Monday, February 11, 2013

Widespread Bee Population Collapse In Mexico Created By Industrial Farming Goo

It’s been a while since I have posted anything about Colony Collapse Disorder.  I suspect there are many factors involved in this dynamic.  I would suppose the vast majority would be manmade but this clearly has not been proven across the board.  Although, it does seem obvious in this particular set of circumstances. 

I think it’s reasonable to target the massive manmade chemical soup that pervades modern capitalist society’s existence.   The tens of thousands of chemicals that have had little or no safety testing that are literally everywhere.  They are in our foods, our environment, our houses, our clothes, our furniture, our offices, our water, our ground, our air and on and on.   It likely also includes the massive EMF or electromagnetic pollution that defines modern capitalist society.   Again, it’s systemically everywhere and has been proven to be just as poisonous to bee colonies.  In other words,  these are both examples of a consistent theme on here - institutionalized junk science.  Modern capitalist society has ensured this junk science is taught in our schools, in academia, in business and accepted by a pliant class of political idiots because it serves our corporate masters and their self-interested profit motive.  But the overarching driver that I suspect is the same that is driving this entire cycle of volatility including modern capitalist society collapse.  That is, natural forces well beyond institutionalized human knowledge. 

So, let’s consider a plausible reality.  If we take all of this junk science and the resultant toxicity out of our system, and we also remove the Ponzi financial junk science, and we remove corporate welfare that enables both of these as well as healthcare looting and much of its sickcare junk science and what exactly is left of capitalism?   I can do your laundry and you can do mine.  And, now we are back to spears and rocks to start all over again.  I’m half joking but also half not. 

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