Monday, April 01, 2013

Money Laundering Banks Still Get A Pass From The U.S.

When I used to to write about the massive money laundering by global banks, I’m sure many thought I was fringe.  The global corruption of finance is incredible and well beyond what any one person most certainly knows.   That includes major U.S. and European banks.  The whistleblower on Madoff made what may have seemed like outrageous claims about money laundering in front of Congress but the deregulation of capital, championed by the U.S. has legitimized illegal crime syndicates.  Now the criminals wear suits and the banks launder their money.

How far we have come.  Now we have an MIT business school professor (and shill for the Peterson Institute founded by a former bankster who has personally spent half a billion dollars trying to bring down Social Security and Medicare.  What self-respecting business school professor is not tied to the class of people who created this crisis?  As noted on here many times, it was the MBA and finance programs at elite schools that sold this swill for hundreds of thousands of dollars to students willing to lap up the Kool-Aid) writing about it on Bloomberg.  Wall Street and private, for-profit banking is a criminal racket. 

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