Monday, March 04, 2013

Second HIV-Diagnosed Person Cured?

This is very interesting.  At some point the human ecosystem is able to either ward off or even assimilate pathogens.  We now see that much of the human DNA that was once considered junk by “junk science”, is now comprised of viruses and pathogens that once infected us.  We clearly have no idea how this works or what is going on.  At least, not yet.   

This type of pathogen assimilation into our human ecosystem has happened all throughout history.  Could we be seeing the very early signs of this type of “mutation” with two cases of people that have possibly been cured of HIV?

While doctors are obviously attributing this recent case to drugs, I am very dubious.   The drugs may have played some role.  Or not.   There is no doubt HIV drugs works at suppressing the virus.  But countless children have been given HIV drugs and we have not yet seen any other cures.  Nor have any of the millions of people receiving drugs.  And, neither of the two HIV cases who have potentially been cured have been replicable. 

In other words, correlation does not mean causation.  Something that well too many people don’t appreciate on a wide array of topics.  

Using correlation as an independent variable is the basis for horrible science.  Especially when we really have no idea what is going on in very complex and esoteric processes.  This type of nonsense is collapsing everywhere.  

II I’m going to believe anything, I would be more inclined to believe  esoteric factors would possibly drive any such “cure”.   Something like the earth’s magnetic energy or gamma ray energy sources from earth or the sun or from deep space are responsible for this possible mutation.   And as noted on here many times, we are being bombarded by this type of energy every moment of our lives.  Science clearly knows these energy sources have the power to change DNA and thus assimilate pathogens into our human ecosystem.   We have zero proof any type of medication has any such power.  

Unfortunately, this correlation-causation dynamic is the same nonsense used to tie human-created carbon emissions to global climate volatility.  That too will fail.   The concept of scientific rationalism where the universe simply lays out all of its mysteries and abilities for you to witness with your eyes is utter nonsense.   What we often witness with our perceptions of reality are nothing more than illusions.  Lies of the mind. 

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