Saturday, February 09, 2013

Obamacare - A Deception

This is a rather detailed look at the corporate looting of our public finances by the forced mandate of private, for-profit sickcare monopoly.  From a macro perspective, there is nothing really new from what has been discussed on here countless times.  But, it does differ in that it looks at specific details on how the looting of the [public treasury, the underprivileged and poor people will take place. 

As I have noted on here countless times, the math to make this corporate state tyranny simply doesn’t work.   Well, unless you are one of the corporate looters.  Then the math certainly works to a point.  And after that point, our corporate masters have the force of the state to enforce its extortion racket.   This is simply another example of our overlords imposing their will from on high.   Politicians can pass any legislation they want, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work.  That is, without force. 

Is this really any different than the king of England’s edicts 300 years ago - this is my decree and you’ll abide by it or else……. slave.  Or, is this any different than being forced to buy your groceries at the company-owned stores or live in a company-owned house?  Both examples of fascism that existed in our nation’s past. 

You are at best a renter to the masters who own you.  At worst, depending on your luck and fortune, you are a slave.

We should have had a public option.   The infrastructure is in place and it works, even if not perfectly.  But instead this plan weakens the public option in favor of corporate looting. 

All hail the king.

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