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Dr. Mercola On How Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand Of Self-Interest Perpetuates Junk Science And Human Suffering

Junk science has been and will remain a major theme on here.  How so much of what is considered science it tainted by self interest.  And I can assure you, human-caused global warming is most certainly included in this reality.  I suspect we are going to see much of science that has been institutionalized will collapse within a generation.  It’s everywhere.  And I’m not just talking about capitalism-driven junk science either.  Although that certainly is systemic and all-encompassing.   I’ve already said that human-caused global warming will be exposed within our lifetime.  I suspect we are within a generation of the current physics-driven view of the universe being  proven to be very incomplete or completely wrong.  Ditto with Darwinism, something I have railed against on here in the past.   That’s certainly not a religious statement either.    The list is endless.  If you believe Jesus rode a Brontosaurus, don’t get too excited. This Darwinism-religion debate is a little like the false choice of Democrats and Republicans or Pepsi vs. Coke or George Bush’s you are either with us or against us. That is, they are driven by institutionalized ignorance and an intent to control.

The seeds of demise for all three of the above examples and much more of what I would classify as junk science have been building for quite some time.  But institutionalization perpetuates the existence of junk science well beyond its actual ability to defend itself.   In fact, it no longer has to defend itself because it has become institutionalized and taught in our schools and, as such, now permeates every part of modern society - we believe without even questioning it.   Institutionalization now means many people will defend it, often to their death, without even understanding it, because it has become a self-interested religion. 

“Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.” – Bertrand Russell

One must truly appreciate that corporations, universities (especially now that corporate money and political influence have so completely taken control of universities and science)  and politics are all institutions of the ego or of the manifested self.  Or, more clearly, institutions of man.  And, as such, they have one overriding intent as all institutions of man do; control.   When we seek to control ourselves or others, often through perceptions that may be derived through self-interest or ego, and those perceptions are then pawned off as knowledge, it is always driven by dysfunction.  By fear, greed, arrogance, envy, vanity and the other manifestations of the self.   This control subverts discovery and truth that is so foundational to true science.  True science has been dying for quite some time thanks to its institutionalization, money, self-interest and politicization.  

Remember, control is nothing more than an illusion.   It exists no where except in the mind of the ego.   And that means it works until it doesn’t.  It works until a greater reality and greater truth pops that bubble of self-deceit and rationalizations (rationalism). 

Anyhooo… onto three posts this past week by Dr. Mercola.

Experts being bribed to tell you genetically-modified food is healthy (Junk science.  This is everywhere too.   As noted on here and elsewhere, I believe it was the New York Times that exposed the Pentagon paid, let’s be frank – bribed, former generals and admirals to go on every major TV channel as subject matter experts in support of our endless bombing of “brown people” as George Carlin famously stated.) 

22 Year aspartame study and its links to cancer (More junk science.  The entire food supply in this country  is tainted with chemicals, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, etc.  None of them have been proven to be safe except through junk science highlighted in the link below.)

How bribery drives big pharma profits and control  (This is the exact same junk science that the Federal Reserve uses.  The economics profession only exists through Federal Reserve bribery.  The Federal Reserve has paid thousands upon thousands of economists over the years for junk research that serves its policies.  Just like big pharma pays scientists for research that serves its goals of favorable outcomes for its drugs.  And then bribes doctors to prescribe this junk science.  )

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