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Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide May Be Most Important Factor In Development Of Autism

I suspect there is little doubt that the growing epidemic in Autism is somehow a modern capitalist society induced dynamic.  In what ways, we really don’t know.  I would not be surprised that no existing theories are accurate.  But there are definitely triggers in modern capitalist society we should be aware of that affect our mind and brain’s development.  We certainly know systemic depression and emotional instability exists in large part because of both our horrendous diets and the massive emotional dislocations caused by modern capitalist society. 

Modern capitalist society has its coping mechanisms to endless emotional dislocations.  And rather than treat the core issues facing our society, the corporate state’s answer is to drug people up to the point of creating a zombie society.  That is, people incapable of feeling anything.  What better way to enforce a culture of corporate-enslaved work than to turn the human spirit into brain dead automatons or robots.   The Soviet Union had their own coping mechanisms of dealing with a state-based culture that beat the human spirit into nothingness.  That is systemic alcoholism.   Zoloft and Prozac are our alcohol and we have somewhere around 50 million people taking them.  They solve nothing but simply mask the instabilities and emotional uncenteredness created in very large part by modern capitalist society. 

The United States Soviet Socialist Republic; the USSSR, is failing for the same reasons the Godless Soviet communist state failed.  Because it destabilizes the human mind and destroys the human spirit.  No one more clearly exemplifies this instability than the megalomaniacs who run Wall Street, Washington and corporations who show clear signs of complete emotional instability and complete lack of human spirit. (empathy, compassion, connectedness)  The rest of us are living through the “acting out” that is the hell that exists within their minds as they pull the strings to our lives first to the right and then to the left and then back again.  Over and over and over.

Monsanto title link here.

While I’m at it, let me link to a few more articles recently published on Mercola.

Cholesterol drugs may make our heart health worse.  Duh.  Talked about on here many times.  By the way, they probably affect our brains, kidneys, muscles and God knows what else.

I was just speaking to a 92 year old relative who has been a bee keeper for a long time.  His colonies all died last year.   The lower order animal and insect life on our planet are telling us something very important and no one who controls modern capitalist society is listening.   And the only reason they aren’t listening is because predators, takers, psychopaths and megalomaniacs who seek authority and control over others don’t have a primary intent of discovery and truth.  Their mind is driven nearly exclusively or exclusively by the ego’s intent of control.  They are therefore incapable of the selflessness and mindfulness that discovery and truth requires.

We may see food supply collapse within a decade due to bee colony collapse disorder.

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