Monday, July 01, 2013

How Gold Miners Became A Terrible Investment

A very worthwhile article comparative to the endless nonsensical pump of the religious fanatics who are absolutely certain gold is going to “infinite” if the dollar collapses as Ron Paul recently noted.  A position that flies directly in the fact of what I have noted.  Someone is wrong.  I don’t expect it to be me.  If this system collapses, gold goes with it. 

These firms are levered to the hilt and very serious trouble could still lie ahead for gold.   One more time, gold mining is one of the most destructive manmade forces on our planet.   The catastrophe it leaves in its wake is incredible.  Almost incomprehensible.   More of that corporate capitalism’s rent-seeking behavior that creates privatized gains while socializing losses picked up by those it constantly exploits and preys upon.  How about summore of that good ole-fashioned capitalism that predators wax poetic about.  Maybe our king will bring back summore of those “free trade” agreements from Africa that involve more diamond, mineral and gold looting that leaves those countries with ecological devastation while our corporate masters who create it report record profits on Wall Street. 

Gold is not and has never been democratic money.  Gold’s scarcity has always been used by those who have it to deny those who don’t.  And that has the effect of making those who don’t to run faster on the hamster wheel to get it.  That pleases our masters who enrich themselves when their servants run faster on the hamster wheel.  ie, Lords, masters, kings, thugs, dictators, banking criminals, dickheads, corporate capitalists and psychopaths love gold.  And by denying their servants gold (or money in today’s world of undemocratic money, economic slavery and private banking), they focus everyone’s primary intent on ways of getting their hands on it to stay alive; work harder, cheaper and more hours. (beg, borrow and steal)  Gold, just like private banking and privately-created money, is the money of class who use its lack of abundance to maintain power and control over those who don’t have it.   The only thing worse than private banking is private banking backed by gold.   Nothing would please the status quo more than the lock in their looting gains created by massive inflation by returning to hard money policies created by a gold standard.  Policies that would send our economy into depression as far as the eye can see.  The status quo certainly may try to return us to this type of criminal system as noted before.  In other words, don’t be surprised to see central banks or politicians advocate a return to gold money because it would benefit those who have stolen the world’s wealth.

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