Friday, October 04, 2013

Modern Corporate Capitalist Society Collapse: Everythang’s Corrupt

Given the developments in Washington and the endless lying, deceit, manipulation and corruption by megalomaniac politicians from both parties I thought this an appropriate and timely post.   Or as Ice Cube says, “When them dicks is in, you know the fix is in.”. 

Modern capitalist society and the Godless corporate state continue its nose dive into self-destruction.  Its destruction, which we are most certainly witnessing as I type this, is arguably even more brutal than the collapse of Soviet communism.  What is going on in Washington today has substantial potential for miscalculation.  Not just the current issue but the general climate of deceit that defines both parties and this system.  Both sides are playing a political game they aren’t capable of winning.  But, politics is all about winning.  To the winners go the spoils of the corporate state.  About each party seeking to exert its violent control over our democracy at the expense of our freedoms and our citizens.  Neither party really cares about the American people.  How many times has Obama visited impoverished communities and talked about jobs?  No more than any Republican.  That is, zero.  We are essentially pawns in their game of violence.  Just as we are pawns for corporations and their games of violence.  

Those who are concerned more about being politically-correct and the perceptions of  decorum rather than truth will be offended by Ice Cube’s music video for Everthang’s Corrupt.   Me?  Well, I like it for what it is.  The authentic truth.   The American people are vastly underestimated by the corporate state and its adherents.  They know what is going on and have for a long time. 

I would encourage you not to view this if you are unable to have an intent of discovery from the rawness and reality of what we may witness in the world around us.  A world we all played a role in creating.  There is ample graphic language and unfiltered, politically and socially-unacceptable, brutally-raw human expression in this video.   But then political and corporate state acceptability is one of the greatest tools of covert violence used in our society.   I expect this video will be removed time and again but it hasn’t so I don’t know how long this link will remain active.  So, if you click on the link above and it doesn’t take you to the video, go to Youtube and search for Everythang’s Corrupt.

All music inspired as human expression is simply a reflection of the human condition and its  experiences.   I don’t see a lot of modern-day music genres similar to movements like Rock & Roll, Jazz, Celtic, Motown, Blues, Bluegrass or countless variations of folk music today(Mariachi!) 

If you think the world would be a-okay if the corporate state could only create the 100 million living wage jobs we need right now, you are kidding yourself.  This is about power over your own life; self-determinism.  Your right to have it and the others who want to keep you from getting it.  We are being cleansed of our identities, our cultures, our heritage, our religions and our diversity; anything that can be used as corporate state resistance is the target of this cleansing.   We have seen this dynamic time and time again in tyrannical regimes.   In some ways we could characterize this as a modern-day human cleansing and, believe me, it is very real.  Our identities, cultures, communities (unions, religion, the arts, cultural organizations, etc)  and even family units are are being stripped from us and replaced by the homogeneity and conformity of the godless corporate identity and corporate state culture.  Any support structure that can be used as political resistance or anything that is involved in creating our own identity is being or has been dismantled.  So, instead most mainstream music is manufactured by corporate bureaucrats and corporate marketing and advertising pinheads with an intent of profit.   And, just as the Godless corporate state, corporate-derived music has no soul and no authenticity.   It is vacuous.  It doesn’t come from the heart or express the authentic experiences of the human condition.  It inspires nothing but the corporate-created dystopian culture of politically and socially-correct sameness, roteness and vacuity that corporate profit seeks. 

That said, there are many underground movements in music, rebellions against corporate hijacking and control,  popping up here and there.  But  the reality is Rap music, or more broadly Hip-Hop culture, is the closest thing we have to a mainstream modern-day genre of music derived through the rawness and realness of the human condition and its experiences.   If you don’t like it, then you might consider what role you played in creating it.  Because you did create it.  We all did.

Rap music in particular has often been a reflection of modern-day youth gang culture in our nation.  And the oftentimes rawness of it is a reflection of the serious social issues that are  prevalent in many impoverished American communities in our corporate capitalist culture.   But more importantly, they reflect serious social issues that a forgotten, underprivileged class of people thrown under the bus by the corporate state have experienced for decades and in some cases much longer.  In other words, segments  of our population have been experiencing social collapse and economic depression at the hands of private, for-profit capital for a very long time.  It’s the exact same dynamic I highlighted in Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco’s journalism about the collapsing life and culture in impoverished Appalachia.   This isn’t a race issue although it doesn’t stop race-baiting politicians from trying to make it one to divide society.  Every act involving people of different color in our society is a sign of racism as defined by the rabid fanatics in the politically-correct media.   Actually, I have a much different perspective.  That American people are generally more accepting because of our diversity.  Instead, the issues that are often construed as driven by race are really driven by class.  Class-based issues created by class-based, private for-profit corporate capital determining our nation’s economic and social fate.   It is  an issue created by deregulated/unregulated capital(ism) that has stomped on the face of democracy until it is unrecognizable.   And the political class is driving this covert violence that they place in a wrapper of racism to divide society along politically-beneficial boundaries.  This past week both Bill Moyers, a former pastor, and the Pope have made the same observations.

Rap music in its most base form is often raw, violent, misogynistic,  exploitive, incredibly narcissistic, ignorant and focused on the self.   And, it is all wrapped up in excesses of hyper-consumerism, ostentatious displays of wealth, korporate Nike shoes & jerseys and ultra-expensive Bentleys and Ferraris.   Does this ring any bells in your mind?  It should.   These are the vacuous, hyper-consumption, ego-driven values glorified by Wall Street and the dumbed-down, ignorant corporate state. 

Gang and urban street culture comes from somewhere.  It’s uniquely American in its values.  It is derived through America’s gang values of political parties, party bosses and corporations.  Corporate capitalism’s endless violence and exploitation, hyper-consumerism,  ostentatious displays of wealth encouraged by deregulated capital and patriarchal violence and misogyny so prevalent from Hollywood to Washington to the military-industrial complex.   If you aren’t a consumer, you aren’t capable of being exploited to generate profits for corporate capitalism.  And that means you are of no value to the corporate state.  Gang culture and urban street culture personified in Rap music and Hip-Hop culture are simply reflections in the mirror of social values embraced by the plutocracy.  It should be of no surprise they both reflect the same ignorant and dumbed-down social values.  Counter-culture, regardless of country or generation, is simply the mirror image of mainstream culture.  In other words, we have met the enemy and he is us.  We create both social and counter-social cultures.

Politicians, corporate advertising executives, the military-industrial complex and a patriarchal, violent, exploitive, racist and class-based economic system created every counter culture  in our nation.  The values derived by youth gang culture are values created by corporate capitalism.  And, as more and more kids around the country seek to form their own identity in a Godless system that throws more and more people under the bus, the more this culture is expanding into new social strata.  

As I noted on here before, Al Capone and criminal gangs didn’t flourish during the Great Depression because we lived in a virtuous society.  They flourished because our government threw whole classes of people under the bus.  And, in that vacuum, the Al Capones of the world rose to power.  Crime, its frequency and its level of violence are reflections of social and political violence.    Whether it was during the Great Depression or today, local criminals are often viewed as saviors by entire classes of people who have been thrown under the bus by the corporate state.   The Al Capones of the world often fed and clothed untold numbers of people that were forsaken by their government.   Predators and manipulators understood (understand) the social corruption of corporate capitalism and they use it to their advantage in their use of exploitation of others.  It creates the same Omerta code-of-silence that exists in Washington and Wall Street; no one is willing to tell the truth about the extent of the criminality of the system because they are all in collusion and are leading lives of extreme excess and incredible power that could never exist without that silence.   This Omerta code-of-silence  allowed the Capones and other criminals to live in neighborhoods without any fear of being ratted out because they clothed, fed and protected so many that were abandoned by the state.   This same dynamic allows Wall Street predators and Washington politicians to live amongst those who are benefiting from their protection racket.  ie, People in New York who live amongst the Wall Street mafioso and accept them as neighbors because they are clothed, fed and protected by these criminals.  Wall Street is really no different than criminal drug lords or the Capones of this world.   

This is what happens when private, for-profit capital is left to serve itself rather than serve democracy or society.   This is the legacy Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are substantially responsible for.   Well, this is the legacy Alexander Hamilton left us.  And the king’s capitalism of the British Empire left us.  This is what happens when you have a private, for-profit banking system and private, for-profit creation of democracy’s money.  This is what happens when you have corporations that are granted life in perpetuity to serve their own needs.  This is free market capitalism.  A system where private, for-profit capital goes where it is served best without a worry in the world about the needs of democracy, our citizens or our communities.   By the way, capitalism as it has always been practices is never, ever going to be concerned about human development or democracy.  It is always going to be gambling, exploitation, rent-seeking criminal schemes and looting.   

This is what Britain looked like in the height of its empire “glory”; severe class-based poverty, homelessness, drug & alcohol abuse, violence and exploitation all wrapped up in a pretty bow by a self-righteous, indignant, plutocratic ruling class of state-backed corporations, private bankers and politicians looting society and the rest of the world.  And, who enforced that system?  Essentially a conscripted class of soldier in the British military who “chose” service because there were no equivalent economic opportunities to be found.  Just like in Amerika today.  As I have noted before, when private, for-profit capital denies society its economic rights and economic opportunity, it guarantees itself of an endless supply of human bodies needed to fight its wars, be they corporate (economic) or military. 

“The U.S mint, I heard they bout' to print
But it's fucked up cause' I won't see a cent”

That’s right.  Your masters get it all.

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