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The Endless Violence And Dumbed-Down Existence That Is The State : Obama Hails Secrecy As Transparent While China Asks The U.S. To Explain What That Means

As a reminder for new readers, as noted on here numerous times the state is that class-based political bureaucracy which exists outside of the transparency and consent of self-rule or democracy or republicanism or society based on a natural-rights-driven rule of law.  ie, However one wants to define freedom.  It is the pernicious, nontransparent, secretive class-based rule of man that exists in any political bureaucracy.  In pure democracy or republicanism or polity based completely on law, the state would not exist.  There would be no nontransparent, violence-based rule of man.  In a pure totalitarian polity, the state or the pernicious, nontransparent rule of man would be all-consuming.  The reality is that most polity lies somewhere in between.  That is, the state coexists with some amount of human rights or democracy or rule of law within most political bureaucracies.   Statism, a topic talked about incessantly over the years on here, is and has been on the rise in the world as class-based political violence and patriarchy seeks to maintain and expand its grip on the world and the people that live under its oppression.   Now onto the rest of the post.

China asks the U.S. to explain surveillance or secret transparency.   And as if to trump the blather of China, Obama’s Orwellian 1984 “Doublespeak” hails secrecy as transparent.   And finally, the military-industrial-security complex secretly seeks to control and subvert democracy as it braces for climate and energy shocks.  Well, and anything else that threatens the military-industrial-security complex’s Soviet-style control. (A frightening article of how dead transparent democracy is in America.)

As Obama goes on a propaganda tour we learn that secrecy is transparency…..  You know, like the extensive secret transparent spying file the FBI had on Martin Luther King.  Or like the secret transparent email accounts used by Obama’s staff.  Or the secret transparent accounts of what happened in Benghazi.  Or Obama’s secretly transparent TPP trade agreement that destroys America’s constitutional liberties and economic freedom.  Or the secret transparent conference calls where White House politicians decide who to murder next with drone strikes.  Or the secretly transparent undeclared and unconstitutional warmongering unleashed upon the world.  Or the secret transparency of the 9/11 Commission.   Or the secret transparency of the 160 meetings with an IRS official in the Whitehouse.  Or the secret transparency of Iran Contra.  Or the White House’s secret transparent bullying of other governments to force genetically-modified foods into their countries.    Or, the secret transparent billions of dollars handed to politicians by anyone who has the money to bribe politicians for policy outcomes.  That includes China under Clinton in the secretly transparent China-Clinton money trail.  Of course, when politicians make their secret transparent exchange of money legal, it’s not bribery anymore.  It’s a secret transparent exchange of money under the moniker of lobbying.   The list of secret transparency in Washington is endless.   I can see now how the secret NSA spying program is transparent as Obama doublespeak clearly has educated me to my ignorance.  Just more examples of that good ole-fashioned rule-of-law-driven democratic self-rule.

To use but one example in the endless usurpations and violence of the state, if there is one thing that is certain, the Chinese communists have, and will continue to, steal everything and anything they can get their hands on about U.S. military, government and corporate data and technology.  Just as the Soviet Union did.  And that violence has only one intent.  That is, to serve the state.   And for its own part, the United States creates its own statist drama and violence directed against communist China and even our supposed allies.  With friends who spy on you, who needs enemies?  These actions on both sides give purpose and meaning to the state’s reason for being.  That is, violence.

The state exists to serve itself.  Period.   It seeks to perpetuate its own existence and power and does so through violence and force.   Russia, China, the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere, are all involved in statist dances of violence against one another and against those it oppresses within its own borders.   What purpose do these dances serve to human decency and human progress?  Not a damn thing.  The state exists to serve itself.  So when dumbed-down idiots hop on their high horse to cheer the behavior of their favorite state team winning in the endless statist wars, be they economic, cyber, verbal or military, they are perpetuating ignorance, violence and misery against their fellow man and doing so for purposes of only feeding the power and control of those who oppress them.   Obviously not mindfully or consciously.  And, as such, destroying the power of humanity, human dignity, freedom and democracy. 

The existence of the state guarantees a self-fulfilling prophecy of state violence to counteract and respond to other state’s violence.   As opposing forces, one could not exist without the other. (As noted on here many times over the years, this is why the military-industrial-security apparatus in the U.S. needed to find a new boogeyman after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  ie. It needed an enemy to maintain its existence.) In other words, the existence of the state creates pull or demand for its own existence and its endless violence.  So, That is, war, spying, espionage, economic exploitation, predation, class injustice, poverty, imprisonment, political dissidents, legalese statist laws, threats,  more oppression of people living under the control of the state and on and on, as examples of state violence, will always perpetuate and create an endless array of statist responses by other states.   This is pure insanity that defines the statist’s unstable megalomania that seeks control and power, at any cost, through violence.

The enemies created by the state would never exist without the actions of the state.   Instead, the state uses circular reasoning to create an endless array of circular outcomes perpetuating its madness and existence.   The answer for every issue that comes to the attention of the state is some form of violence or force, be it covert or overt.  That is, war, spying, espionage, economic exploitation, predation, class injustice, poverty, imprisonment, political dissidents, legalese statist laws, threats,  more oppression of people living under the control of the state and on and on.  Even outcomes that many people believe involve democratic progress are really statist laws that have unintended outcomes of violence.  I could cite quite a few in the U.S. that were hailed as laws of major progress in our nation yet have had untold unintended consequences, but it would send some people into a tizzy of irrational, emotional responses.  Of course, this is the dumbed-down, emotional manipulation of political issues that the state depends upon to maintain its violence and purpose for being. 

The only way to end the violence of the state, is for the state, as a violent institution of class and ego, to disappear. 

Can you imagine a world without the state?   There would be no need for spying, no need for nuclear weapons, no need for the military-industrial complex and no endless economic violence against those it oppresses within its borders and within other states.  There would be no wars, no economic exploitation, no need for laws to protect us from false flags, no misogyny, no bigotry and no force of the state needed to supposedly rectify these and other injustices.  Because all of these and more are driven by either overt or covert and often sinister violence courtesy of the state.  Remember, corporations and capitalism are inventions of the state.  Economic oppression and lack of economic freedom is a clear example of state violence.   The U.S. – China relationship, of which most is economic, as just one example, is defined entirely through statism and its violence from both sides.  

If society were truly based on the liberalization of natural rights, ethics, reason, law and civil discourse that always had an intent of vetting issues and disagreements to logical, ethical and human-centric outcomes, class-based state violence would cease to exist.   And so would all of the endless stupidity and mindless obedience that its policy supporters bring with it.   No country in human history glorifies state violence any more than the United States and its glorification of military-police-security aggression and economic warfare in the form of state-created and endorsed corporate capitalism.  And no state has butchered more of those it oppressed than the Chinese communists.  A true battle of wits between two states.  That is, dim wits. 

The entire world is seeing the rejection of statism as people rise up in the name of human dignity and worthiness.  Never in the history of humankind have we ever seen such a global uprising.  As noted on here many times, capitalism and the military-industrial complex are dying.  The state is on the losing side of trying to maintain its class-based, nontransparent violence against humanity. 

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