Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Amusement Industry’s Pedantic, Inane And Vacuous Role In Perpetuating The Dystopian Corporate State

I thought I would throw this up before the second part in my post on the coming wage collapse of the mythical service economy.  It actually dovetails in nicely with this topic because the corporatized amusement (entertainment and sports) industries are part of that mythical service economy.  And it going to see a massive wage collapse on the back end of this economic crisis as I have noted on here for many years. 

Let me first say that expression of human authenticity through the arts and through the crafts of acting, comedy, etc are obviously something we all enjoy.  But there is little of authenticity as a result of the human experience that flows out of the corporatized amusement industry.  Most of the amusement industry garbage is completely contrived.  That includes the vast majority of mainstream music.   The amusement industry is driven by the desire for profit, ratings, sensationalism and the ego’s pedantic, inane and vacuous need for attention.  Because it is corporatized it is almost always sanitized to also be politically-correct; which contributes to the dumbing-down of the corporate state.  Obviously others with skills and crafts in the arts, acting, etc have often tried to venture outside of the corporatized dystopian amusement industry into new ventures where human authenticity is valued.  Mostly through independent works.  But because of shoestring budgets and lack of access to capital, that has been locked up by corporations, those are very infrequent endeavors. 

Hollywood and the amusement industry are the mouthpieces for the creation of the corporate state’s social values system and its propagandized corporate and political objectives.  In other words, the three-headed Cerberus guarding the gates to the underworld (whose intent is to keep the rest of us from escaping their dystopian reality)  are the amusement industry, corporate capitalism’s bureaucrats and the corporate state political bureaucracy.  They each play a key role in the creation and perpetuation of a dumbed-down, Godless (ego-centric, ignorant, spiritually & emotionally-unaware, lacking human values) society. 

All aspirants embracing corporate state values and propaganda want to be a shining star.  They want to be part of the corporatized amusement and to be awash in endless adoration and fame from those who idolize it.  So, endless corporate money flows into the amusement industry to create and perpetuate the propagandized corporate state values and its hyper-consumeristic images of success.   I want to wear, buy, eat or do what my amusement industry idol is doing.  What are our idols wearing or buying or eating or telling us?   What multi-million dollar dress is Kate wearing in their royal wedding while countless of their subjugated serfs don’t have a pot to piss in.  Please do tell.  I can’t wait to find out.  It’s manifestly obvious to me that because Beyoncé drinks Pepsi swill and the never-proven-to-be-safe chemicals contained therein, and does so for a $50 million spokesperson role, I should too. 

This endless flow of corporate ad and marketing money creates a propagandized illusion of “success” and the American Dream we are all told to strive for.  An illusion created by the corporate state’s  amusement industry “golden calf” idolatry and the corporate ad industry that pulls the levers to creating its dystopian propagandized illusions of what we should eat, drink, buy and do.  

We wait anxiously for the next Tweet from the attention-seeking Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian or any one of our many idols.  Or await the next issue or broadcast of our favorite paparazzi media detailing the mindless drivel of the pedantic, inane and vacuous behavior of the attention-minded, image sycophants.  We hook our society on the propaganda of endless consumerism and vacuous behavior at a very young age in the corporate state.  And korporate kapitalist society hooks them through the worship of our wildly vane, self-centered and vacuous self-appointed aristocracy and the hyper-consumerism it needs and promotes to survive. 

The corporate money flowing into the amusement, sports and entertainment industry very often glorifies violence, thuggery,  deceit, lack of responsibility to ourselves, others and the world around us, and ignorance on so many levels it’s not even definable by words.  It has created a propagandized ego-maniacal social value system that has no idea what its authenticity or true identity actually is beyond whatever money and corporate & political propaganda can buy or create.  

The amusement industry endlessly prostitutes their values out for corporate advertising, corporate marketing, corporate movies and corporate television shows that mock human virtue, discovery and truth and, maybe even more importantly, mock those who have strong human values involving virtue, discovery and truth.   This mocking of human decency has turned our society, as defined by these corporate state values, into one that is spiritually and morally bankrupt.  Accepting payments for advertising and sponsorship for usurious  banks, credit card enslavement, alcohol consumption, toxic industrial food & drink, chemically-laden tobacco, dumbed-down political correctness, faux science for ignoramuses, glorifying ignorant youth and gang culture and youth sexual promiscuity and generally embracing a lifestyle of extreme, vacuous hyper-consumerism, audacious displays of extreme materialism and vanity.  

These dystopian social values are really nothing more than the destabilized human mind’s manifestations of acting out.  They are clearly prescient signs of modern capitalist society and the corporate state’s end of days.  (By the way, it’s no coincidence Obama’s team is trying to line up the amusement industry sponsors to “sell”, obviously with the help of The People’s money, us on the virtues of the mandated, dystopian corporate usury tax of Obamacare.   In some dystopian propagandized hope that Americans will believe the act is actually affordable and beneficial to society if our “idols” tell us it is.   The “affordable” health care act?  Affordable to whom?  Those who propagandize it?)

Selling ones values in return for fame and fortune fuels the ego’s pedantic, inane and vacuous need for attention.  And no part of our society is more pedantic, inane and vacuous than the amusement industry.   Of course, given the corporate state defines social values through insanely ego-driven (dumbed-down, ignorant and control driven) behavior, those who are exalted by our feudal masters to define success in our society are pedantic, inane and vacuous.   Which is the fundamental reason why corporate capitalism and the corporate state have almost certainly reached a terminal status -  It is incompatible with human values and destabilizes the human condition.  It is truly Godless.  

Today our society is enslaved to the halls of the European aristocratic power in 1776 and their endless self-absorbed ignorance and garish excesses of self-indulgence while the rest of us are left to rot.  At least if it is left up to those our propagandized society are told to idolize and worship courtesy of our political saviors, the boot-licking corporate lackeys or any one of our corporatized amusement industry bobble heads.   But we know how this always turns out.  Never as our masters intended.  Funny thing but as Marie Antoinette or King Georgie boy could tell us, karma is a bitch.

Title link here.  On Youtube this has over a million views with a 95% thumbs up rating. Our social values system may be pedantic, inane and vacuous, because it serves the ego-mania of our feudal masters, but most people aren’t stupid and the ratings on this video are just one proof point of that.  And most people in modern corporate states don’t want to be defined by the values created by the dumbing-down of our society by ignorant bureaucrats.  Yet this is the system we are conscripted to by our corporate masters.  For now.

By the way, if this is really part of a North Korean documentary, and it appears so, there’s more than a little irony in North Korea, a completely propagandize, brainwashed society, producing a documentary about a completely propagandized, brainwashed society.   We do that here as well.  Our propagandized, brainwashed society makes a mockery of other societies for being propagandized and brainwashed.  For not being free or being backward or ignorant.  Hypocrisy defines the ego and its endless deceptions. 

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