Monday, August 12, 2013

Four REAL Questions For Federal Reserve Chair Candidates

Senators Warren and Sanders pose four questions.  But, I believe they are framed incorrectly.  In other words, while I respect both, their questions essentially serve no purpose towards the monetary transformation that democratic self-rule and the world needs. 

Here are four real questions that any candidate for Federal Reserve Chair should be asked.  There are obviously many more valid questions but off the top of my head…

1) Do you believe a democratic nation should be borrowing money from private banks to pay for democratic programs or social uplift programs or should that nation exert its sovereignty over private capital and coin or print its own money?

2) Do you believe the Federal Reserve should be a public-private partnership (fascism) between a private banking cartel and government as it is today or that it should be folded into the United States Treasury as a public institution and thus be accountable to democracy and voters rather than private capital?

3) Do you believe we should have a privately-owned, debt-based banking & monetary system that serves the profit motives of a very few private capitalists?  Or do you believe that these institutions should be owned by citizens, our communities, our states and our nation with charters of empowering democratic human development and issuing credit on behalf of democracy to increase the general welfare and empowerment of our nation and every citizen willing to responsibly participate?

4) Can you give me five concise and easily implemented  monetary policy initiatives you would commit to as Federal Reserve chairman that would directly (in other words not indirect initiatives like Reagan’s trickle down voodoo economics or Federal Reserve enabled Wall Street & corporate welfare)   increase democratic economic determinism and empowerment for the bottom 75% of the population and thus serve the needs of reinvigorating our communities and local employment?

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