Monday, December 31, 2012

Obama Writing Rules For Killing People With Drones

The source of all tyranny in this world is the rule of man; the illegitimate authority a human being grants him or herself over others.   Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, the Japanese Imperial Empire, Robert Mugabe, Communist China, Communist Russia, Apartheid South Africa, the British empire, Wall Street, deregulated corporate capitalism, African American slavery or any kind of corporate slavery, undocumented workers in unsafe and predatory jobs, European indentured servitude, empire, corporate payment of nonliving wages and the like were and are flagrant examples of how the rule of man has destroyed democracy and determinism and in the process murdered and enslaved cumulatively what has been and are billions of people. 

One of the long term theses on here is that the world is collapsing for this very reason.   Today, the entire world is under that yoke of tyranny in one or many manifestations of the rule of man. 

Because the rule of law has been destroyed by predators, sociopaths, narcissists and other unstable manifestations of the self acting out against other human beings , modern civilization teeters on the precipice.   Any public servant who “makes up” or dreams up any types of rules for anything affecting democracy, our economy or the lives of any other human beings that grants him or her authority in any way is creating an illegitimate authority to serve not the needs of a free people but to serve themselves and the various incantations of the rule of man.  This is the exact dynamic that has always led to tyranny.  Always.

There is absolutely no legitimate authority in this world other than reasoned, just, transparent, democratic law.

The law has been shredded.  The Constitution has been destroyed.   Democracy is dead courtesy of the corporate state.

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