Sunday, February 10, 2013

Full Scale Invasion As Amerika Deploys Troops In 35 African Countries

I found this story through John Pilger, whom I read inconsistently.  Pilger isn’t well known in the U.S. but he’s the real deal.  Pilger’s 2001 BBC documentary The New Rulers of the World is available to watch free at this link.  He has recently released a documentary titled  The War You Don’t See; a look at how elites wage war and use the media to lie to democracy about their endless butchery and violence.  It is now available to watch online for $4.99.  I haven’t watched it but plan to.  The disturbing trailer is here.  Please consider supporting excellence in journalism and dropping a five spot on the movie. 

No money for democracy but endless money to loot and exploit the world and use the for-profit military-industrial complex and often poor and minority American military troops to do it.  Slaves always fight their master’s wars. 

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