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Updates From The Criminal, Predatory, Violent Looters And Manipulators Of The World’s Fascist-Corporate States

New investigation reveals the Pentagon sent a former thug in charge of it’s brutal Central American campaigns to set up Iraqi torture centers.  This is an incredible bit of investigative journalism by the Guardian and BBC highlighting very serious human rights abuses.  This goes right to the top including General Petraeus.  Two Guardian stories and videos here and here.  The shit is going to hit the fan on this one.  There is talk of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.  Guess what I’ve been talking about on here for a long time?  As secrecy of our government gives way, we could see crimes tried by a special extra-judicial U.S. tribunal.  The U.S. is not a signatory to the ICC so that path likely isn’t going to happen.  By the way, this reporting was only possible because of Wikileaks.  Now you get some idea of why the U.S. is trying to shut them down.  They are hiding heinous crimes.

U.S. attorney general states that president has the right to kill Americans on U.S. soil.   Ahem.  Can you say impeachment?  Hey dickhead.  Yeah you.  The person shitting all over the rule of law and making up rules to rig the system as you go.  Why don’t you show me this power granted to the executive branch in the Constitution or in any constitutional case precedence?  If one or both political parties fail at some point, and I am clearly on the record as saying that will almost certainly happen, those who manipulate the legal system in this country for their own megalomania could be in for a very rude awakening to the rule of law.  It’s called war crimes, crimes against humanity, treason, murder, impeachment and on and on.

Obama proposes Social Security and Medicare cuts so that our corporate masters can continue to suck democracy dry with their welfare.  Yet the Obama apologists still refuse to look at reality and think for themselves.  They are still consumed by their savior’s rhetoric.  The only one going to save you is yourself.

Neoliberal capitalist fascists in the U.S., Europe and at their crony tool, the IMF, threatens Egypt with debt crisis if democracy takes hold.   How many times have we seen this criminal racket?  Finance and money are the tools of criminals used to loot the world as has always been the case with private, for-profit capitalism.  We need public banking and democratic money.  The Real News video

Scientists reduce the historical time delay of rising carbon emissions to climate change from 1,400 years to as low as 200 years. In other words, rising carbon still often trails climate change by hundreds and thousands of years and thus has never been proven to be a possible causational or determining factor or independent variable but instead it is still an outcome-based measurement or dependent variable of climate change. The concept of “greenhouse gases” is one that been accepted for well more than a century without any substantial scientific rigor and has been outright rejected by very credible scientists.  Not that carbon or gases don’t rise into the atmosphere but that the process of these gases maintaining heat cannot actually exist.   It’s like countless other examples of science that has never been validated through rigorous analysis and eventually often turn into nothing more than junk science. Today atmospheric carbon is still  increasing, very rapidly in recent years I might add.  Yet temperature has not increased in about 17 years – a fact recently admitted by the head of the lead junk-science political organization at the UN pushing anthropogenic global warming.  With the changes we are seeing, it’s almost certainly not going to increase either.   We will witness the death of anthropogenic global warming in our lifetime.  In fact, its likely happening as I type this.  Anthropogenic global warming is a political attempt at controlling and manipulating science for self-interested, political purposes.

Supreme Court or the Ku Klux Kourt could bring back Jim Crow voting laws.  More covert violence by the corporate state and elites.  The Real News video

H-1B Visa workers aren’t the best or brightest.   This is consistent with a Duke University study I cited years ago that most emerging market and nondemocratic educational systems produced inferior scientific talent.  Of course, scientists in democratic countries know both of these facts.  Oftentimes as they learn training someone in some far off sweatshop to do their outsourced job.  And they have to do so or forfeit their buyout package.  The distinction is both H-1B workers and emerging market scientists can be hired as slaves by our ignorant, bureaucrat corporate masters who dumb-down our society in the process.  Of course, all supported by political idiots from both parties.

China is militarily-aligned with Iran.  My remarks many years ago on the world entering a war cycle - and the most likely adversaries are the west and China - could mean Iran may be a spark for global war.

We are Bradley Manning - Chris Hedges

Bradley Manning tells courts U.S. citizens have a right to know about U.S. politician’s war crimes.  The Real News video

Big Sis and Homeland Security customize drones for domestic spying – I can’t wait to witness the first joint Big Sis – king Obama drone attack and murder on U.S. soil.  If that happens, it might be time to start accumulating a weapons stash even though I pretty close to being a pacifist.

Former Obama Secret Service agent on post-constitutional society and how gun control is really people control – Youtube video

Apple executive destroys JC Penney – As noted on here a few times, most major corporate success throughout capitalism’s history is driven by exogenous cyclical factors.  ie, Manipulation, rigging the game, state-sponsored monopoly, financial bubbles, political favors, etc.  That means Apple or Goldman or Google employees aren’t any more talented as much as they are riding an unsustainable cyclical economic wave.  A wave rigged by corporations and politicians.  That Apple’s top store executive literally destroyed JC Penney in record time should help illuminate this reality.  Not only that but this was the hand chosen executive by one of the top hedge funds in the world.  By the way, hedge funds are headed for a dirt nap for the same reason as has been noted on here incessantly.

Montana house passes anti-NDAA bill 98-0. State’s rights are one possible way to stop the unlimited power grab by our king and his court in Washington.

Mortgage interest set to double for many borrowers as banking criminals extort more fees.  European banking criminals on the march again.

Google says FBI watching the internet without a warrant.  Ya think?

Oklahoma attempts to build illegal DNA database of citizens.  The state run amok.

U.S. dairy industry tries to secretly ad aspartame to its products – Possibly one of the most toxic food additives today.  Drink your milk.

Supreme Court denies challenge to FISA spying on Americans  Corporate and elite capture of our courts is manifestly obvious.  And it has always been that way.  Always. 

Florida police raid sick woman’s home after being featured in medical marijuana story – Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley on the police state and it’s abuse of power.

A look at the forces behind for-profit school privatization  More corporate criminals looting society and destroying democratic institutions by Turley

JP Morgan’s massive loss tied to structural senior management incompetence.  Nothing new on here.

K-12 student database to sell information to corporations – Our corporate masters are looking for ways to  extend their corrupt and criminal advertising propaganda campaign that preys on our young children

Earth belches large methane deposits  Large methane releases have been documented quite frequently around the globe.   It was even hypothesized that a possibly catastrophic methane bubble could be released by the Gulf BP well disaster.  

Viking navigation sun stone was more than legend.  How many ancient myths or parables are based in some level of lost fact? 

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