Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The War Between America And Washington

An excellent piece.   As noted some posts ago, years ago I wrote that America could see large mutinies or desertions of soldiers who refuse to go to war.   While that may have seemed preposterous at the time, actually as seen on many internet sites and YouTube videos, there are many active soldiers who are now anonymously stating that they do not want to fight or will not fight this war in Syria for a multitude of reasons including its illegality, supporting al-Qaeda and Wahhabi terrorists, killing innocent people, already dealing with trauma from past wars, emotional instability of the disposable soldier, etc. 

The war between America and Washington will certainly force the American soldier to pick sides.  Virtue has found its footing, however precarious it is.  The decency of the American soldier is now at odds with the exposed megalomania of the war state.  If military ranks are broken, who knows where this could end up.  Seriously.  Are they going to court martial a few hundred thousand people for refusing to fight illegal wars of aggression?  Ha! 

Military dissention can only get worse from here if megalomania presses on.   As I have noted many times, the war state is incompatible with democracy.  Something’s gotta give.

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