Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yemen Passes Law To Criminalize U.S. Drone Strikes As Acts Of Terrorism

Hmm, words like drone strikes are terrorism, drone strikes subvert the rule of law and children suffering from PTSD-type symptoms due to drone strikes never seemed to be a concern voiced by the Godless corporate state or the brain dead mainstream media.  Apparently the sovereign people of Yemen whose human rights are being shit on disagree.  

Of course, our supposedly “Christian” leaders (often fanatics using the cover of religion to perpetuate their own megalomania and evil as noted at the link) channel pacifist Jesus of Nazareth as they plan their drone strikes.  I can almost hear them now as they prayDear Jesus, our Savior and Lord, please allow this illegal and immoral mission of violence to successfully murder our enemies without due process or the right to face their accusers in a transparent court of law.  And if we kill women, children, the elderly, or people on our list who are guilty of no crime, or terrorize innocent people in the process, we still know our cause is righteous and just.  And that we do your will of killing in your name of mercy and compassion.  We honor your virtues by staining your name with the blood of our enemies.  In Jesus’ name we pray………  Hoorah!

I’m so thankful our government is spreading freedom, social justice, economic justice, virtue and nonviolence around the world. 

Yemen reminds us that resistance to the assimilation of the dumbed-down, Godless corporate state Borg isn’t futile.  Captain Kirk ain’t dead yet.  Or was that Picard?  

The corporate empire is waning incredibly rapidly as global informed consciousness clearly has obviously passed its tipping point.   Empire’s only weapon to maintain control in a destabilizing world is the use of greater and greater force and violence.  Be that spying, war, military spending, propaganda, debt, selling weapons to thugs, threats, bullying, secret dealings, unjust prosecutions, unjust laws, massive red tape to rig the system, bribery, outright lying or whatnot.  These and other forms of violence (In this case, patriarchal violence)  are the only method through which corporate empire can survive as the world continues to destabilize at a staggering rate.  Of course, the arrogant aristocracy here and around the globe is still in their bubble of telling the rest of us to eat cake.   No one is better at that than the finger-pointing hypocrite Obama. 

Is anyone even listening to them anymore?  Seriously? 

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