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Newsworthy Links From A World Of Madness

1o years later in Iraq – mass displacement, birth defects and cancer.  The US knew that depleted uranium shells would cause cancer and birth defects in Iraq.  This is premeditated murder that the state classifies as legalized murder or war.  These are heinous war crimes against innocent people.

The United States War Department (Later renamed Defense Department.  I’m sure for propaganda reasons.)  has invaded nearly every country on earth

Weed killers tied to depression in farmers.  Once again, industrial farming is headed for extinction.

Monsanto’s Roundup and Birth Defects: Is the public being kept in the dark?

In Detroit’s ruin, law firms see land of opportunity.  Once again the financial predators, who by the way were bailed out, and the predatory law industry racket are slobbering over other people’s misery.  The people who will suffer the most are those least able to afford it.  The predators who will make the most are those most able to afford it.  In other words, this is more class warfare courtesy of the Godless corporate state.   Bailouts for all of the predators but no bailouts for We The People.

Commodity traders ripped off society more than banks to the tune of $250 billion.   This study is most certainly well too low.   I believe the number is most likely ten to twenty times this number when one adds in all financial manipulation of all commodities.  Most people didn’t know who Marc Rich was when Bill Clinton pardoned him and there was an outrage.  He was one of the biggest financial predators in history and was on the FBI 10 most wanted.  A scumbag extraordinaire.  What did Clinton get in return?  Wouldn’t we like to know.  Rich founded Glencore which is probably the biggest commodities manipulator in the world.   Rent-seeking Glencore has created hundreds of paper billionaires and  millionaires by manipulating and extorting consumers of commodities.   It’s no surprise they went public in London, which is the neoliberal tax haven capital of the world for economic criminals.

Yemeni reporter who exposed US drone strikes freed from prison after jailing at Obama’s request.  Those who still worship their savior Obama refuse to see reality.  George Bush may be a saint comparatively.

Richard Wolff on the contradictions of capitalism that led to  Detroit’s collapse.   It wasn’t white flight that was the demise of Detroit but private, for-profit capital flight.  With public aka democratic banking and public money Detroit never would have been in this crisis.  Never.  Democratic money and democratic banking would have investing in human and community development rather than creating the  impoverished economic injustices that led to the 1960s riots.  Private, for-profit capital or capitalism leaves death and decay in its wake.

IRS employees concerned about being enrolled in ObamaCare.  All politicians and government workers should be made to eat their own shit.  Then we would get true health care justice and reform rather than the bloated, bureaucratic, crippling ObamaCare.

Senators promise 50 years of secrecy on tax ideas.  Democracy is dead.  It cannot survive without transparency.  Who do these assholes think they are?  Is representative government as we know it in the final phases of extinction?  Quite possibly.   This is not self-rule. 

White House tries to lower record low corporate taxes even further for US companies.  US corporate tax rates are the lowest in over 60 years as noted on here before.  They may be the lowest in history.  Obama keeps shoveling more mandates and taxes onto Americans while removing accountability for corporate masters.  Our tax burden is far greater than 1776.  And the dynamics are almost frighteningly similar to a corporate empire, endless military interventions to extend that empire and taxing the poor to pay for this class-based system of crimes we call capitalism.

Tiny nuclear reactions inside of fluorescent bulbs.  I’m a firm believer there is something to cold fusion.  And possibly something here as well.   We just don’t understand much of anything when it comes right down to it.

Crop Pollination Exposes Honey Bees to Pesticides Which Alters Their Susceptibility to the Gut Pathogen.  A just-released research paper on Colony Collapse Disorder.  While we don’t know if this is the end-all of scientific research, it makes perfect sense.  Manmade poisons weaken the bees immune system and leave it susceptible to pathogens.  The exact same dynamic is happening in humans. 

Scientists watch death spread through worm thus challenging current scientific beliefs about death.

Decapitated worms can regenerate their brains and memories stored inside.  While no conclusions can be drawn, I have had experiences that make me wonder if memory is sometimes stored in tissue rather than the brain.  Science really knows almost nothing.  Scientific truth is a matter of relativism or the concept of greater and greater truth as opposed to the concept of absolute truth. 

Social connections drive positive emotional health.  The Godless corporate state destroys communities and connections and encourages society to act on behalf of the self.  Selflessness and altruism have always been key to our survival.   It is one reason why capitalism and the corporate state will die.

2014 Chevrolet Impala best sedan Consumer Reports has ever tested.  I wrote the auto industry was likely to go bankrupt well before anyone thought it was possible.  And I wrote that they would rise from the ashes and become powerhouses again.  The auto industry may be headed for a double dip but US car manufacturers are now arguably the best mainstream producers in the world.  Unfortunately Obama extracted such extreme wage cuts that American auto workers are often living in poverty and unable to buy the products they make.

Are probiotics the new Prozac.  New discoveries about wellness and the human microbiome are obliterating modern medical science.

Pill Poppers documentary.   In general, pills aren’t making us better.  They are making us sicker.  Some medicine may be necessary even though all drugs are considered poisons by the human body. Sometimes we have to deal with those poisons aka unknown and known side effects because of humanity’s lack of knowledge about how to encourage the mind and body to heal itself.  But we are well past that into being drugged into a zombie stupor by rent-seeking drug companies who have a pill for every conceivable condition, many of which are simply made up.   The psychiatric community adds countless new maladies to the DSM manual every time it is revised.  Most of those are complete and utter nonsense courtesy of corporate pill-pushers and other conflicts of interest.

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