Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Obama Encourages Public Servants To Snitch On Coworkers To Perpetuate Undemocratic Secrecy Of The State

I have noted on here many times that I believe Bill Clinton was probably the worst president in our history.  There are many factors that support that perspective.  Some will be covered in my next major post on global finance.  And there are many similarities between the current administration and the Clinton administration. 

As a free society, we should have policies determined by democracy in place to protect public servants wishing to alert and educate society about wrong-doing and inappropriate use of power.  Obama has a plan that is just the opposite.  Not a plan determined by democracy to protect democracy but by the whims of man to protect the secrecy of the state.  Not only is it a HUGE stretch to try to tie espionage to Edward Snowden as Obama is trying to do, but he has personally created an environment of fear in government by using a program called Insider Threat that comes directly from his office to encourage public servants to snitch on coworkers who may wish to expose wrongdoing.  This is the exact same tactics used by the Nazis and the Stalinists.  There is zero difference.  It is a fear-driven authoritarian program that is meant to enforce top-down conformity to power and control rather than bottoms-up democracy. 

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