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Linkfest From Around The Plutocratic Empire - It’s Good To Be The King…. But Not Much Longer

Newsworthy updates on insanity, pilfering, violence, hubris, arrogance, ignorance and science from around the insane asylum.   There are some great links below but the most important link is the first because it represents a massive shift in social consciousness and awareness within the U.S. and I want to expand upon its potential impact in the repudiation of state debt.

Record number of Americans believe federal government is too powerful.   Unbelievably, in another poll this week nearly two thirds of Americans now believe the government should not lift the debt ceiling.  This, even though the survey explicitly stated that the U.S. would default without spending cuts or a higher debt ceiling.  This can be understood more clearly by another new poll that shows the same number of Americans believe the government is an enabler to theft and tyranny by the corporate state plutocracy rather than any form of democratic institution that serves society or the needs of our citizens.   In other words, default is now seen by a majority of Americans as a way to stop the repression, tyranny, corruption and stealing that defines a self-appointed aristocracy of  class-based corporate capitalism and the corporate state.   And an acceptance of potential default means those Americans don’t see themselves responsible for the debt obligations run up by a plutocracy nor do they see any substantial benefit to funding an expansion of the corporate state by lifting the debt ceiling.  

The massive U.S. government debts did not generally benefit democracy but instead benefited the war state, the corporate state, the police state, the national security state and the plutocratic political thugs who run it.   Social Security and Medicare did not create this debt.  Unemployment benefits did not create this debt.  As I have remarked many times on here,  I support nonviolent monetizing all of debt by a world enslaved to class-based fascist tyranny.  But, if the status quo continues to  enforce these debts, I am open to the consideration of a default.   There are enough anti-corporatist Tea Party members, which was a grassroots movement before Washington insiders hijacked it, in Congress to move the needle.

Think about how profound and unprecedented this social change in consciousness and awareness truly is.  How the world has changed in literally a blink of time’s eye.   You may or may not support a shutdown but that’s not the point.  In actuality, one must consider a shutdown or even a default may actually produce positive results in many ways not fully appreciated by anyone.  The moving parts and second, third, fourth and fifth order consequences are impossible to quantify.  What we do know is that the plutocracy’s evil cannot scurry back into the darkness.  Too much of it  has been seen in the light. 

The fear that the plutocracy holds over humanity is waning rapidly.  The fear mongering of terrorism and made up boogeymen, contrived threats  from third world banana republics,  the fear mongering over the debt ceiling meme,  the fear mongering over the repeal of Obamacare, and the fear of what may happen if we don’t bail out too big to fail plutocratic corporations and on and on no longer produces desired results.   Creating these contrived threats benefits the plutocracy and not most Americans.  

Fear is not effective as a lasting motivator to human behavior.   The human mind is awakening.    The mind cannot stay in a constant state of fear.  Eventually, it will habituate itself to that state of fear and thus discount it.  ie, The more I expose my mind to its fears, the less I will fear them.  With enough exposure or habituation the fear used by the plutocracy to control society will eventually evaporate.   That is what has happened with regards to the plutocracy’s control over humanity.  Through repetitive exposure of their endless terrorism and fear mongering our minds will eventually recognize that fear doesn’t produce any consequence other than the very illusion of fear itself.  

What is left for the aristocracy to actually hold sway over us?  What can they actually do to scare us into putting up with their privileged corruption, terrorism, tyranny, repression and looting?  Illusions of fear no longer work.  So, danger itself is the only tool they have left.  That is, to replace the illusion of fear with the reality of danger.  Where fear is backed up by the consequence of danger.  Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mugabe and King George-type danger. 

Will the U.S. plutocracy actually resort to willful, malicious physical violence or other forms of danger against their fellow citizens to maintain control?   Europe today tells us they may try.  Communist China tells us they will try.  History of the state tells us they will try.  But recent history tells us they will eventually fail.   The plutocracy has successfully maintained its grip through covert terrorism & violence, propaganda, feints and manipulation.  Outright, willful and malicious evil and overt physical violence would horrify countless millions who have tolerated, and even created, their own victimization because of our propagandized social belief systems.   Will we see violence in lieu of failed state terrorism and fear tactics?   Some certainly believe this violent class struggle is unavoidable.  But violence plays into the hands of the status quo who have achieved and perpetuated their success through violence itself.  Nonviolence is something the status quo is totally unprepared to deal with in the light of day that now exists through instantaneous connection throughout the world.  They have no answers for nonviolence.  What are they are going to do?   Have their lackeys run over their fellow citizens with tanks and have the whole world watch in horror?  Why do you think the corporate media refuses to cover any of the state violence against nonviolent demonstrations in Europe or the Middle East?  They fear nonviolence because they have no answer.  Their control is but an illusion and all we need to do is to nonviolently stop ourselves from supporting this violent, exploitative and victimizing system controlled by a relatively minute handful of bullies. 

Millionaires optimism at record high.  Regardless of any changes in social awareness or consciousness, the plutocracy is now confident it has successfully robbed democracy blind and is bullish on their ability to continue this institutionalized tyranny, repression, theft and wealth transfer in the future.   Umm, not all millionaires are looters.  Those who serve society’s needs in many forms including science and innovation are simply being rewarded for their service.  In our system we reward that service through money.   But with the rise of the permanent plutocracy, the number of wealthy who actually became wealthy through meritorious service to society has been diminished rapidly.

NSA surveillance beyond anything Orwell imagined.  Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mugabe and King George would be proud.  It would be interesting to hear the words from Orwell were he alive today.

Wall Street loots public pension funds.  Nothing new.  Nor is the looting new.  They robbed private pension funds in the 1990s.    More confirmation that we live in a society that doesn’t create much wealth anymore but instead where a ruling plutocracy steals it from the middle class and the poor. 

Seymour Hersh isnn’t dead yet.  The 76 year old Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist speaks out about American journalistic corruption and the lies about the Osama Bin Laden raid in an upcoming book.  He also provides his solution to fix journalism in this country.  Fire the editors and promote the ones that can’t be controlled.  That is never going to happen as long as corporations own media.  A corporation is an institution of the ego or an institution of control.  The last thing a corporate bureaucrat wants is to promote a loose cannon, a free thinker that may threaten the institution’s control.  They want obedient workers just smart enough to do as they are told.  Just like political parties that are also institutions of the ego.  The crème can never rise to the top in either politics or corporations for this very reason.  Obedience is rewarded first and foremost.  Then, possibly merit somewhere down the list.  This is why modern corporate capitalist society is so ignorant and the U.S. has been so dumbed-down.  It starts with the ignorance at the top.   Thus, the purity and essence of anything touched by a corporation or a politician will always be tainted.  Be that science, education, media, government, democracy, people……  you, me…..

ECB gets ready for another bailout as European crisis continues to metastasize.  Europe has not gotten one iota better regardless of the endless lies.  European bonds peaked months ago and continue to sell off. 

JP Morgan meets with government in attempt to pay their way out of criminal prosecution.  When you run an extortion racket with an endless supply of other people’s money, you have some large ability to ensure your own safety in an injustice system where money buys the law.

Private, for-profit prisons get guaranteed occupancy rates.  The corporate state is essentially running a massive dragnet to round up enough Americans, often on bullshit charges, to line the pockets of for-profit prison operators.  And the for-profit prison business is booming.  Hitler, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Stalin and King George would all be proud. 

Russia says sarin gas homemade and, thus, possibly created by Syrian insurgents the U.S. is supporting

Congress mandates jail beds for 34,000 immigrants.  More violence against the poor and those without a voice.  Undocumented workers exist in all countries around the world to serve as slaves for the plutocracy.

Speaking of which, Qatar’s immigrant slaves.


Climatologists wanted to melt the polar ice caps in the 1970s to stop manmade global cooling.  More of the madness of fanatics and the hijacking of the purity of science.  In 35 years the junk science has shifted from climatologists encouraging us to burn coal and produce  CO2 to just the opposite madness.

Global warming believers feel the heat.  Pun obviously intended.

Pimco shook hands with the Federal Reserve and made a killing.  This is how the plutocracy “club” enriches itself.  Through the inside game.  Through rigging rules.  Through access to information, capital and resources that no one else has.   How is this any different than what Goldman or JP Morgan does?  If you had unlimited access to other people’s money and knew what was going to happen when no one outside the club did,  you too could be a billionaire.   It’s literally that easy.  Never confuse ability with wealth.  Our citizens have almost unimaginable abilities and they are being repressed by the tyrannical corporate state bureaucrats.

Goldman Sachs says stock market is best investment deal in 25 years.  The plutocracy is wildly bullish.   Again, as cited in 2007 and 2008 as financial markets and the global economy was   peaking.

Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald team up to expose the NSA’s involvement in state-sponsored murder.

Protecting your body from Fukushima radiation.   Everyone in the northern hemisphere is getting hit hard by this.  If you live anywhere in the U.S. you probably have been exposed to substantial radiation.   You might consider taking dried seaweed supplements.  

Tanks redeployed from the theater of war to the streets of Amerika.  Might I suggest that those drawn to power, including any systematized use of state force, are not the most enlightened or noble minds in society.  Sort of like the classification of gorillas in the original Planet of the Apes.

NSA spied on MLK, Ali and US Senators.   Who actually killed MLK, Malcolm X, the Kennedys and all of the other mysterious events that defined the volatile 1960s freedom movements?  The more facts we see, the more one has to have an open mind that it might have been the corporate state.

Austerity is bullshit and so is the bullshit economics behind it.  This Rogoff and Reinhart junk economics paper is littered with scientific heresy that has absolutely no merit.  That our society can be bamboozled by this shows how ignorant and how dumbed-down the corporate state truly is.  These are literally two morons exalted in their Ivy League circles of pure ideological nonsense.

Does bacteria cause blocked arteries?  More junk science being exposed?  Bacteria plays a major role in our health and universities don’t teach anything to doctors on this topic.  What do you call a dynamic where you learn things that aren’t true?  And pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the right to have your mind filled with lies?   As Einstein said, the only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.  There is a faux intellectualism that exists   in the dumbed-down corporate state.  And, it is perpetuated in large part by college-educated liberals.  Big “L” aristocracy liberals not little “l” democracy and freedom liberals.

JP Morgan’s business is to be endlessly sued for endless corruption.  Fines at JP Morgan have to be approaching $50 billion in constant dollar terms over the last decade or so.  This is a criminal racket that would make the Crips or the Gambino crime syndicate blush with envy.

US forces prepare for air strikes in Kenya and Africa.  More geopolitical steps at expanding our economic empire to the underdeveloped, exploitable continent of Africa.  If corporate capitalism has its way, Africa is headed for another wave of massive exploitation and corporate colonialism.

Boeing shows renewed interest in Africa.  Boeing, once a company to be proud of, has been turned into one of the most predatory death dealers in the world, sending weapons of death and destruction to all corners of the planet. 

Boeing spurned in South Korean fighter bid.  The US military-industrial complex benefits from the failed North Korea state remaining in power.  South Korea is one of the largest arms buyers for the military-industrial complex.  There is some evidence to support that the U.S. knowingly helps prop up North Korea because it serves geopolitical agendas. 

Plutocrats feel persecuted.  I wonder what they would feel like if placed on trial at The Hague for crimes against humanity?

Walmart cutting orders as merchandise goes unsold.  I wrote on here half a dozen years ago that Walmart was headed for extinction.  It may not be tomorrow but they are the next Kmart.

DOE approves export of US natural gas. This rises the price and profits of natural gas domestically.  It should be illegal to export our energy security. 

Ritalin changes the brain.  More junk science revealed.  ADHD is over-diagnosed, over-medicated and is likely tied to corporate state toxicity if and when it does exist.  The unintended consequences of legally drugging a society to death are being exposed.  It’s likely far more dangerous than marijuana or cocaine. 

Scientists find black holes on earth.  The world and universe it changing rapidly.  And many of its secrets are now unfolding. 

One man’s Obamacare nightmare.  Obamacare is a corproate state nightmare and it is finally being exposed as such.

This is not the bill of goods we were sold.  Obamacare will increase spending by $7400 for typical family.  More corporate state wealth transfer to its ruling bureaucrats.   While there are stories all over the map about premiums, this system will not survive longer term in its current form.

Obamacare’s $3,000 premium tests affordability.  People don’t have insurance because they cannot afford it.  Obama’s aristocratic mandate from on-high can’t force people to spend money they don’t have.  Is he really that ignorant?  The real unemployment rate in this nation is 25% and we have a record number of Americans on some kind of government assistance.  As noted on here before, transfer payments from the government to people in need are up over 800% after inflation in the last thirty years.  There isn’t enough money in the economy to support the forced march of Obamacare.

Obama finally admits to raising taxes most Americans can’t afford in new healthcare law.   More lies and deceptions. 

Mitt Romney’s firm bets on Europe.  The predators are now starting to plow big money into a bet that Europe will recover.  This even though the crisis in Europe is at record levels.

17% of Americans would secede and 13% more would consider it.  People should have no attachment to any institution of the ego.   Personally, if the only way to escape state-sponsored terror and violence is to nonviolently declare our independence, then that should be a right of all humanity.  As a human being, I should be allowed to declare my independence from the tyranny of the state and replace it with self-rule and citizen government.  Frankly, I should be allowed to live where ever I choose in the world and abide by their laws but declare myself with citizen of the world status if I so choose.  Not so I can mooch off of their society but so that I may be free from the endless attempts of state control.   I am not the chattel or property of the state as the system now defines humanity. 

The 99% owe the  1% a debt of gratitude.   This is another sign of the dumbing-down of society.  This guy is the consummate idiot incapable of critical thought.  A proof point for the tyranny of the self.  ie, That the ego creates its own destiny by choosing to be willfully victimized.   

Power robs the brain of empathy.  The ego literally disconnects our minds from our higher power or that which makes us sentient beings. 

Amateur astronomers spot potential comet of the century.  Crack out your telescopes.

The US spies on the global banking system.  More of the endless corruption of the US state.

Alien bugs discovered in atmosphere?  ? 

Sun’s superfast plasma conveyor belt surprises scientists.  The sun is a violent beast.  And when it more violent, there is ample evidence that so too are humans. 

Is Iran the fourth reich?  The mad-dog fomenting about Iran is more military-industrial complex obscenities.  Most Iranians have more in common with most Americans than either of us have with our idiotic and often psychopathic ruling class.

More misinformation about the state of China’s economy.  China’s economy is in substantial crisis.  It is going to get much, much worse.  China has become the world’s creditor in a massive debt bubble that drove hyper-consumption.  It’s quite dystopian to actually know what is happening but not to see accurate reporting.  Of course, this dynamic is everywhere given the deafening roar of statist and corporatist propaganda that defines the world today.

China to sell asset backed securities to clear bank balance sheets of their mistakes.   The 2008 crash all over again.  The communists are not immune to their own financial stupidity.

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