Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tipping Points - Beyoncé Signs $50m Ambassador Deal With Pepsi

Over the last eight years one of the consistent themes on here is that we are in the largest financial bubble the world has ever seen.   That financial bubble which has liquefied the corporate world to the point of no historical comparisons has led to the illusion of unsustainable corporate profits.  Three of the contributing factors to that illusion of retained earnings, taken by force by the way, are through the dynamics of nonliving wages, denial of wage increases and continuously lowered benefits (A renter’s economy.  We rent our enslaved existence from corporations.),  the massive corporate tax theft that has resulted in the lowest multinational corporate tax rate ever (nearly a third of the largest companies pay no taxes) and through private, for-profit capital’s use of force to simply move our society’s democratic and public capital out of the country; an act of sedition against democracy enabled under the Clinton-Gore reign. (As an aside, I see Bill Clinton was awarded the honor of father-of-the-year today.  Huh?  His only daughter is 32 and married.   Just a reminder of who your daddy is.  Who’s your daddy?  Bill Clinton.  Obviously.)

No one is tied to this financial bubble more than the entertainment industry.  Those retained earnings, garnered through exploitation and force, have allowed the corporate advertising bubble to swell into a gargantuan monster the likes of which the world has never seen.  (Another long time thesis on here.)  Corporate ad money sponsors everything entertainment and consumerist.  Everything.  This ad bubble has enslaved society to a hyper-consumerist-entertainment propaganda campaign of corporate terror.  

Beyoncé’s Pepsi spokesperson deal is simply a result of that retained earnings bubble.  Not only that but she is endorsing a product that clearly has many health concerns as noted on here in many posts on sugar, caramel coloring, artificial sweeteners and BPA.  And, new evidence clearly ties these drinks to a much higher rate of depression.  That is good news for the pharma monopoly.   We solve our industrial food monopoly-created health crisis by popping toxic pills from the pharma monopoly. (Both the industrial food and pharma corporate monopolies are also bubbles.)  Of course, none of this even addresses the massive environmental consequences of a product producing hundreds of billions of pieces of environmental waste every year.  All part of corporate capitalism’s privatizing gains and socializing losses.   Our neoliberal lords live like kings and we get stuck with the bill for dealing with our health, our environment and our democracy.

Many parents and food rights groups have worked diligently to remove these products from our schools and are involved in an endless battle to  shield our children from the corporate food monopoly’s ad campaign attempting to addict our children to unhealthy, nutrition-less industrial food products.  As Dr. Mercola writes, the worm is starting to turn for “role models” who aren’t acting like role models.  And it’s not just one person.  It’s the entire entertainment-sports industry that is benefiting from the massive corporate propaganda ad bubble by selling  themselves to the highest bidder, often regardless of consequences to society.  Does anyone really think Beyoncé pounds down a 12-pack of Diet Pepsi every day?  Really?  It may be hard to pass up $50 million when someone waves it in front of you but how much money is enough?   This seems more of the grandiose excesses and self-centeredness we see glorified by the corporate state.   

Don’t let anyone fool you.  Hollywood, the media and the sports-entertainment complex loves fascism.  They are all major benefactors of the massive private, for-profit capital financial bubble.

Remember, Google and Facebook are inextricably tied to this very bubble as has been noted numerous times over the years.  That anyone can start a web site and place ads on their pages and make massive sums of money simply by having someone click on said ads is ludicrous.  Truly.  LUDICROUS.  It’s really no different than the Internet Bubble that valued worthless companies at astronomical valuations and left the rest of us holding the bag.   What intrinsic value is derived by clicking on an ad?  The click-through to revenue is ridiculously nonexistent and is really driven by the excess retained earnings our korporate masters have taken from labor or democracy and then handed it back to us in the form of dystopian propaganda enslavement.  And, when the ad bubble pops……..  

I wrote on here a long, long time ago that the entertainment-sports industry was headed for an earnings collapse.  A collapse.  Not a correction.  It’s coming.  Just the latest in another in a long line of looting created through political comingling with corporate capitalism. 

When this system gives, the world is going to be so different that most people won’t even recognize it.   The histrionics about 2012 were right about one thing.  The world as we know clearly did end.  But it didn’t end in 2012.  It ended in 2008.   What would our democracy look like with democratic money and democratic banking?  Astoundingly different.

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