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Is The G20’s Faux Unity Unwinding? Germany Wants Its Gold Back From New York Federal Reserve.

Now, there are a lot of conspiratorial comments that are going to come to pass with this announcement.  The AP reports that this came about due to an audit.  And, that the gold was originally stored in New York to avoid being taken by a Soviet invasion.  That is plausible for the same reason countries moved their gold during World War II.

The last time someone asked for their gold was the end of the last global currency regime.   The situation was clearly different but when the U.S. war state was busy turning Southeast Asia into a parking lot in the 1960s and early 1970s, France asked the U.S. for dollar payments to be converted to gold.  (We were still on the gold standard set up after WWII at that time.)  France asked for its gold, as then did other nations, because they knew the U.S. being able to honor its gold commitments was dubious at best.  The U.S. corporate war state needed more and more money to keep the global campaign going against the boogeyman of communism.   You know, like the global boogeyman of terrorism today.  And, that meant the U.S. would eventually break their commitments to the gold standard that limited their ability to print money needed to wage endless war.  And, to continue the U.S. government’s centrally-planned, massive Soviet-style over production of weapons systems that brought in untold riches to private, for-profit corporate capitalists running the military-industrial complex.  Sure enough, soon after France’s request, the U.S. flipped France and everyone else the bird and kept the gold for themselves thus defaulting on its commitment to the Bretton Woods agreement.  (Remember, I have said for years that I expect the U.S. to do this again by defaulting on/monetizing some or all of its foreign debts and my expected date for this is 2013.  And, so far, 2013 is looking mighty promising given the rancor over the national debt in Washington.)

Could this move by Germany be based on some level of mistrust?  It most certainly could but regardless of any conspiracy theories we don’t really know what is behind this move.  But, I consider it ominous to some degree.  One of our long-time theses on here is that the current global trade settlement system is in the process of failing.   

I wanted to get up a few timely posts that ultimately play into this dynamic and some level of distrust developing between G20 nations but don’t know that I will.   I still haven’t put up my follow up fiscal cliff posts.  I will.   As it pertains to this topic, let me at least say that the Japanese government just flipped the bird at all G20 nations with some recent government actions to protect their economy.  And, they cited that other nations shouldn’t be lecturing them on how to run their economy or their currency given how other G20 nations have all broken their promises made after the 2008 collapse.  Promises made that no one would attempt competitive currency devaluations.   I have mocked this notion time and again.  As I have noted numerous times, globalization is and has been for the last three decades all about currency devaluation.  That is how nations win the economic game of globalization.  So, the Austrian, corporatist, pseudo-economic, free-market dunces who point to trade wars as a cause of the Great Depression and who again state today that “free-trade” should continue unencumbered, all I have to say is that we have been in a trade war for the last thirty years.   And, frankly, as I have noted time and again, capitalism is an invention of the state.  Corporate capitalism and its offshoot, globalization, are the state’s version of economic warfare.  And, as I cited before in a verbatim Bill Clinton remark, he clearly cited corporate global trade as a war between nations.  That is not democracy or democratic economics.  As noted on here before, we are a free people and don’t need to compete against anyone for anything.   That we believe we do is simply corporate state propagandized enslavement to empire and corruption. 

I mocked those post-collapse G20 meetings at the time saying how none of these political idiots in attendance were going to fix anything.  But, that they had, in fact, created this mess.  And, that at some point they would all start to turn on each other.  That nations would break from unity and start to turn against one another.  Could this be the early signs of such an outcome?  I certainly think so. 

People who believe there is some global cabal or new world order meant to enslave and kill all of us are very, very wrong as I have noted before.  Are there globalists like Obama, Clinton and Gore who serve a failed ideology laid out by their corporate masters and by liberal idiots who wrongly believe we can avert war by economic trading with murderers, dictators and thugs?  ie, Appeasement of evil that led to the trading of, and eventual arming of Nazi Germany by western capitalism and the same dynamic has happened again today with western capitalism arming communist China.  Again, noted on here before.  Sure they are liberal idiots who espouse these views and they aren’t above using military force to further any motives.  But, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and Ronald Reagan were strict nationalists.   Each are very dangerous in their own right under a neoliberal economic system as is in place around the world today.  

But, let there be no doubt that when it comes right down to it,  globalization is about American hegemony.  Period.  It is about corporate America looting of the world and extending our military power to support that goal.   We are a corporate empire whose goal is to loot the world.  To enslave anyone and everyone we can in corporate American-inspired culture and propaganda and using the U.S. dollar to do it.  Just like the corporate-capitalist British empire whose intermingling of private capital, private for-profit banking and private corporations in cahoots with the ruling political class, looted and enslaved every nation they could.   By the way, this effort at global looting is the same goal of modern-day Germany, China, Japan, France, Britain and other neo-colonial and neo-mercantilist political states.  That is globalization.  It’s an anarchist, free-market, free-for-all created and endorsed by the corporate-fascist state.

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