Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Streaking Prank Ends In Suicide After Corporate State “Horses And Dogs” Threaten Boy With Label Of Sexual Predator

There are many points to this story that are so disturbing on such a fundamental human level.  I want to highlight this story for one simple reason.  This type of covert state violence occurs on a daily basis.   The number of lives destroyed by the state’s covert violence is literally endless.  We now see this dynamic on an unprecedented scale.   It is the fundamental reason class-based, modern corporate capitalist society is not long for this world.   Leading up to the 2008 crisis and then thereafter, I wrote ad nauseam that this was not a financial crisis.  Now, as the world starts to reveal itself (those revelations are far from finished) we are witness to endless horrors that arise due to the inherent contradictions of this violent and repressive socioeconomic system.  Those contradictions are coming home to roost at an ever-increasing rate as this control system continues to destabilize at a rate faster than our masters can possibly control.  Unfortunately, as with any inherently unstable control system, as class-based corporate capitalism is, we will continue to devolve until some modicum of stability is achieved in a lower order state.  Or until it ultimately destabilizes to the point of total failure. 

In the dumbed-down world of the class-based corporate state, we literally have rules for everything.  We add thousands of rules every year to our million plus pages of codified legal code; a mound of bureaucratic and repressive bullshit.  Someone recently calculated  upwards of 50,000 pages of total regulatory and legal code for Obamacare alone.   Where we don’t have rules, we have the unwritten rules of conformity.  What is socially-acceptable.  Often, these rules are even more covertly violent than the endless written rules. 

It’s the ego-driven desire of bureaucrats that claim some greater ability to run and ultimately ruin our lives to control society from cradle to grave.  Hence, the endless dumbing-down of society through rules, both written and unwritten.  And the ego-driven emotional self-abandonment and surrender of many in society who wish others to take responsibility for them allows this to happen.  Or, should I say, allow(ed).  The worm is clearly turning.   Even the French are rejecting the left because the repression of leftist class-based corporate state bureaucrats have become too much to bear.   Not that the right is any better but people everywhere are caught in this false meme of left versus right when they are clearly both ignorant, idiotic, wrong, immoral and Godless.

This young boy’s suicide is really an extension of the welfare state.  That is, rather than empower society, political idiots want to control us whether that is through welfare or any of the endless rules with an intent to control us for their own pathological reasons.   How did humanity ever survive up until the advent of the state and its endless rules that literally serve no useful purpose, or worse, whose unintended consequences actually create a substantial net-negative outcome including substantial repression and exploitation of the human experience?   Quite well, actually.  Which is why class-based corporate capitalism and the class-based corporate state are going to fail. 

One might compare all of these controlling dynamics of corporations and the state to an overprotective or overbearing parent that then leads to children (in the case of corporations and the state, citizens) who develop personality problems, identity crises, social adjustment problems,  a life lacking in confidence, lack of sense of self,  lack of sense of worth, etc.   A friend of mine recently put up a blog post highlighting how this dynamic of controlling behavior is created by “pig parents”; a term coined some decades ago by Eric Berne.  It defines people of arrested emotional development themselves who parent from a child ego state.  Who parent by exerting control over their own children to ameliorate their own inner demons and their own arrested emotional development.   You know, like most corporate state politicians and CEOs who ameliorate their own inner demons by seeking exerting control over you.  Unfortunately, this arrested development is a far too often occurrence in modern corporate capitalist society that is foundationally based on rewarding the illusion of control and its outcomes of predation, exploitation and violence.   The class-based corporate state figuratively “carpet bombs” Americans with their intent of control every day.  The petty gamesmanship of Obama, Democrats and Republicans in this government shutdown, in the arguably unconstitutional method of abusing reconciliation to pass Obamacare and on and on are perfect examples of how they abuse their offices as public servants to control us.

When you have a rule for everything, bureaucrats derive their own false identities of control and power by enforcing those rules.  (The need for greater and greater force to keep this inherently unstable control system from collapsing is something I have written of in the past.)   This pig parenting mindset is wildly prevalent in all aspects of the class-based corporate state including law enforcement.  The plutocracy, holding positions of class-based authority, are our pig parents.  

Frankly, while it is socially-unpopular to say so, this dynamic has grown exponentially worse as we have hired former military personnel into peace officer positions and politicians into other institutions in our democracy such as university presidents; the law of unintended consequences, negative outcomes or Newton’s third law... 

Rather than requiring an education and an associated ability to think for one’s self, ie intelligent judgment, to become peace officers, as used to be the case, we now allow veterans to substitute their military service in lieu of education.   More of that dumbing-down of society.  What are you taught in the military, a clearly nondemocratic institution that doesn’t value critical thought or intelligent judgment?  To obey authority without question.  Not to learn how to think or apply intelligent judgment but to obey authority aka what to think rather than how to think.   Which, by the way, is an anathema to functioning democracy.   This certainly plays into the massive swell in police brutality and the endless supply of ludicrous police behavior that is now exposed almost daily by the proliferation of camera phones.  

“The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies. They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc. In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgment or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purpose as well. Such command no more respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt. They have the same sort of worth only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good citizens.”  -- Henry David Thoreau

More of that dumbing down of society in the Godless corporate state.  We have an incredibly large number of these horses and dogs who do the will of the state without an ability to exercise their own intelligent judgment.   The case highlighted in this post of threatening a young boy with the label of a sexual predator is one such example of those horses and dogs going way too far and the unintended consequences and negative outcomes they create.

We don’t have people who are capable of exercising intelligent judgment in nearly any position of public service.  Of course, I doubt we ever have given the type of person who seeks authority over their fellow man.   Which, by the way, is why they are supposed to be public servants rather than self-appointed authority.   But, the difference today is the power they have granted themselves at the expense of what is no longer a free society.  We no longer have public servants.  We have masters.  Which is why authority must be defined by the rule of law based on natural rights.  ie, Minimalist laws (nature’s laws are minimalist) consistent with nature that place the ownership of responsibility and empowerment on members of society rather than on the judgment of horses and dogs enforcing often nefarious law after law after law after law.

This boy was just being a kid.  Should he have been grounded or served detention?  Certainly society believes so.  I’m ambivalent at best.  I’m not so sure that making people laugh is a crime.  If it is, it is a victimless crime.  Victimless crimes should not be prosecuted by the legal system.   That’s one reason why we have the largest prison population in the world.  Because we do prosecute victimless crimes. 

If this were my son and we didn’t live in an insane asylum and, thus, his punishment was left up to me rather than the state, I would probably sit him  down and share with him that society doesn’t have a sense of humor for nakedness and that he shouldn’t do it again.  And, while I shared his amusement, I would have to discipline him if he did it again.  Not because I felt any grand desire to control him or harm him or punish him but because if I didn’t discipline him, society would.  And, while I believed in mercy and compassion, the authority of the state didn’t.

Instead we had the idiocracy of Soviet-style, self-appointed authority threatening him with being labeled as a sexual predator.  Threatening him with the same label that appropriately fits the likes of child molester and serial killer, John Wayne Gacy. 

The Godless corporate state killed this boy just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.  At an age when he is very vulnerable to learning who he is and dealing with the emotional changes involved in becoming a man, predatory behavior of horses and dogs placed their own toxic lunacy inside of him.  That toxic lunacy was so great he took his own life.  The rote, dumbed-down conformity and obedience demanded by the Godless corporate state sucked the life out of a mere child once again.  

Horses and dogs shouldn’t even have the right to do what they did.  Who granted the horses and dogs the rights of parents?  But the Godless corporate state’s endless controlling rules have usurped parental rights just as it has usurped inalienable human rights. 

The state exists for one reason whether that is Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, communist China or the corporate state.  That is, to perpetuate violence.   The state has an endless supply of blood on its hands.   The true criminals in this case are the horses and dogs who destroyed the life of a child.  Sucking the life out of humanity is an everyday occurrence for the corporate state.

This class-based corporate state economic and social system is finished first and foremost  because it is Godless.   That is, it perfectly and efficiently robs people of their human spirit and human dignity.  It does so through the same brutal class-based bureaucracy and its endless rules and regulations used to control an entire society.  Just like the Soviet Union.

Title link here- Boy kills himself after facing charges of being labeled a sexual predator for streaking prank.

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