Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Facebook Censors Freedom Of Expression - Mom Who Protests Genetically-Modified Food

You had to know this was coming.  Or something like it.  Facebook only exists because of the corporate state.  It has evolved into an invention created to monetize profits derived from the corporate state ad spending aka propaganda.  Whether it’s because Monsanto is a client of Facebook or some other reason, it doesn’t really matter.  Eventually corporate image is going to clash with freedom of expression as Facebook users employ the platform to resist the corporate state .    Facebook exists to serve corporation profits not freedom of speech or democracy.  One cannot serve both money and truth.   

Social media is a good thing.   Corporate-backed and corporate profit-driven social media sites…….  um………  well I wouldn’t bet any of them will exist in a future reality.   I have been horrendously bearish about the future of corporate-funded social media sites.  Facebook and LinkedIn founders have both remarked that the age of privacy is over.   These are clearly megalomaniac statements that only serve the purpose of personal greed, money and power.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and others need you to give up your constitutional freedoms to be viable.  These corporations want to track and collect personal data about you and sell it to other corporations and states.   The government has admitted to using Facebook to illegally spy on Americans

Contrarily, I have noted numerous times that privacy is the new property.  In other words, at the time of our country’s founding, private property was the driving issue against the force of tyranny.   As noted on here many times, property was far broader in context in 1776 than it has become today.  My person, my mind and expressions of that person and mind were considered property.  That is far more important than the right of owning a car or plot of land and the state knows it.  That’s why this broader context has died over the last two hundred years.  So that the state can control and abuse more and more of our property freedoms.   The corporate state and capitalism have essentially claimed you as its property to do with as it pleases.  Let me count the ways….

Are human beings going to truly be free or are we going to give up our freedoms so the corporate state and Homeland Security can supposedly protect us?  Or should I say, control us?  If we are going to truly be free, our constitutionally-guaranteed and natural rights-granted privacy is imperative.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, corporations, the state, etc. are on the wrong side of history and freedom.  They will lose this battle for human dignity and respect.  It’s just a matter of time.  

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