Sunday, April 07, 2013

DARPA’s Involvement In Obama’s Brain Research Initiative

I’m highly dubious of the purity of Obama’s just announced brain research initiative.  With DARPA (the defense department’s research agency) involved and with institutionalized secret government, I suspect this may have less than honorable intentions.  Especially since both Republicans and Democrats are hailing the research.  We certainly don’t have the transparency to know that but we do have a government that murders, tortures, manipulates, lies, etc.   And, there is a log and major history of brain research by the military-industrial complex that is violent, exploitative, predatory, toxic, manipulative, dishonorable, violates medical ethics, violates democracy and is clearly illegal.   There is a lot of public domain documentation and fact out there on this history.  It’s not conspiracy theory.

Dr. Colin Ross, who I know is not a fringe element in society, has written a book on military experimentation on American civilians. (interview)   Much of this research was performed on people without their knowing it.  A lot was undertaken at North American universities by psychologists and psychiatrists.  DARPA and the corporate state own our universities.  And if professors want to publish or want to bring money into the universities or want to further their professional credentials, DARPA, the CIA, the military and corporations are the major funnels of money.  This has led to a massive, institutionalized conflict of interest, massive junk science and even, in some regards, a predatory university system. 

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