Friday, February 01, 2013

Barack Obama The Wall Street Co-Conspirator And Other Timely Links From The Corporate State

Needless to say the rationalizations and self-delusions still exist but there certainly is a widening mindfulness of the massive rot in Washington and its complicity in shielding Wall Street criminals. 

Cheap “Wal-mart” corporate-sold and served seafood full of pig dung, drugs and antibiotic resistance bacteria

With no threat of re-election, Obama openly embraces corporate money to push his dystopian agenda and do the bidding of his masters

The world’s looters and bankers cheer Portugal as the tyranny of the state reaches record levels.

Why your boss could EASILY be a psychopath.

Goldman Sachs – The visible hand of the fixer who combines government force and corporate profits to loot the public treasury.

Our masters want to cut the corporate tax rate.  Any surprise?  They already pay the lowest taxes since the Robber Barons.  As already reported, we already know they want us to work until we die.  Is it really any surprise that a politician is the head of the Business Roundtable?  It’s nothing more than a conduit for political bribery, er donations, and fascism.  Now get back to work!

American men going postal - the U.S. is the leader in untreated mental illness.  (I would actually flip that and state that the U.S. corporate state is the leader in creating mental illness and loading people up with corporate state drugs producing violent, suicidal side effects is not the primary answer.  That is not healing anyone.) 

While I am at it, how about this one penned by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship on the Senate’s looting of the public treasury on behalf of fascism and the corporate state. (Thanks Libby)

BPA replacement disrupts hormone activity.  In other words, the BPA replacement is just like BPA.

What is really going on in Iceland.  Not as cheerful as we may have been led to believe.  The puppetmasters haven’t been vanquished.

What have we become?  Old, female and homeless.

Has the hybridization of wheat contributed to the upswell in global obesity and gluten intolerance?

And, gluten grains linked to schizophrenia

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