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War Cycle Update And China’s Military Spending Rises Substantially Courtesy Of European And American Corporate Capitalism

Years ago I wrote that we are likely entering a war cycle and laid out a very detailed analysis of what I thought were going to be the likely drivers.  Without rehashing everything, that driver was deregulated capitalism.  Since then a few other well-respected people have also made the same remarks.  Specifically, two that I have seen were Mark Faber and Charles Nenner.   And, more importantly, since then we have seen the world literally catch fire with conflict.   State-sponsored murder, war, terror and volatility are everywhere.  

The seeds of war are returning to Europe as well courtesy of the fascist political, economic and monetary structure that has been forced down the throats of Europeans.  Again.  I’m certainly not the only person to recognize these dynamics.  Although, as opposed to Mr. Juncker, I don’t believe it has anything to do with bureaucrats “lashing out”.   That’s a little ridiculous.  Instead, it is the system of control he and others have foisted upon the continent.  People don’t want to be told how to lead their lives or if they are going to have a home to live in by unelected, elitist bureaucrats who wax poetic about an integrated socialist Europe that they control.   It’s amazing how truly ignorant the EU’s unelected and illegitimate authorities are to the massive mess they have made.  A mess Obama clearly supports in his statements regarding the EU.  It’s no great irony the people of Europe were able to live in peace and harmony until elites figured out a new way to enslave the continent to their most recent megalomania.

People want out.  They want an end to the massive corruption, violence, exploitation and misery of globalization, of the EU and of private for-profit capital’s looting that comes with this system.  Unfortunately fear, hate and violence are the tools used by illegitimate authority to turn people against their fellow man and separate people to maintain control.   We are surely in the midst of such violence today.  It shows in the rising nationalism in Europe.

Nationalism is rising violently all across the European continent.  The same kind of nationalism that murdered tens and tens of millions of people in two world wars.   It is rising for the same reasons – elite, political and private for-profit capital’s inflicted misery.   The roar of hatred, fear and bigotry for those who are perceived as different continues to rise throughout the world.   This divisiveness created by class and elitism is certainly with intent as it always is.  Anti-Semitism and anti-immigrant fervor are much higher in Europe than it is in the U.S.   And, anti-immigration sentiment, in particular, is very high here.  People have legitimate issues with illegal-immigration/undocumented-workers given the flood gates that have been opened so that private, for-profit capital can bust collective bargaining and suppress wages & benefits.  My point is don’t believe European conflict is impossible.   The seeds are being sewn today and they could easily sprout depending on how capable the status quo’s attempted control remains.

As usual, issues with undocumented workers aren’t created by immigrants who are simply fleeing corruption and lack of economic opportunity themselves.   If the European and American states were seeding  democracy around the globe instead of their reign of terror, we wouldn’t be witnessing these massive diasporas of displaced peoples around the world.  These massive immigrant movements everywhere are caused by  neoliberalism destroying freedoms and economic opportunity around the globe.   A perfect example is the U.S. southern border with Mexico.  The U.S. props up a corrupt Mexican government as a slave sweatshop where five families essentially own the entire nation and everyone else is a renter.  If the U.S. would focus its relationship with Mexico on true democratic reforms rather than neoliberal comparative advantage offered to American corporations, the great and hard-working people of Mexico would be free to create their own economic opportunities at home.  There would be no immigrant diaspora to the U.S.   Ditto with similar dynamics in Europe.  As an aside those policies are failing in the U.S.  Neither branch of our corporate political party can survive their corporatist policies now that our nation has become a true melting pot.  That’s a good thing.  Well, unless they start overtly trying to rig elections.  And with recent attempts at returning to Jim Crow voting laws, that’s exactly what elites and the political class are trying to do.  Outright slavery and repression seems to be fascism’s end-state intent. 

The main thrust I want to make with this post is that corporate capitalism, primarily in  western democracies, has granted communist China the technology, money, legitimacy and power to become a new global threat to peace and stability.  Even beyond the forces that threaten humanity today.  Corporate capitalism has empowered the ego-motive of China’s highly nationalistic, corrupt system of control that seeks to perpetuate its own existence and extend its influence.   Primarily U.S. and European corporate capitalism and statist policies have, through self-fulfilling prophecy, created their next Cold War enemy.  An enemy that gives purpose and legitimacy to the military-industrial complex and the fascist corporate states of the west. 

We see the early signs of this violence in the constant espionage and internet attacks pointed at U.S. military, government and corporate institutions by the Chinese communists.   And, in the economic blame game and threats that have been rising for years between China and Japan, Europe & the U.S.  European and U.S. politicians created this mess with China.  They authored the trade agreements that have obliterated their own nation’s democracies in favor of private, for-profit capital.   And, lastly of course, the massive increase in China’s military production and exports to fund corrupt states like Iran.   While we aren’t being told about it, we most certainly are involved in the same acts of state violence directed at China.  In other words, “War is the health of the state.”.  And, with the Pentagon’s attempted shut down of the mess they created in the Middle East, they are now redeploying resources to Asia for the new threat.  The threat their own arrogance and ego-motive unwittingly created to ameliorate their inner demons.  The threat created by U.S. corporate capitalism and the corporate state’s policies.   Even if by coincidence, preparing to defend the system from communist Chinese violence will require different weapons systems.  And, that fact will be used in a rationalization to extend U.S. and European arms overproduction even further. 

By the way, we can thank the politicians Bill Clinton and Al Gore for this dynamic.  As noted before, they were the ones who deregulated the national borders of private, for-profit capital; a dynamic that helped lead to both previous world wars and has substantially created this crisis. 

The only way I see that major global conflict will be averted in the next decade or so is if the people of the world rise up and peacefully sack corporate capitalism and the fascist political-military complexes that enforce it across the globe.  And replace this illegitimate hierarchy or system of control with democratic economics and democracy. 

Italy’s democratic movement is the first serious sign that may indeed happen.   Grillo is the most dangerous man in the world right now.   He recently remarked in a BBC interview that he wants to see the end of politics and political parties.  And, instead see public service and citizen government.   Notice how in this interview, he is pressed on what system will replace the existing political system.  The status quo wants to know how they can control what comes next.   That is obviously their greatest fear – loss of self-interested control.  As Grillo notes, the Internet is a massive paradigm shift.  It is what is allowing people to organize around the globe.  As I wrote on here in past years, we don’t need to see organization in the streets.  If the state shuts down our ability to organize, as has happened in the U.S., we can do so virtually on the Internet.  That is why the state is so intent on controlling Internet freedoms. 

What used to happen quietly in smarmy backroom deals just a few decades ago, now is pushed onto the entire world in five minutes.  Transparency is the enemy of this system of control.   The only way I can see this awakening being stopped is if the status quo can separate all of us as they have so successfully done since the beginning of time.  That can only happen by shutting down the Internet.  It’s no coincidence they did exactly that during the Egyptian revolution.  Yet, doing so would cause uncontrollable chaos in the current system of control.   Global corporate capitalism, global finance and extended supply chains would collapse.

Democracy is not about control.  True democracy, or republican government, or constitutional republics or whatever exists in any particular nation, is about freedom.   That includes economic freedom.  In a true citizen government aka self-rule, there are no points of control.  There are no politicians.  There are vertical and horizontal checks to the state to ensure control is never achieved.   That includes within any democratic economics as well.   

Politics is an institution of control that serves no purpose in a democracy and there will be a day when it disappears.  Forever.  Is it in this cycle?  Who knows?  Probably not for some period of time but in the interim, I expect both political parties in our nation will collapse.  Can you really imagine a post-political world that would exist in a democracy?   Nary again another politician.  What a glorious day. 

China’s new swarms of war drones rise to challenge U.S. power.

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