling dollar’s reserve currency status.  Although the U.S. does not need Middle East energy so it will be the rest of the world that experiences the majority of crisis with any volatility.   That the U.S. is not doing the violent will of the wildly corrupt, terrorist House of Saud is creating a substantial political rift.  The Saudi thugs support U.S. military involvement in Syria and Iran and we have not bombed either into submission due to rising public outrights of the violent military-industrial complex and its standing armies.  (There is ample evidence Obama has lost the rank and file military personnel with the recent shutdown shenanigans.  I have been stating for years that this was possible on some level.  What a glorious day it would be if our troops refused to fight another preemptive capitalist war.)  We shall see where this rift ends up.  I would argue Saudi Arabia will inflict tremendous self harm by ending this relationship so I don’t expect that will happen regardless of the rhetoric.  But, there is always the chance of overplaying one’s hand in political games of power as both the Tea Party and Obama are learning.  Or not.  The Saudis are a tyrannical puppet that maintains its iron grip on the people living under its repression with  the forceful backing of the U.S. military industrial complex.  Without it, their illegitimacy could collapse.  That is, unless they re-align themselves with Russia or China.  But, that would alienate much of the world in doing so.

Obama after shutdown – ignore bloggers and activists and listen to me.  Truly dystopian from another Mr. Magoo.  Without citizen government, which we clearly have lost, we have a ruling class telling us what to think and who to listen to.   Don’t listen to activists who wish to see a better world and hold political idiots and tyrants accountable for their massive incompetence, crimes and corrupton.  Obama tells us he wants us to let Washington get back to work creating jobs.  Obama has almost certainly never created a net new job in his life.  But he certainly has destroyed many of them.  If Obama wants to create jobs, his ego has to give up control and he has to pass the power and responsibility back to Americans.  We will create jobs if the jackboot stifling control of the state and corporations is removed from our neck. 

Here’s what jobs programs Obama is working on.  TPP steals American sovereignty, offshores more jobs and destroys our constitutional and economic liberties.

All the while mean’s tested government benefit recipients outnumbers full time workers.  This system of corporate exploitation is not going to be saved.  Period.  It’s finished.

Here are more jobs Obama is working on.  Obama rolls back arms export controls to cement America’s role as the leading global death dealer.   I’m sure the “Christian” Obama was channeling Jesus of Nazareth with this act.  Blessed are the peacemakers…

Obama seeks to hide America’s role as death dealer.  That’s a great jobs program from our king.  Our number one export is dollars.  Our number two export is dealing death.  Evil cannot survive in the light.  It scurries into the darkness.

Obama looks to corporations for guidance on immigration reform.  What a surprise.  The fascist state.  Corporate capitalism has always relied on exploitation of citizens and labor in our nation for its survival and profits.  We have an immigration problem because corporations wanted one.

Obama listening to Germany Chancellor Merkel’s phone conversations.  And 34 other world leaders as well.  Let’s be clear.  It is U.S. politicians that are most likely providing the security apparatus with these telephone numbers.  It is politicians who are the initiator of all spying.   Given it is mostly executive branch and State Department officials interacting with foreign politicians, it is Obama and his cronies initiating this spying.  I wonder if Obama rubbed one out while reading Merkel’s private sexting messages with her husband?  That is a crass statement but I can guarantee you has happened at some time.  That someone in the national security state has listened to someone’s most private conversations.  And, anyone who would do that has then likely then fantasized about it.  It’s no different than calling a 900 sex number.  It’s a disgusting statement but then our government’s behavior is so disgusting and Godless that it’s debatable whether it’s worth reforming.   Maybe we should let it collapse and pick up the pieces then start anew.  That would likely be easier at this point.

U.S. foreign and American partners conclude Obama can no longer be trusted.  Funny how shit just happens.  Who’da thunk it?  Well, I wrote back in the first year of his presidency that failure to reform this system would likely come back to create a crisis of confidence in his presidency.  That is exactly where we are.  The Obama administration is completely untrustworthy and now completely lame duck. 

Since Obama is so busy spending other people’s money, (A staggering 70% of national income in 2009.) it should be no surprise that the government shutdown led to the largest drop in manufacturing in a year.   If the government isn’t spending obscene amounts of money on crony programs of violence and force, this system would implode.  Is that democracy, freedom and empowerment?  That your  supposed servants are spending your democratic access to society’s wealth?  Do you think you could spend that money better yourself on what you need?  I certainly believe that to be true for every single American.  That is, to be responsible and empowered.  Not to be repressed by the corporate state.

Obamacare website denies 63 year old couple for being incarcerated.  But, they have never been.  More epic failures at the link.  I need to find a way to get me some of the crony fascist government work so I can retire from the madness of living in the dystopian world they have created.  

The Russia left behind. (You have to page up and down at the link to view this pictorial and video story)  There is a very twisted belief held by many in the U.S. and other democracies that the Chinese and Russians are somehow virtuous and that the U.S. is this great evil.  And that Russia and China are going to save the world from the Americans.  A bit of schadenfreude assisted by propaganda that is completely ludicrous.  This is a common meme amongst gold fanatics who find some dystopian kindred spirit in the Russian and Chinese thugs who are propping up their gold investments.  Russian and Chinese political leaders, as noted on here many times, are neoliberal criminals.  These state leaders are not virtuous.  They willfully and with intent steal our technology, our wealth and our jobs and our political scumbags let them for the price of corporate and banking bribes.  And their social problems created by state repression are for worse than ours.  A multipolar world driven by the inclusion of additional repressive states and political thugs will not ameliorate any suffering.  It could very well increase it as evil gains more power globally over smaller and poorer nations.  China and Russia are exploiting the world just as the U.S. political and corporate thugs are.  ie, A more “inclusive” ruling club would set weaker nations up for more neoliberal exploitation of the weak.   We need a new economic and financial model that is based on national sovereignty, citizen government and democratic economic determinism.  And one that is based on assisting other nations in developing their own sovereign and democratic economic determinism.  Not to rejigger a system of unimaginable corruption to increase the size of the club.

Top 5 brain health foods.  Just a hint.  They are not made by Kraft and Coke.  They are made by nature.

Pulling back the curtain on the organized crime pharmaceutical drug cartel.  As I have noted on here for years, we have rackets in this nation that I believe could be prosecuted and broken up under the RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) statutes.  Those rackets are corporate organized crime cartels in most every industry.  Corporate looters make any organized crime syndicate blush with envy.

Oily Gunk Surges Three Years After BP Gulf Spill.  Enjoy that wonderful Gulf seafood as our political and corporate masters continue to tell us it’s safe to eat at the Corexit buffet.

Hillary Clinton heckled on Benghazi.  “You let them die”  Partisan hacks believe Hillary is going to win the 2016 Dummycrat nomination.  I’d take that bet all day long.  She is a status quo pariah that only appeals to the dumbed-down beltway crowd and those who outsource their own victimization to them.  She isn’t any more qualified than her bumbling husband.   More importantly she’s now recognized as part of the political aristocracy by most Americans.  By the time 2016 comes around, she’ll be gone like a fart in the wind.

70,000 March on Rome in austerity protest.  But the mainstream media tells us Europe is in recovery.

Prisoners of Profit- The private juvenile prison empire.  More corporate state violence.

Amnesty International labels U.S. drone strikes as illegal and even war crimes in some instances.  Whitehouse channels Jesus of Nazareth in its own defense.

Violent crime skyrocketing in America.  Most crime is economic as discussed on here ad nauseam.  That this is occurring is nothing more than a symptom of a dying economic system.

Baby born with HIV shows no symptoms.  How incredible would this be if she has been cured.  I am dubious that it is just medical treatment given the flawed methods through which drug companies measure efficacy but we can hope for the best.  Maybe humanity is adapting to the infection or the treatment or both which, frankly, would be even better news long term.

UK’s top prosecutor defends whistleblowers who break law in public interest.  A surprising and positive revelation from a very repressive, class-based society.  Maybe we need to trade Eric Holder and Obama for someone who actually understands the role of whistleblowers in maintaining a free society.  Something our founders clearly understood by writing the protection of journalists into the Constitution.

Harvard Business School dimwit tries to use rationalism, logic and business acumen to explain the insane bubble valuations of the Russell 2000.  We have heard this bullshit many times before.  The human ego can rationalize anything and given the chance, often will.

UK energy firms announce massive price hikes.  If there is one “democracy” that is substantially more corrupt than the U.S. it is and always has been the aristocracy-driven, class-divided England.  Just in time to cause the extremely high poverty rate in Britain to suffer this winter.

Massive Goldman and KKR $50 billion LBO going bust.  This massive mergers and acquisitions cycle is a farce.  I wrote in 2007 when CNBC was fawning all over the private equity and LBO industry that these people were clowns creating futures crisis.  It appears lost on everyone else but I can assure you that this ten year cycle of massive binges on the LBO and M&A markets is a very, very late cycle sign of impending doom.  You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Chris Hedges video interview - Obama is worse than Bush.  Ya think?

American CEO pay reaches record.  Bureaucrats seem to believe there is no issue with this system as they loot society with impunity.

Families with kids go homeless as rent exceeds pay.  This while Magnetar goes long Ohio town while shorting its tax base.  And Blackstone gobbles up single family homes.  Rent-seeking criminals control our economic system and have enslaved us to their own megalomania.  They will be bag holders as this asset reflation fails.

The IMF lays groundwork for wealth confiscation.  This system is collapsing and the state needs money that isn’t being delivered through wealth creation thanks to corporate state meddling that is stifling private enterprise and human ingenuity.  We can’t tax our way out of this morass but that doesn’t mean the corporate state idiots will give up their violent attempts at trying.

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