Monday, January 21, 2013

Apple iPad Screen Output Appears To Grind To A Halt

Below is a chart shown on here numerous times.  As noted when Apple was near its peak, it appeared to be in a blow off phase after rocketing out of its linear regression channel.  And that move appeared to be driven by unusual and large activity in Apple derivatives.


Apple is incredibly oversold.  But incredibly oversold can lead to even more incredibly oversold as history has shown us time and again.  Or even collapse.  Catching a falling knife is a fool’s game but the stock still has not broken its regression channel..  The stock still has a 90% drop from here to reach my long-time downside target.  Now, it may never get there but I see nothing yet that would have me change my analysis. 

There are all kinds of histrionics surrounding Apple.  Even the most ludicrous are that the products are passé.   They are the same products that the media and company hyped before.   But, as noted before, Apple’s move and company performance were driven by unsustainable fundamentals rather than some kind of prescient brilliance.  The brilliance is that the company could convince someone to pay a 400% premium for their name and marginally better technology. 

The stock market is a massive Ponzi scheme and so is Apple’s stock.  As I have noted before, there are no reflections of reality in global equity markets.  It’s simply a reflection of worthless money printing that has kept a corrupt financial system from being reformed.   Global financial asset prices have recovered while global wages have not.   That will again resolve itself to the dismay of political and corporate idiots who created this mess. 

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