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The U.S. Learned How To Spy From The Original Predators In The European Aristocracy

Update: sort of off topic but this audio excoriation of NSA college recruiters is absolutely brutal and very worthwhile.

As noted on here in one of my “state” posts it’s preposterous to believe the U.S. is the only state spying on everyone.  Every state spies.  It’s in their DNA.  Violence provides the state with purpose.  Violence is the only method through which the state exists and spying is clearly a form of violence. 

Don’t believe any of the political nonsense out of Europe about being surprised by U.S. spying.  The hypocrisy of European political toadies is a thin veneer of deceit deflecting from the real truth.  That is, the U.S. learned to spy from the European aristocracy.   State and corporate power in Europe contributed substantially to two world wars.  Two world wars that were started in Europe by the European aristocracy.  We can be assured that it was more than the Nazis gobbled up by the CIA that taught us how to spy, deceive and manipulate.   The British and French were masters at deception and spying before our nation was even born.  There are countless tales of European state-based terrorism and spying on our soil during the American Revolution and Civil War.  In fact, there are some reports coming out now, although still unsubstantiated, that Europe and the U.S. are spying on each other’s citizens to avoid the issue of constitutionality and legality.  (  Video of story here. )  ie, If I spy on your citizens and you spy on mine and we secretly exchange data, there is no issue of legality of spying on people in our own nations. 

Does it make you all warm and fuzzy that former East German and fascist destroyer of modern Europe, Angela Merkel,  may be spying on you as an American citizen?  Well, and much, much more including spying on our own public officials, military officials, judges and presidential candidates.  For what reason?  Probably the same reason J. Edgar Hoover ran a Gestapo-like organization at the FBI – so the CIA and the military-industrial complex can bribe and control politicians and our democracy.  This would be completely consistent with the National Security Act that came into existence in 1947 that made the U.S. a permanent war state.  (How do we know Obama wasn’t a candidate hand-picked by the CIA as absurd as that may sound?  He certainly is the most CIA-friendly president I am aware of.  In actuality, we know nothing because of unprecedented secrecy of the state.  Now that doesn’t mean we go all paranoid and start creating  conspiracy theories but frankly anything plausible is possible.)

Europe is and always has been the epitome of a class-based society.  Corporate capitalism originated in Europe under feudal, repressive corporate empire.   Then it became how class rank, title and privilege of feudal aristocratic economic and political power were maintained as Europe evolved from feudal, repressive fiefdoms of birthright rank and privilege to some modicum of democracy. 

The European aristocracy continued to hook citizens up to a plowshares to till the fields, even after democracy came into being.  But European elites continued to keep the vast majority of the abundant harvest and with it, they kept class-based political and corporate control that subverted true freedom and democracy.   On the other hand, at least that is more than has generally ever happened in the U.S.   In the U.S. the aristocracy beats their beasts of burden until they are no longer able to plow the fields.   What few social uplift programs and social safety nets we had and what few buttresses against private for-profit capital were gained through violence and loss of life.  Those social uplift programs and social safety nets were generally bludgeoned by private capital decades ago. 

European aristocracy, having much more experience at being cunningly-deceitful predators, learned that feeding, housing and providing basic medical care for their beasts of burden allowed them to maintain their title, privilege and fortunes with little resistance.   Giving the appearance of some freedom pacified revolution seeking true democracy and freedom.  They hide their slavery in plain sight.   But we see the true reality today.  Given the choice of democratic reforms that would benefit European societies and increase true freedom and empowerment of all people, yet must take much of the control away from class-based aristocratic predators to accomplish this, we see a fascist, brutally-repressive Europe that will do anything to maintain its class rank and keep the jack boot of the state on the neck of those it impoverishes.   That includes creating 25-65% unemployment and the gutting of programs needed to keep people from starving.  Europe just announced a new record unemployment rate in the last week. 

The statist predators in Europe and every other class-based society are no different than in America.   Whether it’s Nazi Germany, the British empire, the French empire, the Khmer Rouge, the modern day European states, Canada (the 51st and second most inconsequential American state because they don’t even get the appearance of voting) , Mexico (the 52nd and most inconsequential American state), Australia, Saddam Hussein, the American empire, the Japanese empire, the Soviet Union or Communist China, they are all the same.   The state  always grants itself aristocratic rights and takes whatever power it believes it can get away with.  If the state in the U.S. could declare outright war on its citizens like is happening in Europe, I have no doubt it would.   They are all violent predators that use the force of the state to maintain their title and class privilege.   And we can be assured that they are all spying on their citizens and everyone else.  It’s preposterous to believe anything else.  That includes each other within the same country.  

As an extension of that violence,  they use spying, the military-industrial complex and their statist laws as much to control us as to protect their aristocratic rank and title.  And they always have and always will until democracy does away with class and class privilege.  War, like capitalism, is a class-based, state-enforced form of violence used to protect those who have from those who don’t.  Or to stop those  who want to have from those who already have.  That includes citizens within their  own nation.

Now we find out that not only Britain but France has a vast surveillance network.  (That they too will almost certainly deny on some level.)  Is this really an surprise?  The only surprise is that anyone believes it is a surprise.  Certainly elements of the Stasi still exist within the German state and I would expect them to be one of the most prolific states at spying and Snowden tells us as much.  They certainly are the most prolific on mainland Europe at spreading covert economic and financial violence. 

All of Europe is still embroiled in aristocratic violence still clinging to power even after the fall of feudal Europe. 

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